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Richard T. Dallas CPP 1547 Beverly Madison Heights, MI 48071 (248) 542-7066 richardq9r@live.

com OBJECTIVE: Entry -level IT position where my broad knowledge and 18 years experience in General management, Human Resources, Security Management, Business, the military, governmental and private security will be an asset. HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS: GENERAL MANAGER-P&L responsibility for a 29 person service operation with $1,000,000 annual revenue. HUMAN RESOURCES/TRAINING-recruiting, screening staffing, training & supervision of SECURITY personnel. COST REDUCTION STRATEGIES-Tasked with reducing operational costs of personnel and logistics. PERSONNEL CONTRACTING-knowledge of the contracting process for services of various types. Managed several rental properties (2 yrs) while working as an agent for RE/MAX real estate. PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST-SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT-Expertise in Industrial & Commercial Physical Security, Operations and Logistics. SKILLS CATEGORIES: ENTRY-LEVEL COMPUTER SKILLS As a result of attending ITT TECHINCAL INSTITUTE for 1 year. GENERAL BUSINESS/H.R. MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT-Experience in Management functions-Planning, Goal-Setting, Organizing, Logistics, Staffing, Leadership, Directing, Controlling & Discipline TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT-research and draft employee training policies and procedures. Deliver employee training as a subject matter expert (Physical Security). HUMAN RESOURCES-built/maintained a 29-person armed uniformed private security force; including logistical support for officers and 15 patrol vehicles. RECRUITING-Attracted a steady stream of qualified applicants, screening, placement, training and supervision of uniformed and plainclothes personnel.

SALES-Maintained a gross annual billing of approximately $1,000,000.00 through prospecting coldcalling, presenting, follow-up and closing. DIPLOMACY/LIAISON-acting liaison/interface between clients, law enforcement and security guard force. Resolved legally sensitive/confidential issues. SECURITY AND INVESTIGATIVE EXPERTISE: MILITARY/POLICE(MP)TRAINING-Assisted in technical training & supervision of 12-man squad of US MP's and the internment of 15-20 enemy soldiers. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW-In-depth knowledge of Michigan licensing and/or regulation BOTH proprietary and contract security personnel (including concealed carry law) ELECTRONIC SECURITY APPLICATIONS-3 month technical trade school & 1 yr as an installer of burglar and fire alarms, CCTV and Electronic Access Control. INVESTIGATIONS-Licensed Private Detective services performed as needed (Criminal/Civil)Conducted inquiries with an 8-step problem-solving model. LAW & LEGAL PROCESS-Knowledge of Criminal and Civil court systems and procedures, Report writing, Documentation, Paralegal skills & Video depositions SECURITY ASSESSMENTS AND CONSULTING-Scheduling and conducting security surveys & prescribing both physical and procedural solutions to deficiencies. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Child Care worker-01/2006 to present currently employed Part-Time in Child Care for two children one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Also Attending ITT Technical Institute (1st Year) part-time in Software Development/Web Design.

Real Estate Salesperson-PART TIME to FULL, 02/1998 - 08/2003, RE/MAX IN THE PARK, Hazel Park, MI

Security Director/Human Resources, 02/1995 - 08/2004, ACTIVE SECURITY PROFESSIONALS INC, Ferndale, MI MILITARY POLICEMAN, 12/1985 - 07/1991, US ARMY MILITARY POLICE CORP EDUCATION: Software Development/Web Design 1 Year ITT TEHCNICAL INSTITUE, Troy Michigan

Police Sciences-Business & Accounting 2 years-64+ semester hours - OAKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, MI

Conventional Physical Security Course Certificate-80 clock hours - MILITARY POLICE SCHOOL, AL

Basic Military Police Training Certificate-500+clock hours - MILITARY POLICE SCHOOL, AL

Electronic Security Technician/Installer Certificate-3-mo. full-time tech school - GUARDIAN ALARM TECHNICAL SCHOOL, MI

NOTES / OTHER INFORMATION: A VETERAN-BOTH THE VIET NAM ERA AND DESERT STORM, this seasoned candidate has broad knowledge in General Real Estate, Property Management, Sales, Human Resources, Training & Development, Crime Prevention that are applicable to a host of businesses and industries. Credentials include prior PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION recognized in the security industry WORLDWIDE. It is considered by many in the industry as the equivalent of a 4-year degree. 8 years of successful operation as Licensee/Owner/Security Director for ACTIVE SECURITY PROFESSIONALS INC a private detective and security guard agency(1995-2004) KARATE INSTRUCTOR-Part-Time