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The influence of a planet on a bhave or on other planet can be termed as SIGNIFICAION. All the planets including rahu and ketu have their stars distributed in the 12 signs. The basic characters attributable to a planet is based on the rasi it occupies. Further each star is divided into 4 parts or called padas. Depending upon which pada of the star is in a rasi ,the results get modified accordingly. For example sun star krithika 1st pada is governed by rasi lord Mars, whereas 2--4 padas are governed by Venus as rasi lord [of Taurus].One has to study the signification of star very carefully. Each star signify various matters like native mental qualities, diseases, parts of the body, nature of the person etc Take Pushyami star in Cancer Rasi. native of this star will be influenced by Moon as rasi lord and Saturn as star lord , parts of body attributable are Ears, Throat , shoulder blades, mental qualities say wordly wisdom , clear in thought etc If we take Aridra- rahu star in Gemini rasi , mercury rasi lord, diseases can be septic throat, asthma ,ear trouble etc Thus we can analyse various characters of Planets in whose rasi they are placed and in which constellation they are deposited. It is not just enough to read lordship of the rasi,, further division of a star is also required. In this context .Sri.krishna murthy guruji has introduced a new concept of sub lord theory. A star is divided into 9 unequal parts in direct proportion of star lord dasa period to total dasa period of 120 years. Aswini star in Aries (rasi lord Mars) in the longitude of 0 to13dg20min is divided into 9 parts Star___ubLords 1.Ketu__ ketu 2.Ketu venus 3.Ketu Sun 4.Ketu-Moon 5.Ketu mars6.Ketu- rahu 7.Ketu jupiter 8.Ketu satun 9.Ketu mercury 0.00.00 0.46.40 3.00.00 3.40.00 4.46.40 5.33.20 7.33.20 9.20.00 11.26.40 to 0-46.40 to 3.0000 to 3.40.00 to 4.46.40 to 5 33.20 to 7.33.20 to 9.20.00 to 11.26.40 to 13.20.00

It will be seen that star lord Ketu has its own sub lord as first and the next sub lords are arranged in the same sequential order of dasa lords. This sub division was necessitated especially for cases pertaining to twins birth charts .Latter it was observed that dissecting the star this way yielded correct results than padas or navamsas divisions .[navamsa division is also dividing star into 9 parts but in equal parts]and studying it in a different way than sub-lord . As we are going to study charts in Sri krihnamurthy garu padhathi, we will confine only to study Sub Lord Ssystem. The actual procedure for arriving at significators are very simple, as per K/P system

Example chart. A

6. 16.46 Sat 25.45 Rahu 12.55 5. 15.22

7. 16.07 Moon 1.03

8. 15.17

9. 14.13

10. 14.03 d.o.b 01.12.1968 p.o.b trichi t.o.b day Sunday s

4. 14.03

11.. 15.22

3. 14.13 Ven 25.58

2. 15.17 Sun 15.29 Mer 12.03

1. Asc.16.07 12. 16.46 Jup 8.58 Ketu 12.55 Mars 19.44

Here lagna has fallen in Libra BHAVA AND PLANET details of Rasi/Star/Sub Lord/

Bhava R.lord S.lord Sub.lord Planet R.lord S.lord Sub.lord 1 2 VEN MAR RAH SAT VEN JUP SUN MAR SAT KET JUP VEN


3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

















12 A



--- --- ---



VE --N

--- --
















From the chart above it will be seen that 1st bhava lord was Venus 4th Saturn 6th Jupiter etc., as filled in column D planets in the constellation of owner of bhava like ven,sat,mer,moon,sun,mer are filled in column C. Planets actually occupying bhavas ie mer-1,sun-2,ven-3,rah-5,sat/moon6,jup/ketu-11 and mars in 12th are filled in column B. Finally planets in the constellation of occupying are shown in column A. like sat in Mer Star hence it is sig of 1st bhava and at top level. Similarly ven is own veus star hence it is sig of 3 bhava. Then the chart is complete and ready for further analysis.. From the Rasi chart positioning of Bhavas and longitudes of Planet the above chart of signification is castled. It may be seen that 12 bhavas have being grouped into 4 parts A,B,C and D 1. the planets deposited in constellation of the occupants bhavas 2. the planets occupying a bhava 3. the planet in the constellation o lord of the bhava 4. the planet as owner of the bhava Aspect to the bhava also can be noted in additional column E The level of strength is strong in A, then B,then C and last D . D is the least strong of all four groups. Ones we cast the significators then we have to select the bhavas under consideration, the relevant sub lord and finally the ruling planets. Sub Lord One can find sub division/sub sub of all Planets stars in the tables given below in chart S1 and S2. Chart S.1

