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Monthly Newsletter December 2012

The Crazy Christmas (Re)Gift Guide

By Ernest White II, Staff Writer Last year, American TV show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to have parents play a yuletide prank on their kids by telling them that they could open one early Christmas present and having that present be something crazy. The results (still available on YouTube) featured teary-eyed, tantrum-throwing tots receiving a spoiled banana, a can of black beans, a Hello Kitty jacket (given to a boy), a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and other humorously sadistic gifts. Well, most of us havent received anything as intentionally gauche as rotten food or canned goods, but many of us have gotten ugly sweaters, useless gift cards, and newfangled contraptions that either do eight unnecessary things at once or whose use is completely unidentifiable. When we do get blessed with that graceless turkey of a present, the question arises: how the heck can I get rid of this thing? Thus, the wonderful concept of regifting allows us to pay it forward, blessing the less-fortunate (sarcasm) with marvelous presents that we neither need nor want. That said, we should be acutely aware of some of the horrid items actually onsale that could find themselves carefully wrapped under our Christmas trees and try not to pass these on to charitable institutions that actually do need foodstuffs and useful goods. For the kitchen, you can spice up someones life with a pair of microphone tongs ($12, that let you belt out your best Lady Gaga while prepping that perfect tossed salad. Once dinners ready, serve it up on a chic new fiber optic glow-in-the-dark tablecloth. For only $1,850 (, you can give someones dining room an ethereal glow thats downright mesmerizing until someone spills wine on it. For eating on the road, revolutionize school lunches with the Banana Bunker ($5, plastic sheath in the shape of aumbanana to keep that sweet yellow fruit from becoming sticky brown mush at the bottom of a bookbag. Or go with the snap-together Banana Guard ($14,, which is part of a larger collection of food luggage, including the Froot Guard, Froot Case, and Swich Guard (for sandwiches, of course). Also available is a charming homemade crocheted sweater for the forbidden fruit, the Apple Cozy ($5-$7, etsy. com), likewise produced to keep produce safe from wear and tear. Another c u l i n a r y stocking stuffer is the electric Butter Warmer ($50,, a temperature controlled butter dish that keeps the good stuff blade-smooth 24-hours a day (or as Goldilocks would say, juuuust right!). For the grilling man whos proud of his mastery of the coals, nothing says Whos Your Daddy? like a steak branding iron with personalized initials ($80-90,, leaving the perfect three-letter singe pattern on a juicy steak. For the harried cook that has a slew of holiday parties on the agenda, theres always the Inflatable Fruitcake (continued on page 10)

The Holiday Issue

Crazy Christmas Gifts
Page 1: If you think that there is no worse gift than the ugly sweater you received last Christmas, you might want to read this article.

Angel Party
Starting on page 5: Santa came early this year and brought joy to 230 children at the annual Angel Party.

Tropical Christmas
Page 16: How Maureen deals with having to give up a white Christmas.

Our Mission
The American Society of So Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

Presidents Corner
The year 2012 has been a good one for the American Society of Sao Paulo. I trust that all of you appreciate the incredible By Joe Sherman, AmSoc president of amount of volunteer time our Board puts into organizing our social, athletic, and charitable events. Although we have fewer Little League age children and parents, we continue to focus on team sports for the kids, with soccer now being number one. The highlight of the year is clearly the Gala event where we had 400 guests for dinner and dancing. The corporate donations and auction contributions helped us increase our charitable donations to the 10 organizations we support, as well as offset our expenses. This was a real team effort and we have already started to organize next years Gala (see callout on page 15). I really enjoyed the 4th of July at the Consulate, complete with fireworks. It also served as an example of great teamwork between the Amsoc and Consulate organizers. If you havent heard, the Amsoc golf team beat the Scots in the Munro Challenge cup this year! A very competitive day with the team scores tied and in the tie breaking criteria we won by one point. We again partnered with the Consulate on an election night party, complete with hotdogs, hamburgers, and beer - very American. I also cant say enough about the Angel Party, 230 children having a fun day at Chapel School, with events, food, and presents from Santa Claus. This under the care of 189 volunteers! We will finish 2012 with our traditional Christmas party and hope to see many of you there. We have seen many changes in Amsocs 62 years and we need to keep adapting to these changes: fewer American expats, American executives, etc. Please remember and advise your friends that you dont have to be an American to join, we support the American traditions for our diverse membership. This has been a great year, and on behalf of the Board I wish you and your families a great Holiday season. On to 2013!! Abraos, Joe

CAC News
Space Congratulations to Jennifer and Douglas who have almost completed their first year in the SPACE program. Space will welcome two new students in January. Maiza and Carolina, boa sorte! ACB Congratulations to Associao Criana Brasil, who recently celebrated 25 years of service to the underprivledged children of Real Parque. Thanks to all who supported their anniversary event. Vida Jovem Congratulations to Vida Jovem, who also recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Thanks to all who helped celebrate their anniversary event. Angel Party The Angel Party 2012 was a tremendous success. Thanks to all who supported this event. We couldnt have done it without you. (See Angel Party Articles starting on page 5). The CAC (Community Action Committee) is looking for new members to join our committee. Due to expat relocation, we will be losing a few of our committee members this year. This is not a big time commitment, so please consider joining us. Contact Eileen Tasso at with any questions. The CAC wishes you happy, healthy, and safe holidays and thanks you again for all your support in 2012.
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Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support!

