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Tre) Nez stad @N HALLoweD + GrouND + Being an Accounting of the Powers of the Multiverse @ Look at their Agents, Servants, and Wo and a Glimpse into their Wondrous CREDI+S Designer: Cain MeComb # Fata: Ray Vallee Cover Artist: Robh Ruppel# Incrior Anis: Bran Desai Hrian Fo, Ul Ada Rex Camographec: Roy Boholst + Ar Di Galea Anulria Hayy, Karen Boom gar tronic Prepress Coordinator Dave Conant * Typokrapliy: Angelika Lokotz Border Ar: Robert Kepp + Grape Desiz/Cover: Dawn Murin + Grophie Design: Dee Bart “Appendices, Proofreading, and Heng Hand: Michele Carter Mop Design Assistance: Monte Cook Cool Ideas and Advice: Jom Winter, MC Gianni The author thanks Michele Carter fr ber wi the ascare™ ema list fur suppo dof couse, Dave Zenef ike For Hamilton McComb [1901-1995) ~ XY -=@=:: sy Cambeage C1 aL United Kingdom TABLE ©F CONFEN+S LVF vases OG What This Book ts What This Bak Bs Nor Who Shovkt Read R2 Gods, Gods, Gos... Prasrs ‘heres and Specialty Priests Prins acd Pa The Role of Priests Philosophies sid Go Why Bother? Priestly Magic Absolute Protons Scrolls and ems Losing Spellssting Levels Power Keys Types of Keys Holy Symbols New kl Pantheon Worship Realm sirenath Cases of Fath turing tothe Fold Prox What it Means to Be a Proxy The Three Ranks Physlal Forms hating With Goa Geng the Job Prioners Planar Player Characters Divine its What Folks Think of P Fallen Agents| Failure and Purisicot Dismissal Notable Proxies cn the Planes Sample Powers Pramona Life After Death From Here 1o There emoies and Manse Persnality Physical Foros The Urge to Merge Whats the Poin? Degrees of Devotion Exceptional Ptiioners Back frm the Dea Solid Flesh Voices From Beyond Moving On Evolution to New Forms Poss Secret Origins Divisions of Stren Demnipowers Lesser Powers Intermediate Powers Greater Powers The Next Step Families and Lonets feos cas Belonging. Multiple Fantheons Single: sphere Poters The Role ofthe Powers Influence om the Planes The Importance of the Prime Dealing with Mortals Forming Avatar Potts Among the Powers The Divine Compact, The Blood War siail Twilight of te ovis Pers for Planewalkers The Atkar The Believers ofthe Source The Bleak Cabal The Doomguard The Dusimen The Fated The Fraternity of Order The Free League The Harmonium The Mervklers : The Revohtionary League The Sign of One _ The Society of Sensiton The Transcendent Order The Xeositects Near Powers ‘Abyssal Lvs Animal Lords The Lords of the Nine Pramas Sandi Lorde The Lay of Pain The Chilren nf Powers The Nature af Reale The Shape ofthe Lan Looming Large Exploring a Realm Petitioners Proxies Pramas Holy/Unbaly Sites Marduk Nergal Raman Manan wae Lit Math Mathonuy Montigan Nuada Ogima The Pantheon The Worshipers Tir na Og The Poors Dash Aran Belemus Brigania Disncect Soibhnia Lug Te The Ponthcon The Worshipers Ducking the Dead book Toe aver Pa The Suserians| The Great Te Sumerian Powers nil Ki Ni-Sin Niv-ttunsag Ou The Hshylomians The Babylonian Powers ‘An ‘Anshar Drag Gir Iehtar TABLE OF CON+EN4S si The Dwarvish Powers ‘Morin btn Clangeddin siverbeerd Dagens Brights Dammann Ausonsan Du Vergdain The Ducraa Power The Derro Powers Dinkarazae Diirnka The Erinn Pasion The Pantneon The Powers Ra Ania Anubis Asa bast ‘ot G st Horus : 4 Iss ‘ot Nephvitys 65 Osiris re Pat rs Seker 6 shu 6 Telit we Thoth ‘st {68 The Pantheon 69 The Worshipers 69 Arvandor 69 The Eivsh Powers 70 Corellon Larethian 7, Aerie Faenya 70 Deep Sashelas n Erevan Ilse nm Ferman! Mestarine 14 anal Clari : m4 Labelas Enoret 74 Schanine Mono 35 Solonor Thelandea 7 The Drow Powers lstrace : 16 Kiaranmalce 16 lait Viera 100 100 TABLE @F CONFEN+S ineerens 101 Hades 1 Ti Fash Pana Hephaestus 1s The Pantheon Hers 15 The Powers vs. ocssctesueeseseseee Hermes ae Aho Nike 6 Hist : rot Pan oo f ee] Tima tot Poscion i Lasiatar ot Tyche a Militks tol The Titers 8 Surma 105 Cronus 1a Tuoneta ad Tae 105 Ga 135 Uke 10s, Rhee Las Una 108, Uranus 13 Gans aap Haves Marsan Powe 0 The Gnomes The Goblin Posters ho The Pamncon| Barasivych 0 The Golden Hills Khurgorbacyag 1 The Gnomish Powers Malabivet 2 Gaul Glitcrgoid Nomoy-Geaya nn Baervan Wikdvandever [hoa e ares Powers z 13 Harrvar Closkshedow ro hg: 13 Fadl Steeskin 109) Gruunsh 1) Geral Ironhand ho neva a Nebel ho Lath arr Seqojan Eanincaicr io Stargaas na Uriten io Yunis 4 Callan Smnottiads Ml uther Mowtious Bowers na The talings M1 Batra 4 The Panthcon M1 Blip % Green Fields : San Geemnid : merry The Halling Powers M1 Tsensine 36 Yondalla ua Shekinesc 136 Arvoreen m2 Tiamat on Brandobaris a Tania or Cyrollaee 2 Yeenouta or Sheela Porgy 13 Urol 13. Tw Nowse Pate ne The Pantheon ba Tut Grats Pa 6 The Warshipers 120 The Pantheon 4 Asgard and Vonaici 140 ‘The Birth of the Gods 6 The Powers va The Worshipers 17 on Mi Olympus 1 Aci 141 Heroes and Pros 17 Baldue ia The Powers Le Brg La Zeus 18 Forse ia? Aphiodive : 18 Frey a ‘palo 19 Freye io are. 19 Fria ua Anemis 20 imal 146 ‘hens 10 Hel 6 Demeter va wun 16 Dionysus La okt iar The Furies pi Mage ad Moai rg TABLE @F CONFEN4S The x The Noms si Tyr Uher The Valkyries Vidar Recieve Pasion Chinse Powers ‘Shang Kane Tei kung Sung Chiang YerrWangeYeh Indian Powers adhaspatt Inara Ani Ka Ms Rats Raa suya vishn| Yea Japanese Powers angi an fear ‘Amaterasu Hiachiran O-Kuni-Nushi Raiden Susatoo usr Pas ‘eran Powers Avan veces eink nk aclyn Nesie xrynnish Powers The Powers of Good laine The Powers of Neuialiy Gilean The Powers of Evil Takis Powers of Orth Celestion Incabulos St Cuthbert acid Trheceon c 18? 148 Wee Jan 167 148 The Faerinian Powers 15 148 Ae 168 145 Cynic a 148 Iyacl Xvi 168 rm Kelemvor 19 Cathander 169 Shar 0 Sune m1 Talos 1 Tempus m Arvexo Tie Poway Paxton va A comprehensive accounting of Powers fron : ‘aay pamcons, races, and prime-materie Worlds, inclding scores of Bloods not athernse con discussed herein eda hand of Powers who've been written iio the Dealbook. Learn cach Dety's name, status, poole, alignment, and home, along with the alignment of the power's 136 Faith 46 157 Arve Tw Powis ay Sewn ua 157A second thovough aceonnting ofthe Powers, 157 herewith arranged by Spheres of conta, from 188 agrictture ro weather ~ ond most Everything i si etweem: Quickly and casi locate Powers of 158 madness, ferifiy, decepron, the Underworld 1s) sorven pacts, ighemanes, nd auch, uct 169 More 159 Isoex: Tue Paweas or Nav 19 An alphabetical record of el Powers described in 160 this very Volume, including those wh ally 1) Detaled entries those with more onions in [i162 their panthean's rl eal, and those whose names 162 appear only in the Appendices. 163 16) Marsa Dee Renu [163 Tima Og (and other Celtic realms) 2 16) Heliopolis 161 Anandor z 37 164 The Demmonweh Pits iat SLT t6a The mitral Forge * 20 165 Green Felis cH TCTs Apolo’ empl : 121 165 Mount Olynps 124 165 Redsplke 15 Asgard INTRODUCTIEN ' ‘Course, when it comes tothe powers, planar and primes sc things through diferent eyes. Folks bors and bred on the Our Planes are ‘often fationeers or plancwalkers, and thelr verse opinions color ir vews ofthe gods. The "Planar Alar chapter deals with such coneems, ania descebes 3 handful of near- posers wo rose not through prime ‘material belief but sir own strength and wl The ts section of On Hated Grown before the pa son chapters looks atthe workings of the divine realms These pages explore the nature of hallowed fad, wht 3 body's ikely to find there, ana what steps he ca ake to make sure he comes out alive, As far as the Dungeon Master’ concerned, this chont’s more a springboatt than detalled guide, with adviee on how to deal with a realm fairly while Keeping the scape ofthe planes Firmly in ind Pages 60 through 171 presen he various pater of the multiverse, This chun of On Hallowed Ground features gods ‘of demhuman races (dwarves, elves gnomes, and halfling) monstrous races (gables, res and others), ad prime- mate rial ADED settings (Acbrynis, Krynn, Gerth, and Tri as swell as ten panthcons worshiped iy the humans of the cus 1s (Bahylonian, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Finnish, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Norse, and Sumerian Usaaly, dhe leader teach pantheon is deseribed fet, fllowed bythe rain- tee of the powers in alphabetical ores Next the appendices list the basic Fuels about each power. Appendix |, starting on page 172, is organized by Pantheon: Appendix staring on page 13 saanged by sphere of influence. Both are handy reference tos. Te sll Sometimes a body just wants to glance atthe Egyptian gods. ‘or ind all the powers of war. What's more, the appendices provide information on many deities (including dead gods) who aren't writen up elsewhere in On Hallowe Ground Finally, the at two pages present an alphabetical index fof all ponets in the book. The index includes not only the os wich filly detaied entre, but alsa those who Just have bie listing none of dhe pantheon charts appendices Note that some information from previous ADAD soutees on the powers has cen slightly updated snd revise But don't worry ~ the changes are so minor that few Folks WHA+ THIS B@@K + 1S NOt (On Htlowed Ground ist suppose to be an exhaustive ‘eology on the powers, ora detailed description of every power that ever was ar ever will be. Pure and simples i's & ook about how the delies fit into the PLaNEScArt™ cam Pag setting, and how they interact with each other and their followers. I's meant forthe ADBD game, ot reali 1905. GODS. G@DS — WHEN are YOU acres G®ING +@ LEARN N@® such +HING? — ALIS DALYM oF tue AFHAR HERE reference. beth looking for wal his torical accuracy had best look csewhere. On Hallowed Ground i game supplement, and Assuch the autho has taken certain ier with varios characters. Sit, the chant on the powers has a grin of truth, bu it ca provide wholly fatwa information wie remaining true tothe sprit ofthe game. Most pantheons insist that, they're the bloods oa top of the costs, and how can that be true fall of em? Whar’s more, don’t think dhe gous thacre fly dete in this book are prefered over oihers date just touched (or left out alogether). There's bound wo be disageeeren ver how the pantheons are organized, which've been ranted the mos! space, and which ve been given short shi Again, On Hallowed Ground ties to focus an chant th ADD Dungeon Masters and players Find the most uct Lastly, the actual exisience of these powers ain the question here — afer al the multiverse holds los of mysece kes, AS for as Ow Hallowed Ground goes, the important hing Is how the powers Dit into the ADE game, and ow they Work best when melded with the philosophy of the Prawscare campaign seting + WH® SHOULD READ I+? + (n Hallowed Grou is intended for every Praescars player find Dungeon Master, But the book holds a few at aren't meant for players’ eyes, Thus, a DM shold o ‘rough the book fist and detemine what’ suitable for his players and what’ not. tall depends on the campaign — Some DMs might let a ody read On Helloned Grownd from ‘over to cove, while others might Keep certain pars dark. best if players don't comb through each of the pan thon chapters I player wants to erate a character based ‘on spec power’ ideals, dhe DB ca et him readjust that section. OF the introductory material (pages 1-59), DMS should Ie layers read the new rules fr pis erates lin the “Priests” chapter, the powers favored by planewalkers and factions fin the “Planar Affairs” chapter and whatever ‘se they think the players nec o know. Players should definitely lok throu the appenices in the back ofthe book, so they can get aiden of the onani= ‘ation of powers, pantheans, and portfolios + G@DS, GODS, GeDs + ‘The biggest section of On Hallowed Grownd is devote to the powers ofthe planes thelr proxies, and thet realms. Not all fie powers in existence are represented, Sec, some don't take much ofan inert in amy prince materia ‘work but thir own, anothers simply prefer to remain hidden Naturally, i's impossible to Acai al the many gods and their realms. For the smaller printheons, Oa Hallowed ‘Ground gives (atthe very least) an overview of each power snd his or her weal. For the larger panthcons. the hook fo ‘uses on the most important powers oF those with the most cresting realms. Five pantheons ~ the Ceti, dwarvish,elvish, Greek, fd Horse ~ ate fly dette a5 examples forthe Dungeon Master, These pantheon pervale the cosmos they're among the most tnuential eros the Outer Planes an the Prime, Sure, other panthcons are just as important in thelr own sphcres of intluence, but they pay more attention to those spheres han wo the ager picture. AS 2 res they just not 8 involved i planar sas the five detailed pantheon, No matter how extensively 4 power’ covered, his enty follows this general pater POWER'S NAME Status (Greaver, Lesser, exc), “Common Name” Je: The poster’ area of control — the splvses im which he rmaincans interest andlor those his worshipers Invoke for luck Ale The powers ligament WAL: The worshipers alignment (or interest; for example, the god Apstal is worshiped by farmers) Sonor: The power’ holy ar unholy symbol, usually see in temples or worn arvund the nec of pric Howe ie: The name ofthe plane, layer, andl realm that the power ealls home. For planes that arent broken doven Into layers ike Mechanus), this category just sys Hose Ws PeoAirss Just what i says: the known proxy (or prox) ofthe power. These entries flow the sa Puawscite nonplayer character format of originjsex 8 ‘cules & level fationaligneenn So, for example if 4 proxy named Auspel were listed as (Pl) human tf Fated/M, ic would mean she were a planat female ‘human, an tith-level fighter, a menber ofthe Fate, and neutral in alignment. Note that proxies listed as press (P) are assumed to be specialty priests of the Aeity — not clerics. ‘Only one wr to proxies ae listed for mast powers. They're the cutters who've made themselves most Visite, oF who're currery in favor with their gods Neturally, most powers maintain far mote than just a roxy oF two. Same, thous, have no known proxies listed. That’ because those gods haven't ereated any. or because they use proxies so elusive and subtle that a body never know the Bloods vere dlvine agents After the quick look at each poser, ball Find longer description of the Sty: Mont of these entries deserve the powers thongs an ideals as wel asthe mature of the een fd those who dwell her. Entries for more iui ods also spotlight relationships with other deites, and a capsile fof thestrics and legen tha elped make the powers wht ‘ey are today. Longer entries also descr the mast important proxy (or proxies) ofthe power, the blood who does the most 10 any out hls high-up wishes ‘Now: Some entries don't have a separate Kos Posts June. For gods ofthe five fully detailed pantheons, chant out the praxis appeus in the ‘ite foreach ely. And ou ofthe single-sphere hens (the powers ofthe ADD same campaign setngs) ae limited fo their own prime-materal worlds; few crest proves to venture aout on the planes + @+HER SOURCES + Obviously, On Hattowed Ground does’ have the room to describe every known power in the multiverse, or the space to relate every bit of chant aout those who ave included. A blood in search of more detail ean tura to the following Legends & Lore (2108), whieh looks at powers af = ‘merous human pauheons; ste thatthe Sumerian, Babylonian and Finnish pantheon appear only Deiies Deomigas" (2011), As of this writing bath Ino ate ont of prin ‘+ Monster Myrhotogy 12128), which Features gods of ‘many nonhuman races, including demshumans (eves, dwrrve, gnomes, an hallingsls ‘+ Faiths 21 Averars (9516), a volume om the deities oF Tor the FoscurvaN Reaws® setting (fr brie tverview, consult the revised Foxcor in REALS Campaign Seung boxed set, 1085); the Tales of the Lance boxed set (1074), whieh Touks at the powers of Krynn, the world of the Deacontance® sas the Biersici® Carmpaign Seting boxed sec (300), which includes the powers af Abyss © From the Ashes (1064), a howe set with chant on the powers of Ocrih the Gata setting: and + The PLantscaee Planes of Chaos (2603), Planes of Consict (261%, and Planes of Lew (2607) hoxed sets hich provide more details about many of the realms discussed in On Halon Ground, soe nthe Outer Planes, priests play # mul mar Faleyesy “Sevan tas ee ore LIKE PUPPE+S. . - " uy ASK ME ‘No doubt about it: Priests on the planes are no: ~ or sue berks to mess with. Anyone who reed beter be eeay ABUSE DAME arHee to ive the laugh © a god (an hos of servants) foe the rest of his life. See, pawers look out for thelr YEAH? changes, and wor travels fat That may wel fe eo the most potent CHECK BUF my SERINGS, MEANS at priests disposal ~ nal everyone has an entire religion Feed o avenge wrongs don hi Truth el not ewey pris die os ‘ether, but a body jst com’ be sure, Why take chances? — PER@NIUS. Pee EUS: CLERICS AND SPECIAL+Y PRIESHS + Sone (os stm banner of “pres” le de ine Between priests and clerics, Actually, sey both fll under the uinistering to a flock ofthe Faithful ae serving the neds of their pow es. ut che real difference is in focus A specaly priest rows iv with one particular Kod, wile clei res keep more oper mind That i, a cleric worships cause, a pantheon, oF one deity fist and a group second, They're the common priests of most cultures, the ones who uphold a sine tenet but suppor ‘others equally. For example, a dart cleric might reserve special praise for Clangeddin Silver bart hile stil offering prayers tothe ather powers of the pantheon. And hes nat trying to have his cake and eat itt ~ he holds all the gos dear, even though he happens to prefer one. Foc s the eerie draws powcr fom the enire pantheon, even those deities with whom he per sonalyuisagres. A cleric can choose from a huge range of spells, draeing on the strengths of his gods to 20h in many differen situations, He has minor access tothe elemental sphere and major ac ‘ess 10 the rest excepting only the animal, plant, and weather sper) A cleric also has the ability o wm undead, whieh many specialty priests forfeit Simply put he's sustained by Bs belie in the ene panteon and wel-liked by ube whole group. Thus, he cam find ald among Priests of the other powers (bot of ‘em, anyway, and is welcome alrost anywhere the pa thon hols sway, A specialty pres, on the other hand, Follows and pols the tects of only ane power. He undergoes rigorous fests to ermine his aptitde fr that particular brand of priesthood nce aeceped, he Work only toward advancing the glory of his god and no hes. He might cooperate wit priests oF the ‘tof the panthcon, but he won venerate the other powers. For his single-minded devotioa, he's granted special abil Wo use in rier the cause fie vary depending ‘on the power. For example, specialty priest maybe able seeded weapons (depending on what his ey favors an ray be able to break rules that bind the clries of his reli sion, He's one of the god's chosen, and he knouts it As 3 proseltizer ofthe faith, he earely sit at home, but sisted expected to spread the wor Unfortunately, he sacrifices a few benehits granted to cleries ~ for instar, most specialty priests can't tum un ‘ead, What's more while he's beloved of his ehasen deity, ‘he's ess than adored by the rest ofthe pantheon, Thus, he fan expect ald only from his brethren. He might receive it From priests of ie-minded gods, Hel be lucky 10 get @ nod From any of che others. And when a specialty priest Teaves the home realm, he's weleamed only among flls who think the way he docs for among clerics who've made his wou the primary choice. Other servants ofthe pant sce him a sob and teat hits with disdain, Throughout the rest of On Hallowed Ground, the term “priest” i usd in is most general sense, and ineudes both clerics and specialty press (uniess otherwise note. + PRIMES AND PLANARS # 1s not enoush to say whether & priest isa cleric oF nor. body's also gt to know whether he's a prime ors planar, be- ‘suse It makes all he difference i the wold ‘A Clueless priest has more than likly seen the handi= ‘work of the gods only through his spells He ais on pure Fath alone willing to follow any command his power sues, accepting the texchings passed on to him with few oF no ‘questions. To put it bluntly, a prime-materal pres is naive nd lil, having ile ie a the true scope ad ime sity ofthe beings he worships ‘Aplanar pris, on the oer and, knows what he's ‘ing ino. In this ease “planar” doesn necessarily imply that ‘he sod was born on the planes. Perhaps he's simply Visited ‘the planes, seen the works of the gos, toured thei places, and realized who they ae ard what they stand for ina sense Thats more chan simple acceptance. After all he Anows the ‘owers are there, in the same way that a etk suck on he Prime can never know. “The gulf between the 1wo is vast. The Clueless are in awe oftheir planar counterparts, who have more direct ac e880 the gh, a more Blase view of how the multiverse ‘orks, and similar [or geste) powers. As eaters closer to ‘the center ofthe casmes, planar press are ane step nearer to ‘the ov, Bur theyre also more jaded and cynical, having, ‘seen how the dsities operate, having watched the gods build and estoy asthe need arose. See. a body doesnt need faith ‘when he's got emia evidence. A planar priest Knows how his power acts and moves. ‘Bur is thar beter thom having flth? Are the Chutes ally disadvamtaued for bolding to something they've never ‘seen orexpereneed? Tr i, adh and belle ae as diferent a night and day. Belief fat east for planar press) simply ‘knowing something to be tue. Fathi a deep-abiding trust, ‘lef without evidence. Hoth belie an faith can be lot just thatthe los of faith is wsvally 3 wound that cuts far ‘more deeply: And woulda’t a power value a cuter with Faith more than a berk who needs ta be shown? Some folks say planar pists often act out of seFinter- {st They've seen the players in the game, and they've allied ‘themselves wth what they hope'll be the winning sla Primes, nn the other i, Sorsip powers tof 3 void in thee hears, to answer the questions they can't seem Lo an- ‘swercan their ov, This of couse, a gross yeneralzation, Planar press an follow a god because they think bes gt the right view Cf the multiverse. Most do, in fact, And quit afew Chucks priests pledge themselves to a deity solely to get ahead, ‘whether om the Prime or inthe afterlife The point is simply that planars are generally more ded in hie bli, while primes are more enthusiastic and, ‘wel clucless I's no Failing on the part of either ane. n fact, they often envy the ater The Ciekss wish they had the xy beliefs ofthe planars the planars wish they had the cep well oF faith of the primes. Which is more desirable? Wall isa toss-up, but most lanars — and a good number of primes ~ would rather nave the knowledge, Faith i all well and good, but there comes atime in any priest's life when he'd just lke to Rnow ence and fr al + THE ROLE OF PRIESHS + ‘The relationship between a priest ani hs power is one that's unlike any other in the mliverse, The pest depends his fd for sustenance, spe ard the ability to ake i through |e with an answer. The deity depends on the priest for his. very fond and drink: belie. But just what do priests do for a power? Some say h/t