Chart S.2

Sub Lord con.. Now we can consider reading from sub level also When studied only from bhava lord and star lord we get combinations of results one has to consider .With sub division added to bhava and star lord the probability of chances for prediction gets narrow down and to more accurate results. This study at Sub Lord level is very helpful to study and differentiate attributes of two planets in a cusp and in same constellation One can note for Rasi/Star 99combination it can indicate many professions ,but it is at the sub level one can narrow down to very few. List of various professions at Rasi/Srar/Sub level can be had from readers .For example in Libra Rasi a planet is deposited @ 26.34.4, therefore it will be Venus

bhava lord, star lord Jupiter, sub lord Venus. With this combination, the native will do proper judgement, for his profession may be assessment in Incme Tax Office, transport department, or air travel [ because of Jupiter at sub lord level]Whereas if a planet is deposited @28.46.40 though bhava lord and star lord are same, sub lord has changed from Venus to Sun . Then the nave will be dealing in chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical or salesman or hospitals or endowments etc For fixing the exact attribute some times we may have to see sub-sub lord position also. However we will limit to sub division level only. The Lord of the constellation, show matters, it is the nature of result depending upon in which constellation it is deposited and the house or houses it owns.Whether the results will be positive negative, is shown by Sub lord. A constellation in full will not give uniformly favourable or unfavourable results. It mainly depends on which sub Lord is involved. The matter will materialise favourably only when the planet/significator is posted in favourable sub lord otherwise it will give unfavourable results during its Dasa/Bhukthi or Athara periods. Another important point to note for reading a horoscope is to note what is benefic or malefic planet. Krishnamurthy garu said that we may have to decide the planet signification depending up on what matter we are considering. For example a planet as 2nd lord will give money during its period subject to other factors. The same 2nd lord is also may cause death to wife and also maraca lord for the native. 6th significators may give salaried job but it may also be responsible for separation from spouse. General principle is that when we are considering any matter, from that bhava, any planet deposited in 6th 8th or 12th from it can be treated as malefic. So it is not the plants as such but the position in relation to the bhava under consideration that matters. The inter relation of sub lord with reference to bhavas has to be seen in totality. The sub lord as planet is very important. For example for marriage one has to consider 7th sub lord which should be signiicator of 2nd or 7th or 11t house/bhava. So a Sub lord for a house gives results depending on its signification of houses it has. Thee acual role of Rasi/Star/Sun lords its signification of bhavas will be explained in the chart in subsequent lessonss Once the significators are selected after proper Sub Lord connection for the event ,next step is to match with Ruling Planets Lagna: Rasi Lord / Star Lord and Sub lord Moon: Rasi Lord / Star Lord and Sub lord Day: Lord. Ruling planets of a birth chart ,Example chart. A Lagna





RAH S.lord KET

VEN Sub.lord VEN

R.lord MAR
Day Lord Sun

The relevant sigificators should match with Ruling planet ,other significators may be ignored at first instance. Then the relevant Dasa/Bukth/Anthara be selected for event to materialise. Actual mutual star representation of significators in transit of D/B/A and zeroing on sun and moon sun transit and \\lagna transit in stars of D/B/A/ is required for final timing of event. This will be explained when Bhava wise charts are take up discussions

