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Embassy to Process OEC 2

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Volume 2 Issue 3 January 2009

by Edward Castro

I taewon, Seoul – “The renegotiation of labor agreement

between the Republic of the Philippines (RP) and
Republic of Korea (ROK) on Employment Permit System
(EPS) interceded amid worsening global financial crisis
continues to stir South Korea's manufacturing sector,” said
Labor Attaché Delmer R. Cruz during a consultation meet-
ing with different Filipino community leaders last January
18 at the Philippine embassy in Seoul.
However, several terms and provisions under the labor
pact are differed. The Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) which was supposed to be signed agreeably by
both the RP and ROK negotiating teams last January 8
and 9 in Manila has been postponed for another second
round meeting on March this year. “After long discussions,
large part of the labor deal is non-inconclusive and there-
fore the MOU remains status quo,” Cruz added.
Reiterating on issues that are differed during the renegotia- Photo by Dondave Jabay
tion, Cruz said that there were disagreements on labor Labatt Cruz (center-right) fresh from Philippines, explains the MOU status to FEWA, HRWOFC, and AFC representatives
basics relating to the Stand Labor Contract (SLC), so as to during the consultation meeting at the Phil. Embassy building in Itaewon, Seoul.
permit the signing of a new MOU.
Labatt Cruz requested SULYAPINOY not to disclose be given labor basic standards. “Walang bitawan,” he
Under the new agreement however, the cost of the Korean too many details on what caused the postponement for assured.
language test would be reduced from $30 to $17 in ex- strategic and diplomatic purposes. Nonetheless, he
change for charging the cost of food and accommodations assured that the RP government will remain firm in its Negotiators for the RP side will be in Korea between
to the workers. position in making sure that OFW's here in Korea shall March to April, and Cruz said he expects (turn to page 2)

by Edward Castro
Preservation, which organized the day, aims to recog-
nize, foster and promote the development of arts for a by Alden Balgos
multicultural Korea, by encouraging the participation of
local artists and migrant communities in an environ-
ment which respects tradition and encourages cross-
S outh Korea – The
Ministry of Labor
thru its website con-
cultural dialogue and innovation. firmed that the issuance
of E-9 working visa for
The Philippines was well represented by Filipino
new applicants under
women married to Koreans and their children with their
own rendition of 어머나 (Oh Dear!), a famous Korean
Employment Permit System (EPS) is temporarily sus-
pended by the Korean government starting December
folk song. All dressed in red suited for the holidays last year as the number of EPS workers arriving in
seasons, the group received applause and cheer from Korea for the period of March 2008 to February 2009
the crowd. have already reached the annual quota of 72,000.
Photo by Felix Ferrer Other international delegates also showcased their The MOL further confirmed that E-9 visa issuance will
(2nd from left) Mr. Park Jin, chairman of the National Assembly culture and pageantry thru dance and colorful cos- resume February of this year once the new quota for
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee tastes the Filipino tumes. Delegations from Indonesia presented their each sending countries is set considering the overall
food inside Philippine booth during the Multicultural Festival Food Fair. traditional Gambuh belly dance, the Flamenco dance labor market conditions, but added that the new quota is

