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Mohamed E Al Bakry

Date November 2005

The Manager

I am pleased to submit my pre qualifications for challenging

opportunity with your company. I hope you find this information
listed here in matching your expectations.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Mohamed E Al Bakry

Industrial Engineering
Marketing Consultant

+2010 - 3340015
+1 – 757 – 4709246

242 Abdul Salam Aref St. Loran 21411

Alexandria - Egypt
Tel 00203 5823261
End of Abbass El Akad St. - Nasser City
Cairo - Egypt

Mohamed E Al Bakry
Marketing Consultants
242 Abdul Salam Aref St.
Apt.405, Loran zip code21411
Date: November 2005
Mohamed E Al Bakry/Resume Highlights

Engineering Background
Graduated from Alexandria University, Industrial Engineering 1988.
Consultant Engineer, The Egyptian Engineering Syndicate 2003.
Participated in several industrial organizations1997-2004.
Passed Toefl exam from AUC American University in Cairo 1989.

Economics knowledge
MBA Studies in Economics from 2 Intl. Universities:
Distance learning program in Economics- Heriott Watt University 1993.
Participated in 2 management courses- J Bajaj- Al Ghurair Academy 2000.

Investment Banking Experience

Occupied the position of assistant investment manager - Lehman Brothers Europe
Inc., Bahrain 1994-1995.
Occupied the position of assistant investment manager - Nikko Investment Banking
in Bahrain 1995-1996.

Service and Development Industries Exposure

Human Resources Marketing Consultant – Cairo Egypt 2005.

In depth market coverage with top industries in Middle East

Waste management.
Paper trading and printing.
Material handling and conveyor systems.
Internet services and research IMS.
GRP / GRE pipes for irrigation and sewage water .
Consumer services. Travel and tourism. Auto Industry.
Please contact: mobile +20103340015 / Residence +2035823261
International Faxes +2035844214 / +203 5844215 Local Faxes: 035844213

Pre Qualifications

Mohamed E Al Bakry
Date: March 30, 2007

UNIDO – IMC Project

Burg El Arab Industrial City

November 2004 – August 2005

Industrial Plant Work Done

Summer Moon – Sea Food Processing Pre assessment & TOR
Crello Sweets – Traditional Halawa Pre assessment & TOR
Modern Industries – Chemicals Pre assessment & TOR
Gital – Metal Furniture Works Pre assessment & TOR
St George – Jelly Powder – Food Pre assessment & TOR
Walaa Chocolate – Food Industries Pre assessment & TOR
Falcon Batteries – Engineering Chemical Pre assessment & TOR
Star Glue – Chemical Industries Pre assessment & TOR

Clients Reference list-Abstract A

Client Name Contact Person Position
Al Ahram Beverages David Horne Technical Manager
Al Ahram Beverages Ahmed Shamass Purchasing Manager
Afyap Hassan Oegy Purchasing Manager
Farag Allah Mohamed Al Banhawi Finance Manager
Pel Color tannery Hisham Gazer Chairman
El Marwa Juhaina Ismael Sabit General Manager
El Marwa Juhaina Henning Berg Plant Manager
El Marwa Juhaina Khalid Naeem Maintenance Manager
Danon Sheriff Zu El Fikar Maintenance Manager
Amiral - Brook Mohamed El Lawati Regional Manager
Ministry of Irrigation Consultants Consultant to The Minister
Ministry of Military works Consultants Consultant to The Minister
Ministry of Home Supplies Consultants Consultant to The Minister
Ministry of Defense Consultants Consultant to The Minister
Olympic Group Emad Nehad General Manager-Service
Everest Emad El Barricader Sharjah Sales Manager

Cairo Poultry Adel El Shamy Plant Manger-Nubariah
Cairo Poultry Hassan Abdul Moniem Consultant
Fresh Mohamed Reffat Engineering Manger