Lesson 4
DASA BHUKTI ANTARA: Astrologers generally adopt dasa system for judging the nature of events for the native or to time events. Every individual has to pass through different periods of good and bad days. The astrologer while analyzing the horoscope basically dependents on dasa/bhukti/antara periods arrived from the birth chart [ or horary] This helps in knowing mot only past events of the native. but also pin pointing future events Say in order to ascertain the best period or exact period when a native will get job or get parried etc, the relevant favorable dasa bhukti antara period are marked by the astrologer for prediction after studying the chart in detail. Total life span of a native was fixed at 120 years. There is no clear clue why total dasa period adopted as 120 years. Astrologers in the pastmight have taken the optimum longevity of a native in those periods as basis. Even know a percentage of population cross century.. Each Star lord is allotted fixed no of Solar years. Total solar years ie 120 years is distributed among 9 stars as under. KETU7YEARS, VENUS20 YEARS,SUN---7 YEARS, MOON---10 YEARS MARS---7 YEARS,RAHU---18 YEARS, JUPITER---16 YEARS SATURN19 YEARS, MERCURY17 YEARS The period may also be called as total DASA period of each planet. Dasa of a native starts right from his birth. It is calculated based on Moon position at the time of birth The exact longitude of Moon and the constellation in which it is deposited is noted along with the star lord or Constellation lord.

For example In a native chart Moon is posted in Taurus sign @17.d 34min. we can say it is in moon star Rohini. [ 010 deg belong to sun star krithika .in Taurus ] and it has already traveled 7d.34m Each star longitude is 13d.20m or 800 minutes. Here moon has traversed 454 minutes and balance moon dasa will be 346 minutes in the star Rohini If one has to calculate balance das at birth it will be 346/800 x10 = 4.325 years or 4 years.3m.27d. [ minutes traversed in the star dived by total minutes for the star multiplayer by dasa period of the star in question] here readers may ref ready beckoner books available in the market one can also adopt simple formula without reference to books dasa period for all planets




FOR 1DEG Lon Y. M .D

FOR 1 MIN Lon .M .D


0.06.09 0.08 MOON 0.09.00 0.05 JUPITER 1.06.00 0.09 MARS 0.05.12 0.03 RAHU 0.06.09 0.03 SATURN

1.02.12 0.07 1.05.03 0.09

1.04.06 0.08 MERCURY 1.03.09 0.08

If we use the above table for above example For Moon dasa longitude 13.20 7.34 = 5-46 deg balance @ birth 5 x 0.9.0 y = 3y09m.00d 46 x 0.05 = 0y.06m.27d -------------4y03m.27 After initial dasa at bitrth, next dasa will follow in a fixed order of dasa periods. So in this case after moon it will be mars dasa ,next rahu ,Jupiter, sat, mer, ketu ,venu, and last sun dasa to complete the chain or cycle of dasa periods. Bhukti: Dasa of each planet is sub divided into Bhukti and further into antara, sookshma. These sub divisions are available in the astrology books. Nemji garu we may consider giving the table of dasa bukti antara from software However it can be also be arrived at by simple formulas Bhukti Running Dasa period x dasa period of the required bhukti The result will be in months represented by first two digits and the third digit should be multiplied

by 3 [3 is constant] to get days. For example let us take venus dasa and various bhukti Venus dasa is of 20 years So venus bhukthi will be 20 x 20 = 400. {40 months or 2years and 6 months. Third digit here is zero so nil days } 2years 6 months. Next .

Sun bhukti Moon bhukti Mars bhukti Rahu bhukti Jupiter bhukti Saturn bhakti Mer bhukti Ketu bhukti

20x 6 = 120 that is 1year 20x10 = 200 or 20x7 = 140 or 20x18 = 360 or 20x16 = 320 or 20x19 = 380 or 20x17 = 340 or 20x7 = 140 or 1year, 8months 1year, 2months 3years 2years, 8months 3years, 2months 2years, 2months 1year, 2months

Let us take mercury dasa which is 17 years Bhukthi will be first 2 digits 28 months so 2y.4m and third 17x17 = 289 digit is 9 so 9x3 = 27Days. Mer bhu in mer dasa will be 2y.4m.27 days 17x7 = 119 11months and 27 days [9x3] ven bhukti 2y.10m. 0 days Ketu buhkti 17x20 = 340 0y.11m.27d.

