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Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus I/O Transmitters, Isolators, Splitters Limit Alarms / Computation I/O Modules
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Acromag is a customer-driven manu- For your convenience, Acromag provides
reduce your costs. full product documentation and pricing
facturer focused on developing process
automation I/O products that provide information on our website. You can
the best long term value in the industry. obtain quotes or even place your order
Compare and you’ll find that Acromag directly on our website.
products offer an unmatched balance of Fast Delivery from Stock
price, performance, and features. Most products can be shipped within
60+ Years of I/O Experience 24 hours of receiving your order.
Acromag has more than 60 years of Special Services
measurement and control experience. We are happy to accommodate your
Since 1957, we have delivered nearly a special requirements and offer the
million units to thousands of customers following services:
around the globe for manufacturing, • custom product development
power, environmental, transportation, • custom calibration
and military applications. • source inspections, quality audits
Top Quality and a 2-Year Warranty • special shipping, documentation
We take every measure to guarantee you • protective humiseal coating
dependable operation and products that • plastic and stainless steel tagging
perform at or beyond their specifications. Certification and Approvals
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and Many Acromag products carry globally
military-grade components add an extra recognized agency approvals and safety
degree of ruggedness. Most products certifications.
qualify for an extended 2-year warranty. • CE • Ethernet conformance
And with ISO 9001/AS9100 certified • UL, cUL • Modbus conformance
quality control, you get full confidence. • ATEX • Profibus certification
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Acromag, Incorporated ■ 30765 South Wixom Road ■ Wixom, Michigan 48393 ■ USA

– 2 –
Industrial Input/Output Solutions

Voltage AC/DC
Amplify Filter Isolate
DC Voltage
Current AC/DC
DC Current
Convert Scale Split Relay
RTD / Resistance
Solid-State Switch
Thermistor Suppress Trip
Surges Alarm Pulse Width
Strain / Load Cell Modulation
Pot / Slidewire Display / Readout
Math /
Integrate Totalize
Discrete Sensors Compute

Modbus -to-


Ethernet I/O Modbus I/O Transmitters Isolators / Splitters / Isolators

Profibus I/O I/O Modules Limit Alarms Computation /Alarms

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– 3 –
Signal Interfacing Solutions





s •



ol ation & Transm


l Is

op C


Is • Recorders • Lo

& Actu
ators • Field I
N et
s & HM







te l
rfa na
rs •

ts •
ce Sig







How Acromag I/O Is Used Controller Interface
Acromag I/O is ideal for a broad range of monitoring • PLCs, PACs, controllers
and control operations where controllers communicate • DCS distributed control systems
with instrumentation on the plant floor or in the field. • PCs, embedded computers, SCADA systems
• Operator interface terminals and remote terminal units
Acromag Advantages
• Wide operating temperature ranges (up to -40 to 85C°). Continuous Sensors
• High resistance to RFI, EMI, surges, electrical transients. • Temperature • Pressure
• High-voltage isolation and built-in surge suppression. • Flow • Level
• Easy to use and maintain. • Speed • Weight / load
• High channel density to save space. • Position • Drives
• Large inventory of stock items for same day shipping. Discrete Sensors and Switches
• Special designs and custom services available. • Dry contacts • PNP, NPN
• 2-year warranty available at no extra cost • Solid-state • Proximity
• AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified quality management • Valves • Lights, horns
Operation in All Locations Actuators and Analytical Instruments
• Safe zones and hazardous locations (Zone 2). • Drives, motors • Power supplies
• Explosion-proof locations (Zone 1). • Heaters, coolers • Valves, positioners
• Approvals from CE, UL/cUL, FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx. • Displays, indicators • Recorders, analyzers

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 4 –
Industries Served
Raw Materials Factory
Processing Automation
These industries rely on Acromag Fast response times, high reliability,
process instruments for accurate and proven compatibility with
and repeatable measurements from control networks make Acromag I/O
sensor signals. popular for use on assembly lines.
■ Chemical, petrochemical ■ Food, beverage, pharmaceutical
■ Metal, glass, ceramic ■ Automotive, electronic assembly
■ Pulp, paper, textile ■ Building automation, HVAC