ike proxies — agents oF the gods, intermecires be- ‘over this world and the next But living models o which ‘mortals can aspire, priests eary the standard. ‘Course, they're aso warriors when needed, avenging the name of ‘hele power when i's dragged though the dit In short, priests live the lives that thei powers would hhave everyone live, They strive to present atrbutes that folks want to possess — and though Use attributes, hey each, Press ate expect to represent their gods constantly, In though, word and deed. A body never ean tell when he's boeing watched and judged by others, and the way he acts ‘ml eflerhack on his power: PaaS ‘The main function ofa pest to proseytize, 10 raw others imo the worship af the paver. t doesn matter it the flock comes in terror or adoration, as long as the people feed the od their belief. That means a priest can in Spire love for his power’ benefience, of rouse fear of is ‘evil ~ the color ofthe Fat ali" imporan ‘A canny priest never misses a chance (© win another convert ther He doesn't have to babble ot and on about the wonder of his pote: in many cases i's enough just 10 shine with the ideals ofthe deity. Fact 6 pies who cat ‘hut up about his boss usually doesn’t ast long. He either Tears to else his hone-box, or he learns te silence of the stave Sil the power should newer be Fa ror his nd ‘Those who dom' for ean) inspire sulci emotion and belie? are utter Failures, and won't remain pests for ong. On the planes, it takes more than faith to cut it as holy blood. Sure, low-level spells may Now from wisdom nd insigat, but higher-level maghe comes only roan th ‘diy, anda priest without che really power spells often ‘winds up inthe dead-book before he even tuables to is ‘mistake. ‘Why do some priests fll to deliver the Faithful? For some if'sjust a lack of eharsms. For aber, though, it sem from passing (or deep-rooted) doubt. Many priesis have ‘questions about thei elie from time to time. But that's not all bad ~ a erisis of fith eam sometines turn so into 8 true visionary. The most treubling questions ean Head to the most rewarding answers, and a priest who doubts could end tp smong the greatest of his god's minions. Course. plemty of sods who ask “why? don't have the mettle to fad out; hey fal between the racks, never finding thee Faith again. PHIL@S@PHIES AND G@ALS Just because all priests follow the dictates af their ods ‘docsnt mean they're ll working toward the same ends. A ‘cutte’s goals ae usually colored by his alignment Press of good strug to build harmonious mule vers, a place where al folks ean ive ina ropa of Freedom and se-expression. They want only tha no sod should ever suffer again, that everyone should be care for and the mis ery inherent in existence be muted, Thelr lives eevalve around caring what happens co those who aren't as trong others, around meeting the needs ofthe lesser good without serifieing the needs ofthe grate. Priests of evil strive to fashion a cosmos where the ‘mighty survive, where it takes intelligence and power ta ie hove the rest ofthe Nock. The mindless blathering of idea ‘sti idiots ain't far them. They wait a maiverse in wich 3 body must constantly prove himself, and woe to he who doesnt wateh tie step. Evil priests say they just want 10 make the multiverse stronger, and while their methods may bye harsh they sueece in weeding ot the steak. Interest Ingly, no ll such berks sce themscves a “evi” — plenty of ‘em think they doing the righ thing. Priests of Taw want 1 create a system that last, 10 PU+ yeu ony A FOOL MUS+ see +HE WIND HE wie RESPECH I+s POWER, — SISFER CELLON, A PRIESHESS oF sue PRIME +RUS+ IN FAI+H make an order that stan he est of te and brings much rede structure tothe planes. They want a multiverse that mates sense, an existence that can be explsined without 3 shrug or a hewildeved expeesion. They sent questions a= swered they want definition, Priests of aes, on the other hand, wont to tear down the stratus Impose fom withot soa body can express the liberties demanded within They ry to ens that each person in the multiverse can choose his own path in fe and devel 25 an individual sptt fee of the chains of requlted ‘order These press dot buld or demand ~ the lead by ex Ample an hope ethers follow out of natura inelination, ew Fosity, an desire Finally, priests of ceutraliy seek a balance in all hing Alte ala bad can't have el without sod, nr Lave without chaos. Extremes are for fanatics; priests of neutrality seek ‘common gmnd, They want life, pin and imple an exs- tence where folks have the chance to ase everthing the rul- rivers has to offer. IF there's suffering, there sould alsa be suecenes. I then’ oben, there should also e freedom WHY BO+HER? What makes 2 sod ever decide to don priestly robes and de ‘ote his ie wo Une words and whims of a god? For some, is the promise of divine power coursing through thee veins For eters, t's the como: of knowing they'e eanubuling to making the maltivese a ewer for worse) place An some {st seck knowledge — andthe benefits inet font, What= ever the reason here's always woing to he a eck who says he knows a fase way to the goal, and he's wstaly right Being pres ain easy. Sure isa glamorous way to cam notoriety and respec But a tighter cam gain eespect by establishing a reputation with a good sword and a keen mind. A rogue can find noto ‘ery in cunning plo and daring escapes. A mage can amass ‘knowledge though study, hard work, and a modicum of cre tivity. And none of thet have to suffer the prejudice ai- revted a priests fom leathers wha don't believe in thir sods. Or take a stand and never deviate from it, OF com stantly worry about getting put im the dead-book by thelr god's evens, So what’ the appeal of being a pres? The life seems ‘more trouble this worth Well, lke mest anything el depends on who a body’ asks. The troy devoted press ac- cp heir disadvantages and strive to overcome them, sing ‘he dficuly of thr work as,jst ome mate steam to ers toe Truth i priests are more than just preaching flapjows, Most oF em — the adventuring variety, at least ~ are far tougher than a erk mig give them ereit fo. They'e the sore that, ‘enjoy 8 ond ctallenge, sho likely to hal themselves up ‘against 9 all until hey'e 9 red smese or unt they burst right thou Some doit for pleasure, others because they know po ther way of living. But just abou all of them are hard ‘headed bashers who ~ despive belief fw mysticism and che ‘hidden workings ofthe spt ~ ate she most subbora bloods this side of stone They'd have tobe, oo around trying ‘convert folks to their way of thinking. Whats more, they reap few choice benefits that most Folks coulda't hope to enjoy. Fist of all, they gin spells ‘without studying ~ for some, that’s the most important thing, tut press also get the chance to commune with be ins who'e so meh higher than mortals tha they seem In comprehensible tthe average basher. As cherished agents oF 85, pists walk outside the boundaries most folks cassis, pursing vision that only they can se. ‘On the Outer Plancs, where belie ean change the entire face of realty, a priest is supreme ~ hardly anyone ean equal his level of fith est of all, he's building om something he truly believes isd that's mre thar most berks an 88) + PRIEStLY MAGIC + ‘iar and priests get thei spells in different ways. A wie ‘ar lenmns them fram books, and must contend with the fact. ‘that his spells might be alrered (or even nlified) depending, ‘on hat plone he's om when he casts them, A priest, on the ‘other han, ets his pels fom his power, an i's simply di ‘ine wil tat the mage ist affected by planar eondons, ‘Course, that doesn't meat that priests have a ee ride ~ fiom i For one thing, they sil have tbe aware of ab- solute prohibitions om tir magi; im some cases, a pels ‘ing to Fail no matter what a power says. Second, soll and magical Hems dowt lw from a deity, so they're stil Subject to planar conditions. And a priests spelicasting abi ity suffers the farther he gets from his god (though a lucky ‘utter might be granted a power key o restore his mage. ABSOLU+E PROHIBIFIONS Even the dmimest priest probably guess when a spell ust ant going to work. Some mai simply can't overcome the conditions ofthe plane o location where i's cat — not even ‘with power key that's why the limis are called absout) Fortunately, only ew such restetions exis: a Pra Paci Elemental Fie No water splis Elemental Water No fte spit Paraelemental Magra No water spells (Quasiclemental Vacuuen No air pels udands Magie gradually nullified as user approaches Spire™ sia No interplanar transport spells Inar, teleport without evvor, ee unless ot wihin a pote environmen ke a ir babble see A Player's Primer to the Outlands [2610 or al dts, SCR@LLS AND I+EMS A boy who's read other PARESeArE products might get the dea that clerical spells ave affected hy planar conditions ‘That's because the chant on changes ro magic sometimes mentions spells use by priests. But here's the dark of i: The effecivenes of a pies’ o-uiven spells does nor change From plane co plane. Peso However, clerical spells cast from serlls ean be alte So can elevieal splice effets of magica items staff fearing. See, powers snd spells directly tn their press ut they can't protect seolls and items from the effets af planar conditions (and power keys don't help, cites. That makes a big difference. Afterall, priests who travel the Great Ring often carry lots of scrolls snd items o make up For the Face tha theie natural speliasting ability sufers (as de seribed in “Losing Splleastng Levels” below! Here's a summary of hov the spheres of priest sells and magica tems are affected on each ofthe Outer Plans For each plane, keep in mind that magie ofthe elemental spheres ls allected by the environment othe layer orale inher I's used, (For more information, refer o he chant on cach plane found in Planes of Chavs, Planes of Conflict, Planes of Law, and A Player's Primer to the Outlands | Du Atss. General rate: Magic attracts the attention ofthe Abyssal lors, an might invite reprisals ~ especially i i ‘testo bind or coeree tana Divination: True amar and Abyssal lords aleays know ‘hen 2 body's spying on them. and they can reach back ‘rough the link to ers the speleaster. Also, trying to read 8 anarns mind ean drive a caster barmy. "Neeromantic Reincarnated ses come back as tana lenenil: Destielive spells eause more damage; pro ‘ectve spells al when needed most Acute: General rales Al magic creates a reflection else where on the plane cure Hight wounds causes anothers 10 suffer damage, plant growth makes ether vegetation wither, and soon, Divination: All omens reveal the worst possible results, Which apply te the casters entre group eeromantic: Press of lower eve/t Dice than their ‘anges suffer a backlash fom harm fects. ‘Asaees) isination: Results ate delayed de to the nee for ~props”—reading ental, signs in Ue sky, and so 0, ‘Chann: Magic based on emotions has greater effect and uration, though the target might suffer an emotional back- lash and atack the easter ‘Neeromentie: Mage dealing with death and the uno usualy fils ‘ois. General rales Mage reguies tals that double the preparation time; magic works best when It benefits the trestest numberof Flks possible Divination: The priest ans insight only about groups hat contain veo more members. (Charm: The lange’ tesistonce is enhanced, and if ess- tance is sucessful the priest may ster a backlash Necromanti: Life-giving magic is twice as effective harm magic works only vehen ise or the common good lemental: Fite are doubled for priests whose align ment matches that of the plane: magic always fall for ‘haoti or ei priests, Lut Genera rate: Deceptive male works wel Divination: Results are presented as gly 36 pssibes the use of the magic attracts baatezu Necromaney: ife-giving mayic often Fils magic and ndead contr is improved nfl Tie ras uns Divination: Magic that relies om other-pla= har sources always Fal ‘Charm: Beasts seen affected by magic Yat conteals rormalsnimals. NNecromanic: Is harder to use haul magi remenia: All alr based magie falls. stops: ininafon: Requltes the use ofthe plane's elements tr prosiuets (or example, serving requis pool af water ot 1 Bytapia-made iron Neeramante: Lie-giviog mage more effective: ham= Fal magic is es effective "Femenial: Magic with wide-ranging effects often fal (Coach: Geral rates Magic used for selfish ends works a maximum effectiveness Divination: Requires the sesitice ofa comrade: ‘Necromantic: Life-giving magic Is half as effective: harm magie and undead contol is more effective "sun: Divination: Mae that obscures knowledge falls. (Charm: Natives automatically resist magic; good aligned visors ae more key to resis. Necromaaie:Macmful magie always falls and the priest say even sale a bachish (Chins: Divination: Requites the sacrifice of foe: Charm: Magic less etecive. Necromanle: ife-gving mage and turing wide are less tect effective, ren magic an undead eontea are more iW Gus Wasnt: Gomera ral: Color-based mag fal Divination: Results are always dire, pessimistic, and perhaps even false ‘Charm: Magic can stave off the plane's draining apathy, hou natives resist stony. ‘Necromeitic:Liegiving magic usualy fll; ried lead ne re-wiled. Lunn: Divmation? The plane's chaotic mature ensures hat magic usally fl -lementl: The plane's chaotic nature doubles magle's tration and area of effect. Ns Dinan: Mag al or chat priests Necromontie: Successful use oF mage drains Che priests hui points; the loss increases with spell eve Elemental: Air mayic cequites priest's breath; earth mage teuites dit mative to plane Bie mai ees spark From a cog: water magic reqlees a spray of wate Nlonss Cassie Genera rue: Magic that fosters chaos and vil falls: the chance that othe magic wil fall increases 38 the priests alignment stays from lawl Koo. Divination: AU rests ee true, even if unvilcome. [Necromanti: Life-gving magic is twice as effective harmful magic causes the opposite effect (doubling the strength ofthe trae Element: Destrctve msi als. Th Oui sos: The only planar coon to Beep Hn and Is the absolute prohibition that magi gradually alls asthe Priest nears the Spire mani: Genera eae: The plane's how ing eins inter ere with speleastng Divination: The dieulty of weading omens means the Priest usually ets false results, ‘Necromante: ife- giving magle often fl, 0 Divnavin: Magi’ range and duration are doubled, ‘hou the target must be a single creature, ‘Necromante: Lie-giving magle often fl LOSING SPELLCAS+ING LEVELS For the most par, a mage’ pels work at normal st he journeys around the multiverse. Naturally, diferent con tition apply on different planes, but @ mage does't auto rmatieally lose power ashe travels. priest, on the other hand, risks losing spells ashe ronses planar boundaries. ee, for each plane that separates him fam Wis god, he loses a level of speleasting ability. For example, a 70h-level pres whose go lives on Ys std fuerions a fal stength on thar plane and al adjacent plancs (Arbor, Limbo the Outlands, ana the Astra). But the sax casts sells as a 6th evel pres when om the next lasest planes (he Beasts and Pandemonium), And his spelkeast- ng level keeps dropping ase ges fae and father away {iow his god. On the Duter Panes, oly priests of powers that tdwell on the Quand oF the Astral = which “border” every plane the Great Ring — suffer no level loses Sore raybeards aay the whole thingy a achie cooked ‘up hy the powers themselves to keep their agents close 10 ‘home (and ciscourage them fom making mischief in the realms of val ees). Others think i's beeause the planes fre ballon belt thus a sod far from the center of Ms faith Should be less powerfa ‘Coutse, priests in Sigil or on the Prime Material Plane lose mo level, no matter where their ods are That sens 10 Tend suppott wo the idea of divine compacts pechaps the porsersve simply agreed to let tel priests hep fl tenga ‘when i the Cage or on the Prine POWER KEYS. The gods know that their priests sufer endless frustration when trying 0 cist spells away Fram home. And tc be ‘more than frustrating on @ hostile plane. That's why the fetes erated power keys to restore some ofthat lost might A power key can be anything ~ an object, a gesture, «ritual, ‘nd so on. Usually a hey is somehow representative of its ‘creator god of death might requite the sacrifice of another living being or the use of a bone, while a power of healing right use is holy symbol or 2 poueh of medicinal herbs: Fact i there's a good reason why each keys rete (0 Its power: The gous siphon off same of thei own energy 0 ‘reat the things, weakening themselves ro wake thee press tErow stronger That means they hard eu power keys only rarely ~ and grutgingly. A priest who gets one has earned special notice fom his go (nd het beter show his appre ation, 100 mn other words, he shouldnt spread the dark of the key to everyone in creation. A power key fsa git between a deity and his priest, an any git shared weakens the ink between the giver and the reeipent. To guard against loss oF the, ‘many powers (specially the chaotic one) craft keys of im Fd dracon — aera while they ust sop fntioning. Is ic reall that important to prevent & key from Gling into the ‘wrong hands? Wel, cant, long ayo, a cartes pawe's i= ‘als lard the secreisof one of his keys. They made a Fea alterations to the key, and used it to dain the Foolish od ‘don ta the bat ‘ow cold that happen? Sages guess that a powcr key ‘embsties 3 lnk tothe very sore of gol. By imbuing An ‘object of etual with paet of hs strength, the deity lets a Dest draw dlectly an his energy of existence. Ths ink ex tends through all the planes and most known barcers, “course, if the priest is someiow kept from using the Keys ‘wort do him any sou. DEV@+E MYSELF asa sos WANDERING POWER side noe, saiswho — A PLANE WALKING PRIES+ wie WANES +0 KEEP ms SPELLS bong 10 the Athar never reeive power keys. That’ be- ‘ause they place thee fldh not in dies, but in the Great Unknown The same gocs for Godsmen rete who praise the Source, Thee belief dase Focus on powers, 50 no dety’s willing to grant them keys And the sods ean't do a thing about it They've made the choice 0 worship no power, and ‘therefore they ever receive Bemis Rom the powers. TYPES OF KEYS ‘Like wars spell keys, power keys allow a pilst 10 east a sll na place he ordinarily couldn. Even beter, dey make Spell as powerful as possible forthe easter. Healing and at- tack spells yve their ll, divinations reveal true arses, and stron, Three kinds of pawer keys exist as per the Rule of Thecs, some of them stronger than others The frst kind isa specific power key, one that’s geared toward a single spell and a singe spell ony. The spell works ‘at maximum power, range, and duration whenever the priest ‘uses its Key inthe casting. Specific power keys are the weak fst kind, but that also means they're more likely co be per- ‘manent they won't fizzle ou at just the wrong tie (prob- ably not anyway The second type of key isa general power key: These apply to one entze sphere of spells improving any spell ast from the soup. For example, priest with a power key for the healing spheee eould cast everything from cure light teounds to heal a oximum potency “Course, specific and general keys arent ny good if the rest travels too far rom the plane of his power ~ they cant Improve a spel ihe priest can't cast it inthe First pce. Thats ‘why the gods invented the mightiest ~ and rarest ~ power key otal: 9 greater power key. I actully prevents a pres from losing levels as he moves from plane to plane, ting him cast Ii best magic in more places han he could before Depending on the strength of the key ¢ can bolster & ‘riest who's separated from his deity by one, eo chee, oF ‘even four intervening planes. In other wards, with ihe stuogest posse greater power ky, a piest canbe five planes aay fom his deity and il retain Fall planing abil at those keys usualy reserved for proxies om urgent missions Most pists shoul consider themselves lucky (0 be granted ‘ower key that overcomes a septation of panes ‘A greater key isa direct link tothe power, using the d's eneray to Keep the priest scong. It's like a eondult 19 the god's heart ~ and that means the deity fels Its use ‘eenly each time, Think general power keys are race? Greater poner keys ure so deur that maybe one pres in a thousand ‘ever eatns one, Those who're granted more than that are tly Bese + HOLY SYMBOLS + Far too many folks think a holy symbols just that — a symbol; an expression of allegance; 2 plece of wood, metal, bone, oF whatever that tes the multiverse what power abody wo ships. Well, that’s ll ea bt hay symbol ~ properly used ~ can also be a farce tol In the hands of priest. ‘Mote than a markcr of affiliation,» holy symbol can channel the might of a god, i the priest is devout enough {and ifthe god's paying atention). A holy symboY's ncees- sary to repel or control the undead. And a priest's symbol also serves a the material component fora goodly number of spells But there's more. See, a oly symbols lke a power ey In reverse W's a lnk rom a priest this od, a way for the deity © monitor the sods proggess. A od can even sen ‘minor messages through the symbol fo his priest: small omens a general sense of Hight and wrong, and sooth. Fur- ther, holy symbols give a deity a good idea of his oven strength ~ the more symbols thatre around, the more his ‘deals are being spread. ‘A few peests've reported that they actually fle heir power working through thee symbol that it took ona ie of fs own to rope enemies. Chant i hoy syabols can seve as eyes and ears for a gos, Phe wiling o ut forthe eft wo vse them. I takes a poverof great strength or excepto or- ‘tude odo chs, obviously, and one who cares about the priest Icensely Stl if apres is pariculaly fifa and diligent in his work, there's minute cnie the deity may ehoose to oak Advough a hoy symbol and render ad if appropriate) ‘The Dungeon Master can decide the likelihood of such an event, naturally. priest’ ehances improve if he's put love and eae into his holy symbol, making i as attractive ‘he deity 3s possible. Some powers ike their priests to carry sgold- and gem-enerused symbols. while others tend toward the dark and grim. "Course, some put more stock in how much the priest values the stem for what it means, not what its ‘worth, Truth i, more than a few powers who're thought to prize gold and wealth would actually prefer a presto focus his devotion though a wooden sick wrapped up with vine + NEW RULES Despite the might of belit, prayer, power keys, ad holy symbols, barmies stil flap their bone-boxes about how priests on the Outer Planes arent nearly as tough as they Should be. They say that forall thei talk and bluster, priests ae essentially medics and healers, and litle more. Naturally, that sin’ te ~ just ask a priest, Bu i's no Tie o say they could use a Helping hand now and again, lithe perks to el em relly old ee own. This seetion presents ‘wo new (and optional rules for making pists greater fac- {ors inthe workings of the Outer Planes. + ‘member of the pantheon. [This rule doesn't apply with Single-sphere pontheons, because they don't reall have any As elaine