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INSTRUCTOR: Miss rakhshanda Mustafa & Sir adnan


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First of all, we would like to say thanks to Almighty Allah who gives us courage, knowledge, and rational mind for thinking & understating to complete this task.

We have benefited from the contributions of our friends, our colleagues in preparing the complete and comprehensive project. Special thanks to MAM RAKHSHANDA ALI & SIR ADNAN who motivate us and give us a path how to achieve this target.

Finally, we are also grateful to those who have directly or indirectly contributed towards the preparations of this project.


Nature has a way of its own, nicely put indeed. The dengue cases continue to rise in different cities of Pakistan and the medications continue to fall short. What have not failed are different juices of papaya's leaves and Guava juice that has now proven to be one of the best cures for dengue fever, though it has not been scientifically proven yet. Dozens of dengue patients benefited from the juices and even some medical doctors also prescribe it as an effective treatment for the disease. The complications the disease carry with itself are life threatening and the implications that papaya leaf juice have are miraculous.


Dengue fever decreases the white blood cells and it is believed that papaya leaf juice increases the white blood cells count dramatically, though scientific research has yet to prove it. In last days number of dengue positive cases has been reported in government hospitals and private laboratories were also diagnosing dozens of dengue cases regularly. 150 (150,000) platelet count is considered to be normal which falls when the dengue fever rises. Pakistan today surveyed the affects papaya leaf juice was having on the dengue treatment and found that the treatment was affective and was getting popular day by day. A 45-year-old Hamza Ikram Butt, who was shifted to the ICU last year with platelet count down by 80 per cent, said "Papaya leaf juice gave me a new life and left the doctors stunned when I had lost

hope" Dr. Sajid, a private clinic owner, said that papaya leave juice was the most effective medicine available in the market. "I always prescribe papaya leaf juice to my dengue patients and it has always worked", he added Ahsan Saleh, a dengue patient, who remained hospitalised for several days in a local hospital, said "Doctors took several days in diagnosing and treating the disease but as soon as I started using the papaya leave juice, its magical effect was imminent" Some people have even started planting papaya in their gardens to cope with this fatal disease in future. Faizan Butt a resident of Nespak Housing Society told Pakistan Today that "I have planted a sampling of papaya in my small garden, as its leaf juice cured my various friends suffering from dengue" An entrepreneur, Mirza Ikhlas, said "When my platelet count went down vigorously which was at 70,000 and the medications failed it was papaya leave extract that worked for me."

Popularly known as the super fruit, the apple shaped delicacy-- Guava is a tropical fruit. Cultivated in the shades of yellow and green, it offers a flavourful tasty burst that reminds of pears and strawberries. The tasty fruit juice, guava nectar is also used in a number of tropically themed alcoholic drinks, since the sweetness pairs well with alcohol. It may also be mixed with carbonated water to create a freshens cooling drink, in the production or sorbet and ice cream. Guava juice is known to be a great thirst quencher as well as an extremely rich source of vitamin C and iron. It is believed that this tropical fruit was originally cultivated in the current day Mexico or Central America. Today the highly nutritious guava juice is enjoyed around the world. The major producers of guava in the world are India, Brazil, and Mexico.

The tropical Guava is the native of South America. When the early Spanish explorers moved to this region in the 1500s. They found Strawberry Guava, Acca sellowiana O.,' growing as a tree. They adopted the Mesoamerican name for it when describing it to others and also started growing it in shrubs and small trees. History records that Seminole Indians were growing guava trees in Northern Florida in 1816. "Guavaween" is a traditional central Florida event and fund raiser that is held every year to celebrate the advent of the guava corresponding to parades and festivals that are scheduled near Halloween at holidays Ybor City, Florida, an outskirt of Tampa, Florida. This "Guavaween" event is celebrated during the last of October each year.

Benefits of The Multi-Purpose Healer

Guava juice is an extremely rich blend of Vitamin C (the skin of guava contains more than 5 times Vit. C than that of an orange), Vitamin A and B, Calcium, Nicotinic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid and Fibres. Owing to such an amazingly beneficial profile, the juice is advantageous for:

Constipation treatment Prolonged menstruation High blood pressure High cholesterol level Poor circulation (strengthen the heart)

Acidosis Asthma Catarrh Obesity Scurvy

Congestion of the lungs

Beauty treatment: The juice has skin-smoothing, moisturizing properties as it contains arytenoidspowerful antioxidants that aid in skin renewal and protect against environmental toxins. It is a valuable component for antiaging skin care as it contains moisture retaining B vitamins which help prevent the oxidation process of the cell. Dengue fever: Guava juice helps with dengue fever to purify your blood. It helps to keep the parasites out of your blood so that the blood platelets do not drop, with lower chance of getting malaria. Guava is an important source of vitamin C, which stimulates production of collagen and is involved in the building and health of cartilage, joints, skin, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also aids in neutralizing pollutants and has natural antihistamine properties which protect skin from skin diseases like hives, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Geographic segmentation:
Punjab is the target market, especially Lahore. As our product is not a sort of medicine therefore it can be used by every person belonging to almost every class of Pakistan thats why the market of Karachi is also our business market not target market. In geographic segmentation weve emphasized on region, city and metro areas. Region / Cities: Metro Areas Region / Cities: In Pakistan through survey we identified the following regions.
ISLAMABAD / RAWALPINDI Karachi Hyderabad SINDH: Mirpur Khas Nawab Shah Lahore Faisalabad PUNJAB: Multan Bahawalpur


