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Extraordinary commitment to each student Signature training in intuition and energy work

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Explore energy healing

6225 University Ave., Suite 202 Madison, WI 53705 608.238.7378

TIBIA is in partnership with CAPW, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also located in Madison, WI. Creating A Peaceful World (CAPW) inspires, cultivates, and models the experience of peace from the inside out. As individuals practice this way of being, CAPW supports the extension of peace throughout relationships and communities, and into the world. CAPW and TIBIA honor a different group on the 11th of each month with FREE therapeutic massage all day! In December, hospice staff and hospice volunteers are the recipients of this service. For details, please visit

january 26-27, 2013

Madisons Largest HeaLtH and WeLLness expo
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january 26

january 27

Ask the Doctors Panel

Doctors will share their expertise and advice on a wide range of concerns, and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Weight Loss Panel

How many times have you lost weight and then gained it back? Wondering what is the healthiest and safest way to lose those extra pounds? Ask the experts!

january 26

Win A Makeover !
One lucky WELL Expo attendee will win a makeover valued at over $1,000, which includes products and services such as teeth whitening, makeup, gym membership and more!

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sOUtH CentraL WIsCOnsIn December 2012


Willy West

Feature Story

oN tHe CoVer:
Patrick Schroeder, JeSSica Brewer, dan thomPSon, employees of Willy Street Co-op
Photography by Taylor Greenwood


Bad news for caffeine drinkers

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How to boost your immune system during cold and flu season

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Alpaca apparel: eco-friendly luxury Bad news for caffeine drinkers Christmas lights in the sky How to boost your immune system during cold and flu season Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary Pilates: Its not just a fad Change Mutterings of an old mason WELL Expo celebrates 4th year Jan. 26 & 27 Time to roast, make soup and pull out your best family recipes Tai Chi then and now Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) The importance of sunshine/vitamin D

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Time to pull out your best family recipes


Pilates: Its not just a fad


The importance of sunshine/vitamin D


Natures Pathways | December 2012

Lose up to

2 - 5 lbs a week.

Lose weight quickly, safely, and easily and learn how to keep the weight off for the long term with the Habits of Health.

Who picked out your health plan?

Was it you... or your employer?
Its good to have options especially when it comes to something as important as your health. Employers all over Dane County know theres no such thing as a one-size-fits-all health plan. Thats why so many offer Group Health Cooperative side-by-side with other plans so people like you can compare and choose whats best.

Results not typical.

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Free Support of a Health Coach Clinically Proven Products and Program No Counting Calories, Carbs or Points

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Chuck Urmann

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*The success story represented in this advertisement is a Health Coach for Take Shape For Life, a Medifast support program. A Health Coach is not a substitute for a physician or qualified medical practitioner for monitoring those using Medifast Meals. Consult your physician before starting a weight-loss program.

If you have a preference... you have a choice.

I prefer to go to Group Health... its really confidence-building to know that youre going to a place that strives to achieve the maximum. - Richard (GHC-SCW Member)

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December 2012 Natures Pathways

8/13/12 10:41 AM

we are
To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting healthy living experts with the communities they serve.

A team with a passion for healthy living!


nature's pathways is a monthly magazine and online resource that provides accurate, relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our editorial content, and the best community-based healthy living publication throughout our regions. WHaT makes us unIque? Nature's Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: We are community based the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. The majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers. WHy Do We suBscrIBe To THIs BusIness moDel? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. this unique concept allows our readers to learn more about how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in their communities that can serve as trusted resources.

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Natures Pathways | December 2012

from the editor
Jackie Peters

Remember to breathe!

Thats the advice I recently received from the dental assistant who had to prep a very anxious me for a minor dental procedure. It really works! Once you become aware of your breathing and in my case, very shallow breathing at that it really calms and centers you. I share this with you because December can be a very stressful month. While Andy Williams has reminded us for decades that Its the most wonderful time of the year, for many of us, especially those with high expectations, this season is filled with more worry than wonder. As a result, our health and wellness efforts sometimes suffer during the holidays. So, remember to breathe! Using coping skills like this may help you Be of good cheer, as the song goes. Other things to try: lower your expectations; learn to say no when your schedule gets too busy; gift as you are able dont break the bank; and make time for yourself during which you can incorporate healthy behaviors into your day. As always, we would like to be a resource that helps you make not only this holiday season, but also your lifes journey, the best it can be. In addition to our website (, where you can find thousands of articles and resources, this issue has great information for you to consider. Marcia Simler shares the importance of vitamin D and sunshine for you. Sally Schmidt shows us a great way to stay warm this winter: alpaca apparel. Jacy Sundlie informs us about a powerful tool for healing: Tension and

Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). And there is so much more, so keep reading! Take good care of yourself this holiday season and enjoy every minute! In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please email Jackie at or Thanks for reading! December 2012 | Natures Pathways

Alpaca apparel: eco-friendly luxury ......................................................................

By sally schmidt

isconsinites appreciate clothing that has great style, luxurious feel and superior warmth. If that garment is also eco-friendly, its even more appealing. Clothing made from alpaca fiber has all of these qualities.
bUT hOw exACTly dOeS AlPACA fiber gO frOM ThiS: TO ThiS?

The art of spinning fiber into yarn and making yarn into finished fabric has existed for thousands of years. While modern technology has made it more efficient, the process remains largely the same. (History and Evolution of Spinning, Heather McCloy) Lets explore the steps involved in creating a finished alpaca garment.
1. hArveSTiNg: The natural material is gathered together. In this

case, alpaca fiber is sheared from the animal annually. Shearing

Natures Pathways | December 2012

is done by professionals using electric shears. Shearing takes less than ten minutes and does not harm the animal. In fact, yearly shearing is important to keeping alpacas healthy. (BioSecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd.) Alpaca fiber is a renewable resource. 2. SOrTiNg ANd grAdiNg: Fiber is sorted by hand for color, length and fineness. Premium alpaca fiber ranges from 13-18 microns. Compare that to the average strand of human hair, which is 100 microns wide. (Wikipedia) The fineness of alpaca fiber is the primary reason for the soft handle and sumptuous feel of alpaca clothing. 3. CleANiNg: Plant matter and debris are removed from the fiber either by hand or mechanically. It is then washed in water with gentle soap. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so no harsh chemicals are needed in the cleaning process. Alpaca fiber is considered hypoallergenic. In almost all cases, people who are unable to wear wool can wear alpaca clothing. (AOBA) 4. CArdiNg: Giant drums with metal teeth pull the fibers apart and blend them together. The fibers can be made into different forms depending on what they will be used for. Two common forms are batts (used for quilts and linings) and rovings or tops (used for hand or machine spinning). 5. SPiNNiNg: The fibers are pulled (drafted) into thin strands and twisted (spun) to create yarn. 6. KNiTTiNg Or weAviNg: The yarn is knit or woven into fabric. 7. CUTTiNg ANd SewiNg: The fabric is made into finished garments. Unique fabrics can be created by boiling or felting the alpaca material. High-end designers, such as Jose Miguel Valdivia, love working with alpaca fiber to create stunning runway fashions. ( 8. dyiNg ANd COlOrS: Alpacas come in 16 beautiful natural colors ( If additional colors are desired,

Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so no harsh chemicals are needed in the cleaning process.
alpaca can be dyed during various stages of production. White alpaca is best for dying. The process does involve chemicals, so un-dyed alpaca clothing is more eco-friendly. And how do you care for that beautiful alpaca sweater or scarf? That answer is also environmentally friendly! Hand wash in cold water, using a little bit of shampoo. After all, it is the alpacas hair!
Sally & Tom Schmidt began Sabamba Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast in 2006. Located in De Pere, WI, they have successfully grown an award-winning herd of over fifty huacaya alpacas. Sally served as a director on the board of the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America and is a member of the National Show Committee for 2013. Sally & Tom specialize in educating new and existing alpaca owners. They focus on industry trends, health care, handling skills, product and business development, fiber sorting and grading, and breeding consulting. Sabamba Alpaca Ranch also features a bed & breakfast. Guests interested in alpacas can stay overnight for a full alpaca lifestyle experience. Their retail store is located on the farm and carries alpaca products, including socks, gloves, hats, mittens, sweaters, yarn, long johns and more. Experience the luxury of alpaca clothing at the Old World Christmas Market at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, WI, Nov. 30 Dec. 9, 2012. For more information, call 920.371.0003 or 877.504.7052, or visit

We are a

gluten free bakery in

artisan breads & pastries
Oshkosh making

made in our gluten free facility no preservatives sourdough breads & vegan options 920.527.8818 December 2012 | Natures Pathways

bad news for caffeine drinkers .........................................

By Dr. John m. Haase

affeine is a survivor. After endless studies proclaiming its significance as a high stress inducer, adrenal exhauster, heart racer and quick ticket to the sugar blues, it now has been tagged for altering estrogen levels. This is a major discovery and creates a better picture of how caffeine use often ends in chronic fatigue and major health problems. The word caffeine originated from a description of coffee. The French word for coffee is caf and the German word is kaffee. Although the effects are felt almost immediately, it takes about 45 minutes to be distributed to every tissue in the body. Then, how fast it clears your system depends on a lot of different factors. A general rate is about 5 or 6 hours to eliminate half of the amount consumed. For heavy smokers, only three to four hours. Taking the pill? Up to ten hours! If youre pregnant and in your last trimester, half of the caffeine dose can stay in your system for up to 15 hours, and a certain amount of caffeine does pass through to the baby. As with all other drugs or toxins, your liver does the hard work of metabolizing caffeine into substances that are cleared in your urine. This means that if your liver is working to eliminate different prescribed drugs, like some antidepressants, then caffeine breakdown can be slowed by up to 90 percent. Caffeine clearance is sometimes used as a measure of liver function, especially for alcoholics with severe liver disease. If your liver isnt able to clear caffeine, it will accumulate quickly and leave the user restless, shaky and irritable. The positive health effects from consuming over two cups of coffee are disputed, although there is some overall decrease in cancer risk. The negative effects are considerable and involve most of the major body systems including cardiac, endocrine, immune, muscular, nervous and urinary. We all know about sleep
Natures Pathways | December 2012

deprivation and nervousness, urinary infections, muscle twitching and heart palpations, but the more insidious problems occur with adrenal fatigue and hormone elevation or suppression. This year, researchers at the National Institute of Health released a startling study. Almost 90 percent of all women between 18 and 34 drink an average of 1.5 cups of coffee each day. With about two cups of coffee, the equivalent of 200 mg of caffeine, estrogen levels dropped for white women and rose for Asian women. Soda and green tea produced higher levels of estrogen for all women, including African Americans. This connection raises concerns for long-term users, as estrogen levels are associated with ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and endometriosis, as well as the short-term effects of estrogen imbalance. Probably the worst short-term effect of caffeine use is the spiral into chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout. It becomes a nightmare of poor sleep leading to a few cups of joe just to wake up. This kicks in an adrenaline surge that pumps out a big go response to all the tissues in our body. The problem is, we arent going anywhere fast and its not an emergency. Were sitting in the cafe or at our desk all hyped up while our body is set to run. Then, due to increased glucose output, we eventually crash and start the cycle all over again. Our adrenal glands are fooled into high gear and eventually they stop listening. This is a big problem because adrenal burnout slows down cortisol production. Cortisol is produced in our body


to fight inflammation caused by stress. Fibromyalgia sufferers often have inflammation related to exhaustion, and too much stress for anyone lowers the immune system. The first step to taking back control of the caffeine madness is to limit your intake to no more than one cup a day. Thats it. Then, eat a protein-rich breakfast. It doesnt need to be meat or eggs; even a bagel has about 7 grams of protein alone. Support your diet with less sugar and higher levels of complex carbohydrates, and stick to regular meals with only high-fiber snacks. Next, have your hormone levels tested. A typical adrenal stress panel will have a number of tests, including cortisol, DHEA (a precursor to estrogens and testosterone) and insulin. They also may contain IgA levels to determine general immune response. Estrogen levels should be determined as well. The tests are easy and can be taken at home before being sent to the lab. Our chiropractic clinic provides these types of tests as do other facilities. If you are in the majority, you are already drinking a significant amount of caffeine in coffee, soda or green tea. With the recent studies showing the problem side of just a few cups a day, its a good time to reevaluate your habits. Caffeine is a drug and is not as safe as we thought. You are welcome to contact our office for more information about feeling better with more energy based on good science.
John M. Haase, DC, is with Walnut Grove Chiropractic & Haase Chiropractic Care in Madison. These integrated holistic practices focus on patient care with several treatment alternatives. For more information, call 608.231.3900 or visit, or