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Felipe Arruda MACEDO Luciana De BENEDICTIS

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Maike Adu Tania Maria Alice

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Rodney OLSON

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Board Members of the American Society

Name Joe Sherman Ruth Hollard Frank Pierce Richard Wegman Eileen Tasso Isabel Franco Jacques Vaney John Kennedy Julie Gattaz Judy Zanchi Luis Barros Kevin May Leslie Reed Marlene Rubeiz Nadja Venezian Ricardo Rubeiz Jr. Suzana Sheffield Position President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chairman Contributing Member Contributing Member Chairman Chairman Contributing Member Contributing Member Chairman Chairman Chairman Contributing Member Chairman Committee --Corporate Sponsorships 4th of July CAC/ Xmas Angel Party Corporate Sponsorships Corporate Sponsorships Athletic Membership Committee Social Committee Corporate Sponsorships Gala Event Cutural Nominations Cutural Corporate Sponsorships



AmSoc Board Bio - Richard Wegman

into the Army, but chose to enter the Reserves instead because I didnt really want to go to Vietnam. I was accepted and completed officer candidate school and a year later graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant. It was a busy time in my life, juggling work, school, Army and a family. Ultimately, my family broke up and I chose to take the opportunity to change my life by moving to Southern California. I bought a one way ticket, packed two suitcases and started a new life living in a Beach front apartment, sitting in the sun, BBQs on Saturday afternoons and watching the girls pass by. Living at the beach was a very good experience but it had a short shelf life; there was work to be done and a career to build. I secured a position at XEROX where I was a Branch Control Manager in Long Beach, just outside of Los Angeles. After many years with XEROX, I felt it was time for another adventure before I worked my life away, so I took off for Europe traveling and camping for six months. This was an absolutely fantastic time. I grew personally and learned a lot about people, cultures, arts, and camping in the rain. Upon my return I was ready for the next big step in my career and became Area Operations Manager for a national X-RAY Equipment Company (Picker). A few years later, I met a woman who was to be the mother of my son and moved up to Northern California. I quickly got a position with SUN Microsystems as a Systems Development Manager with an international team, so I got to travel to Europe a few more times. I thought maybe owning a business would bring me another approach to life. One computer business led to another and another; suddenly I found that I had no life, just work and not enough time with my son. When I realized how much freedom I had lost, I sold everything. It was then that I became a Business Consultant and Executive/ Life Coach. I worked independently for five year before becoming a Regional Consulting Manager for an international consulting firm based in Las Vegas. In addition to business coaching, I also coached hundreds of men to help them grasp how they can be more responsible in their relationships, family and career. This is voluntary work which I still do today, helping men to be more closely in touch with their manhood. Actually, I find coaching personally rewarding, as well as beneficial to my clients and it is also in high demand. I lived in Santa Rosa for 17 years, in the heart of the Sonoma wine country north of San Francisco. It was a great place to raise my son. However, working out of the Las Vegas consulting headquarters became a bit brutal on commuting. So when the opportunity to relocate to Brazil presented itself, I jumped at the chance to live outside of the States. Why Brazil? Well I bet you can guess it involves a beautiful woman. She wanted to move back to her aging mother in So Paulo and we arrived here in April 2007 with a five year plan for staying. As of now, we havent even started the clock; we are having such a great time in Brazil. With so much to explore (Beaches, Rain Forest, Mountains) and experiences (food, culture and art) my adventurous side doesnt want to leave. My kids are grown, why not stay and explore! My two children, Anita in Rochester, NY and Jeffrey in Santa Cruz, CA have both been down to visit; they loved it here and will be back soon. They are shining examples of young people making their way in todays world, which is much different and digital than when I was young. To finalize, its been a pleasure to serve as your representative on the Board of AMSOC for the last four years; now as Treasurer. AMSOC was a guiding force for me when I arrived being totally unfamiliar with everything. I now call Brazil Home because of the support received from members of the American Society. Its an honor to be of service.

My Parents always went out on Friday night for a Fish Fry at a local German Restaurant in Rochester, NY. However, it happened one year on their 5th wedding anniversary that I was born instead: the fourth child in a family of eight, with many relatives still living in Rochester. As I look back on my childhood I have fond memories of playing games, making puzzles, going to the YMCA every Saturday and I know that is where my deeply rooted values, sense of responsibility, teamwork and commitment were instilled. We had a cottage on Lake Ontario for the summers where I went canoeing, water skiing, chased snakes through the tall grass and of course lots of swimming. In college I later swam in National competitions. Since I was in the 2nd grade I sang in choirs, I still love to sing. In my late teens I had the opportunity to go to Europe twice on concert tours. During one of my six week tours, while staying in a small town in Switzerland, we watched the first step taken on the Moon. A great time to be an American! I started my career as a machinist, working in a factory in Rochester and going to College part time. Soon after I received my Associates Degree, I was promoted to the financial area where I worked for several years in Cost accounting, International Accounting, an operational budgets and planning. I continued my studies at night school and later received my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology. During this same period I was drafted