H yehwadong, Seoul – Around 2,000 Koreans and

delegates from different countries including Fili-
pino-Korean families attended the Jongno-gu Multicul-
of Spain, Hawaii hula dance, while Korean representa-
tives performed traditional Korean folk songs called
unlikely to be increased due to the ongoing shrinking job
market in Korea in effect of the worsening global econ-
omy and the government's priority in creating more jobs
tural Festival at Tongsong High School Grand Hall last for Koreans.
December 28, 2008. Entertainment was also provided by local artists such
as Kim Hyeon-jung, Zion, Park Hyeon-bin, and groups “The reason for exceeding the annual quota early was
The Jongno-gu Daemyeonggeori Tradition Culture such as Mighty Mouth, CAN, (turn to page 2) due to an increased number of EPS workers who re-
newed their contract with their current employers in
addition to the incoming new applicants,” the MOL
by Dondave Jabay More so, the MOL also planned to allocate workers who
want to change their workplace to the companies in
I taewon, Seoul – “This year, we expect more reports
of job displacements especially for Filipino workers
under the Employment Permit System (EPS) here in
Community (HRWOFC), and Ansan Filipino Commu-
nity (AFC) representatives.
need to prevent manpower shortage and at the same
time in support to the growing number of EPS workers
asking relocation due to series of company shutdowns
Korea due to the ongoing deepening economic downturn “Our office has officially received a total of 74 displace- in the aftermath of the sluggish economy.
which may result to recession,” said Labor Attaché ment incidents since we announced our displacement
Delmer R. Cruz of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office monitoring drive as mandated by the Department of On the other hand, Dondave Jabay, the new chief editor
(POLO) during the MOU update meeting last Jan. 18 Labor and Employment (DOLE) last December but we of SULYAPINOY newsletter, reminded the Filipino EPS
attended by Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA), are aware that this number does not reflect the actual workers not to immediately believe any unconfirmed
Human Rights Welfare Organization for Filipino number of incidents as there (turn to page 2) reports or hearsays in response to (turn to page 2)
SULYAPINOY is accepting cash donation for its monthly printing expenses. You may deposit them @ Account #: 049702 04 058587 / Account Name: Sofonias N. Paragsa / Bank: KB or Kookmin Bank
Phil. Embassy to Process OEC Pinay Reported Missing
by Rebenson Recaña by Amie Sison

