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A project report submitted to Acharya Nagarjuna University in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of the


Under the guidance of Miss. A.S.N Lakhmi, MBA


MVR College of Engineering and Technology

(Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University)
Paritala - 521180, Vijayawada Rural 2009 - 11.

I hereby declare that the project report entitled A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AFTER SALE in Agri gold Foods &Forms, VIJAYAWAD 2009-11 under the guidance of Miss. A.S.N Lakhmi in the partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of the Degree MASTEROFBUSINESS ADMINISTRATION by Acharya Nagarjuna University.

I also hereby declare that this project work is result of my own sincere effort and it has degree or diploma. not submitted to any other university for the award of




I express my heart full gratitude to Dr. K. V. Sambasiva Rao M.E (BITS PILANI), PhD(IIT Delhi), Principal MVR College of Engineering & Technology permitting me for doing project in Agri Gold Foods & Forms for two months.

I express my sincere thanks to Mr.N.Siva Surendra,, M.B.A, (PhD), ASSOSIATE PROFESSOR & HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT, and Department of Business Administration MVR College of Engineering & Technology for his valuable guidance to do this project.

I am grateful to my project guide Miss. A.S.N Lakhmi, MBA, for his encouragement and completion of doing this project.

I am thankful to all the faculty members for helping me in doing this project.

I am thankful to Mrs. Devi Smitha, Mangager of Agri gold Foods & Forms, VIJAYAWADA, who has permitted to this project other staff members of Agri Gold Foods& Forms who has guided me and encouraged me in fulfillment of this project.

Last but not the least; I am great full to my family members, friends and also those extended their valuable support in successful completion of my project.


MVR College of Engineering & Technology

Department of Master of Business Administration


This is to certify that the project report entitled A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AFTER SALE IN Agri gold Foods & Forms,OF VIJAYAWADA is a genuine and benefited work Composed by Mr. S.V.NARASIMHA RAO (Y10BU141052) under my guidance and supervision. The project report is submitted to department of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MVR College of Engineering & Technology, Paritala in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, by Acharya Nagarjuna University, GUNTUR, and AP.

Miss. A.S.N Lakhmi (Project Guide)

Mr. N. Siva Surendra

(Head of the Department)













Introduction Industry profile Chapter scheme

Marketing is the art of creating, satisfying customers by meeting the needs of customers and by creating value satisfaction for them. As Peter Ducker says the essence of marketing is that the entire business has to be seen from the point given of the customer. However, customers face a vast array of product and brand choices prices, supplies and to understand the needs and preferences of the customers it becomes imperative for us to carry out research together information. We believe that customers estimate which offer will deliver the most value to them and which will deliver and maximize value, within the bounds of research costs and limited knowledge, mobility, and income they form an expectation of value and act on it. Whether or not the offer lives up to the value expectation affects both purchase and repurchase probability. The purpose of any Marketing research is to provide information at a specific time on customer, trade, competition and the future brands, so as to enable marketers to formulate successful strategies in their quest for customers mind share and market share. The research helps the marketers to find out the attributes and variable that influence the customers behavior towards a given product offering and it shapes the attitudes of the customers favorably towards a specific product, thus by analyzing these undertones the researcher can find out the levels of customer satisfaction, and the results of the marketing research can help the marketers to analyze the weak spots in their marketing strategies and can reformulate their strategies so that they can satisfy their customers and maximize their brand loyalty and profitability.

The practice of management, Peter Ducker wrote that Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the Business enterprise has two and only two-basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest cost. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business. if Marketing is the distinguishing function of the business, then what is the Marketing and how is it achieved? 1. An organizational function and a set of process for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. 2. Human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes. Philip Kotler

3. The Ongoing process of moving people closer to making a decision to purchase, use, follow, upload, download, obey, reject, conform, become co placement to someone elses products, services, or values.Simply,if it doesnt facilitate a sale then its not Marketing.

4. The thing process of anticipating, identifying and satisfying Customer requirements profitably Chartered Institute of Marketing.

5. Find a limited market and seek to dominate it totally. Bill Good Marketing.

In general satisfaction is a persons of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relations to his or her expectations. If the performance falls short of expectations, the customer is satisfied.

If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. If the company increases customer satisfaction by lowering its price of increasing its Services, the results may be lower profits. The company might able to increase its profitability by means other than increased satisfaction. When customer rate their satisfaction with an element of the companys performance say, delivery-the company needs to recognize that customer vary in how they define good delivery. It could mean that early delivery on-time delivery is so on. Companies need to be especially concerned today with their customer satisfaction level because the internet provides and tool for customer to spread bad word of mouth as well as good word of mouth-to the rest of the world.

Accountable marketing

The sales person phone to customer to check whether the product is meeting expectation or not. The sales people also ask the customer for any product or service improvement suggestions and any specific disappointments.

Partnership Marketing

The company works continuously with its large customers to help improve their performance. The motto of the company is to provide the best to its customers their by providing total customer satisfaction.

Proacting Marketing

The sales person contacts the customers from to time with suggestion about improved products uses or new products.

The core business process includes the fallowing concepts:-

The Marketing sensing process

All the activities involved in gathering market intelligence, disseminating it with the organization and acting of information.

The new offering Realization process

All the activities involved in researching, developing and launching new high-quality offering quickly and within the budget.

The customer relationship management

All the activities involved in building deeper understanding relationships and offerings to individual customers.

The Fulfillment management process

All the activities involved in receiving and approving orders, shipping the goods on time and collecting payment.

Business Definition for: After-sales Service

Customer support following the purchase of a product or service. In some cases, aftersales service can be almost as important as the initial purchase. The manufacturer, retailer, or service provider determines what is included in any warranty (or guarantee) package. This will include the duration of the warranty traditionally one year from the date of purchase, but increasingly two or more years maintenance and/or replacement policy, items included/excluded, labor costs, and speed of response. In the case of a service provider, after-sales service might include additional training or helpdesk availability. Of equal importance is the customer's perception of the degree of willingness with which a supplier deals with a question or complaint, speed of response, and action taken.

Customer Satisfaction
Definition of Customer Satisfaction
Kotler (1997) defines customer satisfaction as follows:

Satisfaction is a person's feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a Products perceived performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectations.

Brown (1992) defines customer satisfaction as:

The state in which customer needs, wants and expectations throughout the product or service's life are met or exceeded resulting in repeat purchase, loyalty and favorable worth-of mouth.

According to Jones and Sesser (1995), four basic elements affect customer satisfaction.

They are: The basic elements of the product or service, basic support services, a recovery process for counteracting bad experiences, and extraordinary service. There are many definitions of the key elements of the services, but this one is considered appropriate in the context of care or after sales services.

Satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectation. If the performance matches the expectations the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds the expectation the customer is highly satisfied and delighted. If the performance does not match the expectations the customer is dissatisfied. Satisfaction is a persons feelings of pleasure of disappointment resulting for comparing a products perceived performance (out-come) in relation t his/her expectation. The link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is proportional. Suppose customer satisfaction is rated on a scale from 1 5. At a very low levels of customer satisfaction.

.Level-1, customers are likely to abandon. Level-2 to 4, customers are fairly satisfied but still find tit easy to switch when a better offer comes along. Level-5, the customer is very likely to repurchase an even spread good word of mouth about the company.

Customers are very likely to repurchase


Customers are fairly satisfied


Low level of customer satisfaction


The key to generating high customer loyalty is to deliver high customer value. A companys value proposition is much more than its positioning on a single attribute. Most of the successful companies are raising expectations and delivering performances to match. These companies are aiming for TCS Total Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is both a goal and a marketing tool. Companies that achieve high customer satisfaction ratings make sure that their target market is known.

