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January to June 2013

Community Classes and Activities

creative art & design, culinary delights, culture, dance, ESOL / general english, healthy mind & body, heritage walks, inner city classes, language, photography, social activities, technology

Enrolment Form Culture and Languages ESOL Conversation / General English Culinary Delights Photography and Technology Healthy Mind and Body Creative Art and Design 1 3-4 5 6 7 8-9 10-12

Welcome to Parnell Trusts programme of Community Classes and Activities. Every term, youll find something new to learn, discover or just have a go at while you meet people and make new friends. Our classes are led by knowledgeable and experienced tutors. Our group activities, such as Bridge and Mah Jong, are coordinated by wonderful community volunteers. We offer a fresh programme twice a year. Our programme for Terms 1 & 2 runs from January to June; the Terms 3 & 4 programme runs from July to December. Most classes and activities are held at Parnell Community Centre, in the Jubilee Building, where theres plenty of parking outside business hours. Other classes are held at our Glanville Community Campus. In 2012 Parnell Trust created a satellite schedule of Inner City activities and classes for Auckland CBD residents. Most of these are held at The Pioneer Women's and Ellen Melville Hall, Freyberg Place off High Street. (See pg 16.) Signing up for a Class or Activity is easy 1. Enrol online at or 2. Complete the enrolment form (opposite) then email, post or fax it to us or 3. Come to the Parnell Community Centre office, upstairs at the Jubilee Building, to enrol in person. (Cash, Credit card, EFTPOS and cheque payments accepted.) Parnell Community Centre The Jubilee Building 545 Parnell Road, Parnell PO Box 37 682, Parnell 1151 t 09 555 5164 f 09 379 2091 Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm Glanville Community Campus 27 Glanville Terrace, Parnell

Music Rhythm and Dance 12 Social Activities Heritage Walks Inner City Classes 13 14-15 16-17

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FEES/PAYMENTS You must enrol and pay for your class before it begins see enrolment options next page. (Tutors cannot accept enrolments or payments.) Our class and activity fees include GST. A 10% discount applies for senior citizens (65+) and people with a Community Services Card. No discounts for casual attendance activities or annual membership fees. Only one discount per enrolment please. Receipts are issued on request or at first class. Material costs are not included, unless otherwise stated. CONFIRMATION Many classes and activities require a minimum number of enrolments before they can proceed. We will contact you to confirm your enrolment and any requirements 3-5 days prior to commencement. TRANSFERS A $10 fee is charged for each transfer between courses. REFUNDS You will get a 100% refund only if the class or activity is cancelled. You will get a 50% refund if you withdraw before the class starts. You will not receive a refund if you withdraw after the class has started. CANCELLATIONS / DATE AND TIME CHANGES Parnell Community Centre reserves the right to cancel any course at any time and to change any course dates and times. COURSE EVALUATION We welcome and value your feedback. Participants are invited to complete a class evaluation form.



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FEES / PAYMENTS Cash is only accepted at Parnell Trusts ofces, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell EFTPOS is available at Parnell Trusts ofces, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell Cheques make payable to Parnell Trust and mail to PO Box 37 682 Parnell, Auckland 1151 Direct Credit to BNZ Parnell Community Trust 02 0238 0079097 000 Please include code 200, your name and course code. Credit Card Visa Mastercard No. Name on Card Signature

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Parnell Community Classes and Activities Programme Gift Vouchers are available for purchase from Parnell Community Centre reception. Gift Vouchers can be made for a specified value or class, whichever you prefer. Gift Vouchers can be ordered in person at the Jubilee Building, or via phone or email.

16 weeks I $110* New Zealand Sign Language Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language the only natural language used by the deaf community in New Zealand. Communicate with members of the deaf community as you improve your fluency, vocabulary and grammar. * Plus $55 payable to tutor for DVD and workbook on first night. 50% surcharge for non NZ residents. NZ Sign Language is now our 3rd official language. Sign Language uses hands, facial expressions and eye contact. NZS Tim Lewin, Sarah Mason, James Pole tutors Beginners 1 A/B, Beginners 1 C/D, Pre Intermediate 2 C/D Monday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 18 Feb Pre Intermediate 2 A/B Thursday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 21 Feb FRE Jacqui Reid tutor Tuesday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 26 Feb Term 2: 21 May FRE A Jacqui Reid tutor Tuesday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 26 Feb Term 2: 21 May FRE B Isabelle Rolland tutor Tuesday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 26 Feb Term 2: 21 May FRE GT Isabelle Rolland tutor Tuesday 12.30-2.30pm Term 1: 5 March Term 2: 28 May ITA Luisa Antonello tutor Thursday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 28 Feb Term 2: 9 May ITA A Luisa Antonello tutor Thursday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 28 Feb Term 2: 9 May ITA B Luisa Antonello tutor Tuesday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 26 Feb Term 2: 7 May

French Beginners

8 weeks I $95 Covers speaking, reading, writing and culture, and enables you to communicate confidently in any simple situation.

