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CH 3.


Name: _Dustin Merrill Date: ____11/28/12_______________ Per.:___2____

A DESERT LAND Arabian Peninsula is mostly _made of desert land. Scorching ________desert_____________ and _________hot, dry climate_________________ make life difficult. Arabias location, physical features, and climate have _deserts and almost no water_ in the region. A Crossroads Location The peninsula is in the southwest corner of Asia. It lies between three continents Africa, Asia, and Europe. It has many trade routes through it being in the center of three continents. There were also water routes were merchants traveled by boat to trade. Physical Features There are many sand dunes in the Arabian deserts. Some can rise 800 feet high and be hundreds of miles long. There were also oasis which are small wet land in the desert land. Most If not all trade routes stop at an oasis since water is so vital in the hot dry climate. There some mountains even around the borders of the southern and western coast. TWO WAYS OF LIFE Some people lived a _nomadic lifes_______________________, merchant life_ from _place_ to _place. Others lived a __sedentary life______________, or _____settled ______________, life in _________towns__________. Nomads Nomads were men who would raise herds of sheep, Goats, and Camels. They would take these animals and cross vast deserts in caravans all year long. They would get all of the necessary items to live from the animals they raise. Townspeople Unlike nomads townspeople would stay in one spot for long periods of time. They would get jobs as merchants or craftspeople who dealt with traders in caravans. Desert Climate Arabia is one of the hottest places in the world. Summer temperatures can even reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot conditions make it nearly impossible for plants and animals to survive. Some plants can survive though in areas with little rain.

Trade Centers (p. 56-58!) Animals and herbs were traded in places like souk. Some merchants sold cooking supplies to traders and townspeople. They would also sell items such as spices, gold, leather, and other goods.

Dear Dylan Wilhelm, This week has been very interesting. I got a job as a trader, I dont like traveling the hot desert, and it can be as high as 100F. Its sad seeing all of the homeless people on the street. We see some nomads every now and then in the desert. I have traded some leather for a pound of salt; I never realized how valuable it was. Some of the people I travel with have some very interesting stories to tell. One man told of a sand dune that was 800ft tall and a few miles long. We lost a few men in a sandstorm yesterday we still have no sign of them. Some of the townspeople we trade with are really scared for them. Well right back again in a few weeks. Sincerely, Dustin Merrill