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K J Somaiya College of Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

Class: B.E. Computer Engineering Semester: VIII Subject: Human Computer Interaction (HCI) (Elective) Number of Students Enrolled: 68 Batches: 4 Term work: Term work should consist of at least 8 practical experiments and two assignments
covering the topics of the syllabus

List of Experiments It is proposed to complete a project, with a team of minimum 2 and maximum 3. The purpose of the project is focused on User interaction and NOT on the implementation of the Entire project. The project will consist of Designing HCI for various projects. The partial list of projects could be (select ONE from the following): 1. Interface for online shopping website. 2. Mall Map 3. e learning web site 4. Tele-shopping 5. Video/ Audio on demand web site 6. Online banking 7. ATM interface 8. Automatic vending machine for Drinks 9. Travel reservation system 10. Booking of movie tickets 11. Route finder 12. Railway enquiry 13. Students Kiosk for institutes information 14. Interface for waiter for billing (table wise etc.) 15. Online buying of books. 16. Online trading on Stock market 17. Web site for buying Car 18. University web site 19. Week end holidays 20. Pass port application tracking system 21. Zoo information kiosk 22. Museum Information Center 23. Help desk for Hotel 24. Hospital Management 25. Servicing center for Automobile 26. Patients information storage 27. Website for Tuition class 28. Catering Service ( on-line chef)

29. Marriage burro 30. Placement agency 31. Event management 32. Web site for Device drivers and service center 33. Just Dial type web site 34. Website for promotions of new construction projects. Students are needed to submit the two versions of the project. The first version will be user interaction based on non-familiarity of UI principles. The second version will show how the students have understood the principles of UI. Every experiment will have conclusion, explain the changes made in version 1 and two. Experiment No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Title Importance of Good Design Advantages of Graphical Interface Direct and Indirect Manipulation Importance of human characteristics, human consideration organizing screen elements Visually pleasing composition Colors, choosing colors Screen navigation and flow

Assignment 1 35. Explain technology Considerations in interface Design. 36. Explain the user Interface Design process. 37. What are possible uses of colors and problems associated with it? Give guidelines to choose proper color. 38. Speech Recognition and speech generation. Assignment 2 39. Types windows. 40. Components of User Interface, such as Text Boxes, List Boxes, Messages, Icons, Multimedia 41. Explain proper device based control 42. What are mental models? Importance of the same in User interface design.

Experiment No. 1 Objectives: to understand Importance of Good Design Considering your project as a sample, design user interface screens. As students are not aware of characteristics of a good interface, there could be lacunas in the interaction screens designed by them. These could be because of 1. Not understanding the users profile (such as age, educational background etc.), hence not providing the ease of use. 2. The flow of information capturing is not appropriate, as the Business Logic is not understood. 3. Physical constraints of the user not understood, screen to crowded with options, font size very small etc. No menus, hierarchical ordering of information etc. 4. Wrong Selection of appropriate type of interaction devices, always use mouse or pointing devices 5. Ambiguous messages. 6. No feed back provided for actions or progress 7. Less use of graphics 8. Wrong/ over usage of colors 9. Not organizing the layout properly 10. NO testing You are required to design TWO interaction screens, one without knowing the principles and one after understanding the principles. The second version should clearly indicate usage of the principles. The conclusion should include answers of the questions: 43. What do you understand by user Interface? 44. Characteristics of a good interface. 45. What are the steps involved in designing a Good User Interface?

Experiment No. 2 Objectives: To understand Advantages of Graphical Interface Considering your project as a sample, design user interface screens using graphical interface. Comparison of Command line versus Graphical Interface. You are required to design TWO interaction screens, one without using graphical interface, text boxes, combo boxes etc. and one using icons, text boxes, lists etc. The second version should clearly indicate advantages of graphical interface. The conclusion should include answers of the questions: 46. Advantages of Graphical Interfaces? 47. Limitations of Graphical interfaces.

48. Comparison of Direct and Indirect manipulation