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Killer Katanas 2 Errata May 2012 The following changes apply to the siege rules, pages 19-21.

Black is normal text, with the changes listed in red. 16.3 Combat effects of Fortifications: B) Line 4: do any action other than climbing, and may use a card to move up or down one level, or sideways to the left or right along the wall. Line 6: will be a melee. To move into a structure, such as a tower or Keep, requires an additional card, and may only be entered and existed from a doorway. C) Line 2: will fight as crossing an obstacle. The GM can also impose a slope penalty if they feel it would be appropriate (it would be for a major fortress such as Osaka). D) 3rd Paragraph Should read: To simulate the effects of debris being thrown down on the climbers, any defending unit which is at the base of a wall being climbed may drop debris upon the climber. To do this, the unit must first be armed with debris. To arm themselves with debris, the defending unit must use a card to pick up debris and then they can use a future card to dump it on the climbers. The attack is done as if the dropper was a bow-armed unit, but there is no modifier for range. This kind of attack may only be done twice a turn. E) 2nd Paragraph, 2nd line: left by one or two bases per card. H and I) combine these together as entry H. Add a third paragraph as follows: Alternately, the GM can give structures an intrinsic defense ability equal to the number of bases allowed to be inside i.e. 4, 8, or 12. These bases are equipped with bows or arquebus and may fire normally, but may not leave the structure. Casualties on them are recorded, but the troops do not take any morale tests. If not eliminated by missile fire, they are assumed to be eliminated if the enemy enters their structure. Note: following this, entries J, K, L, and M will be changed to I, J, K, L respectively. M will be eliminated. L) This will become a four-paragraph entry. It should read: Attacking units which fail morale will withdraw towards where they entered. If they are on a wall they will withdraw one level for a morale result of 5 or 6, two levels for a result of 4, and three levels for a result of 3. Defending units will withdraw to a safe are inside the fortification; this can be through a gateway. Defending units which retreat into a structure automatically stop and are rallied. If there is no escape rout then the unit surrenders. Defending units which rout are considered to be of no combat use and are removed. When a unit is pushed back inside a compound they will stop if pushed into a wall. If there is a gateway then they will be pushed through it. In this case, the figure frontages are condensed by one full base width on the left or right. The attacker will likewise be condensed if they follow up. When fighting in a structure, a defeated attacking unit will be pushed back normally. However, a defeated defending unit will not be pushed back. Instead, the units will remain in contact and any combat and/or morale modifiers will be applied in further rounds of fighting. M) 1st paragraph, line 2: and one following up; against firearms the cover is light and against bows the cover is heavy.