French Post Beginners

8 weeks I $95 For students who know the basics and want to continue learning and developing their ability and confidence to speak, write and be understood.

French Conversation

8 weeks I $95 For those who want to improve their confidence and ability to speak French in a range of situations. Adapted to suit the level of participating students. For Intermediate level and above.

French for Travellers 6 weeks I $95 A daytime option if you plan to travel to France. Learn useful language skills to shop, dine, get around and develop an appreciation of French culture. Suitable for absolute beginners or those with a little French. At Glanville Campus. Italian Beginners
8 weeks I $95 Buongiorno! Learn greetings, introductions, commonly used expressions, basic vocabulary and develop the confidence to give it a go.

Italian Post Beginners 8 weeks I $95 For those who have basic knowledge and want to improve their vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking abilities. Italian Conversation
8 weeks I $95 Enrich your knowledge and build a larger vocabulary through fun activities. Lots of interaction covering useful social situations. For Intermediate level and above.

Spanish Beginners
8 weeks Learn basic grammar, practise speaking, discover new phrases and make amigos. Hasta la vista!


SPA Rosario Delgado tutor Wednesday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 27 Feb Term 2: 22 May SPA A Rosario Delgado tutor Wednesday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 27 Feb Term 2: 22 May SPA GT Rosario Delgado tutor Tuesday 9.30-11.30am Term 1: 5 March Term 2: 28 May POR Gilza Lacerda tutor Wednesday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 27 Feb Term 2: 22 May

Spanish Post Beginners

8 weeks I $95 For those who have basic knowledge or have attended the beginners class.

Spanish for Travellers

6 weeks I $95 Prepare for your travel by learning the language through practical everyday situations. Learn greetings, numbers, travel queries, ordering food and practise speaking. At Glanville Campus.

Portuguese Beginners

8 weeks I $95 Basic vocabulary and grammar as well as useful phrases needed when traveling in Portuguese speaking countries. Conversation is encouraged through interactive activities. Visual materials will be presented and used to aid communication skills.

Portuguese Post Beginners

8 weeks I $95 For those who have basic knowledge or have attended the beginners class.

POR A Gilza Lacerda tutor Wednesday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 27 Feb Term 2: 22 May For more infomation contact Selwyn Community Education p 521 1963

Held at Selwyn College 245 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama.

Hindi for Beginners

Held at Selwyn College 245 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama.

Information Hour for French, Italian and Spanish

Are you interested in our courses, but still have some questions? Not sure if you should enrol in Post Beginner or Intermediate level? Come along to one of our FREE information hours to learn more about the classes and meet the tutors. Tuesday 6-7pm Term 1: 12 Feb Term 2: 30 April

ESOLconversation/ generalenglish
Come along to practise English, learn new words and meet others. Our friendly informal classes will help you gain confidence in speaking English. Our tutors will help you with questions about New Zealand life.

Everyday English for Beginners

8 weeks I $160 (two classes) Learn basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, and how to talk with New Zealanders. For those who have only a little English.

ESO A Lucy Meek tutor 11.30am-1.30pm Tuesday and Thursday Term 1: 19 Feb Term 2: 14 May ESO B Andrew Mouat tutor Tuesday 9.15am-11.15am and Thursday 1.30-2.30pm Term 1: 19 Feb Term 2: 14 May ESO C Natalie Greenly tutor Wednesday 12.30-2.30pm Term 1: 20 Feb Term 2: 15 May ESO D Angeline Seeto tutor Saturday 9.30-11.30am Term 1: 23 Feb Term 2: 18 May

Everyday English Pre-Intermediate

8 weeks I $150 (two classes) Build on the skills learnt at Beginner level. Recognise and learn more words and phrases and practise your pronunciation. Thursday class is conversation.

Conversation and Vocabulary Intermediate Level and Above

8 weeks I $95 Improve your conversation skills and vocabulary in this higher level class.

