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HP Value Support Services Portfolio Training Study Guide Module 1: Introduction


IntroductionHP Value Services

Welcome to the HP Value Support Services Training. This training is designed to introduce you to HP s portfolio of value services. During the course of this program you will understand further the mar et drivers for selling technology services and the reason why selling services continues to be a great proposition for channel partners.


Transforming into an Instant-On Enterprise Mega trendsInstant-on EnterpriseIT must enable business successTechnology AdvancementsEvolving Business ModelsChanging Wor forceVirtualizationCloud Services Next-generation Apps

The mega trends driving the industry are changing business expectations. For exa mple the increase in mobile computing, the cloud and the information explosion.

Business is loo ing to IT to enable success and help the enterprise become an In stantOn Enterprise. A big part of this is helping the organization harness the power and potential of tools such as virtualization, cloud services, automation and to uti lize next generation applications li e Real-Time Analytics to enable success and competiti ve advantage.




What s stopping you? IT SPRAWL5Consumes resources to InnovateCreates islands of ITComplex to Integrat e & OptimizeTa es Up to 18 months to roll out

Sprawl is still the big issue. A lot of resources are trapped. Islands of incomp atible IT and many competitors today are actually accelerating this model where different app and app environments are delivered. Because of the complexity and rigidity many new projects fail to meet expectations often failing to be delivered on time, on budget or on spec.

What this equates to is the enterprise simply can t match the speed and scale that is required in today s world delaying ROI and business advantage. The number of requests is getting longer and the timelines/expectations are getting shorter th e window of opportunity is getting smaller.


Mar et Forces Proliferation of online customer servicesMobile computing and telecommutingThe I nternet and organizational intranetsElectronic partner connectionsBusiness compe titionWorldwide operations ( time-zone tyranny )

There are many mar et forces creating new needs for new IT technologies li e virtualization, reliable data centers and cloud computing. It is common for salespeople and customers to conduct business on systems that a re connected to a central server via the internet/virtual private networ s. Obvious ly, if the server is down, it cripples the customers or internal sales effort. Electronic m ail and file servers provide the primary way telecommuters and customers can eep in touch wi th their companies. Without these tools, customers and telecommuters cannot wor effectively. If a heavily used corporate web site goes down, the information technology (IT) department finds itself in the unenviable position of angering large numbers of customers very quic ly. If a corporate intranet crashes, the productivity of the entire wor force suffers until it is bac on-line. Computer networ s have become the central nervous system that ties contractors w ith subcontractors, parts suppliers with manufacturers, and manufacturers with retai lers. A computer going down paralyzes such critical business operations. Competitive pressures are forcing many businesses to stay open for longer and lo nger. This is placing pressure on the IT department to provide computer services 24x7. Somebody is always conducting business, somewhere in the world. If a multination al corporation has centralized resources that worldwide personnel need to access, t he computers can never afford to go down.










Customer Challenges Improve performanceReduce costsMinimize ris Enable business changeLin business and ITBrea down barriersShorten time-to-mar et

fingertips of ey business and extends the reach and valu

This includes managing costs, while ensuring stability and flexibility, minimizi ng ris and reducing complexity, particularly in times of change where mergers, acquisit ions and divestitures are not rare.



But this is also about better aligning IT and the your customers can wor . Ideally, IT becomes a tool to e a single business community with information at the sta eholders. This helps shorten times-to-mar et, e of the enterprise.

business, to transform the way brea down divisions and creat








How Technology Services Can Help Transform ITConvergeInfrastructureAlways OnStrategyTransformationInfrastructureO ptimize

When we loo at our HP Technology Services Portfolio through the eyes of our cli ents the reason to buy services might seem straightforward. Customers want help speeding up service del ivery, building for growth and eeping technology running.

When we loo at our HP Technology Services Portfolio through the eyes of our cli ents the reason to buy services might seem straightforward. Customers want help speed ing up service delivery, building for growth and eeping technology running.

With regard to Strategy: HP is well nown for its IT Service Management excelle nce. HP can assist clients with strategies for accelerated service delivery, operatio nal efficiency, and enhanced financial flexibility.