atthe start ofthis chapter a specialty pest relationship ~ all they have in common Is that they come Is one who follows a single power, while a cleric ams from the same sphere) ‘more toward greater piture often an entire Take an ath-level cleric of the Greek pantheon, for ex pantheon, Because ofthat, ler’s ample, He cass spells ats fll strength while on the pa usually more ascepted theon's home plane (Arborea} and all adjacent planes (the by the whole gang of Beaslands, Ysgard, the Outlands, and the Asteall And, jst fods. And that Ike most other priests, he sulfers 2 loss of levels a he moves means he yes his Farther from Arborea. But because he worships the whole Ihome-plane advan- Greek pattheon, he enjoys fll power an any’ plane called tage on any'plane howe by any of the Geek gods, Thus, the priest cars spells Imhgbited by @ af th level while on the Gray Waste or Baator ~ the home planes of Hades and Hecate, spectively There's a catch oF two, of course, AS Soon as the cuter leaves the “friendly” plane be immediatly suffers the stan ard evel drop of his new location. So once that sth-level cleric leaves the Gray Waste and steps onto Gebenna ‘where there ate no dees ofthe Grek pantheon — lie casts spells a x 2ad-level sod instead. Six planes separate Artorea and Gehenna, so the res loses ix speleating levels. sudden and hefty loss in power. ‘Also, apres’ got to spare a thought for the polities ct the pantheon. A cleric ofthe Egyptian gods who hos Ra above the others might expect 10 cn fl strength on Bast home of Set. But Re and Set aren" } exactly close eaters I's likely the Jckal-headed god won't protes the cleric from level loss. Course, if the clerics canny enough to have paid the proper atenton to Set ll aon, ‘might smooth dhe ruffled feathers and find his pels in top form after all ‘Naturally, the Dungeon Master hs final say on when priest ofa ‘pantheon benefits from this cas planar goodwill. ll depends on the current state ofthe powers re lationship. Forex ample, the wickster oki Fills fad ut tof favor withthe rest ‘ofthe Norse pa theon. But for mast Clerics of panheons hace scattered arcnd the planes the new rule fs quite boon, REALM S+RENGHH This e's meat to ep specialty priests more than etic. ro dotkthat 2 pres’ at maximum spelicasting ability when fn the plane of his god, Wella specialty priest etally gts casting evel when in the realm of his dy. The shee proxi iy to is godless strength reach new heats. Note that, as withthe “pantheon worship" ul, the priest guns specasting ower only — no exer beets of the higher evel. “The Increase Ista drain on the Kos energy (atleast ‘no unl the priest starts casting spells), because the force ‘comes from within the priest ~ its just buoyed by his ecstasy tthe nearness of the deity. And as soon a he leaves the ‘ral ot te pane), he loses il spils accu while vst- Ing te and. Basically, he rtures to norm. But while in the realm, he's definitely high-up. Truth is, both kinds of holy bloods ~ eeres and spe: ‘sty press ~ gain one ther benef from Being nthe realm oftheir god. Ima sense. they're im constant contact with the ety, Se, theyre shining examples of what the power up holds, soe fakes mote noice of what they’ doin te realm, late they go — and what dangers they might face. I some thing or someone testo threaten them, the god knows about icra away. Most powers won't take direct action to sup the Uheat faiss the priests ae particularly valuable, but they tu sed enfoncers out to take eae of the problem. In shor, a power's realm isa safe haven for his priests Any here wo forgets that and tres to rough up a god's ser ants right under the high-up's nose deserves exactly what he gets + CRISES OF FAI+H + Not every priest can cut it asa represematve of his power. Sometimes it just gets too hard to maintain the necessary level of belief or keep up the tight appearances. When that happens a priest has two choices: Keep moving along, hap ing for divine guidance 0 make everything al ight again frabandam the faith For soo The fs path s almost aly harder Kt means clinging to am idea that’s been examined and found wanting, sum ‘moning the faith ta contin inthe face of romptation, and Standing fst against the lure ofthe worl. Many priests who stick tout and sueceed ae rewarded for their enaety loss Gf falth fs often a powers way of testing loyalty. But some sons dont get anything from it. and might even tur stay on ‘ter god and become the religion's worst enemies. They've allowed doubt to enter thet heans and that's enough 10 sow the sed of thei faiths destruction, The second oad is much easier to wall, W's tue, but ‘iting is always less work than strung. Pets wha ake this path ae the disilusoned sds who tasted power only to find that tue strength is beyond the reach oF thle spc ‘Course, a pricst is usually permitted a lapse without sulering harsh consequences a5 long a is a minor sip-up ~ say, breaking one of the lesser rules ofthe rcigion. His [power shows disfavor by stripping the berk of low-level spells until he expunges the lapse through some sort of ‘penance (usualy tithing, Scourging, or meditation). More serious transgressions incude fling to perform a certain ritual, expressing doubt infront of believers, or slacking in pursuit of che divine agenda, These result inthe toss of higher-level spells and any special abit the poet ‘might have granted. A priest can regan his spells and skills ‘only through extended self-examination, great sacrifice, and 2 quest o further the vals of Ue faith t's the major transgressions, like hesesy, that bring the ‘mos severe punishments “Crimes” ofthis nature include dis ‘heying a diect onder fom the power, speaking agains the religion in front of crowd, or commiting a second serious Iransression. A priest who Ful up this bal loses allo his abies, pels a alles in the religion he outer he wor- ship is paiculaly harsh, he may sso be marked for death RE+URNING +0 +HE FOLD 1 priest commis @ major transgression, he's ot just one ‘chance to regain his powers trast: He must ramed ately sac~ tifce all of his worldly possessions (heping only the clothes fom his back) and embark ona quest of atonement (whic ‘may result im his death, anyway). But many priests who ‘make so drastic «ress of things have no intention of return fing. They've decid to quit, snd they've simply chosen a spectacle way to announce I ‘Some picts ty to build new fe with a new power. Ws not as hard a it sounds, really ~ a blood who's aeeom plished much for his god probably las eontaets in other ‘huches, ad isa sue bet tha oer eburehes have noticed. ‘him. They often happy take imi. After all e's proven. that he can draw in believers, and the deeton is above to the old power ~ who's mos likely a rval oF the new one "Course, the beek’s got 10 lea the ropes of his new Faith, and he's watched eatefully to make sure e's on the ‘up-and-up. The time needed for readjustment is reflected in loss of experience points: the exiet amount lst is up tothe Durigeon Master: I the new go i very similar to te od, the priest might lose only alfa level. But if he two're nothing ‘lk, the sod could lose alot more. The DM bas «good deal fof leeway, but he should remember: The player eharacter should lose no less than half an experienc level, but he shoulda’ drop below Ist level ‘Obviously, a priest ean switch gods anly once oF ice Ini ie. After the fis ime, e's always om thi ice with his new power, no matter how hard he works. t's tough to ‘rust a berk who'd turn his back on faith strong enough £0 eam spell. Besides, some deities encourage ther priests (0 pretend to switch belie, in oer to sabotage another god's plans. A body’ think the powers would wise up to that pee Dut they're helpless to resis. They cant ignore the lure of @ ‘mighty blood who's proven his worth by working for an- ‘other god, even if theyte abit peery about his motives. tue Devote priests are important to a god, but they/¥e not the most important servants a dlty ean hhave, That honor’ reserved for proxi, Sec. a king requires his peasants supply Min with food, but he also needs agents i otber land, knights to enforce his edicts, and vassals 10 spread hs law throughout the kingdom. Wel, a o's press ane ik the PRe% TES seter an dos lave Bu he ploxts a te powers up doestt starve. But the proxies act as the powers nigh, agents, and vassals ~ the bashers who see that tei high-ups laws ae upheld across the land, That's why a prony's usually considered more import fat lest, t0 most leis). Thats also why they've feared throughout the plac. ‘After al, any peasant can swing a seythe, but takes anny nl powertl knight to knove how to + WHA+ I+ MEANS +@ BE A PROXY + Heing a proxy means total subservience to power, total sublimation of personal dete, and total devotion to the powers agenda. I's are cutter who's so utterty loyal ro the ideals of 2 ‘od that he's wailing to throw hs own identity tothe wind Se, a proxy believes so wholly in his paver’ dictates that no divine orders seem wrong ~ they exit only tobe obeyed If, fr ex ample, a god commands a proxy to Kl off hs family the sod doi, Sure, he might ey and Tall as he doce but he does it just the same, I's an order ft om high — how ca tbe wrong? >@N"+ Fact «proxy gives himscif over so completely that he ends M@U+H @FF +e up minoriny his power whether he realizes itor nt. An agent af 3 oe 1a ood i helpful co chose in need, stera to wrong Aye eee, doers, ad fully supportive of his gor. A proxy of chaos is une ys lad VOUS EXISHENCE, —— dictabe, going first one way and then another, confusing even his one +@ THE POINT power — though, in doing s0, he still serves the divine plan. An evil PDBN'+ M@U+H GFF "proxy, of course, bears watching. Even iF the herk shows layaly, he's us MY GAD. Tikely to scheme until he grows strang enough to challenge 0: dis: by IF YOU VALUE dit his power — and any god worth his realm knows i, to. What iii BONE-BOe «else would he expected from an agent who's swom his life tothe em- bodiment of evil? — PRYDERI, ‘As noted above, proses are the most valued servants 2 power can have PROXY oF ARAWN Tey cinact where powers curt exert thelr will dieetly: Si the realms of other gods, the Prime Material Plane, and the ke. But they've to watch thet step. Hoslle deities might give a wespassng agent a peery eye, and Some! ust come right out and squash the sod. But most proxies know hovt to keep out of teouble, and they tae pain to avoid offending ober gos or breaking any compact of peace trciuity among the powers. In short proxy must ear fo be a rough-and-tumble wari, silver-tongued diplomat, and crafty schemer ~ all atthe same time Ihe relies too muck om his muscle or charm With ‘ut honing his other talents he probably wort Ie log enough tod his deity much food THE THREE RANKS Not all proxies are cca equal. A per the Rae of Tees three diferent types are known to exist. Many are endowed with power for a shor time, given & rissiom by their god, and then discarded, These temporary Proxies generally dont receive miueh strength to help them Complete thee ask ~ the goals aly mare of a est am than ‘permanent assignment, I the cater works out well he can star climbing higher and higher inthe sevice of his power. sang more ad more responsibly. Eventual those who show a knack for hele work ate made into lesser or greater proses. Lesser proxies are teshaped into other forms. They serve their doin a variety of ways, but they don't ake on the big thallenges. That's because the sods've heen judged and Found wanting: they've got the spc, but not ihe aptitude Sill, they happy enough to serve at all ~ they far move limportan than most other Hnkics ofthe power, and they have moe responsibilities than most bashers in the mult ‘Greater proxies are the bloods a body's relly got to watch out for. They can choose whether to keep thelr own. farms or ake on mew ones. But whatever their shape, i hides special abies granted by divine gl. Greaer proxies serve hele power ditectlys i's said they actually meet withthe deity and get theieinstuecions steaght from the horse's ‘mouth. And they‘ always up to something Even if chey seem harmless, chances are they'e stil carting out orders [though peshaps wore surreptitiously than usual). They win the realms when the powers are avtay, they make ste tha ‘memes are disposed of, and they do most of the gous diy work. They'e some ofthe most dangerous bashers inthe PHYSICAL FORMS Nearly anyone can bea proxy ~ petitioners primes, planar, humans, humanoids, morsters, or anything i between. 1 ‘no dark that vicious fends serve as proxies of some lower- planar powers (dhaugh chant says one oF xo of ‘mm have turned stay on thet heritage and gone to work for upper~ planar gods; if true, the converts've keeping themselves well hidden). The deities of Mount Celestia ike to use achons as proxies, the Olympians favor per ar solar, and aasimon of fil ranks fill praxy shoes allover the tipper Planes. (Course, that doesnt mean every winged celestial a body’ runs across ‘4 proxy: many serve the general couse of good, nota spe- cite goat Truth is, mos proxies alt human, or even humanoid ‘They're usually transformed into whatever shape thee power happens o pee. Some become rutrkin, others devas sti ‘more creatures of mydh ard legend. Buta praxy’s often iden {ilfable as sch no matter what be looks hike ~ the mark of the go stamped om him ome way or another. The blood right have burning eyes, 8 brand an his forchead, ora barely perceptible ara of divine power that hangs about him Tike a mist or a shroud And he's usualy lot tougher than ‘ther embers of his new race. A basher who thinks he ean take outa goblin without breaking a sweat ‘ight find is head handed to him on a plate i the goblin ‘ums our tobe proxy of Maghubivet ‘AS mentioned previousy, only the greater proxies are allowed to Keep cel shapes lor take new shapes oftheir ow ‘choosing. And it seems thatthe most notable agents of the tds are de ones who retain del original forms. They're che lucky few who'te blessed with powers unseen to the eye ‘They can even withdraw their holy aura in order to so unde- tected in places where their status might make waves, and they can ease their low ta flare up again wien they need its short, they'e the sectet messengers ofthe powers CHAF+ING WI+H GODS ‘Sue, folks whisper that greater proxies seta talk to th powers, bur isi tu, or just canny public elations? We the dark is that no one realy knows (except the proxies themselves, of course and they never seem to confirm of ‘deny anything). IF proxies do toss the chant with the gods they're not addle-coved enough to brag about it Saying "Yeah che other day Zeus andi | were lapping out bon boxes "fa good way 10 earn Tot of laughter ~ or ha ‘wed, The sods either a sycophant ot a faker, and neither ‘commands much respect. Those who really hae pawer don't need t hast. Those wh don’t have power get noticed be= cause they preted that they do, It's not good kind of at {ention, either No god wants tbe associated with a vain ‘eth ado tel the truth, fe mortals ike to listen 10 em ther. ‘Course, proxies do have to get thelr instructions (and thle talenis) rom someplace. Many get thelr marching oF ders when they receive their sift of strength. Buc when they ‘oon rial missons, i's bet the powers dont as in medias to pass on the orders. And at he highest servans ‘of the gods, only makes sense tht proxies have to com mune wit their deities, No one knows what so of comms nication that i, but the best guess is thatthe power Rands ‘down wordt the top two ar thee proxies and they pass the chant on to al the west. + GEFFING +HE JOB + Ie cakes some serous doing to become a proxy. A body's wot to prove himself by working tirelessly fr the power before hand, devoting all of his energies oward advancing the d's cause and espousing the ght Keals. Chant says afew Droxles won ther sank by pointing out what could be even beter ~ challenging the religion in the hopes of improving it By weeding oat the ehall, they proved their concer for the power’ best imteress, and Wete summoned for proxy ‘consideration ene ‘Taken wo an extreme, chat means that a proxy doesn't absolutely have tobe ofthe same alignment as his power ‘The traly resourceful agents are the ones who stow the fou 2 new way of thinking they often alowed 2 measure of Individuality when teing te divine line. That doesn't mea they ean do whatever they like, but they do have eater at inde in interpretation. Te process a choosing a prony vais from gos to fod, ond sts alas avored by the speci dety's cals. But one thing remains constant: Candidates for proxyhood must sub rit to having tei nermost cures pored ver bythe power. “Te sods reexamine for thee belles, thee willpower, tele dedication everyting they sre and weit, | WAS H@PING dese 4. @ BE Mave A CAMBION, Bileed ee elena weighed = JUICK +e SLow, ue ABYSSAL PROXY Ano its NEW DRE+CH worthy ore mate temporary proxies. ‘on’ think this ‘means the god sis down ‘with each basher and asks him what he wants out afl. k’s tore subile than that. Sute, some candidates are whisked Jno the presence ofthe power. But others are thrown into cell beneath the holy palace, and their dreams studied 9s they seep. Sill others are dissected (literally) and piceed back together ~ i the god likes what he finds (if not. he ‘might leave the beck in pieces). Whatever the process, I's not pleasant for the sods involved. Everything they've ever ‘thought I lak bare before the power, and most folks don’, ‘welcome that sort of invasion. Those who bear it best are usually dose with the right stuff to bea proxy. ‘Once the unworthy've been culled from the batch time forthe would-be servants to pave themselves, They'e nade temporary proxies and seat on missions to see how Canny, ruthless, ambitious, and devoted they are. For ex- ample they might Fave to visit the domain of a rival go 0 Aeliver a mesage or negotiste the release ofa prisoner: say ‘or drive aff a dangerous creature thas causing trouble for & tov fll of worshipers: or even manage the complex polit ‘eal affaits oF the home real while their god's away. The temporary proxies whe succced (and do So with style) are gain evaluated and assigned to lesser or greater status From that point a proxy can work through whatever terarchy’s set by the power. Eventualy, the bloods name ‘might become known (and feared) aeross the planes, unless the keeps to the shadows of subesige. In any case, revrard of faithfl proxy i like that of loyal pt th the esenice of his power: PEFIFIONERS (Chane says that all petitioners ate dull deudges without rmination or itive, but that ain't necessary s forthe Hark of petitioners, sce the next chapter). Fae s, some show real spark and dive, Hooking 10 increase their power's strengta8 well as thelr own. These are the cues who dar the eye of thet patton. They may lose their memories when they eross over nto the afte, but they retain enough an bition to strive for more That ineludes proxyhood, though W's rare fora pesi~ tomer to make ie that fur. ARer al, i a petiioner-proxy dies In the line of duty, dhe deity loses 2 good auent ond has to watch a faithful spirit dissolve before he's ready For divine tindon, What god wants to take that sk? Every petitioner who meses with 2 power increases that god's strength Those who die prematurely could have made their patton stronger, but are instead lot Forever Thus fa peiioner ever does become a proxy. i's & sume tet that he rarely leave bis powers realm, Hell be ‘an administrator or steward ofthe realm, someone who watches over te grounds while the god's away tending to ‘ther mers. That wat even ihe does happen to get pu in the dead-book, his sprit will merge with the essence of the realm cain dhe same as joining wit his so, but i’ beter than geting los or good in some other Land ‘Whew a petitioner-proxy has 10 leave the realm aaa special mission, he's loaded with proections; he's jst 100 Valuable to risk on dangerous ventures, Most of them also leak the general rule that says al petitioners are only O- oF Is-level ets their power pumps them up 19a more re spectable level oF strength, PLANARS. ‘These are among the most valued members of a powers ret Inge, They've toured the planes and they've seen what other ods have vo offer, but they've stl chosen vo serve one par= ‘eur deity. Sure, planats are generally more eyalcal than father bashers, but they make splendid proxies. They know thc way arourid the multives, they Know eho to tlk 10 and who to run from, and they know the chant land the ‘hank of most sings. Even beter, they aren't petitioners ~ yet. Se, ifa planar proxy gets killed his splet just ends up reforming in his ower’ realm asa pedtoner, and he's eady to serve his god ‘again (though in a diferent was). Hs really the best solution for a dcty: two ifeimes of service forthe price of one. Mast ofthe eater proxies are burn o hurianold pla- ‘ars Primes don't know enough, peoners ean be spared and creatures like fends and devas often tack their own ‘ena onto their god's ones. Wha's more, the alignment of a poner often points to the kind of proxies he'l have M's mo big sre to realize that moat teling proxies work for ods of evil for atleast questionable} intent, and that few Daria agents serve the ret powers ofl one PLAYER CHARACHERS ‘A Dungeon Mester shoul’ let a player character gain the mk of proxy ~ not unless he docs mind ving the PC huge powers and spliting up the adventuring party for ood. See, the new proxy cant just go around doing divine favors {or his rend In Tact, i's quite the reverse: No one ese in the gmup'l ever be able tn trast him again. They know the 04's got to toe his power’ line, even Hf it means working ‘gains his former friends. And that ain't fir thing for & DM to pull on a band of heroes. ‘Course, sooner oF later, a DM might run into a player ‘hharaeter who Hnssts on serving his god as a proxy. The PC ‘might even wook toward dat goal une’ killed or the DM sives him what he wants, Naturally, the sod won't stand ‘hance unless he's proven himsel in strength, ambition, a ‘wholcheared devotion. ust killing the deity’s enemics isn't ‘enougl; most powers don’t ced bully hoys, If PC can ‘mesh with the ideals ofthe power nd show that be truly un= dersands what the go's trying to accomplish inthe muli- vets, he may have what it takes to become a proxy [Ac that point the DM has few cholees, Fest, simply ‘ul or incapacitate che player character (perhaps he's judged by the power, founé wanting, an punished for his failure ‘Bu that's rot fir to he player Even if the DM deciares that the experience has merely driven the PC barmy (and ths un- playable) Is no fun for a player to watch his characte die off or go mad. ‘similar solution: The DM can make the player eharac- ec a proxy, but turn him into am NPC in sevice ofthe sod ‘Again i not really a fair thing to do, but i might be the ‘only way to handle a player who won't give up his quest for proxyhood “The third answer isthe most problematic. The DN! can Jet the cuter remain a player character and still become & proxy (perhaps only temporary proxy, asa tes of the PCs ‘hraeter and ability) The new agent probably have co un deriake« solo mission or two for his