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The Hansatrail

Hanseatic City Herford Bad Salzuflen Old hanseatic city Lemgo

Alte Hansestadt Lemgo

Der Hansawe

Hansestadt Herford mark in Herford and also More than 1200 years history left ones

offer a lot of room for modern accents. Where back in 789 the oldest 1200 Saxon nunnery was built and the witte child defies the francorian imperator, today there is a gothic sacral architecture next to the most innovative museum building worldwide: Frank Gehrys Marta Her789Wittekind ford. After this exploration tour among the medieval and the modern, the bath H2O is the perfect destination to relax. This wellness Frank Gehrys Marta Herford oasis invites you to one of the best sauna landscapes in the region. Experience the combination of activity and culture. H2O

Well-known for its beneficial brine spring, the historical salt boiler city Bad Salzuflen offers you air and water like from the sea. 600.000 liter brine trickle daily about the graduation house and they arrange for a fresh marine breeze. You can take a deep breath in the accessible experience brine concentra ting house at the spa gardens, with an observation platform and a brine cloud chamber. The historical center with the precious adorned timbered house, which was build in the 16. Century, offers you a scenic frame 16 with lots of little cafs and restaurants. Chosen accommodations - from familiar guesthouse until the luxurious 4 star house - are looking forward to meet you. Staatsbad Salzuflen Tourist Information Staatsbad Salzuflen - Tourist Information Parkstrae 20 32105 Bad Salzuflen Parkstrae 20 Tel. (+49) 52 22 - 183 183; Fax (+49) 52 22 - 183 208 32105 Bad Salzuflen;
Tel. (+49) 52 22-183 183 Fax (+49) 52 22-183 208

Exemplary Weser renaissance and scenic late gothic The old hanseatic city Lemgo is convincing you with the notable arLemgo chitecture. With its more than 800 years old history, and the landmarked architecture Lemgo is one of the urbanistic highlights in Germany and 800Lemgo invites you to a journey to the past. The flair of the renaissance and the idyll turn Lemgo into a favorite destination for tourists. Especially large is the assortment of historical art and culture museum. Furthermore 200 stores and restaurants welcoming you for shopping and enjoying. 200 Highlights: Market place with town hall, museum Junkerhaus, museum Hexenbrgermeisterhaus, Weserrenaissance-museum, castle Brake, Museum JunkerhausMuseum planet house Lemgo Marketing Kramerstrae 1 32657 Lemgo Lemgo Marketing Tel. (+49) 52 61 -1 Kramerstrae 98870 Fax (+49) 52 61 - 988728 32657 Lemgo Tel. (+49) 52 61- 988 www.lemgo-marketing.de70
Fax (+49) 52 61- 988 728
HexenbrgermeisterhausWeserrenaissance-Museum Schlo BrakePlanetenhaus


Drentrup is Drentrup of the animals. It is placed in the north of Lippe the village and because of its beautiful scenically position in the highland, it is a famous resort for the tourism. Specific features are the old, endangered domestic animal breeds, which some of the farms are raising. Also the Bergland over 700 years old places Schwelentrup and Humfeld, the church villages 70 Bega and Hillentrup with the new gothic church, as well as Wendlinghau0SchwelentrupHumfeldBegaWendlinghausen sen with the imposing Weserreaissance castle Gut Wendlinghausen are Weserrenaissanceschloss attractive destinations and invite you for a visit. & Gut


Extertal is placed between the Weser highland and the Teutoburger Extertal forest. Hikers are able to find the over 250 km long marked path in an admirable cultural landscape. People who love the winter sport can enjoy Weserbergland)Teutoburger Wald this in the snowy Extertal. The historical steam locomotive offers you 250 a special driving emotion. Riding a bicycle on rails? Want to forget the steering, just enjoy the surrounding? In Extertal you have the opportunity to do this with the railbikes. Someone who loves the music should visit the music castle Sternberg. Historical neighbor cities like Hameln, Detmold, Minden, Lemgo, Rinteln, Bckeburg or Bad Pyrmont invite you to stay.
HamelnDetmold MindenLemgoRintelnBckeburg Bad Pyrmont)

Flecken Aerzen

The Landscape of the large-scale community (105, 14 local cenFlecken Aerzen ters, about 11.200 habitants) is marked from the valleys of the Humme, 105 14 the Grieebach and the Berberbach which are surrounded by afforested HummeGrieebach Beberbach* hills. The federal road 1, the old king street from 1. Hildesheim to Pader*Bundesstrae born is the most denotative transport connection. Also the local centers, HildesheimPaderbornAlte Knigsstrae which are apart from this road can be reached well by the road system. Hallen-u.Freibad The variegated opportunities of leisure (indoor swimming pool and open Kulturzentrum course, horseback riding), cultural air bath, lavish sports facilities, golfDomnenburg center Domnenburg, well-appointed hotels, holiday home, taverns and *Bundesstrae 1. Aachen restaurants ensure you a convenient stay in a scenic ambience. oder