Oil, Gas, and OEM Machine

Mining Control
Built for operation in extreme High channel density plus shock and
environments, Acromag I/O reliably vibration immunity help machine
interfaces sensors to actuators and builders add more I/O to monitor
controllers. and control their equipment.
■ Exploration, extraction ■ Semiconductor, lithography
■ Production ■ Boilers, furnaces, generators
■ Distribution ■ Test stands, industrial machinery

Power Defense, Security,

Generation and Aerospace
Able to resist noise and surges from Acromag I/O finds a home in many
high-voltage electrical sources, military and security systems due
Acromag I/O delivers dependable to their ability to operate over wide
data to plant control systems. temperature ranges.
■ Fossil fuels, hydroelectric, nuclear ■ Simulators and trainers
■ Solar, wind, geothermal ■ Ground / airborne / naval controls
■ Fuel cells, batteries ■ Surveillance systems

Water / Research and

Wastewater Development
Offering outstanding value and easy When high-resolution and high-
installation, Acromag I/O is the first accuracy measurements are
choice of many municipalities to required, Acromag I/O ensures
help manage their water systems. precise data collection.
■ Municipal ■ Test and measurement systems
■ Industrial ■ Data acquisition systems
■ Desalinization ■ Scientific research
■ Irrigation ■ Quality control/assurance

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 5 –
Network I/O & Data Acquisition

BusWorks® XT Series Peer-to-Peer

High-performance, space-saving remote, Communication
analog and discrete I/O modules - with Xtra Many Acromag I/O modules have i2o
Technology - for Ethernet networks. Any technology for “input-to-output”
■ Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP/IP, and Media peer-to-peer over Ethernet.
i2o peer-to-peer communication ■ Automatically transmits analog or discrete
Easy PC/Windows configuration via USB I/O information between modules ■

BusWorksXT ■ Wire-saver, mux/de-mux, splitter tasks

■ Redundant and bussed DC power

BusWorks® 900 Series Isolated I/O Modules
A series of dependable, yet economical, Ethernet-enabled panel mounted signal
remote analog and discrete I/O modules conditioners with BusWorks or EtherStax I/O.
for Ethernet or RS485 networks.
■ Connect uB backpanels to Acromag
■ Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, i2o peer-  Ethernet I/O with DB25 cable
to-peer, Modbus-RTU, and Profibus-DP
■ Over 170 low-cost, high-isolation models
■ Up to 1500V AC isolation per channel
BusWorks900 ■ Easy configuration using Internet browser
 or Windows software
Software Tools
■ OPC, .NET, ActiveX, Visual Basic/C++
EtherStax ES2000 Series
■ Function libraries with C source code
High-density I/O blocks designed for high- ■ Compatible with Windows, Linux,
reliability operation in Ethernet networks.
 VxWorks, QNX, OS-9, and other OSs
■ Modbus TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and i2o peer-to-
software-tools  peer communication
EtherStax Ethernet Switches
■ Up to 96 channels of discrete or analog ■ Unmanaged
 I/O in a vertically-stackable unit with a
 small footprint ■ Gigabit fiber

■ Fast scan rates (below 1 millisecond) ■ 10/100/1000 Rj45

■ Redundant power and communication ■ up to 8 ports

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 6 –
Signal Conditioning Solutions

DT230/330 Series SP230/330 Series

A high-performance line of programmable A high-performance line of signal splitters /
dual-channel transmitters. duplicators offering precise scaling of I/O ranges.
■ Easy configuration via USB with Windows ■ Easy configuration via USB with Windows
 software or Agility App™ for Android  software or Agility App for Android
■ Wide variety of input, output, and power ■ Wide variety of input, output, and power
 configurations  configurations

