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SUBMITTED BY: Zishan ahamad (PGDM 186)

SUBMITTED TO:Mr. Athar Mahmood


I take immense pleasure in thanking Prof. S.R.Musanna, Director and Dr. Dheeraj Mishra, Dean for having permitted us to carry out this project work.

I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Asotosh Singh (HR Manager kfc) and Mr. Athar Mahmood, JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT LUCKNOW for their guidance and useful suggestions, which helped me in relating the topic with international HR and completing the project work, in time. Finally, yet importantly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to, our classmates/friends for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this project.

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN KFC Company profile:Kfc Corporation is known as Kentucky fried chicken. Kfc is the worlds most popular chicken restaurant. Kfc is a part of yum brands ,this is the worlds largest restaurant system .which provides a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville ,Kentucky ,united states. Kfc primarily sells chicken pieces, wrap, salads and sandwiches. But only focus is fried chicken kfc is also offering a line of grilled and roasted chicken products, side dishes and dissert .outside of the USA ,kfc offers beef based products like hamburgers or kebabs, poutine, pork based product such as ribs and other regional fare. Actually the idea of kfc fried chicken goes back to 1930 .but the company was found as Kentucky fried chicken by colonel Harland sanders in 1952 . Although sanders died in 1980, but he remains an important part of the companies branding advertisements. The company adopted kfc, an abbreviated form of its name, in, I asked to the HR manager of kfc in lucknow about the company, he told me, kfc is present in 110 countries and territories around the world and 30000 restaurants, and mention that traditional HR transfer to international HR in this case new problem for HR practitioners emerged as employees become more diversified and hard to manage. Purpose of human resource management International human resource management is the process of selecting, training, developing and compensating personnel in overseas positions .Hrm is about the world wide management of human resources. The main purpose of international human resource management is to enable the multinational enterprise to be successful globally; this can be creating by sufficient flexibility to meet local conditions.

factors that play vital role in human resource functions (A) CULTURAL FACTORS As kfc HR manager in lucknow told me the human resource management in kfc is more concentration in managing the issues in cultural diversity. Most probably in Asian nation, kfc is highly concentrated to increase their Market share but the human resource management is facing major problems in recruitment and managing the employee towards these countries cultures, in western countries kfc human resource management is failing to provide proper quality of service to the customers. This is too because of failed recruitment and training. Cross-cultural differences in the work force exist among all employees, top to bottoms no one is escape from cultural differences and conflicts that grown out of them .in this situation one of the dangerous thing assume that all individuals within an ethics or nationality group is same. Under the context of international business and cultures, cross nationals interaction involves complex human relation dynamic .There is many causes of cross cultural conflict language and communication barriers, racism, sexism, and ageism etc. In present time international hotel and restaurants companies expanding very fast, due to the very fast expansion of kfc franchising, the poor quality and management is existing.

(B) ECONOMIC SYSTEM Economic system of different countries translates into difference in human resource management policy. Economic policy of the country affect the business and HR policy of company because working hour and wage rate is different for different countries .Portuguese works average about 1,980 hours of works annually, while German works average 1648 hours. Due to demand and supply of labor in labor abundance country wage rate is low, and in capital intensive country rate of interest is low, vice versa, like hourly compensation cost for production workers range from $2.75 in maxco to $6.43 in tiwan, $23.82 in the united state, $27.10 in united kingdom, and $34.21 in Germany. Then this is very important for the human resource manager to decide in which country production will done. Trade barrier policy of country also affects the cost of production.

LEGAL, POLITICAL, AND LABOURRELATION FACTORS In present time legal, and political factor is the major concern for hr manager, if there is political instability war, new govt. rule and change national constitution. It will affect the profitability of organization in long term. Government policy of the nation KFC is a foreign company, but it have to obey the policies of the Government where it run its business activities. KFC has handle this situation very tactfully and obey the policies of the Government as prescribe by the government in order to run this kind of business Political stability Political stability is very important if KFC want to become the leader in fast food business in Pakistan. So this is also an important political factor.

ETHICAL AND CODES OF CONDUCT This is responsibility of hr professionals for adding value of the organizations hr serve and contributing to the ethical success of those organizations. SOCIAL RESPONSBILITY AND ETHICS Ethics and social responsibility kfc tries to best for this.