Clients Reference list-Abstract B

Client Name Contact Person Position
Al Sherook Eng. Hisham Al Sheikh Chairman
Al Sherook Mr. Harold Kurz Consultant
Al Sherook Mrs. May Foad Executive Secretary
Abu Kir Engineering Admiral Maher Abdul Chairman
Abu Kir Engineering Eng. Ahmed Shamali Civil Production Division
Abu Kir Engineering Eng. Nabil Saad Vice Chairman
Egyptian Navy Admiral Dr. Sayed Military Academy
Awad Allah
Horse Eng. Ashraf Ali Purchasing Manager
Flora Eng. Bassem Attiya Engineering Manager
Bahgat Group Mr. Noor Al Commercial Division
Farnawani Manager
Olympic Group Eng. Fahmy Mohamed Ideal Division Manager
Olympic Group-Cookers Eng. Ahmed Hassan Maintenance Manger
Alexandria University Eng. Youssery Abdul Head of Maintenance –
Hakim Faculty of Engineering
Arab Academy for Science Capt. Ahmed Abdul Vice President
and technology Wahab Fahmy
El Lehimi Brothers Mr. Mohamed El Chairman
El Gharabawi Eng. Amir El Munofi Civil Consultant
Habazit Tony Ashbaa Director
P&G Eng. Sheriff Othman Manager – Always Ultra
Unionaire Eng. Mamdouh El Said Vice President

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

FY 2003-Contracts introduced to Material Handling Systems Provider – Egypt.

Local Contracts.

Company Contract Value Contract Manager/Reference

Faragallah LE14,750.00 Eng. Mohamed El Kholi,
Slat Conveyor L3500 W7.5" Engineering Manager
for moving finished bottles to Mr. Mohamed El Banhawi,
shrink machine in new factory. Finance Manager
Eng. Ashraf Zakaria, Plant
Al Ahram LE 45,000.00 Mr. David Horne, Projects

Beverages 2 Nos. HSC L 4000 W 800 Manager
Food grade with Tele- Mr. Amr El Dousouky,
mechanic inverter variable Purchasing General Manager.
speed 5-22 mts/min and st. st. Mr. Ahmed Shammass,
Chassis complete with Janaklees Purchasing
accessories for grapes sorting Manager.
in Janaklees Site.
Evyap LE 7,800.00 Mr. Hassan Oegy, Purchasing
Chassis Conveyor Slat type for Manager.
feeding soup packages into Eng. Faker El Din, Plant
packing machine. Manager.
El Marwa- LE 48,000.00 Mr. Henning Burg, Plant
Juhaina Roller Conveyors RLG 50/60 Manager.
& 60/90 with TUs.45 degrees Eng. Ismael Sabit, General
for moving 250 kgs barrels. Manager.
El Marwa- LE 118,000.00 Eng. Ismael Sabit, General
Juhaina Serial of fruits sorting Manager.
conveyors for El Marwa Eng. Khalid Naeem,
Reception. Maintenance Manager.
Horse LE 18,750.00 Eng. Ehab Ali, Contracts
10th of Ramadan Sewage plant Engineer.
HSC trough conveyor.
Danon LE 3,250.00 Eng. Shereef Zu El Fikar,
RLG Roller Conveyors for Maintenance Manager.
feeding Biscuits into Shrink Burg El Arab Production
Machine Plant.
Burg El Arab LE 11,000.00 Eng. Attiya Shabban
Industries. Slat conveyor L4000 W 7.5" Plant General Manager
for moving edible oil plastic Burg El Arab.
packages from filling machine
to storage area.
Monginis LE 1,792.00 x 6 RLGs Roller Eng. Edrees Hussain,
Conveyors for truck loading Managing Director.

Contracts: 2003-2004

Material Conveyor Systems

Prospective Client Sales Opportunity/Value Contact

ExxonMobil LE 780,000.00 Material Eng. Mohamed Abu Arab
Handling Systems for El Max Sr. Projects Engineer
Misr Petroleum LE 950,000.00 Material Eng. Saeed El Nashar
Handling Systems for Maintenance Manager
Dekhaliaa warehouse
Monginis LE 120,000.00 Material Eng. Edrees Hussain,
Handling over head Managing Director.
conveyors and up loading

stores conveyors
Flora LE 32,000.00 CHP Plastic Eng. Bassem Attya
Chain conveyors for moving
paper rolls
Fresh Gas Cooker Complete study Eng. Mohamed Refaat,
for assembly line Engineering Manager
Olympic group- Service Upgrading Material Eng. Emad Nehad
Center Handling System for Service General Manager
Work Shop
Olympic group- Upgrading new assembly line Eng. Fahmy Mohamed Ali,
Refrigerator assembly line for 10th of Ramadan new Ideal Division Manager
Lina Textiles LE 32,500.00 assembly lines Eng. Mohamed El Kafrawi,
for 10th of Ramadan General Manager
Production Facility.
El Magrabi Fruits Handling PVC Rollers Eng. Ali Gaber,
St St. Chassis Conveyors for Project Manager
El Magrabi Farms