Walnut Grove Clinic

Back pain, nerve pain, disc pain, injuries Hormone Testing for women and men Food Allergy Testing Adrenal and Thyroid Testing for low energy Cortisol Testing for sleep disturbances and weight gain Testing for bowel disturbances Blood Testing for nutritional and mineral deficiencies olistic Treatment Alternatives: nutritional, herbal, H glandular, protomorphin therapy

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December 2012 | Natures Pathways



holiday hazards
Keeping your home safe for your pet during the holiday season ...............................................................................
By mandy Penisten

uring the busy holiday season, there are so many things to remember; and many times ensuring the house is safe for your family pet can fall to the wayside. Simple things like a change in schedule, decorations or even a Christmas tree can cause dangers for your pets. Did you know that just the change in environment, with the added decorations and slight change in schedule with all the holiday


Holistic Grooming

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Pet Products

parties, can cause GI upset in your pet or at the very least additional anxiety? While we cant always help the go-go mentality this time of year, we can do several things to make sure that we are taking care of our pets. First, make sure that they are getting plenty of exercise! If you cant get them to the park or for a nice long walk, then think about adding daycare once a week for the holiday season. The added exercise helps dogs to expend some of that additional anxiousness via physical activity. It also helps get them good and tired for those evenings you have other activities planned for the family. Second, maintain as much of your pets standard schedule as you can to help keep them even-keeled. If you cant make it home to feed the cat at their normal time, maybe a neighbor can help out. Pets react to even the slightest change in their routine. Many plants that we bring into the house for the holidays can pose a risk for our pets. While the Christmas tree is not a hazard in and of itself, the water being accessible to your pet may pose a hazard. Many trees have been grown with pesticides or fertilizers, which can leach into the water. In addition, more tree farms will spraypaint the trees to help them maintain that lovely green color, which can also leach into the water. The poinsettia is a tradition in our household, but did you know that the sap of the poinsettia plant is mildly toxic to both cats and dogs? In addition, my favorite holiday plants, mistletoe and holly, have a much higher toxicity level for pets. Be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat or dog ingests them.

Paw-tastic gift ideas this holiday season

Holistic Pet Services and Supplies

Capitol Square 608-271-7888 & Fitchburg 608-277-5900

Natures Pathways | December 2012

Pets are a big part of many of our lives, so it only makes sense to keep them in mind during the gift giving season as well. How do you know what to give a family pet for the holidays? Well, we here at Tabby & Jacks can help paw you in the right direction with lots of hypoallergenic treats and chews, great toys for all sizes and ages, and even some great gift ideas for the pet lover in your family as well. Treats are always an easy gift idea for pets. Try to stick with healthier options and avoid extremely fatty new treats that your pet may not be prepared to digest. Natural chews and bones are
continued on page 15

By Jack a. erb
he year was 1954 and I was 11 years old. The place was on Gaston Road, Rural Route 1, Cottage Grove, Wis., just a mile and a half up the road from the one-room schoolhouse I attended. (If youve been following my articles, that oneroom schoolhouse is still there today on the corner of County Trunk N and Gaston Road.) Today it is Gaston School Gallery and SchoolGrounds Cafe. By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with natural health. After all, this is a healthy living magazine. Well, last month we had the Mind Body Spirit Wellife Expo in Madison. And, spirit is a big part of the wellness equation in my book. Did you know that the word human in Hebrew means spirit? Humus in Hebrew is spirit and then you just add the man, so human. Thus, the Spirit of Man. Its in the bible, as so aptly pointed out to me by my daughter, Lauren. So, in the spirit of Christmas and wellness, I bring to you Christmas Lights in the Sky, a story to lift your spirits during this holiday season! My Dad, Herman, grew up during the Depression, one of 13 children in his family. He had nine brothers and three sisters. Dad was forced to leave the family farm at age 11 because he could no longer be fed and clothed. That farm had been lost to the bank in Clark County, Wis. when Black Friday happened in October 1929 and the banks closed. When they reopened, Grandpa Erbs money, which he had on deposit to pay off the mortgage, was gone and so was the farm. That started Dad on a path that was a rough one for an 11-yearold boy on his own during the Depression. He was not alone though; many were in the same boat. But that doesnt help when youre just a boy. But I digress. Back to my story about Christmas 1954: That year had been a better year than most for Dad and Mom. Jibby, as Mom was known to her friends, and Dad had just bought his first new car ever, a 1953 Chevy Bel Air, and he was very proud of that car. I know your thinking, Its 1954, so why a 1953 Chevy? Well, things were not selling all that well back then. It had not been sold, so Dad got a good deal just before the new model year was introduced.

Christmas lights in the sky

I got the feeling he wanted to do something special for Christmas, but could not figure out just what to do. We were not making a lot of money on the farm milking those 40 cows and finishing about 300 feeder pigs a year. But things were looking better. Dad wanted to do something, but not spend a lot of money on it. (If you grew up during this era, you know what I mean.) Our Christmas tree was already up in that drafty old farm house. It always had to touch the ceiling in the house and was decorated with multi-colored lights and, of course, icicles, which my sister Janet put on one by one. Our Christmas tree always went up right after Thanksgiving. I liked the holidays because everyone was more festive and relaxed. The crops were harvested and now all we had to do were the chores, keep the box stalls clean and the hog pens clean on the weekends. We got new clothes at Christmas, and maybe some toys and a puzzle or two to keep us busy during those winter months. Checkers, maybe, with Uncle Melvin, who lived with us, and possibly a game of Old Maid. We didnt get a TV until 1956. One Saturday morning after chores, Id say about 10:30 a.m. or so, Dad jumped in the truck and said, Come on! Were going
continued on page 17

Over 600 Natural Herb Products

A Merry Christmas To All & A Happy and Natural-Healthy 2013
JACK A ERB The Erb Group PO Box 370, Marshall, WI 53559 608-655-4248
December 2012 | Natures Pathways


how to boost your immune system during cold and flu season ......................................................................
By Bonnie sweetland
ts that time of year again, when we start to see a lot of colds and the flu going around. There are many things you can do to fight off illness or drastically reduce your chances of getting sick. An optimally functioning immune system is more than able to protect you from the common cold, the flu, strep and a myriad of other virus or bacterial illnesses. Here are a few key steps you can take to support your bodys immune function.

wash your hands frequently

About 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the simple act of hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of viral and bacterial infections! Use warm water and a good soap. You dont have to use harsh antibacterial soaps with artificial ingredients to get the job done. Many healthy options are available today. My favorites are those that incorporate pure essential oils for their natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties. The wellness department at your local cooperative stocks several luxurious, natural hand soaps and hand sanitizers for your convenience.

medicine and medicine be thy food. Even back in 360 BC, he realized that a nutritious diet was the foundation for health. What we eat is a highly personalized thing, but whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, omnivorous or anything else in between, one thing is for sure: eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is a good thing. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and other essential nutrients, such as beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E to name a few. These antioxidants and others, such as zinc and selenium, protect and repair cells from damage caused by free radicals and help build a strong immune system.

Take probiotics

even a single serving of any type of sugar (including concentrated fruit juices) lowers immune function for several hours!

Supplementing with probiotics is one of the most important things you can do to aid your immune system. Most people, including many physicians, do not realize that 80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system, making a healthy gut a major focal point if you want to maintain optimal health. Probiotics assist in digestion and keep disease-causing bacteria at bay in the gut. Research has shown that regular exercise enhances immune function by increasing the numbers of white blood cells and stimulating killer T-cells to become more active and effective. If you can get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise several days of the week, your immune system will benefit greatly.

exercise regularly

reduce your sugar intake

Sugar is a known immune suppressant. Even a single serving of any type of sugar (including concentrated fruit juices) lowers immune function for several hours! So think twice before indulging in concentrated sweets.

reduce stress

eat a nutritious diet

Natures Pathways | December 2012

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated, Let food be thy

The bodys stress response is designed to help us survive shortterm, life-threatening situations. During the fight-or-flight response, adrenal hormones, such as cortisone, epinephrine

and norepinephrine, are released providing a short burst of strength, courage and speed to escape the imminent threat. However, when stress is prolonged as it commonly is in our fast-paced, demanding lives these adrenal hormones will suppress the activity of the thymus gland and reduce white blood cells. This ultimately decreases immune function making us more susceptible to illness.

Holiday Hazards for your pet continued from page 12

Avoid drafts and getting chilled

The exterior layer of the body namely your skin is the obvious first line of defense against invaders. Yet, few of us in the U.S. consider cold drafts a threat. In Europe, however, avoiding drafts is taken very seriously and is a considered a primary measure to stay well during the winter. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theorizes that when we are exposed to cold drafts, such as going between extreme temperatures unprotected, cold is given an opportunity to penetrate the vulnerable areas of the body, such as the back of the neck and the low back. Folks with a weakened immune system are especially vulnerable to an invasion of cold. Once the cold gets in, it impedes the healthy flow of energy in the body, thus further weakening the immune system.

great to give your pet for a special treat, while also maintaining their health and cleaning their teeth. Stay away from rawhides, especially those sourced outside the USA. Toys are one of the easiest gift options for the holidays. I tend to treat my pets with toys that I wouldnt normally spend the money on. My older dog loves plush toys, but tends to tear them apart in minutes. Knowing this, I give her one each Christmas with the knowledge that it wont last long. It is the one time of the year I pick something out for her and let her get her enjoyment out of it any way she likes. The Christmas trend that we at Tabby & Jacks have seen in previous years is that most pet owners will get a holiday toy for their pets stockings, so we stock up on toys of all sizes that are just right for your pets stocking stuffer. There are so many options out there for pet gifts; keep in mind the size of the pet when choosing your gift. And remember, your pet does not care how much you spent, just that they get remembered this season. For specific pet gift ideas, check out our specials page at! Or stop in and peruse our many options in person. Our staff is ready to help you pick out that purrrrfect gift!
Mandy Penisten has been in the pet industry since 2004; working in doggie daycare, boarding, training and retail. Her love of pets and working with their owners to promote happy and healthy pet families has been her driving force for the past eight years. She is currently the general manager at Tabby & Jacks Pet Supplies and Holistic Grooming in Madison and Fitchburg, and is owned by two rescue dogs, Sally and Shayna.

get plenty of high-quality sleep

Lack of sleep negatively affects immune function. Without adequate rest, the body slows down its production of diseasefighting white blood cells. Inadequate or poor-quality sleep also reduces activity and effectiveness of white blood cells. In contrast, deep, restful sleep helps our bodies release a powerful immune-enhancing compound called interferon. Interferon was named such for its ability to interfere with viral replication in the body.

Avoid toxins

Avoiding toxins is a growing challenge in todays chemicalladen world. Even if we are mindful of the products and foods we use, we are inundated with toxins from numerous passive sources: car exhaust, industrial cleaners, plastics, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, the list goes on and on and on .... You can minimize the immune-suppressing action of toxins by eating a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet organic of course! As previously discussed, foods rich in antioxidants help neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.

Willy West: 6825 University Ave., Middleton (608) 284-7800 Willy East: 1221 Williamson St., Madison (608) 251-6776 Open 7:30 am - 9:30 pm daily

A fresh, green & local alternative for a holiday event.

We offer vegan and dairy-free versions of a variety of dishes. All of our dishes are made from scratch using many local and/or organic ingredients.
See for details and download a menu or call (608) 237-1201.

drink green tea

Green tea is well known for its excellent antioxidant properties, including a number of forms polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids. Drinking a high-quality, whole-leaf green tea every day can help during a cold and is a good immune system booster during times of wellness.

Treat infections promptly

Lingering infections, such as respiratory or gum infections, tax the immune system and can significantly impair immunity.
Bonnie Sweetland is a newsletter writer and member of the wellness staff at Willy Street Co-op. For more information, visit December 2012 | Natures Pathways



health and wellness Q&A ..................................................................