Mer Ket Ven

Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jup Sat

17x6 = 102 17x10 = 170 17x7 = 119 17x18 = 306 17x16 = 272 17x19 = 323

sun bhukti 10m. 6d [2 x 3] moon17 months. or 1y.5m.0d mars bhulti 11 month 27d[9 x 3 ] rahu bhukti 30mnths or 2y.6m.18d [5 x 3 ] hup bhukti 27 months or 2y.3m.6d [ 2x3] sat nhukti 32m or 2y. 8m.9d [ 3x3 ]

Antara: Now to calculate antara Formula is running dasa period x bhukti x antar dasa /40[40 constant] Result will be in days Ex for ven dasa,venus bhkthi,venus antara , 20x20x20 =8000/40 =200 days 0y.6m.20d Sat dasa.venus bhukti and mars anttara 19x20x16 =2660 did by 40 = 66.5 days or 0y.2m.6d.12hours Sookshma: Now to calculate Dasa x bhukti x antara x sookshma periods divided by 200 [200 constant ] result will be in hours. Ven x vn ven ven 20x20x20x20 /200 =1,60,000/200 =800 hurs or 1m3d

Lesson 3
Sun: Sun represents father of the native, spirit and soul, power, resistance vitality inspiration It rules over native consciousness and denotes individuality. It is masculine, positive and hot planet it is the owner of Leo sign, is masculine in nature It rules east direction Sun indicates independent business financed by father or business take over from him However ,the native profession will much depend on combination of other planets. It stands for Master of the event It generally indicates permanent position in life. .It rules spleen, throat and brain. Some of the products represented by Sun are pepper, ground nut, all variety in ice,. It also represents foreign exchange add currency .it also represents Government loans ,gold bonds Reserve Bank, Chamber of Commerce Places covered are forest, Mountains, Govt buildings. Diseases are defect in Hear, right eye ,low/high, blood pressure hemorrhage, overheated od effects, bile, spleen, bran related etc., This diseases are also in combination with other planets. Sunday is ruled by Sun. Moon: Represents mind, mother of the native. Moon moves daily about 13 degrees on an average. Moon is a cold planet. It governs over, impregnating, conception, embryo, birth of a child, infant stage of native

rules Moon is feminine nature. Moon owner of Cancer sign 4th house and indicates his love for the country and his home. Its characteristic is changeability. Moon influences the brain. Moon represents water and water related areas le ponds tanks. Part of the body represented by Mon are left eye of the male, right of girl, the breasts, stomach, esophagus ,uterus, ovaries, sympathetic nerves etc .Debases given by Moon are lunacy, paralysis dropsy, epilepsy cold and cough, tumors ,intestinal uremia etc. It indicates profession relate with shipping, water analysiss, may deal in salt, petrol ,kerosene , milk Products indicated by Moon are cucumber, sugar, fruits, plantains, saffron etc.places indicated are oceans, mountains, forest .Monday is ruled by moon. Mars: Mars represents strength, brothers, .It covers one sign in 18 months It is dry and fiery planet and masculine in nature. Rules Aries and Scorpio signs it represents energy, both constructive as well as destructive ,depending on certain factors ,ambition and desire, senses, animal instinct in a native. Self confidence endurance, impulse fo all ventures, heroic deeds, courage, sharp wit, mental activity etc can be attributable to mars but it is subject to its situation and other factors in he horoscope .Profession indicated by mar are military services ,police, chemists ,factory service ,surgeons etc. Products that are indicated by mars are Iron & steel, cashew nut, tobacco, toddy etc. Mars can also influence difference of opinion ,disputes, difficulties misunderstanding and quarrels Mars governs the external sex organs, muscular system, left ear, face head senses of taste, nose etc disease may be acute fever, plague, small pox chicken pox measles, inflammatory complaints, wound, fistula ,brain fever ,abortions etc. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Mercury: It represents speech. It rules over central nervous system, mercurial are highly inelegant, ingenious and analytical. grasping power, vacillation, retentive, curiosity for occult sciences. Mercury also represents learning without a teacher, ambitious to master every science, wit, frequent short travels It may make native attempt many fields but will not allow one study a project complete. Native will be clever, cunning, mischievous .His tongue and pen ever engaged against what he dose not like, It indicates north direction, and owns Gemini and Virgo signs Never pessimistic Profession will be sale representatives ,public relation officers, insurance agent ,propagandist, editor, publisher ,journalist accountant, income tax officer, musicians ,painters etc .It represents north direction. Disease related to mercury is stomach ailments, leprosy, piles, and nervous disorders. Jupiter: Is represents knowledge talent, fruitfulness, masculine, joy, optimism, positive dignity., traveling, long journey, sociable, quiet law binding, true, honest, sincere dutiful. Jupiter rules over sign Sagittarius and Pisces Liver ,tumors, abscess ,skin troubles, temples ,law courts The native generally profession will be related judiciary, auditing accounts. Direction is north and profession will be connected to law ,teachers .It rules over liver ,tumors, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in he body. Disease can be liver complaints ,jaundices ,hernia skin troubles cerebral congestion etc. Venus: Venus represents life partner, marriage, feminine nature, desire or lust ,beauty, and comforts, wealth .It owns Taurus and Libra signs Profession may include receptionist ,private secretaries, salesman, propagandist, musicians, chemists gamesters, actors, film producers etc. It governs eyes, kidneys, cheeks ,throat generative system, skin etc disease connected to venus are affection to eye, disease of

