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Kabir about GOD and SelfRealization................... Puhup baas te paatara, dhoowa hoon te jheen.

Pawanaa begi utaawala, so dost Kabira keen. He is thinner than the fragrance of flowers and the smoke. He is faster than wind, who is the friend of Kabir. Kagad likhe so kaagadi, kee byohaari jeev. Aatam drishTi kaha likhe, jit dekhe tit peev. Writing on papers makes you just writer, who writes about worldly affairs. How can someone write about self-realization? A realized person sees his beloved everywhere. Bolana kya kahiye re bhaai. Bolat bolat tatt nasaai. Bolat-bolat baDhe bikaara. Bin bole kyu hoi bichaara. Sant mile kachhu kahiye-kahiye. Mile asant mushTi kari rahiye. Gyani so bolya hitakaaree. Moorakh so bolya jhakh mare. Kahe Kabir aadhaa GhaT bole. Poora rahe to mukha na bole.

Kabir says - whom to speak about truth and reality? When we try to speak about it, its very essence is destroyed, because no worldly words can describe it. When we try to bind it in words, the truth gets spoiled but the difficulty is that how can you tell someone without speaking and how they will be able to understand? So it is better to speak to Saints and dont tell anything to unwise people. Speaking to wise is fruitful, but telling to ignorant people does much more harm. Kabir says that half filled pot makes a lot of noise, but filled pot remains silent. So is true about spiritual progress. When people progress a little, they talk a lot, but when they realize the ultimate truth then there is no other option but to be silent because at the end it is only silence speaking to the silence. Shabad nirantar se man laaga, malin vaasanaa tyagee. UThat baiThat kabahu na chhuTe, aisee taaree laagee. My mind got attached to unbroken melody, and all filthy desires were lost. Now all the time my mind is attached to that sweet melody, doesnt matter whether I sit in meditation or do any other work. Jal me kumbh, kumbh me jal hai, baahar bheetar paanee. PhooTaa kumbh jal jalahi samaanaa, yah tat

kathau gyanee. This whole universe is like an ocean, we all are like pots in this infinite sea. As water is within the pot and water itself is around the pot, only a thin veil of the form of pot keeps the water within it apart from the water of sea. So we live in the infinite consciousness of existence which we call by different name. It is within us, around us and we are in it, only a thin veil of ego keeps us separated from that infinite ocean of consciousness. When the pot is broken, the water within it merges in the infinite water of the sea. Likewise our consciousness merges in the infinite when we are able to drop the ego. Parbrahm ke tej kaa, kaisaa hai unman. Kahibe ko shobha nahee, dekhya hee parmaan. Kabir sometimes calls GOD by different names like Hari, Ram, Brahm, Parbrahm, Niranjan etc and sometimes he means deities of different stages by these names. So it is difficult to say which one he is referring here. He says it is difficult to tell about the light and grace of Parbrahm(GOD??), it is not a matter of words, you can get its glory and believe it only when you will see it by yourself. Jyo til mahee tel hai, jyo chakmak me aag. Tera saai tujh me hai, jag sake to jag.

As there is oil hidden in sesamum seed and fire in chakmak stone, so is your GOD hidden within you. As we need to grind the sesamum seed to get the oil, and rub the stone to get the fire, so we need to do meditation to see our true self our GODLYNESS!! Jagat janayo jihi sakal, so jag jaanyo naahi. Jimi aankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhee jaahi. GOD is showing all the drama of this world and he himself is invisible to us. Like we see this whole world with the help of our eyes, but we cant see our own eye. Herat herat he sakhee, rahaa kabeer heraay. Boond samaanee samnd me, so kit heree jay. Kabir went in search of Him, like a drop would go to search a sea. What is happened now- like the drop vanishes in the sea, nowhere it could be found, so Kabir has lost his identity, his being is dissolved in HIM. Tera saai tujh me hai, jyu puhupaan me baas. Kasturi ka hiran jyu, phiri phiri dhuhde ghaas. Your Lord is within you as the sweet fragrance remains in flower. Like the deer runs here and there and tries