I taewon, Seoul – A Philippine Embassy official

announced recently that vacationing OFW's, includ-
ing rehires, can now process their Overseas Employ-
More so, Welfare Officer Pat Cobarrubias explained
the basic procedure for OEC application. “For vaca-
tioning OFWs, they only need to present their pass-
H yehwadong, Seoul –
The Hyehwadong
Filipino Catholic Community
ment Certificates (OEC) at the Philippine Embassy in port, visa, and a copy of their labor contract approved (HFCC) announced the church-
Seoul starting February this year. by the Ministry of Labor of Korea in order to avail the goers during the holy mass
OEC while for rehires; a copy of Reemployment Cer- celebration last January 11 at
The OEC, also known as Balik Manggagawa, is a clear- tificate is needed instead of labor contract. An E- Saint Benedict Parish Church
ance issued by POEA to OFWs who leave from the Receipt is also issued along with the said certificate asking for public's help in find-
Philippines for employment purposes. upon processing,” Cobarrubias said ing the reported missing
Photo of Amelia Aquino
ROK to Hire Non-native English Teachers in 2009 Amelia Aquino, between 35~40 years old is from Planas,
by Amie Sison Porac Pampanga. She was reported to have left the
Also, earlier reports states that Philippine Ambassador Philippines to work in South Korea 18 years ago. Since
S eoul, South Korea – The Ministry of Education,
Science and Technology and the Ministry of Justice
announced recently that the Korean government will
Luis T. Cruz had met with Commissioner Choo Kyu-ho
of the Korean Immigration office to endorse the Fili-
1995, she has not made any further contact with her
open opportunities for non-native English speakers for pino English teachers to be given equal chance for the
ESL (English as Secondary Language) teaching jobs, said opportunity. In addition, Sem. Fredy Permentilla, MSP of HFCC said
both primary and secondary levels this year. that anyone who knows Amelia's whereabouts may call
Non-native teachers however are required to hold a Nestor Sarmiento at 010-4695 7022 or HFCC office at
However, only foreigners whose countries have trade Bachelor of Arts degree or above in English studies (02) 765-0871.
agreements with Korea can apply for the position. These and have acquired teaching licenses from their re-
include India, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. spective countries.
POLO Expects More…
Pinoys in Ansan Launch ‘Adopt a Piggy Bank’ were still many unreported similar cases,” LabAtt Cruz
by Billy Vela
Labatt Cruz further said that referring from the official
A nsan City, Gyeonggi-do – The Ansan Filipino
Community (AFC) under the guidance of Galilea
Migrant Workers Pastoral Center (GMWPC) launched
“The launching has succeeded to distribute 200 small
piggy banks to Filipino churchgoers. Once the piggy
bank is full, they can offer it during the holy mass or
data they got from the Ministry of Labor; it forecasted at
around 450 to 500 more displacement cases every
month starting January to June this year based on
another fundraising project “Adopt a Piggy Bank: Coin hand it over to any AFC volunteers or give it to probability assessment.
for a Cause” to financially support migrant workers who GMWPC directly,” Castro added.
suffered from employer’s maltreatment, unpaid wages, On the other hand, Labatt Cruz also shared some
unclaimed benefits, and other work related abuses on On the other hand, Belle Ariola, 25, a regular church- counter measures that the Philippine and Korean
Dec. 14 during the Sunday Mass at Wongok Parish. goer also expressed her commitment to support the governments are currently implementing. “The two
said project. “Sayang naman kasi yung mga coins, governments are now implementing the so called
Also, the project served as a gesture of thanking the kesa ma-ipon lang at hindi mapakinabangan ay ihuhu- Returnee Support Program which prioritized the repatri-
GMWPC for its 11 years of providing unabated and log ko na lang para makatulong din ako sa Galilea ated OFWs to be employed in any Korean owned
genuine services to migrant workers particularly the kahit papaano,” she shared. companies in the Philippines.
Filipinos working in Ansan.
More so, the fundraising campaign continued to gain Also, the Philippine government recently launched a
AFC President Kathlia De Castro encouraged the more support for many Filipinos are asking for more National Integration Program which provides repatriated
churchgoers to support the said project. “Literally, coins piggy banks in addition to what they have previously OFWs with profiling, counseling and free training
are little and considerably worthless but as we collect filled in. And, as of January 4 this year, the project has services such as training for livelihood projects, CUM
hem all together will mean a lot for Galilea,” Castro said. already raised more than 100,000 won. business, and re-tooling upgrading. They can also avail
a non-collateralized loan for business investment,”
KASAMMA-KO Celebrates 10th Anniversary Labatt Cruz elaborated.
by Sofonias Paragsa
Pinoy-Korean Families…
Garry Martinez, chairperson of the Migrante Interna-
C hung-gu, Seoul – With its theme “Raise high our
unity and resistance on a decade long struggle,”
the Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Manga-
tional and guest speaker of the celebration, encour-
aged the association and participants to heighten the
Namolla Family, Rumble Fish, Typhoon, Tree Bicycle,
and Wink.
gawa sa Korea (KASAMMA-KO) celebrated its 10th level of organizational consciousness and act on
organizational matters that will promote stronger unity More so, the festival booth spread along the sidewalks
Anniversary last Jan. 26 at PROK Seoul Jeil Church.
and solidarity among migrant workers. outside the hall which turned into a look-alike market-
Members from KASAMMA-KO affiliating organizations place where various cultural groups such as Vietnam,
such as Bicol Association, New Era Foundation, Federa- Also, Jones Galang, missionary worker from UCCP China, Cambodia, and the Philippines are distributing
tion of Filipino Workers in Korea, Quezon Association in and Pol Par, current KASAMMA-KO chairperson information and selling their native delicacies, arts and
Korea, Association of Filipino Migrant Workers in respectively shared the association’s history and crafts.
Kwangju Korea, Agumang Kapampangan, and Seoul annual performance. More so, series of reports from
member organizations, cultural presentations and The multi-culture folk concert was also brought in coop-
Migrant Association together with the invited guests and eration with Seoul Metropolitan Administration, Jongno-
visitors attended the celebration. worship service completed the whole day event.
gu City Officials, and BBS FM.
RP-ROK EPS MOU Remains… The renegotiation of the MOU stipulates that the tie
forged between Philippines and South Korea will fur-
the renewal of the EPS deal between the two countries ther improve and foster bilateral actions of cooperation E-9 Visa Issuance for New…
will be finalized and signed soon after. that aims to strengthen and refine labor policies and the ongoing rumors about E-9 visa suspension. “There
diplomatic relations between the two country despite were rumors spreading that the said suspension of E-9
In addition, POEA's Overseas Employment Outlook for global financial upheaval unfolded.
2009 states that more than 30,000 Filipino workers here visa also affecting EPS workers scheduled to be rehired. I
in Korea, mostly under the Small and Medium-Size even received several calls and queries in our SULYAPI-
Prior to renegotiation, the Philippine Overseas Labor NOY forum website from different workers expressing their
Enterprises (SMEs), are expected to continue to suffer Office (POLO) headed by LAbatt Cruz conducted
setbacks or may even face forced repatriation or non- concerns with fears that they cannot be rehired anymore,”
series of consultations with various community leaders Jabay said.
renewal of labor contracts due to the financial situation
on problems and issues confronting EPS workers. The
here. “We should not believe to any news out of hearsays
common problems reported were unpaid or delayed
Likewise, statistics gathered by POLO from the Ministry wages, uninhabitable accommodations, misunder- immediately. If we hear some news related to labor laws
of Labor showed that there was a significant rise of standing with their Korean employers on matters of the that seem to affect our working status, I suggest you to
cases of changed of workplace due to company shut- contract implementation, verbal and physical abuse, confirm it first at any authorized agencies who may know
downs since November of last year to January of this immediate termination of contract, and other labor about the details such as the Korea Ministry of Labor and
year. related issues. the Philippine Embassy through POLO,” Jabay added.



