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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage


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2006 James Kiyozaki All Rights Reserved

Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

1. A Massage Introduction 2. Foot Massage 3. Front of the Legs 4. Back and Buttock Massage 5. Back Rub Techniques 6. Head and Neck Massage 7. Arm Massage 8. Chest Massage 9. Abdominal Massage 10. Advance Massage 11. Percussive Massage 12. Genital Massage: For Men and Women
2006 James Kiyozaki All Rights Reserved

Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

1. A Massage Introduction
This e-book is an easy step-by-step guide to massage techniques that are pleasurable and important. You will be able to learn how to give pleasure using your hands.

Here is a little information about me.

This e-book is just another resource to learn about massage. I hope it will remain as a good reference for massage information to any readers.

Why Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage is one of the best ways to help someone achieve extended, multiple, or "whole body" orgasmic states. You can't get pregnant from erotic massage, even if you aren't using any sort of birth control. Thus, it's a great way for male/female couples without access to birth control to make love. When intact latex gloves are used, there is no risk of STD transmission regardless of what sort of genital or anal pleasuring is being performed. Most people find latex gloves easier to deal with and less intrusive than condoms or dental dams. Furthermore, if your skin is healthy and you aren't going to be coming into contact with infected skin or body fluids, then gloves aren't necessary at all. Massage provides a space to learn to give and receive pleasure, and gives the receiving partner a chance to feel completely cared for by the massaging partner. It feels good.

2006 James Kiyozaki All Rights Reserved

Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Preparing a Massage
A Massage is an Erotic and Sensual Experience to Share with Someone.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a massage. * Lock the door and unplug the phone. * Be sure you have the time to spend with your partner. A massage is not the type of experience you want to rush.

* Turn down the light. The lighting should be soft and indirect. Candlelight is perfect. Even natural sunlight shining through a window in the afternoon is terrific. * You might want it quiet. Although I think we all like Barry White and other soft sensual music, you might prefer a quiet room. This will help you feel and hear what your partner enjoys. * You will want the room to be warm. Almost 80 degrees will allow a naked partner to be comfortable. * Make sure your hands are warm. You can accomplish this by rubbing them together thoroughly or by taking a bath together. * Cleanliness. Although it isn't essential to be clean before a massage, your partner will certainly be more relaxed if they are clean. This massage will involve every area of the body include such places as behind the ears and between the toes. Be sure your partner will be comfortable by taking a bath. You might also make sure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed neatly (not necessarily short, just neat). * Aroma. A nice scented candle will provide the warmth, light, and scent that will set the mood. Women might prefer a lighter, more floral scent (rose or jasmine might be appropriate). Men might prefer a more rugged, woodsy scent like cedar or sandalwood. * You will want to give a massage on a flat, firm surface. A firm mattress is acceptable; using pillows on the floor is good too. A massage table is best, but not everyone has one of these. * The massage receiver should prepare like they are preparing for bed. They might want to remove their contacts, their makeup, and have their teeth brushed. They are about to experience something special and might want to sleep or make love (or both) afterward.
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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Simple Massage Tips and Advice

Here Are Some Tips You Should Always Follow

* It is best to keep in constant contact with your partner. As you move to different areas of the body do so in a continuous manner. Keeping contact helps the massage flow smoothly and increases intimacy. * Use pressure that feels good to your partner. Listen to their responses and let them tell you how much pressure is just right. * Take your time. Relax and enjoy this intimate time together. * Keep your movements rhythmic, even, and symmetric. By following smooth patterns your partner will be able to understand what is happening and will relax more deeply. * Use an Oil or Massage Cream. Either allows your hands to glide smoothly over your partner. The effect of warm oil being smoothly spread over your body is absolutely delicious. As you move to new areas of the body, start by spreading warm oil with your hands. This makes an astounding prelude to massage.

Where to Begin a Massage

Which Part of the Body Should We Start With?

You can start a massage on any portion of the body. You will want to be somewhat continuous and symmetric. Here are two suggestions: 1. Start with the feet, work up the back of the legs, the bag, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, and then front of the legs. Ending with the abdomen and the front of the legs allows you to direct blood flow to the genitals. This is a great order to use if you want to make love. 2. Start with the chest, abdomen, front of the legs, feet, back of the legs, buttocks, and then back. This order ends with the back and leaves your partner fully relaxed and quite possibly sleepy. A terrific massage if your partner needs to relax and rest.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

2. Foot Massage
Circulation of the Foot
Start on the Right Foot (literally)

Our feet take a beating in daily life. Who wouldn't want to lie down at the end of the day and receive a foot massage? Our dogs are tired. The first stroke in a good foot massage is called a circulation stroke. The name implies that it increase blood flow in the tissues of the foot. Grasp the foot with one hand and stroke the top with the other. You can use light pressure along the top of the foot. Moderate pressure might be required on the bottom of the foot to prevent tickling your partner. Continue rubbing and stroking your partners entire foot. Twenty times on the top and ten times on the bottom is nice.

