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Press Release N 3 / 2011 Klaus Fuchs becomes Managing Partner

New motivation for BESSEY

Since April, Managing Director Klaus Fuchs has been a Partner of the BESSEY Group in Bietigheim-Bissingen, giving the longestablished, 122-year old company a Managing Director with direct involvement in the company for the first time in eleven years. "I am simply convinced by BESSEY products", explains the 54-year old on his decision. "It seemed only logical to get involved in the company". It was back in 2000 when Klaus Fuchs started his career at BESSEY, a long-established company comprising three business areas: clamping technology, cutting technology and precision steels. His first step was as head of the precision steels section. After a change to the company's structure, Klaus Fuchs became Managing Director of BESSEY Przisionsstahl GmbH in 2004, and Managing Director of BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG in 2005. Then in 2011, after a further six years, Klaus Fuchs decided to take another step for BESSEY by becoming directly involved in the company, and alongside shareholders Fetscher and Mayer, a Managing Partner. After eleven years, the 122year old company is once again owner-managed.

Managing Partner since April 2011 Klaus Fuchs.

Innovative, customer-oriented solutions in clamping technology, cutting technology and precision steels are a tradition at the BESSEY Group. Ever since its foundation, the bright steel drawing plant has been setting standards, a fact that is clearly demonstrated by the numerous patents granted for manual hand tools and the most stateof-the-art ultrasonic and eddy-current inspection methods in the field of precision steels. "One, who stops improving himself, has already ceased to be good." The motto of company founder Max Bessey remains true today and is the guiding principle to everything that the company does and produces. The history of BESSEY: 1889 BESSEY is founded as a bright steel drawing plant. 1936 The production of clamping tools begins. 1944 Construction of the current parent plant in Bietigheim. 1979 Acquisition of the Ernst DIENER shears factory, thus expanding the BESSEY product range to include ERDI shears. 1994 Consolidation of tool and precision steel production in Bietigheim. 2004 Founding of BESSEY Przisionsstahl GmbH. 2005 Company renamed from BESSEY & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG to BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG. 2011 Klaus Fuchs becomes Managing Partner of the BESSEY Group. You can find further information on our long-established Swabian company and its products at The free BESSEY clamping and cutting tool catalogue can be obtained by calling +49 (0) 71424010. After 11 years, the BESSEY Group is once again ownermanaged.

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