TT230/330 Series ST130 Series

A high-performance line of thin transmitters Low-cost, miniature head-mount (DIN Form
and isolators offering great flexibility. B) transmitters that deliver outstanding
accuracy, linearity and stability.
■ Easy configuration via USB with Windows
 software or Agility App for Android ■ Easy PC/Windows configuration via USB
■ Wide variety of input, output, and power ■ Inputs: temperature, voltage, ohmic
 configurations ■ Output: 4-20mA DC (sink)
600T Series
microBlox® Series
Select from a broad line of isolators,
High-performance solution for interfacing
splitters, and transmitters.
sensors and field devices with data
■ Auto-configuration and self-ranging acquisition systems.
models for easy setup ■ Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled ■ Wide variety of input, output, and power ■ User-configurable I/O ranges
■ Alarm and input polling/trending
IntelliPack® 800 Series microBlox capabilities
Intelligent, programmable series of
transmitters, math modules, and alarms. Accessories and Services
■ Panel meters, power supplies
■ PC configuration, push-button adjust
■ Mounting and wiring accessories
■ Wide variety of input, output, and power  configurations ■ Coatings, tags, certificates, drawings

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 7 –
Transmitters: DT230/330 Series

DT230/330 Series Dual-Channel Programmable Transmitters

2-Wire and 4-Wire Software-configurable
Acromag's DT Series transmitters are designed to offer a
Models Available
cost-effective space-saving solution to interface a variety
of process and sensor signals to your control systems. Each DT230 Series 7-32V DC Loop/Local Power
model supports several input ranges and can output a Universal thermocouple or ±100mV input,
proportional 0/4-20mA, 0-10V, or +/-10V DC signals. 4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
RTD (Pt, Ni, Cu), 0-4500 ohm input,
DT230/330 Advantages DT235
4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
■ USB-programmable (allows easy selection of options DC current and low voltage input,
  that is not possible with pots or jumpers) 4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
■ Dual unit saves space and reduces costs Multi-range ±1V, ±5V, or ±10V input,
4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
■ Signal splitter capability
Multi-range ±15V, ±75V, or ±150V input,
Selectable filtering levels DT238
■ 4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
■ Configurable output clamp levels (NAMUR) DT330 Series 6-32V DC External Power

Removable, front-facing terminal blocks Universal thermocouple or ±100mV input,

(simplify your wiring tasks) 0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
RTD (Pt, Ni, Cu), 0-4500 ohm input,
■ Rail power bus and redundancy DT335
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
■ Supports sink/source wiring DC current and low voltage input,
■ -40 to 70°C operation 0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
Multi-range ±1V, ±5V, or ±10V input,
■ CE compliant. UL/cUL Class I Division 2 and IECEx DT337
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
 ATEX Zone 2 approvals pending.
Multi-range ±15, ±75, or ±150V input,
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
DT230 Series DT330 Series
mA, V, IN 1 OUT 1 4-20mA mA, V,
IN 1
mA, V, mA, V,
mV, TC, RTD IN 2 OUT 2 4-20mA mV, TC, RTD IN 2

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 8 –
Signal Splitters: SP230/330 Series

SP230/330 Series Signal Splitters

2-Wire and 4-Wire Software-configurable
Acromag’s SP230/330 series of isolated signal splitters /
Models Available
duplicators are designed for easier installation and setup.
Eight models, covering a broad range of sensor signals, SP230 Series 7-32V DC Loop/Local Power
provide dual 4-20mA outputs proportional to a single Universal thermocouple or ±100mV input,
current, voltage or temperature input. A USB connection 4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
to a Windows® PC or Android® device enables simple, DC current and low voltage input,
precise configuration of I/O ranges and a variety of 4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
operational settings with free software. Multi-range ±1V, ±5V, or ±10V input,
4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
SP220/230 Splitter Advantages
Multi-range ±15V, ±75V, or ±150V input,
■ Easy configuration via USB with Windows® software SP238
4-20mA outputs (sink/source)
 or Agility™ app for Android®.
SP330 Series 6-32V DC External Power
■ Input scales independently at each output.
Universal thermocouple or ±100mV input,
■ User-selectable filtering (none, low, med, high). 0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs

User-configurable output range clamp levels support DC current and low voltage input,
■ SP336
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
  NAMUR-compliant operation.
Multi-range ±1V, ±5V, or ±10V input,
■ High accuracy, linearity, stability, and reliability. SP337
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
■ Shock (25g) and vibration (4g) resistant. Multi-range ±15, ±75, or ±150V input,
0-20mA, ±10V or 0-10V outputs
■ CE compliant. UL/cUL Class I Division 2 and IECEx
  ATEX Zone 2 approvals.