Rotating the Foot

Only Slight Movement is Necessary

This move is not a stretch; it is just a movement to relax the foot and ankle. Support the foot with one hand as shown. With the other hand, gently move the foot through its natural range of motion. Do not push firmly. Simply and slowly glide the foot in an oval-type motion. As you slowly rotate the foot, you may find the range of motion increases slightly. Rotate the foot 3-5 times in each direction.

Stroking the Foot and Ankle

This Stroke Relaxes the Whole Body

This stroke seems to relax the whole body. Start with your fingertips right where the toes meet he foot. Use both hands to press down between the bones of the foot. Slide your up the foot toward the ankle, when your fingers reach ankle level, wrap your fingers around the ankle and massage the front of the ankle joint with your thumbs.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

We generally look for muscle tissue to rub when giving a massage. This area is firm with bone, tendons and ligaments. Try to do your best to treat the muscle tissue you find with thorough kneading.

Flexing and Rotating the Bones of the Foot

Flexing and Rotating the Bones of the Foot gently

This stroke feels really nice when the top of the foot is sore from standing or walking. Press the heel of each hand on the outer edges of the foot. You will be curling the top of the foot. When you curl the foot you will be able to massage the muscle between the bones with your thumbs. While curling the foot you will also end up pressing your fingertips into the underside of the foot. This feels nice as well.

Pulling Of the Toes

I have heard that Japanese Sumo wrestlers are catered to quite completely. One thing I have heard is that after they complete their daily workout someone washes their feet and pulls their toes. I often imagine how luxurious it would feel to have a daily foot wash.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

3. Front of the Legs

Your legs support you, give them a rest

We all spend far too much time on our feet. Massaging your legs is a great way to ease the pain and tension that builds in them. These massage strokes benefit all of the muscles in your legs. You can use these strokes to drain lactic acid from your muscles after a hard work-out. You can also use these strokes to excite your partner during foreplay. A leg massage is a pleasurable experience either way.

Circulation Massage of the Front of Legs - 1

This stroke encourages blood flow in the legs. It can serve two purposes and feels great either way. This stroke can be performed firmly to rid the muscles of lactic acid. When the lactic acid is removed, much of the soreness will be alleviated. Applicable if you are suffering from the effects of a strong workout. This massage stroke can be used to flow blood to the genitals. Suitable if you are giving a sensual massage. Increasing blood flow to the pelvic region is great for both male and female. The stroke involves squeezing the muscle tissue to push blood up the legs. The return stroke in part two is much gentler and is done down the outer side of the leg.
Circulation Massage of the Front of the Legs - 2

This describes the second half of the circulation massage stroke. When the hands reach the top of the thigh, they are turned outboard and gently brought down the sides of the legs.

Kneading Above the Knees

The muscles above the knees can become very tired. They are quite strong and respond well to deep massage. Spend some time kneading these muscles and your partner will surely respond.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Bent Leg Muscle Rotation

The Leg is Held Stationary

In this movement you will first bend your partners leg. By bending their leg you facilitate a new position for massage. When your partners leg is bent, stead their ankle with one hand while the other hand massages the front of the thigh or the calf muscle. Use a smooth movement that pulls your massaging hand over the muscle tissue.

Pumping the Legs

After the Leg is Warm You can Move it

In this move you exercise the leg in its full range of motion. You should do his after you have relaxed the muscles of the leg through massage. Grasp the ankle as show and raise the leg from the outstretched position. Both the knee and hip should bend. Move the leg until you feel resistance. Flex each leg through its range of motion 3 times.
Pumping the Legs - 2

Here the leg is in the contracted position. Do not push too hard. This is not a stretch, but a pleasurable experience. After being massaged for a while your partner will want the movement to keep from feeling cramped.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

4. Back of Leg and Buttock Massage

Some Techniques for Massaging the Back of Legs

The back of the legs and buttocks have more flesh than other areas of the body. Your partner will love a little increased penetration. You will both agree that deeply massaging the tissue in this area is appropriate. When executing a massage of the back of the legs your partner will be most comfortable with their legs outstretched and slightly apart. Be cautious around the back of the knees. Brushing this ticklish area can be quite alarming and can spoil the gentle mood.
Kneading the Lower Leg

You can knead from one side of the leg to the other. As you go back and forth often, you should travel up and down the back of the leg. It seems appropriate that you should spend about 10 back and forth strokes when traveling between the knees and the buttocks. You will want to take your time in this area simply because you will want your partner to take their time in this area.