The American Society of So Paulo

The BIG Angel Party Thank You Page

By Sue Sileci, AMSOC Member Every year were amazed by the generosity of our community. This years Angel Party took place with several new donors and the incredible support of those who have helped us in the past and were able to do so again. Wed like to thank: Gerson & Grey which transported and safely stored our gift bags before the party. We cant do the party without their help and special thanks because theyre behind the scenes and no one would even know theyd been there. Gerson & Grey: (11) 3817-4787. A huge thanks to our newest partner,, for its significant financial contribution and energetic volunteers! Another new partner! Thank you to Sanrio do Brasil for the wonderful donation of Hello Kitty toys, backpacks, shoes and other goodies. The children loved them! Junior, So Paulos top dance instructor, donated his time and energy to teach dancing to the crowds waiting to see Santa. Thank you! Want to learn to boogie? Call 99581-3445. Thank you to Michael Allegra and the Grand Hyatt So Paulo for the delicious candy they donated and the lovely crew of volunteers they brought along. Another big thanks to General Brands for the Camp juice which we served the children throughout the day. It was wonderful to have a healthy option! Chapel School was amazing again with everyone on board to help us, from the administration to security. Thank you. Thanks to McDonalds! They donated lunch for 300 happy children and helpers and sent along Ronald McDonald and balloon and make up artists. General Mills donated Nature Valley granola bars and Hagen-Dazs ice cream. On a hot afternoon, having delicious snacks makes all the difference. Thank you! Thank you to Aline and Carlos Ricardo for donating Sonho de Valsa chocolates for prizes. Delicious! Editora IPEP donated over 240 books. We like to see kids enjoying a fun day and taking home a bit of culture, too. Thank you! Thanks to General Brands do Brasil for individual boxes of juice for our guests. It really hit the spot all that sunny afternoon. Sheila Moura of Oficina de Festas fancied up Chapel School with hundreds of silver and white balloons: or 11-49928009. Special thanks to Itamar Silva and Pioneer Balloons. A big thanks to PepsiCo do Brasil! We had plenty of delicious soft drinks to last us through the hot afternoon. We have several thousand wonderful photos of the party thanks to our great team of photographers: Richard Salazar, Tina Smith, Marie Louise Miller, Jane Thompson, Erin Hooley, Aleena Herr and Patricia de Luna. To see more of their incredible pictures and get links to some of their sites, check out the Angel Partys Facebook page. (The Angel Party The American Society of So Paulo) Cipolatti, again!, donated a beautiful Christmas tree and two red thrones for our Santas. Cipolatti has been more than faithful for many years! cipolatti. The fabulous Habibs donated 80 pizzas.Thank you! Order Habibs at 5696-2828. General Motors do Brasil donated 250 cloth bags and notebooks. Thank you yet again! Malu Felsberg donated several trays of beautiful and yummy brigadeiros. Thank you! The Graded Cubs and Boy Scouts worked hard to handle a full days worth of trash. Thank you! Big thanks to the Chapel Parish confirmation class for their hard work at the makeup and nail polish table. We love our two Santas and Santa Helpers. Thank you Waldir Martins, Ricardo Rubeiz, Mariana Mantoan and Carolina Atra! The children cant wait till Santa gives them their gift bags. Its the highlight of the party. We thank all the 220 gift bag sponsors and cash donors for their much needed financial support, clothes, shoes, toys, candy, wrapping paper, labeling, plastic bags and most of alllove. A huge thanks to the 230 amazing volunteers who worked all day in the sun, testing out long-unused muscles, bending, hugging, wiping and caring each wearing a red T-shirt and a huge smile. Finally, the Angel Party Planning Team was amazing. You were at monthly meetings, read and wrote tons of emails, made a lot of calls, hit the malls, read Excel spreadsheets and did all of the work behind the scenes. It was more fun than it sounds like. Wanna join us next year?



The BIG Angel Party Picture Spread



The American Society of So Paulo

A big thank you to Onward Rocinante Productions for these great pictures!

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Consulate Corner: New Visa Processing Procedures

By J. Trygve Has-Ellison and Don Cordell, American Consulate to the offsites to request visa renewal without an interview. Minors under 16 and adults over 66 can also receive a first-time visa without an interview. We also better aligned interview and appointment times. This was a significant change. By scheduling a set number of applicants every 10 minutes, we enabled them to enter our waiting room, have their interview, and leave in less than 30 minutes. We can now interview the same number of applicants as before, while having fewer applicants in the waiting area at any one time. The result is a better atmosphere for both officers and applicants. Informal feedback through email correspondence, as well as social networking, has been positive. We can thank many individuals for their hard work, especially the dedicated leadership of Mission Brazil, who always work closely with line officers and locally employed staff. We are pleased with our progress, but are not content to rest on our laurels. We are constantly seeking ways to make the process more convenient and pleasant for the applicants. Promoting tourism and travel to the United States is an important aspect of our work. The first step is by giving Brazilians a taste of the positive, courteous attitude they will experience in the United States.

