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Pamphlet No. 2.

Why Not Marxism ?

FORENOTE The writer of this article has prepared a work on Karl Marx and Marxian Materialism which he has called "Critical
Analysis of a Critical Analyst', but despite all his efforts, he has been unable to find a publisher either enlightened or courageous enough to market his book. He, therefore, now offers this short synopsis in the hope that a reader may realise the importance of the matter, and so aid the writer in his endeavour to get into print.

PEACEAND MEN OF GOOD WILL Marxism is what it is as a result of an illogical manifestation of an ill-founded yet quite logical urge to rebellion; an ill-conceived expression of a very natural and quite justifiable desire to revolt. Incidentally, it is directed against an intolerable condition of Society which, perhaps strangely enough, is made the more intolerable by the activities of the Marxists themselves. Furthermore, it pretends to be all that which Christianity is in reality, although seldom allowed to show itself to be. That Marxism succeeds in such a patent deception is, in itself, an indictment of those who purport to apply the doctrine of Christ and to interpret the Son of Man to the poor. The either stupid, apathetic or hypocritical attitude of so-called Christians, who assure their sheltered existence, or earn their livelihood "in Christ," gives to the devilish and zealous activities of the unpaid Marxist the appearance of a more selfless and noble endeavour and this not to himself, nor to the ignorant observer, alone. Thus man's endeavour for himself inspires more faith and carries more hope than does God's plan for him: His activities for himself, always more tangible than God's unseen activity on his behalf, leaves no room at all for the consideration of Charity. Losing Faith and Hope in his Creator, Man is compelled to vest such in himself, whilst true Charity, incomprehensible to the Marxist and seldom understood by the religious, receives scant attention from those who occupy the position of being neither in the world nor of it. Such abnormality either way gives rise to our deplorable state, and noble as the endeavour might well be, the conversion of every hottentot from China to Peru will not alter the position, nor cause the heart of Europe to pulse a normal beat. Granting him sincerity, the Marxist in potential is attracted to the creed because he needs an explanation for the obvious unjust conception of justice which he sees around and about him; such "justice" being, as far as he is able to judge, perpetrated by a Society purporting to be Christian. The explanations which are given to him by those who retail "Das Kapital" to would-be intellectual, self opinionated Idiot and ignorant alike, are sufficient to fully convince him of the primal, if somewhat primitive, justice of his cause. This conviction takes place in the first instance, indeed, it is half made already, and no matter what follows, Dialectics and what not-once taken, this first step is the fatal one. It is this first step which should be prevented at all cost, and this can be achieved only by the making of drastic adjustments to the Society which exists, and by ruthlessly destroying the Marxist case at its fundamentals, i.e., its claims in economics; its charges against "Christian" Society. Very briefly, these claims are that "The Profit Motive" which exists in our Capitalist Society is the root cause of all our economic and social ills, and further, that in a properly constituted, justly organised and therefore truly Christian Society," the means of Production" (that is to say, the means of creating and using real wealth) would be in the hands of "the people." These partly true claims, which can be logically justified when society is viewed as merely an economic unit, gives to the Marxist doctrine the fire which possesses the ability to attract, warm and inspire its adherents. Thus they are made ready to commit even greater injustice than already exists such injustice becoming to be known by them as a "higher and ultimate justice." This the more so because Democracy-and so-called Christian Society which appears to have chosen to be identified with it offers nothing but a seemingly insane struggle for the mere essentials of human existence. Furthermore, as all true reaction to such conditions as exist has either been led astray or discredited by Church and State alike, the false reaction has been given a free field in which to operate. Needless to say, it makes full use of the opportunity. Therefore, the sincere Marxist, as so the ex-Fascist and National Socialist, commit their errors of excess because of what they see upheld and countenanced by the Society in which they are compelled by circumstance to exist. Always and at every turn, Christ gets the blame.

Only when Christians become what they ought to be rugged soldiers of Christ their Kingwill hypocrites cease to be hypocrites, Marxists cease to be idiots, and ex-Fascists and National Socialists content themselves with working for an order in Society in full accord with those who still cling to the Rock of Peter. At the moment, it is precisely because Christians are not what they ought at least endeavour to be, that such conditions of abnormality flourish, and the devil dances with glee. Consequently, for the moment, the writer stands opposed to them all; quite naturally-and perhaps super-naturally-for different reasons. He neither considers himself a paragon of justice, nor yet a "good" Christian, but he does not intend to waste time apologising for being human. He claims to see right, and that is all. He finds that he has equal time for all who are sincere, and no time whatsoever for those who are not. As must follow, he has equal time for sincere Catholic, Fascist, National Socialist, Marxist, or what you will. The subjective reservations which he makes for a man's beliefs is objectively neither here nor there; it is found to be a matter of little consequence in the contingency, whilst what a man really is, is found to matter a great deal. He happens to believe in the redemptive power of the Christ, and is intent upon being objective in his .belief. Consequently he finds that it is possible for him to write that he has found many "Christians" objectionable rather than objective. He has discovered (at least such a conviction is now paramount with him) that it is the Soul that Wills, not a mentality born of faulty intellection or ill-conceived belief; further, that God judges a man by his Will, and by the disposition of such Will, not by the label which he at the moment wears. Thus he is persuaded that all men of Goodwill will eventually find peace. To write thus is to tell the reader nothing new, but to stress what this can mean, let the following speak for itself, At the moment the attitude displayed by most Christians-many of them Catholic at that-sickens him even more than the attitude displayed by not a few Marxists; and for him, it becomes almost a matter of opportunities received, taken or let pass. He asks in parting-Whence is he to go from here? Maybe it is neither to Hell or to Heaven, but of one thing he is certain. It will be towards a greater comprehension of his God, and therefore nearer still to humanity's Almighty Creator. A TEIXERIA de MATTOS

Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis

September 17th, 1952

There is one point which 1 must make before you proceed further: it regards "The Profit Motive." This "main prop" of the Marxist argument has not been dealt with in this short article. It is the matter of one whole chapter in "Critical Analysis of a Critical Analyst" and cannot possibly be "skeletoned" for inclusion here. The same must also be said for my constructive alternative to Marxian Materialism. This . is the second of a series of leaflets being prepared so as to form a book. They deal with Marxism, Freemasonry, Psychiatry, Judaism, Comparative Religion, Democracy, Finance, Science, etc. Your enquiries and support will speed their production. For many reasons mostly obvious we are without money . DEMOCRACY BREEDS MARXISM If at the time of the conception of Marxism there had existed a well ordered, virile, enlightened and intelligent society, a sterile so-called intelligentsia would never have been born, for this pernicious doctrine of our modern age would not have been taken seriously. As the product of a contemptible man, both a liar and a deceiver, it is an equally contemptible creed; shot through with lies and misrepresentations, directing its appeal to the ever uppermost self-deceiving half of human nature, and living on the bountiful harvest of its own violence. There should be no difficulty in pointing this out; coldly, intelligently, and entirely free from all excess emotion. As it is, Marxism is a menace to the human family, whilst even among respected thinkers its prophet is allowed to occupy the position of a profound analytical philosopher, whilst millions more, less intelligent but more sincere, work with a devilish zeal for the realisation of his revolution. All this is so despite the fact that many of the first class brains, including those of Christ's own Church, have, with no small measure of success, rent asunder all that which this intellectual Judas has pieced together. Nevertheless, the great majority of writers who have made play to

debunk Marx, and this includes a whole host of journalists and politicians, have been completely superficial in their criticism, whilst because there exists those in positions of influence and authority who are neither morally or intellectually honest, what success has been achieved by the genuine and most intelligent opponents of Marxism, remains almost entirely unknown. There are many additional reasons for this strange fact which could be added to that mentioned above, the least of which is still of great importance, but space will allow for the very brief reference to only one: Scientists, Professors, Medical men, in fact, all but all those who are occupied in the professions in our democratic society, subscribe to Marxism whether they are aware of the fact or not. These self-styled enemies of Communism are, in fact, essentially Marxists, for the very simple reason that, whatever else they care to call it, they now possess a Marxian mentality: Like Marx, they are essentially Godless, and therefore full of self. With God expelled, vanity and pride take up a great deal of mental space in their otherwise almost emptied heads. As a sad consequence, the activities of Science, Medicine and the professions in general are willy-nilly at one with the activities of the diabolic. Their curriculums, and the experiments which are carried out, are as godless and ruthless as any undertaken in the Marxist State. The atheistic disregard for the laws of nature, creation and the Creator Himself which many of our men of Science and Medicine express in their everyday working activity, is of such a nature as to be termed in every sense, Totalitarian. DEMOCRACY AND MARXISM OCCUPY COMMON GROUND Marxism is a creed which directs its appeal to the base instincts, whilst clothing both propaganda and aspirations in the garments of noble endeavour, thereby using the self deceit and hypocrisy resident in human nature and spurring it to action on the one hand, whilst debasing the noble to the point of the lowest aspirations of humanity on the other. In point of fact, Democracy does much the same: It spends half its time in hypo-critical self-conviction of the fact that it knows how to live, and the remaining half in endeavouring to convince others that they do not. That is why the British Tommy can be made to sacrifice himself for any and every ignoble cause. He always does his best, not only because he believes that his "free for all" is better than most, but also because he is willing to credit the worst about his chosen opponent. We have "heeded the leaven of the Pharisees" until we have ourselves become their like! MARXISM AND CHRISTIANITY In truth our own society is Godless: Democracy has little ground to give when exchanging with any other system: Her fault finding is quite hypocritical, for her idealism does not reflect itself into her reality. Atheism, be it Marxist or Democratic, is much the same. Both are acceptable and ultimately subservient to those who work for the enthronement of the Anti-Christ., Atheism of any kind is but a transition from one concept of God to another concept of another God; a process whereby Lucifer replaces Christ. Very briefly, Communism may be summed up as that system of life which having previously robbed men of their faith, binds them to Atheism. Marxian Dialectical Materialism is the religion of Atheism; a belief in an unbelief in God; a belief in, and insistence upon, the idea that God does not exist, and that man is, therefore, subject only to "forces." A belief in the ultimate Absoluteness of Man, to be achieved regardless of God and nature, by the process of dialectic. Conversely, Christianity is that system of life which binds men to the laws of God and of nature; binds them to morality. Christianity where it is practised (i.e., Dogmatic Catholicism) has become the religion of a well ordered conventional society. A belief in an unbelief in revolutionary change; a belief in, and insistence upon, the fact that God exists and that Man is subject to Him. A belief in the ultimate Oneness of Man with the Absolute, to be achieved by subscription to the redemptive power which has been purchased from Heaven for us by an historical figure-Christ. Idealistically, Democracy remains agnostic about the matter; in reality and through all her activities, she favours Godlessness, or a milk and water conception of Christ which can quite easily be equated with popular Communist ideology.