Rotating the Knee

This Movement Feels Great When Your Legs are Tired

This is not quite a massage stroke but a technique to relax and loosen muscles. Place the palm of both hands behind the knee (just above and below the joint). Press downward, lightly at first and then slowly increasing in force. Slowly release the pressure. When pressing, try to press so that the force is evenly distributed. Do not concentrate on one area alone.
Knead the Back of the Leg

This stroke is somewhat different in that it has more rotation than with most strokes. This may be difficult to execute on subjects that have a significant amount of hair in this area. Avoid rotating with large circles on hair areas because the hair will knot up in an uncomfortable manner. To execute the stroke, press one palm on the back of the kneed and use the other hand to press down on the first hand. While pressing with your palms, move your hands slowly in circles. As your hand moves in circles the muscle tissue below with be shifted and manipulated. Your partner will love it.
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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Buttock Rotation
Pressing Harder Here is Appropriate

In this stroke you will press downward (and inward) and then you will rotate your hands. The effect is very deep and luxurious. Moving your hands slowly has a deep, sensual effect. Moving your hands quickly has a vibratory, therapeutic sense. Using the heel of your hard for this stroke is appropriate. You won't need much oil on this area because your hands do not have to slide. The muscle in this area is loose enough that you can use a circular motion without sliding your hands.

Circulation Massage of the Buttocks

On a Scale of 1 to 10, this Stroke is a Solid 10

You do not have to worry about this area of the body; you can press down quite hard. You may find that if you press from the outside of the thighs in an inward direction your partner will be very appreciative.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

5. Back Rub Techniques

The Most Popular Form of Massage

It is likely that the first intimate contact you have with a lover will be through a back massage. This is a popular area because a back massage is quite pleasurable yet somewhat informal. The techniques contained inside this section should allow you to expand your knowledge of back rubs and back massage.

Tips for Massaging the Back

Some Helpful Advice When Massaging the Back

* You might feel most comfortable kneeling astride your partner. * Your partner might find that quite a bit of nervous tension disappears after a back massage. * You might find that up to a third of the time spent on a massage will be spent on the back. I doubt any of us will complain. * The back muscles are usually massaged in three groups. A successful back rub will cover all three groups. * The long muscles that run parallel to the spine. * The flat muscle groups that cover the top of the back and lower neck. * The wide band of muscles that stretches from the spine to the side of the back. * Begin the back rub with a simple circulation (sweeping motion) that touches all three areas in a simple, continuous stroke. You needn't press hard during this stroke.
Circulation Stroke - 1

Begin with your hands flat and your fingers facing the spine. Slide your hands up the spine, press with medium pressure. When you reach the neck....

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Circulation Stroke - 2

When you reach the neck, turn your hands so that your fingers massage along the top of the shoulders and then down the outer sides of the back. When you come back down the outer sides of the back, turn your hands back to the original position. Repeat this circulation movement about ten times.

Pressing the Back The Original Back Rub Stroke Perfected

Read this Section if You Want to Perfect your Technique

Pressing the back is the most dramatic massage stroke available. In order to get the technique right, you need to understand one principle fact about massage. Massage is the manipulation of muscle tissue. When pressing on the back, you will have two ridges of muscle that run just outboard of the spine. These ridges are where you should concentrate your attention. When pressing up the back start at the very, very base of the spine (even as low as the upper buttock). Apply pressure with the heel of each hand. Lean forward as you press. Slide your hands along the ridges of muscle from the very base of the spine until you reach the shoulder blades. In contrast to the circulation stroke, don't bring your hands back along the far outside of the back. Bring them back just outboard of where you just massaged. You will know when you are doing this stroke properly. Your partner will moan with delight. At least ten strokes are appropriate here. Your partner will probably ask for more. Entertain them with different variations (small circles as you glide up the spine, use your thumbs in place of the heel of your hand, scratch their back as you return to the base of the spine, and use your imagination).

Pressing Of the Back 2

Here is another Method Using your Thumbs

Using your thumbs you can concentrate on the muscle tissue just outboard of the spine. You can glide up these muscles best if you use a liberal amount of massage oil. Small circular strokes in this area feel absolutely divine.
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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Fingertip Kneading Along the Spine

Strong Men Enjoy this Type of Stroke

Use your fingertips to knead the two strands of long muscles that run just outward of the spine. The muscles work very hard keeping you upright. Your partner will surely appreciate the attention you lavish upon them. Envision yourself kneading at every vertebra (that's the singular of vertebrae you know). Two or more trips up and down the spine are great.