Abstract of Marketing Activities of Material Handling Systems

Industrial Cities-Egypt
FY 2003

Company Site Visit – Application Remarks/Location

1. Al Ahram Rollers Maintenance Oboor Industrial City

2. El Lehimi Inspection and Technical Oboor Industrial City
Brothers Proposal for Meat Handling
3. Ibn Sina Maintenance inspection Tanta Stores
Laborex Oboor City
4. Ibn Sina
5. Pepsi Site Measurement Port Saeed
6. Pepsi Site Measurement Al Ameriya
7. Pepsi Site Measurement Tanta
8. Pel Color Site inspection Quweesnah - Munofiyah
9. El Gawhara Tea Site inspection Damanhoor
10. Arco Steel Site inspection Sadat City
11. P&G Site inspection Always-Ultra-Pampers-
12. Amon Site visit Oboor City
13. Eastern Weavers Site inspection Ramadan City
14. Misr Acrylic Site installations Ramadan City
15. Juhaina – El Site installations October City
16. El Magrabi Site inspections Nubariah
17. Olympic group – Site inspections and installations Ramadan City

Cooker Factory failure report
18. Al Ahram Site installations Janaklees
19. Cairo Poultry Site inspection & installations Nubariah Silos
20. Badr El Din Site measurements Nubariah
21. Techno green Site visit Nubariah
22. Bio Cleana Existing Material Handling Oboor City
inspection and providing
maintenance report
23. Chipsy General Presentation of Material October City
Handling Systems
24. Nestle' Review of Maintenance Practices October City
of Rollers
25. El Shabah El Site visit and inspection for Turrah
Masriyah overhead -50 mts- high conveyor
26. ExxonMobil Site inspection @ Survey with El Mex Warehouses-Jerry
related complete study proposal Cans Stores
27. Olympic Group- Site inspection and technical 10th of Ramadan City &
Refrigerators proposal Nasser City
28. Olympic Group Site inspection – Existing 10th of Ramadan City
– Gas Cooker assembly line failure report
29. Olympic Group Site inspection and technical Nasser City
– Service Center study of modern repair
30. Misr Pack Site installations of Roller Gabal Asfar
31. Coop Petroleum Site inspection Mustorod
32. Arabian Mills Site visit Burg El Arab
33. El Gharabawi Site visit Burg El Arab
34. Farag Allah Contract installations and site Burg El Arab
35. Evyap Contract supply & Site visit Burg El Arab
36. Techno Pack Site inspection October City
37. UniPack Site inspection October City
38. Senurita Site inspection Tanta
39. Fine El Bardi Site inspection October City
40. Basma Food Site visit Oboor City
41. Danon Site inspection & technical Burg El Arab
42. EGA Mercedes Site inspection & technical Servo Factory-October City
43. Unionaire Site visit and follow installations October City
44. Unionaire-Al Site visit and follow up October City
Mutatawerah installations
45. Swiss Garments Site inspection and follow up 10th of Ramadan City
maintenance for stores conveyors
46. Haikal Site inspection and technical 10th of Ramadan City
industries proposal for LANG packing line