Over the past year, Consulate So Paulo made dramatic transitions in our visa processing system. First, we focused on personnel, doubling our number of officers and staff. At the same time, we improved our procedures for processing visa applications. Our goal was to implement the values of efficiency, organization, service, and courtesy that Americans expect and appreciate at home. And we succeeded. Mission Brazil processed more than one million visas in Fiscal Year 2012. We achieved this while substantially decreasing the wait time for interviews and decreasing the time applicants spend at the consulate on the day of the interview. How did we do this? We opened up two offsite locations to expedite preinterview processing, and implemented a system by which previous visa holders can now send their passports


Cognitive weaknesses are a result of ongoing learning struggles. Fortunately, obstacles can be overcome and improved significantly. Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification.

Comprehensive Evaluation
In-depth pre- and post testing for the following areas: Expressive Language Mathematics Phonology Reading Written Expression Initial and Follow-up Consultations include: Identification of strengths and areas for improvement Recommendations for follow-up treatment and/or support Testimonials available for 13 years of success

Credentialed Learning Specialist

55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] 55 (11) 99236.5267 [mobile]

Dr. Wendy M. Smith



The American Society of So Paulo

(see article on page 11)



($12,, since nobody eats them anyway! Finally, nothing says dont you have a kitchen to be in right about now? than the Kitchen Essential Oil Cleaning Caddy ($17,, a collection of ecofriendly soaps and cleaning products, including a parsley-based all-purpose cleaner and handy-dandy fruit and vegetable wash. Gifts for the bathroom are always a hit (or miss), and big spenders cant go wrong with a $10,000 Intelligent Toilet (, which not only features a seat-warmer and an automatic lid, but also provides a thorough medical check-up, including blood pressure, weight, and urine analysis! And while your favorite uncle is having his prostate checked by the toilet bowl, help him recreate the ambiance of a medical waiting room with the iCarta iPod dock* and toilet roll dispenser ($110, with built-in water-resistant speakers (*iPod not included). A less-invasive bathroom-related gift thats great for the fairly hairy is the No! No! Shaver ($250,, which burns away the short and curlies via a thermodynamic wire that transmits heat to the hair. It is important to note that the manufacturer warns this process is characterized by odor, which makes it the perfect gift to buy in tandem with the Poo-Pourri Air Freshener ($1015,, a liquid air freshener that you spritz on the toilet water a few times before using. The scents include original, Royal Flush, and No. 2! And for the man on the fairway who cant make it to the potty in time (sorry, ladies), the Uro Golf Club ($25, serves as a convenient pee receptacle, and even features a privacy shield for the more modest club members. Oh, and while were on the subject of memberships, personal health should also be a consideration when gift-giving, which is why The Penis Book: An Owners Manual ($9, makes such a great Christmas gift. The guide, penned by one Margaret Gore, offers insight on

the use, maintenance, and repair of the blessed organ, including sections on contraception and STDs. If all this is a little extreme for your taste, theres always room for beauty items on ones gift list, and the Jason Voorhies-esque Rejuvenique Facial Toning Mask Kit ($60, kills wrinkles faster than you can say Friday the 13th. As a bonus, the battery operated facial apparatus can also be used as a hockey mask or Halloween costume. For the gentleman with the thinning hair who hasnt yet assumed the full chrome dome, theres the wonderful and reasonable facsimile Good Looking Hair ($15,, an aerosol that perfectly patches up the patches with lifelike fibers that accurately mimic real hair follicles. Careful, though, as this product isnt available for shipping overseas (aerosol, you know), but can certainly be tested on a return visit to the States. Nothing compliments an effective beauty regimen like proper additions to the wardrobe, and these closet-stuffers are sure to be at the top of any selfrespecting persons Salvation Army donation pile. Starting with accessories, which are some of the easiest items to regift, the Robin Charlotte Belt Buckle

($180,, pictured above) features real fish and seahorses suspended in clear plastic, creating a wearable aquarium on that special someones belt. The fish are dead, by the way. There is also the wide array of toad skin purses (prices vary, shipped all the way

from Australia, each made from a large and unlucky cane toad that has been skinned and tanned (and had a zipper added) for maximum sturdiness. The ultimate accessory, however, is the LifeGem ($2,700-$25,000, lifegem. com), which is a diamond made from the carbon byproduct of a deceased petor person. The gems can be set in custom-designed rings, necklaces, and pendants and come in a rainbow of colors. From outerwear to innerwear, a pair of personalized panties is always an interesting gift choice, depending on the relationship the giver has to the receiver. Smart Ass Thongs ($20, has tender, heartfelt monikers like gold digger, desperate housewife, and control freak stitched on them. There are also the wonderfully inventive iPanties ($12, that slide to unlock and come in iShades of white or black. For couples, Fundies ($10,, also known as underwear for two, are unbeatable when it comes to getting people together. As for the paranoid and shameless, the Underwear Safe ($15, findoutthetruth. com), a pair of tightey-whiteys with highly visible faux skid marks, are sure to scare away any wouldbe thief who happens to be rifling through your luggage or dirty clothes hamper. And the party doesnt have to stop just because the lights go out, since the Enlighted Bra ($55105, can bring the disco effect right into the bedroom, or, wherever. No gift-giver in her right mind would forget the kiddies, and there are plenty of cringeworthy gift items for children on the market this year. The Trailer Dollhouse ($20, is a miniature ol school Airstreamstyle camper with kitchenette, breakfast nook, bed, and pet (note: Barbie doesnt fit) that prepares the little ones for the challenges of life on the road. For the combination aviator/marine biologist, the Flying Shark ($139, nitroplanes. com) is a remote controlled airplane in the shape of a Great White, but with




