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About Setia Greens

First and foremost, we are honoured and glad to have your kind interest in our S P Setia project in Penang. Yet another architectural gem from S P Setia Berhad is the upcoming green-rated Setia Greens development in Changkat Sungai Ara, Penang. This exclusive project is set to change the landscape of the island with its green buildings designed to save energy and resources towards saving Mother Earth from global warming destruction. The environmental-friendly living features to be implemented include rain water harvesting system, water efficient fittings, solar water heater, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and cool roof system, all focusing on increasing the efficiency of resource use while reducing building impact on human health and the environment. A firm believer of creating ecologically friendly townships for wholesome living, S P Setia strives to carve another milestone by going for Green Building Index (GBI) certification with this residential project. Once approved and completed, Setia Greens consisting a lavish range of home options will be the first low-rise mass housing green development in the northern region. This is indeed a very positive step towards greening the property market in Penang. To be launched this November is Phase I comprising 3 storey terrace houses (149 units) and 3 storey semi-detached houses (18 units) that will be crafted on a 29 acres plot of undulating terrain complete with a gurgling stream and fish pond. Almost all of the units in Phase I are in general north and south facing direction. As an environment friendly development, the focus during the construction stage is to minimize the impact on the environment with minimal earth-cutting and filling works. The beautiful natural surroundings and original eco-systems would be conserved as much as possible in realizing the eco sanctuary. The above would not however pose a problem to S P Setia which is at the forefront of bringing ecofriendly living to all Malaysians based on the simple principle of not taking more away from the Earth than one gives back. Setia Greens promises a distinctive lifestyle, one in which man and Nature can co-exist in harmony while indulging in the luxury and conveniences of modern living. The generous provisions of green pockets, landscaped parks and gardens integrating seamlessly with the ultra stylish and revolutionary homes are all in line with the developers total township philosophy of LiveLearnWorkPlay. The projects strategic location near to the Penang International Airport and Penang Bridge provides for easy accessibility. Setia Greens also makes for the ideal homes for those working in the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone which is just a short drive away. Shorter travelling time to work spells energy saving and a boost for Mother Earth. Looking at the undeveloped site now, one can just envisage the tranquil and serene beauty that awaits the elite few with the foresight to make Setia Greens their home sweet home. Surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eyes can see, both children and adult alike will have a field day marveling at the pretty sight of birds and butterflies at play and all the other wonders of Mother Nature. Setia Greens is set to be a feast for the body, mind and soul. The show units for all types of terrace houses are now available for viewing at our Setia Show Village and this project is now open for booking. For more info please visit Setia Sales Gallery at Setia Pearl Island Country Club or call 04641 2255 today.

The Green Touch

Inspired by the gifts of nature, Setia Greens homes are designed to focus on the marvels of natural resources to provide a contemporary eco-community that respects the intricate balance between man and the surroundings and offers a safe and environmentally-friendly haven for all.



The sustainable Cool Roof system is the latest in roof technology, creating a natural airflow and heat barrier for a cool and comfortable interior, ultimately helping to save energy and protect the environment.




A centralized solar water heater which serves all bathrooms (except the ground floor) will help to reduce energy costs.



Rainwater is collected and channelled via a rainwater downpipe and stored in a concealed tank within the house compound. This can be reused for outdoor purposes, such as watering plants andwashing, indirectly helping to reduce water consumption.




All sanitary wares and plumbing fittings (except in the kitchen) such as the water closet, basin tap, shower head,

hand bidet, mixer for long bath and rain shower facilitate the reduction of water flow rate, indirectly reducing water usage.




Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a health hazard and environmental contaminant. The low VOC content in our paints offers a safer, environmentally-friendlier alternative in all the homes. The interiors also allow cross ventilation and natural day lighting for better air flow and brighter homes, while reducing energy usage.



Almost all our homes are built with a North-South orientation in general. Consequently, these units do not directly face the rising or setting sun, thus preserving cooler interiors, and reducing energy costs in the long run