By karmen nenahlo
Question: I have a very serious weight problem and have been told that Im a candidate for surgery. What are your thoughts on this? answer: Weight loss surgery is certainly an option if you are morbidly obese, but in my opinion, it should always be seen as a last resort. In fact, most physicians have certain requirements that must be met in order to proceed with surgery, and these include documented efforts to lose weight through behavior modification. If these attempts fail, then surgery may be considered as an alternative. But its important to recognize that, despite the success stories people often hear, there are significant risks inherent in all surgical procedures. Make no mistake this is NOT minor surgery. Ive seen patients that required months-long stays in the hospital after repeated surgeries to repair leaks and other problems encountered post-op. And even if the surgery goes well, there are significant challenges that you must overcome when youre getting back into your daily routine at home. For example, the types and amounts of food that you consume at meals will be fundamentally altered after the procedure. And there can be serious repercussions for not changing your eating habits. If surgery is deemed to be the best option for you, then its important to choose the appropriate procedure in consultation with your physician. Bottom line: educate yourself on the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed decision. Question: What do you think of the old adage, feed a cold, starve a fever? Myth or fact? answer: This one is basically just a myth. Its not entirely clear where it came from, but the theory states that if you eat some food, your body temperature will rise, thus helping to fight off the common cold. And if you avoiding eating, then this may help to decrease your body temperature, thus alleviating a fever. Unfortunately, there isnt any definitive evidence that either of these is true. In fact, colds and fevers should really be treated with the same remedy eat some food, drink some fluids and then drink some more. Its pretty obvious that if youre hungry, you should eat. And I think we all know the importance of getting plenty of fluids, which can help to thin out mucus and secretions. Oh, and dont forget to get plenty of rest, too! Question: What should I eat or drink if I only have an hour before I work out? answer: What you eat before a practice or game should be largely determined by timing and personal preference. Generally speaking, a large meal takes 4-5 hours to digest, a smaller meal takes 2-3 hours and a large snack takes 1-2 hours. If you dont digest food well enough prior to an activity, you can end up with a stomach ache and cramping. This often occurs because blood (which plays a key role in digestion) is shunted to your arms and legs during activity, thereby slowing down the digestive process. Therefore, if you only have an hour to fuel yourself, it would probably be best to stick with a liquid carbohydrate/ protein shake. Liquids are processed faster than solid foods and will provide the energy you need in a shorter time frame. Keep in mind, were not talking about those ice cream-based shakes from fast food restaurants. Were talking about a sports nutrition shake that is designed for active individuals and athletes. If you want something lighter, a traditional sports drink would be a viable option as well. There are a number of products on the market in each category, so do some taste-testing to see which ones work best for you.
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CHristmas ligHts in tHe sky continued from page 13

to town! So away we went. He often did that to me, not telling me where we were going until we were on the way. This time was different, though. He didnt say a word as we pulled into Lundeburgs General Store and started looking at the few Christmas trees that were left. I was confused. It was less than two weeks before Christmas and we had our tree up. So why were we looking at Christmas trees? Dad had that big smile on his face that Id come to see more often lately. Things were better for our family. I didnt know it then, at age 11, but today its clear as a bell. Anyway, he picked out a scraggly little tree about five feet tall. He headed into the store and asked Duff Lundeburg if he could have it for $1.00. Duff agreed because who was going to buy that scraggly little thing now? Out the door we went, Dad with that big smile and happy as a lark. I still couldnt figure out what was going on. Back at the farm, Herman was a busy guy, rummaging through all that old junk by the side of the machine shed. I still wondered what he was up to. Finally I mustered up the courage to ask, and he said we were going to put up a Christmas tree on the silo! Dad found what he looking for, an old piece of galvanized pipe almost twenty feet long. He took that little Christmas tree and cut off some of the lower branches so there was about a foot of the tree trunk exposed. He quickly wired that little tree to the pipe with those pliers that were always in the side pocket of his overalls. Good old bailing wire; it held together most of what broke on the farm in those days. He sent me to the house to get an old set of lights that we didnt use that year. Upon my return, he carefully put the lights on the tree, wiring each light to a limb. Might be a little windy up there, he said. I looked up the 50-foot cement silo that only Dad climbed because no one else wanted to climb those steel rungs all the way to the top. He was the one that put up the silo pipe and took it down. No one else wanted that job either. He plugged in the extension cord after tying the two cords together in a knot and wired those two together with bailing wire also. There was nothing left to chance once it was up there. Then with everything assembled, up he went, slowly, like Santa I think, up that ladder with pole and tree. Once at the top he slid that pipe and tree up until they were way above the silo roof. He still had three rungs to wire the steel pipe to. It took a little while because he had several pieces of bailing wire with him. Finished, he moved smoothly down the ladder, a feat I never did attempt. He had me test the lights before his decent and everything worked fine. We had done all this and still were not late for dinner our evening meal was supper, at noon was dinner. I know thats different today, but it was 1954 on the farm. We headed to the house for dinner. Not a word was spoken about the tree.

he sent me to the house to get an old set of lights that we didnt use that year. Upon my return, he carefully put the lights on the tree, wiring each light to a limb.

We raised tobacco for many years as cash crop and 1954 was no different. Around Christmas we hoped for what we called case weather: when it would get foggy and the tobacco hanging in the shed, drying since early September, would take on moisture and make the leaves pliable enough to handle, so we could strip the leaves off the stalks and bundle it for sale. Ah, payday for all that hard work! That Saturday evening we got our wish case weather! It started to get foggy that Saturday afternoon and by evening it was hard to see from the house to the barn, which werent all that far apart. Anyway, there wasnt much traffic on the gravel road that we lived on. The Jensens farm was right across the road, so just a few cars and trucks travelled that road. Now we always milked our cows early in the morning and at night. We milked, well, Dad started at 4:30 a.m. in the morning, and at that same time in the evening, 4:30 p.m., so we were usually done and in for supper by 6:00 p.m. The barn was dark then. Now the Jensens had a little different schedule. They usually started milking about 6:00 p.m. Mrs. Jensen worked in town at a nursing home and usually got home about that time. Back then, everyone knew everyone elses business because we had party telephone lines, and you could pick up that phone line at any time and hear someone elses conversation. You had to wait until they were done to make a call and they could then hear your conversation. That would work well with todays teenagers, but thats another story. Mrs. Jensen was driving home slowly in the fog that Saturday evening (there were no white lines on gravel roads). When she got just about to their driveway, she looked up in the sky and saw lights in the shape of a Christmas tree. She locked onto that sight and went right in the ditch convinced she had an epiphany from God. In the fog, she could only see the lights, not the buildings or the silo. What a sight that must have been! I wished I could have been a mouse in her car at the time. There was talk in the neighborhood for days and that party line was always busy. Dads smile only grew broader. I hope this Christmas story has lifted your spirits during this holiday season! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night maybe a foggy one at that! In loving memory of Herman A. Erb (1917-1996): a giant among men.

Jack A. Erb, a natural health consultant, performs health consultations and analysis. He sells Natures Sunshine products. Natures Sunshine is a 40-year-old company that has the ability and wherewithal to research where their products come from and whether they are getting the right part of the plant with the most nutrients. If youd like more information, just shoot him an email or give him a call: or 608.655.4248.
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Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary ..........................................................................

By Dakota Windancer
agic can be found in many places. In everyday living the laboratory of life reveals its secret mysteries to us, but it requires a special lens of seeing to experience and understand its hidden messages. Our nation has elected its president for the next four years. The magic of words, numbers and intentions has influenced our decision in the choice of our candidate, who best can lead our nation to health, happiness and prosperity in the future. Holidays are fast approaching, and the magic of the season is the inspiration for this article. Cultivating a lens of seeing

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beyond what is evident, and understanding myself in relation to how I perceive the world around me. Traffic jams, screaming kids, demanding bosses and busyness can saturate our lives to the extent that we want to cry out in exasperation, What about me?! That is exactly the point: It is about me, and it is about you. Perception is everything, making interpretation even more important. Somebody screaming at me on the phone doesnt necessarily mean they are angry at me they may be a deaf person trying to express themselves. Being cut off in traffic doesnt have to mean the perpetrator is a jerk perhaps he or she was avoiding taking the life of a furry or feathered relative! Taking personal other peoples projections of me says more about me than of them. Why am I triggered by what they say or do? Is there truth in what they say about me? Or is my self image in need of some repair? Perhaps, or maybe none of what I hear thats negative is true about me. Maybe the person leaking their venom is going through a personal jet crash, such as a divorce, being fired or a passionate disagreement at home. Duality in thinking leads quickly to the blame game. If one thing is embraced, the other often gets demonized. This brings me to the final point of looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Paradox is the promised land of opportunistic living and understanding. Paradox surrounds us in the opposites of night and day, sweltering hot and frigid cold temperatures, and yes, Republican and Democratic ideologies.

I suggest that now, before the holidays, might be a good time to entertain the paradox of our living that most of us dont see or forget. Maybe the unfortunate soul who is wheelchair-bound serves me in the way of cultivating a compassionate heart. Maybe when I am not getting my way, I am receiving the gift of patience through the universal consciousness. For me, mastery of living is to remember that there doesnt have to be a difference between work and play. This or that thinking limits the creativity that exists within me. The brilliance of light can blind me in the same way that darkness can. My personal lens only sees correctly with the help of shadow. Only with shadow can I see without being blinded by darkness or light. Paradoxical living is the lens that provides insight for acceptance, respect and reverence toward all that surrounds me during my earth walk. Paradox teaches me that external enemies constellate from my internal battles.
Dakota Windancer has founded, and leads selfempowerment circles throughout Wisconsin. He is an artist, poet, writer, and national award-winning flutist and dancer. Dakota has been mentored by Sparrow Hart, founder of Circles of Air and Circles of Stone, and Dr. Robert Moore who is a Jungian psychoanalyst, and professor of psychology and religion at Chicago Theological Seminary and C. G. Jung Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Dakota has completed Shadow Work Basic and Advanced Facilitation course work along with extensive study and facilitation through wisdom through interpreting dreams. Dakota describes himself as a modern mystic who is an avid student of Jungian psychology and well read, but the most valuable training has come from his own personal experiences, one of which lead to healing diabetes when conventional methods had failed to help him. Contact Dakota at


Pilates: its not just a fad ..............................................................

By laura schuch, acsm-cPT

ilates is a method of mind-body exercise developed during the first half of the twentieth century by a German man, Joseph Pilates. His intent was to create a system of exercise that not only strengthened the body, but also integrated and strengthened the mind. Originally practiced largely by dancers, the Pilates method has been passed on from Joseph Pilates protges to other practitioners who have gone on to teach and to develop their own versions of the practice. The method has come a long way since its invention, and it is now widely available in studios, gyms and on video. Its principles have been applied not only to dancers, but also to people from all walks of life and of all different abilities. The principles are so universal that they can and are used by: people who want to improve their sports performance; those who need rehab from injuries; pre and postpartum women; children; and people who just generally want to feel stronger, leaner and more flexible.

what youre doing. It also helps to calm your mind and relieve stress, simply because you become so focused on body placement and breathing that you forget about the outside world for awhile. Everyone who participates in a consistent Pilates practice eventually ends up in the habit of continual body awareness, which creates focus and strength for anything that you do in life even simple things like mowing your lawn

or carrying groceries.
COre STreNgTh

The word core in the context of exercise refers to the trunk of the body, and the muscles of the abdominals and back that attach to the pelvis and spine. In
continued on page 21

So, what are some of the most important benefits of Pilates?

bOdy AwAreNeSS

Unlike using strength training machines or doing most cardio exercise, the Pilates method forces you to pay attention to where all of the parts of your body are at any given time and to pay attention to your breathing. You cannot perform the exercises if your mind wanders. Therefore, it is a wonderful mind-body experience that teaches you to ALWAYS be aware of your body, no matter December 2012 | Natures Pathways



getting kids to volunteer ...........................................................

olunteering is a great way for people to give back to their communities. Its also a great way for parents to instill character in their children. When kids volunteer, they learn lessons about responsibility while also learning how enjoyable it can be to help the less fortunate. Kids who volunteer early in life are more likely to do so throughout their lives, and that lifetime of service can be invaluable. The right volunteering opportunity for a child often depends on the childs age, as some opportunities are better suited to younger children while others are tailormade for teenagers. The following are a few age-appropriate ideas that can help get kids

excited about volunteering and giving back to their neighborhoods.

elementary school children

When kids reach elementary school, parents should introduce them to volunteering. Volunteering activities for schoolaged kids should be simple, such as accompanying their parents to food banks where

kids can help feed the homeless and less fortunate. Kids with grandparents living in assisted living facilities can read to residents at the facility or bring them homemade arts and crafts or even foods they helped prepare (just be sure to clear any items with the facilitys medical staff before distributing). These tasks are simple, and kids wont feel nervous when accompanied by Mom and Dad.