The American Society of So Paulo

wings (Jaws theme not included). A less intimidating present for children would be the Bed Bug Stuffed Animal ($10,, which despite its plush pink exterior, allow kids to easily identify the critters in case of an outbreak. And while were on the subject of critters, we cant forget about the pets. Dog perfume is all the rage, thanks to Puppy Love ($44, pepperandtanky. com), a set of fragrances produced in France and designed to make the mangiest mutt smell like a dryer sheet. In keeping with the theme of treating pets as people, why not keep the festiveness of Halloween alive with a Dog Mustache ($10, uncommongoods. com), great for picture-taking and role playing, with the dog starring as Teddy Roosevelt. Finallyand we mean that for anyone unsure of what earthly offerings might be adequate for his or her loved ones, the Ticket to Heaven ($13, reserveaspotinheaven. com) comes with a comprehensive travel kit, complete with ID card and informational brochure about Heaven. Tickets are one-way and there is a 100% money-back guarantee* (*reservations accepted but not guaranteed for Hellbound customers).

AmSoc Team Wins Munro Cup

On October 31st, on a blistering hot day for golf, the 7th Challenge Golf Cup took place at the beautiful and challenging So Fernando Golf Clube. It was a highly competitive and tensely played golf match, as always, but being a Match Play Best Ball Scramble, everybody said they had great fun. Especially enjoyed was the awards ceremony that featured a splendid hot buffet. After all 14 twosome match results were posted on the Club Houses Score Board, both teams were tied at 7 match points apiece. And according to the Match Rules established by the host team, the St. Andrews Society, a tiebreak would be determined by the greater of the small points, which would be (see page 9 for the full results) the sum of the winning twosomes results. Our very own Amsoc team won by the small points 29 to 28! (full results on page 9)

Annual VIP Cocktail

The American Society Board was delighted to host the Annual VIP cocktail to thank Corporate Sponsors, Helping Hands and Patron Members for their significant contributions this year. The event took place on October 24th at the Cantina Esperanza in the Moema neighborhood (Avenida Sabi, 786. 5051-1229), where owner Monica Tarallo, prepared special Italian hors doeuvres for the over 100 guests present. Joe Sherman, American Societys President, put these contributions into a greater perspective: We would like to thank you again for your generous contribution which has such a positive impact on the lives of the children sponsored through our 10 social programs. We have been able to make over R$250.000 in direct contributions over the past 4 years. But this is only part of the story. This month we will hold the Angel Party for about 230 children individually sponsored for R$300 in Christmas gifts and basic supplies (clothing, shoes etc), totaling close to R$70.000. With additional sponsors for the venue, food and entertainment, we are looking at over R$200.000. This is what the Community Action Committee (CAC) does and which will probably raise over R$300.000 with volunteer time and individual donations. This definitely makes a difference in the quality of life of the children we are helping. The American Society invites all members to visit the social programs and learn about the positive impacts being made on the lives of the participating children and their families.

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NYE - Let the Party Begin!

By Melissa Harkin, AmSoc member The countdown to the end of the year has begun. Its time to think of gathering family and friends, choose the color of clothes to wear on New Years eve, and make new resolutions for next year. But before all that, you have to find a destination that suits your intentions. Brazil has some traditional destinations for the holidays, and they offer a lot of fun: parties, fireworks, lots of happy people, etc., therefore, it doesnt matter if you only have a few days or a whole month of vacation, if you want to party, relax, or have some quality time with the family. Here are destinations for all people, all tastes, all distances, and all pockets! Riviera de So Loureno, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Jurer, Rio Quente, Itacar, and Jericoacoara are the options I give you to relax, stay in touch with nature, or partying during New Years Eve. Check it out! Riviera de So Loureno A neighborhood of Bertioga, Riviera is almost a city nowadays, and it is the destination for people looking for good infrastructure for shopping and services on the northern coast of So Paulo. Not coincidentally, Riviera is where a complex of luxury condominiums of Cabo Frio Considered the most developed city of the Costa do Sol in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Cabo Frio is a great alternative for those who want to celebrate the arrival of 2013 in the traditional New Years Eve in Rio, but without stressing out about the excess of tourists in the city of Rio. Not only because of the name of the neighborhood: P a s s a g e m (passage, transition, change), in which it is located, but also for its infrastructure, hotel Paradiso del Sol can be a good option for welcoming the New Year. If you choose to go to Cabo Frio, be sure to visit the two main attractions: the Parque das Dunas de Cabo Frio and Praia das Conchas. Rio de Janeiro A true classic! To visit Rio de Janeiro any time of the year is great but there are a few special times during the year for which the locals (Cariocas) really

buildings and houses is concentrated. With little hype, the beach is ideal for enjoying tranquility and privacy in the new year. Amaralis Flat Service and Riviera Green Residence are great places to stay at Riviera de So Loureno.