T he global economic recession which started in the

United States of America has truly caught up with
the global market. Its domino effect is undeniably a major
issue not only to common people or the unemployed but
especially to migrant workers particularly the Overseas
Filipino Workers (OFWs).
As we welcomed the year 2009 in South Korea, Presi-
dent Lee Myung-bak didn’t hold off expressing fears of
much worse and tougher economy in the country which
may lead to more company closures particularly in the
Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) where most
of the migrant workers particularly the EPS are working.
Even during the post quarter of 2008, many employers
and workers under the employment permit system have
already seen the effect of the global economic crisis as
the list of the displaced and repatriated workers continue
to rise.
Job displacement resulted from reduced working hours,
temporary company shutdown, delayed payment of
salary, no work no pay, lay-offs and immediate termina-
tion have been taking place to some companies particu-
larly those under the SMEs.
More so, the sharp Korean won depreciation which
seriously resulted to roughly 30 percent decrease in
Asia instead. regularly send home. Philippine modern heroes can never
worker’s monthly salary, the so called “aggravated bene-
be a lifetime economic saver of our country. When the
fits” such as NPS-SSS Agreement and the Abolishment The Philippine government should create new policies in economies of those nations like Korea where we work and
on Free Accommodation and Food Benefits are also providing effective re-integration programs and business live in go down, our nation’s economic strength would
continuously bringing in emotional and mental stress to opportunities for OFWs and open new doors for new definitely be affected.
our fellow OFWs. Considering these factors, is it still revenues to come in. It must motivate the Filipino people
logical to stay and work in Korea? the concept of standing on our own feet. We must change our common views of always wanting to
work for others and the fear of running our own business. It
How about thinking of settlement in our home country The world’s current financial troubles should teach us a is not too late to discover new opportunities of doing busi-
reuniting with our family? Are we prepared for it? Is our lesson that working abroad cannot be considered a ness in our own turf and at the same time helping our
Philippine government ready for re-integration programs permanent source of income for our families and our government open new gates for revenues. There are many
for each repatriated OFW? country’s national treasury. unexplored business opportunities at home and we hardly
Maybe most of us are not yet ready to go back home for Also, the deepening global economic crisis should re- recognize them because we are too obsessed with working
we are not yet financially ready. Also, our country lacks mind us of how important to become financially literate. and living abroad.
effective re-integration programs and business opportu- While working abroad, we should start saving and try to For 2009, opportunities will never be running out for there
nities for OFWs. Many of us believe that working and advocate within ourselves and our family members the is always a piece of cake for everyone; there are always an
staying in Korea is far better option than going home. opportunity of gaining competitive entrepreneurial skills. unexplored mine of gold somewhere. Let us strengthen our
Despite the current global economic crisis, still many of
us are planning to cross other countries like Canada, Let us help our government leaders realized that our hope to build better opportunities in which every household
Australia, Europe, Middle East, and on other parts of nation cannot rely so much on the remittances we will no longer be dependent to foreign remittances.


