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Our special dispersal system with essential oils maximizes the body's ability to absorb these nutrient rich healing herbs from around the world. Our Luxbelle Spa has been designed to give optimal results to users without the negative effects of using extreme heat.
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11912 Flin St Suite 105 0m,tha, NE 68144

Sally Rogers
913.707.1505 Kansas Regional Marketing Director

Far-infrared ceramic thermal conductor: where components of spa synergistically provide relaxing and rejuvenating experience 5 layers maintain optimal temperature Ceramic Loess balls benefits have been seen for ages in Asian communities, allowing for deeper penetration of infrared wave which facilitates blood circulation

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Our Luxbelle Spa combines steam, use of herbal remedies and deep penetrating far infrared technology, bringing thousands of years of natural healing to you!

All our essential oil herbs are manufactured by I-LTC, Group and a certified 100% pure.

I- ItC group

Our Natural Essential Oils bring a wide range of benefits to our customers.

Our intention is to bring quality oils that work with our Spa system to benefit your health, wellness and quality of life.

We hayed developed and continue to develop both natural and wellness products that are purified. We use only all natural materials.

1-Ito group
soothes digestion, liver support, mental acuity, improves taste & smell centers


User friendly! Arrives fully assembled. Plugs into standard 110 outlet. Fits in any room. Self-Cleaning

general feeling of well being, reduce fatigue & anxiety, revitalize your skin

strong antibacterial / anti-viral propertiesreleases Phytoncide, which supports immune system function. Has been shown to increase 'natural killer' cell production and activity; NK cells have been known to be the first line of defense in the immune system's ability to fight disease.

providing relief to respiratory problems & congestion, increase blood flow, relaxes sore muscles, supports healing

stabilizes headache,burns,psoriasis, skin problems, stress and depression

Z:41 The Luxbelle Spa increases blood supply to all areas of the body, especially the When I was diagnosed with skin and extremities. It will help unload fibromyalgia and Sjogren's Syndrome the burden of the liver, which helps four years ago, I was determined to people have a higher level of wellmanage it with the least amount of being. This particular unit has an medicine possible. The Luxbelle Spa additional healing value to the has helped me tremendously, especially session. An essential oil will be diffused when battling fatigue and migraine into the air around your body, which is headaches. The Luxbelle Spa was the more readily absorbed. I have never seen missing puzzle piece in managing my another unit like it! You can feel overall health, and has been the best immediate benefits from using the investment in myself. Kerri G.I Wife. Luxbelle Spa. I highly recommend it. Dr. Mother of 3 busy kids Patricia Ryan, MD I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for introducing me to the Luxbelle Spa. Three years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and as a result of the diabetes I developed neuropathy in my feet. Using the deep penetrating far-infrared heat along with the essential oil detoxification as well as the increased circulation, I have begun to regain feeling in the soles of my f7t. I believe that with regular treatments of heat and essential oils using the Luxbelle Spa, I can restore a good portion of feeling in my feet. Tim W. 913.707.1505

Having just returned from a 40 mile bicycle ride, I am writing from my Luxbelle Spa that promotes total body wellness. The spa has calmed my arthritic shoulder, as well as piriformis syndrone where muscles would stay fired up for weeks. My bunions are going away, my skin is noticeably softer, and my joint pain has improved. I love my Luxbelle Spa - a drug free, proactive, preventive maintenance therapy. Do not hesitate to try it right away! Pat M.

No Water used. No Plumbing needed.

I am a physician who has been in practice about 20 years. I have studied mainstream medicine as well as functional medicine. I have recommended infrared sauna to my patients for many reasons. The use of 1.11 heat as a healing tool is very ancient.