1930 Lemgo Hameln

On the left and on the right side of the river Weser, enclosed in the rolling HamelnMrchenstrae* hills of the Weserbergland is Hameln. Next to the fairy tale street a dark journeyman has his home - the pied piper. Experience him and his black magic, but also the incomparable historical center of Hameln. The impo1 sing2 and the frame house, also the romantic Weser renaissance-house * alleys are a real crowd puller. Furthermore a shipping tour is recommen2001975 600 dable, or watch a glassblowing in the historical powder tower and inspect the museum with the formidable pied piper theater. *


Herford Bismarckturm Kurpark Lemgo Steinberg395

Pro Herford GmbH Touristinformation Pro Herford GmbH - Tourist-Information Linnenbauerplatz 6 32052 Herford Linnenbauerplatz 6 Tel. (+49) 52 21 - 1 89 15 26; Fax (+49) 52 21 - 1 89 15 60 32052 Herford;
Tel. (+49) 52 21-1 89 15 26 Fax (+49) 52 21-1 89 15 60

Verkehrsverein e.V. Drentrup Stallscheune Verkehrsverein e.V. Drentrup Frsterweg 9 32694 Drentrup Stallscheune Frsterweg 9 Tel. (+49) 52 65- 81 40; Fax (+49) 52 65- 62 59 32694 Drentrup; Tel. (+49) 52 65-81; 40 Fax (+49) 52 65-62 59

Gemeinde Extertal Mittelstr. 36 32699 Extertal Gemeinde Extertal Tel. (+49) 52 62-402 0; Mittelstr. 36 32699 Extertal Fax (+49) 52 62-402 109 Tel. (+49) 52 62 - 402 0;
Fax (+49) 52 62 - 402 109


Touristikzentrum Westliches Weserbergland k I -i Punkt Aerzen (24h Infoterminal) - Punkt Aerzen (24 h Infoterminal) Kirchplatz 31855 Aerzen Kirchplatz 2 2 Touristikzentrum 31855 57 51 Tel. (+49)Aerzen- 403 980 Tel. (+49) 57 51- 403 980 Fax (+49) 57 51 - 403 989 Fax (+49) 57 51- 403 989

*HummeGrieebach BeberbachWeser

Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH Deisterallee 1 The Hansatrail Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH Deisterallee 31785 Hameln 1 31785 51 51 Tel. (+49)Hameln95 78 23 Tel. (+49) 51 - 95 78 40 Fax (+49) 5151 51- 95 78 23 Fax (+49) 51 51- 95 78 40,

Weser Kltturm

The Hansatrail

Impressum: Projektbro Hansaweg und Teutoburger-Wald-Verein e.V. TWV Engersche Str. 57 33611 Bielefeld Tel. 0521 63019 Fax 0521 9677973 Di + Fr 10 -12 Uhr

Geobasis NRW

The Hansatrail, already built in 1930 is a hiking trail with the length of 75 km, supervise from the Teutoburger-Forest-Society, goes through the north of the Lippe highland. The path connects the hanseatic cities Herford, Lemgo and Hamelin. Also in the medieval this cities were member cities in the Hanse-alliance and today they are activated for the westphalian and international Hanse-network. At the beginning of 2012 the trail got the title Qualittsweg Wanderbares Deutschland. The Hansatrail started at the railroad station in Herford and leads for the time along the small river Werre and then to the Bismarck tower. Past through the spa gardens in Bad Salzuflen you can reach the look-out Hhnerwiem. Afterwards the path offers you a lot of beautiful views. If you arrive in Lemgo you have to visit the historic center furthermore in Drentrup you can reach the highest point, with 395 meters, at your peregrination. If the weather transmits clear views, you can see the whole region with a 360 angle.

People who like the culture have to visit the castle Sternberg. Another highlight is waiting for the hiker above Bsingfeld. The look-out Hohe Asch is arranged directly at the Hansatrail and features you three platforms with panorama boards, that advise you the destinations which you can see at the horizon. Once through the open field mark, and the other one through the forest, the Hansatrail guides you all the way along to the Weser. After 75 km your adventure is reaching its end at the Kltturm. Well marked trails lead you to the Pied Piper city Hameln.