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08/18/97 12:31 AM So I have to say that I still dont really see what a lot of the shit is in the Buddhist

literature they speak and write a lot about high sounding ideas like the Ultimate Reality Original Mind Consciousness yet they seem to be debating the most trivial of issues and missing the point so is it any wonder that it developed the Zen branch with its rejection of all things intellectual for me the highest realizations have to do with what seem to me to be relatively simple realizations compared to something like No mind Emptiness it is relatively simple to realize that the core realization of spiritual awakening is that our real nature is consciousness rather than material that our material forms our bodies are a seed like thing the seed of what we really are and that our consciousness starts out aware of this seed self and we experience germination when consciousness spills out of the seed and grows then there is the relatively simple realization that is founded on this core the core that we are consciousness that our real nature is consciousness

what we are is integrated consciousness not only is the seed a confinement of consciousness in space but also in time past present and future consciousness is simultaneous coexistent so what is there to be said about me other than that I am the first and only person to envision the spiritual basis of the Ecozoic Gaian Planetary Culture as a harmony of Pythagorean Taoist and Buddhist views of the Ultimate Reality Consciousness there does tend to be confusion about what this set of two words means Ultimate Reality the confusion results from the overlay of a dualistic view An Objective Ultimate Reality conjures up visions of an external reality that is separated from us and disconnected from us the essence of the Ultimate Reality is that it is Us we are the Ultimate Reality Consciousness is the Ultimate Reality 08/18/97 12:47 AM Im beginning to experience a series of discontinuities in the stream of consciousness like it jumps from one state to another which may seem quite unrelated except of course that the two are one in consciousness the case in point is that I am now beginning again to become conscious of Intent in recent days Ive become aware of similarities between what the Buddhists call prajna and Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec sorcerers call Intent

growing out of the realization of the evolutionary transformation from external to internal signs which in essence is a transformation from sensory signs to nonsensory signs (and this realisation that the essence of the internal/external sign change is one of the nature of another form of emancipation from the confinement of consciousness in the region of sensory perception; is a fresh and new one - meaning that right now here and now tonight is the first time Ive realized that the change is of that nature - of liberation of the trail guide signs from sensory to non-sensory) It convinces me more that ever that non-intervention as contained in the way of Tao, is preferred to interventionist techniques for the purpose of assisting in the liberation of the consciousness of other people who might come to an enlightened and spiritually awakened person for help. The way I see it if somebody comes to me for help and if I were a person who knew that I was awakened to something that the person wanted to be awakened too, about the extent of the intervention that I can see being of any benefit to the person, is to provide a tranquil, safe, peaceful environment in which the basic physical needs of the person could be met and leave the rest up to them in the full confidence and knowledge that the person knows what to do even if they do not know consciously. This comes partly from my own experience of having been interfered with in ways that I consider counter productive to awakening I think what it is that I am trying to express in words of the English language is that I (I could say we but I dont really know) have within me in some mysterious and mystical way, the knowledge needed to live a contented life it seems reasonable to say that we are drawn to states of consciousness that can be described with words such as peaceful unperturbable

tranquil joyful confident ecstatic blissful secure safe pleasurable desirable contented fulfilled complete satisfying enriching and at the same time we are repelled by states of consciousness that can be described with words such as disturbing chaotic violent painful unsafe insecure aching agonizing angry afraid incomplete So what about Intending the desired state and all that goes with whatever the Buddhists have to say about conditions and desire and all the rest of the sacred cows they observe. Maybe I can experiment with this idea of Intending spiritually awake consciousness a consciousness of the Ultimate Self Reality Heightened Perception The Original Nature

Pure Nature Beautiful Nature Timeless Nature Like I realized that there is a sort of harmonizing that has to do with the timing of efforts like reinforcement positive reinforcement like last night it came to me what about envisioning an arrangement that would fulfill all I want to experience contentment and total bliss with no conflict and no danger and all that not what would I do if I had an unlimited bank account donated by someone who recognizes that I am a person who can be trusted with the accumulated wealth that belongs to all living things because it takes more than money for instance how would I like to change the existing situation of conflict that brings me into a position of vulnerability with the courts because of the anger of Mary and Gail and the IRS and all that. Paying them off would help but it wouldnt be like being in harmony with them again if that is even imaginable and of course it is in fact it must be I thought I saw a flash of light and I think it is called lightening out the window the clouds have gathered again it makes me think that perhaps I need to make a very strong effort to bring about some type of conflict resolution with these people and maybe I already have an idea about how to do that

there is nothing at all to stop me from Intending this harmony with the parties who threaten me with disturbances They are the following the IRS Gail Mary Bill