Palm Press on the Spine

There are Three Variations to this One

In this move you will work directly on the spine and the muscle surrounding it. By pressing the heel of your hand on both sets of muscles and then pressing down you can alleviate tension and pressure. Men, be gentle with women when you are doing this, Women be firm with men when you are. The variations include: The Crab: In this stroke your lower hand is arched with the fingertips downward (like a crab). When you push down with your upper hand you "dig in" with your fingers. Moving the crab hand up and down the spine is very effective. The Rocking Chair: In this move you put the fingers of the lower hand in the "peace" sign (or an "up yours" sign if you are British). The index and middle fingers straddle the spine. Rock the fingers back and forth up the spine. You are sort of poking and kneading the muscle tissue the whole way up.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Back Compression
Hands Opposed

This stroke is as easy as it looks. Put the heel of your hand on the long muscles that run along the spine. Push downward. Release the pressure, move slightly up the spine. Make three or so passes up the spine. This stroke can also be done hands together, first on the right side, then both hands together on the left side of the spine.
Deep Stroking of the Back

This stroke will be especially enjoyable for your partner. Although it may appear that you should make long strokes, this is not the case. Start just outboard of the spine (on the stretch of muscle there) and make short outward strokes stroking this muscle. You can press down quite hard on this muscle and it will feel great. Your partner is sure to let you know when you have it right.
Knead the Back

Knead the muscle of the upper and lower back. Pressing on bone won't have any effect on your partner. Try to find the tissue of the muscles and work that area. The effect is worth the effort.

The Back Scissors

Here is An Advance Technique that Works Well

Use the thumbs of each hands to press folds of flesh and muscle together. The hands move slightly in opposite directions to scissor the flesh between the two thumbs. Moving your thumbs in small circles during the scissors is a nice addition.

Rotating the Shoulder

This is my Absolute Favorite

With one hand (his left in the photograph) lift up on your partners shoulder. You will only need to lift it about an inch. You can accomplish this by just sliding your hand underneath their shoulder. With your other hand find the muscle tissue the runs across the upper back. Kneading the muscle tissue that is just inboard of the edge of the shoulder blade is fantastic. The picture tries to demonstrate exactly the location.
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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

It is a difficult stroke to get right, but your partner will tell you when you have hit the spot. If you don't understand, have your partner try it on you. If they find the spot, you will know exactly why this is my personal favorite.

Knead the Back of the Neck

This is a Nice Place to Massage

The muscles that run behind the neck form a sort of diamond pattern. The muscles that run up the neck are thick and respond well to kneading with the thumbs. The muscles that run downward to the spine are thinner and can be kneaded with the heel of the hand. Spend some time on this area with small movements that run up the back of the neck. Try not to pull on your partners hair.
Curling and Kneading the Shoulders

Depending on if your partner has thin or thick shoulders you should be either delicate or firm. Work slowly and feel the muscle tissue around the bones of the shoulders and necks. Use your thumbs to press up the back of the neck. Don't feel compelled to stop at the hairline. The muscles go all the way up the skull. Curl your fingers over the ridge of the shoulder. Feel the muscle tissue. Press the heel of your hand into the back of the tissue while your fingers manipulate it from the front.

Warming the Back or Brushing

A Great Finish or Transition

At this stage you might want to finish the massage or you may wish to transition to the front of the body. Here is a movement that will accomplish this smoothly. To transition to the front of the body you might want to warm the back. To do this take your hands and make smooth, long strokes in a slow manner. Move one hand up the back while the other travels down the back. This motion is relaxing and awakening. Your partner should have no trouble turning over in the anticipation that more delights follow.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

To end the massage you might want to finish with brushing. Brushing your partner involves extremely light strokes over the entire pack of the body. Think of your fingertips as the bristles of a brush, run the all over the back of your partners body. You might avoid the back of the knees if your partner is ticklish. Travel to your partners toes and break contact. The massage is over. Your partner will be silent in enjoyment.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

6. Head and Neck Massage

Massaging Behind the Ears, Neck & Shoulders

Just behind and below the ears you can feel the lower edge of the skull. There is a large band of neck muscles that meet the cranium here. Stroke these muscles smoothly. With your partner lying on their back put your hands underneath their shoulders and lifts up. As you move your hands up and over the shoulders your partner weight will massage the muscles thoroughly.
Stroking the Temple

Buddhists believe that the center of the forehead (sometimes called the third eye) is the center of the soul. Your partner might begin to believe this as your stroke their skin firmly with your thumbs.

Forehead Press
The Trick: Apply Pressure Slowly

This stroke can be used to cure headaches or just to relax. Gently place one hand on the forehead. Place the other hand upon this one. Slowly add pressure while maintaining even force upon the forehead. You can exert a fair amount of force (your partner will let you know if it is too much). Hold the pressure for a silent count of 10 seconds.

Massaging the Eyes

Trust is Essential for this Movement

Massaging around the eyes of your partner can be relaxing. This advanced movement might have a new partner a little wary so you might wait until you have done a few massages before trying it. This is not a massage of the eye ball. It is a massage of the muscles that surround the eye. The muscles just under the ridge of the eyebrow and the muscles just above the cheekbones can be massaged using slow outward strokes.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Turning the Other Cheek

Ha Ba Bub Ba Bub Ba

Place your hands flat along your partners face. Move your hands in circles. Although this move results in some pretty goofy poses it is quite relaxing. A good massage relaxes muscles that people aren't even aware they have.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

7. Arm Massage
Kneading the Arms
The Arms are Very Easy to Knead

Massaging the arms is enjoyable for both partners. For the receiver it is relaxing and enjoyable. For the giver is satisfyingly easy and effective. Start by placing your partners hand alongside your chest. This relieves your partner from holding their arm in the air. Knead the muscles of your partners arms using both hands. Using your thumbs to knead the muscles of the arms is best.

