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Tax Solutions PakistanRehan Aziz Shervani-Advocate High Court-03334324961

Issues relating Tax Returns; Tax demands; Tax Appeals; Appeals to CommissionerAppeals to Tribunal; Reference to High CourtNotices under sections of Income Tax OrdinanceTax Matters of sole proprietor ship, firm, Society & Company etc.-----------

Reahan A..S. Law Associates

Advocates, Solicitors & Attorneys

Clients: National and multinational Companies. Profile:

(Advocate High Court) Email: Cell: 0333-4324961

Rehan Aziz Shervani

Author of books: 1. 99 Lectures on Business Law (Recommended book of virtual University & Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan-Paper Mercantile Law-Module B); 2. 44 Exam Focused Lectures on Corporate & Business Law Paper F4-ACCA- (CL ENG); 3. 29 Lectures on English Jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law). 1. Member:
R & R Research & Publishing Company, Lahore

Professional Membership:
1. Lahore High Court Bar Association

2. Punjab Bar Association 3. Lahore Bar Association

LLM; LLB; M.A Economics: M.A Political Science: D.C.M.A; DTL.; B.Com

Teaching Assignments Performed at:

2. Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (Corporate Law) 3. Comsat Institute of Information Technology, Lahore (Corporate & Business Law) 4. Punjab Group of Colleges (Business Law) 5. Skans School of Accountancy (Mercantile Law) 6. University of Management & Technology (UMT) (Business Law, Corporate Law & Business Ethics) 7. Superior University, Lahore (Corporate Law, Business Law & Taxation) 8. Superior Law College ( Law of Contract, Corporate Law & Taxation) 9. Allamma Iqbal Open University (Business & Labor Laws) 10. Institute of Business & Finance (Corporate & Business LawF4- ACCA) Ala Lumen Modica (Corporate & Business Law-F4-ACCA)

Thesis LLM:
Federal Tax Ombudsman, a Panacea for Mal-administration in Official Dom.

Law Practice: Taxation Laws; Corporate Laws; Banking Laws; Intellectual Property Laws; Civil Law & Criminal Law. Links:

Virtual University:

MGT611 : Business & Labor Law

Course Content Scope of Law and Legal System of Pakistan, Law of Contract (Contract Act, 1872): Essentials of a valid contract, Kinds of contract, Void agreements, Performance of a contract, Discharge of a contract, Breach of a contract and remedies for breach, Contract of Agency, Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee, Contract of Bailment and Pledge , Law of Partnership (Partnership Act, 1932), Law relating to companies (Companies ordinance 1984 & SECP Act 1997), Law of negotiable instruments (Negotiable Instruments Act 1881), Law relating to transfer of property (property act 1932), Law relating to sales of goods (Sales of goods act 1932), Carriage of goods by different modes, Law of trust (Trust Act 1882), Law of insurance (Insurance Ordinance 2000), Labor laws (Industrial Relations Act 2008) Recommended Books/Material

03 Credit Hours

Business Law by Khalid Mahmood Cheema Business Laws by Luqman Baig Mercantile Law by Luqman Baig The Contract Act, 1872 by Shaukat Mahmood Transfer of Property Act by Shaukat Mahmood 99 Lectures on Business Law by Rehan Aziz Shervani