DIALECTIC AND DOGMA The question arising is: By what particular process can Man achieve Oneness with the Absolute? The Church answers dogmatically: By conversion, and by reception of the Sacraments. Marxism supplies no real answer. There is no God; Man can achieve Absoluteness in one way alone: By trial and error; by experiment; by wrestling with elemental and natural forces. Now the former's answer holds good for those who walk in light, or even for those who are receptive of it, be it so that, like a Life Insurance Policy, the promised payment will not be made until after

death. But for those who sit in darkness, this is no answer. The latter's answer cannot be justified. Its hope is that of despair; its counsel to struggle and rebellion. It would make of us the implements and kin of the demons. For the objective and sincere seeker after truth, the former's answer is unsatisfactory, whilst the latter's is the wrong answer. For the writer, there is a third, holding to the absolute truth of the former, yet refusing to deny what of Hegelian truth remains hidden in the latter. Having in mind the desire for enlightenment for those who sit in darkness, and the consequent necessity for a shortening of the process, he seeks elsewhere. For him, Absolution and final conversion will take place in Christ, but it will also take place by "dialectic." Such "short work" cannot take place within the confines of dogmatic Catholicism, hardly more than damnation can be prevented by the practice of Dialectical Materialism. It can be achieved only by complete negation; suffering the true death of the ego. That is to say, by a willingness to disregard the dogmatic means of salvation whilst realising their validity, thus dispensing with the consideration of salvation itself. Yet to practice an objective faith, obedient to the laws of nature, creation and Creator, regardless of convention, and quite unavoidable in opposition to Society. An anarchy which conceives God as the Law, and worships Him in spirit and in truth by opposing all injustice and untruth wherever it is to be found. A belief in a well ordered society does not mean that even the embryo of such a society actually exists, or can ever exist in an imperfect world. Unfortunately, many religions believe that it does, and being poor thinkers, are content to compromise with that which appears to most closely resemble the ideal which they seek. It is a short mental step from the idealistic to the unreal, and this truly feminine mentality to-day affects even the best elements of the Catholic Church. Even to these best elements the writer feels that he can say with fundamental truth: No doubt it is good to go to Mass and to say the Rosary, but it is better by far to say nothing and attempt to live them. A hard saying but a truthful one; howbeit the man who does both might well be still better. FACT AND REALITY Marxists insist upon the fact that before Man can experience anything whatsoever, be it spiritual or material, he must be provided with three essentials-Food, Shelter and Clothing. These are essential for existence itself, and as experience of anything spiritual or material necessitates the state of existence itself, their doctrine is based upon, and primarily concerned with, the supplying and satisfying of this need. The truth of this is self evident, and cannot be denied, howbeit that it is over-stressed by them, and further, that according to Christianity, existence itself necessitates the pre-existence of God, and that God, having given existence would, were man cease to interfere with His providence, supply ample harvest to ensure the continuation of that which He had, out of His goodness, created. Nevertheless, Marxism gives expression to a real need for Social Reform, and the fact that it is both false and devilish is here quite beside the point. Reform is necessary, and, in fact, imperative. Who will then supply the correct and just answer to humanity's primal need? Now that which is about to be said may both surprise and shock the reader, but Truth demands that it be said. Whatever else, both Fascism and National Socialism were definitely opposed to Marxism, and moreover, their opposition, extending itself from the social into the philosophic, bordered on the religious, and was more fundamental and real than the idealistic opposition offered by the Church before or since. It was for this reason that they effectively benefited their respective peoples by action, whilst the Church had contented Herself with a mere battle of words and philosophical victories. Under Hitler and Mussolini, National Socialism and Fascism gave true expression to a real need for social reform and national unity. They had sickened of a smug complacent so-called Christian Society which had brought peace and security for itself at the expense of the people. Their prayers and aspirations were transformed into action, and being essentially realists, they realised the need for, and unavoidability of, the use of force. By all means let it be granted that the Church has long since possessed a Divine Plan for order, but let it also be said that She has not been, is not, nor ever will be, in a position to employ that order without the use of forces which are denied to Her as an organisation of peace and love. "The children of darkness are wiser in their generation than the children of light." Therefore, if the Church is ever to become a match for the forces of Organised Naturalism, not only will She need to completely and utterly alter Her constitution and mental outlook, but the position will be arrived at due to the intervention of Christ on Her behalf, and in this case it will be discovered that He has worked through, and will continue to work through, men of real religion. Men of prayer transported into action; men concerned with the people and coming from the people. Rugged, their hearts and their souls poured out. Not robed in soft garments, but covered with sackcloth. Valiant and bloody from battle. The alternative is clear; it is that She be placed in the position of implementing Her will by those forces which intend to ultimately oppose and