Kiwi English in the Workplace

8 weeks I $95 Improve your fluency and confidence in speaking English as well as your understanding of Kiwi English in the workplace. Focuses on speaking, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation with a special emphasis on Kiwi English in everyday social situations. For Intermediate level and above.


8 weeks I $95 Look at English sounds, word and sentence stress, intonation and rhythm, and features of connected speech. Work on your specific problem areas and learn how to speak naturally in English. Intermediate level and above. At Glanville Campus.

ESO GT Natalie Greenly tutor Monday 12.30-2.30pm Term 1: 18 Feb Term 2: 13 May

Parnell Community Centre is always open to receiving suggestions for new courses or activities to add to our programme. If youve got a suggestion, or if youd like to tutor a class or lead an activity, please contact us at Parnell Community Centre reception on or 555 5164.

Wed love to hear your ideas!


Ayurvedic Cooking Indian Retreats NEW
4 weeks I $95* Learn to prepare authentic recipes featuring exotic tastes, aromas and colours. Includes Ayurvedic theory and the medicinal properties of herbs and spices. Enjoy food with sacred awareness of the benefit to your overall wellbeing. * Plus $55 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus. CIN GT Puja Tuli tutor Thursday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 14 Feb

Beautiful Preserves NEW

3 weeks I $45* Learn the age-old art of preserving and fill your shelves with beautiful bottled fruit, jams and conserves, pickles and chutneys. * Plus $20 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.

PRE GT Lisa Loveday tutor Thursday 6-8pm Term 1: 14 March CITA GT Paolo Capri tutor Tuesday 6-8pm Term 1: 26 Feb Term 2: 28 May CSPA GT2 Fabiana Gordo tutor Saturday 10am-1pm Term 2: 11 May CTHA GT Prajitra Janpadidwong tutor Wednesday 6-8pm Term 1: 13 Feb Term 2: 29 May CTHA GT2 Prajitra Janpadidwong tutor Wednesday 6-8pm Term 1: 20 March Term 2: 15 May

Italian Cuisine

5 weeks I $115* Experience the sensational flavours of the classical Italian cucina. Make fresh pasta meals, desserts and more. Buon appetito! * Plus $60 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.


1 day I $40* Try this original recipe, a combination of chicken, seafood, Spanish saffron and vegetables and share with family and friends. * Plus $35 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first day. At Glanville Campus.

Simple Thai Cooking

5 weeks I $115* Discover the fresh herbs and spices of Thai food. Make delicious meals using easy recipes to impress family and friends. * Plus $60 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.

Simple Thai Cooking Sea Food NEW

2 weeks I $45* Fall in love with these easy-to-prepare, rich-in-flavour meals excellent for entertaining or simply as an everyday treat. * Plus $40 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.

Tapas a little taste of Spain

3 weeks I $65* Prepare traditional Tapas from different regions of Spain and celebrate the vibrant and rich Spanish culture. Ole! * Plus $40 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.

CSPA GT Fabiana Gordo tutor Thursday 6-8pm Term 2: 16 May

photography &technology
Digital Photography Part 1
8 weeks I $140 Incorporates basic camera functions, technical terminology, image production, photographic genres/styles and basic image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Includes examination of influential photographs, a guide to cameras and accessories, plus getting the best from your equipment. All welcome. Please bring a camera. DIG A Simon Caswell tutor Wednesday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 20 Feb Term 2: 15 May

Digital Photography Part 2

8 weeks I $140 Designed to increase confidence with your photography. Requires regular photographs to be taken in multiple situations. Includes a detailed analysis of your own images, identifying your style, further manipulation skills, competition entry, image sales, legal considerations and ethics. Amateur level and more advanced. Please bring a camera.

DIG B Simon Caswell tutor Monday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 18 Feb Term 2: 13 May

Adobe Photoshop Beginners

3 weeks I $65 A hands-on course making best use of the editing software to bring your photographs to life and to give them that professional look. Basic introductory instruction will involve stock imagery and the final week can involve editing of the students own images if applicable. Aimed at the beginner and includes basic Adobe Photoshop tools specifically designed for the amateur photographer. Laptops provided but please bring your own if you have Adobe Photoshop installed.