After sales support management system is a part of ERP Enterprise Resource Planning solution dealing with the support module after the sales of product. It creates an advanced environment to the organization, which are in to technical support after sales e.g. Companies offering electronic goods and motor vehicles etc.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Organizations need to retain existing customers while targeting non-customers;. Measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace. Customer satisfaction is an abstract concept and the actual manifestation of the state of satisfaction will vary from person to person and product/service to product/service. The state of satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as return and recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other factors the customer, such as other products against which the customer can compare the organization's products. Work done by Parasuraman, Zenithal and Berry (Leonard L) between 1985 and 1988 delivered SERVQUAL which provides the basis for the measurement of customer satisfaction with a service by using the gap between the customer's expectation of performance and their perceived experience of performance. This provides the researcher with a satisfaction "gap" which is semiquantitative in nature. Cronin and Taylor extended the disconfirmation theory by combining the

"gap" described by Parasuraman, Zenithal and Berry as two different measures (perception and expectation) into a single measurement of performance relative to expectation.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Published standards exist to help organizations develop their current levels of customer satisfaction. The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) has released The International Customer Service Standard (TICSS). TICSS enables organizations to focus their attention on delivering excellence in the management of customer service, whilst at the same time providing recognition of success through a 3rd Party registration scheme. TICSS focuses an organizations attention on delivering increased customer satisfaction by helping the organization through a Service Quality Model. TICSS Service Quality Model uses the 5 P's - Policy, Processes, People, Premises, Product/Services, as well as performance measurement. The implementation of a customer service standard should lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, which in turn influences customer retention and customer loyalty.

The functional features include:

Customer complaints tracking Service engineers information tracking Job scheduling for the complaints Spares management Online support Reports

Customer complaints tracking

Complaint is the start point of any technical support system. Without a client request the technical support is not initiated. Complaint tracking is done as follows: Client may come down or make a phone call or complaint online The client is validated. The client may have an annual maintenance contract or may have a product in warranty or of warranty. The intensity of the complaint is to be estimated to allocate resources.

Service Engineers information tracking:

Information about the engineers is inevitable in job scheduling. Information about the engineers has to be added, deleted or modified in the database. It may contain the following: the name, id of the engineer; the skill set of the manager; the status of the engineer.

Job scheduling for the complaints:

Job scheduling means sequencing the request to its intensity, assignment of a service engineer and creating a job card. It is done to optimize the technical resources and to render the best service to the customer. Minor problem are processed by technicians requests are handled by the expert team.

The job card includes the following:

The compliant id, the assigned engineer id, the data and time of service, the spare details, no. of man hours required etc. The spare part name and serial number The available quantity of each spare part

The prize, warranty and other specifications The supplier information.

Online support:
The service is done online also. The client may visit the website to obtain basic support information about the product and FAQ. He can chat with the service engineer on phone or online.

The report reflects the current status of the system. The reports that can be generated are as follows: Customer request report status of the system. The reports that can be requests. Service engineer report provides the information about the skills and strengths of the support team. Job scheduling report states the allotment of engineers to jobs. Spares report discloses the availability of all the shapes in the system. Receipts and payments report gives information about the cash flow in the system. Bills generation.

Customer satisfaction tracking:

Customer satisfaction is the key concept to dictate the future of the organization. In order to maximize the customer satisfaction along with quick response and efficient service some other activities are to be performed.

They may be as follows:

Reception of the customer with hospitality. Entertaining environment to the customer. Providing guidance about the usage and maintenance of the product.

Offering gift and discounts. Operationalisation of Customer Satisfaction

As customer needs and expectations are changing all the time, this will lead to a situation whereby customers keep setting ever higher standards, and therefore to achieve perfection is impossible. Markets should be seen as a group of individual companies, and each of them must be treated individually with different requirements, experiences, commitments, and relationships.

Customer needs can be determined through marketing research, customer interviews, reading customer concerns, or involving customers in the design of services and service deliveries. In order to decide if the service can be provided at a profit, it is necessary to link value equation to the strategic service vision. Working together with both supplier and customer can increase profitability by expanding margin potential.

A customer satisfaction study should begin by asking about the factors affecting customer satisfaction, how important those factors are for the whole, and the level of customer satisfaction. A problem with customer satisfaction surveys (Neumann, 1994) is that a poor customer satisfaction programmed yields vague data and raises customer expectations. If customer expectations are raised and a company's performance remains the same, the customer's overall satisfaction will decrease.

After Sales Excellence

After Sales Excellence is a key driver for customer satisfaction and loyalty but also a very important source of revenues and profits throughout a vehicle lifecycle. Our after sales experts support our clients in all relevant areas of after sales service to improve the internal cost base, the retail attractiveness as well as customer satisfaction. Our results are measurable - significant improvements on key indicators such as warranty costs, service quality, and fixed first visit rate.

Supply Chain Excellence

Our Supply Chain Excellence service enables you to realize substantial improvements in your supply chain performance in terms of cost, efficiency, lead times, demand management, customer service and working capital requirements. We measure, improve and qualify supply chain organizations and processes and support our clients by identifying and rapidly implementing cost and efficiency savings in the entire supply chain. This can be achieved with the comprehensive, cross-functional redesign of all logistics processes leveraging the entire supply chain including customers and suppliers. With our proven Integrated Supply Chain Excellence Audit we quickly identify gaps to proven best practices and benchmarks within, and beyond, the Automotive Industry.

Value Chain Design

Constantly reviewing the companies value chain in a rapidly evolving environment; deriving required core competencies and partnerships is a key management responsibility. We help our clients design their value chain in terms of a global engineering footprint, production and service network, thereby improving efficiency and customer satisfaction in alignment with corporate strategy.

Customer Contacts and Relationships

In all cases, the supplier had been involved with the customer since the beginning of the network building. It is difficult to distinguish whether some of the changes in customer-supplier relationship were due to the duration of the relationship between the two parties and whether some of the changes were caused by changes in the customer's needs resulting from the customer's new position in the network life cycle curve. For the results of this research, that question in terms of the underlying factors has not addressed, but for future studies, it would be relevant to clarify which of these two factors is the more significant or in fact, whether they can be distinguished.

Relation of the Care to Customer Satisfaction

Innes and La Lined (1994) discovered that several customer satisfaction variables significantly affect a customer's total customer satisfaction. Customer service attributes received high ratings for the importance of customer satisfaction. Attributes for physical distribution of customer service were rated higher than many marketing attributes.

Most Important Services

Barky (1995) proposed that what is important for one customer may not be important for another. Barky proposes this in the area of priority marketing, and the idea was applied to different services in general. When a buyer considers closer integration with a supplier, they may consider that it will most likely limit the number of potential suppliers and fear that the partner may take advantage of this by increasing prices or delivering poorer quality or poorer service. Interlocking with the supplier can limit the opportunity to acquire innovations if the supplier lacks the capability of being a leading-edge supplier. Research has shown that there are frequently differences between the views of the supplier's management on customer value and the customers' views on what they say they value. This was studied in the present study as well.


Retailing is one of the pillars of the economy in India and accounts for 35% of GDP. The retail industry is divided into organized and unorganized sectors. Over 12 million outlets operate in the country and only 4% of them being larger than 500 sq ft (46 m2) in size. Organized retailing refers to trading activities undertaken by licensed retailers, that is, those who are registered for sales tax, income tax, etc. These include the corporate-backed hypermarkets and retail chains, and also the privately owned large retail businesses. Unorganized retailing, on the other hand, refers to the traditional formats of low-cost retailing, for example, the local kirana shops, owner manned general stores, pan/beady shops, convenience stores, hand cart and pavement vendors, etc. Most Indian shopping takes place in open markets and millions of independent grocery shops called Kirana. Organized retail such supermarkets accounts for just 4% of the market as of 2008. Regulations prevent most foreign investment in retailing. Moreover, over thirty regulations such as "signboard licenses" and "anti-hoarding measures" may have to be complied before a store can open doors. There are taxes for moving goods to states, from states, and even within states.

