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death friend quotes

death friend quotesWilliam Shakespeare only wrote 37 performs, a lot of of them comedies and histories. However, don't fail to remember that he attempted to rape Miranda and willingly plots Prospero's demise with Stefano and Trinculo (who ought to most likely also be on the strike list if space permitted). Villainous quote: (cursing Miranda and Prospero) "As wicked dew as e'er my mom brush'd with raven's feather from unwholesome fen, drop on you the two! a south-west blow on ye, and blister you all o'er!" sixteen. Hamlet (Hamlet) - Prince of Denmark. Even though Hamlet is ostensibly the tragic hero of the engage in, let's not fail to remember that he does some pretty dastardly things which qualify him for inclusion on this record: he sends his buddies, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, off to virtually specific death, kills Polonius and spends considerably of the participate in plotting to destroy Claudius. Villainous quotation: (on stabbing Polonius) "How now! A rat? Useless, for a ducat, dead!" 15. Iachimo (Cymbeline) -- a dishonest and lecherous sleaze. Iachimo enters into a pact to confirm that Imogen can be seduced. When he fails in his seduction attempt, he resorts to theft and trickery to dishonour the woman. Alongside with Angelo, one of Shakespeare's excellent lounge lizard would-be seducers. Oddly enough, at the end of the perform Iachimo remains unpunished. Villainous estimate: "If you get ladies' flesh at a million a dram, you can't maintain it from tainting." 14. Claudius (Hamlet) - Hamlet's stepfather, liable for killing Hamlet's father. He tries to mail Hamlet off to nearly certain demise, when that fails he conspires with Laertes to poison hamlet with a poisoned sword. Villainous estimate: "What if this cursed hand had been thicker than by itself with brother's blood - Is there not rain ample in the sweet heavens to wash it white as snow?" 13. Cassius (Julius Caesar) -- chief of the conspirators from Julius Caesar who persuades Brutus to sign up for the plot. Cassius appears to be inspired by a combination of ambition and political ideology. He eventually fulfills his conclude on the battlefield committing suicide right after witnessing the death of his best friend Titinius. Villainous quote: (Julius Caesar describing Cassius) "Yon Cassius hath a lean and hungry look. He thinks far too much. Such males are unsafe." twelve. Shylock (The Merchant of Venice) -- a Jewish moneylender in Venice. Viewpoint is divided as to what extent Shylock is a villain or a victim. He certainly get some rather shabby therapy at the hands of the Christians but his insistence on seeking a pound of Antonio's flesh helps make it hard to see him in a absolutely sympathetic mild. Though Shylock seems to dominate this perform, he only appears in four scenes. Villainous quote: "The villainy you instruct me I will execute, and it will go difficult but I will far better the instruction." eleven. Woman Macbeth (Macbeth) - Macbeths spouse. Woman M's ambitions for her partner result in her persuading him to stab not only Duncan but also his pages. Haunted by the murders, she eventually kills herself (offstage). Villainous quote: "Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent below it."

10. Macbeth (Macbeth) -- commences the perform as Thane of Glamis, but swiftly murders his way to the best and gets to be King of Scotland.