HP can help customers transform their business. HP has Cloud Consulting and Hyb rid Delivery Services, Data Center Transformation Services, Unified Communications a nd Digital Health Solutions. HP can also help optimize a customer's Infrastructure with such services as the Converged Infrastructure Service, Networ Consulting Services and Critical Facil ities Services which includes Consulting, Design, Assurance, and Implementation servic es.

And then HP can Optimize a customer's infrastructure helping to deliver the Alwa ys on services provided by Technology Consulting, Performance Engineering Services tha t provide line-of-sight from an end-to-end perspective, and Education Services to help clients continue to get the most out of their HP products.






Value Service Portfolio Value Service Portfolio

Now we have some understanding of the mar et drivers for value services let s ta e a brief loo at the value portfolio itself.




HP Support Portfolio

Proactive SelectComplements your choice of reactive service levelIntegrated proactive and reactive ServicesReactive ServicesProactive 24 ServiceSupport Plus & Support Plus 24Critical Advantage Critical ServiceHighly ResilientRapid ROITHighly availableSoftware supportHardware supportSell withInsight Remote Support .Deployment & Implementation Services .Technical Services .Assessment Services .Networ Services .Storage Services .Education Services HP and HP s authorized service partners provide customers with a wide and varied service support portfolio that enables them to capitalize on the full IT infrast ructure capabilities. Whether the environment comprises all HP components or a mix of HP and other vendors technologies, customers rely on HP and Partner IT technical no whow to maximize the availability of their IT solutions. Jointly HP and partners deliver industry-leading services through a holistic, uniquely collaborative approach.

Recent research has identified two areas for portfolio improvement. As customers become ever more resource constrained the need for help with system monitoring a nd problem diagnosis plus access to technical expertise is needed at affordable pri ce points. These are ey customer needs for both Enterprise and SMB customers

By wor ing with HP and our partners customers gain access to talented profession als with technical expertise and process excellence who can speed and simplify implementation, maintenance and ongoing management of the complete IT environment.





Proactive SelectComplements your choice of reactive service levelIntegrated proactive and reactive ServicesReactive ServicesProactive 24 ServiceSupport Plus & Support Plus 24Critical Advantage Critical ServiceHighly ResilientRapid ROITHighly availableSoftware supportHardware supportSell withInsight Remote Support .Deployment & Implementation Services .Technical Services .Assessment Services .Networ Services .Storage Services .Education Services In the HP Volume Services Portfolio Training we studied in some detail HP s Reacti ve Support portfolio of Care Pac s. In this, the HP Value Support Services Training, we will study in detail HP s high -end support offering aimed at larger, more complex IT infrastructures.

Proactive SelectComplements your choice of reactive service levelIntegrated proactive and reactive ServicesReactive ServicesProactive 24 ServiceSupport Plus & Support Plus 24Critical Advantage Critical ServiceHighly ResilientRapid ROITHighly availableSoftware supportHardware supportSell withInsight Remote Support .Deployment & Implementation Services .Technical Services .Assessment Services .Networ Services .Storage Services .Education Services Complex systems require a higher level and more proactive approach to support. H P



value services provide this through programs li e Proactive Select that offers f lexible support and HP Mission Critical Services that offer integrated software and hard ware support with a high level of service.


Proactive SelectComplements your choice of reactive service levelIntegrated proactive and reactive ServicesReactive ServicesProactive 24 ServiceSupport Plus & Support Plus 24Critical Advantage Critical ServiceHighly ResilientRapid ROITHighly availableSoftware supportHardware supportInsight Remote Support .Deployment & Implementation Services .Technical Services .Assessment Services .Networ Services .Storage Services .Education ServicesSell with To complement this HP also has a portfolio of Remote Support offerings, focused integration, deployment and consultancy services.

We will loo at consultancy services when we loo at the product families but no w we loo at some of the platform services that cover the whole of HP s products.





What BCS Services offer businesses

Different businesses need different supportBusinesses who can toleratea small de gree of downtimeneed reactive hardware and software supportBusinesses who dependon IT availability for their successneed proactive services to optimize the highest level of availabilityBusinesses for which loss of IT availability spells disasterneed mission-critical support

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and they all use their IT solutions in d ifferent ways. They all want to increase the performance and availability of their IT infrastructure and to minimize downtime. They all want to meet their availabilit y-level commitments, stabilize their environment, improve performance and productivity, and increase the return on their IT investments. If communications, application or o ther critical problems arise that could cause lengthy unplanned downtime, they all wa nt rapid resolution. For some businesses, however, IT availability is so critical t hat they are loo ing for support and services at a much higher level. BCS Services are tailor -made so businesses can choose the coverage hours, response times and extra technical services they need to eep the IT environment running at whatever availability l evel the business needs.