An increasing number of people in India are turning to the services sector for employment due to the relative low compensation offered by the traditional agriculture and manufacturing sectors. The organized retail market is growing at 35 percent annually while growth of unorganized retail sector is pegged at 6 percent. The Retail Business in India is currently at the point of inflection. Rapid change with investments to the tune of US $ 25 billion is being planned by several Indian and multinational companies in the next 5 years. It is a huge industry in terms of size and according to management consulting firm Techno Park Advisors Pvt. Ltd., it is valued at about US $ 350 billion. Organized retail is expected to garner about 16-18 percent of the total retail market (US $ 65-75 billion) in the next 5 years.

India has topped the A.T. Kearneys annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) for the third consecutive year, maintaining its position as the most attractive market for retail investment. The Indian economy has registered a growth of 8% for 2007. The predictions for 2008 are 7.9%. The enormous growth of the retail industry has created a huge demand for real estate. Property developers are creating retail real estate at an aggressive pace and by 2010, 300 malls are estimated to be operational in the country. With over 1,000 hypermarkets and 3,000 supermarkets projected to come up by 2011, India will need additional retail space of 700,000,000 sq ft (65,000,000 m2) as compared to today. Current projections on construction point to a supply of just 200,000,000 sq ft (19,000,000 m2), leaving a gap of 500,000,000 sq ft (46,000,000 m2) that needs to be filled, at a cost of US$1518 billion. According to the Icier report, the retail business in India is estimated to grow at 13% from $322 billion in 2006-07 to $590 billion in 2011-12. The unorganized retail sector is expected to grow at about 10% per annum with sales expected to rise from $ 309 billion in 2006-07 to $ 496 billion in 2011-12.

The Indian Retail Market

Indian market has high complexities in terms of a wide geographic spread and distinct consumer preferences varying by each region necessitating a need for localization even within the geographic zones. India has highest number of outlets per person (7 per thousand) Indian retail space per capita at 2 sq ft (0.19 m2)/ person is lowest in the world Indian retail density of 6 percent is highest in the world. 1.8 million Households in India have an annual income of over 45 lakes Delving further into consumer buying habits, purchase decisions can be separated into two categories: status-oriented and indulgence-oriented. CTVs/LCDs, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens and DVD players fall in the status category. Indulgence-oriented products include plasma TVs, state-of-the-art home theatre systems, iPods, high-end digital cameras, camcorders, and gaming consoles. Consumers in the status category

buy because they need to maintain a position in their social group. Indulgence-oriented buying happens with those who want to enjoy life better with products that meet their requirements. When it comes to the festival shopping season, it is primarily the status-oriented segment that contributes largely to the retailers cash register. While India presents a large market opportunity given the number and increasing purchasing power of consumers, there are significant challenges as well given that over 90% of trade is conducted through independent local stores. Challenges include: Geographically dispersed population, small ticket sizes, complex distribution network, and little use of IT systems, limitations of mass media and existence of counterfeit goods.

Major Indian Retailers

Indian apparel retailers are increasing their brand presence overseas, particularly in developed markets. While most have identified a gap in countries in West Asia and Africa, some majors are also looking at the US and Europe. Arvind Brands, Madura Garments, Spykar Lifestyle and Royal Classic Polo are busy chalking out foreign expansion plans through the distribution route and standalone stores as well. Another denim wear brand, Spykar, which is now moving towards becoming a casualwear lifestyle brand, has launched its store in Melbourne recently. It plans to open three stores in London by 2008-end. The low-intensity entry of the diversified Mahindra Group into retail is unique because it plans to focus on lifestyle products. The Mahindra Group is the fourth large Indian business group to enter the business of retail after Reliance Industries Ltd, the Aditya Birla Group, and Bharti Enterprises Ltd. The other three groups are focusing either on perishables and groceries, or a range of products, or both.

Vivek Limited Retail Formats: Viveks, Jainsons, Viveks Service Centre, Viveks Safe Deposit Lockers

PGC Retail -T-Mart IndiaSwitcher , Respect India , Grand India Bazaar ,etc., REI AGRO LTD Retail-Formats:6TEN Hyper & 6TEN Super RPG Retail-Formats: Music World, Books & Beyond, Spencers Hyper, Spencers Super, Daily & Fresh

Pantaloon Retail-Formats: Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloons, Central, Fashion Station, Brand Factory, Depot, aLL, E-Zone etc.

The Tata Group-Formats: Westside, Star India Bazaar, Steeljunction, Landmark, and Titan Industries with World of Titans showrooms, Tanishq outlets, Chroma.

K Raheja Corp Group-Formats: Shoppers Stop, Crossword, Hyper City, Inorbit Lifestyle International-Lifestyle, Home Centre, Max, Fun City and International Franchise brand stores.

Pyramid Retail-Formats: Pyramid Megastore, TruMart Nilgiris-Formats: Nilgiris supermarket chain Subhiksha-Formats: Subhiksha supermarket pharmacy and telecom discount chain. Trinethra- Formats: Fabmall supermarket chain and Fabcity hypermarket chain Vishal Retail Group-Formats: Vishal Mega Mart BPCL-Formats: In & Out Reliance Retail-Formats: Reliance Fresh Reliance ADAG Retail-Format: Reliance World German Metro Cash & Carry Shoprite Holdings-Formats: Shoprite Hyper Paritala stores bazar: honey shine stores Aditya Birla Group - more Outlets Kapas- Cotton garment outlets


India has a major agribusiness sector which has achieved remarkable successes over the last three and a half decades. Unprocessed foods are susceptible to spoilage by biochemical processes, microbial attack and infestation. The right post harvest practices such as good processing techniques, and proper packaging, transportation and storage (of even processed foods) can play a significant role in reducing spoilage and extending shelf life. The industry consists of segments like processed fruits and vegetables, cereal based products, dairy products, meat, poultry and fishery products, beverages and confectionary. The global processed food market is estimated at $3.2 trillion. The Indian food market is estimated at $182 billion. Food processing industry in India is growing at 14% annum.The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies especially in areas of canning, dairy and food processing, specialty processing, packaging, frozen food or refrigeration and thermo Processing. Fruits & vegetables, fisheries, milk & milk products, meat & poultry, packaged or convenience foods, alcoholic beverages & soft drinks and grains are important sub-sectors of the food processing industry. Health food and health food supplements are another rapidly rising segment of this industry which is gaining vast popularity amongst the health conscious. Coming to the snack food sector, application of modern technology has helped in enriching the quality of produce. It has tremendous growth opportunities in the country. Growing population, rapid urbanization, changing consumer preferences etc are expected to keep the demand increasing in future too. With a well-integrated supply chain and a good marketing strategy, a tremendous opportunity lies for snack food industry in India. India's food processing industry is expected to benefit from this and grow to around $260-billion from the present USD 200-billion in the next 6-years, according to industry expert. It is estimated that potential for processed foods is estimated to reach from Rs 8,200-billion in 200910 to Rs13, 500-billion by 2014-15. India produces 41% of the world's mangoes, 30% of cauliflowers, 28 per cent of tea, 23% of cashews, 36 per cent of green peas and 10% of onions.The Indian diary sector is around $ 62 b and will grow to $108 b. The Indian food

production is estimated at 500 million tonnes and food processing industry has immense potential.India is a large and growing market for food products as it is growing at about 1.6%annum. On the global food sector, the food products industry is expected to reach $3,137.2billion by 2011. In India, only 6% of total agro output of India is currently processed as against 80% in some developed countries leaving a large potential to be tapped in this sector. The Indian government has formulated a Vision 2015, to triple the size of the food processing industry, from the current $ 70 b to around $ 210 b, enhancing her global share to 3%, increasing value addition to 35%, from the current 20% and raising the level of processing of perishables to 20%.The most promising sub-sectors includes -Soft-drink bottling, Confectionery manufacture, Fishing, aquaculture, Grain-milling and grain-based products, Meat and poultry processing, Alcoholic beverages, Milk processing, Tomato paste, Fast-food, Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, Food additives, flavors etc.