Middle school children


who work Holistically with your Clients (or want to) GAHP is here to support you to build a Thriving Holistic Practice!
Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, is a Holistic Psychotherapist and the Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy.
Visit the GAHP website: to get your FREE Holistic Practice Building Kit or you can call 1-877-346-1167
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When kids reach middle school, they might not feel its necessary for Mom and Dad to tag along as much. This is perfectly alright, and its a great time for kids to branch out and choose some volunteer activities of their own. Instead of accompanying kids to the food bank, let them work a shift on their own. Kids who have been volunteering since early childhood might have some volunteering goals of their own by the time they reach middle school, so dont insist they continue with current activities if theres something else sparking their interest. Kids might want to help an elderly neighbor around the house, such as shopping for groceries or taking care of their property. Encourage such ideas, and expect kids to want to exercise some independence when they reach middle school.

high school students

pilates: its not just a fad continued from page 19

High school students tend to have busy schedules, but those who have been volunteering since childhood will likely find a way to continue doing so. Teenagers tend to have more specific interests than younger children, and parents can encourage teens to incorporate those interests into their volunteering. For example, kids who love sports might be able to work with the local sports and recreation center to coach younger athletes. Or kids who excel in the classroom can tutor younger students. Volunteering can look good on a high school students resume when the time comes to apply for college, but parents should be careful that their high school-aged children dont stretch themselves too thin with extracurricular activities. Encourage volunteering but not at the expense of schoolwork. Many children embrace volunteering, especially when given the chance to choose how they want to give back to their communities and the less fortunate.
Source: Metro Creative Connection.

understanding the important role of the core, it helps to think of it as the foundation of a house. Just as a cracked and weakened foundation will cause structural failure of a house, so will a weak core cause structural weaknesses and failures in your body. Having a strong core is more than just having strong muscles; it means having flexibility in those same muscles. The strength and flexibility allow for greater range of motion and the ability to safely move through that range of motion. Having a strong core also provides leverage for the limbs of the body to perform everyday activities more effectively with much less risk of injury. The Pilates method strengthens the core through exercises that engage all of the core muscles, including the deepest layers of the abdominals and pelvic regions. Having a strong core also helps prevent and alleviate back pain.
bOdy CONTrOl

of what your body is doing in order to control it. Pilates teaches you how to move your body in an efficient, controlled fashion, no matter what you are doing. It is human nature to fall into habits that are easy but that do not necessarily serve us well. Pilates helps to correct that. The Pilates method is a wonderfully gentle, effective, yet challenging way to lengthen and strengthen your body with no impact, and can be modified for ANY age or fitness level. Anyone can and will benefit from the addition of Pilates to their exercise routine. The Madison area offers a large variety of Pilates teachers who are very well-trained. So get out there, and go get strong!
Laura is a certified personal trainer (ACSM) and the owner of BodyFit Solutions, a personal training studio exclusively catering to womens unique needs, in Middleton. Her mission is to empower women to be their best, healthiest selves through exercise, proper nutrition, and fostering their confidence and positive self-images. Laura was active in figure skating and color guard with the Sound of Sun Prairie in her youth, has been an avid Pilates fan for a decade and enjoys long bike rides around the lakes in addition to regular strength training sessions. Find her at: or 608.203.8600.

Body control goes hand-in-hand with body awareness. You must be aware

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est W
By Jackie Peters
Membership has its privileges.
the famous tagline rings true, but dont let the lack of a membership stop you from making a shopping visit at Willy street Co-op. While their members (they call them Owners) do enjoy benefits like savings programs and patronage refunds, the general public is welcome anytime (there is a 5 percent surcharge for non-Owners). and, in most cases, after one visit, theyre hooked! most madisonians are aware of the original Willy street Co-op store on Williamson street (Willy east), but word of the newer location the Middleton area welcomed Willy West in November 2010 is still spreading and excitement is still growing. after only two years in business, Willy West is already profitable two years earlier than projected. the new store has been very popular, says mike Byrne, store manager. We are extremely thankful for the response from the community. Willy West (similar to Willy east) stands out from other local grocery stores in a number of ways: Its a co-op. the store is community-owned by your friends and neighbors who join 30,000 Owners in all! It is managed in an

ealthy all your h needs try for give us a pping and gifting ho holiday s

open, democratic manner by a nine-member board of directors. Its focus is on nutritious food. Youll find a large selection of local, organic and natural foods and fair trade items. With its strict product selection policy, careful consideration is given to each item they offer in order to ensure the best interests of Owners. It incorporates sustainable principles. Both inside and outside, the Co-op makes socially responsible choices. From Green Wind power and recyclable packaging, to circulatory ceiling fans and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, the commitment here is substantial. It is committed to education. management wants its Owners to make informed decisions. Considering that, it has integrated education about nutrition, the politics of food, general consumerism and cooperatives into its operations. In addition, all staff members from managers to stockers are trained and can answer most questions from shoppers, or they know how to get the answer. It has a connection to the community. the Co-op partners with a wide variety of local charities, food pantries and community/ neighborhood events in order to give back to

the area. It also supports local businesses and suppliers whenever possible. It has very generous members with big hearts. through its CHIp program, before members pay for their groceries, they can choose to have 1% of their bill added to the total, post tax, which is pooled together by Willy street Co-op and distributed to Community shares of WIs 62 member organizations. Last fiscal year, over $180,000 was donated, bringing its total to almost $1.4 million since it began participating in the CHIp program.

Joining the Co-op is easy!

simply purchase a Fair share, a capital investment in the Williamson street Grocery Co-op. For an individual, the cost is $58 for full payment or seven yearly payments of $10. For a household, the cost is $93 up-front or $15 for each of seven years. Fair share forms are available at the customer service desks at both stores.

Let those privileges begin!

as anya Firszt, the general manager of Willy street, explains, Willy West and east are our Owners stores, so they get rewarded for investing in them. some of the many benefits of membership include: Owneronly sale prices; patronage refunds (a portion of which is issued as store credit at the end of January to Owners who spent above a threshold level the previous year); free tickets to the annual meeting and party; a monthly newsletter; eligibility to serve on committees or the board; and more! seniors especially enjoy the delivery services, which are available to certain zip codes. You may contact the Co-ops delivery number at 608.237.1234 to see if you are in the delivery area.

foods bar at Willy West, she shares. as for the deli sandwich counter, they are the best sandwiches Ive ever eaten! she raves. Her favorites are those with the tender pork that the Co-op obtains from Willow Creek Farm, an old-fashioned farm in sauk County that raises Berkshire hogs in a humane way.

More than just a grocery store!

In addition to the abundance of organic and natural food options and catering, Willy West also offers: organic wines, Wisconsin-brewed beers, baby-friendly products, organic body care items, general merchandise and natural wellness products. the popular bulk section has organic and natural herbs, spices, baking ingredients, nuts, dried fruits and more! attoun-tucker suggests that its perfect for people who are trying to incorporate more whole grains into their diets. Willy West stocks every grain you could ever want. It is budget-friendly and it helps reduce plastic or paper waste, she shares. members like attoun-tucker are grateful to have this socially responsible Co-op in their neighborhood and are eager to share their praise. Willy West has an incredible selection of food to fit any diet, whether youre a vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian or a flexitarian, like me! everything is top notch, she explains. attoun-tucker is especially appreciative of the Co-ops efforts to support local farmers and suppliers. For example, its grass-fed beef counter: the grass-fed beef comes from Black earth meats, a butcher just ten minutes from middleton that also stocks highend restaurants in madison, milwaukee and Chicago. Its hands down the best beef you can buy in the madison area. management invites you to experience all the best the Co-op has to offer, at the perfect time of year: the holidays!

Willy Street makes giving easy!

Stop in for these great gift ideas for all ages:
Fair trade, handmade winter wear (hats, mittens, scarves, etc.). Co-op gift cards. Sustainable housewares. Canning jars to fill with items from our bulk aisle (snack mix, popcorn kernels, pancake mix, etc.) just add a bow and gift tag! Bottles to fill with bulk olive oil or vinegar and add herbs. Bulk tea or coffee in a bag, along with a mug. A mini colander with kids cooking supplies. An apron wrapped around kitchen utensils. A cookbook and measuring spoons. A kids music CD and rattle (to play along). A party pack basket: salsa, guacamole mix, tortilla chips, mustard, pretzels, olives, pickles, etc. A gluten-free gift basket (selfmade): gluten-free baking mix, GF brownie mix, GF crackers and jam and almond butter, GF cookies, etc. A variety of cheese gift boxes.

Stop in for a healthy lunch!

With inside and outside seating, Willy West has many options for an enjoyable lunch or relaxing cup of coffee or tea. From the salad bar, juice bar and bakery, to the hot bar and deli, youre sure to find something delicious that will hit the spot. to make for a quicker stop, you can check out the menu online for daily selection. abby attoun-tucker, of middleton, appreciates the convenience: When Im in a hurry, I love getting carry-out from the salad bar and hot

Willy West
6825 university ave. 608.284.7800

Willy East
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(Trigonella foenum-graecum) ...................................................................
By cheryl Hosmer

enugreek was esteemed by the Greek, Roman and Egyptian societies for its culinary and medicinal uses. In India it is an important spice in curry powder. Fenugreek seed, once used by Hippocrates, is one of the oldest known herbs. Fenugreek is very nutritious and contains many constituents. This herb is very rich in vitamin A, some B vitamins, vitamin D, also protein, selenium and iron. Its most common use is to reduce mucous congestion in the sinuses and lungs. Fenugreek helps

with sinus and allergy-related problems by expelling phlegm from the respiratory tract and by enhancing digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It also has antispasmodic effects to control coughs. In addition, fenugreek promotes fluid production throughout the body so it is a very beneficial herb for lactating women to increase milk production. Also, some tests show fenugreeks polyphenols supply protection for the liver against alcohol and other toxins. It is considered an aphrodisiac by some.

inspires, cultivates, and models the experience of peace from the inside out. As individuals practice this way of being, CAPW supports the extension of peace throughout relationships and communities, and into the world. JOIN US 2ND THURSDAYS, 6:30-8P for Creating Peace $10 donation
CAPW is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of TIBIA, Inc. ( Your generosity will allow us to broaden our outreach.

The seed of fenugreek has a bitter taste, somewhat similar to celery. These seeds are rich in fixed oils, supplying healthy fats somewhat similar to cod liver oil because of the high vitamin A and D, and choline content. The seeds have anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties, and can be used to soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the lungs and digestive system. An alkaloid in fenugreek seeds is called trigonelline and works as an antiseptic. The seed also contains choline and lecithin, which dissolve cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood stream. The major effects of the fenugreek seed are due to the mucilage content that causes it to swell in water. This provides a source of viscous fiber, which is very good for absorbing toxins from the colon. has many test results showing fenugreek seeds improving triglyceride levels and glycemic control, and decreasing insulin resistance in mild type 2 diabetic patients. (If you are pregnant, do not use fenugreek seeds because there is a chance they can stimulate uterine contractions.)
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certified natural health professional and certified biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Natures Way to Health & Happiness. She offers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supplements, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more information, please visit her website, www. or call her at 920.757.6440. References:; The Ultimate Healing System Donald Lepore, N.D.; A Modern Herbal Mrs. M. Grieve; Planetary Herbology Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

Visit us on Facebook, at, or at 6225 University Ave # 202


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Change ......................................
By Tony Bednarowski
ran into a friend a short while back who happens to be a personal trainer. After he finished up with one of his clients, we got into quite a lengthy conversation. We talked about changes made through personal training, and he asked me what I thought were the key components necessary to create true and long-lasting change in any aspect of our lives. I explained to him my belief that we should not overestimate the amount of power we have on changing others, but that people do have complete control within themselves to create their own change. Ultimately, anyones true success will depend on their own willingness to change. One thing an educated outsider does have, though, is the ability to teach others how to create a road map that will lead them to their desired goal. I broke these key components down into my own acrostic:


C h A N g e

(Consistency) The key ingredient in making steady and long-lasting change is consistency. (Honesty) Being completely honest with yourself about your intentions will be the root of your success.

(Action) Taking action will put into play the components necessary to make change possible. (Necessity) If you necessitate your intentions and actions, they will eventually become newly formed habits.