HP Support Recommendations

Sell Optimized first! Optimized Care (Best) Standard Care (Better) Basic Care (Good) .A focused program to drive service attach & differentiate HP by delivering a unique pac age of recommended service offerings per product .A tiered set of TS Support pac ages that greatly simplify our portfolio for HP Networ ing productsRecommendations contain variety of existing and new TS Support offers (HW & SW reactive support, Installation and startup, Proactive services etc.)

These support recommendations are a focused program to drive service, attach rat es and to differentiate HP by delivering a unique pac age of recommended service offerings. It is a tiered offering that you can recommend to your customer based on the complexity of the products you are selling and the applications that are being r un in the networ .

These recommendations contain a variety of existing and new services and offers including hardware and software support as well as installation and other proact ive services. We will see more of the detail of these pac ages when we loo at the individual product groups later in the program.



In particular you should consider how mission critical the networ stomer organization and how tolerant they might be to networ downtime.








is for the cu

Platform services

Platform services

There are number of services that provide a platform for the delivery of the req uired customer value to your customers. These elements are not service specific nor ar e they specific to any particular product group. Instead they offer a wider value to cu stomers right across the IT solution life cycle.

HP Factory Express

HP Factory Express benefitsSoftware Image Management .Image development .Image recovery .Image qualificationSystem Customization .Custom system settings .Hardware integration .Software application load .Special pac aging .Asset tagging & labelingSolution Services .Project management .Engineering .Onsite setup & turn on

HP Factory Express offers a comprehensive portfolio of factory-customized, facto ryconfigured, factory-integrated server solutions and onsite startup services desi gned to cut costs, speed deployment, and lighten the load on your customer s IT staff. Customers can choose from off-the-shelf products, configured and integrated prod ucts, complex engineered solutions, and diverse deployment services. Factory Express also offers server, enclosure, and rac customization bundles th at give the customer more flexibility in ordering the services they need. All bundles of fer custom rac placement, custom cabling, data capture and reporting, third-party hardware integration, and custom labeling.

Customers can decide how their solution is built, tested, integrated, shipped, a nd deployed.

Factory direct provides three main services: Firstly, Software image management. By leveraging HP engineering to load and manage your software image at our factory, we can help reduce installation time by providing image development and loading, image recovery and image qualification prior to commissioning of the system.

Secondly there is system customization. With the HP Factory Express program, customers can feel secure that HP hardware is properly customized, integrated, t




ested and ready to install. HP offers: Custom system settings, hardware and rac integ ration, asset tagging and labelling and any special pac aging that might be required.



Thirdly with Solution services customers can delegate the execution of a major deployment to HP who can provide the following service: project management, onsi te setup and turn on, engineering consultation and support and training.

HP Insight Remote Support

HP and PartnersAvailable at no additional costwith HP warranty, HP Care Pac or HP contractual support agreementsRemote monitoring for HP server s, HP storage, and select third party products 24x7 ... so you gain better controlAutomatic notification to customers and advisories on potential hardware problems every time so you can do more with lessAccurate resolution in less time so your business stays up and running. Problem resolution for serious problems can begin without customer intervention

HP Insight Remote Support continues to be HP s premier platform for delivering rem ote support.

This includes: Support for all products Increased number of devices supported by HP Insight Remote Support Standard Improved usability

HP Insight Remote Support continues to help customers spend less time solving problems and more time focused on their business. Key features continue to inclu de: 24x7 remote monitoring Automatic notification of potential problems Near 100% accurate diagnostics and faster problem resolution time

And the software continues to be available at no additional cost with HP ProLian t ISS Server warranty, HP Care Pac Service, or HP contractual support agreements.