DIG C Simon Caswell tutor Thursday 6.30-8.30pm Term 1: 21 Feb Term 2: 16 May

Information Hour for Photography

Are you interested in Digital Photography? Want to know more about our classes? Come along and have your questions answered. FREE. Tuesday 6-7pm Term 1: 12 Feb Term 2: 30 April

8 weeks I $124 Chi integrates the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, colour and aromatherapy with intelligent exercise, meditations and the movements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and ChiBall Dance. ChiBall provided. Own mat required. YOG D Lynn Oram tutor Wednesday 11.15am-12.15pm Term 1: 27 Feb

Hapkido - Korean Martial Art $135 per term (3 months) of Self Defense
Improve your confidence and fitness. Use a variety of techniques such as punches, kicks, elbows, knees, throws, holds and more. Beginners welcome (ages 15 and over). For bookings phone 09 537 0807 or 021 183 6953.

Mark and Nikki Metcalfe tutors Tuesday and Thursday 6-7.30pm Classes all year

Hatha Yoga

10 weeks I $155 Yoga harmonises the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Learn techniques for relaxing and de-stressing through simple breathing exercises and physical postures which increase muscle tone and flexibility. Own mat required.

Lynn Oram tutor YOG A Beginners Wednesday 9.30-11am Term 1: 13 Feb Term 2: 8 May YOG B Continuing Friday 9.30-11am Term 1: 8 Feb Term 2: 10 May YOG C Angela Gervan tutor Beginners and Continuing Thursday 7.30-9pm Term 1: 21 Feb Term 2: 9 May

Slow Flow Yoga Relax and Revive

8 weeks I $124 This soulful flowing, mindful movement session will guide you to relax your mind, restore your balance and revive your energy. Start with a relaxing breath enquiry, then move into a flowing sequence of Yoga poses to experience each movement synchronised with breath. Close with a deep relaxation. Suitable for everyone come, breathe, move and relax. Own mat required.

Introduction to Tai Chi and Chi Kung

8 weeks I $60 Learn a series of slow, continuous movements that promote physical and mental wellbeing, and improve coordination and balance. All welcome.

TAI Bruno Rubini tutor Saturday 11.15am-12.15pm Term 1: 23 Feb Term 2: 18 May

Intuitive Meditation

4 weeks I $65 Arka Dhyana (Intuitive Meditation) is a simple yet highly effective meditation which has helped many people in New Zealand and around the world. Experience more peace in your life, achieve clarity of mind and be enhanced with power and wellbeing.

MFH Carys Grant tutor Thursday 7-8.30pm Term 1: 7 March Term 2: 30 May

Nordic Walking

2 hours I $43* Learn to get fit the Nordic way! Easy to master, this unique form of exercise is a total body workout. Designed to give you a good understanding of the basics of Nordic Walking and assist in your application of the technique. Get professional coaching and reap the benefits of this awesome sport. Continue with Part 2 and complete your basic Nordic Walking technique. * Plus $6 pole hire payable to tutor on first day of each class.

NOR June Stevenson tutor Saturday 9-11am Term 1: 2 March (Part 1) 23 March (Part 2) Term 2: 18 May (Part 1) 8 June (Part 2)

Pilates Day Classes

10 weeks I $155 10% discount if enrolled in more than one course. Classes sold in 10 week blocks. Ask about the casual rate. Minimum purchase of 4 casual classes. Rose offers Pilates classes for the healthy person who wishes to experience a positive, exercise-based way to balance mind and body. Improve your flexibility, posture, muscle strength and balance. Own mat required.

Rosemary Woodman tutor Beginners and Continuing Monday 9-10am PIL A Monday 10-11am PIL F Thursday 9-10am PIL G Thursday 10-11am PIL D Term 1: Week of 11 Feb Term 2: Week of 6 May Rosie Wall tutor Tuesday 5.45-6.45pm PIL E Beginners and Continuing Term 1: 12 Feb Term 2: 7 May PIL M Rosie Wall tutor Beginners and Continuing Monday 7-8pm Term 1: 11 Feb Term 2: 6 May EFH GT Rita Farmer tutor Thursday 10-11am Term 1: 28 Feb Term 2: 16 May WSD GT Mark Metcalfe tutor Saturday 10am-2pm Term 1: 16 Feb Term 2: 11 May

Pilates in the Evening

10 weeks I $155 Rosie's physiotherapy background and experience in treating spinal and sports conditions enables her to focus on your personal goals to get results. Improve your posture and performance in all activities. Own mat required.

Pilates for Men

10 weeks I $155 Build core strength and improve your fitness. Helps to strengthen the abdomen and back, which is a good foundation to build on if you want to participate in any type of sport. Own mat required.

