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Exploring Interactions 2012 | Andriy Yasynetskyy | 4204891

Reflection*on*Workshops *


Unfortunately,*in* the*last* Cycle* there*was* the* overlap* between* the* time* of* the* Workshop* “Interactive*Prototyping”*and*the*clinic*“ Electronic*Interactive*Prototyping' . *


Wor kshop*“Interaction*Vision” * In* this* workshop* I* prese nted* only* a* part* of* the* concept* (“the* progress* visualization* postcards”).* In* the* start* of* the * workshop* we* divided* our* group* in* two* and*made* them* in* such*a*way*no*buddy’s*were*in* the*same*group.*I*was* in* th e*group*with*Aratrika*Roy,*who* wrote* the* feedback* on* my* prototype .* The* main* interest* was* focused* on* patients’* self K awareness* and*their*vision*of*desirable*experience*toward*the*rehabilitation*training. * The* presented* idea* was* the* set* of* “postcard s”* K * the* way* Physiotherapist* could * send* the* progress*visualization*to*the*patient.*Following*are*the*features*of*the*concept:* K * A*“mirror”* that*patient*has*to*look*at*while*training*at*home . * The* presented* idea* was* the* set* of* “postcards”* K * the* way* Physiotherapist* can* send* the* progress*visualization*to*the*patient.*Following*are*the*features*of*the*concept:* K * A*“mirror”* that*patient*has*to*look*at*while*traini ng*at*home * K * The*“mirror”*gives*feedback*on*the*activities*and*exercises,*postures,*etc. * K * Later* the* therapist* sends*postcards*of*progress* to* the*patient’s*home*on*a*weekly*basis.* Peer’s* Feedback:* The* postcard* and* mirror* concepts* can* be* developed* as* two* se parate* con cepts*or*incorporated*into*one. * The*idea*of*the*therapist*being*virtually*present*with*the*patient*while*he/*she*exercises*or* does*the*daily*activities* would*be*comforting*for*the*pa tients*in*the*early*stages*of*recovery* post* surgery,* but* the * concern* of* inva sion* of* the* patient’s* privacy* might* be* disturbing.* In* order* to* watch* whether* the* patient* is* doing*everything* right,* the* camera* with* the*mirror* needs*to*be*active*all*the*time. * The* feedback * from*the*peers*was*very*helpful*in*my*iterative*prototyping*and*further* concept*generation. *