Quetta. Peshawar

Metro Areas:
We will also penetrate in that area which contains the population of near about 75,000 to 100,000

Demographic segmentation:
: from 4 to above... : male/female both... : ------: any... : for normal buyers their income should must be 10,000 or more per month ... and no income level required for the patients of dengue because they can buy as their per requirement . : middle class or any...


Psychographic segmentation:
: No such values required. : _____ : _____

Behavioural segmentation:
: Soft drink and juice lovers and needy dengue fever affected people... It depends on all of them.


: ______

BENEFITS SOUGHT : yes it depends upon the results for dengue

procurement. It definitely will attract more customers.

Segments Geographic

Parameters Region Metro Areas

Fields Cities Population 75,000 to 100,000 Above 15,000 Young Single, Married Graduation and above
Upper Class and Upper Middle Class

Remarks Heavy Users Light Users Heavy Users Heavy Users Heavy Users Heavy Users Heavy Users Heavy Users Heavy Users


Income Family Life Cycle Education Social Class


Personality Life Style

Ambitious, Aggressive Activities, Interests Heavy Users


Usage Rate


FOR PER PACK (300ml)

a. Product Costing Direct cost:

Ingredients Packaging : PKR Rs 20 : PKR Rs 6

Indirect cost:
Labour cost Transportation Water and electricity : PKR Rs 5 : PKR Rs 5 : PKR Rs 2

b. Production cost:
Total direct cost Add: Total indirect cost : PKR Rs 26 : PKR Rs 12

c. Product Pricing:
Production cost per bottle : PKR Rs 38


Promotion is the activity done in order to increase the sales of an organizations product or services. This is the technique that our company is using for the awareness and fame of the product in the market. The main function of promotion includes to inform, persuade and to remind about the product. By using this technique we can earn high profit.



FOR PER PACK (300ml) : PKR Rs 7 Add production cost : PKR Rs 45

Electronic Vehicles
Local Cable Network (Television)

Print Vehicles
Print media includes Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, buntings etc. we shall use the following media;

Particulars of this media are as follows; Particulars Jang Nawa-e-waqt Dawn Total :: Size 12cm x 4 column width 12cm x 4 column width 12cm x 4 column width
Frequency in One Month

Total Cost 108,000.00 38400.00 43200.00 189,600.00

1 1 1

The cost of Pamphlet media is as follows; Particulars Cost per Pamphlet Total No. of Pamphlets Cost Per Unit 2.00 100,000.00 Total Cost

Total Cost


The cost of buntings is as follows; Particulars Cost per Bunting Total No. of Buntings Total Cost Cost Per Unit 1.50 50,000.00 75,000.00 Total Cost

Out Door Vehicles

Size 10 ft x 20 ft -DoNo. of Boards 4 5

Cities Lahore Karachi Total

60,000 60,00 120,000

The billboards are totally taken on rent and each billboard has the rent at Rs.20, 000/- per month.

Banners -Particulars Cost per Banner Total No. of Banners Total Cost Cost per Unit 100.00 5000.00 500,000.00 Total Cost

Promotional Budget:

Promotional Expenses


Vehicles Newspaper

Cost 189,600.00 200,000.00 75,000.00 120,000.00 500,000.00 1084600

Print Media

Pamphlets Buntings

Out Door Media

Sign Boards Banners

Total ::

Financial Analysis

Cost is a basic factor that enables us to determine the fees as well as selection of segments and also compete with others. In fee determination the following factors playing important role.

Machine Cost Maintenance Cost Gas & Electricity Extracts of fruits Supplies Delivery and Collection Expenses Packaging Expenses Staff expenses / Salary

These are the major Price determinants.

For One Month Maintenance Cost Gas & Electricity Fruits and extracts Supplies Packaging Staff Expenses / Salary assumed assumed 50,000 6000 50,000 24000 2 assumed assumed 500 20,000.00 200,000 1000 200,000 200,000

Rent Total:: (Estimated)approx


110,000 885000

The whole project of our group is basically a strong business idea. We have searched different areas and sectors of the market and we have found that to fulfil the peoples need for a pure anti-dengue juice is necessary. A number of people are afraid of this disease because they are not aware of this disease . We just have tried to overcome this situation with natural treatment. The interesting part of our project is that the juice we are introducing in the market is not a sort of medicine. It can be used by every normal person for refreshment and for increasing the rate of metabolism inside human body. Therefore our product is a complete package to enjoy a healthy life. As we all are aware of this quote.................. HEALTH IS WEALTH