Customer Value Proposition

Reduced Costs (Do More with Less) Simplify and automate day to day system support Ma e the most of limited resources (time, people, and money) Increase the efficiency of your infrastructureReduced Ris (Gain Control) Identify issues before they become problems With automated alerts, address problems before they turn into reactive service requests or system outages Proactively monitor your systems and gain insight for your infrastructure event notifications and recommendationsAccelerated Growth(Keep Your Business Running) Quic resolution Enhance system availability and business productivity Automatic, accurate case submission and resolution as we now who you are and what your problem is this helps in reducing the time spent troubleshooting and resolving problems When technology wor s, business wor s! HP Insight Remote Support

HP Insight Remote Support continues to help customers achieve better business outcomes, including:

Reducing operational costs by simplifying and automating day to day system suppo rt Reducing ris by identifying issues before they become problems Accelerating growth by resolving problems faster, so the business continues to w










Units of Service

Enabling Sales through HP Networ Consulting Unit of Service

Ability to resell Custom SOW engagements via modular and standard HP Care Pac ServicesCustom SOW can be sold easily by adding required number of custom units to the customer s orderHP ta es responsibility for evaluating customer requirements, preparing SOW, and converting SOW into units of serviceHP Unit of Service offers channel partners: .A scalable way to provide value services tailored to customer s need using a standardized approach of HP Care Pac Services .Channel partners are the single point of contact for customers .HP ta es responsibility for preparing the statement of wor and delivering services to the customersKey Features Simple & Fast ApproachStreamlined SOW Process31Reselling SOW2

HP Unit of Service is a scalable model that provides HP partners with a great wa y to sell value services to small, medium, and large businesses, to increase customers return on their technology investments and facilitate business growth, while using the HP Care P ac Services as a sales vehicle and enjoy the benefits of associated HP Care Pac Services. O nce the HP partner has identified a customer opportunity, HP then wor s closely with the pa rtner and its customer and develops a statement of wor (SoW) based on the customer s specific requirements. The value of the service is converted to the equivalent number of Units of Service, with each unit having a list price of 100 .











Ordering information

To provide performance assessments and optimization services for the IT environment. To address shortage of resource or internal nowledge gaps. Deployment & installation and relocation Services services. Services to address Integration, Operation and Performance Improvement phases of the technology life-cycleOperations UoSImprovement UoSInte gration UoS

HP Integration Unit of Service provides deployment and installation services of new technology equipment. HP Integration Unit of Service can be used to offer data migration projects, project engagement services, and deployment, ranging from cu stom factory-installed configurations to onsite deployment. The HP Relocation Unit of Service focuses entirely on relocation requirements an d addresses the complete management of equipment relocation activities at a nown custom-quoted fixed price for customers who need to physically move their techno logy equipment, infrastructure operation services and resources. The HP Operations Unit of Service addresses customers resource shortages and internal nowledge gaps, as well as staff augmentation needs that cross technolo gy platforms and operating systems. These services offer customers access to the mo st experienced technology professionals in the business, with specialized nowledge across the complete data center technology spectrum.

Offer HP Improvement Unit of Service to help customers assess and enhance their technology environment center s performance. Examples of areas assessed include service management readiness, operating-system and dis -array performance analys is, cluster consistency, and system health chec s.







HP Unit of Service sales process

Building bloc s for HP Unit of Service SolutionsHP Partner identifies customer a nd contacts HP for the SoWIdentifying a customer 1Together with the partner, HP qualifies Customer need and defines SoWfor the CustomerEvaluation of SOW2The SoWprice is converted into equivalent number of Units of Service, each unit having a list price of 100 (or similar in LC) SOW converted into units of service3HP Partner presents the SoWand his proposal to the customer HP Partner offers SOW to customer4Once customer approves and signs the HP SoW, HP Partner procures the Units of ServiceHP Partner procures units of service from Distributor or HP5HP delivers the service as defined in the SoW. HP performs service6

The process is simple, enabling partners to focus completely on selling and acco unt management. After the partner has identified the customer requirements, HP professionals tal directly with the customers to understand and evaluate the services required, and prepare the Statement of Wor .

The Statement of wor is converted into equivalent number of units of HP Care Pa c Services. An HP Channel Partner procures these units from their distributor, and resells the required units to the customer. HP professionals own the responsibility of d elivering services to the customer, enabling partners to give undivided attention to accou nt management.






End ofmodule

Excellent! You have just finished the Introduction. Now go and enjoy the rest of the training!