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The Forces of Nature Dance Serenely Around US The Surging Flow of a Tremendous Tide The Universe Moves, Becomes, Creates, IS Organisms of Delight Form Steady Slow Rhythms And Rests Between Movements of Spilling Forth Life's Great Masses Living Creatures Pause-As Thought Appears A Large Brain Stands Upright and Feels the Vital Pressure of Cosmic Drumming Absorbing All the Forces at Life's Disposal A World Evolves with Concentration upon the Human Soul A Sphere of Consciousness and Perfection of the Human Element We Find Ourselves situated in Space and Time Enclosing Our Masses Around a little ball Set On a Course among the Stars A Grain of Cosmic Dust A Vast and Continuing Process Reveals Itself As Though a Dream Unfolding Like Intelligent Atoms the Process of Universing Discovering Our Souls Conscious, Unfolding Relationship With all Parts of Creation Enlarging Our Separate Personalities External to Flesh Our Real and Whole Body is Taking Shape We Are the World Extension thru Awareness This Organic Process, the Natural Impulse A Germination of Life and Growth of Mind We Impact Centuries, Feel the Responsibilities and the Power Of the Entire Universe

In Every Thinking a Fullness, a Newness A Maturity through a Multitude of Human Acts A Consummated Human Thought Coming into Full Possession of the Sphere of Action, Strength, Unity-Reaching at last The Apogee of Responsibility and Freedom Holding in Our Hands All Future and All Past Making the Choice This Choice is a Force Knowing All that IS and All that Can BE A Physical Existence of a Unity of Beings Living and Active A Momentary Ripple of Spirit, the Passing Impulse Force The Fulfillment of All Living Beings Designed for Considered Action from the Human Will-Power Mankind as a Whole, the Collective Humanity Called to Perform, Release and Flourish The Act of Total Force of Terrestrial Evolution We Are a Living Organism We Glow and Responsively Vibrate Expressing All the Natural Grandeur of the Human Mission Fulfilling Through the Ages the Sum of Our Individual Endeavors Sanctified Collective Thought, Attained on Earth, Consummated By the Constant Striving of Every Human Cell To Unite With All the Others This Coming Together A Great Mass Of Spirits Completes the Building of a New Temple On the Ruins of All Others The Genesis of the Whole Human

The Impulse of Constructive Energy Trembles with the Desire for Unity We Are to Climb From the Depths of Matter To the Highest Peak of Spirit The One Evolution, the One Soul Fulfilling the Profound Need for Unity That Pervades the World Finding the Natural Energy for Renewal of the World's Life Now Seeing Heaven Illumined Feet Walking Firmly Upon the Earth Let's Shine