destroy Her. Catholics who live by the ideal, and whilst admitting to its existence, divorce themselves from the reality of human imperfection, are by such a process made incapable of clear, honest, objective thought. The fact that "The Church of to-day is but a poor reflection of Her Divine Founder" did not alter the reality for the man who wrote it. She still remained a reflection. She was still Divine was still Divine, Her Founder was still Christ. He spoke unpalatable truth, and this because he was a clear, honest, and objective thinker one of the very, very few. Catholics have failed, and still fail, to realise that She is a poor reflection, whilst National Socialists could not admit that She was Divine, nor that Our Lord was still concerned wholly with Her. (This latter, the writer himself cannot admit). Apathy and inaction on the part of Catholics lead to exasperation on the part of National Socialists and Fascists, in much the same way as, some fifty years before, it had helped to assure the success of diabolical Marxism. This attitude of Catholics appals and sickens me. Therefore, broadly speaking, I have no time for either, or, if you will, equal time for all. Suffice it to say that the fact that I was once a Fascist and National Socialist has, out of sheer exasperation with Catholics, led me to make an exercise of blind faith. The following may clarify a little. GOD AND MAN The absoluteness of God already exists, such absoluteness is pre-established. The absoluteness of man does not, it has yet to be established. God's will for man is Absolute Freedom: To act, or not to act, and to stand by the consequences. God is Absolute Goodness. What we desire, and really will, that we ultimately receive. Perfect freedom can exist only when submission to Truth-Goodness--Beauty is freely given. To be perfect, Freedom must stand alone, without regard to, or consideration for, any consequence or reward; regardless of the merit or demerit of any situation, of Good or Evil, God or Devil. Therefore, because of the light which comes to us from Christ, Man is redeemed, but his redemption is still in process of being worked out. It can now be repeated: This process is subject to Christ, but that does not exempt Man from the experience of "dialectic." Indeed, it assures the validity of such experience. Thus, whilst Marxism cannot possibly be justified, dogmatic Catholicism cannot in the nature of things reveal ultimate truth. For the valiant-and courage counts with God-Marxism is contemptible, and dogmatic Catholicism a system which has outlived its usefulness. For them, Civic Romanus is dead. The laws of nature are primal laws. As Organised Naturalism is fully aware, it is possible to become a child of preter-nature by blind obedience to such laws. But if one desires to become a child of super-nature, the dictates of breeding, operated upon by the inspirations of grace, cannot, and will not, be confined or dogmatised. Charity knows no law, and being so often regarded as heresy, has oftimes thus been transformed into a queer mixture of both. Moreover, to-day the preter-natural is imitating the super-natural, and is hardly distinguishable from it. Marxists boldly claim that the success which they are achieving in countries like Italy and France-once fully Catholic, the Church subsidised by the State-is to be explained by the fact that their doctrine contains more social truth than is expounded by "organised religion." Unfortunately this is not wholly untrue, but the reality of the matter is that Christianity contains more fundamental truth than all the truth known to us at present. The trouble is, it is neither expounded with zeal, or put into language which people can understand. Consequently such truth remains unknown. Thanks be to God, the days of hair-splitting theology are numbered, and a return to the primitive and simple Christianity of the early Apostles is to be expected. God wills us to have no desire for the gifts of heaven: No hope of salvation as a reward for being concerned with the truthful, the good and the beautiful that we might earn an eternity of happiness. He wills that we desire nothing, but that by our actions we realise it. In the application of this mentality alone will he found the answer to Atheistic Communism, Naturalism, Freemasonry, and the infamous plan of the Jewish Nation. But for evil man could never know Goodness; but for error he could not realise Truth; but for ugliness he could never see beauty, and but for the activities of the demons, he could never conceive God AS HE IS. God will prove His own creation by Man's offence, and by experience of that other than God, Man will prove his Creator-His Goodness, His Omnipotence, and His Love.