hard to find the source of the fragrance of kasturi which is coming from its own novel so we run here and there but our whole search is for that GODLYNESS which lies dormant within us and we are not aware of it. Jab main tha tab hari nahi, ab hari hain main naahi. Prem galee ati saankaree, taame do na samaahi. Till I existed, GOD was not there, now GOD exists and I am nowhere. This path of love is so narrow, two cant exist together. Either I will be there or HE. Kabir is trying to explain the state of realization. When our ego drops, only then we are able to see HIS full glory, because we are not separate, we are ONE with HIM, the moment our separation drops, only He exists and shows up Utha bagoola prem ka, tinaka chaDha akaas. Tinaka tinake se mila, tinaka tinake paas. The tiny grass had no value, no worthiness, no identity, but when this storm of love went up, this tiny gross went higher in the sky. This way this poor soul met to GOD and his thing went to its master whom it belonged to. Here it is again very beautiful wording (repetition of tinaka) played by Kabir.

Jaa karan jag dhundhiya, so to ghat hee maanhi. Parda diyaa bharam kaa , taate sujhe naahi. This world is searching madly for him, and he is within our own self!! He wants this play to go on, so he has given this veil of illusion, and no one is able to see him and the reality. Sab aye is ek me, daal paat phal phool. Kabiraa pachha kya raha, gahi pakadee jab mool. This whole universe and existence is sprung out of that ONE, like branches, leaves, fruits and flowers come out of a tree. Kabir says what is left behind when he grabbed the root of the tree?? Ek kahun to hai nahee, doojaa kahu to gaari. Hai jaisaa taisaa rahe, kahe kabeer vicahaari. If I say He is one, He is not because one is a limitation and he is infinite and if I say two or other, it is an insult of HIM. Let it be as it is, Kabir says after much thinking, it is just beyond expression. Jake mukh maatha nahee, naahee roop kuroop. Puhup baas te paatra, aisaa tatva anoop. HE doesnt have face, mouth or head, nor does he have beauty or ugliness. HE is even thinner than the

fragrance of flowers so extraordinary is HIS being. Jagat jnayo jihi sakal, so jag janyo naahi. Jimi ankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhee jaahi. The ONE who shows you this entire world, is himself invisible. How can you know him? Kabir gives an example- as you see this world by your own eyes but you cant see your eyes, the same way Lord within you is the seer, which shows you everything but you dont know it. Sahib teri saahibi, sab Ghat rahi samaay. Jyo medandi ke paat me, laalee lakhi na jay. O my dear Lord, your lordship rules everywhere (yet invisible) just like the red color is in myrtle leaves, but it doesnt appear there. Only when we grind it, it shows its true red color, so when we go inside our own consciousness, we see his true color (light and grace). DeeThaa hai to kas kahun, kahyo na kou patiyaay. Jaisaa hai taisaa raho,tu harasi harasi gun gay. If I have seen him, how can I describe? And if I want to describe anyhow, who will believe it? So Kabir says be what you are and I will sing songs of your virtues with great love and bliss.

Kabir ek na jaanya, bahu jaane kya hooi. Eke te sab hot hain, sab te ek na hooi. Kabir says you couldnt know the ONE, what is the use to know so many things? Everything is in existence due to that ONE but that ONE is not due to so many things. The ONE, the GOD is the root of all. It creates, sustains and absorbs everything. You will know all if you know the ONE, but knowing all things wont help you know the ONE- the source of everything. Saai meraa vaaniyaa, sahati kare vyopaar. Bin DaanDee bin paalaDe, tole sab sansaar. My Lord is the greatest trader; his all trading goes on naturally. He does his trades without any scale and any balance. He doesnt do any partiality neither he does any favor to anyone.