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The application of Barthes theory on analysing advertisement

by : Zenith Rachmayanti L. 120912113 Dian Octaviana 120912115 Wahyu Nilan 120912118 Background of Study Barthess theory in semiotics is divided into three levels. First level is denotative level, a level where we appreciate the advertisement based on the words and picture on the base level as E1 and C1 in Barthes theory. In this level there are two messages: linguistic message is text message appears on the advertisement, consists of anchorge, an ideology text and relay, a product text; denotative image, image that appears on the advertisement which consists of iconic, images that have a meaning related with idea and non iconic code, images relate with the product. Second level in Barthess theory explain about the result in the first level with connotative / myth. The last level, this level is an explanation level which is based on social theory. In this assignment we try to analyze an advertisement of printed media using Barthes theory. We choose this add to analyze because this advertisement is simple, funny and the signs are clear. Discussion Analysis The first level that we analyze is denotative level .In this level there are three messages. The first message is Linguistic message. The anchorage of this advertisement is in the right upper side of the picture, theres a phrase, natural style. Natural style is the signifier, and the signified is the slogan of this product. In the relay code of this advertisement is located in the right upper side of the picture which is a word Timotei. Timotei is the signifier. The signified of Timotei is the brand of this product. The next message is Denotative which is divided into two codes, Iconic and Non Iconic. There are some iconic codes in this advertisement; Green grass, Male lion, and Lion smooth hair style. Green grass is the signifier. The signified of green grass is natural. And

then the male lion, it is the signifier. The signified of male lion is a strong animal. The next iconic code is the lion smooth hairstyle. This lion smooth hairstyle is the signifier. The signified of lions hairstyle is related to human hairstyle. The next message is non iconic code. The picture of shampoo bottle is the only one non iconic code in this advertisement. The signified of shampoo bottle is the product. After analyze the first level we continue to the next level. In the second level we analyze connotative codes that contained in this advertisement. The phrase natural style as slogan of this product is the signifier; the signified itself is means that the product can make the audiences hair become smooth, easy to maintain like a natural style. Timotei, the name of the product as signifier, has a signified that the aim of this advertisement is promoted this shampoo itself. The signified from the signifier of natural in green grass context is means that the product is made of natural ingredients. The connotative of male lion means this product can make the audiences hair become strong and also this product is the most powerful product to solve frizzy hair problem.The signified of lion hairstyle that related to human hairstyle is the lions hair can be so smooth by using this product. Shampoo bottle shows the product form. Next level is explanation.The phrase natural style means that woman should be natural as her natural character being a woman that is nurturing and caring. Timotei means the producer wants the audience to always remember the name of the product. Green grass means that the nature will support the woman to be a greater woman, thats why the audiences mostly are women, should use this product because this product is made of natural ingredients which can support their natural character as a real woman. Male lion means a man have a power to maintain woman and nature. Because lion fomously as the king of the jungle or nature. Lion smooth hairstyle means a wild animal famously has a frizzy hair like lion even choose this product to make his hair smoother and it works. So, how about womans hair which is not that frizzy than lions hair? It will be easy for the product to take care of and it will be like natural. The lion smooth hairstyle also means the lion is a wild animal but with a smooth hairstyle. So, the woman should be like a lion portrait in this picture. A woman should change her wild character into a smooth character that is obedient and easy to be arranged.

Conclusion This advertisement shows that the product is the best product, because the product is made of natural ingredients, the most powerful product to solve frizzy hair, make the audiences hair smooth even for the most frizzy one, and makes the audiences hair look smooth as natural as it should be, even nobody cant recognize that actually its a frizzy hair beyond that.The product also has some implicit meanings that a man is a superior and the ruler of the nature and woman, a woman should be an obedient woman.