DOGMA AND FALSE DEMOCRACY One who is intent on being intellectually honest cannot deny the fact that to-day pathetic Catholicism and Democracy appear to have much in common. One could go so far as to say that, in England, Catholicism is quite fashionable, and exists in respectability because, and not in spite, of our conventional democratic society. There are subtle reasons for this being so, but we cannot enter into them here. Idealistically, Democracy and Catholicism can be shown to have much in common. It is, therefore, hardly ever realised that in reality Christian Sociology and Democratic Society are poles apart. That which attempts to imitate its truth is vastly different to that which pays mere hp-service to it. In the struggle to ward off Totalitarianism, the Church has become affected with the disease of Democracy. Let it be said now that a marriage of political convenience between these two could not produce a heavenly state, for any union with a hypocritical system would at best produce a purgatory. There can be no doubt but that any attempt which is made to occupy the same chamber would lead to a union unblessed by God, for a liberal "free for all" has nothing whatsoever in common with Authority. Some wise man once said that "Heaven is not a Democracy." It is a pity that heaven's reflection cannot remember this fact. Aristotle and Plato did not forget! SUMMARY OF THE MARXIST IDEA As to a full faced view of Marx and his doctrine, there are two features to be considered. (1) His analysis of Capital; (2) His Dialectical Materialism. As regards the former, I have dealt with this fully in my work, "Critical Analysis of a Critical Analyst." Marx has been well and truly taken apart and, I sincerely believe, left dismembered. Very summarily, Dialectical Materialism can be dealt with here. Firstly, this aspect of Marxism is by far the most important of tile two, but, nevertheless, is not a product of its accredited author. Take the dialectic of Hegel and misuse it, the materialism of Feuerbach and twist it, mix liberally with Hebraic Materialism, throw in portions of the teaching of the Rabbis, add the intriguing sordid brain of Marx himself, and the result is Dialectical Materialism. But for the concrete view of man as a mechanical creature of elemental forces which is wholly Marx, that major portion which remains is nothing but a corruption of the teachings of other philosophers, festered with large lumps of crude Judaism. The result is a world idea of sub-human self-worship of all that is inhumanly human within ourselves; a sort of humanitarianism which indulges in the worship of itself as a composite, collectivised deity; a travesty of Christianity with The Christ left out.

THE RESULT OF THE THEORY IN PRACTICE One who incites to violence, denies the principles of aristocracy, hereditary and genius, and on a lower plain even denies the time real value of family, relationships, nationality, religion and human preference, making possession or non-possession of the means of production the sole criterion by which all is to be measured, can hardly be looked to for a gospel of regeneration which will for ever benefit even the under-strata of a misused and bewildered humanity. Christ Himself demanded less for the inheritance of Heaven ! Marx would have us take up the sword to achieve a very doubtful salvation, and that is the true level of both his argument and gospel. One is invited to measure humanity faith, endeavours, aspirations, ideals, loves, hates, blood ties-with an economic yard- stick, and having done so to hail a re-orientation of human society as its abstrict saviour! All that is necessary for the bringing about of heavenly conditions to earth is that the " have nots" shall replace the "haves" as a result of a gigantic world-wide blood bath, and then shall fashion the "new humanity" according to the recommendations of its fiery prophet! "It is necessary," he states, that "a forcible overthrow of the Capitalist System be undertaken." I will re-render this in four concise ways. "Purgatory is here. We must raise hell, then heaven can take root." "We must let hell loose, so that those that remain can be bound in our paradise." "We must plunge humanity into a hell of its own making, for this is the way to the kingdom of heaven on earth." "We need one big bloody row, then we can, and will, cease to row for ever." I ask you plainly-who but a prize idiot would listen to rubbish like that? Who but a half-wit would call it philosophy? The conclusion to be drawn is that the world is strewn with prize idiots and half-wits. So it is that violence and bloody revolution are to assure man's evolve log to perfection. Indeed, according to Marx, Engels, Lenin and that school, they are the means whereby such evolution can be accelerated! how ducky it all is! Who but such wondrous prophets could advocate violence as a principle, and lies, treachery, and deceit as a means whereby the required conditions for revolt should be brought into being? Adherents are counselled to be filled with an inhuman hatred "for all that is called God," for all authority, dominion, for society in general, and the