India is the world's second largest producer of food next to China, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies, skills and equipment, especially in areas of Canning, Dairy and Food Processing, Specialty Processing, Packaging, Frozen Food/Refrigeration and Thermo Processing. Fruits & Vegetables, Fisheries, Milk & Milk Products, Meat & Poultry, Packaged/Convenience Foods, Alcoholic Beverages & Soft Drinks and Grains are important sub-sectors of the food processing industry. Health food and health food supplements are another rapidly rising segment of this industry which is gaining vast popularity amongst the health conscious. India is one of the worlds major food producers but accounts for less than 1.5 per cent of international food trade. This indicates vast scope for both investors and exporters.

Food exports in 1998 stood at US $5.8 billion whereas the world total was US $438 billion. The Indian food industries sales turnover is Rs 140,000 crore (1 crore = 10 million) annually as at the start of year 2000. The industry has the highest number of plants approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outside the USA.

India's food processing sector covers fruit and vegetables; meat and poultry; milk and milk products, alcoholic beverages, fisheries, plantation, grain processing and other consumer product groups like confectionery, chocolates and cocoa products, Soya-based products, mineral water, high protein foods etc. We cover an exhaustive database of an array of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters and importers widely dealing in sectors like the -Food Industry, Dairy processing, Indian beverage industry etc. We also cover sectors like dairy plants, canning, bottling plants, packaging industries, process machinery etc.

The most promising sub-sectors includes -Soft-drink bottling, Confectionery manufacture, Fishing, aquaculture, Grain-milling and grain-based products, Meat and poultry processing, Alcoholic beverages, Milk processing, Tomato paste, Fast-food, Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, Food additives, flavors etc.

Chapter scheme
Chapter I: - Chapter I consists of Introduction about Marketing and Customer satisfaction and Food Industry profile.

Chapter II

Chapter II consists of profile of the company. This Company Profile consists of Information about the Agri Gold Forms.

Chapter III

Chapter III consists of Need and Importance of the Study, Methodology, and Scope of the Study and Limitation of the Study.

Chapter IV

Chapter IV consists of Data Analysis & Interpretation. This Method consists of Preparing the Data Analysis & Interpretation on the Base of Questionnaire Method.

Chapter V

Chapter V consists of Findings, Suggestions, Bibliography, and Annexure.


Company profile


AgriGold made a commitment to its growers 70 years ago to be a leader in the seed corn industry. Today, more than ever, AgriGold has risen to the challenge of offering unique, high yielding, elite genetics with sound agronomic performance packages. AgriGold is proud of our hybrid legacy, and we believe our advanced research testing program will continue to introduce new genetics that surpass industry standards.

AgriGold is a division of Ag Reliant Genetics headquartered in Westfield, Indiana. Agri Reliant Genetics provides the germplasms for AgriGold and is part of the fourth largest research organization in the world.

To be a leader like AgriGold, several key components must be in place and working in unison. The first component is a broad-based germplasms that can be used over a diverse growing region. AgriGold continues to introduce new genetics for the U.S. corn market by capitalizing on germplasms collected throughout the world. By integrating our germplasms from around the world, we are able to offer elite genetics which encompass the vision of AgriGold.

A sound breeding program which is efficient at developing new hybrids is the second component of a leading seed corn company. Agri Reliant Genetics' breeders manage 12 breeding locations across North America, planting over 500,000 short row plots each year in the United States alone. After approximately three years, these hybrids are reduced to 80 potential experimental hybrids that will enter our multi-tiered testing program. Our breeders employ a unique breeding approach which allows us to develop new inbreds true to type and 100% pure in one year. The unique approach we take allows us to evaluate thousands of hybrid combinations each year.

To effectively evaluate new hybrids, AgriGold tests the new experimental hybrids over a wide range of climates, soils, cultural practices and growing conditions. Each Corn Specialist becomes part of the AgriGold Hybrid Research Program by establishing key research locations in their sales region. Those hybrids which have shown outstanding potential in the short row research plots are then advancedinto the New Experimental Testing program. If a hybrid continues to perform, AgriGold will move this hybrid into our Product Advancement Trials - the final step before becoming a new AgriGold commercial hybrid.

To be a leader in the seed industry, you must have the vision necessary to make sound breeding, marketing and hybrid selection decisions. AgriGold and Agri Reliant Genetics have the vision necessary to bring elite genetics to the marketplace. As you evaluate the hybrid profiles, it will become quite evident why AgriGold is a leader in the seed industry and why we are "The Corn Specialists."


Agri Gold Estates & Entertainments -Agri Gold destinations a world of sensations
The success dossier "AGRI GOLD" has added another leaf by unfolding the strategic diversification into Leisure and Entertainment Industries by establishing cultural and entertainment destinations. In these destinations, where Temple Tourism of India with Buddhism and Hinduism comes alive, culture and entertainment will have the central focus in the thrilling and natural environs. Agri Gold destinations are the best eco-tourist spots where the exhilaration of fun and frolic becomes a life time experience in serene and sanctified ambience which abounds physical and spiritual happiness. Architects from Australia, creating the theme, will adopt the Traditional Temples and Buddhism architecture to recreate the past glories that give you an insight into the rich legacy. Strategically these destinations of Culture, Entertainment, Spirituality and Traditional Healing and Rejuvenation will be developed closer to the heritage places.

Agri Gold Group

The Group has its firm faith in agriculture and Agri based industries, which plays a pivotal role in furthering and strengthening the economy of India. With the objectives clearly envisioned and defined, the Group has begun its activities to promote Corporate Cultivation. In the words of Sri V.R.Rao Avvas, CMD, who has taken up the Corporate objective as a mission to be fulfilled, "My team and I will build this Company as dynamic and diversified conglomerate, which shall be ever growing Empire", to promote evergreen revolution, in sectors, that are the catalysts for economic growth, which have multiplier effect on employment generation and socio economic development of the rural and semi urban areas, adopting environment friendly technologies. Agri Gold Group expanded the activities into every system of agriculture and industry, which sustain on another. Everything recycled and becomes a valuable productsomewhere.

Seed Processing Unit

With the objective to process Hybrid seeds, the Company made efforts both in the farm lands and research to produce the best. Result has been excellent with Paddy, Vegetables, Cotton and Maize seeds and the width of the range will be increased, over the time. An enhanced yield and resistance to disease is the Motto. The seed processing unit is set up at Agri Gold industrial and farm estate, keesara, NH-9, 40 k.m. away from Vijayawada on the highway towards Hyderabad.

Food Processing Unit

Agri Gold Foods - A Blend of Love and Tradition This Division manufactures different types of processed foods under the brand name Agri Gold such as Whole Spice Powders like Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander, Black pepper powder etc., Blended spice powders (Mixed spice powders - Masalas) like kitchen queen garam masala, chat masala, chana masala, meat masala, chicken masala etc., Instant snack food mixes such as Ravva Idly mix, Dosay mix, Gulab Jamun mix, Cheers mix, Custard Powders in different flavors, Health drink powders such as Ragi Malt, Bad am Milk Mix etc. and Anjou Brand Pickles - a 14 verities such as Mango pickle, tomato pickle, lemon pickle etc.

The Company cultivates 60% of the ingredients, and the best of the produce is selected for processing, to ensure the purity. The process involves system that retains the original Freshness, Fragrance, Flavor and the Healing profile of the individual ingredients and every care is exercised to precision, to retain the natural flavor to give a pleasant feel that helps relish the food to the best original taste.

Spices, too many, since ages, are known as agents that add to taste and hence the valued culinary ingredients. This was more of ignorance than appreciation. Very few know that spices have a

more beneficial healing role than taste and which fact was extensively scripted in Ayurveda, the Indian life sciences, a treasure of Natural Medicines. Agri Gold, the Company that values Ayurveda Tradition, has adopted the guidelines from theses scriptures, while blending, to extend the beneficial values of healing in entirety, so that your eating will be a pleasure with a measure of health added.

Amruthavarshini Dairy Farms

Milk and Milk Products, processed on the most advanced machinery.