ovaries ,mucus, skin, anemia, swellings etc. It represents textile petrol, musical instruments, vehicles, perfumes, copper silver, Otto etc. Saturn: It causes delay in any endower, it may also deny, it causes disappointment, disharmony, despondency, dejection, laziness, lethargy. misery Perseverance patient working prudence economy, saving, endurance, thrift, stability can be attributable to Saturn It represents all maters kept hidden or in secret, Saturn stands for mines, ores, excavation of tunnels, trenches, burial ground etc Saturn takes 2 years to cross one sign to other. Saturn is chief governor of longevity. Parts of the body governed by Saturn are bones, hair, and growth, ears, teeth, etc. It gives such diseases witch take long time to be cured. Small pox, chicken pox, madness, venereal disease, eye trouble etc. this also with Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius Sign.s Rahu & Ketu Or nodes: These are also called shadow plants not fully designated as planets, however ir in judgment of a horoscope, they play a important role. Rahu and Ketu affect spleen. Gas trouble and sharp acute pain are attributed to nodes. Snake catchers, ram, ass, camel, serpent, poisonous insects mosquito buo belong to nodes. Rahu represent parental ketu maternal grand fathers. These nodes can cause imprisonment., sinking with the ship drowning, pleasure with disease ,giddiness, life in hiding, foreign travel are attributed to rahu .Fear complex, insanity allergy, injury ,fire accent, punishment from government ,renunciation wisdom after suffering and bitter experience, weakness to have pleasure weakness can be attributable to Ketu. Rahu and ketu does not own any signs as all 12 houses/sins are connected to 7 planets, but they represent the lord of the sign they occupy. It also act as strong agents of to the planet with which they are conjoined. If they are not conjoint with any planet, then they give he results of planet aspecting them. Only in a scenario when rahu/ketu are not conjoined or aspected by any planet, they give the results of lord of the sign each occupying. Both are ver stronger than other planets irrespective of conjoining or aspect from them.. Some of the disease attributable to rahu are high fever, chronic diseases, eyes, respiratory problems, ,heart disease giddiness, List of attributes given for the planets are not exhaustive. For details reader is advised to refer the K.P. books. Aspect: All Planets have 7th house aspect ,ie., from its position in the chart if it is at 180deg to another house planet it can eb said that this planet influences that house or planet which it aspects. besides 7th aspect Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th house from its position in th chat, Jupiter 4h house and 9th house and Mars h and 8th house. A aspect can be said to be a angular distance between two planets or between a planet ad cusp Some astrologers consider or count from sign to sign. An aspect t can be good or bad depending upon the nature of planet aspecting and inter relation between aspecting and aspected planets. For example Ig Sat is in Capricorn if a planet is in Pieces say Jupiter, Saturn is said to be expecting Jupiter. Jupiter aspects , Mars in cancer by 5th aspect and Moon by 9th aspect. Mars aspects Moon 4th....