Rolling of the Arms

This Movement Stimulates the Muscle in a Different Direction

Place your hands on either side of your partners arm. Keep your hands flat. Moving your hands in opposite directions has an effect similar to rolling dough into a long strand. This back and forth motion stimulates the muscle of your partners arm. Remember to be rhythmic and predictable when doing this movement, so that your partner can relax.
Snaking Massage of the Arms

Here is a fantastic and unusual stroke. Hold your partners arm up with one hand. With the other hand start at the shoulder and grip the muscle tissue between your thumb and four fingers. Quickly grip and release the muscles while sliding your hand up toward the wrist. This pulsing effect is quite enjoyable. Complete this movement 7-10 times.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

8. Chest Massage
Chest Circulation

This stroke serves three purposes: * It warms the chest. * It increases blood flow to the area. * It spreads the massage oil. Start with your fingers pointed inward. When you travel upward the chest, turn your hands. Eventually your fingers will slide downward by the underarms. Glide your hands down toward the waist. Turn your hands again and start over.
Chest Circulation 2

Here is part two of the circulation stroke. After gliding up the abdomen and over the chest you can return along your partner's side. Remember to not lose touch. If your partner is ticklish, you can return down the outside of their arm. Place their arms along their side so that you can complete this circular stroke a number of times without losing touch.

Chest Lift
This One is for the Ladies

If you know a woman or are a woman that does not generally enjoy a massage this movement is for you. Begin with the front of the body well oiled. You will want to glide as well as possible so you might oil your hands as well. Begin with your hands at the shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing toward the sternum. Glide your hands toward the stomach (your fingers should slide along the sternum). After you pass the breasts rotate your hands so that your fingers travel outboard and onto your partners side. The heel of your hand should trace her lowest rib. Your fingertips should end up on the center of her back (about midway up).

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Here comes the spectacular part. Using your fingers lift upward. Your fingers should be massaging the muscles along her spine. Slide your fingers up her back until your hands reach her underarms. Slide your hands up to her chest and start again. This move requires a bit of strength to lift her up. You can hear her sign when you do it. Women will have a difficult time executing this move on men if the man is of substantial size.
Chest Lift 2

This image shows the second portion of the chest lift sequence. Most women will agree that this one of the most enjoyable strokes in massage. The best portion is in the final lift. As your hands travel up your partners back the effect is quite enjoyable.

Deep Chest Massage

This One is for the Men

For men the chest can be a very pleasurable place to be massaged. Just as we massaged the back massaging the chest properly requires searching for and manipulating the muscle. The fingertips can be used on all of the muscle areas. Heal of the hands are very effective where the chest muscles meet the shoulders. This massage technique works on women too. You should be delicate with the breasts.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

9. Abdominal Massage
This category includes a number of massage strokes that can be applied to the front of you partner. Strokes like swimming, kneading of the waist, kneading of the side, and circulatory strokes are quite pleasurable for the giver and receiver.
Fingertip Kneading the Waist

This movement used to be thought to help lose weight. I'm not sure if it does (I suspect not), but it feels nice. Pick up folds of flesh between the finger tips and the thumb. Make sure you cover every spot. For some reason your partner will know if you miss even the smallest spot.
Kneading the Sides

This move requires you to grab larger areas of flesh. When doing the side, don't pinch the flesh; just knead it with your hand. Pull your hand up and across the sides of the stomach and chest.
Swimming Stroke

Swimming is an easy stroke that feels very nice. Begin with your hands flat on either side of your partners abdomen and slide them, pressing gently to the other side. Repeat this movement three times at each location, and then move upward a little bit. You can find 10 positions between the lowest abdomen position and the highest chest position. If you are working with a woman, don't avoid the breast. This would break the rhythm. Just swim right over the breasts.
Deep Massaging the Abdomen

In this movement your hand makes a "U" shape as you press deeply (about 1 inch) on the stomach. This movement helps digestion and helps your partner feel better.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

10. Advanced Massage

Chest Stretch

This is a fine stretch that works on the chest muscles. With your partner lying on their side and facing away from you kneel behind their back. Place your arm (the one furthest away from your partner) in front of their upper arm and onto the small of their back. Place your arm that is closest to them on the top of their hips. Pull their upper shoulder backward while holding their hips vertical. Pull until you feel tension. Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 3 or more times.
Back Twist

This is a different variant on the Chest stretch. In this position you elongate the spine slightly.
Elbow lift

This motion works well for people that are complaining of tension at the base of the neck. Fold your partners hands so that they lie under the neck. With your partner lying on their back, lift and pull back on the elbows until the point of tension. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat the stretch 3-5 times. This image shows lifting at the wrist. This can be handy if the person is particularly stiff. Really, it works better if you have your partner put their hands behind their neck and you then try to lift their elbows up above their head (back toward you).