The Dairy has the technology transfer from the De Laval, a well known Swedish Company. The Process of milking from the udder to the plant for processing is mechanized. The Company is proposing to invest in down -stream projects to process the flavored milk & yoghurt for domestic demand. Efforts are to source the appropriate technologies to process milk and other dairy products for value addition.

Agri Gold Power Projects Ltd.

Bio mass based Power Generation with total self sustenance The extensive agricultural activity of the Company spread over thousands of acres in its captive farms generates substantial quantities of the bio - mass waste which otherwise is being burned and rendered useless despite the fact that it has good calorific value for generating power using this as fuel.

This has brought in another latent opportunity for the Company to plan setting up the plant to consume the bio mass waste as fuel to generate power. The bio mass of not only the Company but the bio mass waste from other fields should also be consumed. This has motivated towards

setting up the facility to generate power. The location of the Plant is in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Agri Gold Multimedia - The Publications sector of the Group

Agri Gold Multimedia has been publishing Swarna Sedyam, the bilingual monthly magazine since 1997, which is popular among the Agricultural Community of the Country. The focus of this magazine is one the information related to the latest trends, technologies and other productive practices for better yields and therefore economic gains in Agriculture. The success of the existing magazine and the support of the vast customer base spread over India and abroad motivated the enterprise to plan another monthly publication Nadhi in Telugu for the regular readership in Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu people residing in other states of India and Countries of the World who are being aimed at as the target readers.

Agri Gold Exims Limited - The Export Gateway of the Group

Agri Gold Exims Limited is the frontline company for Agri Gold Group's Exports and Imports. 'Agri Gold' is exporting its own products and also other products like Garments, Chemicals, Rice, Aroma Products to Asian, Europe, Middle East and West African countries.

Agri Gold Organics (P) Limited - Fertilizers Division

Agri Gold organics (P) Limited Is another prestigious company in Agri Gold Group. The activities of the Company is manufacturing Bio Organic Fertilizers and Manures and Bio Pesticides in one segment and Herbal / Medicinal plants processing and Ayurvedic / Herbal formulations in another segment.

This project essentially produces the organic manure using the process of organic ingredients and fortified with other agricultural additives such as neem powder and other herbal powders for better growth promotion and disease resistance.

The living Bacterial cultures are then added to the product depending upon the specific crop for which it is being used.


Electrical Power is the most important commodity from the point of views of industrial growth and the per capita consumption of electricity serves as an index of the economic development of any country. Uninterrupted power supply to various categories of consumers should be the main objective of utilities.With the present pace of industrial growth in India, development of additional power happens to be the immediate goal to be achieved in the near future.

In spite of having a fairly huge installed capacity, the power sector is plagued by energy and peak shortages of 8% and 13% respectively. We are all quite aware of the regular phenomenon of frequent power cuts, erratic voltage variations and wide frequency excursions faced by consumers.

Agri Gold's Mission in the Making

Agri Gold has stepped into the Power Sector with a motto of Waste to Wealth. It has a set up units for power generation capitalizing on the started resources. Agri Gold makes use of all the development technologies which enable utilization of all kinds of wastes as resources. Raising a technology cum services provider level to realize its vision Agri Gold strives to make power surplus states across India, the SAARC, ASEAN countries. It adds technology muscle by aligning with strategic partners from Switzerland, Russia, Israel and Germany. The Group gears up to offer projects on Turnkey/EPC/MPGP bases. Also, it offers technical knowhow to the private and public bodies and local communities. It is keen on implementing resonance plasma digester, H2O, Methane gas and solar power technologies. It sets up to micro power generation stations of different capacities to suite the requirement of target customer. Focus is on Power Generation by effectively utilizing Bio-mass / Farm wastes. Agri Gold Projects has successfully built two units of 6 and 8 Mega watts of Power Generation at a single location. Later, acquisition of 3 more units has enabled to have a collective power generation capacity of 40 mega watts using Bio-mass.

Indian Tourism Industry-

The tourism industry in India is substantial and vibrant, and the country is fast becoming a major global destination. Indias travel and tourism industry is one of them most profitable industries in the country, and also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. This if illustrated by the fact that during 2006, four million tourists visited India and spent US S8.9 billion.

Several reasons are cited for the growth and prosperity of Indias travel and tourism industry. Economic growth has added millions annually to the ranks of Indias middle class, a group that is driving domestic tourism growth. Disposable income in India has grown by 10.11% annually from 2001-2006, and much of that is being spent on travel.

Thanks in part to its booming IT and outsourcing industry a growing number of business trips are made by foreigners to India, who will often add weekend break or longer holiday to their trip. Foreign tourists spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide. Tourist arrivals are projected to increase by over 22% per year through till 2010, with a 33% increase in foreign exchange earnings recorded in 2004. The tourism industry has helped growth in other sectors as diverse as horticulture, handicrafts, agriculture, construction and even poultry. Indian outbound tourist flow is expected to increase at a CAGR of 12.79% over the five-year period spanning 2007-2011.


Agri Gold's Chandrahasa is a meticulously designed adventure in transforming the barren and thirsty landscape in your mind into a fertile and inventive arena to refresh your tired souls and bring fresh new energy into your heart and body. Agri Gold has the expertise, knowledge and imagination to make its vision of a green paradise come true and which convert your dreams into reality. Agri Gold Fortune Flats take care of your needs for today and for the future. That is one reason why, you will love the opportunity to enjoy healthy life and prosperity. It is rare to discover a harmony of comfort and beauty in one ideal location. We offer this opportunity to a select a few to own and enjoy a wise investment for handsome returns in short time. It is really a dream come true.

Agri Gold Fortune Estates have been aesthetically designed to provide you with all the essential comforts that are necessary for a modern lifestyle. The layout has been meticulously planned with wide blacktopped roads for easy access to the plots. All efforts have been made to provide excellent landscaping so that you are surrounded by lush greenery of flowering shrubs, making living here a pleasant experience. Fortune Estates has everything for the good life. Enjoy it with a swimming pool, club house and a play area to make children happy.

Knowledge serviceInformation Technology In order to provide software solutions to the global market, while catering to the IT requirements of the group companies the group has stepped into IT sector with a dedicated team of professionals. The beginning has been made, within the first 3 months, by initiating job portal, matrimonial portal and by offering web design, SQL servers and ERP&RFEP solutions. Multimedia & Publications The group having a large customer base of above 50 lakes in Andhra Pradesh alone, has started two publications, one focused on agriculture, dairy and animal husbandry and the other on general polity. The features being brought out are well received and appreciated by the readers and the increasing circulation for these magazines is the testimony for the readers' choice.

AGRI BUSINESS:Agri Gold promotes new trends in developing Housing, Residential layouts, Farm house lands and Agri farm lands which will give prosperity, pleasure and satisfaction, where the dreams of a common man are transformed into a reality. In the Infra Development sector, Roads, Pipelines etc are also on the cards. Agriculture has become a Primary sector in Countries like India. It has also become an important Economic Growth sustainer as 70% of Country's Population is employed in this sector. Agri

Gold has its strong foundation of stable growth based on the 'System of Agriculture and Agri Business which has become one of its core Business Systems to achieve its Vision.

REACHING INTERNATIONAL FRONTIERS:The group has been into exports of various food products and minerals to the Middle East for the last three years. The division has distribution tie-ups with sound groups in Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Tanzania, Srilanka, Singapore, UK, USA, and South Africa. In order to consolidate the export operations the group has opened its overseas branches at key locations. Scale.


Amla Pickle
This Category consists of Amla Pickle, Mango Pickle, Mixed Vegetable Pickle, RedChilliPickle, Gongora Pickle, Tomato Pickle, Green Tamarind Pickle, Lemon Pickle and Sweet Ginger Pickle. These Pickles are available with and without Garlic.

Bhindi Seeds
AgriGold seeds for golden yields,other categories available arechilli,snakeguard,dolichos,chilli,clusterbean,palak,amranthus,sunflower,maize,paddy,foddar grass etc. .