Stretch and Tone

8 weeks I $65 A great way to stretch your body and tone up, all to wonderful music. All age groups welcome. At Glanville Campus.

Womens Self Defence

1 day I $35 Realise your potential with a realistic approach to self defence. Gain greater awareness and learn self defence techniques in a supportive environment. At Glanville Campus.

Art Appreciation
6 weeks I $90 Brief overview of art history from the Renaissance to current day, helping students to understand different periods of art. Explains the importance of some artists in relation to what came before and after them. Designed to unlock some of the mysteries of art in an easy and practical way. See tutor's website ART Nicky Foreman tutor Thursday 6-8pm Term 1: 14 March

Artistry of Flowers Sogetsu Ikebana

5 weeks I $115* Sogetsu style Ikebana, a Japanese art of flower arrangement encourages students to work with nature in an individual and imaginative form through colour, line and texture. Living with flowers 5 weeks I $115* Learn the basic principles of floral design. Arrange supermarket flowers, hand-tied bouquets and make small gift baskets. * Both programmes require participants to bring materials. Full list available on enrolment.

AOF Tomoko Hirano tutor Thursday 11.30am-1.30pm Term 1: 7 March Tomoko Hirano tutor Thursday 11.30am-1.30pm Term 2: 30 May

Calligraphy Beginners and Continuing

6 weeks I $110* Gain basic training in stylish Italic handwriting as you learn the foundations of calligraphy. Learn to balance the discipline and knowledge of handwriting with the emotional, aesthetic and intellectual depth of a timeless art-form. * Plus $18 materials charge payable to tutor on first day of class.

CAL Jan Leonard tutor Thursday 7-9pm Term 1: 14 March Term 2: 30 May

Contemporary Garden Design Part 1

4 weeks I $70 Would you like to create a garden or rejuvenate your landscaping? Learn how to make the most of your landscape dollar: materials, hard construction requirements or planning the site. Come to part 2 for plant suggestions.

CGD Gill Warren tutor Thursday 6-8pm Term 1: 14 Feb

Contemporary Garden Design Part 2

4 weeks I $70 Learn how to create failsafe planting areas to suit your site and budget. Covers planting ideas for a new garden or for rejuvenating existing planting into an easy care garden.

CGD A Gill Warren tutor Thursday 6-8pm Term 2: 6 June INT GT Cristina Capri tutor Wednesday 6-8pm Term 1: 27 Feb Term 2: 29 May

Interior Design NEW

6 weeks I $100 Learn the basics and be inspired about colour, materials, styles, furnishings and lighting. Develop your ideas and then transform your home or room with freshness and confidence. At Glanville Campus.

Introduction to Beekeeping NEW

2.5 hours I $25 Covers the basic information you need to know before you set up a bee hive. Learn about the history, biology and health of bees; types of hives, sighting hives and the law; and have your questions answered.

BEE Carol Downer tutor Wednesday 6-8.30pm Term 1: 13 March Term 2: 5 June LIF GT Friday 9.30am-12.30pm Term 1: 22 Feb Term 2: 24 May

Life Drawing

8 weeks I $120* Practise drawing with a professional male or female model and exchange ideas with others. All mediums except oils welcome. Background in drawing helpful but not required. Untutored * Model fee included. At Glanville Campus.

Making Balms and Creams

1 day I $55* For those who have an interest in natural skincare, learn the basics of how to make your own balms and creams using natural ingredients. * Plus $15 for ingredients payable to tutor on first day. At Glanville Campus.

COS GT Kimberley Ramada tutor Saturday 10am-4pm Term 1: 16 March Term 2: 8 June MOS GT Tony Blay tutor Monday 7-9pm Term 1: 4 March


5 weeks I $100* Create beautiful mosaic objects using tiles. Learn about design, colour mixing and basic application techniques. Enjoy both quiet creative space and interaction with others. * Plus $20 materials charge payable to tutor on first night. At Glanville Campus.

Term 2: 27 May

Oil Painting

8 weeks I $135 Learn the basics of colour theory, tone and composition. Shruti ensures all students receive positive advice and ways to improve their work on a regular basis. See tutor's website Materials list available on enrolment.

OIL Shruti Yatri tutor Tuesday 7-9pm Term 1: 19 Feb

Term 2: 21 May

Soft Stone Sculpture

1 day I $130* Complete a sculpture in one day! First-time students and experienced artists alike will find the texture of this medium very satisfying as ideas can be quickly realised and modified. It will be an engrossing day expect to go home tired but happy. * Includes materials cost.

