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Bhiksu or Bhikku, literally means a beggar but generally refers to Buddhist monk who lives a monastic life.

The Blessed One (Buddha), tells Bhikku how get free himself from

suffering and grief of this world, and how to attain the true way and nirvana. In order to achieve nirvana a bhikku needs to contemplate four foundations of mindfulness, contemplating body as a body, feeling as a feeling, mind as a mind and mind-objects as mind-objects. The bhikku is aware and mindful about him and grief does not concern him. The reading expands what it means to be aware of him. The first thing bhikku needs to contemplate the body as a body, he first needs to leave civilized world, and go live in secluded place in a forest or empty hut. The whole concept of secluding yourself, in order to know you is very important, because a modern does not really knows him. The modern man is too busy in worldly matters to know to himself, one the major criticism of modern man by religion is he has no connection with celestial being. He just acts, without any real consciousness that was not the case of pre-modern man. The blessed one explains further, in the state of bhikku seclusion, he analyzes every aspects of his body. The first essential thing a human body is oxygen without which a human being cannot survive. A bhikku, reaches a level where experience his breathing, he knows exactly whether he is breathing in or out, through that act tranquilizes his body formation. A bhikku is aware of all the action his body performs, weather walking, sitting, talking, standing or laying down. Every action of his limbs he is aware of it. He is heedful about his actions, unlike the modern man, he acts like a machine; follow a routine without any real purpose. If anybody asks now days why you do you act in certain way most of the people will not be able to give an answer which is based on logic. When a person is aware of his action, he can analyzes his every action, that what exactly a bhikku does.

Bhikku has to contemplate body as body, both internally and externally. When he sees his body from head to toe, he concludes that it is full of impurities. He knows what his body holds and what comes out of it. In a religious tradition, pride fullness equal destruction, one of the ways a bhikku humbles him is by realizing, what is his body carrying, it is nothing but human waste which full of impurities. The problem in the current time is that we have forgotten this, most of us have forgotten the reality of a human being, which is nothing as blessed one has explained, a body with many kind of impurities. A bhikku sees a corpse, being thrown by the river, and the body is rooting and is being attacked by vultures, crows, hawks and all kind of animals. After animal has completely

dismembered that body, bhikku sees the bones scattered around, overtime those bones becomes dust. He realizes fate of his body will be the same soon or later. A bhikku has to know that, death is the fate of every person. A person cannot move up in a spiritual ladder, if he does not realize that the human being is a mortal being. The modern man lives as he would never die. The blessed one has said, if a bhikku develops the four foundations even for seven days, he will receive of the two fruits either the final knowledge or non-return.