Chana Masala

this category consists with mixed spice powders like sambar, rasam, garam, chicken, mutton (meat), fish, egg, chana, chat, pav bhaji, panipuri, veg / subji, jal jeera, biryani / pulav and tea masala. Blended or mixed powder with all necessary ingredients, quantity ranges from 50gms to 200 Gms.

Cucumber Seeds
AgriGold seeds for golden yields,Other categories available arechilli,snakeguard,dolichos,chilli,clusterbean,palak,amranthus,sunflower,maize,paddy,foddar grass etc..

Flavoured Milk Elaichi Flavour

This pasteurised standarised milk product contains rich gradients and vitmains, makes life much healthier, packing available: 200ml.

Hair Oils (Fairall Bodypack)

Delays the ageing process, smoothens wrinkled skin, makes the skin to glow and shine. Ingredients are Chandra mallika (chrysanthemum coronarium), chandan (santalum album), bakuchi (psoralea corylifolia), kumari (aloververa), useera (vettivera zizanioides), neem (azadirachta indica), milk solids, camphor, saffron (crocus sativus)

Herbal Oils (Emulika Oil (Ps))

Ndications: Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Leucoderma, Eczema, Dermatitis, Scabies. It Results No Comedogenicity, Penetrates deep into the tissues and takes the drugs along with it, Stops shedding of tissue scales in psoriasis and Icfthyosis, Scar slowly merges with the skin.

Instant Rice Idly Mix

This category consists with a traditional Indian snack mixes, some of them are instantrice idly, dosay mix, raw a idly mix, vada mix, upma mix, raw a dosay mix and sweet mixes likekheer, Gulab Jamun, julep and kasseri bath. Ingredients are rice flour, powdered black gram, table salt, sodium bi-carbonate, citric acid and sodium citrate

Memo Gold-Syrup
Ndications: In the treatment of Poor Memory, Poor grasping & Slow Learning, Lack Of Concentration, Cerebral Fatigue, forgetfulness, Low Intellect and Mental Relardation.It helps retention and recall memory, Improve learning ability, Helps high uptake of glucose to improve nutrition, Clears channels (Srotasas), Combats stress & induces natural sleep, Protects neurons from damage.

Moolika Herbal Hair Oil

It prevents dandruff, prevents hair fall, and prevents early graying and migraine. Ingredients are bhringaraj (wedelia chinensis), yachts (glycerrhiza glabra), brahmi (bacopa monnieri), amla (phylllanthus emblica), vibheetaki (terminally bellerica), haritaki (terminally chebula), sariba (hemidesmus indicus), bukuchi (pesoralea corylifolia), nirgundi (vertex nirgundo), mandara (hibiscus Rosa sinensis), neem (azadiracta indica), neeli (indigo FERA tinctora), lemon peels (citrus lemonum) and base oil

Turmeric Powder

This category consists with turmeric, chilly, black pepper, coriander, cumin, dry ginger, dry mango, corn flour etc. about product:- blended or mixed powder with all necessary ingradients,quantity ranges from 50gms to 500 Gms.

Amla Powder
MLA is very valuable Herb and used in many conditions either singly or as an adjuvant, Conditions include improving Resistance, Ulcer, Gastritis, Dyspepsia, Diabetes, Asthma, Haematemesis, Jaundice etc. A rich source of Vitamin C.

Aswagandha Powder
Useful in fevers, vomiting, bronchitis, throat inflammations, and mouth ulcers and skin abscesses containing pus. Many studies indicate its usefulness in Type11 diabetes as Galactogogue and in amoebic infections.

Atmagupta Powder
Astringent, Nervine tonic and Aphrodisiac, Anthelmintic. Useful in Parkinsonism, as tonic for male virility, Elephantiasis, paralysis.

Bhringaraja Powder
Useful in certain skin conditions like pruritus and leprocy. Also useful in hepatic and spleen mealy, gastric disorders, Worm infestations. A good hair tonic for Blackening, Strengthening hair roots, and to prevent hair falling.

Bitter Gourd Powder

Bitter gourd is useful as Adjuvant in Ttype11 Diabetes and Ulcers, Skin Infections including Leprocy. Also useful in Haemorrhoids, Jaundice, Hepatomegaly and Splenomegaly.

Guduchi Powder
Astringent, Nervine tonic, aphrodisiac and Anthelmintic. Useful in many conditions such as seminal weakness, urinary affections, fever, jaundice, liver disorders, syphilis, rheumastism, general debility, leprosy, type-II diabetes.

Henna Powder
Enhances beauty to the part of the body, A good beauty aid to enhance the beauty of the parts of the body, also useful in nail-bed infections and keeps them neat and beautiful.

Herbal Oils (Emulika Oil (Are))

Indications: Psoriasis, Strains, Contusions, Dislocations, Fractures, Rheumatic Pains, Low Back Pain, Sports Injuries. It Results No Comedogenicity, Prompt control of swelling, excellent pain control, Reduces stiffness of the joints, Restores mobility fast.

Kiratatikta Powder
Stomachic, tonic, cholagogue, antipyretic, alternative. Good results in sluggish lever, neuralgia and certain forms of dyspepsia associated with gaseous distention of the bowels.

Menthi Powder
It cools the Brain and Scalp, Refreshes the Nervous System, Stops Hair Fall, Avoids Dandruff. A thick, Strong and Glossy Hair will increase the beauty and charm. Ingredients are Amla

(Phylllanthus Emblica), Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri), Vattiveru (Vattiveria Zizanioides) and Base Oil

Mint Leaves Powder

Carminative, stimulant, stomachic and emmenagogue. Useful in indigestion, cough, headache, fever, sore throat etc.

Neem Powder
Neem is an inseparable herb of our lives and is very useful in various skin conditions like Pruritus, Leucoderma, Boils, Eczema and Scabies, besides Intermittent Fevers including Malaria, Worm Infestations, and Cough, Bronchitis, Type II diabetes and Leprosy.

Pooja Items (Holy Cow Dung)

Other Divine products available are Pooja Deep, Pooja Vibhoothi, Pooja Sindhur, Haridram, Chandra, Raga Malika, Divine Incense Sticks, Rose Water, Sapitha Sager, Aradhana etc.

Punarnava Powder
Bitter, Stomachic, Laxative, Expectorant, Diaphoretic and Emetic. Very effective in Wedelia, Anemia, Heart disease, Cough and Intestinal Colic.

Satavari Powder
Galactogogue, Antacid, Nutritive, Diuretic, Reorient. Useful in cynic disorders, diseases of Nervous System, Hyperacidity, Gastritis, Hemorrhages, Cardiac Debility, Hyper tension and to get back vigor.

Tulas Powder
Demulcent, Expectorant, Anti Periodic and Anti Catarrhal. Useful in certain skin diseases like Itches, Ringworm, Leprosy, Bad blood and also useful in Influenza, Malaria, Cholera etc. It improves the complexion, eliminates intestinal worms.

Vattiveru Powder
Useful in Hemorrhoids, Skin Allergies, Blood Motions, Haematemesis, Haemoptysis, Hiccoughs and Thirst.

Yashtimadhu Powder
Tonic, Cooling, Demulcent, Expectorant, Diuretic, Emmenagogue and Gentle Laxative. Useful as Demulcent in Inflammatory conditions of the Bronchial tubes, and Catarrh of the Gent Urinary passages, Cough, Hoarseness, sore-throat, Asthma, Dysuria etc.


Need for the study Research Methodology of the study Limitations of the study


From the days of industrial revolution when goods & services were produced to the present day, the emphasis has shifted from the producers to the consumer and his needs, and with the consumer becoming more involved, in the marketing process there is greater need for information regarding the consumer needs. Preferences and making them satisfied of the products & services, has led to a constant but increasing need to conduct marketing research. This research is an insight into the mind of the consumer, with the help of which the organizations will become aware of their pitfalls and in turn can also make improvements in the product regarding the level of satisfaction of the consumers towards their offerings in the market place. The basic need of this project is to know theSatisfaction amongst the respondents, with regard to AGRI GOLD services and its products.