SSS Gillian Elmslie tutor Sunday 11am-4pm Term 1: 17 March Term 2: 19 May

Water Colour Painting

8 weeks I $135 Explore traditional watercolour techniques and learn more about John Kinder and his painting style. Tutor is a registered teacher, member of the Watercolour NZ Association, with 35 years experience in community and continuing education painting classes. At Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.

Guy Marrett tutor Thursday 7-9pm Term 1: 7 Feb For bookings email or phone 09 379 4008

Enjoy flowers with HanaClub NZ

Floristry: An ideal intensive course for those who have ambitions to be a professional florist or simply enjoy floristry as a hobby. Sogetsu Ikebana: Learn the basic principles of this Japanese flower arrangement using the standard Sogetsu textbooks.

Tomoko Hirano tutor Lessons by arrangement Ph. 09 636 5835 / 021 132 5521 email:

Creative Felting Workshop

Held at Selwyn College, 245 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama.

For more infomation contact Selwyn Community Education p 521 1963

musicrhythm &dance
African Dance NEW
6 weeks I $65 Free your body, express your emotions and uplift the spirit with West African Dance. Lor is a professional dancer and teacher from Cameroon. Come and share her magic... FREE TASTER CLASS 26 FEB! AFR Lor Profit tutor Tuesday 7.40-8.40pm Term 1: 5 March Term 2: 14 May BOL Uma Maheshwari tutor Monday 5.45-7pm Term 1: 11 Feb Term 2: 13 May

Bollywood Dance

8 weeks I $115 Bollywood depicts the celebration of love, the social life of India and the importance of family. Learn two popular Bollywood dances as well as one modern dance with Uma, a performer/teacher of Bollywood dance and fashion shows in New Zealand and India.

Classical Guitar Beginners 6 weeks I $120* Learn how to read music and develop finger style techniques, applicable to all musical styles. Robert has been teaching and performing professionally for 30 years. Own guitar required. * Plus $25 book fee payable to tutor on first day. At Glanville Campus. Dancercise for 50+
9 weeks I $65 or $10 per session Simple dance steps, combined with fun music, make this programme a "must for those wanting a friendly exercise class. Rita has taught dance and fitness for over 30 years. Join in the fun and walk away with a smile on your face.

GUI GT Robert Macpherson tutor Saturday 1-3pm Term 1: 9 March Term 2: 25 May

DAN Rita Farmer tutor Monday 11.15am-12.15pm Term 1: 11 Feb Term 2: 6 May

One $10 membership fee, payable in January or on joining, covers all leisure activities in 2013 except Garden Group, U3A and Toastmasters. Join at any time. New members are always welcome. Phone 09 555 5164 for enquiries.

Afternoon Bridge

Plus $5 session Enjoy social bridge and afternoon tea. Partners can be arranged. All level players welcome.

Friday 1-4pm Begins 11 Jan Wednesday 12.30-2pm Begins 16 Jan Third Thursday of the month 2.30-4pm Begins 21 Feb


Plus $3 session Enjoy the game of Kings and Queens. New members welcome.

Film Club

Plus $3 session Join this friendly monthly group for afternoon tea and an informal discussion of movies youve seen recently.

Garden Group
Meetings include trips, walkabouts, speakers and a trading table. Phone Sue on 09 521 1509 or Stella on 09 575 1661 for more information.

Knitting Group
Bring your own project and knit in good company.

Plus $3 session

Second Friday of the month 11.30am-1pm Begins 8 Feb Monday 12.30-2.30pm Begins 11 Feb Tuesday 1-3pm Begins 15 Jan

Mah Jong

Plus $3 session Learn to play or refresh your skills in this fascinating Oriental board game. New members always welcome.


Plus $3 session Enjoy fellowship, build your Scrabble vocabulary and finish with a cup of tea. New members always welcome.

Seniors Coffee and Chat

Plus $2 session Come together for morning tea, guest speakers and regular outings. Please call Win on 09 521 1411 for more information.

Step Out (Walking group)

Join this group to motivate yourself and take the opportunity to socialise as you step out with other enthusiastic walkers.