47. Everest Submit technical proposal of New assembly plant –
Roller Conveyors October City
48. Eagle Paints Site visit and technical proposal October City
49. Arma Food Site inspection and conveyors 10th of Ramadan City
Industries maintenance report
50. Crash Ameriah Site inspection for Slat St St. America-Alexandria
Conveyor for bottling line Crash-
Sport Cola
51. Wadi El Nile Client Satisfaction Survey of Burg El Arab Industrial
Flower Mills Current Material Handling Zone
52. European Supervision of site installation America - Alexandria
Pharmaceutical and commissioning of light skid
53. Procter & Maintenance report of Always October City
Gamble Production Slat Conveyor
Maintenance report of CAMAY
light skid conveyor
Maintenance inspection of
Pampers Production 4 light skid
conveyors with ink jet
54. El Nisha & Follow General Tender for the Maadi-Cairo
Glocose Co. supply of Material Handling
Conveyors Belt on Rollers
55. Mars General Presentation and Maadi-Cairo
introduction to Mars Material
Handling Plan
56. Mirraco Carrier Site Visit and inspection of Abu Rawash-Giza
Vacuum lifting machine Jumbo
57. Garments Site visits Free zone- Port Saeed
Factories industrial area
58. New and Sites Mapping and Canvassing 1. Burg El Arab
Existing Remote prospecting industrial zones(437
Factories in companies)
industrial areas 2. El Oboor industrial
across Egypt City
3. October industrial
4. 10th of Ramadan
industrial city
59. Kuwait Market Remote prospecting Kuwaiti Chamber of
Commerce Listing
60. Jeddah Market Remote prospecting Jeddah Chamber of
Commerce Listing
61. Riyadh Market Remote prospecting Riyadh Chamber of
Commerce Listing
62. Dubai Market Remote prospecting Dubai Chamber of
1. Arabian Farms Jabal Ali Commerce Listing
2. Al Khaleej Sugar
63. Morocco Market Remote prospecting Morocco Embassy Listing
64. Tunisia Market Remote prospecting Tunisia Embassy Listing
65. Jabal Ali Remote prospecting JAFZ Listing

66. Abu Dhabi Remote prospecting Abu Dhabi industrial zone
67. International Ana Milling Egypt-Turkey-Algeria
68. Exibitions and 1. Handling Intl Exhibition Nasser City September 24-
Conferences Sept 2003 28,2003
2. MacTech Sept 2003 Nasser City September
3. AirTech Sept 2003 29,2003
4. GenTech Sept 2003
5. China Expo Sept 2003
6. 1st Mediterranean
Conference Sept 2003
7. Sahara Expo Sept 2003
8. Environment 2003
9. Minister of Housing and
Alexandria Governor
Seminar on The Future Of
Burg El Arab-March
10. MEB Mills and Silos 3rd
Intl Exhibition May 2003
Nasser City
69. Publications Sales presenters and catalogues Internal Research
and Articles Specialized articles on Modern Continuous Training and
Material Handling development
Management studies
Communications Course
Introduction to SEC Series 7
Registered NYSE Brokers
Leading Economic
Indicators by Stephan
In Search of Excellence
Warehousing operations
Bsc Graduation Project of
Wood Working
Economics(Arabic Edition
1988 Alex University)
Introduction to the Stock
The life of Jesus by M El
Ancient Egyptians Cultures
and Religions
70. Material Introducing Safety Standard Burg El Arab Industrial City
Handling Practices
Workshop Attending Training Seminars
Assisting purchasing personal in
sourcing proper material

Further Subcontracting Prequalification – UAE

Refuse chute works 1997-2000

Abstract from 197 projects in Dubai & Sharjah

Contractor Project Name Location


Residential Waste Disposal Projects - UAE

All installations are approved and accepted by Dubai Municipality.

Refuse Chutes Installations

S/N Name of contractor Name of Consultant Name of Project
Group A

1. ACC Arkiteknik Shka. Mariam

2. DBB Khatib & Alami Al Ali Tower (G+33)
3. Bu Haliba Al Hilo G+7 Hotel Bur Dubai
4. Al Shafar Gen.Cont. Chawla G+7 Bldg for Dr.John Fernandez
5. Al Shafar Gen. Cont. Conin G+4 Bldg. For Ahmed Al Taraf
6. Tehnical Engineering Al Hashemy G+7 Bldg. For Nasser Al Serkal
7. National Contracting Gulf International G+12 Bldg.for Zaki Al Onais
8. Al Shafar Gen.Cont. Development G+4 Al Tayer
9. Al hamed Contrating Artec Sara Shopping Center-Sharjah
10. Al hamad Contracting momen G+11 Awqaf Bldg. – Sharjah
11. Trans Emirates Adnan Saffarini Al Attar Tower (G+30)
12. Ginco Ginco Ghayath Al Ghayath
13. Sana Construction Al Gurg Al Nooman Bldg.- Sharjah
14. Bel Hassah Holford Associates Al Abbas Development
15. Sarco Arif & Bintoak Abdullah Bin Toak
16. Al Orooba contracting Space Bu Faroosh
17. Al Habtoor ARC Liwa Bldg.