power, unless he sive the high-ups in the proxy lerarchy a good reason for Dring his party lon. Tm any ease, the PC must understand the rules: He can't sg against what his god decrees, he eat deviate from the path his god sets, and he must show absolute obedience to Wis go's every whim. I the cutter can handle this — and if Ihe realizes the lightest misstep may well mean his complete ‘obliteration ~ then he may be proxy materia “The most important thing to remember i thatthe fina ‘eeision is nthe Dungean Master's hands. Ifthe DM doese't ‘want a player character to Become a proxy, so be Kt that's Just the lo te powers, be + DIVINE GIF+S + W's no dark that proxies have powers beyond the ken of mor 1. Granted certain gifts by their ods, proxies can slay With a anc, heal with a touch, call down holy fre an a body's head, oF do any number of wondrous tings — all with the mevest blink of concentration. Haw do they get {ese talents? What are thie limits? ‘Obviously, st depends on the deity. A god af healing won'r give proxy the ability t0 cripple or wither his foes, Anda power of revenge won't bestow the knack of soothing harsh words No, the gods hand out abilities that closely ‘match their parflios. Anything else i an aberration, ‘Granted powers are also Hinkel toa proxy’s history Maybe i's multivesal rae or maybe is just the whim of. the gods, but proxies seem to manifest abilities related to ‘momentous incidents from their pasts, A sed who's been scarred by Fire might have the power to make his wounds shoot Names, Someone who fell from a great height might Sprout wings ar gain the talent o open a yawning chasm be neath his enemies fet. Finally, the manifestation of a special ability depends ‘om a proxy’s personality. Chances are that a quct eaters sing to ave subtle powers, and a basher who's angry and forthright will gain skills that det right in a body's face There ate exceptions, of couse, but they usually come from ods who enjoy contrasts. Those proxies are the ones who really surprise most folks. ‘The chat on page 27 ists & numberof sample powers ranted to proxies WHA+ F@LKS THINK + OF PROXIES + Proxies ae tough, alright ~ no doubt about it Bus thelr ral power flows from the fact that other folks scurry out of thelr ‘way when they pas. In other words, i all comes down 10 how strona a proxy is blieed 0 be, how he's perceived. On the Outer Planes, fith& everyting, and if a body telieves Something about a proxy, wel, is probably true. Naturally, prones are viewed with awe. After al they're loos who've been close 1 a power — an actual deity and ae stl breathing tel about i So it fellows that they must ‘weld quite a bit of might themselves. A body should avoid 2 proxy, of study him ata distance, but not chat him up on the Mreet, Chances ar, he could crush most any bothersome bet like a bg ‘Course, anyone who's oppose othe ways of proxy’s ‘0 wil look upon the proxy’ asa potential bringer of de- Siruction. Fear and hatred are the watchwords here. Ifthe bloods enemies ean get im alone and overwhela hi ith suiient numbers, chey probably will They know that he'd ‘uy to smite them If is hih-up ever gave te word, and only total leatherheads leave a threat like that hanging ovce tit heads. ‘The more cynical planars just see proxies a the yese men of the gly the toadies and medlers of the planes To them, the proxies are adle-coves who've given up their own ‘demtities ~ along with any chance to shine and establish sue reputation for themselves ~ in the name of service. Cynics sce nothing noble in, and they mock proxies as boolickers {oben they can get away with i. The more extreme among them! mock a proxy to is face. W they tke a neve, they now they've pt dubs i the her's ind, ad that's best fof all Maybe then, they figure, the proxy will realize that e's wasting his Hf Fr the glory af another when he could ‘be woking fr himse Religious folks on the planes se the proxies as divine messengers. Tey respect the boots for reir dedeation and zeal, even if hey serve enemy powers. They know how hard Iu isco maintain such a high level of service ~ some of ‘em ‘have tre sad failed themselves. Proxies don't have easy lives, and they deserve respect. Tat doesn't mean religans sods automatically usta proxy, but dhe sure won't attack ‘the eater Fr doing, what he figutes ste right thing w do ‘The most common perception of all, hough, i that proxies are simply folks who're doing ther jabs. They jus happen to he mote powerful than tun-of-he-ril ashers ‘So wht ifa proxy’ lic conict with someone else's? The ‘multiverse i Tl f opposing viewpoints “rath i, though, people who hold this view might give a proxy a bit more respect than they would a priest of the same god. Look ati this way: If priest can change the planes through the power of Faith, think of how much more 8 proxy cam accomplish with his belies + FALLEN AGEN+S + Some proxies just eat handle the pressure of representing living: looming power, They snap tinder the stain, or they bil ou of crucial mission. a they find their ew identity resurfacing. Maybe the temptation to eut and run is too Seong mayle they te ofthe constant dance of politics and danger when dealing with proxies of other powers. AMter a being a proxy i no bet for immorality. Once a body makes ‘it that high in dhe multiverse, every beck who wants to make 2 name for himself comes calling. Putting down an agent of od Is a good way to bull a reputation Whatever the reason, a proxy oceastonlly bols from the service of his power. Some turn stag and spill he go's secres; some just go fo ground and hide fom de deity (and his other agents for the ret of thei ives Readies, they're the brvest nds in the multiverse ~ they've tempted fate by spiting inthe face of & power, What happens next depends fom the nature of their high-p G® AHEAD ano KILL ME A+ LEAS+ /t. DIE FREE — ZHEROUFICE, Fatten proxy. +0 nex FORMER MASHER FAILURE AND PUNISHTMEN+ Good powers are generally more lax in thelr eatment of failed proxies. The agents can expect dismissal, revocation of heir granted abilities, andthe need ta find anew home — hey are wan't be welcome back inthe realm. Even the gos of forgiveness and metey don't want reminders of failure hanging around, and they cerainly arent going to reward Incompetence or defiance ‘Course, nor all good powers let a hetk who messes up 0 blithely on his merry way. Some gods don't tolerate mis takes very well, and IF i's a spectacular falure ~ say the OXY turs sag or blatantly refuses & mission ~ the power ‘might ser other minions co Fetch the so back, o bi hien to justice in another fashion, Evil powers, naturally, are much less forgiving. A proxy wh ent ive the In co a wicked ity might wake up ‘one morning inthe dead-book ~ iT he's lucky. See, a goals imagination i nesly Hmiles, and an evil powee’s sure 1 hve delightfully foul ideas om how to punish a wayward [AS for lawful deities, the straight-thinkng bloods are likely to fll back on established strictures. No doubt they loid down clear rues when the proxy 100k his oath: the soa should have no confusion about what’ in store. More th any other, a lawful god feels the pain of betrayal when a trusted agent defies orders The chaotie powers ~ well, who knows what oes Utwouh thelr heads? Sometimes they Ie fled proxy go ‘without a cross word. Other nes they send out ares 10 see thatthe berk pays for his mistake. Theres just no way tot and thats the mos! frightening pat. Few proxies of chaotic poner want 0 take the gamble Generally, servanis who disappoint their gods head foe Sigil or the Prime Matcral Plane. They want to hide out Somewhere that their Former boss can't Find ‘et. Certainly, the powers have other proxles who ean hunt down thelr fallen brethren, but with abit of eae and luck. areuge can avoid paying the musie— for lite while, anyway. DISMISSAL ‘Some proxies fll thers are pushed, Some «aerate just doesn't work aut as bop mesa sincerely Or maybe he achieves his gos an is a loved torrie in peace. Rogar less god can‘ very well bring calamity ‘014 proxy who voluntary steps down en ashe elle ean but hat woulda". ‘do much fo real ature proxies Instead, the bloods usualy receive advisory postions in the holy armies, comfortable cases in the home reals, ‘and servants to look ater their nee, Some powers actually olfer retirement to a proxy who's being eaten away hy the de~ ‘mands ofthe ob. Some powers af curse. make the ite ast to be rd of a proxy Who bas goo intentions bat poor skills For the mos pat the dismissed at allowed 10 led the test oftheir lives they will, They may be pressed back ito service at later date, but tha’ rare — unless they manage ‘overcome the problems tha caused them toe let go in fase pee N@+ABLE PROXIES + ON +HE PLANES + Presented below ara few quik eharacter sketches for pr ies. Two of these bloods have appcared in other 090" products: the rest are brand ne | PIES tefting/T10/N) used to be a proxy of Lugh, the Cele god of excellence, but she Fel fom race (hough an ‘rogynous, lee usually plays herself just slightly female) Logh could have slain the fling outright. Instead, ne dis pelle her from service with this warning: His proxies ‘wouldn't actively seat For ber, Buc they and Kil er i they happened i Find her somewhere Now Kee makes her case in Sig nd dispenses advice 10 Dlanevalkers: while serving Lugh, she saw enough ofthe planes 1 make her something ofan expert. She tresses in Diack naga hice, with spikes and blades protuing fom ie Clothing ee doesn't talk aout what got her booted from service, she doesn't suffer fools and she always fades from sight when a Cele priest comes into view. ewstay They xfs human/P 10.6 15/CE} serves Matar, ‘the god of the hunt dat silks Colts tthe fours layer af (Gace. He's one ofthe shifter and more dangerous proxies 4 body'l ever meet, Thou be's a huge basher, Khamsllan moves withthe grace of a mountain lion his clawed hands an rake faster than most eyes ca fallow. Khamallan carries a power key that's good forall spheres — a gt from Maat In eetum, he shows his god a= Sole loyalty. He doesn't talk ack or ask questions. and he aves to gut those who do. Khamallan’s not a nice Fellow, ‘and his main joy in Ife ies in tearing outa berks tides He's got the shill und endurance to rack a sod through any kindof tera, and be calls upon such talents when he's on the prowl ~ in other words, most al of the te Je Sewer oF Meron [Pa androsphinxT HD 15/6) is & oxy of three Egyptian powers and the symbol ofan ete ‘of wisdom andl learning, and it loves puzales more than anything ese. The Sphinx cam east sp sa 1athlevel priest From any sphere granted by Ra, Osiris fs, and it has a Bellow that ean fatten tees. Gnd ehing then, thar Is Telendly To those who serve good and the Egyptian pantheon, ‘Chant says the Sphinx was once 2 fiend who eouldn't shake its basic mature af evi, no matter how hard i tried The fiend came to Ositis and eye to he cleansed — and was thus reformed into the Sphinx (with more Hit Dice than mast such creatures) In gratitude, the Spine aged to too he shared realm and act as a proxy forthe thre powers. [Evens he Sty JP) al-CETTAICND Isa proxy of the lvsh power Erevan lesere. Outcast from both human and elfsoeiete, Buzaebus wed to patrol the ings ofeach cul ture preying on both for his sustenance. Now he's prosy — but be’s also a petioner. Oddy enough, Erevan insists that Eachus leave the bore realm to explore the Outer Plants, Au! that’s asthe alc Full with le and sive See, Euzachus is one ofthe mot cunning apie a body's ever likely to meet, and he loves to match wits with any basher who crosses his path He can lay a snare that eatch ven a fitan, and ale the rctest moron into ging og, Very, very few have ever managed to best him ~ even the ‘mightiest of lends grudgingly admit to that. ‘Course it helps that Erevan has granted Euzaebus 3 sal ait: the power to plane shi a wil, wich comes in handy oven he plays a tick on the wrong berk. Euzaebus aso cates a hag of hong that contains far too many now eles and practical kes for most folks liking Asis Kiownnos (Pa barlaur/F20/CG) 15a wandering proxy of Thor, who et her gain fighting prowess yond the reach of most bariaur. Asan avid follower af berg Anasta- sia srives to emulate Thor in any way possible. She caries throwing hammer that she uses to resale arguments bere they begin, and she's very quick to anger. Unlike Thor's Mol- hig her hammer doesn retum tober ater being town) Anastasia’ self-appointed mission iso i a prime terial word of al of ts glantish nhabltams. But she hasn't Yet decided which world should receive her “blessing,” The Drarlzur currently holes up in Sin Soaking up 2s much chant ‘a she can in order to help her make an informed choice Like ee isn S00 (PY tanars fmarquis cambion|/AD {JCE) is a former proay, However, whereas the tifling was Forcibly relieved af he duties, Seteh lost his proxy state ‘when his power ~ one af che Abyssal lords who'd ascended th gdhood ~ fll na battle with Kiaransae, the drow god- {ss of vengeance and the undead. Nov, the deposed go 6 ‘thought ro ile moldcring on the Astral, abandoned by his. Former ales, hs dreaded wand of evil forever biden aay {rom prying eyes Unfortunately, Bleeding Sete’ come to count on the boost in power he enjoyed while his god sil lived, Wa helped him stave off the slander and brutality of other ‘amare who hated him for being a hal-brced fiend. Now, ther’ a pre on Sets bead across the Lower Planes ~ scons the bee abuse his position a8 proxy 3 Bi 00 ch ‘Asn result, the cambion’s fone Into Hiding. But he's also d= {ermine to restore his deity fo power any way he can. tue + SAMPLE POWERS + Please note that the powers below ar just examples of abilities granted ta proxies, no a definitive ls. Theyte meant to give & Dungeon Master a place 10 start when assigning special skis o proxies. LREWISc, not every sphere appears in the list ~ only some of the more chmmon ateas af divine conto. Agriculture Make erops grow with a touch: cur lights Guardanship Never slep: see with one hunted eyes: re wither flelds: make earth ferle ogi: a ate wall fiom; command shadow guardians sume plant form. Healing Heal by touch; neuiralize poison at wil e- Awimals Automatic anieal filendship: assume an move curses, tual form command animals. Hunting Track any creature, no matter how old the Arfarisans Protection from the ravages of tone and fe tail; never miss with an arrow; move icant inspirations ring ie wo serpcee, silently in any terrain eauty Shine with inner light; make another beau —_ustice nny the crimes of any being: use shocking ful: heal seas gras at wil, but only on those who deserve Fectlly Make morals barren or fertile; resurrect the punishment. dead, Kowledge — Ridtie memory: read any languages explain Coldlvinter Emi cane of col shoot icicle dagers from foreach in any tongue. ‘eyes: treeze water with a touch: resist cold Life Heal wourds: resurrect the dead: grant fer and heat ty. Courage Create aura of courage: remove magical Light Glowing eyes: create sunburst; displ dark- fear: inspite bravery. ness; cause blindness in foes; destroy un- Creation Grant life to inanimate objects: immutably dead inspire ote. join two objets together Magic Ma esistance; use of wizard spells create Darkness Move an hide In shadows without fear of ceriain spell-tike effects at will; remove Aliscovery; bring darknese dawn an a foe syelleasters power Dawn Destray undead create light in impenetrable Mischiet™ The skills erent cantrp at wills cause n= darkness; set the sky aire. contol Laugier. Death Slay with a foueh; destey any resurreced— Moonisiars Night vision: travel wherever the moon individual: bring lethal misfortune on a fr shines: eure or cause rans Deception Read minds; cast any usion spell at wil: Music Ptfect pie charm or lll with yoke: grant use charm and suggestion. inspiration Destruction Sunder any object in two; dsimesrate any Nature ‘Weather sense: use arimal friendship and dies by tou lant grows call weal. Disease Case disease; breathe loud of rat; summon Protection Invulcrablity to normal weapons: mystical swarm (rats insects, and so on}; spread shield; confer protection on athe se all plague aval of spells Eanbjland Create earthquakes; summon each elemen Ocean Wallon water; create stm overturn ves- tal create walls: summon meteor strike sels; call sea creatures; navigate without Evilfhateed Constant protection from good crete dis- econ calm ate Sesion; ase wnkoly word and power word, Skyjwind Flight; sunsmon burrcanes; summon elowd dill at wil chariot; command avians, Fatejdestiny See the Tutute death of any mortal being: Thieves Maximum tie kill: appraise any em: In iuge the likelinod of success of any ac timate ers Son. Travelers Know locsl customs uneringly: speak any Fite Burning eyes: tongue of flame: fe resis tongue: pass through trees; pass through tance: summon flame blade: move throug stars: move without tiring: find poral; know ‘ames without hart, poral key. Forests Automatic friendship with plans; use pass Vengeance Directon sense; dhl skis; call on fel without ace; assume plant Fora; draw sus- alles; wick tanec dhrough he planes tenance from tres. War Espionage; prodigious weapon speed; knowl Fortuefluck Always in the right place at the right toe; ese of any weapon; create strife: know rant winning streak; cause mistortune: strategy go berserk (with ianerabiliy) change weather Wealth [Make money appear a disappear bless 3 met= hat with eth create impassable wards ane PETITIONERS [2Sc re + LIFE AFFER DEATH + Here's the bottom line A petitioner is the spitt of a basher who's died someplace, It dacsn't mater ithe deader was a planar ora primes he's sil ing to wind up a8 petitioner, and peeps ett constituted in some biy form. (The oly exceptions are the un Icky sods lost to the spin destroying power of fends or the undead. The best rey can ope for {sto be reanimated as the baest sham oftheir former selves; olerwise, they'e one forever) Seems simple nou, right? But some gray beards say tha only a dead who ha & tain level of intelligence can become a peti ‘Course the easiands ae ull of eiters that many consider petitioners One theory says tha’ not really the ease that the animals spirits ony reside on the Beas for a short while before being reborn again wherever they came fom, r= in other words, animals dom’ count The animals ive out many lives, ach ine in a liflerent fa, on stantly evalving toward sapience. When they achieve that ~ when K c they lear to operate om a Level higher than the instinetual~ they ‘become tue petitioners when they die, Until then, is jus stant cycle of death and rebirth, with only the form — AR@UKIS. ‘éaanging a dhe spi within learns and grows. & PEFIFIONER oF APOLL® But another theory points out that cerain powers off ne Bestands let der petidonersreinearnave as Wel ~ imost norably, the Indian pantheon (see “Back From ‘he Dead later in this chapte, for mone information} And if dhey're considered tue petton fs the argument oe, there's The waters anuddied further by the fact that a body wow Decor a petitioner ules he believes in an afi or at iast has faith (however shaky) that chere's something after death ‘sd who Firmly deercs the possiblity of any sort of afte, who holds this be tuc n the lepest recesses af his ear, nds any oblivion when he pases on, There's hardly 4 powcr i ‘he multiverse strong enough to hold Together sprit that won't heiewe in isi. Remember, the Outer Planes ore grounded in belie. A sprit wlfllydsbeleves in sown existence one. Most powers wouldn't want it anyway FROM HERE +0 THERE When a body dies on the Prime Material Plane, his spri’s automatically dawn 0 the Outer Planes ‘through one of the many connecting conduits that wind through the Astral Plane. As the split passes ‘throug the silver voi, i's stripped af is moral memoris, which en! up loating teva the plane a memory cores. The cores tend to cangregate In a particular ara of the Asta, slowly withering away tut they vanish altogether (hough the decay can tok millen The spirit reforms a a pettcner om the Outer Plane that most closely matches the dade’ former Life in ligament and devotion fhe prime happened! to worship particular power, his sprit fori n that power’ specific realm That aint how ic works fora planar. See, prime-matrial spirits are pulled through conduits right to sere they need (0 go. But Is zssumed that plarars know a bit more about the multiverse and don't need he hand-tolding, When a planar dies his spe must make i to the righ plane or eal all on ts ‘own [C might take a litle Fonger vo reach its new hone, bu theres sill he same ~ Une dead’ eo ‘lecions even gravitate to the Astral and become memory core, MEMORIES AND MANNERISMS. Obviously, with ther knowledge sapped by the Astral, petitioners have no mennores of their former lives Oh, some might have hazy, fleeting glimpses into thee pass, and in rare instances a power kets a ‘petlioner retin his memories in ull. (This luxuny Is usally reserved for # cherished spit, and even then i's no easy task for the god se “Voies From Beyond,” later inthis ehapte) But more often than ‘ot the information's lost othe sod forever. Once the sprit reaches the plane or eal t's ros attuned to, it must sat ane, wi mermores completely fabricated by the plane or the deity or wih the know ce that H neds to star accumulating new ones losing memories of ies oe sing. Losing mannerisms an teres is ano. Petitioners exhibit many of the sare habits, speech patter, likes, and dislikes of thei forme ives, Such things ust have 2 way of leaving their math om a body (or, toe more precise,» sprit a dead berks former compan- fons were to meet up with ther fallen comrade in pliner form ~ x staying unlikely event, giver the infinite sce ofthe Outer Planes ~ they'd he able to eecoynize him. Sadly, though her old rend \wouldn’r knaw them fsa pack of bubbers See petitioners don realize thee dead. Thee current existence i he only one they know, ad it's the only one they acknowicdge. If some pushy herk tiesto ore the truth upon a petitioner, he might accept the revelation —imellecualy a feast. Bur most of 'em turn downright suey if made to confront ‘clr previous lives I's lke telling a living person that he's just the spit of 8 dead imal. Its not something 2 body wants to hear, even if is cue PERS@NALIFY Sob on the planes (living ones, anyway sy’ that pettoners ae corless and horing, tha they're so noch background fa, that they don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of the rulers. Not only is that insulting, i's completely untrue. A petitioner may have lst his old Tif, bt he’s far from being & blank slate: Many build new lives around the mannerisms they've held onto. And some cu Falnly t= rerer portions of ther past lives, meroris on which they can base more experienrs. The Scant fee- llections don't provide any useful information: they'e like trying To eateh fog. in a net. Batt least they're something to bull on. More importantly, though, a petitioners mind is shaped by the plane he reforms on, not to mertion the specific realm (WFany|, Powers grant insight to thei followers in small pieces, doled ut as the pei- ‘ones progress through the afterlife. But dhe very nature ofa