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Common Denominator The Old Beggar

by Ma. Regina P. Arquiza by Gary W. Holmes

The notion of being able to work abroad and to become rich in the Philippines is only one There once was an old man I had the pleasure of meeting. He
tenth of the real picture. It is not just about earning one million won or living a life with full of was a beggar in the street tossed into this life by the very people
who claim to care for this man. He didn't always live there. He
pleasure in another country, but it is a full acceptance to take the risk of adopting in a different once was a prominent man who had wealth and success and
world of strangeness. And as 2009 begins, that notion is much more challenged by the cur-

notoriety but as his life went on he became clouded by his fame
rent global economic crisis. However, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is not a pessimist. and was reduced by this to nothing but a broke beggar. So he told
me his life story in hopes it would help me not to follow his path or
Juan dela Cruz's optimism to face 2009 reminds me of Sulyapinoy's firm passion to continu- his mistakes.
ously serve OFWs in South Korea. Both years 2007 and 2008 were not easy for the publica-
tion to cover concerns affecting OFWs. For the past 14 months of service, it is a bittersweet Well as the story begins he said he wasn't a man blessed with

reality because 15 issues were published in spite of difficulties faced by the editorial staff.
So what is the common denominator between Sulyapinoy and an OFW?
An OFW chooses to be away from home for his or her family’s sake. A parent endures the
looks or physical prowess but he was blessed with brains. He
never had a wife or children. And seldom tried dating following
years of rejection, but he never blamed God once for this or his
plight in life he always mentioned that God loves him and will
guide him always. He mentioned to me that he once was wealthy
sadness of not seeing his or her own kids graduate or to be absent on their birthday celebra- but he was greedy then one day a bank error cost him all he had

tions; a father misses those chances of spending more time with his kids like a basketball
game together; a mother bears the longing to take good care of her kids when they are sick; a
boyfriend or a girlfriend has to miss the happy moments of dating; and an illegal worker
chooses to stay even if his or her relative dies or suffers from any sickness. All of these sig-
nify the very essence of sacrifice.
and he was never able to recover from it.
He sought work and could never find any and eventually he lost
everything he had and was cast into the street. And there was
where he lived digging trash for food and clothes and sleeping in
dumpsters or cardboard boxes. It was at that time he said that the

Sulyapinoy and sacrifice are equal. Problems such as lack of time, insufficient funds for print-
ing, and few writers challenge Sulyapinoy’s continuous service to OFWs in Korea. But until
now, its existence proves that all those sacrifices out of pure intention to help others are of
supreme worth. Like an OFW’s sacrifices bear fruits of his or her labor through investments to
way he had done people when he was wealthy was why he was
in this way now. He then realized what the Lord was trying to
teach him as he went on he coughed some and cleared his
throat. He then said I spent my time here in the street finding
Jesus and praying for better life. I then started to read the bible
real estate, business, education, car and so on back home can be comparable to the positive

someone had discarded.
results harvested by the newsletter through the publication of its articles. Issues like POEA
MC-04 Policy, renegotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Ministry It was there I read about how God taken away and give it all in
of Labor (MOL) of Korea and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Philip- the same. And then I realized at that time why this was happening
pines, NPS-SSS, and etc. encouraged a lot of OFWs to deeply understand these issues and to me. I then dropped to my knees and asked for forgiveness. But
be part of the needed actions to resolve the problems. as you can see I'm still here in the street and my health is fading.
So I ask this my young friend don't follow in my footsteps and be
Like Juan dela Cruz, Sulyapinoy is fighting to attain its goals. Despite the sad reality of facing humble and faithful and thankful all your days.
hindrances challenging its persistence to be or service to others, it has great hopes for the
A week later they found that man lying on a park bench having
future. And amid the global economic turmoil, Juan dela Cruz on the other hand never loses died of sickness but I knew what had happened. God finally called
hope as the year 2009 begins. Fighting Kabayan! Fighting Sulyapinoy! him home.