Jupiter 10.00

Mars 9.00 Saturn 12.00


A planet strength gts modifie by the aspect of another planet or lanet. Planet aspcting a house or cusp , the results of the bhava nature of the house gets modified by the nature of the planet aspecting Aspect s are of different kindsi. Various deg. Main aspects generally considered are Trine 120deg, Opposition 180 deg, Square 90 deg .Sextile 60 deg etc Trine aspect is considered good especial jupiters[even 5th of Jupiter]. Or Opposition bad .but this is subject to other factors... Conjunction ;- Two planets in a house or sign ,the are said to be in conjunction. However the longitude of both planets is to be taken into account,. Planets with a distance between them not exceeding 12 deg only can e sad to be in conjunction not other wise. Conjunction is said to be very powerful when two planets are in same longitude or within minimum deg resulting in rapt conjunction.. The Orb is the permissible distance between two planes by which one planet can assert its influence on another planet /house while approaching or separating. Planet Sun Mon Other planets apoaching 12 deg 8deg 6 deg separating 17 deg 12 deg 8 deg

When two planets are within the range of conjunction/ aspect, fast moving planets [ moon, sun mer, mer] behind other slow moving planets [ rahu, Saturn ,ketu, Jupiter ] will move towards the latter to complete the conjunction or aspect, unless later planet is retro gated. In the coerce of travel Ii the same direction the swifter planet, if behind slow moving planet ,is said to be applying to the later, and at a particular point both ae in exact conjunction .As son as the conjunction or aspect is complete, the swifter planet will move away from it when it is said to be separating from the conjunction/aspect as the case ma be..

Retrogation It is a appearance caused by the combined motions of a planet and the earth and thei positions elative to the sun. No planet retrogrades in its orbit but is ever is in forward motion. The so called retrograde motion occurs due to difference in speed of the planet as seen from Earth as he centre. A planet appears to over take a planet, hen slow downs, there after it appears not to move [ a status of stationary] and then appears to start moving backwards in the zodiac. As the position of the planet I the zodiac is always referred to the background with full of ixed stars which among themselves maintain the same relative position. If the longitude of the plant is going on decreasing, then the planet is in retrograde motion. Sun and Moon are never retrograde. Rahu and Ketu are always in retro motion. Mercury reto for 24 days ,one da in stationar before and afer . Venus -42 days retro , stationary for 2 days Jupiter 10days retro, stationary for 5days Retroaction status of a planet is indicated in charts or ephemeris as , R The influence of retro status of a planet is debatable. Readers are requested to study KP books The effect of conjunction, aspect or even retro status on a horoscope will be very vital and seen carefully.

Lesson 2
Rasi or Sign different from Bhava or Cusp Rasi or Sign is the division of the chart of equal longitude of 30deg. However when the birth chart is drawn manually or computer generated for a specific time and place , it is seen that the division or longitude of each division is not equal, the difference ranges from1deg 3-4deg or otherwise. This depends on the place of birth under consideration. This division[ of unequal measures] is called as house/bhava or cusp. The starting point of bhava or cusp is naturally the exact deg.min.sec noted by the astrologer in a rasi or sign. It extends upto starting point of immediate next bhava or cusp. Generally a bhava beginning is in one rasi/sign and end in next rasi/sign. But this is not always the case.. Many a time it is noticed that a bhava starts in one rasi, and also ends in the same rasi. The next bhava also starts in same rasi. In such cases two rasis/sign remain not representing any bhavas. Following charts illustrate the difference. Pisces 12 20 D 19 I [Asc}25 D 22 2. 23 D 19 LAGNA Taurus Aries 3 19 D 19 Gemini

Aquarius 11 17 D 19. 29 D 43 F.A Capricorn 10 16 D 19

Cancer 4 16 D 19

5 16 D 19 Leo

Sagittarius 9 19 D 19

8 23 D 19 Scorpio

7 23 D 22 Libra

6 20 D 19 Virgo

Pisces 12 0 D 40

I [Asc}7D33 Aries

28 D 10 Taurus

3 4 D 20 429 D 43 Gemini



FB Capricorn 11 27 D 40 5 27 D 40 Leo

10. 29 D 43 Sagittarius 9 4 D 20

8 8 D 10 Scorpio

7 7 D 33 Libra

60 D 40 Virgo

In the first chart F A 1st bhava start from 25 D 22 in Aries to 23 D 19 in Taurus . 2 bhava start from 23 D 19 to 19 D 19 in Gemini and so on. Thus it will be seen that when we take