(Goals) Set short, medium and long-term goals to help keep you on track in time-lined increments.

(Enthusiasm) The glue that will hold all of the other components together is enthusiasm; it will make CHANGE enjoyable as well as inevitable.

As you can see, each of these components is necessary in helping you reach your ultimate goal. Apply these to any endeavor in life and watch the incredible CHANGE it can help make for you.
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Natures Pathways magazine, Your Path To Healthy Living. He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit www.naturespathways. com. Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, Be Well, Live Well. He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit
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Mutterings of an old mason ..................................................................

By ernest Bingham
was just standing on a frost-covered roof this morning watching the smoke rise from the chimneys. With the sun at my back, West High School to the left and the stadium to the right, the roofs look wonderful in the mornings. (The only way to walk on a roof with frost is in your stocking feet; anything else and youll slip and fall old sweeps trick.) Anyway, while standing there, it occurred to me that I dont move as fast as I used to. In fact, the only time I move fast anymore is when I fall off the








CE 19





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gas burning display models, fireplace tool sets, firescreens, log racks and steamers

chimney. I dont bounce as good either. Having said that, I do believe its better to bounce low than to have no bounce at all. Friends, my retirement is drawing near. My last two apprentices are ready to start on their own. Unlike all the apprentices before them, they wont be leaving this area. It is my intention that they take over where I am leaving off. At the end of this year, I will begin a two-year sabbatical. After more than 40 years in this trade, its time to take a break. At the beginning of the New Year, Joe and Jeremy will be taking over all of my duties. We will be closing the shop, so that is not a burden to them. Other than that, its business as usual. They will be doing fireplace design and construction, chimney sweeping, chimney service and repair, wood stove and fireplace installations and building, and historic masonry repair. During my sabbatical, I will be building a fireplace in a location far from here. That fireplace will take me approximately a year to build. Joe and Jeremy will always have access to me should you pose them a question that is a puzzle. We all like puzzles ... I have to say thank you to all of you who have been customers of mine over these decades. You have enriched my life immeasurably. While politically this area is very polarized, it does have a commonality of very good people. Should you choose to use our team, the phone numbers will remain a constant 221-4415 and 238-SOOT. It seems that in this area, there are a lot of charlatans in my trade. I am comforted to leave two men of good skill level and good moral fiber to serve in my stead.

Alderlea Blaze King Bodart & Gonay Enviro European Home Malm Mendota Mors Pacific Energy Rais Rika RSF St. Croix Thelin Valor Wittus


Over the years, i have discovered some truths id like to share:

if you win.

If you wrestle with a raccoon in a fireplace, you will lose even Anyone can fly from a rooftop, but you dont fly far and you Never expect a $2000 job for $200; you will be disappointed. If a mason always tells you what you want to hear, go find one Never invite a service person to your house and expect him to
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Member of National Trust for Historical Preservation Founder of Wisconsin Chimney Sweep Guild, which then became The Wisconsin Guild of Chimney Service Specialists (The Oldest State Chimney Sweep Guild in U.S.) NFI Certified Decades of certifications from America and Europe Multiple certification carrier in historic masonry U.S. Heritage Group

always land hard.

1902 S. Stoughton Rd. Madison, WI 53716 WWW.FIREPLACE-FOLKS.COM

Ernest Bingham-Master Fireplace Builder
Natures Pathways | December 2012

who will tell you the truth.

celebrates 4th year Jan. 26 & 27 ......................................................................

adisons largest community health and wellness expo ASK The dOCTOrS PANel SATUrdAy, JANUAry 26 is coming to the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Local physicians will share their expertise and advice on a wide Center. The 4th annual WELL Expo is the only event range of concerns. The audience will have the opportunity to ask of its kind, on this scale, for the Madison area and surrounding questions about specific issues and the hottest topics in health. communities. The WELL Expo features more than 100 exhibitors The panel will have representatives from St. Marys Hospital, All and nearly 40 lectures in the areas of health and wellness, medical About Chiropractic, Meriter Hospital, Madison Smile Solutions screenings, fitness and athletic fashion, natural and gluten-free and more. Please send questions to for the panel discussion. foods, eco-friendly products, education and family resources. The public is invited to attend. well exPO MAKeOver Doors open at 10 a.m. on Saturday The well expo features SATUrdAy, JANUAry 26 and Sunday. The first 100 attendmore than 100 exhibitors One lucky WELL Expo attendee ees each day will receive a free will win a makeover valued at over re-usable bag packed with dozens and nearly 40 lectures in the $1,000, which includes products of goodies. Tickets will be availareas of health and wellness, and services such as teeth whitable at the door for $5 per person, ening, makeup, gym membership however, there are several ways to medical screenings, fitness and much more! Anyone interreceive complimentary admission. and athletic fashion, natural ested in registering to win the One in 26 people will develop makeover must sign up at www. epilepsy during their lifetime. The and gluten-free foods, WELL Expo has partnered with Lilys Fund to raise awareness and eco-friendly products, weighT lOSS PANel funds for epilepsy research. All attendees of the WELL Expo on education and family resources. SUNdAy, JANUAry 27 How many times have you lost Saturday, January 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. receive free admission with a cash donation to Lilys Fund. weight and then gained it back? Wondering what is the healthiThe River Food Pantry, Madisons busiest food pantry feeding est and safest way to lose those extra pounds? Ask the weight 500 Dane County families per week, will be having a food drive loss experts! The latest trends and myths will be discussed and at the WELL Expo on Sunday, January 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. debunked. St. Marys Hospital is the presenting sponsor for the 4th annual Attendees that bring two non-perishable food items for The River WELL Expo. Supporting sponsors also include Meriter HospiFood Pantry will receive free admission. tal, All About Chiropractic, Pro Health Chiropractic, New Self expo highlights Renewal, Madison Smile Solutions. Media partners include With the focus on health and wellness, attendees can expect to Midwest Family Broadcasting, Natural Awakenings and Natures receive a wealth of knowledge in the classroom lectures and by Pathways. For a complete schedule of events, classes and exhibivisiting the variety of booths, sample gluten-free and natural tors, please visit or call 262.245.1000. foods, receive a complimentary chair massage, get their blood Booth space and sponsorship opportunities are still available pressure checked and even participate in a Zumba class. call 262.245.1000. December 2012 | Natures Pathways



Ingredients: 2 cups whole grain oats 1 cup whole wheat flour cup sucanat 1 tsp. cinnamon tsp. sea salt

Clean Granola Bars


/3 cup honey cup melted coconut oil 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 cup chopped almonds /3

nutrition facts (per serving): Makes 12 servings

Calories 260 Total Fat 11.6g Carbohydrates 39.2g

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. small bowl. l and wet ingredients in a medium to 2. Mix dry ingredients in a large bow well. 3. Add wet mixture to the dry and mix mixture into the oil on the 9x13 baking dish and press 4. Spread a thin layer of coconut pan evenly. ly brown. 5. Bake for 27-33 minutes or until light bars. 6. Let cool and cut into
Natures Pathways | December 2012

Amber Gloudemans is a chiropractic assistant at Appleton Chiropractic and mother of three. She has been helping many members of our community to take back their health and take health care into their own hands through Science Based NutritionTM, lifestyle changes and chiropractic care.

Time to roast, make soup and pull out your best family recipes ......................................................................
By Debi morton
hen I look at my market produce area and see the fall vegetables: parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, carrots, sweet Vidalia onions and cipollinis, large red peppers, garnet yams, potatoes, feathery fennel and a variety of mushrooms, they scream, Stews! Goulash! Roasting! This is the season of comfort foods; foods that are prepared traditionally, that may have a nostalgic or sentimental appeal and simply provide an easy-to-eat, easy-to-digest meal rich in calories and nutrients. The fall/winter holiday season brings so many wonderful opportunities for get togethers with family and friends, and ways to enjoy the bounty of this season. My customers are asking me when will the squash curry soup be ready? So I baked a large number of squash this weekend and pureed the finished product, making it ready for the spices and coconut milk. Now we can all sip on the velvety, comforting result. Your family and friends count on you to provide that sameness, as do my customers. I strive to create dishes that are nourishing

healthy eating is not just food that is good for you, but food that brings you closer to your surroundings or back to your grandmas kitchen.
but reliable. Healthy eating is not just food that is good for you, but food that brings you closer to your surroundings or back to your grandmas kitchen. Or better yet, builds new memories and inspires others. Some people think that comfort foods are all about calories. Sometimes they are, since many dishes from generations ago used
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Holiday Charm Small Town Hospitality Beautiful Gifts

Mindfully sourced, quality, organic food makes a great gift! Let us make a gift basket for you. Join us for our German Christmas Market: Friday December 7th 5-8 p.m. 140 S. Winsted Street | 608.628.1001 COME EXPLORE THE MAGIC Peaceful Ambience & Beautiful Gifts to Relax, Nurture and Inspire Your Soul Gifts Books Music Candles Jewelry Decor More 128 S. Albany Street | 608.588.3313 | Open Wed.-Mon.

Spring green

December 2012 | Natures Pathways



A monthly advice column for your energy system ......................................................................

Everything in the universe contains energy, yet energy is something many of us dont understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is here to answer any questions you have about your energy system. Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balancing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. The ideas written here do not replace medical attention. Always listen to your body, mind and intuition when receiving advice of any kind. Hey everyone! What an interesting month it has been. The Chakra House has gone through numerous changes with our recent relocation, so I thought Id take a break from our monthly advice column and talk about how to deal with change energetically. You know how they say, the two things you cant avoid are death and taxes? Well, Id like to add change in there as well. I guess technically it is possible to avoid change, but without change there is no evolution. No growth. No possibility. Yes, it can be scary sometimes, but it is crucial to our development as human beings and our energy systems. Sometimes we are searching for a change and feel blocked and unable to shift into the new. This happens when our spirits are ready to go, but our physical self may not be on board. Emotions, beliefs and sometimes actual physical ailments may prevent us from noticing or accessing the energetic opportunities that surround us. To make sure that you are achieving your potential for a flowing, changing and shifting energy system, here are some steps you can take: 1. Develop a regular check-in meditation or moment in your day. We often forget to just talk to ourselves or better yet listen to ourselves. You are incredibly intuitive whether you know it or not. The moment you stop listening to your own needs and wants, you disconnect yourself from your own natural ability to receive answers for yourself. Even if it is only for one minute,
Natures Pathways | December 2012

2. Remember that it is okay to let go. I dont think I could ever talk

find time each day to check in with yourself. How am I doing?

about grounding enough. Without letting energy go, there is no room to fill up with the fabulous energies around us. Release and let go. Grounding or letting go doesnt mean that you forget experiences or difficult situations. When you ground, you are letting go of the emotional charge and mental stress those situations create. Remember the moments, let go of the rest. 3. Replenish your energy now that there is room. Imagine yourself connected to, well, you. The true you. The you without all the stress, drama and issues that the physical you faces. The you that is pure and ready for anything that comes your way. This is the real you. What do you really look like, sound like, feel like? Who are you really? Once you connect to this part of yourself, you will feel that change is a natural process that isnt to be feared or searched for. You will flow into the new opportunities with ease. Have fun experimenting, and come visit The Chakra House at our new location to see how we are dealing with our change by checking in, grounding and replenishing.
Tina Bensman, a Madison-based intuitive counselor and energy healer, is a lifelong student of the paranormal. She had her first clairvoyant vision at a young age and continues to see and hear energy. Tina is trained in clairvoyant reading and many modalities of energy healing, but through professional training she was disappointed in the methods many schools used to devalue everyones natural gifts. Tina started The Chakra House to teach how natural and easy it is to work with energy. She believes that everyone has natural psychic gifts and can access their abilities if they realized their potential.

mutterings of an old mason continued from page 26

time to roast, make soup and pull out your best family reCipes continued from page 29

Always show respect for tradespeople. Were not beneath

take his shoes off. If you do, you are not a fit person to work for.

you, were the foundation. Many craftsmen choose a vocation because its their passion; its not a last resort. We are very good at what we do because we love what we do intensely. I have often thought how much better I could be at this if I could only continue at it for a thousand years. If your mate builds a fire and smokes the house out, tell them how much you love the smell of smoke. If your mate makes the worst batch of cookies youve ever had in your life, eat them with scotch. Everything goes better with scotch! Tolerate the youth, but embrace the old, because the old have stood the test of time and the youth have had no time to test. If you would rather be young and sad than old and happy, you will be neither, you will just be pitied. Be comfortable with the one you love, and love the one youre comfortable with.

only seasonal food that kept you going after a long day working tremendously hard on the farm. What is most important is that they were whole foods, not processed; foods that the body could easily use. One popular comfort food is lentil soup. There couldnt be a more healthy choice. Beans are a terrific source of protein, help lower blood sugar and are not a refined food. There are so many choices, such as chickpeas, lentils, cannellini, black beans, pinto beans and many more that make delicious dishes that are low-fat and sustaining. It is time to get cooking and make the most of falls abundance. It is time to roast, make soup and pull out your favorite family holiday recipes. Visit your local grower or organic market and select the best. My philosophy is, I would rather find and prepare an oddly shaped rutabaga with wiggly roots and colors that range from purple to yellow than a box or plastic bag of food any time! Start by selecting one item you have never cooked before and enjoy the adventure.
Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Caf in Spring Green, Wis. She will create this special holiday feel at her annual German Christmas Market the first Friday in December (12/7) with homemade brats, spaetzle, mulled wine, hot chocolate and her employees even dress in authentic dirndls! For more information, visit or call 608.628.1001. Some of her cooking inspiration comes from these books, which you might also want to read: Well Seasoned Appetite by Molly ONeil; Roots, The Definitive Compendium by Diane Morgan; Bean by Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon; Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen.