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Using a Vibrator or Massager

I am not a big fan of gadgets, but the effect of a vibrator or massager is hard to duplicate. Owning one is definitely worth the trouble. If you want a massager that has enough power to give a great massage, you will want one that plugs in. Battery powered vibrators are plenty powerful for stimulating the genitals but if you want to work muscle tissue you will want a plug-in massager. Household current provides far more stimulation that a few flashlight batteries. We think the hitachi magic wand is a great choice in plug-in massagers. Massagers are especially effective on the scalp, the back of the neck, the spine, the feet, and of course other places. Despite your reservations in using one or your reservations in purchasing one for your partner, vibrators are extremely popular. Most of your friends are probably already using one; you might be the only person who hasn't experienced it yet.
The Rolling Pin

A roller on the back or on the back of the legs works fantastically. A rolling pin works really, really well.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

11. Percussive Massage

Use Caution and Take Care with Percussive Massage

If you plan to integrate some percussive techniques into your massage session you should use them in the beginning. Using percussive techniques in the middle of a massage session can break the relaxing mood. An extremely tense partner might enjoy percussive massage. This can help you partner enjoy the ensuing sensual massage even more.

Pounding Strokes for the Back

Some People like a Percussive Back Massage

Sometimes it is difficult to get the back muscles to relax. Some individuals enjoy a pounding technique. This technique allows them to relax and enjoy a massage. Do not pound your partner direction. Place one hand on your partner (for example your left hand). Place this left hand wherever your partners muscles feel tense. Lay your left hand flat and pound the back of your left hand with your own right hand. Your right hand should be in a fist. You can move your left hand all over your partners back while pounding it with your right hand. You might be able to feel your partner relaxing underneath your hands.

Hacking Looks Like a Technique from the Orient

Hacking Looks and Feels Exotic

Is this truly an Oriental Massage Technique? I'm actually not sure, but it certainly seems like something you would see in a James Bond movie. Hacking works on many areas of the body (back, back of the legs, thighs). The technique involves keeping the first three fingers of the hand together. The fourth (pinkie) finger hands downward and partially absorbs the blow. Executed properly this technique makes a rhythmic sound that is itself relaxing.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage This Technique Produces a Slight Vacuum

The cupping technique uses the hands to produce a slight vacuum. This vacuum produces a slight tug on the skin when the hand is lifted upward. The cupping movement is probably the loudest massage technique and feels quite intense. It might be appropriate to wake up your partner.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

12. Genital Massage: For Men

To learn to please a man more effectively, try these different hand job techniques. There is no doubt that you will learn something.
The Shocker

Some guys like a little finger under their bum. Put a finger under the area to see if there is any response. If he does not, then lift up your finger and try again. There is a gland call the prostate and if you massage that, he will go nut. This is called the shocker because you have to spring it on him. Dont ask him if he like it. Just take a finger and knock on it.
Wild Butterfly

Take your fingers in fluttery motion and pretend your fingers are the paint bristles on a paint brush and paint up and down along the sides. Just do this slowly and gently and this will feel good and please your man. This is a good stroke to use before you start. Do not need a high energy hand to do this.
Lube Lessons

Use water-based lubricants. They are safe, would not stain your sheets and wash off easily. Condom safe, female and sex toy friendly too. Use silicon lubricants for longer sexual intercourse and appropriate to use in the shower.
Endless Tunnel

Also call the never ending tunnel. Men like the sensation of penetration so give them a never ending amount of it. Use one hand after the other and just keep going downward. When one hand gets to the base, start the other hand at the top and just keep going. Start slowly then go faster. If he likes it, slow it again and faster.
Milking the Bull

This is the opposite of the Endless Tunnel massage. Use one hand after the other start and keep going upward. When one hand gets to the tip start the other hand at the base. Do this for a few strokes and then do the Endless Tunnel. Use lots of lubricant if your man has lots of hair at the base.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Two Finger Corkscrew

Take and thumb and the index finger and make an OK sign. Put the penis inside it and go up and down the shaft. Now add a little bit of side to side motion with your elbow and now you have your two finger corkscrew.
Starting a Fire

Put a bunch of lubes on each hand then place each hand on the side of his shaft. Slide back and forth, just like starting a fire. Try to slide instead of twisting his member so that you do not push them together too much.
The Doorknob