bhava position ie., lagna or 1st and 2nd or 3rd the Cuspal longitudes are not the equal with two signs are involved in bhava. In second chart it is different Here the 2 bhavas or cusps are placed in same rasi. The 3 and 4th cusp are in Gemini and similarly, 9&10 cusps are in Sagittarius. Cancer Aquarius rasis are empty. This scenario quiet often appears in various charts., such a position is called Cuspal Displacement, which will be discussed ata much later stage of our lessons. For the time being it is enough one understand that cusp/bhavas can be in on12 signs or in reduced signs and with unequal/equal longitudes The reason for preferring cusp/bhava/house to rasi /sign is due to the fact that it is rrived on actual longitude of the place of birth. Rasi division of equal longitude helps in understanding attributes of raises from Aries or Pisces. What does each Bhava stands for: Next step is to understand each bhava starting from lagna, the events from birth of the native to the end of kis life cycle which can be read from 12 bhavas Some of the matter to be seen from each bhava is as under The list is not complete and exhaustive,one may study in detail from books 1st Bhava or Lagna /Ascendant: General character, appearance, physical features, body constitution ,health longevity, vitality, vigor, problems in life status in life .any changes in owns life ,the native disposition, tendencies, successes or failures in life etc. Parts of body governed are head ,and upper parts of face etc.[ parts of the body mentioned here and down under are basically taking aries as lagna,so for other lagans care should be taken in this regard] 2nd Bhava: Deals with financial status, the inflow of money or jewels, precious stones ,gold etc,, the means for earning.. It is about family, life family connections, to express his thoughts, or speech, imagination, memory., This bhava is important when judging life span, as it is one of the maraca along with 7th bhava of a native,. Also speaks about marriage first or second. or progeny etc .Parts governed by the house mainly with Taurus as 2nd house are Nail, tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks, and chin. vision, memory, imagination 3rd Bhava: Courage, mental strength, short travel, change of residence, inclination to study, correspondence, letters, thoughts writings, news, books, communication, younger brother/sister cousins, casual acquaintance and neighbor etc. House governs parts of the body such as hands shoulder blades, collarbone especially right ear, throat, and the nervous system if house happens to be Gemini rasi. 4th Bhava: House, land, mother ,vehicle, learning. residence., relation, demos tic environment , qualification of the native .school education, higher education with 9th connection .4th house also deals with termination of any undertaking .bank position of younger brother , loss of children it shows ones landed or immovable property, curious secrets and secret life. it is connected with hidden things such as private affairs etc It It also indicates whether one will have vehicles of his own. House mainly connects with chest, liquids of the body, lungs..

5th Bhava: House of progeny. 5th is considered for first child, intellect , games, sorts, dance, music, cinema, betting,. art, pleasure, society, social inclination, entertainment, poorva punya attributable to previous birth, deeds. speculative nature Love affairs. Courtship, visit to holy places etc. 6th Bhava: Debts, disease, wound,,name and fame, enemy, fear, humiliation, sickness, duration of disease, work especially service rendered by the native, borrowings, ,indicate favorable results in completion, mental agony, incessant eye problem ,etc. purchase or sale of conveyance. 7th Bhava: Legal bondage ,life partner, partner in trade or business, and degree of success achieved through such partnership. refers to people with whom native may have litigation, quarrels regarding any matter rival in any context. It also shows break of journey, danger to life being one of the maraca stana. Etc. 8th Bhava:. Longevity, mental agony, obstacle, inheritance, legacies, insurance, accidents ,unearned income, suicides, infection, natural calamities, the nature and mode of death, financial status of wife or business partner. etc.. 9th Bhava: Father ,higher education, long distance travel , intuition, temples and other religious places, wisdom, philosophical tendencies, penance, teaching, research publishing related to religion science 10th Bhava: Profession- service or business,, honor, status, dignity, and public esteem. promotion or advancement in service or business, appointment. last rights to one;s parents, employer, supervisor ,judge and government etc 11th Bhava: Gains, successes in any undertaking , desire, friends ,if one lent money to other this house rules principal and interest., prosperity, progress in attempts , desire to have reunion,. In ones physical body it rules over left ear, right foot, left hand etc. 12th Bhava: House of disappointment, negation, waste and extravagance, expenses, investment, foreign travel, deception purchases, charity, association with philanthropic institutions, repayment of loans etc. reader should take complacencies view of all aspects related to the mater under consideration before predicting an event.