rich in particular! Yet the Marxist teachers advocate the Brotherhood of Man and the love of one's neighbour. There is to be no time for meekness or mercy, yet the reward promised is that Marxists "shall inherit the earth." It would, indeed, be difficult to perceive more unjust and anti-Christian precepts than that! Such is the basis of Marxian morality; such were the motives which inspired less than two million armed Bolsheviks-many of them imported- to usurp power in a systematically corrupted Russia by armed insurrection, and by terror unequalled, to subject 156 million souls. Then, greatly intent upon showing their overwhelming love for humanity, with the least possible delay they proceeded to chop off the heads of any more spiritual or intelligent than they. Needless to say, perhaps, this meant a very great number. The entire history of Marxism is one of blood-baths and purges. His doctrine has caused chaos and poverty whilst advocating order and plenty; brought misery and disillusionment, whilst pursuing happiness and enlightenment; sown universal hatred and discord whilst advocating international brotherhood and harmony: indulged in lies and trickery whilst advocating truth and justice; promised freedom and emancipation whilst serving bondage and corruption; acted like the devil whilst presuming to replace God, and can as yet clothe itself in the appearance of learning, magnanimity and reason. Such has been the result of Marxism wherever it has been applied. That is what the disciples of Marx have made of the positive application of his doctrine. Such has been the result, if not the intention, of those who have applied it. If it be admitted (and such is open to question) that material advantages have been gained by the application of techniques and highly industrialised means of production, then let it also be admitted that the price which has been paid for such "advance" (sic) is of such a nature that heaven itself should have been bought a hundred times over.

GODWHAT HE IS NOT As Holy Writ states, "No man has seen God at any time," nevertheless. His Son incarnate walked the earth, and we are not left short of evidence of the fact. Because of this, we can say with certainty two things: (1) What God is not; (2) To what extent the demons can deceive. the following observations may clarify the matter: God is not to be "discovered " or revealed just beyond the "Sound Barrier." He exists beyond Atomic and Cosmic forces, and is not to be identified with Polarisation, "Magnetic fluid," and the like. Electronic force, protons and electrons, all such forces comprise the realm governing the demons, and are to be considered, as St. Paul writes, "the spirit of the power of the air which worketh in the children of disobedience." The fact that Science is well set on the road to discovering what is subject to Luciferian control cannot help us at all, especially since Scientists are willing to deceive themselves that Lucifer is, in fact, God! Universally, and in all aspects of modern thought, that is the position. Even the most primitive peoples displayed greater intelligence than our moderns regarding the existence of a Higher Being. In the absence of evidence, they chose the Sun as the symbol of deity and worshipped him. But for Marx and his like, the Sun and the whole universal family of Planets and Stars were mere elemental forces possessing no soul. From whence these orbs came they knew not, and cared less. Their energy needed to be "harnessed," that was all that mattered. The inspirers of Marx and our moderns were certain of one thing, and exercised their influence with this one thing in mind. The harnessing of elemental forces would really bring into being the bondage of man to such forces. As true servants of Lucifer. they operated, and still operate, past-masters of deceit. Our conception of God is lowered, we are helped to forget that God is the Most High, and because we are willing to listen and so forget, we are now in danger of mistaking Lucifer and his legions for God and His angels! Poor sickening humanity! Dialectical Materialism is Luciferian, from start to finish ! Such is the spirit of our age Whiskey Galore!

IN DEFENCE OF HEGEL One point arising must be mentioned. The fact that Marx entirely misrepresented Hegel, and even turned the almost worthless materialism of Feuerbach to suit his own ends, seems to have escaped the notice of those who, as members of the Catholic Church, are the most bitter and critical opponents of Marxism. Consequently, Hegel is