plane tends to manifest itself im pei- Aiones, Those ofthe neutral Oudands keep a running tlly of folks they've helped and haemed, {ood leeds and bad deeds, truths and ies ~ all inthe name of maintaining a balance. Petitioners of rsh Career area cagey lt, almays seeming and svn (0 et ahead, And ose of glorious Mount Cles- tia are gentle and kind, though stm when It coms co stamping ut the taint of evi How ioug a bady’s been a petitioner also colors bis per sonality, The newest ate ll sure oftheir place in things, ara lil about ui they stumble across whatever will evel the truth oftheir existence, Those who've traveled farther Along the path set by thelr delty are more at peace wi themselves Thus, ptioners” personalities vary almost as much as hose ofthe ving, They can be angry, brawling, peaceful, o: hetpfl, all as the situation demands, Just because they're leaders doesn't mean that they've Forgotten the ways of moral PHYSICAL FORMS Jus ax personalities vary from plane to plane (and from realm (0 realm within plane. a pettiness shape depends ‘on where he reforms, (ln most planes, a spirit just takes a Form ll site o survival her. Evi spints who end up om the Lower Planes often become larvae. Chaotie bers who Ko 1 Limbo reform as shifting clump of ehos-stuT The bulk ofthe planes seem to proce humanois "But even that depends on factors lke a dear’ former ite, A human fom the Prime whose spirit goes to Ysyard will Ikelyseform as a human, and a dwar a6 a dat Course, numa who worshiped x dwact power'l go the realm of his sd, where hel apes a fre chosen by the deity ~ prob bly that of hear doar. Truth i, powers cat fore thelr Petitioners nto any shape desi evil Set of Har is known to favor hyenas, eras, and the Uke. ‘Stranger sil splits thot wend thee way soverd certain planes might become petitioners that eventually evolve into living planar eeatures. Petitioners of Mount Celestia become Tantorn archon, ating balls of ight he Abyss, particu lanly vil petitioners can take the farm of manes; on Rzaor, lemures, Bach of these creatures can eventually be promoted tw a higher staion in the hierarchy ofits new race — 2st tion in which it stops being a petitioner and is *chorn (For more deta, see *Moving On,” later inthis hare), THE URGE +@ MERGE The basic goal of any petitioner i to Become the ideal of hs devotion. nother words, a spr that reforms on a plane, but ‘not ia particular god's realm seeks only to mers with that plane ~ to become the wimate representation ofthe Land's alignment, Petitioners of Meebanus, the elockmork plane strive to become as wf and as neutral 2s possible A spirit that takes shape in the realm of a power though # bit more directed. Petitioners of ealms don’ want merely to merge with the plane; they want to achieve unlon withtelr god ther way, al ptitioners have the spark co improve themselves, to develo thei devotion to the pot where they simply become one with their plane or poser. But 2s beac, his drive manifests itself aiferenty ac ond tothe nature ofeach pane 1m planes of slishness aa eva desire o improve is rmarkod by «distinct wenden towed Wing, cheating, steal- ing, and Kling, On planes of order and wang. 1's x= pressed though mediation, contemplation, and holy ech ‘on, seeking to uaderstind higher laws and higher powers (On yet ater, the drive propels petitioners to seck tath in hurd work, to sain and strug thee way toward an under- staan ofthe cosmos Whatever path leads to oneness,» petitioner won't be denied fram walking it. The sod always has the desire 10 ‘ange, to become something more. Maybe he's searching for the promise of peace. oF maybe he wants to become Oe most poverfl berk nthe ulverse. Whatever the drive is the core of the petitioner's spirit, and theres no changing it execpt by divine decree. Eventually i's hoped, he reaches the end ofthe road, Aiscavers the answers tha eluded him in life, and merges ‘with his plane or power IF he doesn, chan is that he even- tually Res way, with only the barestesence af his devo tio Feng the land's heat or the go's night The eos important thing to remember about & pet toner this: The basher’ shwiys, aliays looking fora way to join his plane or power Ir nest matter wat else e's ‘ong hat gost aly lurks in the comme of his braln-box, nd he bends al his efforts tvrard achieving A body who ‘eal wth a poitioner beter Keep tht im mind hen jad Ing the berks motivations. ‘What's more, that single-mindedues is prety much the ‘only way to tell a pethioner fom a reularFiving aod. Aer all, most petitioners look and act the sane as everyone else {not counting those mbo become chaos-blobs on Limbo oF atchons on the Mound. But engage one in a few minutes oF ‘conversation, and every word ont of his mouth te hack to the perfection of his plane or power. Is just plain Boring to listen to petitioner go on and on I's also mighty annoying to sce distracted loaks play across his face, as i he's got ‘much more important things to do then stand around and ‘hat ll day — which, of course, he does. WHAH'S +HE POIN+? ‘So wihy co the panes draw like-minded spirits to thei bo ‘des? Why do the great and ypand powers eae if measly pe- liones merge with them oF nor? eal comes hack to dhe Fact that the Outer Panes run am belie Petitioners who achieve union with their plane add ther devotion to ts makeup, and reinforce the basic nature ff the ba, Mare irertantly, the powers literally feed on the belie oftheir worshipers, The greater the number and stronger the faith the mightier the fod becomes. And a power wha receives petitioners receives distilled belie, ‘That's the chant, anyway, and tha's why deities take very lily to berks who ty to harm ther petoners. + DEGREES OF DEVOTION + So far, 1 might seem that a beck with nominal elie? ina power and one who's fervent follower of the god both reach the same paint after death — they become petitioners nthe deiy’s realm. Weil, that’s ast so-much nonsense I's ro dark thatthe moe faith body has, the more key i that he progresses faster through petitionethood. Those ‘who're les faithful ave a heer ime of Basically, what tls mes stat ther are sever cate otis of petitioners. The fist ae the fru — the priests the truly devoted, and those who best exemplified theit alignments, They the ones whe held fostest 1 thei eles As petltioners, dhey've got the ach of tumbling to witat they need to Fearn co mee with helt power Tejas instinctual, Chant i thatthe fitful alae, retain more of thet mortal personalities The seco eatery tas Heke These at che folks who valiantly sought to dis cover truth in if, ut just never found answers that seemed to sity them, Sil they teed, av thas wnt’ Importan. Faith runs deep in thei hears, ands petitioners ‘hey walk the path well. Close behind the secers are the mispuided who thought they knew how to attune themselves to ther power but were 1 bit of. Unfortunatly dese sods usually aren't willing to ‘mi that they were wrong, But their hears are in the right place ~ they're eager to devote themselves to thelr god, They Tear the dank of tre flth esier than do nonbelieves That's the last bunch ~ the fithies. As petitioners this lot's go to star from scratch, fee af guidance. The best they cam dois to watch te Faithful progres and pick up pointer a they go. The worst they can do is offend the power so areatly that they'e expel from the rear, But most faith Jess never actualy go that far: they just take & ruc Tonger ‘ime to gain enough understanding of ther power to achieve EXCEPHIONAL PEFIFIONERS Most petitioners are = and {st-level Berks, unable 1 ad vance in worldly experience because they'te Busy progress Jing in spiritual matters, Though they've skilled, smart, and ‘capable, they don't accumulate experience as does an ordi nary basher Some break the rule, eaming levels and power like » mortal. These are the exceptions, the piionets who serve Actes of war, wizardry. or thievery. The best known of these ae the per and the einherir, the servants of upper planar overs. They Inch coset union with their Kods by focus Ing om the at of combat, and theyre some of the toughest shes on the planes, (00, Exceptional ptiioners sill have the desires ofthe oF aty comrades — their main motivation f the drive to merge wih their power or plane, Hs jst that they've also {ot the ability to enforce their powers wil In essenec, the bloods area step between proxies and petcioners [though Some of them are, indeed, tue proxies. What's more, the suceessful completion of their duties draws them ever eloser to blest unr, In places like Yoyard and Arcadia, it seems ab I excep tional petitioners ain't so exceptional ~ theyre everywhere But these special folks are by no means common throughout the Outer Planes. A Dungeon Master ea sill nce exec tional petitioners on any plane, but he should remember that the bashers are silly found among the powers of wae ‘nd other physic aes, LIS+EN vee WE WERE FRIENDS BACK @N +e PRIME, sus | DON! +HINK | seu @©WE YOU FIF+Y G@LD PIECES. — HEDLEY. A» PEFIFIONER or ELYSIUM. +@ A ronmen COMRADE + BACK FROM +HE DEAD + As noted ealiet, some powers sllow reincarnation, ling their pettonersreurm from the dead vo ve again, But truth ‘o el, most gods are extremely peery of releasing thet wor shipers back into the mortal world. Afterall the sods might make the wcong choices next time around, and wind up under some other deity’ care Sure, the Indian panthcon enforces reincarnation, but are petitioners tu released from the divine ealms? Or are they sent back out only after they ftst merge with their power? Mos bloods igure that a relncarnated base's got & lee OF his deity in him, or at feast apiece ofthe panthon, $0 that he won'¢ tary away from them when it's tne to choose in his next ie ene S@LID FLESH For some fits, rimcamation resurrection and other pels hat val with the dead (and undead) area sticky problem. What happens oa pestioner ose bay i the repent — wig or there — of magic caso bring tne dead back to Hie? Tn game rms, i orks Tike this: The basher must make a ystem shack ol Phe falls the magic fzles, and he stays Tight were be fs I he makes the rol thovh, he's sill an chore to his mortal body just enough forthe spell vo work. Primes are reeled hack tothe Prime Material Plane through ‘he Aste, whete they pulled through the memory cores they lost when they died (Spirits have a natura affinity for their avn memories, though They can pick up someone else's Instead, with disastrous consequences) Planars brought ack to ie might passthrough the As- ta, or they might aot depending on whee te spiis are coming from. If they bypass the silver vod, thelr memory cores stl eek them out ~ it ust might cake Longer for the recollections to reach them [Even spirits who've been petitioners For hundreds of years can be pulled back into tele bodies. As lang as they “haven't given up all their mortal ties, they're vulnerable to sich magic. But no matter i sds hoen a petitioner for day or century when he awakens in his 08 boty. he has litle or no memory of his time on the planes. The ru of his original memories wash the others ay. ‘Unfortunately, some folks get excited and jump to conch sons abou his kindof neromancy. They figure tat they can ‘desioy a toner a bratz, of even an arco just by esting resurrection ow Hs total body (afterall, thse creates sar ut as pethoners). Wel, dey’ ight — and wrong. The mage ‘works, but only om ezentres that are acl petitioners, Hike ‘mans, emis and Litera achons, Once those bashers move tp the ld of promotion ard home new creatures, theyre ‘no longer petitioners — and all ties to thee former bodies are severed. (See "Moving On” elo, for more details ‘Course even if» splsinger docs just want to “undo” lowly creature Ikea lem, he's go 0 Find he petitioner’ ‘mortal remains fist ~ if they're sill intact. But e's been known to happen I's a neat way to rescue a dead comrade hous spits been taken tothe Abyss and turned into 2 ‘anes Then agli, berk evil enough to have sulfered that fate probably won't have friends eouer to bug him back, VOICES FROM BEYOND ‘The spell speak wish dead has even move bloods puzzled How cana body lear anything fom a petitioner who's been stripped of his mortal Knowledge? HHete's the chant: The spell apparently contaets the memory core oF the dear, ating through te Astal ~ not the sod himself. The petitioner, wherever he on the planes ism affected a all Thus, It ain't precise to call the spell, speek with dead i'd bes better idea 1 calli something he speak with memory. [A power can try (0 fete a petitioner's memory core too, in order (0 let one ofthe faithful retain his mortal -nowiedge in the afte. But isa tery hard rick, even for qo ~ it’ Like combing a beach for particular grain of ‘sand, Naturally, most powees are loath to spend ther time ad might this way ‘Chant that Sigs back alleys hide eters Who venture to the Astealforericve the memory cores af allen heroes oF villains. Bu safc Feat for god, how hard must it be Fora mere mortal? Even i berk did mange (0 find 3 memory core, How could fe clit were the right one? HOW could he cary something ay 28 thought home again? No, tos such “retrievers” ae frauds and charlatans Sill uriors persist that few of these knights of the post are for teal gichyanki who know the Astral like the bucks of hice hands. I tru, the eutters face great danger From astral dreadnouyhls. See, the fell erestures try 0 de> ‘your memory cores, mistaking them for astray projecting travelers, and woe be to any reirevers who get in the Way. + M@VING ON + Bloods know of two ways that petitioners ean evolve. The First 6 the eventusl union of 3 dea spirit with ts pawer or plane The second isthe rebirth fom 3 plitoner into a v= Ing planar ereture |@Y@US UNION ‘This kind of evolution is hy far the most common. AS pet tiomers advance spiritually in their mew lives, they draw ever ‘loser to final understanding of their plane, eir power, ‘and thee place in the multiverse. Once they've reseed that Understanding. they dissolve into the very essence of thelr od or thet Ln ‘A petitioner who merses with ber power does lose her Identity falls te remains as an integral part of the union, ‘someting that gives more strength wo the go. Her personal= fay fs subsumed inva the power’ and she becomes one ofthe his head, The god maintains his Free of will the to a lesser extent) maintains hes. Does that mean 4 power could ever he scattered bck into his component personalities? Probably nol, Once peitioners are absorbed, they sfay absorbed. On the oer hand, the fragmentation of ‘god would certainly be a sight 1 ee Some sages speculate that dhe pettoner reaches such a ‘lose understanding with the power that she actually Be- tomes the pavfet~ or at east, she Imagines that she does. She cin se the lesser Sod that She use 0 be, but se recog= izes that she's become finitely superior 10 her old se “The edd ching sou this is that every petitioner hos cover merged withthe power fees the samme. They all fe ike ‘he driving force behind the god's mind, and beeaus they ll Deleve they're all correct. ee, this theory says the powers are really collections of fatks who ve learned to think the ne ‘eet same way ~ on other words, 2 blood who's learned rake oters think exactly ike hi ‘Apparcaly petitioner who merges with her plane goes though much the same expert ence, only on an even ander scale. Noone relly knows what happens for sure, but ifs thought tat che basher’ spit enriches the plane and creates new ld scapes within it EVOLU+ION +@ NEW FORMS The secon type of evolution is toward planar forms. It's true thatthe lowest kinds of some planar creatures (including boantera, tanars, and archons) are petitioners. However a soom as they take the next step ~ a8 son as they're pra~ rooted toa hghcr station ~ they cease helng petitioners snd come fl members oftheir new race. They start vo abide hy the rules ofthat race, instead of he rules for petitions. Ie sey're led while say fora thee plan, theyre not lost, forever. Insead, they teform back at home ~ some in the sme form some a te lowest rung of the hierarchy. ‘Blcods've noted that some of these planar creatures ean actualy climb as high as godhood. In the Abyss, for ex- ‘ample, even the weakest Fiend can eventually teach the top ‘offs race by inimidatng its fellows into belening tha is poverfal and deserving. And such mighty tanar's cn some tires take te emp trom ordinary fend to Abyssal Tord, and for there, to authentie dey + THE FINAL CURFAIN + Paaiiones aren't immoral. They ean die just lke any other Derk ~ fact they can be killed far easier than most, What hhappens to a petitioner who docsn't merge or evalve, but sts hse pt inthe dead-book instead? There's ho easy answer It depends on whether the sous ‘ov his home plane or not whether he's in his powers realm ‘or olf gang about somerther else and whether he's beet ile naturally or uriaturally First ofall a petitioner ied while vay fom hs home plane is dead, gone, lst forever ln all the wide, wide malt- ‘verse, only Few ways of bringing these eahereads back are ‘nove to exist, ard they're all famtasieally rare. Even powers ‘don't restore petitioners wio've getten themselves kl f= Plane, Generally, i the petitioner’ offplane, he's out of his ods reach (Clangeddin Siverbeard, the dwar god of bale, is an exceplon to this rue; fr more information, refer his fenry nthe chapter onthe darvish pantheon) “The lest a dying petitioner can hope Fo i that a by- fers quick with a sprfbowt ~ a ecestial item that cop tures the withering spin. A kindly traveler can then carry ‘he bowl ack to the petitioner's ome plane and release the YOU wut BE READY WHEN yeu N@ LONGER HAVE QUES+IONS, sU+ ANSWERS. — A PROXY’S ADVICE +04 PEFIFIONER spirit there. The pet toner won't reform, but a east bel geo merge with his pane “The same fate awaits peti- toner killed while on his home plane, Tut ouside the teal of his power fi any) His corporeal form's lost, but he ean join with the esence a the and it's certainly not the kind of merger petitioners hope for they don like dissolving ino their planes uni they've reached the ultimate idea ofthe ‘devotion, Ws an especially harsh blow for u petitioner devoted 10 4 particular power, He naturally wants 10 merge with his ods thats the paint of his whole existence. The faithful see ‘hr struggle for meaning and understanding washed away {in the blink of an eye. Sill’ beter than oblivion. And st least they know tha they're contributing to theit wold view. A petitioner ile within the borders of his d's realm is cither prematurely absorbed by the deity or simply remade, ‘lepending on the ds veishes. ome powers won't take a spit that's not reed, while others dont want 10 expend the chery to bring petitioner back to life. How important is to ‘god to have fully prepared peitionec? Wells there were any benefits to merging with the faithful ahead of time t's 2 het thatthe powers urge thee peters to find ways tod ut they don't ~ not even the powers of death. So here's ood uss I's beter fara god to take a euter whos Ferme {he ways ofthe multiverse dn sod lle before his ime. Finally, a petitioner who moet his end in am unnatural ‘way — such a8 being taken by undead or spirit-sucking Finds ivaso Tost to his power might bea different story ifthe monster happens to be under the control of the diy. the power moves quickly, he ean force the beast 10 yield the stolen spirits the process aki to: making a flend vomit Sally, the spits are always fainted by thei absorption imo the wicked! ecatures, and only the most evi of powers relish ‘heir taste afterward But no matte where or how a petitioner dies, another ‘estion ears its up head: Does he leave a corpse behind or les his body ~ whieh i usta temporary shelter all ~ Assove slong with dhe spi? 1¢ depends. IF the sod gets pu ln the dead-book wil in a place rooted i ble in the piys- eal dhe body remains. [tbe realm’ race attuned Co pia ‘matters, the body vanishes. Thus, the batlefiels of Ysgard an Acheron ae tered with eogpses. But most planes arent ‘grounded in the physical a ae those war-torn sites. ‘Once a herk unversands how things work, i's palnfully clear why petitioners hate leaving their home planes oF alms, Fact 8, hey just won't do It, not unless sent on a special mission by tir deity. The eternal death of a pe ‘loner i always a sad event. To see a life force snuffed com pletely from existence, with no hope for rer, evr, relly fives a body pause one The faidh(ul say the powers ane the most important bashers the multiverse hs ye produced The Achar claim the powers are just a big ie perpetuated by berks who're ston enoukh 10 Force tiers to belive in them. And some tink the powers are nothing but the ext obvious step in moral development. All ofthese bashers ae right ~ and all of them are wrong, When Tne PeoWERS feces that's why is all hee. The ‘oe thing every fone dacs give ois this: The beings known 3s the powers are indeed, mightier than a body can imagine. They'e certainly not to be toyed wih, an gay sod who dest won't lve To brag about I late. But gece more than just big morals with lots of Impressive treks and mighty abilities. | D@N'+ CARE ‘They're concepts ad syabols, too, They Y@U DID CBIME av. she WAY embody every aspect of thelr portfolios, he on TORI wp ’ bee control and of morals hopes and fers The esence of the powers extends toa whale ater ®U sHiL CAN” kind of existence — AN EXHAUS+8D GUARD T's ruil ta remember that ~ the powers are incomprehensible, thir motives and abilities THE HALLS 0F @LYMPOS ——unguessce. I hey've chosen to et che material in his chapter be revealed co morals. who can say how much mare they're Wing? And perhaps the gods allow or even encourage the spread of verongheaded chant. Aer all i's abet they guard thelr serets jealously, snd are most ikely ager to ster Folks away fom the te dak of things. + SECRE+ ORIGINS + How did the powers come to he? id they pring ully-forme into the multiverse? Did they ‘eeate the Outer Planes? Did the planes create them? Well the answer i really a matter of bli. One story says that, long ngo, the powers vere spits ~ created by legends of a place ether benign or malign. appeased by shamans of this ther world, and venerated by the people of the land. The sprts absorbed the yorstp oF the mortals feeding om I. groxing ever more able to lntluence the ives of their devoted Eventually, the spitts grew strong enough to claim dominion oversees of people, and began Dossing their own laws. They offered to guide mortals toward a greater understanding of the mysteries of the maiverse ~ hut only iF dhe sods Followed the rales and lived thet lives the As they sew in de hearts and minds of the people. the spins stared to grant demonstrable signs of thelr power 0 certain worshipers. These bloods then showed off thelr new abilities to friends and focs alike The chant spread chroug- fut the masses, and more and more folks gravitated tothe spirits ways of thinking, which in tum made the spirits even ‘more powerful. Eventually, the believers organized tligions around their chosen spirits, bull temples and monuments to thelr glories, and encouraged others to think as they did Firmly immortalized in the cores of the people, the spies ‘ould claim godhood for themselves — and back up the lal with shows of force or lve. ‘Naturally, even as the powers acted on the people. so ‘the people secon dhe powers. The expectations of the de voted shaped the powers actions and reactions, Ths, the Powers were really created and sustained by legends, their ‘very forms moved according to the belies ofthe people. ‘Course that's just one theory of how tal cameo pass. Another says the powers were the ones who crated the mor- tals, so the sods should be heholden to thei gods. This schon ‘of thought holds that the powers always were, that they pulled the mortals out ofthe primordial soup, that they act ‘an the people without Being acted upon in return — in other words, that the contol isa one-way street. Whether tis i ‘rue of not, most folks dismiss the idea as propaganda from the powers themselves. DIVISIONS + @F SERENG+H + Common wisdom puts the ods into four diferent camss, Adepending on the Heel of hei and strength exch as in his comer: demipower, lesser power, intermediate power, and freater pour. Each of the four divisions i clearly separated from the others: what comes easy to one type of power may well be impossible for another below i DEMIPOWERS Demipowers are often mortals who've sprung from the le fends and annals of their stll-tiving Kin, bashers who've ‘made such an impression on the Neshly world tht they've ascend to the rank of deity (the lowes ram sure, but 3 deity nonetheless). The newest demipowers are eager to prove themselves and ther divine abilities, and they provoke tussles and scraps to demonstrate just how tough they ar The lucky ones pick fights with stronger gods who won't squash them outright. Those Who aren't so smart aim forthe to ~ they ty to tke on greater powers, and don't lst roo Jong after that ‘A-canny demipower watches the politics of the gods ‘carefully, keeping out of the major feuds ul he's sure of his ‘own might. By that time, he usually realizes just how wesk he really is, and figures out how cateful he'd better be around other powers Since demipowers have only minor spheres of Influence, they're often ignored by their betters, anyway. Lucky for them. Demipowers can grant spells of up to 5th level. Thus, they don't draw the truly ambitious prests. On the other hhane, demipowers are so glad for che priests they do get that ‘hey rant as many benefits and abilities as they can. t's one ofthe fe revards a body get for placing his faith in wich a ‘weak power LESSER POWERS Lesser powers are step up ftom demipowers, but they're stll among the least of the gods, the servans of te greater and incermediate members of a pantheon. They've got no chance of surpassing thelr betters ~ a least not without pulling in worshipers from across the planes in vast doves — and they know it, Some lesser powers resent that fact and rebel asanst the mightier gods. Most resolve to make some- thing oF themselves instead, and they begin feuding with powers of other pantheons in an effort to pll more believers their wey. Lesser powers can grant spells of upto 6th level o their press. Some do so with eckless abandon, hoping to impress ‘mortals with beneficence. Others hoard their strength, hop Ing to crete worshipers through reputation. Both methods seem equally valid. INFERMEDIAFE POWERS Imermeaiae powers occupy the next higher rang om the di- Vine Ladder. They'te aot qaite the top dogs because they lack the vast creative abies of the greater powers. Fact they usualy end up serving the high-ups o some extent. Sure, n= termediate powers all have strength far beyond mortal reckoning. and they don't hesitate to disagree with the sreter powers of their pantheon. But because they're often treated by the greater gods, they don't push their arguments too ft, Intermediate powers do share one perk with greater powers: They can grant spells of any level thelr priests. GREAFER POWERS Greater powers are the high-ups ofa pantheon, Buen Ifa ‘pantheon boasts several greater gods (and those that do are truly mighty ~ very Few pantheons have more than two or te) t's usually overseen by just one creator power, the deity whose enerfes initially infuse the creatures watched over by the pantheon. Greater powers are said to he omniscient, oF nerly 50, and their knowledge of moral nature makes any action ‘ken against them ineffectual almost before i begins. They can reach gerss the planes and kil a mortal with the merest speck of ther siren (unless the sods under dhe protection of another greater power; dea it becomes tug-of-war tht can go on unt one of "em cals it qu) +364 Greater powers are beyond unfathomable and ineTble their motives transcend all mortal ken. A body just has to hope they act in-a way that’s best for the people If the Gods men's theory of how greater powers suck away the leser ix correet {see “The Next Step," below}, iH would seem the ‘greater gods are filly capable of abandoning thee worshipers for their own gain. Wright not be desertion in the strictest sense ofthe word, bu It site Tels that way to livers, Greater pawers can grant spells a? any level 0 theit priests, Afterall these gods are the ulmate creators and de stroyery and no berk alive can cell dem what to do (except pethaps (br the sods ofthe gous ~ dhe overpamers of inal spre pantheon. THE NEX+ SHEP Her’s a strange fact: It seems that many pantheons that have more than three greater powers sooner oF later find themselves on the way out For example, the Finnish pan= ‘theon has five greater gods, and the Sumerian pantheon has four ~ and both groups are fading from morals’ hess nd rind. "Course, the Greek pantheon, with four greater powers, ‘just as stong as eve, so the theory doesn't hold true in all ase, Sil, the idea's Hed canny cutters to take a food hard Took atthe pantheons that do fice theory. Ae they fain simply because the powers are losing believers? Ordo they lose luster far other reasons? Does the presence of 0 many eater powers pat a strain on the group, causing ito break apart under its own weight? Or does the pantheon not so mich dissolve as. 8cend? ‘A handful of sages especially fationcers in the Beli: rs of the Source) speculate that pantheors start to die when ‘the greater powers prepare themselves for an even greater transformation. The high-up gods draw on the suenath of the inferior deities ~ and the very ives of theit mortal be levers ~ to push them over the tp, But the top of what? What are the greater powers mov ing toward? Well, one idea says their effors spell the exe= ation of yet another facet ofthe multiverse, something be- {yond the Outer Planes. Here's the chant om that theory: The Inner Planes, seat of the elements and building blocks of i= ture, appeared first. The Eshereal Plane came second, fol- lod by the Prime Material Plane, where the elements com bined and formed mortals. Morals created knowledge, and ‘knowledge formed the Astral Plane, the bridge to belief. And with the development of belief came the Outer Plans So, the sages wonder, what's next? What lcs beyond the realm oF belie? "Course, to pose an answer to that question, body's fist gut co aucept the theory of the eration of the ‘multiverse as stated above. And since te theory implies that primes existed before dhe Duter Planes ~ and, kn fact helped to create the Outer Planes — the idea ant exactly welcomed on the Great Ring + FAMILIES AND LONERS + As endless as the planes are, « body’ think that there'd be plenty of room foreach power in the malivese to have his foun personal stomping ground. That's an fvve for planar ‘artgraphers, but regardless, most gods tend to belong 10 ppanthcons and share lange realms. Generally dies that'e ‘hound by blood (whether they're truly elated or merely arose fro the same cosmie source) congregate in the same ara. (On the oer hand, the ony thing some powers have in ‘common iste home world oftheir worshipers. Just Because «batch of gods hs a load of devotees on the prime-materil ‘world of Tort does mean that dose gods share a realm on the planes. Single-sphere powers can be found everywhere and anywhere BELONGING +@ A PAN+HEON Lots of folks don't understand how x pantheon arses inthe multiverse. They see a group of powers clustered together And con't know why. Here's the dark of it PPanthcons are often fore out ofa single wel of beet (or ita tody holds tothe mythology rate themselves fom a single soutee Together, the ods ofa pantheon are te teal ‘fa monalealture, te summation of al that cultures. Se, If 2 society were represented by just one sd, the peopled seem rather shallow (unless tbe deity symbolized ll chings to all folks) A pantheon gives the members ofa culture several df= ferent ideals to rive fr, each of them worthy in Hs own igh Panthcons aren't just models for mortals, though. A group of gods bands together fora reason: to understand the bb and flow of the multiverse I they ean rely on a greater power tool them together they can concentrate om study- ing ther specialties and report findings back to the head of the pantheon, Thus, the greater power absorbs the know- ‘edge of all others inthe panteon and ers a unified wn derstanding back to the other gods, giving them a clear pic- ture of what's happening inthe multiverse. In other words, belonging to 2 pantheon increases 3 deity’ nfuence and knowledge 2 hundred. Fac, some Ppantheous exist only 10 Feed the greater power, with the ‘thers acting as planar avatars of sor, Take the Greeks, for ‘example — most fills who think ofthat group instantly as Soriate it with Zeus, the leader. In a sense, he isthe pan ‘theon, and he rales the ther Greek povérs With firm hand, making sure they toe the Olympian line Some pantheons work toward clevating the entize ‘croup, or even an abstract fore for example, the Krynnish ods of good, evil and neutrality strive to support thelr re= spective ideal), Whatever the arrangement, i's worked out nicely. For the most par, only deities of monstrous races Told fist agate forming groups, But even that “nue” has is ‘exceptions, most notably the goblin and ore gods. ‘Many pantheons ~ like the Egyptians ~ scatter them selves throughout the planes, hoping Yo make tht inhi ere felt across broader area. Others ~ like the Celts and sae cles ~ cluster in a shared real where they can concentrate thers Regardless of living arrangements thou, the smerbers of path tera to have fe secrets from, ach other Their dings are known throuout the group. Par ‘theomsthnve on communication, and these th dont es the ‘chant don’t survive fr tong. By keeping themselves siesta ‘the beefs and thoughts of the others cach power malas ‘is ovm postion and ocasionally climbs a notch in status “Coir, it an" all hearts and lowers. Sometimes in Aging breaks out within a panteon, Powers ean snug {or sats and respect, and even steal worshipers from other members of the group, glorifying themselves at their brethren’ expense: When this happens, che head of the pan= tHeon must sp in to pul things sight. Ana he'd beter do it suifly 1 heep the group alive Remember, a greater power represents the pantheon, and embodies everything it stands for. How cana leader do that when his underlings are beveling? Unforturately, most pantheons have a god who goes against he grain, who per- Sonifies less desirable espects of moral culture ~ and Who ‘ets punished more than the others. The mischief-maker Lokt Springs to minds he's regulary exiled co Pandemonium for ‘causing strife among the rest of the Norse ods. And some Dantheons have actully driven ther troublemakers out. The ‘elves threw wicked Lolth ou of Arvandar, and the Egyplans banished Set from Hellopals Any fate greater power lea presents and disei- plies the pantheas. If he ant kep his group i Hine with is Ideals he suTers inthe eyes of other Koders. The belie of povsers is mighty thing, and appeszances ten oe impor tant when dealing with gods BELONGING +0 MULFIPLE PAN+HEONS Some deities manifest themselves in several pantheons, Chant is they do ic because they're seeking mote power for themselves, or because the rest of tele pantheon is dying and they want 19 make sure they survive the passing oftheir Fellows tn a worst-case scenario, i's a lstditch attempt to stay relevant ina hanging maliverse To accomplish this, 2 ower must fist sera priest to a prime-material world where he'd Tike to gain ground. The rest csablishs a beachhead of sort, slowly introducing the new god and converting the locals othe mew way of worship. Eventual the power can start to channl spells and moc. TInerestingly, many gods who sive themseives over to ‘wo pantheons sek worshipers on the prime-materia] wor ‘oF Tor where ey sometimes take on different aspects). But they expand far different reasons. For example, Silvanus and ‘Ogima of he Celts were being push out of power in their home pantheon. Loviatar and Milk of che Finns saw their Sretlven losing interest im life, and decided they were toa young to give up so easily. Tyr ofthe Nose, ance a very i= portant power in his own right, saw the blundering Thor slowly usurp his place asthe patron of warrior, and hac fin! some way to keep hinsellin existence SINGLE-SPHERE POWERS Some powers find themselves at home In a single crystal sphere, focusing. ther efforts an keeping oe prime-msteal World intact. Gods who try to boldly for insidiousy) grab ‘worshipers on suc a word often find themselves iin the Dns ~ de established powers are jest to strong, 100 en uence tobe displaced by a newcomer ‘Course, there's 2 price for being a big fishin a ile pond. local sod might reach great heights of power, bat it ter only om his chose word. See, the belie that makes him strong emanates from just ore place. while most deities fn the Outer Planes have worshipers aeross the Prime. An in termediate power of Kryn just doesnt have as much clout 8 an intermediate power of the Norse pantheon, even ‘Morag theyTe ofthe same ran, ‘That ain't the only problem with being a single- sphere dehy, Many crystal spheres are ruled by bloods known 38 overpowers, beings of such great might that even a greater Kod within the sper has vo bow to them. Tori, for example, hs Ao, and powers of Krynn fall under the eve of the High SG, But overpowers are"t much Yetier aff than any other Aes oF the wi They don't so much pull the scngs a8 simply act lke watchogs. And their wont doesn't mean a thing anywhere else, To be sure, thats a blessing to every poser on the ouside looking in, THE ROLE + OF +HE POWERS + "Novody’s relly sure what role dhe powers play inthe mult verse. AS with so much about the gods, the dark of the mat {er is kept from mortal, who probably couldn't understand the wath, anyway = whatever His I's a good bet a number ‘of powers clon" understand it either After al, if many berks don’t know the meaning oftheir lives, why shoul the gous now the meaning of tis? But lack of knowledge docsn't stop graybeards From speculating. For example, the Believers of the Source think thatthe powers are just another stage in evolution, that they building toward something higher and greater AS root, they point ro the evolution of cemipowers imo lesser powers, lesser powers into intermediate powers, and So on, “The faction says the gods exist to show mortals te path (0 realness o serve a living examples ‘Sonne folks alter thls hea abi. They hold tha due pow es don' show mortals the ways instead, the uth ls in the clash of the four great forees of the multiverse ~ law ancl ‘hos, good and eil~ as they dance around the central tenet fof neutrality, These forces stragale against one another be- ‘ase cach hopes to dominate, to make its the singe force that animates every living being. This sehool of thought leeper meaning army, because it don’ exist. Nerul pont is especial Atha andthe Blak Cab they give and take lives. and they dire fn the planes. The important thing to remem ruth oftheir ole in the multiverse, the powers don't contol al n Interest inthe as ofthe ry ives depend i after al. they don ay attemin to what’ THE IMPOR+ANCE OF +HE PRIME ‘The Prime Material Plane i # major point af contention among the powers. But why do hey treat the pace with seh i gloves? Wel, simply pus isthe barleground of betes, the chessboard of the tod and the prize of the malverse Here's the dark of i: The primes may be clueless, but they have faith. They believe without having t0 seey and thar’ a rare gift ~ especially on the Outer Panes, where be Het fe made Mesh. The Kod five on the planes, 30 they know that belie is power, and they se sustenance beyond any ‘thing 2 moral eould ever comprehend inthe untapped faith ‘of the primes If belief makes the planes ran a gd who cow tnols belief controls the planes. Likewise. a god who controls all the bli enntrls everyting sit any wonde, then, tht deities and pantneons corstantly strug with each other? ‘With the whole of the Outer Planes at stake, any basher «ould be forgiven his strvings. ‘That's why the powers don allow each other directly ‘onthe Prime, why they have priests and proxies, and why ‘they wate holy wars against each other I's planar evolu tion, the survival of the Atet Just because i's waged on & ‘mental fild don't mean a thing’ I's just a savage and des- erate a the instinctive stragale fr Fod. Course, dhe gods don’ always stop to think: [fone pantheon dominates and the rst ce our, sight not the win- aE DORE DONE +HAt. fadeaway, = — AN AVAHAR oF KALI, too? Perhaps the gods feet off one sanother as much a they Feed fff morals, Inany case, the Prime i the mal tough of belie, Sometimes that beliefs offered tthe gids more Airey, in the form of sacrifices of animals, vala- ables, or other possessions I's the voluntary susren- Acting of part oF « mortal’ spirit the promise that he Intends fo follow a power unt the day he dies. Ia prime makes a soeilic, he is in effect, pledging the sum tral of his life's falta to ls god. That offering remains a powerful link even ifthe sod ecdes ro find a new deity Later in i ‘The more evil primes once made It & practice 10 offer something even more valuable to their gods: fellow mor- tals. That's mostly dled out now, though i's still found among flends and devotees of lower-planar deities. Strangely enough, the vile berks think that sacifeiag a Sous life consigns his sprit wo the power is offered to ‘Truth ig unless specific ituals are followed to the Ite, he ‘victim's spirit goes tothe realm of his power ~ assuming that he's got unwavering faith. A moment of doubt is ‘enough to throw the whole thing into question; the ve right go elther way. But ifthe so has no faith whatsoever, citer in himself or In a mora system, his spi’ daomed to fed the powers of evil @H, yeu SHOULDN'+ HAVE 40 +e BERK WHO 1us+ “KILLED” HER. DEALING + WI+H MOR+ALS + Powers tke pains to cultivate relationships with thie ser= ‘vans, Afterall I’ the worship and servi of mortals hat make the powers what they ae, The belles ofthe devoted make the gods stronger, and thus ever more able to influence the multiverse. Here's de dark of it: Every single action a power takes requires him to expend a portion of his right, Granting spells takes something out ofa dod, ard de tangle demon siration of stent (ae matter how minute) abo drains n= iy Stil if the ation will make the sod more powerful in the long an, the pay-ofF wil be worth the efor, Thats why 55s important that a priest eonstaily sturp Fr his god iF hae ust takes the spells offered snd does nothing in return ‘the deity loses strength without getting anything back. No matter how atric the power, he's not Hkely tole the one way flow continue Thus, the gous rely on their priests, proxies, and peti- Uoners. They glve ener to thei servants and hope to wain ‘more in return, By allowing others to act fr them in dy 10 day matters, the powers can conserve thir strength fo the ‘ig battles ~ the tes when they really ned it Proxles are the biggest drain m4 od. A power really takes x caleulsted gamble with a proxy, pouring Larger postion of his night ino he agent than into any other servants. 12 proxy does't work ct the or’ pent his stent foolishly. ‘A power has other servants, to, but the doesnt have fo grant them spells or ex pend strength in maintaining them. Aasi- mon, devs, ends taal, and all manner ‘of other ereatures ave been know 10 to for the agendas of various gods. "Course, these planar agents usually have their ovm ends, 00, and they don’t have otely on energy from a delty for stuength That makes them less than reliable In some pow es eyes FORMING AVAFARS When a power needs to manifest himscif to his worshipers, hh takes om the fonm of an avatar ~ a physical projection af his will. The avatar appears and spreads the divine word, ‘vengesarievous wrongs, or defends the sods who ve sum rmoned i A power jst can' sit passively in his realm, afer all, He's goto do what's necessary 1 keep himself alive, and that includes protecting and encouraging the morals who provide life-sustaining bei Ws important to remember that an avatar of «god fs not the god himself.’ just an extension, much ke a fingernail isan extension of a baste’ body. Ifthe nails destroyed, well thurs litle, butt grows back. Chanees are the sol Want to eliminate whatever it was that Mur him It's the +00 same with a poner; he won't die if an avatar is destroyed, bout he certainly feels the Toss And he makes sure chat wht ever destroyed the avatar won't do i gain ~ a od aes eng made inte foo "Avatars are especially important on the Prime Materia Plane The gods have agreed not to manifest their true forms fn the Prime, so they Sel avatars instead. stab al he powers inthe multiverse havea stake in che Prime, and they lon want to/mess up such valuable ground. Afterall, 2s Soon as one god starts manifesting himself directly on the plane. another cne comes sions, and then another uni all he dels are there, having for dominanee. And then i won'c belong before they make a wasteland of the Prine, leaving wo more worshipers to Fight over Avatars, on the other hand, aren't strong enough to ‘cause sich devastation. The gods ed to make tei avatars ‘weak enough tobe taken out bya very powenfl mortal. That vay, te deities could suppor: themselves on the Prime, but ‘ot sk srupting the entre plane with a show of too much foree. That's also the reason avatars onthe Prime dis appear when they come into contact ‘with each oer. Spy pt fds wo star wearing om the Prime ae jus bean co have evar other power in the mulivese cfiminate them, P@LIFICS + AMO@NG +HE POWERS + Even on the Outer Planes, where they might be able to g0t0 ‘war and get away sith it, powers hesitate to draw battle ines. They know the consequences af infighting go fae be {yond the discipline of their leaders, See, no one wins in & ‘lash of that kind of magnitude, The only pamtheons shat ‘struggle openly against esch other are the goblins and the ‘es, and the Babylonians and che Sumerians. The others pursue thee feu a litle more subly Don't et de wrong Kea, berk ~ W's una to say that all powers dislike each other. Some actually ind common {round and cooperate ta make their spheres of influence ireater and more widespread. For example, the gods of smrithceft en 10 work vets, combining heir knowledge fF smithing and crating to strengthen the sphere of inl ‘ence. Instead of worrying about rivalries among their pan thcons, they've set aside differences of culture. Instead of competing with each other for a small area of control, they ve made the ple larger, so al can share equally Not all powers are so wis. For instance, Zeus and the Dauhdia {respective leaders of ie Greeks and the Celis) ‘abide each other, and they've set thelr agents and vata 10 sabotaging the other. Some gods just dat know hhow to share. Facts, powers scheme against each other all ‘he ine, ad Few can pt aside their aiferences long enough to tld relationship of ust. THE DIVINE CemPAct CCross-panthcan alliances sein to work est when the ads Involved ae reasonable, good-aligned deities. h's when two ‘egotistical powers butt heads that the sparks start My To ‘head of such peblems, the gods of the planes gor together ‘nd established standard sgreements, and any power whe vi Colates the rules king for trouble First off, the powers are forbidden vo manifest them: selves on the Prime Material Plane, Avatars are permitted, ‘bu only those below a certain level of power. A few powers are allowed to break this rule ike Gaea, who embodies all the words of the Prime jee her entry inthe chapter om the Greck pantheon), and Zinzeven, who's just a demipower ‘no worshipers (ee the drow section of the chapter on the elvish pantheon) Second the powers ae allowed thet feuds, but they at lame fll seal war ~ at east, not they plan involve secondary pan- icons. divine battle fsstely two-party fight Teun oursder pantieon doesn't dare stk its nose ing for fear that the rest of the pantheon band together to punish the meds. "Thin powers ca lay the worshipers of other nor instruct their allowers do 0. They eam ty to covert ‘other mortals 38 much as they like, but no King. “Course, ‘many evil deities teak this ule et and right But the only of ficial exeeption to the agreement is when twn gos go fo war. Then, and only then, can powers condone the slaughter of mortals ~ but only thase who're dircetly involved in the atic Fourth, the powers wil allow thee petitioners 0 be res turret by ater dete, as longa they for their priests) get Something out ofthe bargain. For example, say a cleric of Dianecett or he Prime wits to bring back her fiend, a wor~ Shier of Atena, who's ded and gone on to Achenas rea, ‘The fiend, now a petitioner, is quite happy to stay right where he Is So what ylves Diancect she sight 10 yank the sev off Mount Olympus an ling him back ino his boty on the Prime? Unless Athena agrees the resurrection, i aint ong to happen. And she'd ive to be promise something ‘quite nice i exchange for giving up petitions. (On the ‘ther hand, iF Diancecht can fetch the so very soon after is feath ~ im other words, before he fully becomes a petitioner ~ the resurrection i Less tricky) nally, powers can grant spels co priests on the Prime ‘Material Plane without any los in levels. By divine agree- ‘ment, spells iansferred through dhe Asta co the Prime don't lose the poteney they aight if ey were sent fom one Outer Plane to another, That might sound baray, but it doesn't Ihave to make sense, Is the will ofthe gods, How did the powers of the planes ever stop mucking around and nail down these five agreements in the Fist place? And how do they make sure that everyone follows the rules? I's simple. Every few years, the heads ofeach sae pantheon meee a the base of the Spite of the Outlands tere they make sure the pacts are Doing observed, ac forthe creation of me les, and make cases 10 seat thase thaw outdated. 1's Sid the area arond the base ofthe Spite neutralizes even godly powers, so the deities can mect without fear af being Tred mt a tap. Naturally, this moot of the gods is always conducted under the strictest secrecy, for who knows what morals ome ly o earn the secre's ofthe powers? The lan tat live by the Spire guard the conelive, Aad is in hee bes in terests to do so, The rlmani enforce neuuaity across the Planes, and the fact that the powers can meet a all is a good ‘Sgn that balance ean yet rule the multiverse THE BLO@D WAR ‘The war of annihilation between the beateew and tonare is ‘he singe langest cont n the history of he livers. Nat tural, a ody’ expect the powers 1 sit up and take notice, Wel chey've taken notice, ll igh. an they used to take par In the fighting oo ~ uni the fiends rade i clear that ‘the powers weren't wanted, Worshipes onthe Pink sted ge. ‘yg Les the ts Soon elie that they'd have to play tel eatds «bit more subtly asic wo the sideline, But that doesn's mean theyte out ofthe picture. Believe the powers ai going ta sit ky by while the Feds tear each other apart in a desperate stig 1 dete mine te face of evi The Blo Wars complicates thing divides loyalties and alliances among the powers like almost A number of powers lke to ede in the Blood War though x doit fora whole host of reasons. Same gad of bate ranging from noble Kir Jlith 19 manlaeal Morgan ~ get Involved just because they lave to fight. Many are eager to say flends, while some just enjoy battle for ts own sake, studying the Now ofthe Fighing in sends combinations. Fret is, they draw some measure of strength from the war and dow’ want wo lave i ‘ther powers support the war fr difleren reasons, The more altruistic deities wane co ee it age om because i heeps the baatezu and tanarri occupied. They're happy 0 he the fends destroy each other instead of slaughtering innocents fr fighting armies of good ar neutrality. Gos that hold 0 {his idea don’t emer the war directly, tut encourage theit ents to sell weapons and supplies 1o whichever side's currently losing ina attempt to even the odd) The last hnch of supporters ae the gods who look past the idea of good! versus ev, and sce the war a a cas of (the aatezu) and ehaos the Tansee. Ani they have a stake {n yhich side wins, For example, Primus and the lawful p= 178 of Mount Celestia won rather see the ante win the ‘war — at least they can understand and york against ordre evil The chuatie Norse and elvsh powers, however, wold senerally prefer tha the freedom-loving tana! turoph, Unfortunately, whenever quod strugales against good, the caly winner ise Not every power on the planes aeceps the Blood War as part lie Fact i; many work to bing the fighting toa lose: Nat= rally his group inces thase who valu Le even fen} View peace asthe est roue to enlightenment ‘ne of the best examples is Kuan-t of Elysium. He ‘may be the Chinese god of wat, but he doesn’t want to wate the infernal battle wreak havoe across the Lower Planes, spill over onto the Ouslands, end drag all manner of sods into its bloody swirls from one end of the eosmas 10 another. Kuan prefers the gentle touch of diplomacy, nd his proxies work o bring the bastezu and tana together without violence Strangely, some evil powers alko want to end she rhage, but fr far less noble reason: to pave the way For 8 Fiend alliance. They figure that if the Bates an! tana ‘ould just stop killing each other, they could join forces and ‘become an unstoppable army of darkness, ready to sweep ‘over the planes. Curtenty, the Abyssal lord Grant (who's only a near-power, of course, bit hungry for rea divinity is Sounding a all forthe two races to unite ard conquer ‘No matter what the reason, powers who want to stop the war send peacekeepers and diplomats (0 both ses ur Ing them to move beyond pure hated. They offer varus concessions ~ aid, arms, future considerations ~ If the Fiend just set aside their differences, Powers of good rose 0 let te oul creatures dominate the Lowe Plans Powers of evil encourage the fends to tearm up ani ravage the entre mabiverse The powers inthis category can be of any mora and thal stripe: te wari simply beyond their sper of influence ane ‘thus beyond ther Interest, Unfortunately, the Blood War's a dificult thing to avold, especially for the powers whose reals are stuck right in the middle For example, the Gray Waste ~ the fighting’sprinipat batuleground ~ (s home co Arawin, Hades, and Hel, three deities of death who're sometimes forced to get involved to protect dheir domains or followers fom the Nerds, But une ‘ther posters, that's the ony tine they interfere inthe Blood ‘War, and them only so fara is needed to rake the bsaeau And tana take their roubles elsewhere tae SIGIL The City a the Centr ofthe Multiverse the Cage the Ciy oF Doors, Sigil ~ all are names for ome ofthe greatest prizes known 1 sentient beings srywere. The Lady of Pain keeps the powers fim storming her city, but the gos keep tying, ening their agents and proxies into Sigil i the vain hope that hey can discover the Lady's weakness What makes the cily so valuable? Well, aside from the fet that i's right in the center ofthe center of the Outer Planes (and thus, perhaps, the nexus of unimaginable power, is choked with portals that kal everywhere In he Iuliverse. god with these portals at hls eommand could send his servants literally anywhere, increasing his on Ssength 10 the poin: where fede unstoppabl T's not known how the Lay heeps the ponets out of he aye, Chant is she deins on mysterious eneray that lows. Fromm the tp oF che Spite ito the ety. She wot to Sig ist ste, and dscovered its secrets before anyone ese could. AL Teas that’s how the sory cs. “Cours, that ki of tall usually sets off a sticky debate shout which came frst Sig or he Lady? That's a mater for historians and philosophers, The point is that the powers scheme to et te hands on the Cage for a long. 38 they've noun a its existence ‘But they can't aTeet the elty from dhe ouside. sics ‘top the infinite Spire. in the very middle ofthe Outta, ‘where all magi and godly power Rizles ou And they can't ‘onauer fom within, because the Lady makes sure that the portals deny them entrance ~ and the portals the oly way {ior out of the Cage, Ancient chant is. barmy god once ‘tied to climb the Spire and punch his way into the city: ‘dca chilrens tales say the berks sill imbing day. ‘As that slory proves (true oF nat), the gods've tried neaely everyting to break Sig's defenses. But disguised ‘avatars are either hired back from the portals or struck ‘nn a8 soon a8 they enter the sy their gashed and bed ‘ng bois turing to their posers Proxies are allowed in, Dur if they ty to use amy magical means to sneak ther sod ‘hough, they find that their fancy gadgets simply dissolve sway, And any artemprs 10 Ture the Lady fom the city fails the Cage keeps her in as much asc keeps the weds ut Besides, one power ever go close 1o grabbing the keys of Sig, the ther deities d band gether 0 bing hin down, ‘Tha’ robably lane reason for dhe Ladys success in keep Inge city safe ~ no god would trust another wit such a ize. They'd sooner se it desiye TWILIGH+ + OF +HE GODS + ‘ace every co of 0, a power dies. Depending on the nature ‘ofthe god a time of joy or sadness — though with pl tis among the powers belng wht dey a,’ key a mix tare of both, SUM, shows the powers that even thoug they’se long-lived and nigh-inviacible, they ea die. That's Someruing every deity fears 'A power cans met his end in ane of two ways Fest of all, he ean lose all of his worshipers. Whether the faithful turn amay valuntarily or are cut down by enemies, a god vive without helicf Oh, he ca live off his own power for a while, siping hackwarl through the ranks, oc- casiomlly stealing the lives af another god's proxies to slighty prolong his evn fn eke end, though, stolen enenky Just lant enciagh o stain livin i, and dhe god eventu- ally gives up the ubost ‘The first metod of Ailing & power is the cleanest (out by mo means the easel). The second meth’ 2 oc messes, ‘hu just as tough to pul OF rally a host of other gos to put the Blood dawa, If some herk of 4 pawer comes along an stars attacking other hs ought slaying thie priests, in terfering om the Prime, or just genecally making 2 nuisance ‘oF ims, the ater deities ar sure to gro imitate They might cate the god! in hs ome realm, ana wage the kind of plane-shatering bate rhat inspires bards for rien. [Pthe berk’s away, the united powers ean ay ‘waste 1 his ground, whieh ier draws hin home for fight for tums him into an exile ~ 2 wandering power, & god with ‘outa realm. Evenly, the oder dltes will seek him out ‘nd try to finish ho Bur whcther a power des with 3 whimper or a hang, be ‘ends up in the sme pace: the Asal Pane, These, his ith ny body slowly takes on the appearance of stone, and his ‘rears play acres hk fran they played one The the Sens gon forgo (hav some ~ like he factions ofthe Sign of One ~ claim toe ale to resutrect “dea got power’ realm slowly decays with his bot. The pet tioners who spent their lives attuning themselves to the fo tesualy di along with him. H's not unknown for proxies {20 up in flashes of choking smoke as thelr power rages ‘aint the dying oF the light. The ream self remains on tbe Same plane and layer, but Ue stench of death surrounds am permeates it, Buildings crumble, res sg and eoTkpse, and seographiesd features dissolve [nto mist. Horideveatuces (remnants of the god's consefousness) roam che ruined ‘oun, lashing, ou in elexive action at any besk they sy When the power Finally expire, the real i nrhing But a vast expanse of wasted land I eam ike thousands of years to return to the conditions ofthe sunouneng plane. But even then, the auea of death hangs over land ke a pal. And, oF course, the ground might be usurped by oter gods, ‘Necless to say, the death of a power isn't common ‘Goo thing oo, because otherwise the planes'd be covered ‘with ashes, But since time began, a handful of gods are Known to have been writen ino the dead-book, including Aoskar, Bane, Ea, Ler and Myrkul. But i's said thatthe Astral the graveya for a good many more oat compact, nods who've been Long forgotten — or were never known to mer tals in te Best pace The previous chapter dealt mainly with the general workings of the power ~ what they are how they ive and dic, snd what tall means. That sort of cents Helpful to both primes and Planars. But natives of the ute Plans think diferent. Not only can they se proo of the gods up close and personal, but plane- PLANAR AFFAIRS 2ocS From the belief of mortals, but from other (al usally unknow) means ently This chapter looks at powers favored by plancwalkes, powers favored by factions, and be- ings that aren't nue powers but demonstrate abiliies tad make many folks classify then as ods anyway. + POWERS FOR PLANEWALKERS + Planewalkers area practical bunch. They've got no use for frppery — that doesn't get a body any closer to truth than a spike through the foot. And they hate to pede tne or effort unless they're sure theyll get something in rerurn. So when it comes to worshiping powers, plane walkers tend toward gods who rally prove themseves worth the trol, A deity’ otto offer rewards thal other powers dom, contol a sphere thats impossible to refuse, or be versatile enough co help sod out of most any jam NEAR-P@WERS? ‘The Greek god Hermes, for example, Is paniculary @F C@URSE beloved of planewalkes. AS the kod of travels thievery ass WHA YEE BEEN @N ABOU-+ — an! fambllg et obvioaly goin owt anton fem at less scrupulous berks, Bu his followers sim that Heres sealghigaatlon is mighty enough to grant a wide variety of benefits ~ — CAELI BURSHON, everything from helping them a ind portals wo curing the bunions| GODSMAN AP@LOGIS om their toc. Mos likey, Hermes ist as involved a al hat, but ies true that those who've devoted to hts tend to lad ther fet more ‘often than not Lug of the Celis is also popular among plancwalkers. He's the go oF excellence, afte al ‘but mos folks take that ro mean be's a jack of-all-trades. Bloods know that gh’ atop-self ‘tole for those who do more than just travel and fight ~ a basher can eal on him ay tim any situation, Cham i che deicy’s keen on new experiences, 10. Ifa planewalker in a tight Squeeze calls on him and Lugh's never been in that particular situaton, he might send an avatar (ty I out [an help the sod who calle fora, too) Many cuters who walk. the planes favor Celestan of Oerth, Sue, tes only an intermedi ate poner from a singe crystal sphere, but asa god of wavelers and wanderers, Celestia pe. fecy suited for those who earn thei ving as they go. Fact even folks who shy away from, the powers altogether tend to make a special exception for Celestian His blessings att hur i 1 ody needs to get someplace in huey. What's mot, he dwells on the Asta, which touches ‘ach of the Outer Planes. That means his priests don suffer alos of spelcastng ability as they travel sround the Great Ring. A prime might conser i tacky to praise & go just C0 et hs spel, har curters om the planes are more realistic ~ they do what they can to stay out ofthe ‘dead-book. Among planewalkers, the worship of Colestan is rapidly becoming the religion of choice sue Some fos Unk tht the Indian deity Puchan makes @ better gulde, He's known co protect travelers who move under is golden lance, and he's not usually concerned with ‘what pantcon a body follows. An like Celestan, he often receives scfces rom bashers who normally woul’ look Ioviee ata god (better safe than sorry, they figure) But Puehn goes step Farther than Celestion, eying to establish oper telationships between al things and put travelers in tune with ther environments. His more dedicated flowers take that literally, expecting Pusan to protect them fom a Janas physical hazaris, but the gd’ more Ikly to steer & body eWay from an area he soul he visiting, Speaking of rough terrain, planewalkers who head (0 the tnner Planes cau! do worse than eall on Pi ofthe xypilas for ald. Pia’ been a patron of teaver For eos how, or so scems. But 28 divine source of inspiration [often crediced by his follomers asthe creator ofthe mult verse), Pia seems tral for lads where the elements — the bung blocks of matter ~ sign. Ie extents his grasp to the Outer Planes every ance in a while, but the truth i thar Pah’s much more of an elemental power. The, i's the really tough travelers, rhe ones who can take the Inner Planes, who usualy come to Ptah for bel, ‘Sometimes, planewalkers worship deities from theit racial puntheons. For example. among the dwarves, both Musimmian Dustial and Dumathoin sre common choices, Muaimman's idl fr light-hearted and curious explorers, those who want to venture ver the barizon just forthe sake ‘of seeing whats there, Dumathoin’s preferred by the more scholarly dwarves, Folks who stout with x purpose in nd His is the urge of discovery for the benefit f the dwarvis race, rather than idle personal euriosity. And planewalking _Avomes pray to Bacrvan Wildwanderer, » gentle trickster ‘who turns deny serious when it eomes to protecting siomish travelers. tsa duty he doesnt forse @WERS FOR +HE + FACHIONS # Some factions favor certain powers over the rest 1s only natural, really; some qods Pit plospiial ideals quite read ly, and others just don't. But the powers listed helaw are ‘only saguestions fr factoneets, not hard and fast rules lust remember, berk: A priest wan't enter a faction ‘that's antithetical to his powers ideals, This, a clevie of cthotie deity tke Lok or Erevan lesere would give the Fri ‘emity of Order a wide beth Fact i that's why’ priests make lousy spies forthe foctions ~ they can't fake eisbelie in heir sds well enough to pareor other philosophies. few ca ‘theyre te truly ited, Bur only the most forgiving oF pow ‘rv let his priest perform another god's rituals even ifs [ust an at. A priestly spy'd have more Tk preterang wo be something ke ~ say, a THE AFHAR [Mernbets of this facton don't venerate any power in partie Ular and despise those who do, Unlike the weak-minded berks who prostrate themseves before the “gos the Defies don't see 4 divine hand in everything, They worship the (Grea Unknown, ad draw thie spells frm the Astral Pane Any sod who pledges his ie to a speife deity i just Fooling ime Defiets don't even take aid from priests of specific eis. They don't want wo Ket the stinking roads of dolu- Sonal high-ups ly a finger om ‘em. THE BELIEVERS OF +HE SOURCE ‘The Godsmen are mote open-minded than the Atha, allow Ing both specialty priests of particular gods ad elerics who ‘worship the nebulous Ethereal force known a8 the Souree The faction Holds that anything can ascend to eater sory, that a ady’s got dhe poten Df cosmic testing that draws the devout, and makes the fa tion's powers gods of the Cest: Brihaspatl, Jazirian, Shekinestr the Thee-Faeed, and Chung Kue! of the Celestial Bureaucracy Is Godsman's looking for strong performers, for prool ‘at people ean become more thm what they are, he can aso Took o the demipowers or the gods of excellence (Sif of the ‘Asi and Lug of the Celis for inspiration, THE BLEAK CABAL the multiverse holds no meaning, why shoulda ory listen to powers that tll hi otherwise? I's just a pee, and any od wh ptocais the wand the trath is ring to pull the ‘woo! over folks’ eyes. The Bleakers don't look for comfort From their deities. They look or ales in the strug of exis lence, and hope to find it in their mad gods, ‘Among this faction, the most popular powers are Cyc. ‘Tharzciu, and Dionysus ~ a nod tothe Rule oF Tees. The trio embodies diferent aspects of madnes, and the Bleikers ‘embrace amines fal ts arms. Bu the Cail lo adies Time of Toul god of suffering and endurance, Because they see He as time of woe that leads arly oblivion, the Bleakers look up to a delty who can help them mde through. THE D@O@MGUARD Asagents of entropy members ofthe Dooruard find ana tral affinity for powers who bring desraction to thea verse whether on a grand oF local scale. Thus, they count Talos the Destroyer (of Tol one of ther patrons ~ wih a ame like that, how sould he be wrang? The faction also ‘worships Shekinester’s aspect as the crone-faced Weaver [ough her other two aspects, which suggest building, are sigs out- Vayu, the randomly destructive power of wind in the Vd pantheon, is also high on the list. However, the god most highly revered by Fationeers i Siva. After all's his furetion to bring an en to the mui vere, Site, Siva accasion= ‘Toe Guvners also appreciate Lu Hsing of dhe Celestial Bureaucracy — truth fs, they look up co (and often model themselves afer) most gos oF the ally acts to preserve, but ee COURSE | KN@W -FHA+ Bureaucracy. And they admire any pow: only make event) S|VA"S PLEDGED “= fn ery ei a as Aesiruton that much more ee ves ‘of life, melding: Athena, Avani, ‘complete. And yes, Siva might De aiming toward a greater ‘whole, but dhe destruction {comes fist. That counts Toe a Jot with the Doomgsad, ‘Course, no priest with ac- ‘es fo the spheres ofereation or healing ean ever Join the faction. THE DUS+MEN [Ah death The dour Busine, wh believe that everyone on the planes has steady passed away, choos to pry to gos who promote death ~ of, even better, are death incamat, Many ofthe groups favorite powers are those who mite called the “angry dead gods": Chronepsis, Kali, Mersal, Nerul, Sales, Usogalan, Wee Jas Yama, and Yurts, Even more popular ate the “uidead powers”: Chenosh,Faluzure, Kanehelsis, Kiaransalee, and Mellifleur The most beloved fds ofall, though, ave the "apathetic dea,” those who're at pace with their sate: Anubis, Arawn, Hades, Hel, Kelemvo Nephythys