These arent words of wisdom; these are random mutterings of an old mason. I would love to continue, but I have to go find my lost shaker of salt. Ernest.
Ernest Bingham owns Fireplace Folks at Great American Chimney & Masonry, 1902 S. Stoughton Road, Madison. For more information, call 608.221.4415 or toll free 888.84FOLKS. Visit their Web site at

Were Moving! Join Us For Our


Massage | Facials Energy Work & Reiki


Yoga | Zumba | Piloxing Yamuna Body Rolling

Check out our website for a schedule these of complimentary classes

Check out our website for more details on these half-off services

664 W. Washington Ave., Madison | 608-237-6128 | December 2012 | Natures Pathways



love the East Coast. And you can give me great seafood at any time of the day! A friend of mine and I ventured out to try a great neighborhood and local favorite, Joeys Seafood and Grill for lunch. The dcor has a fun, nautical theme, including large pictures that make it seem as though youve ventured to Boston or Maine. We visited with one of the owners, Erin, who showed us some healthy, gluten-free lunch items. Any of Joeys menu items can be made to accommodate a healthier lifestyle; for example, food allergies, low-calorie, gluten-free, low-sodium or any dietary restrictions. Joeys has many great nightly specials, including happy hour and dinner. The kids menu is very kid-friendly, where not everything is fried or made from a box, so the little ones can eat healthy at Joeys as well! We started our meal with a shrimp cocktail that was poached, chilled and very delicious; then we shared a Ahi Tuna Salad. The

tuna steak was perfectly prepared and grilled to rare. A couple of tasty surprises were the Cucumber-Wasabi dressing and the fried ginger garnishes. We then shared the Cedar Plank Salmon, which was baked on a cedar plank, and very moist and fresh. Many of the chutneys and salsas at Joeys are homemade. This dish had an avocado and orange salsa that was super flavorful due to the fresh lime and sarano pepper. The salmon was paired with wild rice and sauted vegetables. We felt that we ate a healthy meal, and even though we felt full, theres always room for dessert, right? In our visit with Erin, we found that she makes her carrot cake from scratch. It was to die for! Extremely moist, with a sprinkling of nuts inside, and the cream cheese frosting was buttery and sweet. This is a dessert favorite of many of the regulars that frequent Joeys. Joeys makes it a point to embrace the community as well. The restaurant works with many local purveyors and organizations. Joeys recently hosted an event to benefit DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services). Joeys is locally owned and operated by Erin and Keith Stoesz since 2005. Theyre open 7 days a week and offer great specials each night. Id highly recommend checking them out soon!

JOeyS SeAfOOd & grill

6604 Mineral Point Rd., Madison 608.829.0093 Sun-Wed 11am-9pm Thu-Sat 11am-10pm


Natures Pathways | December 2012

Tai Chi then and now ............................................

By Doug Brown

hang had been walking since dawn, returning to his village carrying sealed messages and a package of great value. Hot and exhausted, pushing himself to make the last few miles before the setting sun left him in darkness, Chang was so tired he almost didnt hear the footfalls rushing toward him from behind. He turned just in time to catch a blur of movement in the corner of his eye and see the fist rocketing towards his face. In an instant, time slowed to a crawl. His right wrist flew up to join with the arriving strike, his body loosened and rotated as his position shifted to accommodate the force of the robbers attack. Blending with the strike, turning it aside and following the incoming power as it passed by, Chang entered into the flow, just as he had practiced ten thousand times . . . . Mary was getting frantic. The deadline was approaching and she couldnt afford to miss it. Her fingers flew over the keyboard, her usual precision and control lost to the nervous energy, and the tension in her hunched shoulders and aching neck getting worse with every typo. This isnt working. Ill never make it, her inner critic heckled. She looked at the clock . . . and stopped. Mary got up from her desk, took a few steps, shook out her arms and legs, and began turning from side to side, letting her arms swing in wide relaxed arcs. After a bit, the swinging subsided and Mary stood motionless. One deep breath . . . then another . . . let go of the shoulders . . . let go of the neck pain . . . relax. The tension and fear began to drain away. Her arms slowly raised and lowered, her body loosened and her weight shifted as she turned effortlessly, this way and that. In a few minutes, Mary would return to work refreshed and focused. Her deadline would be met to the best of her ability. But first she would find her inner calm, strength and confidence, revealed and restored by the graceful movements shed practiced a thousand times. Theres no magic pill! Franks doctor tells him. Health is

something you practice. You wont find it in a bottle at the drug store. So every morning Frank creaks out of bed to begin his routine. In silence and stillness, he checks in with his senses, feeling the earth beneath his feet, the space surrounding his skin and the pulsing life within. His attention alone helps his breathing deepen as he remembers to relax. Gentle motions soften and warm his muscles and soon his joints begin to move with more ease. Every morning and evening, day after day, Frank practices and feels his body being nurtured, his balance improving, his legs strengthening. Somehow his routine challenges him even as it makes him feel better. He knows hell never perfect it, but there is joy in trying. There were some days, or even weeks, when he forgot to do his routine, but then he noticed that he didnt feel quite as well. And so, he practices, a few minutes every morning and every evening . . . . Chang, Mary and Frank are all doing Tai Chi, using the skills theyve developed through mindful, graceful movement practice to fend off attack, stress or illness. Surprisingly, though, each of their challenges is different, the basic techniques they use are the same! This is because at its core, Tai Chi simply teaches us to follow nature, to notice whats really going on and to join in that flow. The Tai Chi form movements, done with awareness, train the mindbody as one, and naturally bring us back to an integrated way of being. We function better and experience life more fully! With time and practice we discover the nurturing, strengthening mindbody awareness that lies within each of us. From that perhaps we begin to understand the possibility of true inner calm and soft power that the Tai Chi classics describe: Be still as a mountain, Move like a great river.
Doug Brown is the director of the Tai Chi Center of Madison, founded in 1974 and one of the oldest Tai Chi schools in the United States. It offers classes for health for adults of all ages. For more information, visit
December 2012 | Natures Pathways


Tension and Trauma releasing exercises (Tre) ......................................................................

By Jacy sundlie
RE provides the opportunity for all people to heal from their traumatic and stressful experiences. As a self-help method, people in remote or destitute areas of the world can now guide themselves through their own healing process. These exercises are safe, are easily learned, have immediate effects, are a natural deterrent to PTSD, can be self applied and can be integrated into a simple daily routine to help speed up healing. It is not uncommon in many cultures to hear phrases such as: I was so frightened my jaw was quivering. I was shaking all over my body and I couldnt calm down. When I was giving that speech, my legs were really shaking. My hands were shaking so bad I couldnt hold anything. I was so angry I shook all over. The experience of trembling is not only commonplace in our culture, but also is a common experience to many mammalian species. This familiar, albeit disconcerting, experience is known as neurogenic tremors. It is well-known and documented that neurogenic tremors are a common result of a traumatic event. TREs are a revolutionary new technique in trauma healing and stress reduction. The exercises were created by Dr. David Berceli ( and consist of a series of simple

Benefits include: Better sleep Easily learned Reduced muscle and back pain Greater emotional resiliency Reduced symptoms of PTSD

release rebalance renew


Jacy Sundlie, TRE Level III Trainer 970-948-5154

exercises designed to evoke neurogenic tremors in a sustained manner in order to release a specific pattern of deep chronic tension from the center of gravity of the body (S3) protected by the psoas muscles. When neurogenic tremors are evoked at this powerful center of the body, where the protective organismic contraction began, the shaking reverberates throughout the entire body traveling along the spine releasing deep chronic tension from the sacrum to the cranium. Recent research and literature on the effects of tremors in humans after a traumatic episode is corroborating the same evidence previously reported in animal research. Neurogenic tremors in humans, much the same as the instinctual tremors in animals, is the natural response of a shocked or disrupted nervous system attempting to restore the neuro-physiologic homeostasis of the body (Feldman, 2004; van der Kolk, & van der Hart, 1991). According to researchers, this restorative mechanism allows the organism to thaw out or release itself from the freeze response in the human, just as it does in the animal species (Feldman, 2004; Heller & Heller, 1977; Scaer, 2001b). Levine (2002) proposes that the key to healing traumatic symptoms in humans lies in our ability to mirror the fluid adaptation of wild animals as they shake out and pass through the immobility response and become fully mobile and functional again. Helplessness is a universal state for people overwhelmed by traumatic stress. Gaining control of their symptoms, their body and their life is an essential part of the healing process. Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) are powerful tools to achieve this. I have personally used David Bercelis TRE and have taught them to friends and patients with remarkable results. Robert Scaer, MD, author of the Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) are a route to healing that I have not experienced from any other modality. I have been a physician, a psychiatrist and a Gestalt specialist for
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Natures Pathways | December 2012

The importance of sunshine/ vitamin d ......................................................................

By marcia k. simler, cnHP
our skin produces vitamin D in response to the suns UVB rays, which actually have a number of health effects. New evidence presented in the April-June issue of DermatoEndocrinology confirms that exposure to the sun in appropriate and measured timeframes has a number of health benefits besides taking vitamin D. Getting enough healthy sunshine or vitamin D enhances your mood and energy through the release of endorphins, and treats skin diseases, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and scleroderma. UV radiation also enhances skin barrier functions. Sunshine induces nitric oxide (NO), which helps protect your skin against UV damage, also offers cardiovascular protection, promotes wound healing through its antimicrobial effect and has some anti-cancer activity. Getting a little sunshine each day protects against and suppresses symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), and also relieves fibromyalgia pain. Regulation through the third eye of the pineal gland

getting a little sunshine each day protects against and suppresses symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), and also relieves fibromyalgia pain.

photoreceptors need sun to manufacture melatonin. Sunshine was a standard treatment for tuberculosis 100 years ago, long before antibiotics were used. A common saying years ago was, an hour a day of sunshine keeps the blues away! So it is great in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Exposure to sunlight synchronizes important biorhythms by entering your eye and striking your retina. Use sunglasses only when the glare of the sun is dangerous, as in driving or on the water. Sun exposure regulates body temperature, can be used to sterilize your armpits and eliminates the cause of most body odor, along with being effective in treating T-cell lymphoma. In the last ten years or so, everyone has been misinformed about totally covering up their skin with chemical poisons because of fearful ads saying sunshine is harmful. Yes, you should be aware of overexposing your skin to midday sun, but go out gradually in the spring and
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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired??

Holistic Clinic and Spa Saliva Test Diet Plans Blood Type Diets
Verona/Madison Clinic 201 E. Verona Ave. Verona,WI 53593 608-848-8378 877-753-1689 Monroe Office W4745 Blumer Rd. Monroe,WI 53566 608-325-3209 800-753-1689

We have solutions through customized nutritional and testing programs.

Appointments are available for Kinesiology to find out deficiencies you have. Saliva Testing (for people of all ages or animals) is also available to those of you that cannot come to the clinics.
We are a Holistic Natural Health Care Clinic & Natural Spa. We use herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids & natural foods that our Creator put on this Earth to use.