ni Amie Sison ni Ehd Villarta Jr - FEWA Member ni Rodney Queman
Bawat taon na sa paglipas ay hindi namamalayan
Ang oras na kay bilis na parang hanging nagdaan Sa ating paglalakbay tungo sa kung saan Ngayong bagong taon ay magbagong buhay
Kung pagninilayan ang ating mga nakaraan Malubak at makitid ang tinatahak na daan Tumawag sa Panginoon, para sa kanyang gabay
Kung saan tayo tutungo ay walang nakakaalam
Tagumpay, kasawian, lungkot at pag-asa ang ilan. Biyaya at pagmamahal dagling ibibigay
Lahat ay umaasa sa sugal ng kapalaran.
Mahirap man o mayaman lahat ay pantay-pantay.
Tagumpay na naghubog ng ating pagkatao
Naalala mo pa ba nung nasa Pinas pa tayo
Pakiramdam mo na ang pangunguna sa mundo
Kahit hindi alam ng mga tao sa paligid mo
Dinanas ang lahat ng hirap at mga sakripisyo Sa hamon ng buhay ay huwag susuko
Bara mangibang bansa at buhay ay umasenso
Ikaw pa rin ang tunay na makadama nito. Harapin at lutasin pag nadapa ay tumayo
At di naglaon ay natupad,ngayon nasa Korea na tayo.
Isipin mo na ang mundo sa pag-asa ay puno
Kasawian ay maitutulad na isang karangalan Sinuwerte ka at nakakita ng magandang trabaho Basta sama-sama sa mga siphayo.
Nakayanan ang bawat problemang nagdaan Mabait na amo at malaki pa ang sweldo
Hindi magpapatalo sa suliraning walang katapusan Ngayon mabibili mo na lahat ng nais mong luho Positibong pananaw ating pairalin
Kakayanin at haharapin ng walang pag aalinlangan. At pag-iipon ngayon ay di na alam kung paano.
Huwag padala sa simbuyo ng damdamin
Lungkot na sa buhay talagang hindi maiiwasan Ikaw ngayon ay nalulong sa masamang bisyo Dapat na matuto sa mga pagkakamali natin
Bahagi natin sa ating pakikipagsapalaran Dahil sa barkada natutunan, sugal, alak, babae at sigarilyo Upang magandang bukas ang palaging kamtin.
Sana ito madaling mapalitan ng kasiyahan Kapag sahod sa bar at disco lagi ang tungo
Sa panibagaong araw ito ay mapapalitan. At wala kang pakiaalam, maubos man ang sweldo. Mga pagkakamali na nagawa noon
Dapat na ituwid kaibigan ngayon pagkakataon
Pag-asa na lahat tayo ay ipinapanalangin Pag-ikot ng mundo ay di mo namamalayan
Kahit maliit ito'y napakalaking tulong na rin Panahon at oras ay parang kailan lang Sa pagkakalugmok dapat na bumangon
Nagbibigay ng tunay na liwanag sa atin Mga pangyayari sa nakaraan halos di mo na matandaan Magbagong buhay ka sa habang panahon.
Hinahawakan sa lahat ng hamon na darating. Pangako at pangarap sadya mo na bang kinalimutan.
Sa mga sandali ng mga pangamba
Iba't-iba ang nangyari sa ating mga buhay Kaibigan,hindi pa huli para ikaw ay magbago
Lahat ay nagkakamali sapagkat tayo ay tao Huwag matakot hindi ka nag-iisa
At maisagawa ang mataimtim na pagninilay Karamay mo lagi sa tuwi-tuwina
Pero hindi yan ang dahilan para laban ay isuko
Kaya kabayan sana'y huwag tayo malumlumbay Humingi ng tulong sa taas, at tiyak ay kakayanin mo ito. Mga kaibigang kapuso at kapamilya.
Pag-asa ay naghihintay at kaibigan ay makakagapay.