made to occupy common ground with Marx, whereas Hegel's "Absolute" (homo homini Deus) and his "dialectic," are to be found philosophically sound if viewed in terms of Christ as a King who rules and lives in His humanity. Therefore, let it be stressed, Hegel has been misrepresented. His philosophy has been corrupted and humanised by Feuerbach, Judaised by Marx, and, despite the repeated warnings of Adolf Hitler, Naturalised by the National Socialists in the interests of idiotic, reactionary Paganism. Nevertheless, there is fundamental truth contained in what Hegel originally said, and thinkers, especially religious, owe it to him to recognise and admit to his truth. The question I ask is: When will this truth be Christianised by the Church? As I understand it, briefly, according to Hegel, the universe is a manifestation of the Absolute ("Homo homini Deus" the Man of men and God), who will finally evolve to self-consciousness through a series of contradictions. This process he called "Dialectic," i.e., thesis, antithesis and synthesis. That is to say that, through the experience of Religion, Philosophy, Politics, Art, Science, etc., and due to the "pressure of internal contradictions" which each stage of evolving to consciousness will bring, humanity, in the person of the Absolute, will finally reach out to a conception of Absolute Truth, Complete Goodness and Infinite Beauty. Obviously, this inner experience is for the few and not for the multitude. (1) My "adaption and affirmation" is as follows: This process is valid, but valid only in Christ, i.e., the idea of the Absolute willing a like Absoluteness for His Creation, and bring such to pass by living with, and governing over the ever restless seeking Spirit of Man; guiding it through the mental and physical "contradictions" of Hell and Purgatory, to the concept of Heavenly Truth and Unity, until, and finally, Man is placed steadfast once more in that realm beyond that primal contradiction the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (2) Such a conclusion presses itself upon me for the following reasons: By unaided intellection and physical activity, man may achieve much, but, having no real direction, such can, and often does, result in a dissipation of strength; or, again: The results of such effort are both negative and harmful because they are the fruits of energy exercised in the wrong direction. On the other hand, if such a process be subjected to Faith in Christ, being so directed in mental and physical activity; submitting itself to such guidance and amplification; willing its spiritual struggles to be at one with the unseen activity of the Infinite, it may eventually reach to that degree of understanding which, because of its objectiveness, may be granted the power to "hold the lightning, glimpse the vision," and unfold the "Mystery of God." Whosoever submits himself to such a process will experience the "Dialectic" precipitated by Hegel, insofar as he will arrive at Completeness or Absoluteness, only by suffering contradiction-the correction of his pre-conceived ideas, the rejection of what he finds to be false, and the preserving of what he finds to be true. Thus dispensing with "the element of self-contradictoriness which lurks in every false idea" by clinging, not to an institution, nor yet to a system of dogmatic theology, but to an, at once, both more human and redemptive conception of the merciful and everlasting Christ; the Son of Man and Son of God who loves with an everlasting love! Of such a nature as outlined is "that darkness which leads to light"; such is the logical conclusion of the application of the "Mystical Doctrine of St. John of the Cross"; such was the purport of the cry of the Ancient Psalmist, "Distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy, deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man." Such is the eternal message of the "de Profundis." (3) Marx greatly misused the already twisted philosophy of Hegel and corrupted it beyond recognition, whereas, had it been subjected to fairer treatment, it might well have been found to be workable, justifiable and profound. In much the same way, St. Thomas Aquinas adapted and justified Aristotle. CONCLUSION AND APOLOGIA Finally, a relevant and necessary word dealing with an important aspect of Subjective Experience. In the opinion of the writer, such is the very essence of all sincere protest, and as such, the whole basis of, and real reason for, all sincere revolt against the Authority of the Church. Popes are preserved from error, but that is not quite the same thing as being "led into all truth." To say the very least, one is negative rather than positive, the other positive rather than negative. The Holy Spirit will list where He will, be it so that He never deserts His Church; the one operation not excluding the other activity. Consequently, sincere protest can have a positive effect for good, always provided that such protest be not allowed to develop into a revolt. If it is, then someone has blundered, and sometimes heaven alone can say exactly who. So far as I can gather, with one or two possible and notable exceptions, the main faults leading to time tragedies of denominational and secular strife, have been with powers other than the Church. Yet, and possibly because She has been ready to listen to the voice of cowardice or intrigue, Her intransigent and Laodicean attitude towards those who have sincerely sought for Private Enterprise in the matter

of God, has been, and still is, surely a long way from being what Her Divine Founder intended it to be. Harshness and scant consideration are two-fold the more unbearable when they are extended as substitutes for Understanding and Charity; moreover, they generally bear the bitter fruit. As a result, the great mistake of the Protestants has been that they have finally, and all too humanly, precipitated their subjective intellections and spiritual experiences for consumption as objective truth, whilst, by strange paradox, both wisely and unwisely, the Church has remained aloof and inaccessible to even the best. I say "wisely" partly because it appears that the primal fire which animated the early Apostles and fanatical Christians seems to be as sadly lacking in the modern Apostles as is their regard of, and consideration for, the "wayward" operations of the Holy Spirit, who, even to-day, relights almost extinguished fires just as He relit that Primal Fire in the first chosen of the Son of God. They appear to be as unaware of the latter as they are aware of the former; hence they remain inactive. However, so much for the "Churchianity" of denominational struggle and the arbitrariness which, by taking the place of real Christianity, has exasperated the sincere seekers after God every bit as much as it has given rise to the implacable hatred of the impossible Atheistic Marxists. I can afford them no more room here, nor elsewhere. This much is certain, equal rights should not be afforded to Truth and Error, Sincerity and Humbug, Endeavour and Hypocrisy here or anywhere. Maybe Prudence and Courage will eventually find common ground But, at the moment, and despite the goodness and devotion which the Church still inspires; despite the super-abundance of singular but incomplete Truth which She possesses, something looking mighty like the presence of the first trio of opposites resident in the one place is sending men to the devil, and in the absence of action, I, for one, have had enough. The last thing I will become is a Marxist, but the next to last thing I will to be is a compromising lip serving "Christian" sitting cheek by jowl with the jackals of a semi-conscious and conventional contemporary reaction. Incorrigibly, and with visor lifted, I choose the remaining primitive alternative of No Compromise with either mentality. I absolutely refuse to be a partaker in a re-Crucifixion.


