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Title of magazine I have chosen to name my magazine stereo; This is because its short and catchy, is it also directly links to music as music is listened to through a stereo it will be very familiar with my target audience. Choice of genre I have chosen pop as my genre, as I already have background knowledge within the genre as it is focused on in the media. Pop and chart music since it is all around at the moment. I have seen lots of pop music magazines in the past therefore I would know what would be expected in this magazine. I like Billboard magazine which is also this genre. My Target audience Pop stereo typical target audience would be White/British females aged between 16-24. I have also decided to use a White/British female to be the front cover, this is since pop is very popular amongst females, so the magazine can be used to attract these readers, Billboard often change their covers from male to female to keep the audience interested I will use a female as this is who I want to target. Initial ideas for Front Cover For my front cover, I am planning to use an MCU of a White female artist, who is dressed very stylishly, also I want the image to reflect persona of the music therefore looking glamorous and content without a cheesy big smile but showing happiness subtly. I have also decided to colour the title of the magazine stereo, and use it as the house style colour throughout the magazine, minimal colours to make the whole magazine look professional and sophisticated. Furthermore for the sell lines, I would like it to be related to the artist on the front cover, latest fashion trends and current chart topping artists. Initial ideas for My Contents page For my contents page, the masthead will be a large C to represent that they have reached the contents page, this will be at the top left corner in a bright colour in order to stand out. I will also place all the features along the side which will be categorized. Whilst on the other side, there will be 1 dominant image of the cover girl, followed by 3 smaller images, to show other features in the magazine. I will also be writing an editors note to welcome my readers. Initial ideas for my article For the double page spread, I am going to include an interview with the cover girl although I will be changing how she looks and the style of image as this while take up a whole page, it will be based on the pop industry so still looking very girly. It will not be balanced between text and image at a half and half ratio including little images on the text page in order for the readers to find out her personality by giving a visual representation. I will be using 4 different pictures with 4 different shot types. Initial ideas for photographs The front cover photography, I have decided to use an MCU of my female artist. For the contents I will use the dominant image of the artist that is a medium shot. However I have also

chosen to have 3 other images also, these will be close ups of different features that are to come in the magazine. Lastly for the double page spread, I want to use one image of the artist that will be a medium long shot/long shot of the cover girl, to express the artist and how they were in the interview. I will include a long shot with the whole of the cover girls body in shot also with close ups of her with different facial expressions. A medium close up to focus the attention on her. I am using these shot types because these are most commonly used in billboard magazine. I shall use Ill probably go for a plain background for the cover, but would like a sophisticated and happy feel for the background perhaps using props in the background.