The American Society of So Paulo

let their hair down and party. One of these events is New Years Eve where Rio and Copacabana Beach are famous for the amazing celebration and fireworks display. ( The other is surely the Brazilian Carnaval). As you know, in Brazil and South America, New Years Eve comes during the heart of the summer. This is also during the extended summer holidays when kids are off school. So its really the best time of the year to enjoy the Cidade Maravilhosa. Jurer In the south of Brazil, this is a mix of party places and relaxing beaches in the state of Santa Catarina - 23 Km from downtown Florianpolis -, with paradisiacal scenery, beautiful people, and special parties in hotels and restaurants on New Years Eve. Restaurant Caf Riso Plage always plans a huge party overlooking the sea, with about 500 people attending every year. Jurer Beach Village offers special things each year. Its usually a combination of a special supper for its guests, a daily wonderful breakfast, and one meal per day included in their package. Definitely a great place to stay! Costo do Santinho is another fantastic place to stay in the Florianpolis area. Caldas Novas and Rio Quente You are mistaken if you think that the region of Caldas Novas and Rio Quente, in the state of Gois, is the exclusive destination for the elderly. Adults, children, and young people also enjoy the attractions of the regions resorts. The highlight is Rio Quente Resorts, which has a complex of five hotels, and therapeutic - and relaxing - warm waters on its premises. Ecotourism trips, water sports, game rooms, and water-aerobics are some of the recreational options at the resort. Itacar Amid the Atlantic Forest, the sun and the ax music that only Bahia has to offer, all constantly renew the energies of those going to Itacar. If you are looking for a place with positive energy, go ahead and make reservations at Txai Resort. With a mix of sophistication of services and the natural beauty of the beach, this resort is definitely a great place to welcome 2013. Jericoacara The secret beauty of this town in the state of Cear was released to the world in 1987, when the American newspaper The Washington Post placed the beach in the top 10 of the most beautiful in the world. The former village is 330 kilometers from Fortaleza and it charms visitors - mostly foreigners - with the clear waters of the sea merging with the dunes and rock formations on the coast, such as the touristic Pedra Furada. For those who have embraced the Brazilian custom of jumping waves for good luck on New Years eve, Recanto Baron is my suggestion for a place to stay. Send me a postcard! Melissa Harkin runs a translation company called Melissa HarkinTranslations. Visit her website at or contact her at (1198428-8714). Special DISCOUNTS for AMSOC members!


Make your FUMCAD deposit by December 31st and help the AmSoc supported charities make a difference in the lives of deserving So Paulo children. How? Access the So Paulo Municipal Government site: (www.Prefeitura. SP.Gov.Br/forms/frmentidades. aspx) and contribute up to 6% of your Estimated Brazilian 2012 Income Taxes Due next April to one of the projects listed below. Youll get a full credit for the payment made against what youll owe in April. Associao Maria Helen Drexel Construindo Novas Fronteiras Associao Criana Brasil Viajando no Mundo das Letras or Orientao e Acompanhamento ao Adolescente Associao Vida Jovem De Olho no Futuro Gotas de Flor com Amor Gotas de Valores Humanos or Gotas de Sade na Comunidade or Gotas Reciclando para a Vida Projeto Sol - Centro de Orientao e Educao Juventude Projeto Sol - Arte Educao Vivenda da Criana Jovem Empreendedor da Vivenda da Criana For questions call the chosen charity itself or the AmSoc office (5182-2074). Our charities appreciate your support!




