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Enhanced Force Feed Lubrication System

Increased reliability Ease of maintenance Robust component design Improved protection and diagnostics Enhanced pump priming Fewer connection points Easily interchangeable

Genuine Ariel Parts are available through our worldwide network of authorized distributors.

Enhanced Force Feed Lubrication System

Increased Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

Introducing the improved high pressure force feed lubrication system from Ariel. Improvements will be provided on new units and available as aftermarket upgrades beginning January 2012.

Oil Traps
Improved design offers better performance and quicker priming. Reduction in size and weight minimizes the effects of vibration and keeps components out of the way.

Injection Check Valves

One check valve with fewer fittings and potential leak points is now used for all pressure ranges. Reduction in size and weight minimizes the effects of vibration for increased reliability. Old style New style

Old style

No-Flow Monitoring Devices

New style Increased selection of ATEX certified no-flow monitoring devices to meet your needs.

Rupture Discs
Redesigned with increased accuracy to avoid nuisance unit shut downs.

Divider Block Baseplates and Discharge Check Valve Threads Resettable Pin Indicators
Now available as a new unit option or aftermarket addition to simplify troubleshooting.

Balance Valves
Pressure gauges installed on each balance valve eases adjustment and maintenance on KBU:Z:B:V units.

Pressure Gauges
Tube connections replace threaded connections to reduce fitting leakage, ease gauge face alignment and eliminate damage from over-tightening. Gauges have been repositioned below divider blocks for increased protection where possible.

Force Feed Lubricator Pump

Redesigned pump assembly improves pump priming, reduces rolling resistance on the camshaft, prevents water intrusion into the lubricator box and minimizes connection leakage.

Improved manufacturing techniques reduce leakage at threaded connections and prevent thread damage.

Old style New style

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Enhanced Force Feed Lubrication System | Quick Reference Guide

New Part Numbers & Interchangeability Impact

Resettable Pin Indicator Sizing
Blow-out Assembly Resettable Pin Indicator

Rupture Disc
Pin indicators are sized according to rupture disc size.

Newly available option with no interchangeability impact. Pin indicator pressure should not exceed the rupture disc pressure protecting the system. Contact the ARC for assistance selecting pin indicators.

Ariel P/N

Rating psig (bar g)

Ariel P/N

Purple Yellow Red Orange Pink Blue

Ariel P/N

Rating psig (bar g)

Size in. (mm)

Ariel P/N

A-0080 A-3531 A-3532 A-3533 A-3534 A-3535

3250 (224) 3700 (255) 4600 (317) 5500 (379) 6400 (441) 7300 (503)

A-0124 A-3536 A-3537 A-3538 A-3539 A-3540

A-18243 A-9968 A-9969

3000 (207) 3500 (241) 5000 (345)

1/4 x 0.035 wall (6.4 x 0.9) 1/4 x 0.065 wall (6.4 x 1.7)


Oil Trap & Check Valve

Replacing existing components will require (~3) to account for shorter check valve. tube unions in toolboxes for conversions. To maximize the benefits of the new components we advise converting to the new oil traps and check valves at the same time.
Oil Trap
Individual Components

A A-17774 Oil Trap Body B A-18496 Check Valve

Dependant on Port Size

Injection Check Valve

1/8 NPT Connection

Complete Assembly

C A-17775 1/8 NPT Stem A-17776 1/4 NPT Stem


A-17775-A A-17776-A

1/8 NPT - Oil Trap & Check Valve Assy 1/4 NPT - Oil Trap & Check Valve Assy

needed to adapt the new tube style connector to existing threaded connection.
Old P/N New P/N Description

Pump connections are in different locations to use the new pump in existing systems.
Old P/N New P/N Description

A-0261 A-3189 A-8727 A-8728 A-9093

A-18450-A A-18451-A A-17256-A A-17257-A A-17258-A

Gauge, 100psi, Bottom Mount, 3/8 T Gauge, 100psi, Back Mount, 3/8 T Gauge, 3000psi, Back Mount, 3/8 T Gauge, 5000psi, Back Mount, 3/8 T Gauge, 7500psi, Back Mount, 3/8 T

A-9476 A-9477 A-9478

A-18525-A 3/16 Ariel Pump A-18526-A 1/4 Ariel Pump A-18527-A 3/8 Ariel Pump

Ariel encourages system conversions to take advantage of these improvements. Please note, after a phase-out period, Ariel will no longer offer the previous style of lubrication system components. Reference Ariel Customer Technical Bulletin 218 for additional details on system improvements, conversions and part numbers.

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Genuine Ariel Parts are available through our worldwide network of authorized distributors. 02/2012