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Several years ago, New England Baptist Hospital in Boston and code requirements are passed every year and require healthcare
wanted to increase its stature among the medical facility compe- facilities to make frequent upgrades to stay within the bounds of the
tition in eastern Massachusetts. One of the first projects it under- law. When hospital construction and renovation projects hit a cer-
took was the renovation of its lobby because it was completely tain price point, these code upgrades must be addressed.
out of date and did not reflect the world-class institution it was. Also, because hospital facilities are expected to run continu-
It expanded into the existing gift shop, open atrium and other ously, the building and its systems are in high demand all the
adjacent areas to provide a larger and time. In addition, high-performance
more patient- and visitor-friendly
HEALTHCARE FACILITY DECI- HVAC and electrical systems with
emergency back-up systems are neces-
Other amenities, such as resource SION-MAKERS REALIZE THAT sary because of the care required and
centers, cafes and healing gardens, are WHILE HIGH-TECH DEVICES the types of procedures performed.
also very important in driving con-
struction. In particular, access to out-
AND EXPENSIVE RENOVA- Because of this, equipment and lifecy-
cle costs for the building can have a
door spaces provides some patients a TIONS MAY REQUIRE A LARGE significant impact on the financial suc-
change of scenery during long treat- INVESTMENT OF CAPITAL, THE cess of the healthcare provider.
ments and hospital stays.
Complementary services, such as phar-
RETURN ON INVESTMENT IS ing Healthcare facilities also are attempt-
to become green by implementing
macies, day care, medical equipment WORTH THE MONETARY RISK. new energy-efficient systems, better
retail areas and outside vendor dining lighting and more efficient water
facilities might be included in the building program. delivery systems in new construction and renovation. An owner
The increasing costs and decreasing availability of qualified might also choose to upgrade mechanical systems to newer
staff also dictates construction activity in healthcare facilities. mechanical equipment, not only to save money and be more sus-
Owners must always remember that the hospital is only as good tainable, but also be more efficient.
as the doctors in it and some of the practices have considerable Because none of the drivers for renovating and building
influence. To retain talent and teams that augment the hospital’s healthcare facilities have diminished with increasing economic
reputation, they must not only upgrade the obvious medical pressures, the demand for healthcare facility construction con-
rooms, but also remember to upgrade the back-of-the-house tinues. There are many forces specific to healthcare that make
areas for the doctors. At New England Baptist Hospital, not only construction necessary for it to prosper. But, there are also many
did the hospital upgrade its surgical suites, but it also upgraded opposing factors that make construction and renovation difficult
doctors’ locker rooms and commissioned various cosmetic and costly. Experienced healthcare facility owners and construc-
upgrades to its office spaces, nurse stations and other rooms. tion companies need project team assistance to overcome the
In addition, many design concessions were made to physician challenges involved with a healthcare construction program. A
practices to keep them associated with the hospital. Many of construction manager who understands the drivers and goals of
these groups demanded and received upgraded office suites, healthcare providers can help a hospital spend capital wisely. ■
access to better equipment and increased facility space.
Tony Miliote is the managing director of Shawmut Design and
By the Code Construction’s healthcare and science projects. He has overseen projects
at New England Baptist Hospital, Tufts University, Rhode Island Hospital,
Healthcare buildings are 24/7 environments, and when a healthcare Emory Crawford Long Hospital and Northeastern University Forsyth
facility’s age, condition or ability to function begins to compromise Health Center. He can be reached at 617-622-7000 or tmiliote@shaw-
quality or safety, changes or upgrades are required. New regulations