Surely, the Indian Customers have a variety of choice that seems to be growing. The advantage of these goods & services has made the job of the Product market more difficult and challenging than ever before.The first task in from of this, is to clear the confusion on the face of the Indian Customer and motive him to the purchage action of the Brand Markets. Slights complacency on his Product would tantamount to losing a potencial customer. Therefore, the Food product marketers are making every effort to woe the potential Food product Buyers in maintaining Showrooms, Disributions thems with efficient Service centers, stocking and adequate quantity of genuine spares, customer care, and finance discount. Schemes, mobile services and what not on the other hand, it is the buyers market now and therefore for one Customer is the King.

1) 2) 3) To study the Customer Satisfaction amongst the users of AGRI GOLD products. To study the satisfaction levels of AGRI GOLD retail customers. To study the Satisfaction level of AGRI GOLD customers with regard to other products and services offered by AGRI GOLD. 4) To make suggestions for improvement of their products & their services from the customers point of view based on this research to fulfill customers needs. 5) To know the customers feed back towards the redressed of grievances by AGRI GOLD. 6) To ascertain the role of media in promoting and creating awareness towards the diversified portfolio of AGRI GOLD products. 7) To find out the quality of service in terms of transmission coverage, clarity in the reception and connectivity of the various services that are being offered by AGRI GOLD. 8) To study the satisfaction levels of AGRI GOLD.


Research in common pursuance refers to a search for knowledge in a scientific and systematic way for pursuant information on a specified topic. Once the objective is identified that next step is to collect the data which is relevance to the problem identified and analyze the collected data in order to find out the hidden reasons for the problem. There are two types of data namely. 1. Primary Data 2. Secondary Data

1. PRIMARY DATA Primary data is to be collected by the concerned project researcher with relevance to his problem. So the primary data is original in nature and is collected first hand. Collection of primary data There are several methods of collecting primary data particularly in surveys and descriptive researches. Important ones are as follows: 1. Observation Method 2. Interview Method 3. Questionnaire 4. Schedules and 5. Other methods which include Warranty needs Distributor audits Pantry audits Consumer panels Using mechanical devices Through projective techniques In depth interviews and



It is the most commonly used methods especially in studies relating to behavioral sciences. This method implies the collection of information by way of investigators own observation, without interviewing the respondents. The information obtained relates to what is currently happening and is not complicated by either the past behavior or future intentions or attitudes of respondents.



The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral, verbal stimuli and reply in terms of oral-verbal responses. This method can be used through personal interview and, if possible, through telephone interview.

Personal Interview

The method of collecting information through personal interview is usually carried out in a structured way. As such we call this interview as structured interviews. Such interviews involve the use of a set of predetermined questions and of highly standardized techniques of recording. Thus, the interviewer in a structured interview follows a rigid procedure laid down, asking questions in a given format and the order prescribed. As against it, the unstructured interviews are characterized by flexibility of approach to questioning. Unstructured interviews do not follow a system of pre-determined questions and standardized techniques of recording information.



The researcher and the respondents do come in contact with each other if this method of survey is adopted. Questionnaires are mailed to the respondents with a request to return after completing

the same. It is the most extensively used method in various economic and business surveys & research. Questionnaire to be used must be prepared very carefully so that it may prove to be effective in collecting the relevant information.

Structured questionnaire
Using structured questionnaire method, which contains close-ended questions, collected the primary data with respect the problem chosen. The questions have some options, from which the respondents have to choose a choice. As the answers lie within a specified range they are called close-ended questions. Open-ended questions are those questions where no choices are given to respondents and respondents are free to express their choice or answer.

The following sampling method was used.

Sample size:
The sample was taken from the universe on random sampling basis in Hyderabad. The sample size designed for this project is 100 keeping in mind the paucity of time and also the customer base of the organization in the research area.

Research Methodology
A structured questionnaire was prepared and presented to the respondents and related questions were asked. Questionnaires mainly contained close-ended questions and a few open ended questions, to identify the reasons for customers satisfaction & their dissatisfaction.

Secondary data
It is the data already existing, which has gone through some standard analysis. Under the secondary data, the companys annual reports, broachers, pamphlets, newspapers, journals and internet were taken into consideration.


The scope of project work is to get the opinions from respondents on the issues mentioned earlier. It is limited to the twin cities of Vijayawada and is confined to the urban areas as the respondents are the subscribers of AGRI GOLD services is one form or the other. it is know and analyze the degree of customer satisfaction for the brand AGRI GOLD services it is the main aim of to identify the target customers. The scope of project work is to estimate the extent of loyalty of customers. This work is to know the brand awareness of the AGRI GOLD among customers. To know the and analyze the drawbacks if any present in the AGRI GOLD products. This study is give suggestions by understanding the customer relationship of the AGRI GOLD and customers.


The present research is restricted to the twin cities of Hyderabad city only. The sample size taken is only 100 and as such is very small as compared to the universe, this is due to the constraints of time and effort, and as such may not be enough to generalize to the entire population, however it is presumed that the sample represents the universe. Respondents might have responded with the actual feelings of facts while giving responses to the questionnaire. Time being a limiting factor was not sufficient to gather opinions from majority of the respondents, who form part of the universal sample. While every care as been taken to eliminate perceptual bias from the side of the researcher and the respondents however certain element of bias might have set in to the research inadverantly. Since this study concentrated on customer satisfaction towards HERITAGE no attempt was made to study other activities of the organization. Such as finance, human resource management etc.,


Data Analysis & Interpretation

1) How did you come to know about AGRI GOLD products?

No. of respondents Electronic media Print media Road shows Hoardings Total 22 28 20 30 100

Percentage 22% 28% 20% 30% 100%

Knowing about the product:


30% of the respondents came to know about AGRI GOLD products from hoardings while 28% of the respondents came to know from print media and electronic media was assumed by 22% of the respondents. A small significant 20% of the respondents replied that road shows have helped them in understanding AGRI GOLD products.

2) Since how many months have you been using this service?

No. of respondents 0-6 months 6-12 months 1-2 years More than 2 years Total 23 37 36 04 100

Percentage 23% 37% 36% 04% 100%

Using of the service (in months):


From the above table it is seen that 37% of the respondents have been using AGRI GOLD products for past one year. While 36% have been using it for more than 1 year, and a significant 23% of respondents have been using the service for less than six months. Only 4% of the respondents have been using AGRI GOLD products for more than 2 years.


Which Kind of service are you using? Please mention?

Type of service Wholesale Retail Total

No. of respondents 40 60 100

Percentage 40% 60% 100%

Kind of service


From the above table it can be seen that 60% of them are using retail services, while 27% are using Dairy services, and the remaining 13% are using Agri services.

4) What is the reason for choosing this service?

No. of respondents Less price Quality service Brand image Total 20 56 24 100 Percentage 20% 56% 24% 100%

Reason for choosing the service:


20% Less price Quality service Brand image 56%


From the above table it is shown that 56% of the respondents are citing quality of service as the factor. While 24% cited brand image as the reason for choosing the service. As far as price is concerned only 20% of the respondents have quoted it as the reason for choosing this service.

5) Why do you prefer for this service?

No. of respondents Convenience Economical Security Features Total 53 30 04 13 100

Percentage 53% 30% 04% 13% 100%

Preferring for this service:

Interpretation In todays busy world convenience seems to be the most overriding factor while preferring a cellular service. It is clear that 53% of the respondents have preferred this service due to easy & hands free availability, making it convenient to use it. On the other hand 30% have said economy of the service, while 13% of the respondents have given features as their choice. While a meager 4% of the said security as the reason for preferring the service.


Are you satisfied with the quality of service being provided?

No. of respondents Yes No To some extent Cant say Total 85 5 0 10 100

Percentage 85% 5% 0% 10% 100%

Satisfaction l with the quality of service:

10% 0% 5% Yes No To some extent Cant say



From the above table it is clear that 85% of the respondents are satisfied with the quality of service while a significant number i.e., 10% of the respondents couldnt say anything and 5% of the respondents replied they are not satisfied with the quality of service.