A lone fighter must use tactics; fists or weapons are of little use alone. The best idea is to measure up an opponent, weaken him at all vital points, and then deliver the punch which is calculated to put him down for the count. In my case, the opponent is a giant who has many hackers and friends. Nevertheless, faithfully witnessed, this final blow will not only put Marx down and out as both a philosopher and Professor of Economic History, but it will also send his backers and friends a scurrying too !

In his Critical Analysis of Capital, Marx left himself wide open for a Critical Analysis of himself. The entire weight of the Marxist attack, whether in argument, action, theory or practice, is directed against Productive Capital, i.e. INDUSTRY. Stranger still, that kind of Capital which always operates-and must in the nature of things so operate-contrary to the interests of both Worker and Producer, is almost disregarded, and its policy entirely discounted by the Marxists. Thus that entire Capitalist Class which subjects both Industrialist and Worker to conditions in which they can exist only with extreme difficulty remains hidden. Consequently, the united manipulators of a World Debt System; the Speculators and Usurers, who not only bring into being conditions over which the disunited and competitive National Industries have no control, but who also pursue a policy completely detrimental to our vital interests, are freed by Marx to gain the World from the destruction of the nations. Thus, without being aware of the fact, the Marxist aids the very power against which he mentally fights, for believing that he wages war on the Capitalist, he is all the more easily fooled into fighting for super-Capitalist interests. To be sure, the "Internationale" speak of "Big Business," "Vested Interests" and even "International Finance" once in a while, but it is always against the National and Industrial economics that the real fight is waged. Meanwhile, the Mammon operators quietly get on with the vitally important business of wrecking the Industrial and Political foundations of the nations. Finally, and with the aid of their blinded half educated believers the Marxists, they will pose as the great liberators of all peoples from the "narrow minded" (!) Universal concept of Fatherland and Motherland! This Marxian-Talmudic-Jewish contribution to History can be explained in one of two ways, and the Marxist, together with all other critics, can take to themselves which of these two recommends itself. Either Marx was honest but mistaken, or he set out with a deliberate intention to deceive. The former renders him "A Physician of No

Value" and "finishes" him as a Philosopher and analytical thinker; the latter renders him a criminal of the lowest type. In either case he is left flat on the floor, and the violent and bloody results of his "mistake" are more than sufficient to condemn him at the Eternal Bar of History. And for all those "Christian" gentry who still insist upon mis-understanding me, the following:- He whom they crucified had nothing whatsoever in common with those who gave "heed to Jewish fables", but He gave them fair warning of their error. Not so the observers of the letter of the law The Pharisees He condemned them without a second thought. Faithfully following in His pattern, I say: The harlots shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven before you, and from such a sentiment you may glean of my attitude towards our present Society Church and State. This attitude will remain unaltered just so long as Cringing Prelates and Criminal Politicians occupy the position of "government" (sic) in their respective spheres. When such dis-services are dispensed with, we will be capable of, and justified in, dealing with the impossible Atheistic Marxists who, believing themselves to be the future Lords of Creation, are mentally no better than the swine of the mud-splash. The Light of Christ still shines as bright in the darkness of this world, but, unfortunately, "the darkness comprehendeth it not". Such darkness is not the particular property of the Marxist, it dwells in the mind and vision of many a self-satisfied lover of Democracy, consequently it shadows itself throughout our entire society. Truly it is of small wonder to me that the people fail to recognise their God when these lukewarm, half-hearted, time serving, lick-spittlers have finished with Him!

What a great day it will be when those who claim to hold the Keys to the Kingdom can take a horsewhip any whip and with justification and indignation alike unto His, beat the Money Changers out of God's Temple for ever! What a truly great day it will be when those who have His name ever on their lips, learn to imitate Him in this one particular! It is the appalling dearth of Christians of this calibre that makes all our efforts to combat the in-roads of Marxism stink in the nostrils of the Most High. When our leading Churchmen adopt such an aggressive and Christlike attitude towards these enemies of mankind, and thereby pay as much attention to the prevention of lawlessness at the top as they do to bleating about lawlessness at the bottom, they will find me ready and anxious to co-operate. Oppression leads the oppressed to revolt against all that which these unfortunates believe is oppressing them, and being left ignorant of the true position, the people listen to the rantings of those misguided elements whose only saving grace is that they may mean well! What do our Churchmen mean by the word Christianity? When will they commence to expound "the gospel of the Kingdom to the poor? When, will these imitators of Truth speak Truth to the people? Let such free themselves from their (perhaps) unwitting collaboration with alien financiers and corrupt party-system politics! Until such time, I will stick to my anarchical ideas of what the poor Man-Christ demanded of us. Vox populi Vox Dei! To Thee do I cry, my rock. Feast of the Vigil of St. Matthew Be not dead to me. 20th Sept., 1952

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