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Placing an Artists Life on the Canvas Surface - On behalf of Invitational Exhibition of Takyoung JungIt is interesting to understand an artist's work as looking into a mirror of philosophy in our lives. Particularly, understanding the work of Takyoung Jungs world of art is breathtaking because of his natural sensitivity is being revealed through each of his work as if we are taking a glimpse at the Artist Jungs life.

Rencontre Hyperralisme (Encountering Hyper-realism) Just after graduating from a fine arts college in his 20s, the young artist was affected by the paintings and sculptures which were then booming new trends in the arts in Europe and the United States. Hyperrealism, which realistically demonstrated as an advanced technique to draw the objects perfectly in vivid and dramatic expressions, had ignited the Artists passions with his art activities. Because of the resultant passion from the art activities in his 20s, his 30s work is thought to be more mature as compared to the other artists due to his very unique style. Conceptuel ... (Conceptual Elements) French philosopher Gilles Deleuze had said, philosophy is that which produces concept! A painting means placing an artists life on the canvas surface. As the French artist Marcel Duchamps, who created the Ready-made concepts, defines Conceptual Art that Jung had confronted in his 30s as, not to be used skillfully as an adornment but a choice in searching for the aesthetics. It abandons a romantic notion of paintings that are found in everyday ordinary materials and in the works of artists. Rather, it introduces the meaning of life, the life itself as an art, which implies the artists activities. Jung stated that I conceive an idea through level-headed observation and intensive expressions with passion in my works. I would want to say that the materials for the work of art to an artist is neither accidental nor through necessity but destined meeting of coincidence and inevitability. By looking as a birthing process, it is not an unplanned birth but cool-headed and exhaustively intended conception. When looking at an object, it does not stop with a mere look but through penetration, observation, and interpretation of the artist's perception concurrently with the Artists sensibility, a sketch is being drawn on the canvas. And then, the resultant sketch as a base, through the objective time of conception, the final task is moved onto the canvas! In other words, through the birth pangs, as if the canvas is exploded, a piece of art is born. As if a noble birth is being foretold through an emotion The Artist in his 30s who began with this type of vision was set apart from others in their 30s who spent their life immaturely and meaninglessly. But to the young Artist, who always has to be alert and was burdened and destined to create something, his life itself may already be a philosophical process of introspection. The Artist in his 40s stood before the mirror of Self. Identit ... (Identity; His identity) Who am I and where do I come from.. In other words, he began to work toward his identity. This period gave a slight change in his life. In order to begin encountering a new world called France, he started to search for the most closely matching color of his life, sought elements rooted in Korean traditions, and started to decisively pull out the Artists hidden inner primaries. While maintaining the Artists experience and consistent identity located in the inner self and pulling out

and visualizing certain intrinsic characteristics into his own world with others, the artist was afflicted with his own Korean identity and made the Korean identity which dwells unconsciously within himself along with the basic five colors as a base though expressed on the canvas with only one primary color that could already be magnificent, never be rampant and gave five traditional colors another meaning. The Artist worked on the reorganization through simplifying the most colorful and fully emerging intensity through moderation and forms. The youthful forty-something has never wasted but restrained himself. His water color box may be filled with many colors and the canvas was the space that could be fully released. At the time when the Artist could be seen and celebrated, he returned to the beginning and prepared for another birth. Being reborn from what has been done, looked through his eyes, and expressed visually, he began to hide images. This concealment may be an anticipation of a higher exposure being manifested. Simplifier images ... (Simplification of Image) The Artist would like to imply his own languages. Hed like to express a hundred words in a single word. From the 40s rebirth, the 50s simplification of image, and the 60s codification of objects that are diverse and yet only one language are fabricated in his works. Now the Artist stands before the canvas with a new language. This exhibition celebrates the Artist Takyoung Jung s life of painting. He could be spending his 60s in the place where the people respect and longing him the most but he is drastically sweeping it aside and begins from nothing with unfamiliar life, language, livelihood, food, and above all, he embraces the moment of becoming a child from a reflecting matured adult with all that has already been habituated. In Paris, in his 60s life of painting, he is certain to encounter yet another life of kindling fire for unfamiliar expression of movement and challenge. Who would start a new pioneer life
while setting aside the safest place in which the improvements have already been endeavored?

Filling, Emptying, and Filling Again By lifes most sincere and yet bold, high-level, implicit language, as if dialoguing with God, he honestly and calmly throws himself on the new challenge and reflects, and once again knocks down ,and goes through the process of emptying again. Let's appreciate the process of filling the emptiness again and again on the path of his life of philosophy. What is his language on his paintings and how is it to travel with him and take time to see the hidden language of life in his works? Through his stubbornness and determination, as he is genial with others while he is most strict and intolerant against any mistakes of his own, we could feel his works approaching us with moving sensitivity. Through this exhibition, no one can predict if he's going to cause some changes. However, he could already be foreseeing it. His work is different and yet same, the same but in the end, it seems like the language of expression that excites the strongest and yet the weakest humans earnestness emerging from the innermost simplicity. Director of the Christiane PARK- Paris ( Art critic & Business art) Directrice de la Galerie Christine PARK- Paris 75003