Thursday 10-11am Begins 7 March Monday 6pm Fortnightly Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Rd, Parnell Third Wednesday of the month 9.30-11.30am

Toast of Broadway Toastmasters Club

Want to improve your communication, leadership and listening skills? Come along to Toast of Broadway, a friendly and successful Toastmasters club. Check out

U3A Parnell
The Parnell Branch of U3A meets monthly in the Parnell Community Centre for presentations, lectures and morning tea. In addition, there are network groups throughout the month. All 55+ are welcome. Phone Cherie St John on 09 520 2282 for more information.


Parnell Trust offers a unique programme of heritage walks around the historic central Auckland suburbs of Parnell, Grafton, Newmarket and Epsom. A schedule of guided walks is available from September to April, with many happening during Auckland's Heritage Festival. Our walks are led by knowledgeable guides who provide interesting commentary and anecdotes on local heritage treasures and the people that shaped these central Auckland suburbs. See for a current schedule of walks and pricing. To enable you to take a heritage walk at a time to suit you, Parnell Trust will launch self-guided heritage walks in early 2013. These are being developed from our guided walk series with generous support from ASB Community Trust and our walk leaders. The selfguided walks will provide a rich heritage experience combining downloadable recordings of the walks supported by mobile Apps for sound files, maps and photos, together with extensive links to additional material. For further details see

Heritage Walk Series

Auckland Domain
Auckland Domain is located on one of Auckland's first volcanoes and its vantage point overlooking the harbour has made it a focal point for both Maori and European settlers.

Auckland Domain Architecture

Auckland Domain walk Learn about the architectural history of this glorious park, richly endowed with sculptures and heritage buildings.

Campus Walk
Inaugurated in 1883, the University of Auckland grew around the grounds of Old Government House. Over time, many of the original buildings in the vicinity have been added. Today the University sprawls over several blocks from its prominent location above the city.

Perhaps best known for its bridge, the suburb of Grafton extends from Symonds Street to the Domain and out towards Mt Eden. This walk takes in one of Auckland's most significant cemeteries and provides background on heritage buildings, both residential and public.

Epsom In the Zone

Discover a hidden corner of Auckland nestled on the slopes of Mt Eden, above Newmarket. Iconic homesteads feature lovely gardens nurtured from harsh terrain. Auckland Grammar School exerts its influence on local real estate as Aucklanders vie to be in this historic Grammar zone.

Self-guided recorded Heritage Walks to be available for these walks. In some cases, as noted, two guided walks have been combined into one self-guided walk.

Judges Bay
This Parnell walk includes many sites of interest covering both Maori and European settlement, the beginnings of Bishop Selwyn's Anglican expansion and a history of early residents at St Stephens Chapel.

Once sale yards for livestock and a major manufacturing and warehousing centre, Newmarket has undergone a series of transformations. Heritage buildings and icons from the 1850s to 1960s remain in this leading Auckland retail centre.

Parnell Parks and People

Take a trip to Brighton Road and explore the area and its parks, natural history, archaeology, architectural contrast and stories.

Parnell A Dozen (and more) Delights Treasures & Delights of Parnell Delight in our history. Parnell, fringed by the waterfront and the Domain, is Aucklands oldest suburb, vibrant with history and elegance. Fascinating range of historic buildings: Victorian, Gothic, colonial, classical and Arts and Crafts. Parnells Hidden Treasures
Treasures & Delights of Parnell Stroll down streets steeped in the history of Auckland. Feel the ambience and excitement that must have been experienced by those brave immigrants who came to the shores and embraced life in a new country.

Riverhead Heritage Fruit tour

Walk around three acres of flowering heritage fruit trees 200 plum, 150 apple and 50 pear trees. Murray Joyce and Rob Velseboer of Heirloom Organix have been nurturing these trees for 15 years and grow organic culinary herbs and heirloom vegetable seedlings.

St Stephens Chapel Judges Bay walk View a striking example of timbered colonial architecture built in 1856 and "meet" some of its silent churchyard congregation, including many prominent Auckland colonists and early missionary families. Streams and Gullies
An adventurous hike through the bush-clad gullies of Parnell. The trail links five separate reserves, including the foreshore of Hobson Bay.

Tangirapaki Hillside of Weeping Waters

Take a unique Parnell walk, down a hill side to Hobson Bay to see sights including historic Kinder House and Ewelme Cottage. Enjoy interesting vintage houses from the 1880s to the 1940s as well as a pre European village site, park land and native bush.

Guided Heritage Walks can be booked for private groups at any time of the year, depending on availability of our guides. Please contact us at 09 555 5164 for enquiries.