Hold the base of his penis with one hand and take the other hand and put it directly over the head of his member. Turn it back and forth as if you are trying to turn a slippery doorknob. Use plenty of lubes and do not grab it too firmly.
The Palm Lick

Use a well lube palm to simulate licking the penis especially on the underside of the head. Pretend your palm is like a big tongue licking a big lollypop.
Fakie Hand Job

In snowboarding, fakie is when you ride backwards. Turn your whole hand around and put the thumb side downward. This part feels more like a woman because the tightest part is at the beginning. Lube your fist first where your thumb and index finger are located. Turn the whole thing around and go at them.
Switch Hitter

It alternates between having your hand one way and the other. You can do it with one hand or you can use two different hands. It combines two of them, the fakie hand job and the 2 finger corkscrew but you can combine all of them.
Sensitive Areas

If you want to give a great hand job you need to know what areas of the penis are the most sensitive. The head of the penis is the most sensitive especially around the underside and the ridge. The sensation of your hand gliding back and forth over this ridge will drive your man wild.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage The Pancake

Hold the shaft with one hand and press down the palm of the other hand onto the head. Move it around and around flattening the top of his member. It is a good way to get a lot o lube on to his penis before you get going.
The Flattener

This is a hand job on the firm side. Put your palm underneath his shaft and pressing his member onto his belly. Hold the penis against his body and glide up and down the underside side of his shaft. To make it extra sexy, put your whole body onto it. Crouch down low and raise yourself up as your hand glides up on his penis.

Make your man feel huge by playing this game of side to side catch using his penis. Play a game of ping pong with it. Pass it back and forth between your hands. This will make him feel big and heavy.
The Slippy Grippy

This is a good move to end the hand job. This will give your man a very powerful orgasm that ought to blow his mind. Use one hand to hold the base of the penis and use the other hand to grip the top part hard moving back and forth. Use lots of lubes for this.
Headless Hand Job

Tease them to please them although they love to have the head of their penis stroked most. Ignore the head and just stroke his shaft and ball. Look at him in his eyes and let him know that you are ignoring his best part on purpose. You are one sexy girl.
The Squeezing Ring

This is a good stroke to use when you are changing in between different strokes or you want to cool him off for just a second. Just put your finger and thumb in around the base of his penis and just squeeze lightly. Look him in the eye and the suspense will just drive him crazy.
2-Hand Slammer

Use two hands to give a hand job. Men like to be told their penis is big that they fantasize they can use it to smash anything like a sledge hammer. Clasp both of your hands together and hold his penis in between. Then slide up and down. Tell him that his dick is so big that you need two hands to jerk it.
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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Swizzle Stick

Place one hand at the base of his penis and grab it lightly. Place the other hand and grab the top of his penis. Then go back and forth upwards and downwards with each hand going a different way. This will blow his mind off. Try it!

This is a technique that concentrates on the most sensitive areas of the penis. The top and the bottom of a mans penis are the most sensitive. Put on a lot of lubricant. Put one hand on the top and one hand on the bottom. You can flatten using the top hand and go back and forth with the other hand. This will make him go wild.
Washing Machine

The thing that goes up and down and back and forth in the washing machine? Grab the penis with both your hands and twist it back and forth. This is a good finishing stroke. This is to give him express-train orgasms, in case the kids are waking up. After that it is time to do the wash.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage

Genital Massage: For Women

Female sexual response is often significantly different from male sexual response, in the following ways: 1. Female arousal tends to be more closely tied to emotional states, and feelings of warmth towards her partner. 2. Many women can come in two distinctly different ways: through G-Spot stimulation and through clitoral stimulation. Many women characterize the clitoral orgasms as "sharper" and the G-Spot orgasms as "deeper". 3. Women often vary considerably in what type of sexual stimulation they like, and how they like it done. 4. Female arousal usually takes longer to build, but can often last longer and be more intense than that which men commonly experience. 5. Women can often have multiple orgasms, if stimulation continues following the first (especially with G-Spot stimulation). It's because of #5 that the basic approach to erotic massage differs between women and men. Since women can sometimes enjoy stimulation all the way through one orgasm and into the next, there is little or no need for them to hold back in any way. Having orgasms in a series can cause arousal levels to float for a long time at a very high level.

Suggested Types of Stimulation

Women vary in their tastes concerning G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, so you need to be attentive and listen. A common preference is for their partners to begin with gentle rubbing over the entire vulva, to follow this with clitoral stimulation, and to finish with G-Spot stimulation or G-Spot AND clitoral stimulation. Please be aware that neither clitoral stimulation nor any sort of vaginal penetration usually feels good unless a woman is already in a fairly high state of arousal. When performing genital massage on women one often has a "free hand" which may be used to glide over the rest of her body, tease her nipples, massage her perineum, caress her face, form "connections" with other parts of her body (by stimulating some other part of her body at the same time as you are pleasuring her genitals), etc. Although the genital massage styles presented below are some of the most commonly favored among women, there are many more.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Clitoral

When massaging her clitoris, learn what part of it feels best to her. Going in circles around it softly and rhythmically with a lubricated finger is a good way to proceed, at least until you get more specific feedback or until you uncover something that obviously feels better. Once you find something that feels great, consistency with it is often the key to further pleasure. Some women find that clitoral orgasms feel better if their vaginas are pleasantly filled: more fingers or an appropriately-sized dildo are good ways to accomplish this, though penetration of any kind usually doesn't feel good to someone who isn't aroused, so it probably isn't what she would want you to start right out with.