Verona/Madison Clinic 201 E. Verona Ave. Verona,WI 53593 608-848-8378 877-753-1689 Monroe Office W4745 Blumer Rd. Monroe,WI 53566 608-325-3209 800-753-1689

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luegreen Organix is a Minnesota company that brings a wide variety of organic and all-natural products to the online marketplace. Their goal is to deliver to the customer the widest selection possible of organic and all-natural products while offering affordable rates. Their complete organic product line includes meat, coffee, cheese, dessert, seafood, body care products and nutritional supplements. All of these products are certified organic. The folks at Bluegreen Organix believe in the farming heritage of the Midwest. They believe in small acreage farms and are dedicated to bringing top-quality products from farms that are maintained with a sense of pride and tradition, with a genuine concern for the animals and land. They frequently visit the farms and know each farmer. Bluegreen Organix goes to great lengths to not only meet, but exceed government inspection and management requirements. Consuming certified organic food the Bluegreen Organix way makes it possible for smaller acreage farms not only to survive but to thrive. You can purchase directly from their website ( at the retail level or take advantage of their membership programs. Bluegreen Organix offers two different options for customers to purchase products from their online store at discounts from the retail price. You will receive 20% off with the free membership or 40% off with the platinum membership, which also offers other discounts and memberships with several of the companys interesting affiliates. Their website explains the options in detail and walks you through the easy registration process. You can visit their facebook page to get information and see current specials and other details about the products. There are no synthetic growth-promoters, hormones, antibiotics or GMO supplements in any of the products. The company has visited the farms and has gotten to know the farmers and their commitment to sustainable farming. The meat products carry the Heavenly Farms label and the USDA Certified Organic label. The USDA regulations prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers, various synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic production. They prohibit antibiotic and synthetic
Natures Pathways | December 2012

hormone use in organic meat and poultry, and require 100% organic feed for organic livestock. The beef cattle are 100% grass fed on mineral-rich pastures, from local farms located in the Midwest. Meat is aged 21-28 days to the peak of perfection, cut and vacuum sealed under USDA inspection. The company says the wow factor pretty much describes how people react to the mouth-watering flavor of the grass fed beef. To create specially crafted smoked sausages from hand-selected USDA Certified Organic ingredients, Bluegreen Organix tapped the talents of award-winning Chef Bill Neimer. Chef Neimers delicious sausages are ready for enjoyment straight off the grill or as part of your favorite recipe. These sausages and hot dogs contain no nitrates or nitrites and are chemical and antibiotic-free. USDA Certified Organic poultry from Heavenly Farms are Minnesota-raised from a select network of organic farmers who strongly believe in raising chickens as nature intended. Freely roaming with access to fresh air and sunshine, along with vegetarian organic feed, are the basic essentials, without growth hormones or antibiotics in their free-range environment. The Manzili African Organic Body Care and Shea Butter Body Care products offered by Bluegreen Organix provide a solution for consumers trying to eliminate chemicals and toxins from their daily lives. The company says the name Manzili (meaning: Sent by God) best describes all the black soap and shea butter products. They offer African black soap and shea butter; hand soap, body soap, shampoos, lip balm, shea butter balm and shaving cream. The company info tells us shea butter is a superfood for your skin and hair, but that is not all it can do for you, because it also works on wrinkles, fine lines and scars, repairing by deeply moisturizing and strengthening your skin while offering UV protection. You will want to subscribe to the The Organic Times, the official newsletter of Bluegreen Organix. The newsletter has information about products, articles on the companys affiliates, recipes and events the company will be attending. Like them on Facebook at, see their website at or call 952.443.3099.


tension and trauma releasing exerCises (tre) continued from page 34

tHe importanCe of sunsHine/vitamin d continued from page 35

35 years. I am now teaching TRE to all my clients as a healing modality. Melanie Salmon, MD, psychiatrist UK RSA To have access to releasing trauma without having my clients relive or re-experience trauma events is very exciting. TRE is the most rewarding work that I have become involved in working with clients.Carol Swanson, PhD While I was present and emotionally aware during my TRE session, my true aha moment did not fully land until about three-quarters of the way into the session. My general emotional response to the exercises had been one of laughter and an increasing sense of lightness in my body. But then something magical happened. I realized that Ive been living my life with a critical disconnect between my emotional mind and my physical body. It was as if a sort of ceremony was being both created and experienced simultaneously by these two disparate aspects of me. I was experiencing recognition of an aliveness that is innate within my physical body and allowing it, with gratitude and compassion, an opportunity to fully express itself without any mental censoring. I experienced my physical bodys natural intelligence . Stacey P.
Jacy Sundlie is one of five TRE trainers in the United States and currently lives in Madison. She takes private clients and teaches the exercises and conducts workshops in the area. For more information on TRE and Dr. David Berceli, please visit or contact Jacy at trepromotions@ or 970.948.5154.

get a base tan. Use natural sunscreen only without chemicals that seep into your skin or a D3 light or natural light suntan bed for winter exposure. Taking D3 supplements is a must in the northern climates, when shorter days are in the winter. Vitamin D influences an estimated ten percent of all the genes in our body. One study showed that two out of five children admitted to the study centers pediatric hospital ward were deficient in the vitamin D (below 20ng/ml) and had more severe illness on admission. Many critically ill children were found to have a very low level of vitamin D. Seventy percent of children or teenagers in a study associated with longer ICU stays and more severe illnesses were due to a lack of sunshine or vitamin D. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, about 70 percent of Americans, and up to one billion people worldwide, have insufficient levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D and sun exposures largest influence is absorbing calcium into your bones. Stop by Natural Health Works to see which level of vitamin D is recommended for you. Check out sungazing 30 minutes before sunset and after sunrise.
Marcia K. Simler, CNHP (certified natural health practitioner), owns Natural Health Works Holistic Clinic and Natural Spa with offices in Verona and Monroe. She is a certified kinesiologist. Visit her website at The Monroe office is located at W4745 Blumer Rd. Phone numbers for the Monroe office are 800.753.1689 or 608.325.3209. The Verona office is located at 201 E. Verona Ave. Call 608.848.8378 or 877.753.1689. Natural Health Works offers therapeutic massages, hot-rock massages, emotional release massages, detoxing foot baths, hand baths and more.


Natures Pathways n. Your

resource to share information of health, wellness & sustainability with a natural perspective.

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Jane gains greater sense of empowerment from an intuitive session ............................................................

Michaela and grandson, Hugh.

trusted colleague of mine said, You should try it, it was amazing! It was an intuitive session with Michaela Torcaso, owner of whitedoor, llc (formerly known as TIBIA IntuAction Institute). I had no idea what to expect, so I went with an open mind. The moment I walked into whitedoor I experienced an instant calming effect. The session room felt like I was in somebodys living room. I sat in a comfy chair and was instantly at ease with Michaela. She started explaining what an intuitive session is by saying it can look different for everyone. Its designed to be a safe space for introspection where suffering has a unique opportunity to disappear in the presence of an experienced intuitive. Michaela closed her eyes and told me she was feeling the presence of a female with a grandmotherly energy. Michaela said that when I was about three or four years old, my grandmother was comforting me about a loss that I experienced, but she wasnt sure what that was. I couldnt remember anything, but Michaela said that this loss was blocking energy. As we talked more, Michaela helped me to realize that even though my grandmother had passed away 28 years ago, she could still be a strong influencer in my life and could help me through everyday challenges. Now that made sense to me. I have found that when I would just stop and ask, Grandma, what should I do? or How did you make that special recipe? the answers would come to me. Michaela helped me realize that I did know what to do, she simply reminded me. She said, Trust your gut; and if needed, ask your grandmother for assistance.
Natures Pathways | December 2012

its [an intuitive session] designed to be a safe space for introspection where suffering has a unique opportunity to disappear in the presence of an experienced intuitive.

What I learned is that Michaela says she doesnt have a special gift; everyone has intuitive skills and we just need to learn how to listen and use them. At whitedoor, Michaela offers a 525-hour intuitive training program. Because students receive sessions throughout the program, graduates know from the inside out the transformational potential of the sessions they have learned to facilitate and the dynamics of creating that experience for others. If you want to dip your toes in the water and test it out, there are intuitive sessions offered through the intuitive student clinic (first session is free). The 16-hour foundation workshop is also a great place to experience what is possible. For more information, contact whitedoor at 608.238.7328. You might be wondering, do I feel differently after my session? Well, yes, I do feel a sense of empowerment that I had lost and I continue to ask my grandmother for guidance. Michaela shared with me that sometimes it takes awhile to see or feel a difference. There is something to this, and I am going to sit down with Michaela again next month. Stay tuned for part two!

6225 University Avenue, Suite 208 Madison 608.238.7328

whitedoor, llc


Saturday, Dec. 1 9 a.m.-5 p.m. oasis day spa gift Certificate sale stop by Oasis day spa for a 20% discount on all your holiday gift cards and receive a complimentary hand paraffin. Oasis day spa is located in princeton Club West, 8016 Watts rd., madison. For more information, or for a list of the services Oasis day spa offers, call 608.828.9470 or visit Every 1st Sunday 6-7 p.m. introduction to reiki with susan shinn Learn all the basic information: what it is, and is not, a brief history, how and why it works, and answers for your questions. then stay for reiki sharing and try it for yourself. Believe Gallery, 155 W. main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. 1st and 3rd Sundays 7:15 p.m.-9 p.m. reiki sharing hosted by susan shinn Get an energy boost from local practitioners and enthusiasts while enjoying warmth of fellowship with like-minded people. everyone is welcome, whether youre familiar with reiki, or just want to try it. Believe Gallery, 155 W. main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. Friday, Dec. 7 5-9 p.m. driftless depot 2nd annual german Christmas market serving locally made bratwurst, homemade spaetzle, mulled wine, hot chocolate traditional German & Italian baked goods Beautiful local and handmade ornaments Glowing fire in the patio Live music driftless depot is located at 140 s. Winsted st. in spring Green. Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 8 & 9 9-5 p.m. grand opening relocation Celebration! with the Chakra House the Chakra House Wellness studio has moved! We are now located at 664 West Washington ave., on the corner of West Washington and regent street. Come celebrate our move and expansion with Free classes and discounted therapeutic appointments. Saturday, Dec. 8 9:00 a.m. - Hatha Yoga 10:30 a.m. - Zumba 12:00 p.m. - piloxing 1:30 p.m. - Yamuna Body rolling 3:00 p.m. - Vinyasa Flow Yoga 9 a.m.-5 p.m. - 1/2 off facials & peels Sunday, Dec. 9 9:00 a.m. - Vinyasa Flow Yoga 10:30 a.m. - Yamuna Body rolling 12:00 p.m. - piloxing 1:30 p.m. - Zumba 3:00 p.m. - Hatha Yoga 9 a.m.-5 p.m. - 1/2 off 30 min. massage 9 a.m.-5 p.m. - 1/2 off facials & peels space is very limited. please pre-register online to guarantee your spot! the Chakra House, 664 W. Washington ave., madison, 608.237.6128, Saturday, Dec. 8 10 a.m.-5 p.m. tre (tension and trauma releasing exercises) 1-day Workshop Have a stress free holiday! Learn six simple exercises that rid the body of stress. tre releases deep chronic stress and trauma held in the body from the sacrum to the cranium. Learn the different types of stress and how stress impacts the anatomy of the body Learn the neurology and psychology of stress and trauma Learn the exercises and feel the immediate effects Benefits include: Feeling a sense of calmness and relaxation similar to receiving a massage easily learned Better sleep self-help and self-empowering You will receive a tre booklet with the exercises so you can continue doing them after the workshop. the event will be held at the Center for Conscious Living, 849 e. Washington ave, suite 118, madison. Cost: $125.00. to register, contact Jacy sundlie at or call 970.948.5154. Jacy is one of only 5 trainers of tre in the U.s. this workshop can count toward day 1 of tre certification. Sunday, Dec. 9 12:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. & Saturday, Dec. 15 12:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. systema - russian martial art with Wes manko systema, russian martial art is a self-defense used by the russian special Forces. It focuses on injury prevention, energy redirection, take downs, strikes, ground defenses, and weapon disarms. these classes are for people of all backgrounds. more info at Fee: $30. Contact if you have questions or wish to sign up. Held at mimosa Books and Gifts, 260 W. Gilman st. madison. Sunday, Dec. 9 6-7 p.m. aura reading with jeremy anacker Come for an introduction to auras, where information leads to personal insight. sensing the context of transformation begins with really knowing yourself as energy and seeing that this is at the heart of your whole life experience. also get some great energy work strategies that will help to change you and your whole life. (note: reiki sharing follows this event at 7:15.) to sign up or learn more, call Jeremy at 608.334.1763 or email By donation. Held at mimosa Books and Gifts, 260 W. Gilman st. madison. Every 3rd Sunday 6-7 p.m. energy exploration with susan shinn each month well discuss and try some exercises or activities from a different topic or teacher in the world of energy work and energy healing. possible topics include chakras, labyrinths, color therapy, tapping, mindfulness, affirmations and thoughtforms, visualization, earthing, dousing, and more. Keep your energy high by staying for reiki sharing immediately afterwards. Believe Gallery, 155 W. main st., stoughton, 608.873.3909. suggested donation $10. Friday, Dec. 21 7-9 p.m. Winter solstice Celebration with Christina Wilke-burbach Celebrate the circle of the sun and beginning of a new age! Use the powerful energies of the Winter solstice to enter a higher state of consciousness through trance dance, a shamanic and ritual experience combining movement, breathwork, music, and drumming. mimosa Books and Gifts, 260 W. Gilman st. madison. $25. space is limited to 20 participants! registration required by dec 18, 2012. For more info, please visit www. or contact Christina WilkeBurbach/mind, soul and self at 608.393.7353,
December 2012 | Natures Pathways