Chinese New Year ~ January 26, 2009

Let’s enjoy the ride as we conquer Everland...

Our warm unity and friendship wipes out the cold weather...

Snap some unforgettable photographs as we journey Everland’s horizon...

Enjoy winter to the fullest as we ride on an ice sled and skate around Everland’s Majic Ice Rink and Snow Buster...

We were so lucky to witness the Circus Carnival and Super Oings Parade... SULYAPINOY JANUARY 2009 5


(Applicable to all Foreign Workers)

by: Dondave Jabay

1) Fill the white squares with numbers 1 to 9 so that they
add up to the sums shown in highlighted squares (gray
2) A gray color square will show one or two numbers
separated by a diagonal line.
3) A number that is above the diagonal line is the sum of
Note: the row of white squares to its right.
1) For companies implementing the 40 hours work-week system before July 1, 2008 must use OPTION A Overtime 4) A number that is below the diagonal line is the sum of
Rate/Hour Computation. the column of white squares beneath it.
2) For companies that will implement the 40 hours work-week system after July 1, 2008 must use OPTION B Over-
time Rate/Hour Computation for a period of 3-years from the date of its implementation. After 3-years, the compu- Two important rules:
tation must be reverted back to OPTION A.
3) According to the Article 3 of Addenda of Minimum Wage Act, even though the legal working hours are reduced
1) There are no zeroes.
from 44 hrs to 40 hrs according to the revised Labor Standard Act, an employer shall pay the previous minimum 2) Do not put the same number in each sum of the row
wage to a worker who receives minimum wages. of white squares to its right or column beneath it.
The most exciting part!!!
The first person to answer the puzzle correctly will be
given a public recognition through SULYAPINOY
(Newly Recognized FEWA Official Members) newsletter and website. How to report your answer?
Norman Matudan Please call 010-9294-4365 or email @
Nelson Tabien Lolito Castrodes
Edwin General Percival fajardo
Michael Pareja
Hercy Guevarra Michael Trumata Alex Cruspe
Andres Molarto Avelino Ente Jinny Abella Answer Here
Binas Angelito Raffy Trencio Edmundo Villarta
De Guzman Christopher Gonzales Nomar Adrada Gilbert Ocaya
Alojado Francis Bagoyo Eladio Fuertes Benjie Del Mundo

by Alden Balgos

Answer to Vol. 2 ~ Issue 2

Rizaldo Oliva — Nano Chem
Tech. Ltd., Namsa-myeon,
Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do.
02 - Regina P. Arquiza 20 - Jovencio Araquel
Precy E. Villaveza Gerald Jaypee Gramaje
Felix S. Ferrer 21 - Jose Allan T. Bernasol
04 - Rebenson B. Recana 22 - Jose Joel Y. Tavarro
06 - Glicerio Libunao 23 - Alfredo Miralpez
07 - Daisy Paez 25 - Gloria Hadap
08 - Perry D. Como 26 - Dondave Jabay
Juanito Abellera Reynaldo N. Tabuena
12 - Reynaldo Selin Marvin Nobleta
Bernabe Rivera Jr. Lilani Sinahon
19 - Anabelle Salcedo 27 - Alex Regaspi
20 - Nilo C. Firme Raquel Arche
Edgar Allan Reyes 28 - Teofilo C. Camo



Amie Sison ~ 50,000won (monthly starting October 2007)

Rebenson Recana ~ 50,000won (January 2008)
Sofonias Paragsa ~ 50,000won (December 2007)
Dondave Jabay ~ 50,000won (November 2007)
Anonymous ~ 10,000won (January 2008)
Anonymous ~ 5,000won (January 2008)
Anonymous ~ 1,000won (January 2008)
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