The G-Spot is an area on the forward wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone about two inches in. A woman can often tell you when you've found her GSpot, and it often feels more "ridged" than the surrounding tissue. Pressing into it can be intensely pleasurable, but may cause a sensation of needing to urinate. Female ejaculation is sometimes a result of G-Spot stimulation; female ejaculate is NOT urine, but IS expelled through the urethra. One easy way to stimulate the G-Spot is with your (lubricated) first and second fingers together (possibly starting with just your first finger). Make rhythmic gestures inside the vagina that look like the signal to "come here". Alternatively, one can rub the G-Spot in a circular fashion. Generally, it's the pads of your fingers which are pressing into her G-Spot. Another approach is to rotate your fingers inside her vaginal barrel with even pressure against all areas of it. Be aware that the shape of the vagina changes as a woman's arousal level increases. You'll probably notice the inner portion ballooning outwards during extreme arousal, which means that your fingers will need to rotate a little farther from center in order to maintain the same pressure on the vaginal walls. G-spot stimulation usually only feels good when the woman is aroused.

Vibrators generally work best on or near the clitoris. If the vibration is too intense, switch to a lower speed or put a cloth between the vibrator and her clitoris. It's OK to let your partner hold the vibrator. It's also fun for a vibrator to be used clitoral at the same time vaginal penetration is being performed.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Verbal and Non-Verbal Encouragement

It's helpful to encourage your partner with hot talk (possibly weaving together a verbal fantasy based on your partner's desires). Sexy complements, eye contact, etc. are also nice additions. Many sexual difficulties (especially for women, it seems) stem from worries: worrying that her partner is getting tired of pleasuring her, that she isn't coming fast enough, etc. Letting your receiving partner know verbally and non-verbally that you're actively enjoying giving her pleasure can be a powerful aphrodisiac for her.

It's nice to fold the sheet/blanket combination over your partner when you two are finished. This can be a time of profound peace and contentment together.
Labial Massage

Place a well-oiled (or lubed) hand over her labia, fingers pointing towards her anus. Pull up toward the navel and alternate hands. Explore the inner and outer lips with your fingers. Pull gently on one and then the other. Rub the outer lips gently between your forefinger and thumb, then the inner lips.
A-One and A-Two and A-Three

Try inserting your first two fingers into her, then arch your thumb back 'hitchhiker' style and thrust in until your thumb rests against her clitoris. You can use a variety of thrusting and twisting motions in this position. You can also vibrate your entire hand.
Close But No Cigar

If your partner has a particular spot that they like to have licked or caressed, try doing so very close to but not quite on that spot - except perhaps occasionally. This trick will make them take longer to reach their orgasm, but they will likely have a much stronger, more powerful orgasm when it finally does happen. As a variant, you can do the 'not quite on target' until they get close to coming, then switch to the target itself, thus earning their gratitude.
Push Here To Start

Gently insert one finger deeply into her vagina and, when she's ready, insert a second. Then take your thumb and place it against her anus. Don't insert it. Instead, press there while you move your fingers.

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Kamasutra Secrets To Erotic Massage Tap Dancing

Place the palm of your hand on her mons (the mound where her pubic hair is), and rest your fingers lightly on her vaginal lips. Rest your thumb on her opposite thigh. Lightly but firmly press your palm onto her mons and begin to move your hand in a tiny circular motion. You palm should not slide too much over her skin during this process. Instead, her skin should move underneath it. Repeat this process until you have done ten circles. You then raise your fingers and lightly tap her vaginal lips about once a second until you have given her ten taps. Please note that these are light taps, not spanks. They shouldn't hurt. After giving the taps, rest your hand for five to ten seconds. Then repeat the circles, then repeat the taps, then rest again, then repeat the circles...
Proper Invite

Begin with a light, gentle caress that barely touches the inner thighs and pubic hair. Don't go much further until your partner's pelvis begins to arch upwards. Tease and caress until the lips of her vulva invite your fingers inside.
Tour De France

Orbit your forefinger around between her inner and outer labia from perineum to above her clitoris.
Triple Digit Pussy Pet

Use your three longest fingers, with your middle finger gliding along the outside of her vaginal opening and your other two fingers running along the place where her thigh meets her labia.

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