SP230 Series SP330 Series

4-20mA OUT V OR mA
mA, V, OUT 1 mA, V,

OUT 2 4-20mA

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 9 –
Innovative Signal Conditioning

MicroBlox® Series Featuring Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

User-configurable & Fixed I/O Range Models Available
Acromag’s microBlox® uB Series I/O modules offer a
Input Modules
compact, high-performance solution for interfacing
sensors and field devices with data acquisition systems. uB30/uB40 ±10mV to ±100mV input, 0-5V or ±5V output
uB signal conditioning modules are ideal to isolate, filter, uB31/uB41 ±1V to ±60V input, 0-5V or ±5V output
convert and amplify a wide variety of signal types for test,
measurement, and control systems. Just plug uB modules uB32 0-20mA or 4-20mA DC input, 0-5V or ±5V output
into 4, 8, or 16-channel backpanels in any mix for a high- uB34/uB35 RTD input, 0-5V or ±5V output
density analog I/O interface. Channel-to-channel isolation
uB37/47 Thermocouple input, 0-5V or ±5V output
provides optimal noise and surge protection from ground
loops, spikes, and high common mode voltages. 2-wire transmitter (0-20mA) input,
0-5V or ±5V output
microBlox I/O Modules Advantages
uB45 0-50KHz input, 0-5V or ±5V output
■ Selection of 175 I/O modules with Bluetooth® wireless Output Modules
 technology capability, fixed-range, and cost-saving 0-20mA or 4-20mA DC field output,
 commercial grade versions. uB39
±5V host input
■ User-configurable I/O ranges with smartphone or tablet. uB49 0-10V or ±10V field output, ±10V host input
■ Input polling with trend charts in Android® or iOS® app. Backpanels
uB04/uB04D 4 channel uB backpanel, surface or DIN-rail mount
■ Alarm output function with setpoint and deadband.
uB08/uB08D 8 channel uB backpanel, panel or DIN-rail mount
■ 1500V AC isolation field-to-host and
channel-to-channel. uB16/uB16D 16 channel uB backpanel, panel or DIN-rail mount

■ Up to 0.05% accuracy and 130db CMR. Power Options

uBDC1 5V DC power module, 10-32V DC supply input
■ Shock and vibration-resistant without screws.

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 10 –
Innovative Signal Conditioning

MicroBlox® Series Splitter and Combination Transmitter/Alarms

microBlox® Transmitting Alarms
microBlox® Transmitting Alarms Selection Guide
The uBTA carriers are used with Acromag’s microBlox® signal
conditioning modules to create powerful alarms that also
provide a voltage/current transmitter output. The plug-in uBTA-H-1MR Single transmitter/alarm in housing; mechanical or
modules offer the convenience of wireless field programming uBTA-H-1SR solid-state relays.
on a smartphone or tablet. uBTX-H-1 Single transmitter in housing.
The microBlox uB modules offer a space saving solution for uBTA-P-1MR Single transmitter/alarm, panel mount; mechanical
uBTA-P-1SR or solid-state relays.
isolating, monitoring, and converting sensor signals to interface
with your data acquisition or control system. By inserting a uBTA-P-2MR Dual transmitter/alarm, panel mount; mechanical or
uB input module into a single or dual channel carrier, you get uBTA-P-2SR solid-state relays.
a device with both alarm and transmitter capabilities. With a Dual tandem analog current and voltage outputs
broad selection of uB input modules, you can monitor many signal splitter
different signal types by simply interchanging modules on Modules: Plug-In Analog Field Input Modules
the carrier. uB30-B DC millivolt input, 5Hz bandwidth (uB30-B) or
uB40-B 1kHz bandwidth (uB40-B); Configurable ±100mV.
microBlox® Transmitting Alarms Advantages
uB31-B DC voltage input, 4Hz bandwidth (uB31-B) or
■ Single/dual alarms with two independent mechanical or
uB41-B 1kHz bandwidth (uB41-B); Configurable ±1- ±60V.
  solid-state relays, up to 5A switching.
uB32-B DC current input (uB32-B); optional 2-wire loop
■ Transmitter output with 4-20mA and 0-5V signal ranges. uB42-B excitation (uB42-B) ; Configurable 0-20mA.
■ Interchangeable input modules for measuring a wide variety uB34-B Pt RTD input; 2 or 3-wire (uB34-B) or 4-wire
 of signal types. uB35-B (uB35-B); Configurable 0-600°C.
■ Easy configuration using Bluetooth® wireless technology. uB37-B Thermocouple input, non-linearized (uB37-B) or
uB47-B linearized (uB47B); Configurable Type J,K,T,R,S.
■ Rugged design for use in harsh environments.
Input Input Input
High-Alarm Low-Alarm