H ousing
TriplexApartment for Rent by Graded School Apt. w/650m2, 4 large suites each w/ built-in closets.Fireplace living w/ separate dinning and lunch rms. Ample apt w/ central air, all marble and hardwood floors, xtra large Jacuzzi + private sauna, large party rmgreat for home theatre and entertainment. 4 garage spots and great bldg amenities. Av. G.Gronchi 4822, next to Graded. Rental R$12,000/mo.Call Andrew at 982020008 or For Sale Apart. near Graded School, building with swimming pool, play-ground, fitness room. Only 2 apartments per floor. 3 BDR, 1 suite, Balcony. 2 garages. Price: $ 430 mil reias. Walking distance from Jardim Sul Shopping, Banks and other facilities. Contact: Sra. Claudete Baring (11) 3065-0555 or Ask for Apart. n. 21/La Tremoille Building. Vila Nova Conceio So Paulos best place to live. Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all Sports facilities, heated swimming pool, gym, play room, barbecue, multi purpose sports court. Three bedrooms (1 suite), living room with terrace, complete kitchen,maids bedroom and bath, big service area, two parking spaces. Fully furnished,with all appliances. Call Ana Beatriz or Eliane Phone (011) 3849.7085 or (011) 99626-6229-mail to: anabeatriz@caboverde. House for Rent in Jardins Great location (near Av. Faria Lima, Shop. Iguatemi). Fully renovated. Ready to move in. 4 bedrooms (2 suites). 3 bathrooms. Office. Living room. Dining room. Family room with fireplace. Outdoor churrasco and wood burning pizza oven. Play area. Utility room. Alarm system. 330sqm / 3,500sqf. Partially furnished or unfurnished. Contact Marcus at 55 11 96698 8896 / Penthome - Jardins 3 BDRM (1 SUITE) 3 BATHS OFFICE 2 GARAGES LARGE BALCONY LOTS OF SUN Unique floor plan-Wooden floor-CabinetsWooden Deck-Jacuzzi-Huge Skyline-Marble Counters-Planned Kitchen-In-Unit Laundry 267 sqm-Rent: R$9.500 - CAM: R$ 1.700 Property Tax: R$350. Monthly. Will be plain painted by owner, according to tenant preferences. Contact Gilberto, br, Mobile: 999 740 499 Excellent location Apartment for rent Apt 163m2, 3 suites + 1 bedroom, closet, balcony, great kitchen, large hydromassage, 3 garage, maids suite. Common area w/ heated pool, BBQ, sports court, party lounge, playground, sauna. Near the best American and bilingual schools (800m Graded), hospitals (Einstein and S Luiz), B Marx Park, Shopping Jd Sul. Very quiet street. R$4500/mo. Carol 98420-2723 / Orlando 98420-2732 / carolpellegrino@yahoo. Interiors Rental Furniture Quality and refined furniture rental for your home away from home. We offer great variety! A complete line of appliances, kitchen devices and linen & towels. Complements such as rugs, lamps and decor items. or M. Smith can be reached at: 3885.7256 [office] or 99236.5267 [mobile]. Personal Trainer I will come to your home, office, or workout facility and create an exercise/fitness program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and schedule. For adults and children, individuals or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. For more information please contact Daniela Franco at (11) 99739-6191 or Argos Dog Kennel Traveling? What about your dog? Argos Kennel Hotel could be his second home in the country. Food, water, and shelter with lots of love and personal care. No lonely kennel for him, but our home and the freedom of a spacious garden. Fetch and carry service. English and French spoken. Call Jean or Christiane at (11) 4661-1430 or (11) 97434-2430 or send an e-mail to Jean. Embu Guau, SP. American-Licensed Counselor. Dawn Morelli, MSW, LCSW. I am an American with USA training and licensing. My expertise includes; mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, self esteem, trauma, and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. 98963-2871 or American-Licensed Expat Psychologist Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psychotherapy for children and adults. He also provides complete diagnostic evaluations in English for children with academic or behavioral difficulties, featuring individualized recommendations for school and home. For more information, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or 99669-8057 or visit American-Licensed Psychotherapist In this busy and ever-changing world, people often feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place to turn. Psychotherapy/ counseling can provide a safe place to receive professional guidance and support. Brief or longer-term therapy offered depending on your needs, goals and expectations. Services: individual, couples, child/adolescent. Certified to conduct Adoption Home Study for American Citizens. Contact: Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 99656-2106 or send an e-mail to Located in Moema.

S ervices
Math and Science Tutor Currently teacher at School St. Francis. 25+ years of experience. Tutors Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Science for all levels, including but not limited to the IB, IGCSE, SAT, ACT, AP and Brazilian vestibular. Elementary and middle school students are also welcome (all subjects). Call Fernando Knijnik at (11) 99134-6700. Former Chapel and Graded teacher. Translation Specialists Over 10 years translating solutions in U.S. cities such as California, Houston and Chicago, SAO PAULO TRADUCOES has had projects with the best companies in Brazil and the world. Solutions in English, Spanish, Portuguese in engineering, legal, med. and many other areas. Free quote: Contact Paulo at: 96657 0170 Please visit us at: Qualified Learning Specialist Success in school leads to success in life. Areas of expertise include in-home support for academics, behavior modification, and intensive preparation for SSAT, PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, TOIEC, IGCSE, and IB Diploma Programme. References furnished upon request. Dr. Wendy




Real English A Note to Our Readers Native english teachers needed (with or without experience) to work in a quickly growing english school in the zona sul of So Paulo. Please contact us. REAL ENGLISH, (11) 56313794 or

The American Society of So Paulo

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December 2012

Important Dates: December - 25 chrIstmas Day (br/Us), 31 new years (br/Us) JanUary - 1 new years Day (br/Us), 21 bIrthDay of marthIn LUther KIng, Jr. (Us), 25 bIrthDay of so paULo (br)

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Canadian International Society (CIS): Gala Dinner postponed to December 2nd! Scottish Country Dancing Club