18. Al Amar Arenco Al Ain Center
19. E C C – Mowlem W.S.Atkins Mussalla Towers (3 Blocks)
20. Dutco balfore Beaty Arenco Tawi Us Saigh Appartments

* Total project 1997-2000 Sales /Service /Installations by Engr Mohamed Al

Bakry= 197 projects

Group B
1. Golden Falcon Saif Al Hathboor Dubai
2. N R Lootah 5 Star Hotel Dubai
3. Buhaleeba Abdullah Bu Haleeba Dubai
4. Al Orooba Mohamed Juma Faroosha Dubai
5. Tiger Ebrahim al Margi Sharjah
6. Sphinx Dubai Islamic Bank Ext. Sharjah
7. Condor Ali Ghanem Dubai
8. Port Saeed Saif Al Shaali Dubai
9. Al Hamad Sanagi Group Dubai
10. Al Hamad Al Abbar Sharjah
11. Al Hamad Al Qatami Fujairah

Group C
12Dafco Mahmoud Farhan Sharjah
13.Bu Haleeba Abdullah Al khattal Dubai
14.Future Contracting Al Ameri Bldg. Dubai
15. Al Sharq Cont. P-271 Package
16. Al Sharq Cont. P-23 Dubai
17. Al Sharq cont. P-115/8 Dubai
18. Al Sharq Cont. P-37 Dubai
19. Al Zamalek Shk. Mohammed Al Nuaimi Ajman
20.Sphinx G+12 Bldg. Sharjah
21.Sphinx Jamal El Din Abdullah Sharjah
22.ECC-Mowlem Mussalah Towers Bur Dubai
23.ECC Mussala Towers Bur Dubai
24.Al Tatweer G+6 Bldg. Sharjah
25.ANC Juma Al Majid 4 Bldgs Dubai
26.Al Isra G+7 bldg. Sharjah
27.Al Isra G+M+6 Bldg. Sharjah
28.Al Isra G+5 Bldg. Sharjah
29.Al Orooba Abdullah bin Jarsh Dubai
30.Omis G+7 Bldg. Sharjah
31.Omis G+9 Bldg. Sharjah
32.Omis G+10 bldg Sharjah.
33 Bu Haleeba G+3 @ Ghusais Dubai
34.Al Hamad Emirates leisure land Dubai
35.Tiger G+5 Sharjah
36.Tiger G+6 Sharjah

37.UNEC Suhail Al Qadi Sharjah
38.Al Mawared Emirates Tower Sharjah
39.Al Hamad Sami Khaled Ameri Sharjah
40.Al Radeem Ojan Bldg. Sharjah
41.Al Basti & Muktah Al Tayer Motors Dubai
42.Bel hassa Al Gharhood Apartments Dubai
43.Al Basti & Muktah Mustafa Abdul Latif Dubai
44.SS Lootah Saif Al Jarwan Dubai

Clients Portfolio in Egypt

Industrial Materials Supplies (Jan. – Sept. 2003)

Pre Qualifications – Industry Sectors Material Handling Solutions


1. Farma Over Seas Pharmaceuticals

2. Ibn Sina Laborex Pharmaceuticals
3. Amon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals

Food Industries

1. Al Naggar Food Processing

2. Al Shimeedan Food Processing
3. Al Gharabawi Food Processing
4. Al Marwah Agricultural Food Processing

Pre qualifications... (Continue)

Abstract of Pre Qualifications listed according to geographical locations and


Plastics Industries
1. Middle East Plastics
2. Apco Egypt
3. Marina Plaste

Paper Industries

1. Flora
2. Al Shimerly
3. Fine El Bardy
4. Kamal Saad Paper Industries

Chemical Industries

1. Eagle
2. Lever Egypt
3. Apco United
4. Mido Paints
5. Al Alamien Cartons
6. Procter & Gamble
7. Coop Society

Engineering Industries

1. Unionaire
2. Ideal Delta Industries
3. Fac Filter
4. Trane
5. Fresh
6. Miraco
7. Olympic Group
8. Miser Acrylic
9. Swiss Ready Garments

Other Activities & Environmental Projects in UAE - Egypt

Ostermier GMBH
Delta Gulf-Emirates
Chab International USA
GIS Global Industry Supply-Germany
Schruder International- Germany
Coastal – Dubai