Deadband Deadband


Time Time Time

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 11 –
Signal Conditioning: microBlox® Series
Key Features & Benefits

Alarm Function Wireless Configuration

Wireless (-B) models Easily set I/O scaling and alarms or
support alarm poll inputs using Bluetooth® wireless
setpoint/deadband technology with a smartphone or tablet
control to drive 0 or using Acromag's Android™ or iOS® app.
5V output.
Flexible Power Mix-and-Match Modules
5V power modules 175 modules support a wide variety
enables use of of input and output signal types.
10-32V supplies.

Easy, Secure Mounting

Clip holds module tightly without
screws for fast insertion/removal.

Analog Bus Port

DB25 cable simplifies
connection to DAQ systems.

Rugged, Over-molded Circuit High-Density Analog I/O

Superior shock, vibration, moisture, and Up to 16 channels in a compact
dust protection. footprint.

High-performance User-Programmable I/O Ranges

High-accuracy / high noise immunity. Models with Bluetooth® wireless technology
allow custom input and output ranges.

to 80˚C

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 12 –
Signal Conditioners: Agility™ APP
Acromag Agility™ Config Tool Mobile Application
The Agility™ Config tool is a mobile
application that allows easy setup and
configuration of Acromag SP Series splitters,
DT Series and TT Series transmitters and
microBlox® Series I/O modules using a mobile
phone or tablet.
To run the application in demo mode, without
a connection to a device, simply tap the icon
with the triangles in the upper left eight times.

DT / SP / TT Series­ microBlox® Series­ Key Features & Benefits

■ Connects to microBlox® uB Series I/O
 modules via Bluetooth wireless
 technology to an Android or iOS
■ Connects DT & TT Series transmitters
and SP Series splitters to Android™
devices via USB on-the-go cable.
■ View wiring diagrams, even without
an internet connection.
■ Perform quick and easy field
diagnostics and troubleshooting.
■ Ideal for field technicians.
■ View, log, and share field data.

With a couple of taps, quickly configure input, output, unit and scaling options.

Quick and easy access to the wiring diagram, even offline without internet access.

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 13 –
Product Series Selection Guide
Network and
Inputs Outputs Network Protocol
Data Acquisition
Ethernet I/O Modules

Up to 16 channels/module; Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP,

BusWorks® XT Series Analog (current, voltage), discrete
analog (current, voltage), discrete Profinet, i2o peer-to-peer

Up to 16 channels/module; analog
Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP,
BusWorks® 900EN Series (TC, RTD, current, voltage), Analog (current, voltage), discrete
i2o peer-to-peer
microBlox® uB cable interface, discrete

Up to 96 channels/module; analog Modbus TCP/IP, UDP/IP,

Etherstax® ES2000 Series Analog (current, voltage), discrete
(current, voltage), discrete i2o peer-to-peer

RS-485 I/O Modules

Up to 12 channels/module; analog
BusWorks® 900MB Series Analog (current, voltage), discrete Modbus-RTU
(TC, RTD, current, voltage), discrete

Up to 12 channels/module; analog Profibus-DP

BusWorks® 900PB Series Analog (current, voltage), discrete
(TC, RTD, current, voltage), discrete

Data Acquisition Modules

Millivolt, voltage, current, RTD,

Bluetooth wireless technology
microBlox® uB Series thermocouple, frequency Voltage, 0-20mA or 4-20mA DC
enabled - Agility™ Mobile App
& high-speed/wideband

Signal Conditioners Inputs Outputs Power

Signal Isolators
2/3-wire; 12-32V DC
TT230 Series (TT236) Single-channel; 4-20mA 4-20mA universal sink/source
(output loop power)