Time: 8:30 pm. Attire:1962 Glamour or semi-formal. Price: R$ 149,00 per person. More information coming soon at 1st Monday of every month in the Brazilian British Centre in Pinheiros (R. Ferreira de Arajo, 741). At 8pm. Dancing the traditional Scottish reels is an important and enjoyable part of the Societys events. In order to help newcomers learn the basic steps and encourage the more adventurous to learn new ones, St. Andrew Society organizes a meeting of the Scottish Country Dancing Club (SCDC). At Estdio Morumbi. Praa Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, s/n - Vila Snia. At 10:00 pm. www. or The International Newcomers Club (INC) Bazaar is an overview of the best in arts & crafts around town. Time: 10h00-14h00. Espao Escandinavo, Rua Job Lane,1030 - Alto da Boa Vista. Entrance:Free(Suggested donation on R$10). Visit their website at incbazaar.webs. com. Donation for charities are welcome! Please join us to celebrate the wonderful Christmas season with caroling, delicious cocktail and friends! The Eggnog Party is always a wonderful opportunity to mingle and to get into the Christmas spirit! From 8 pm to 10:30 pm. Cost:R$50 per person paid upon reservation by November 26th. R$70 per person if paid after this date. R$80 per person at the door. Call AmSoc office at 5182-2074 or send an e-mail to RSVP is mandatory. Address furnished upon reservation! In the mood for some holiday cheer? Then come and join them for INCs Holiday Party. Bring your family to celebrate with fellow members an afternoon full with laughter, delicious food and drinks. Be old or young, we all will have tons of fun. Drop by or stay all afternoon, the party is an early holiday gift to all of you. Time: 12h00 - 16h00 Location: Moema (address to be sent upon RSVP and closer to date) As a holiday gift this party will be FREE and there will have FUN activities for KIDS. Please RSVP no later than Monday Nov 19th to and tell us how many family members youll bring and also your kids ages. At 10:00 pm. At Via Funchal SAVE THE DATE!



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Eggnog Party



Holiday Party 2012 by the International New comers Club (INC)



Norah Jones show Abacaxi Bowl

26 - Jan Saturday

Gala 2013

Save the date! The Annual American Society of So Paulo Gala Dinner/Dance and Auction will be held on Friday, May 10, 2013 at the Buffet Colonial in Moema. Details to follow! We need help with ticket sales, decorations, invitations, sponsorship, silent auction items etc. If you are willing to help out on one of our committees, please contact Judy at gzanc@ or marlene at

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Christmas in the Tropics?

By Maureen Kennedy Alves, AmSoc member I dont know about you, but theres something about the heat that makes it difficult for me to get into the holiday spirit. Somehow it just doesnt feel right to be in shorts and sandals when Im out doing my Christmas shopping. Im used to being bundled up in a scarf and down jacket, driving in a heated car on my way to the shopping mall. Or listening to Christmas carols while baking Christmas cookies and being happy that Im inside where its warm and cozy. I am amazed at how deep these associations are. That without my usual cues of Christmas, it really feels like it could just be any other time of the year. This reminds me of a neighbor I used to have when I was in high school in Connecticut. A Brazilian woman who lived across the street with her American husband and their children. Every year at Christmastime they had a very, lets call it festive, holiday party. Their house was set up on a hill, hidden from the street by several large oak trees, but the sound of music and laughter would invariably make its way across the street and up to my bedroom window. What I remember most is the Hawaiian Christmas song, Mele Kalikimaka, being played over and over again (at a volume that Im sure meant many other neighbors share the same memory I do). You probably know the song; its the one that goes: Mele Ka-li-ki-maka is Hawaiis way To say Merry Christmas to you. The song is played on a ukulele and is so sweet and charming you can almost see the palm trees swaying and moonlight dancing on the ocean when you hear it. But still, I always wondered while lying in my bed, listening, why they would want to play a tropical-sounding song at a Connecticut Christmas party. Where was the traditional, Silent Night, White Christmas, or even Jingle Bells? The songs, I thought, Christmas was made of. At the time, Brazil didnt mean anything in particular to me. It was just another South American country on the map. I had no idea that my future husband would be from there, or that someday I would call it home. Now that am here, though, I think understand why my neighbor played Mele Kalikimaka with such fervor. For her, a Connecticut Christmas and all that it entailed the cold, the (sometimes) snow, stockings by the fireplace none of that was native. She must have longed for palm trees with white Christmas lights, hot sunny days, and spending time with her family poolside or at the beach. Looking back, I admire her for how she managed. She didnt buckle down to the usual New England traditions. Nor did she complain. Instead, she flavored the holiday with her own Brazilian spice: She hosted a huge party, threw open the windows despite the cold, and let the sound of the tropics breeze through. This year I was tempted to do nothing in preparation for Christmas. My husband and I are heading back to the States with our children just before Christmas Eve, so, I thought, why bother? Ill start celebrating as soon as we get there. But then I thought about my old neighbor. And how, like her, I dont want to live a life divided, putting traditions and rituals on hold until Im back where I really come from. I want to remember, too, the unique gift that living abroad has given me, one that I would never have received if I didnt live here. And that is the ability to put myself in someone elses shoes. Without my time in Brazil, I would have always just remembered my neighbor as that woman who played that weird Christmas song. But now, perhaps, I understand her heart a little better. So this Christmas, Im heading over to Carrefour to buy the closest thing I can get to a Christmas tree. Ill be marching myself down to Rua 25 de Maro to buy some ornaments to decorate it. And, at the end of the day, I think Ill pour myself a glass of red wine, open up the doors to the veranda, and play White Christmas really loud, for all my neighbors.