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Mini Lesson 10- Pluto

Caitlin Andrews

Description of Classroom: Same as previous lesson Background: Students are at the end of a unit about planets and the solar System. They have already learned about the 8 planets, the sun and the moon. This will be a 1 day, short lesson on Pluto, once a planet but now considered a Dwarf planet. Content Objective(s): Students will learn about the characteristics and vocabulary Associated with the planet Pluto. Students will also understand that Pluto is not Considered a planet anymore, but rather a dwarf planet. Language Objective(s): KWL chart, whole group reading and instruction, Individual practice on worksheets and writing in science journals Nevada Standards: M.D.3 (a)- See previous lesson plan Key Vocabulary: Pull various and appropriate key words from worksheets Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Links to past learning Strategies incorporated Integration of Processes Listening Speaking Reading Writing Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Application Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) Linked to objectives Promotes engagement Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups Partners Independent Assessment Individual Group Written Oral

Teaching Strategies: KWL charts, whole group instruction, small group discussion, independent worksheets, writing in science journals 3-2-1 strategy. Warm Up Activity: Start the KWL chart. This time students will discuss with Their tables what they already know about Pluto. Each table will share what they Came up with and those responses will be put on the KWL chart. Lesson Sequence: Reading the Poem about Pluto. Read once as whole group, then Allow students to read with a partner and discuss what they learned about the Planet Pluto from the poem. Continue working on the KWL chart in tables and

Putting the responses on the chart as a whole class. Students will complete the Pluto worksheets, and write in their science journals. 3-2-1 strategy. Finish the KWL chart and hang with the rest of the charts. Spend a few moments reviewing All of the planet KWL charts as a whole class. Accommodations: Same as previous lesson Supplementary Materials: Poem and fun fact sheet, worksheets, KWL chart and Science writing journals Review/Assessment: Informal assessment- discussion, completion and Accuracy of work packets and writing in science journals Reflection: Be the end of learning all the planets, the students will have a good understanding of what the planets are about and have learned some fun facts a long The way. This is a good time to review the KWL charts before moving onto the Final brochure project for the lesson. I think the students liked learning about all the Planets on a daily basis. They are able to compare the planets and their Characteristics.
Form: 005 JDC 4/22/08