TT330 Series (TT336) Single-channel; 4-20mA 4-20mA source 4-wire; 12-32V DC

4-wire; 15-36V, 125V DC;

630T Series (631T, 632T) Single/dual-channel; 4-20mA 4-20mA source
90-250V AC

2-wire; 12-36V DC
650T Series (651T, 652T) Single/dual-channel; 4-20mA 4-20mA sink
(output loop power)

670T Series Single/dual/quad-channel; 4-20mA 4-20mA source 2-wire; input loop power

Signal Splitters

Thermocouple; millivolt; current; Dual output; 2-wire; 7-32V DC

SP230 Series
voltage 4-20mA sink/source (output loop/local power)
Thermocouple; millivolt; current; Dual output; 0-20mA, 4-wire; 6-32V DC
SP330 Series
voltage ±10V or 0-10V (external power)
Millivolt, voltage, current, RTD, 6-32V DC
uBSP Series Dual output, 4-20mA, voltage
thermocouple (external power)
4-wire; 15-36V, 125V DC;
630T Series (633T) Single input; 4-20mA Dual output; 4-20mA source
90-250V AC
2-wire; 12-36V DC
650T Series (653T) Single input; 4-20mA Dual output; 4-20mA sink
(output loop power)

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 14 –
Product Series Selection Guide
Signal Conditioners Inputs Outputs Power

Signal Transmitters and Converters

Dual-channel; current, voltage,

DT230 Series 4-20mA universal sink/source 2-Wire, 7-32V DC loop power
thermocouple, RTD, resistance

Dual-channel; current, voltage, Scalable ±10V, 0-10V,

DT330 Series 4-Wire, 6-32V DC external power
thermocouple, RTD, resistance ±20mA, 0-20mA source

Single-channel; thermocouple, 2-wire; 9-32V DC

ST130 Series 4-20mA sink
RTD, resistance, millivolt (output loop power)

Single-channel; current, voltage,

2/3-wire; 12-32V DC
TT230 Series thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, 4-20mA universal sink/source
(output loop power)
resistance, potentiometer, frequency

Single-channel; current, voltage,

Scalable ±10V, 0-10V,
TT330 Series thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, 4-wire; 12-32V DC
±20mA, 0-20mA source
resistance, potentiometer, frequency

Single-channel; current, voltage,

uBTX microBlox® Series 0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V 6-32V DC SELV
thermocouple, RTD, frequency

610T Series Single/dual-channel; current, voltage Scalable 0-10V, 0-20mA source 4-wire; 10-36V DC

2-wire; 12-50V DC
650T Series (654T) Dual-channel; current, voltage 4-20mA sink
(output loop power)

Single/dual-channel; thermocouple, 2-wire; 12-50V DC

650T Series (655T, 656T) 4-20mA sink
millivolt (output loop power)
2-wire; 12-50V DC
650T Series (657T, 658T) Single/dual-channel; RTD, resistance 4-20mA sink
(output loop power)

Single/dual-channel; current, RTD,

thermocouple, resistance, Scalable 0-10V, 0-20mA source,
800T IntelliPack® Series 4-wire; 10-36V DC
voltage, frequency/pulse, alarm relay
strain gage (bridge), load cell

Limit Alarms

Millivolt, voltage, current, RTD, Single/dual SPST/SPDT 1A/5A relays,

uBTA microBlox® Series 6-32V DC SELV
thermocouple 0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V

Single/dual-channel; current, voltage,

800A IntelliPack® Series Single DPDT or dual SPDT 5A relays 4-wire; 10-36V DC
thermocouple, RTD, resistance

2/3/4-wire; input loop-powered

260A / 361A / 461A Single/dual SPDT 2A or
Single-channel; current, voltage (4-20mA); 10-36V DC;
Flat Pack Series 5A alarm relays
115/230V AC


Single output; 0-20mA source,

IntelliPack® (892M, 894M) Dual/quad input; current, voltage 4-wire; 10-36V DC

IntelliPack® (895M, 896M) Single/dual-channel; current, voltage Frequency, pulse, pwm, alarm relay 4-wire; 10-36V DC

877-214-6267 ■ ■ Acromag Inc

– 15 –

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