In recognition of the growing number of residents who call the Auckland CBD 'home', Parnell Trust offers the following Community Classes and Activities in the inner city.

Ballet for Adults

8 weeks I $100 Enjoy the artistic joys of classical ballet while learning fundamental techniques and developing elements of grace, flexibility and strength. Suitable for both beginners and those who enjoyed ballet in their earlier years. Wear comfortable clothing and ballet slippers.

BAL INN Diana Kirk tutor Monday 6.30-7.30pm Term 1: 11 Feb Term 2: 13 May

ESOL Conversation Intermediate Level

8 weeks I $95 Improve your conversation skills and vocabulary in this higher level class. Friendly informal classes help you gain confidence in speaking English. Tutor will also help you with questions about New Zealand life.

ESO INN Judy Ferguson tutor Monday 6-8pm Term 1: 18 Feb Term 2: 13 May

Investor Basics NEW

4 weeks I $75 Improve your investment decision-making and prepare for higher retirement income. Learn about the fundamentals of investing the why, how and where to invest, and the key investment principles to consider. Learn how to build your own investment portfolio and feel more confident working with your Investment Adviser. A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge. Held at Vero Centre, Shortland St.

FIN INN Jan Barraclough tutor Tuesday 5.45-7.15pm Term 1: 5 March Term 2: 7 May

Gardening for Balconies

4 weeks I $60 Learn the basics of food growing and creative techniques for growing in small urban spaces. Choose plants for your space and maintain a healthy, productive garden. Includes urban composting.

GAR INN Emily Harris tutor Thursday 6-7.30pm Term 1: 14 Feb Term 2: 9 May

Mexican Cooking: Salsa in Your Kitchen

4 weeks I $90* Prepare traditional Mexican dishes, salsas, condiments and drinks. Experience hands-on instruction in an authentic Mexican inner city restaurant. * Plus $65 for food ingredients payable to tutor on first day.

CMEX INN Luis Cabrera tutor Saturday 11am-1pm Term 1: 2 March Term 2: 11 May

Recreational Dance Classes for Adults

All levels and styles from Hip Hop to Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Zumba and more. Daytime community classes starting in 2013. All classes are drop-in. Bookings not required. Classes at Level 1, 260 Queen St (above McDonalds)

For more information contact City Dance p 379 9944

Mah Jong
Learn to play or refresh your skills in this fascinating Oriental board game. New members always welcome. Check our website for details

Enjoy the wonderful world of words as you play with a friendly group. Enjoy fellowship and build your Scrabble vocabulary. New members always welcome. Gold coin donation appreciated. Held at Auckland City Library, 46 Lorne Street.

Wednesday 10am-12pm Begins 16 Jan

Walking Group
Join an hour of free fun.

Check our website for details

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Auckland Art Gallery

Unless otherwise noted, Inner City classes and activities are held at Pioneer Womens and Ellen Melville Hall, at the corner of High Street and Freyberg Place.



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Need a venue? Come and see us at the Jubilee Building!

The Parnell Community Centre offers you:
Assistance with marketing your public event A range of rooms suitable for 6 to 120 people Special rates for not-for-prot and community groups Fabulous catering Easy access to CBD and motorways FREE WiFi with all bookings FREE parking Seasonal special offers PLUS our very special Feel-Good Factor your bookings help us provide community activities within the Parnell Community Centre. Call us to ask what else we can offer to help make your event a huge (and stressfree) success! Talk to our Venue team t 09 555 5162 Jubilee Building 545 Parnell Road Auckland 1052

Looking for a special childcare centre, close to the CBD?

Parnell Trust has over 20 years experience nurturing and educating children from 3 months to 5 years.
Two Parnell centres to choose from within 10 minutes of downtown Auckland Gladstone Park Early Childhood Centre at the city fringe, 27 Balfour Tce Parnell Early Childhood Centre in residential Parnell, 27 Glanville Tce Healthy Heart snacks and meals prepared fresh every day in our centre kitchens Well-resourced play areas, indoors and outdoors Quiet rooms and sleeping spaces for little ones Plenty of outdoor fun and physical activity in natural garden play areas Loads of activities indoors to stimulate and expand horizons Ready for school programme prepares children for a gentle start to primary school High quality care from qualied teachers Call Judy Graham, our Early Childhood Centre Director, to arrange a time to visit our happy places. Parnell Trust Early Childhood Education t 09 555 5198