advertiser direCtory

Absolutely Art .......................................................... 42 Be Well Cooking....................................................... 43 BodyFit Solutions ..................................................... 19 Community Pharmacy.............................................. 19 Creating a Peaceful World ....................................... 24 Driftless Depot & 43/90 North Earth..............................29 Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy .............. 20 Goin Lupi ................................................................ 24 Great American Chimney & Masonry....................... 26 Great Basin Indoor Air ............................................. 11 Group Health Cooperative of SCW ............................ 5 Harmony Metaphysical .............................................. 5 Mimosa Books & Gifts ............................................. 37 Natural Health Works .............................................. 35 Natural Stress & Trauma Release ............................. 34 Peaceful Heart Gifts & Books ................................... 20 Ronald McDonald House Charities .......................... 42 Rustic Kitchen ............................................................ 9 Sabamba Alpaca Ranch ............................................. 9 Sacred Rhythms ....................................................... 16 Shapeshifter Solutions ............................................. 18 Specialized Cleaning Services .................................. 42 Tabby & Jacks Pet Supplies ..................................... 12 Tai Chi Center of Madison ....................................... 32 Terry Naturally/EuroPharma ..................................... 44 The Chakra House .................................................... 31 The Erb Group .......................................................... 13 The Intuitive Realtor/Healer ..................................... 37 TIBIA .......................................................................... 2 Walnut Grove Chiropractic....................................... 11 WELL Expo ................................................................. 3 Willy Street Co-op .................................................... 15 Wuz Fat ...................................................................... 5




Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

books & gifts

mimosa books & gifts 260 West Gilman St., Madison 608.256.5432 at mimosa we are dedicated to embracing the global diversity of wisdom and belief. mimosa is one of state streets most unique stores featuring spiritual and metaphysical items from many different cultures and traditions. mimosa also has an upstairs activity room, where a variety of classes, workshops, and other events help create a space for like-minded people to gather and share ideas, be inspired and move their lives in a more positive, productive direction. peaceful Heart 123 South Main St., Oregon 608.835.5288 peaceful Heart strives to offer products and services that promote and enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We have many tools available in the form of books, Cds, classes, events and speakers to assist in understanding what our emotional needs are as individuals. We also have a wide selection of unique, fun and uplifting gifts including jewelry, music, scarves, crystals and angel cards.

dietary supplements
assurance blood Health support 800.414.8624 dr. arun Chatterji has created a dietary supplement to be used as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal range. the product, assurance Blood Health support requires only one third the normal dosage compared to other brands on the market, due to its unique less is more property. recent cellular research at Kings College London has shown assurance Blood Health support to be up to 400% more active than leading Gymnema sylvestre-based products.

HealtH & Wellness

Heidis Healing House Heidi Kelley Verona 608.575.4183 Heidis Healing Houses main focus is working with the energy of her clients and their environments. she raises their vibrations to allow manifestation of abundance, joy and love into their lives. she offers a variety of services including energy healing, soul coaching, space clearing, etc. she educates her clients on ways they can heal themselves at home. there are many articles and testimonials on her Web site/ desire is to assist individuals, to turn their lives and their homes into sanctuaries, to create sacred spaces and to be a blessing to others. Once a month, she holds a meetUp Group at her Keller Williams office, Living the Law of attraction, mind, Body & spirit. this is a group open to the public that is bringing like-minded people together. sacred rhythms llC Tasha Bynum 608.271.2278 We provide personalized care for each of our clients with acupuncture, therapeutic massage, energy healing and organic skincare. Our philosophy is to aid our clients in their healthcare goals while at the same time empowering them with health tips and education so that they are in control of their health.

blue sky school of professional massage and therapeutic bodywork 2005 West Beltline Highway, Suite 201, Madison 608.270.5245 Blue sky strives to inspire and challenge our students as they become professional massage therapists. We integrate community outreach, holistic practices and wellness into our massage therapy program. We have full- and part-time options. Financial aid available for those who qualify. Open houses year round! touch the lives of others and become a massage therapist! Call today!

ClotHing & lodging

sabamba alpaca ranch and bed & breakfast 2338 Hickory Rd., De Pere 920.371.0003 experience mother natures superior insulation alpaca fiber! Its soft as cashmere, warmer than wool and doesnt itch. Our farm store features everything alpaca: socks, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, capes, long-johns, sweaters, toys, yarn, ponchos and more! spend the weekend at our bed and breakfast, do your holiday shopping and visit with our charming alpacas.

basics Cooperative 1711 Lodge Dr., Janesville 608.754.3925 Basics Cooperative is a full-service natural and organic grocery store owned by our customers and open to the public. Our goal is to provide high-quality natural, organic and locally sourced foods and supplements to our community at affordable prices. We are dedicated to providing valuable information and healthy choices. eat Well, do Good!

HolistiC psyCHotHerapy
global association of Holistic psychotherapy Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC Holistic Psychotherapist Madison 877.346.1167 Global association of Holistic psychotherapy (GaHp) is for therapists, coaches and healers who work holistically with your clients (or want to). GaHp is here to support you to build a thriving, successful holistic practice! to get your Free Holistic practice Building Kit visit the GaHp Web site:




Natures Pathways | December 2012

massage tHerapy
blue sky school of professional massage and therapeutic bodywork 2005 West Beltline Highway, Suite 201, Madison 608.270.5245 Blue skys massage clinic is a teaching facility. massages are performed by students who have not yet graduated but have completed the educational requirements to enter student clinic. a great opportunity for our students to complete state required massage hours while offering professional quality massages at a discount to the public! make an appointment today!

naturopatHy & nutrition

Harmony acres spa & retreat Center Dr. Karen Brown 5940 E. Rotamer Rd., Milton 920.728.3385 Harmony acres spa & retreat Center is a holistic wellness center. dr. Karen Brown, a licensed naturopathic physician and registered pharmacist, teaches cooking classes using the special Carbohydrate, Gaps & paleo philosophies. essential oil classes are taught monthly. she and her husband are professional members of ICrt, teaching reiki classes of all levels. Karen is also a facilitator of access Bars. private and couple sessions for both reiki & access Bars are available.

urban farming
goin lupi 5121 Loruth Terrace, Madison 608.274.1674 somewhere between doin nothing and huggin trees, regular folks are goinlupi! Using humor to educate and empower everyday people, Farmer tina is a public speaker, trainer, community builder, motivator and (very) eccentric urban farmer. summer and early fall, she sells gourmet tomatoes, peppers, garlic and herbs at local farmers markets.

variCose vein treatment

vena the varicose vein institute N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd., Ste. 201, Waukesha 262.349.9371 did you know that treatment for varicose vein disease may be covered by your insurance? Bruce Cardone, md, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease. He is extremely qualified to help you if you have leg pain, discomfort and/or unsightly veins. If you are unsure if your leg pain is from varicose veins, come in and let us take a look. If varicose veins are the culprit, Vena can get you on the road to healthy, happy legs. Call us today for your free consultation.

massage / intuitive serviCes & training

tibia, inc. 6225 University Ave., Madison 608.238.7378 tIBIa, Inc. (transformation ~ Intuition ~ Bodywork ~ In action) includes a massaGe sCHOOL that specializes in energy healing and intuitive bodywork, the IntUaCtIOn InstItUte, which provides training in intuitive listening and facilitation, and a HeaLInG Center that offers massage, transformational bodywork and intuitive sessions. Our nonprofit, CreatInG a peaCeFUL WOrLd, brings these healing gifts to those in need, empowering them to generate peace in themselves, their relationships and their way of living in the world.

personal empoWerment
shapeshifter solutions 4193 Morris Park Rd., McFarland, WI 53558 608.345.3556 dakota Windancer has founded, and leads selfempowerment circles throughout Wisconsin. He is an artist, poet, writer, and national awardwinning flutist and dancer. dakota has been mentored by sparrow Hart, founder of Circles of air and Circles of stone, and dr. robert moore, who is a Jungian psychoanalyst, and professor of psychology and religion at Chicago theological seminary and C. G. Jung Institute in Chicago, Illinois. dakota has completed shadow Work Basic and advanced Facilitation coursework along with extensive study and facilitation through wisdom through interpreting dreams. dakota describes himself as a modern mystic who is an avid student of Jungian psychology and well read, but the most valuable training has come from his own personal experiences, one of which lead to being healed of diabetes when conventional methods had failed to help him.

Wellness studio
the Chakra House yoga studio & boutique 664 W. Washington Ave., Madison 608.237.6128 the Chakra House is a space to become balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually and to validate your innate abilities, whether you know you have them or not. every studio class, service or workshop incorporates the instructors abilities with your own so eventually you will trust that you can balance yourself. Join us for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Zumba, psychic development courses, workshops or just visit our boutique.

natural HealtH praCtitioners

natural Health Works Verona/Madison Clinic 201 E. Verona Ave., Verona 608.848.8378 Monroe Clinic W4745 Blumer Rd., Monroe 608.325.3209 We are a holistic natural health care clinic and spa. We use herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and natural foods. appointments are available for kinesiology to find your imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. We check over 80 points and suggest the natural way to heal. We specialize in essential oils and Bach flower remedies for stress & emotional balancing, eating for your blood type diet and sell wheat-free and natural foods.

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Madisons Community-Based Art Gallery

2322 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI

Nic V. from Monona, WI (608) 249-9100

Specialized Cleaning Services

Clean air is only a phone call away.
Just $17797
for up to 12 vents with this coupon. Includes cleaning of main trunk lines. $71 savings. Additional vents $15 each.
Expires 12/31/12. Restrictions apply. Ask for details.

Because Healing Happens Together

Here are some ways to get involved:
HOLD a non-perishable food drive to stock our pantries. DONATE an item from our Wish List. COLLECT and donate pop tabs from aluminum cans. ORGANIZE a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. REMEMBER the Ronald McDonald House in your will. Visit our website for more information.

WE WILL help eliminate mold, bacteria and improve the air quality in your home by deep cleaning & vacuuming your air duct system

Prevent Possible Fire! A $89 Savings!


with Purchase of Air Duct Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning only! $89 with this coupon
Expires 12/31/12. Restrictions apply. Ask for details.

608-441-5687 or Toll Free: 800-680-0333

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1993

Come join the community at, where we are committed to helping you become healthier, happier and more active through information and education. Our goal is to motivate, inspire and guide you to a healthier lifestyle by providing:
Delicious, easy-to-make recipes Informative blogs by our expert and guest experts Forums to connect and share your successes and struggles with others Education and Nutrition information for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Celiac, Crohns and MORE
all completely FREE! So if you want to lose weight, minimize your need for medications, eat to increase your bodys immunities, shop smarter, cook healthier, become more active or even teach your family how to Be Well we have the answers and the expertise!

We feature stand-alone categories such as:

Be Well: Weight Loss Be Well: Diabetes Be Well: Kids Be Well: Celiac Be Well: Crohns Be Well: Heart Disease was created just for you to Be Well and Live Well!
OUR MISSION: To educate, connect, support, inspire and assist you on your very own personal wellness journey!