7) Have you faced any problem at the time of Purchase & usage?
No. of respondents Yes No Total 10 90 100 percentage 10% 90% 100%

Facing of problems:

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0






The above table indicates that at the time of activation only 10% of the respondents have faced problem with company, and 90% of the respondents have not face any problem.

8) While buying AGRI GOLD product that has influenced your purchase

No. of respondents Colleagues Friends Family members Others Total 25 60 15 0 100 Percentage 25% 60% 15% 0% 100%

Influence on purchase decision:


0% 25%

Colleagues Friends Family members Others



From the above table it is shown that 60% of the respondents were influenced by their friends, 25% by their colleagues and 15% by others.


Did you know the customer awareness program for every month ?
No. Of respondents Yes No Total 40 60 100 Percentage 40% 60% 100%

Including of activation charges:

60 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No 1 40 60 40% 2 40% 60% 60% 40


The above table is indicating that, from the total respondents of the survey 40% respondents are aware of the customer program , and the remaining 60% respondents are completely unaware of this statement, due to lack of communication from the company.

10) Where do you pay your bills?

Periods At showrooms On delivery Total No. of respondents 100 00 100 percentage 100% 00% 100%

Place of paying Bills:

120 100 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 1 2 100% 0% At showrooms On delivery


It is clear from the above analysis that the respondents have to pay their post paid bills at the True-Paid shops only. So 100% of the respondents pay at their dealer outlets only.


Do you prefer online-billing counters for your bill payment like counters of ATMs?
Type of service Yes No Total No. of respondents 99 01 100 percentage 99 01% 100%

Preferring of online bills:


Yes No



Of the 100 respondents surveyed 99% of them prefer online counters for their bills payments as it saves their time & effort, and only 1% of the respondents are not willing to have the online payment facility.

12) How do you feel about the pricing of AGRI GOLD services as compared with other?
No. Of respondents Expensive Competitive Cant say Total 00 96 04 100 Percentage 00% 96% 04% 100%

Pricing of AGRI GOLD services:

120 100 80 Expensive 60 40 20 0 0 1 4 Competitive Cant say 96


The feelings of customers of AGRI GOLD about the pricing of the services is, 96% of them are satisfied and feel the prices are comparable with others and 4% of them are not satisfied with the pricing of the company as they feel the prices are not competitive enough.


Are you satisfied with the payment of your bills?

No. of respondents Yes No To some extent Total 10 00 90 100 Percentage 10% 00% 90% 100%

Satisfaction with payment:

10% 0% Yes No To some extent 90%


With the above analysis, from the 100 respondents, only 10% are satisfied with the time given to them for payment of bills, and the remaining 90% of respondents are not fully satisfied.


What is your Opinion on the service availability of Retail?

No. of respondents Easily available Not available 100 00 Percentage 100% 00%

Service availability of retail:

120 100 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 1 2 100% 0%

Easily available Cant say


The above table indicates that the AGRI GOLD services of retail services are easily available in urban areas; this is clarified from 100 respondents surveyed.


Is home delivery facility providing by the services is sufficient & convenient to you?
No. of respondents Yes No Total 100 00 100 Percentage 100% 00% 100%

Opinion about home delivery facility:


Yes No



From the above analysis it is clear that 100% of the respondents are feeling happy and feel the home delivery facility is sufficient and convenient to them.


Do you feel that the instruments being provided along with the services is ok or you want a change (as per choice)?
No. of respondents Yes, we want change No, it is OK Total 10 90 100 Percentage 10% 90% 100%

Instruments provided with service are ok or not:


Yes, we want change No, it is OK


Interpretation: From the above table it is clear that 90% of the total 100 respondents dont want any change in the instruments being provided by the company, they want as it is. But the remaining 10% of the respondents are willing to have change in that at some choice, in terms of certain features as compared with the competitors.

17) Do you recommend these services to your friends, Colleagues & Family?
No. of respondents Yes No Cant say Total 63 37 00 100 Percentage 63% 37% 00% 100%

Recommendation of the service:

70 60 50 40 30 20 10



0 0 Yes No Cant say


It is clear that 63% of the respondents would recommend the service, while a significant 37% of the respondents do not want to recommend the service to their friends, colleagues & family.


Do you want any additional features to be included to you service in future?

No. of respondents Yes No Total 67 23 100 Percentage 67% 23% 100%

Any additional features:

80 60 40 20 0






From the above table it is clear that 67% of the total respondents are desirous of having some new features like call waiting, GPRS, MMS etc., to be included in this service in future, and the remaining 23% respondents do not want any changes as far as the additional features are concerned.


Findings Suggestions Bibliography Annexure

1. The coverage is limited to only urban areas hence effort should be made to increase the coverage in semi urban and rural areas as it increases the number of subscribers

2. AGRI GOLD should create awareness amongst its customers regarding various services that are being offered by it by increasing its sales promotion reach. 3. Special promotional schemes to be launched especially to target youth segment who take up the new product by having special packages


AGRI GOLD try to focus on the after sales customer support as this is perceived to be a weak spot, by the consumes and should have responsive call centers to address the needs of its customers.


From the study it was found that mostly AGRI GOLD products was preferred by Household people.

6. It was found that 82% of the respondents are satisfied with the delivery of the AGRIGOLD products. 7. From the study it was found that 53% of the respondents are satisfied with the service provided by the AGRI GOLD Company.

8. The overall service of the dealership is average.

9. Most of the respondents purchased the AGRI GOLD products for the hose purpose. 10. It was also found that the performance of the sales executive while approaching the customers is also average.

AGRI GOLD should increase the coverage of its all services i.e. dairy and agri and retail also, services by installing more at strategic points. The quality of the retail service needs to be improved in terms of clarity and connectivity. AGRI GOLD should vigorously promote its retail services as compared with the competition and should concentrate on individual customers and non-commercial customers. AGRI GOLD should aggressively promote its offerings in various media and should concentrate on hoardings and road shows and electronic media. Attractive schemes for owning the retail instruments should be launched to attract more customers.





PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING Philip Kotler & Gray Armstrong





5. 6. 7. 8.

Www. Www. Customer www.Indian


Name of the respondent Age Gender Address

: : : :



How do you come to know that About AGRI GOLD products? a) b) Electronic Media Road shows b) c) Print media Hoardings


Since how many months have you been using this? a) c) 0-6 months 1-2 years b) d) 6-12 months more than 2 years


Which kind of service is you using please mention? a) Wholesale b) Retail


What is the reason for choosing this service? a) b) Less price Brand image b) Quality service


Why do you prefer this service? a) c) Convenience b) Security Economical e) Features


Are you satisfied with the quality of service being provided? a) c) Yes To some extent b) d) No cant say


Have you faced any problem at the time of purchase & usage? a) Yes b) No


Who has influenced you, in purchase decision towards AGRI GOLD Product? a) c) Colleagues Family members b) d) Friends others


Do you know customer awareness program for every month? a) yes b) No


Where do you pay your bills? a) At showrooms b) on delivery Do you prefer online billing counters for your bill payment like ATMs? a) Yes b) No



How do you feel about the pricing of AGRI GOLD Services as compared with other? a) c) Expensive Cant say b) Competitive


Are you satisfied with the payment of your bills? a) c) Yes To some extent b) No


What is your opinion on the serviced availability of Retail? a) c) Easily available To some extent b) d) Not available cant say


Is home delivery facility providing by the service is sufficient & convenient to you? a) Yes b) No


Do you feel that the instruments being provided along with the services is OK or you want any change? (As per your choice) a) Yes, we want change b) No, it is ok


Do you recommend this service to your friends, colleagues & family? a) Yes b) No


Do you want any additional features to be included to your services in future? a) Yes are the common b) No problems, which you face while using this



service:_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Thank you