Competitive situation of company also affect the hr policy of company. what other similar firm are doing and how can I improve the brand image, kfc could not capture the fast food industry in china and India because of weak competitive situation .HR manager should be aware how can take advantage of competitive situation .in the united state there may be some confusion to where kfc belongs in the competitive set. This is found that kfc has good image in china compared to USA. INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT POLICY Value and international staffing policy ETHNOCENTRIC The notion that home-country attitudes, management style, knowledge, evaluation criteria, and managers are superior to anything the host country has to offer.

POLYCENTRIC A conscious belief that only the host-country managers can ever really understand the culture and behavior of the host-country market.

GEOCENTRIC The belief that the firms whole management staff must be scoured on a global basis, on the assumption that the best manager of a specific position anywhere may be in any of the countries in which the firm operates.

INTERNATIONAL SELECTION The mode of international selection of kfc is following. 1. CV and qualification

2. Mode in which your data is being presented on the employment data sheet. 3. Work experiences. We employ staff based on four core values namely; Productivity, Talent, Ambitions and Character and we expect all our newly recruited staff to exhibit these core values. Also we ensure that all our staff especially our International employees are comfortable 4. General and technical criteria for judging the technical knowledge, maturity and emotional stability. 5. Language skill KFC application process 1. Search job 2. Select job 3. Register 4. Fill out application form

5. Quiz 6. Kfc GETS in contact 7. Interview 8. Job

Alternative followed by kfc in place of recruitment are Cross functional training Over time Job rotation The technique used by kfc to forecast the demand and supply of labor HR audit INTERNATIONAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT This is very important to decide who you will sent abroad, attention turn to providing the training ,pay and other support he or she needs to be successful . We wont to make you wing it is kfcs motto when it comes to training employees. THE VITALTYPE OF TRANING USED BY KFC 1. On-the job training 2. Work books 3. Quizzes

Competency based training- competency based training is used to encouraged

the employ to work together as a team, kfc is committed to making sure their people grow to their highest potential kfc does their best to make the job interesting and exciting for workers. TRAINING AND ORIENTATION OF THE COMPONY

KFC has developed substantial training programs for all front line people .the training according to him has been integrated into the companies broader management training which deals with issues as sexual harassment, hiring and firing practices, interpersonal relationships, and conflict resolution. The training process of kfc is described on a global basis with the assumption that, people need to treat people with respect. The training employ for both franchise and non-franchise managers are on the same basis that everyone is required to attend training held at the companies headquarter at Louisville. The specific training of kfc included the following 1. Supervision skill 2. Coaching and counseling 3. Conflict resolution 4. Setting performance standards 5. Linking the system to pay providing employee feedback.

INTERNATIONA COMPENSATION METHODS Compensation and benefit strategies are ways that organizations can use pay and benefits to recognize and reward employees contributions to the organizations success. In a customer service organization, workers are usually compensated by one of the following methods: 1. A direct salary or hourly rate 2. Salary in addition to commission 3. Quota bonus 4. Commission without advances 5. Commission with advances

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal is a method to define the rating and formal assessment of individuals by their managers, this is usually done in an annual review meeting. Under contrast performance management is a continuous and much wider and more comprehensive and more natural process of management which clarify mutual expectation, emphasize the support role of manager who is expected to act as a coacher rather than judge and focus on the future. HOW PERFORMANCE APPRESAL DONE BY KFC 1. View performance appraisal as exercising managerial control 2. Tend to backward looking, concentrating on what had gone wrong rather than looking forward to future development needs 3. Coaching, guiding, motivating, and rewarding colleagues to help unleash potential and improve organization performance.

CONCLUSION As I understand from the above discussion ,the HRM in kfc needs more attention to further development .marketing of kfc are doing very well .the kfc is the second largest fast food industry in western countries ,but in Asia and specific countries kfc is the fast food market pioneer .but company have the chance to loss the market because of poor service quality and human resource management .in western countries it loss the market because of poor service quality, act of workforce and untrained workers if the same situating fund in Asian countries the result end in loss market ,to overcome these issues kfc should impairment strong human resource strategy because most f the above mentioned issues are came under the human resource management. To overcome the issues in performance and service quality kfc should implement the training to employee about their job description, which reduce the working stress and helps to clear the objective and goals of the job. The periodical performance appraisal and

performance management should be offer to the employee, which helps to know the position of the individuals and also the organization. This will help the KFC to know about the drawbacks an outlet at a certain periodical interval. The KFC should have more attention in Planning and staffing to overcome the lack of work force. Without proper work force it cannot survive in the market.