Osiris, Sehanine Moonbow, and Yen-Weng-Yeh Eventually, though, Dustmen priests Fill away from ‘worshiping gods of death, and focus insend on the concept of Death (wth a capital}. THE FAtED These folks are called the Hearless for a reason, They take hat they can get, and then ry to take more. They're big on ‘he idea thatthe song should wiueph, and hey put that to ‘he testinal walks of He, Members of this Faction admire the Norse ods remendausy, ad hei aiude ens 10 mit ror that ofthe rough pantheon, But other powers capture the Fated’ fancy 2 well in- cluding any gos of might ~ a stong eater can take what he likes. Factioneets also lean toward the numerous powers af wealth, acquisition, and greed: Anbathor, Esibals, Hades Hiddukel, Nephytiys, Sera, Shinae, Urdlen, Yaprak the De siruyer, Vergidai, and Waulkcen, Al ofthese gods appeal a rely (0 the miser and banker inthe spss ofthe Hears. THE FRAFERNIFY OF ORDER 1's no surprise that che Guvners hold dear gods of order, -Anowledge, anid tath The Faction’ belief In the superiority (and power) of lave doesn’ allow for much ese. Specialy ‘action members piege themselves to Zeus, Varun, Plas Aine of Kryn, Phottus of Oerh, and Tyr ot both Tot and the Aes WHY 1 F@LLOW HIM — YANEK, 4 BASHER oF +HE D@@MGUARD Hahamur, Hoceob Brikaspati, Gilea, Jezirion, Kori, Mannzecorian, Miaka, Oghmo, Ra, Shekinese, ‘Thoth, and Zsiyn fan extensive lst, bt ‘the Guvners are nothing If not thorough Ws important to note: The fation doesnt worship the chaotic gods of knowledge. They feel that any Wisdom tha comes from chaos i ate THE FREE LEAGUE ‘Obviously, the fre-thinking Indeps don have many pre= Ferre powers. Fist of al, gods of liberty ani feed ate’ ‘exactly commonplace, And besides, even a deity lanch st ng to wring a consensus our af members of the Free League Stil, most Indeps agree that two powers in particular are fairly decent bloods: Trithereon ancl Shinar. They're bon singlessphere gods (Tithereon of Orth, Shinare af yn, but as powers of feedom and liberty. the Faction finds them quite upright THE HARMO@NIUM Like the Guvners, the Harmonium tends to allow the powers ‘flaw and order. They don't mich hold with chaos, at they cerainly don't ake to berks who espouse personal bry at the expense of others. The Hardheeds emphsire day to ‘eater idea, stressing tbe needs of she many fas defined hy the faction, of course) over the needs ofthe few. Thus, Torm the Loyal isa big favorite. They also put a high pice on vig: ‘lance and guardianship, as exemplified by Arvoteen of the halltings, Gaerda! Ironhand ofthe anomes, Helmdall, Hele, Korie, Patne, Parraaire, and Syranite, “The facton's current pick, however, is St Cuthbert of Cer. His unflinching desi 10 do what's right and never compromise strikes a chord in Harmoniun me the planes THE MERCYKILLERS Fierce seekers of justice and avengers of wrongs, the Mersy- killers tend toward more brutal set of powers. They're one ofthe few groups in the cosmos that venerates the Furies Ihough the Kindly Ones do not gear spells). Most faction ‘ers, though, stick (0 other powers of justice like Fors Helroneus, and Tye. Grimes members of the Red Death look to gods of vengeance for their guidance. Horus, Lei Kung and Sargonnas inspire many of the Mereyilletscomite To misions of eevenge tae THE REV@LU+I@NARY LEAGUE In stark contrast to the Hardhcads and Guvners, the Anar- chists worship none but chaotic powers. Tey dont sce the Sense inlaw, Which ends up benefiting only the privileged fev. The Factions patrons are the gos of chon, change nd the inversion of soral order: Erevan Mesee, Loki, Sitio, tnd Zinzer, Some Anarchists ke a more destructive and violent stance, following such powers a Shekineste, Siva, Talos, tnd Vayu And 10 kep thelr secres dark fom hei enemies, they also praise the yods of deception: Baravar Cloakshadow, Geni Midkel, an I Mind, faction members aren't necessarily evil. But be ‘cause society decrees that many powers who work toward ‘change or, Anarehists who identity with those gods recast as evil themselves THE SIGN @F ONE ‘The Signer ae sald to be the most self-absorbed faetioneers ‘onthe planes. Be that as fc may, is a fact that the gods they ‘choose to worship ave those thought t have yhipped up much of the malliverss. These deities of eeation include arethian, the Daydha, Gace, Odin, Ra, and Zeus Truth isthe faction gravitates toward the greater powers of rmost panto, beeause members imagine themselves to he creators on the level of the mightiest gods. And who knows? They js might be Corel THE SOCIEFY OF SENSA+ION ‘The Sensates hold experience atthe heart of truth they ook to sample every sensation the multiverse has to offer As sueh, they prefer gods of adventure and execllence, Uke Sif of the Aesir ~ she's wood at everything, and therefore she's co be admired, The only delty they admire more is “Luh ofthe Celis He's adventurous, amorous, aad be try Anything once t see if he's good 3 i. Luh doesn't shy Away om challenges, andl the Sensates want ta emulate that devotion “Course, some members of the faction wallow i simple hedonism. sticking with what they know they lke rather than scouting out new experiences. These folks tend {choose powers of beauty and charisma ~ gods who look ood and carry themselves with style. Among the plea sure-secking Sensates, Aphrodite, Baldur, Basi, Freya, anali Celni, Ura, and sometimes Sune are the deities of cholee THE TRANSCENDEN+ @RDER ‘Most gods revere by this faction seem tobe those ofthe Ce lesa Bureaucracy and the Japanese panthicon. See, the Ui hers advocates perfect union of thought and response — ‘things should he no soner ste! than done, They dot eae for powers that sit around weighing consequences; they ‘want gods that can mel mind and ation, And the deities of the Lands of the Rising Sun are the ones most likely to achieve that Kea Like the Sensats, the Ciphers also praise Luga, but fora Aiterent reason. The Celi god doesnt think; he imply acs, And he discovers the wisdom of his choice i the montent action ise, More often than not, e's proven right. The Ck [hers fin that remendousiy appealing. THE XA@SI+ECHS “This faction is sometimes considered the Teast of the bunch Ubecause it lacks any clear organization or design. But the Xaositects are surprisingly unified on the powers they ‘choose to worship ~ atleast For as long a8 they worship. anyone. Generally, they devote themselves to the gods of chaos. ‘Course, being Xsositeets, factioncers sometimes ‘witch over to support the powers of law [but their attempts fare so Feeble thatthe sols ene up walking the path of chaos anyway Their favorites are Erevan Hlesere and Loki. However, ‘many Xaositects also follow the various powers af luck — Bast, Bes, Beshaba, Lakshmi, Nebeun, Sera, Tyce, Tymora and Vergadain- Many fietion members also have a special place in their hears for Trihereon and Shinare, the gods of freedom. But no matter which powers they endorse, the Xaosiects set independently of one another, even €0 ing the rituals of worship in dramatically diferent ways. + NEAR-POWERS + ‘Among the creatures ofthe planes is not at all uncom mon for lowly beings to rise to heights oF reat power, No ‘doubt they'd stay there longer it werent forthe fact that the higher 2 body gets, the more enemies he has. But that ‘does top every basher in the multiverse feom trying to Improve, and every once in a wile a lucky few ch thelr way 10 the 1p, bold onto power tenaciously, and ight off all comers. The bloods inthis section aren't gos ~ yet. But they ‘lose, The smel of divinity surrounds them like the stn of ‘a reeking corpse. Sec. by climbing the heap. they made roms for themselves, and are rewarded with praise and worship from those breath them. ‘Course, they have vastly ferent levels of strength. The rougest animal lord on the Beastands is stil no mach forthe weakest Abyssal lor, But fame does translate into raw power. The more folks Who now s blod’srame, the more likely cis that hell pas ito the realms of eaytlc bel ‘Not all ear-powers wan to become full-fledged gods; they fel they have plenty of strength a it i ad hey aren't above interacting wth mortals ut all ofthese beings are dangerous, and the best advice for a plancwalker isto ster ear vue ens Of al the tama these are the warst~ andthe whole race ‘bad nent best The lors le entire Abyssal ayes, comn= mand vast armies of txnar, and prosecute the Hlood ‘War merely They've elevated themselves through sheer force of wil and cue disdain far others, and they combine iodike iteigence with all that's dangerous about the ese nar with horrifying resus. Over ai Jenin of existence, the bloois ve perfected ‘ned dail ‘wicker, an hey axe againsboie another sh as they Fight anyone se brutal v4 } Seen Kostetchi rd, the in Wasi Busicaly/ tee same ak hemos evi Wann the mates aly tient, but they allserve-as KlGalgfar the Ay i + /Liss'aere (274, Mallgyebua) tony of eser ana I hou thtnac 9, ea ‘ + Purat! 60314 Torte) ayer of the Abyss fas is owmtOndh andthe un 9 Sess inn (70h the Phantom Plane) culate te mpc Thr og lee 6 tune boar wanton ba aOUREEN fer dye

Pandemonfun/Pandesmos/the City of Eteroat Darkness oon Pons Nowe Ina place where the howling winds of Pandemonium have dlc to the metet whisper, a black clay brick wall seals off the entrance to Anshar's dark realm, No matter how much Tight body shines im the area, i never illuminates more thon 5 fet ofthe wall in any direction, so the structure seems end less — and perhaps i is Only a erk who's a fiend to the night can find docrn the wall which opens into the City of ermal Darkness. No light may be itn the realm, and those ‘who ty draw the immediate attention of Anshar’ avatar. ‘The power himses sald to be easily angered and given to fis of blackest moods. Chant ise once hud a reat deal more strength than he does now, but he sutrendered for lst) Ito Anu. The Cerilan goddess lode (se the chapter on Single-spere pantheon) shares the Cty of ternal Darkness ‘nth Anshar; some say isto bolster his siging power, ‘mile oes think i's she eam wrest the ream from i ‘aber he Finally goes dawn for the count ‘One thing fs clear: Those who tread near the City had best go carefully. There's no telling what might set Ansar olf and he’s not likely to have any sympathy for sods who set lost in Pandemonium’ maddening tunnels DRUAGA Lesser Power, “Ruler of the Fiendisle World” ‘hoe: Baatezw summoning AL WAL: LE Suits Ruby mace Hows: Bator Disfhe Reteat ofthe Fallen sony Pests: Rilak (Pa/ pit fiend [MD 16/LE); Adma (Pe) eting/T14)Mereybiles/LEL ‘Druaga’s known asthe rule of rendish Lands and tha’ true ~ at least far asthe Babylonian panthcon goes. However, in the grander scheme of things, he's Just another deity ‘who's mad his home on Baar. The Loris of de Nine toler- ate his self-imposed ticle and even allow him to force baatezu to is bidding. Bur they won't let him change the workings ofthe plane Whenever 2 follower ofthe Babylonian pantheon sum- ‘mons a baatezu, Druaga decides which fiend to send to the Prime. What's more, the fis ine Tollower sets Toot on Baator, be has wo ener through Druaga’ vile palace place of pillars and smoky hazes, with vaulted ceilings that can barely be seen ftom the ground. The palace sprawls actoss Drusaga’s entire real no corners speed the Touch of its shadows and stirrings. GIRRU Lesser Power, “Lord af the Flame oe: Fie ALLO WAL: LG, NG Susi: Axe weapped in fhe ‘oa 1 Mowat Celestia Mercurajthe Undying Plane os as Bolom (Pa/¢)hunan/F1/Maronium/LG) ‘The Undying Flame, Gier’s realm on Mount Celestia, is 2 place sculpred entirely offre. But the only sods wh need ‘worry about being burned by the flame are those whose thoughts ae impure, or those who tend naturally toward ‘evil Others may sojourn as they wil, eating the Flaming fruits from the Mery trees and strolling among the ever ‘chaning (but always order) stawes of Glura, the realms major town, ‘irr, flame bearded power, despises the tant of evi and wont tolerate iim is eal, He's a crusader, sending paless and archons on missions to destoy sources of malev- lence. Sure, he knows tha evil Is necessary 10 achleve 2 +619 rmulivesal balance, but is Gera’ nature o fight wicked ress ~ and soe ds, to his lst breath ISHFAR Greater Power, “The Maiden” AoC: Love, war ALN Wale Any Svs: Female hand grasping blue erst rod ‘ow yt Elysium) Amorafthe Cly of the Star ‘yn Mardull the Poet (Px/ human 4/NG) Ishars Ci of te Stars com- munky where deep passion un derles everyting. place of auty and vitality, the City of the Star is filled to bursting vrith the joys and loves of is People and its power. A realm Df white marble and narrow sires, of fantastic colonnades an exqulsite desire, the city covers all of Isha’ terion. Irs sald to be one of the most Ieautiul places in the mult- The power herself, burn from the Sumerian goddess Inarma, always appears as beaut woman, and wherever she moves through her realm, a carpet of lowers and gras Springs up behind her. Despite being the goddess of wa, Ishtar engenders life hy her very existence and advocates ar only when i furtbers the cause of life MARDUK Greater Power, “The Justice Bringer” Jc: hes, wind, thunder, storms, ain AL: LN WAL: EN Sy: Silvery ne Fo Arcadia Abelo/Mard Joes Pasir Tell the Unforgiving (Px/3 human/F 1.4) Harmonium/LN); Authar (Px) hal /M3/LN) Marduk’ realm isan arid land of sun and sky, with the power’ vast marble and alae ety ~ also named Marduk — Inthe exact center. The rivers Lar and Kath foe theongh ‘the realm and the city, keeping the burg eool even on the hottest days. Dutsiders to the realm are watched carefully, Dou as long as they don’t violate the law, they're left alone. ‘Marca the power fs concered with justi law, and the rmoverens of his opposite: Tama, queen of ev dragonkind Marduk usually appears as a four-eyed four-eaed blood with reddish skin, and he shoots fire from his mouth when he speaks. But he doesnt soll dough his eal co often. Fac Is he emetall leaves the rue of the kd up to the mow just see hor well dey ape and bol! wo his precepts. NERGAL Lesser Power, "Lord of the 20 The underworld, the dead SL NE WAT: Any evi Svs Dark man holding a black shield How 4: Gray Waste/OinosNergaios ovo as Ala the Dead (Px? thing 13 NE] [Nongal's realm isa dark, gray city of black basalt, with 2 nist tht swirls around everything in the di land The cr ‘ular bung consists of seven domes, ‘nul is steets are fled with the shades ofthe dead fio move on missions known only to them fan thet god), The shades never speak, sa any berk [ooking to DICK up the chant must talk 0 tne of the living sods ~ evil ‘warriors, mostly ~ brought into serve Nergal directly The power broods on his throne of basalt ploting ways to sea his doctuine and bis ina fice ever further, He has 10 spc- ial enmity for any other pods, excep ‘wen their interests cont with his own ‘Course, Neral heed to murder the Sumerian gd Eakin old blood, so his definition of “conflicting interests” might be looser than os. RAMMAN Lesser Power, “Prince af Clouds” A: Storms, dundee AUN WALe Amy neutral those desiring rain Syn Lightning bot through a storm cloud Si 02 Outland the Storm Cloud ‘a Panu Nome Ramman’s realm i a caste of clouds yauzy palace where 4 body can shape whatever he needs out of vapor (though the stuf evaporates if taken out of the realm. It wanders ‘hnough the Outlands, bringing rain ond storms to areas tha neo, Some say the plane itself dette the realm's move ‘ments, while others think Raman helps co contol the needs ff she Land, Whatever the tat, the power always moves his realm to ovher i do the most ood, Tre CELEIC tase waa PANFHEON “OEGcoeae sprang from the br trerthof the oak nnd the beauty ofthe woodlands and open When the fist Woon dave puta name othe face he save in ce Bale ‘of tee oF the Voice babbling in a brook, the powers forced themselves Iino being. Hidden inthe darkest forest and the oar Ing sex ofthe Isle of the West, studying the magic ‘orth prime-mtrial paradise, and consoting with ani bringing for the creatures of faerie the Tuatha De Danann (as the pantheon was called at the ime) eventually came forward detared their divinity co those who would eon them ‘Though their intial reign was not without trouble, they soon overcame the tribulations that bese them and moved onward Wo dwell onthe Outer Panes, where they reside today + THE PAN+HEON + The Celts have a reputation 98 datk ad brooding pantheon, but they’te more a callcetion of powers that loves if, beauty, and knowledge. They revere strength, cunning, hospitality, and song — simple Ife, i seems, butane thar’ incredibly rch, with dep appreciation forthe joys of ewation. Sometimes they're litle more than basic elemental forces, representative of the talent they wel, while othe nes they sce the very sul of humanity. Is from this combination that they draw their power The gods sue for excellence sn perfection, true, but they much more happy-ao-lucky than ‘most pantheon and they extend this atte to the folks who worship them fe See ‘her that oF the devoted tribute this attitude tthe deities). The Celi s = pmners never demand totally fom thei faith, and thus, paradox WHERE oh SILVERED F®G — (eiyaney end tn ean, Se, reef the anton shold he ea FILLS your EYES oftheir gods, and therefore shoulder greater expectations from those MAKES EVERY-+HING gas, but the powers themsclvcs preach frecdom to their Ncks, Thies the MAGICAL. Freedom ofthe winds, ofthe hunt, of siver and speats, of the dark hight kept away’ by blazing tes — +HE BARD enim GWYNEDD The bulk of te pantheon lives in the realm of Tir na Of (also called the Lan of Youth) an the Outs, though afew make their «cases clsewere, Most notably, Belen and Briganta share the rule of tbe Isls of the Blessed on Ely sin, Math Mathonwy rules over Coricgrave on Geena, and Arawn watches over the spats of the ‘dad fromm hs islands om the Gray Waste. (See the map on pages 72-73, which shows Te na Og and exer Ceti eas "Te pantheon includes many other lesser dls, some barely clinging to demipower status There's Epona, goiess of horses; Oensus, goof love: Asiantod, mother of Lush; and Rosmerta, golds of max teal possessions (and sometime consort of Luh, just to mame afew. The Celis are broad ane ape tide, and they take most any power into thet fold fhe shares their same basic atitudes Fact i, this tolerance is what's et the Celie pambeon proliferate as it hes. As one of the most influential and !Maprable panthcons on the Outer Plancs, Heit worship’ spread across the Prime as well, The Celtics fake in gods rom loca prime-mterial panthcons ~ o join those panthcors themselves ~ and thus en sure the orn survival and grt, They re ven willing adap themselves ro it nies similar to their own portfolios, and so gain ever seater strength + THE WORSHIPERS + Contrary w popular opinion, the Mtl oF dhe Cee pantheon ate not al blue-paimte savages who i dle i human seifice, Tru , most are genie an evlize, inviting strangers into thie homes and OAR IOS I ISS SOS FGA ‘making all el welcome. Granted n atte the Celts are fear- Some, screaming opponents (just ask any fiend who's ted 10 torch a Celtic village, bur that's an image they eultivate to weaken thelr fos’ morale. OF al the bashes body’ likely 10 meet across the multiverse, «gentle hand and a kind word do ‘more among the Cet than almost anyone ese. Plenty ofthe Celtic followers ae practical 00, Not only ae the gods open-minded and accepting (a big pls to many Priests), but they live on the Outlands, which “couches” every ‘other Outer Plane. That means that pists of Clie powers dort lose any spelcasting levels when traveling anywhere inthe Great Ring. Ad thats 2 great pet for worshiping the pantheon Don't think isa bok, ether ~ the Celtic eds aren't try- ing to cheat the system. They‘ & rly neural pantheon, en tiled fo lve on the Outlands just Ike anyone else. Course, ‘hr cena location makes them atractive to planars, which -icans they galn mote followers, which makes them even stronger, which means they galn sill more followers. ‘That Kind of thing can get a berk into trouble, even if Ihe’ a deity. But the Celts do heir bes to rein neutral in planar affas (with notable exceptions s dsl below), 0 {he other gods don’t seem to begrudge thea their powers. Leastways, not openly + TIRNA 06 + ‘The realm of Ti na Og, one of the largest of the shared realms on the Outer Planes, is renawned for is beauty and peace, The Land of Youth houses mast ofthe Celtic pan- theon, though each power maintains separate realm within its borders. And while cack realm has is own peculirites, a few things aply everywhere in Tir na Og For example, te land has no cis, ust settlements — Gwyilach, Donal, Surcease, Westcol, Macleod, and a hand ful of others. The largest holds only about 3,000 folks, mabe half of whom ate displaced prio or planars looking 10 = ‘ape the hustle and bustle of planar life. What's mote, the majority of the petitioners in the Land of Youth live ou heir ‘days in the forests and hills, content to simply be. They're free to roam through every realm of Tir na Og, and i's a freedom they exercise regulary See, Tina 03's a benutfl place to wander. I's covered ‘with woods and rolling meadows, with hills and cars rising ‘unexpectedly out of oaken groves. Menhits, dolmens, obelisk, and circles of standing stones loom majestically in the fled; many ofthe structures are sald to hum with a lent magle. Everywhere a body look, greenery hedazeles his eye, and life and health seem to radiate from the very soil, Though not all the realm’ a place of healing, is cet ‘ain restful athe very eas. ‘As for the petconers themselves, they're of Rind fit= skinned aa dark-hated. Though they're quick with a stile and a helping hand, mos! of them keep t themselves daring the day. At nigh, they gather in the oak groves a listen to the druids speak or dhe bard sing and tel tales, They make their iving by faring, hunting, weaving, and smithing = and all ofthese pursuits are tespeetul of and harmonious ith the marae that surrounds tern Here's something else visor ought to know: The Celts are devoted 0 neutrality, bur i's more the neutrality of Tee= dom of choice than the total withdrawal fom life. If the pow (or the petiones) see a erk mucking with the freedom af ‘heir realm, ino dark that they'll put an end ta it, and that right quick. The gods might even send the Wild Hunt a pack of shadowy mastiffs commanded by 2 charioteer with an anilered helmet, At night, the green lames of the hounds eyes and congue light the darkness like huge frees. Ira realm were to have colors, Tir wa O's woul befor ‘st green, the black of mist-covered tre tks, and the si ‘er of finely forged weapons, + THE POWERS + Though many of the powers here are of the Tuatha De anann ("The Children of Danu"), just as many ate not. Leg- ‘end tell ofthe ancient godess Danu spawning the rest of the pantheon in he Ise oF de Wes. ut any evidence of her existence has long since vanished frum the planes. Pers, as the Believers of the Source claltn, she’s moved on to higher form, an existence greater than that of the powers DAGHDHA Greater Power, “The Dozen King’ oC: Weather, craps Ak: CG So Clie shld How oe Outlands/Tie na Og (Mag Meth Ale Any good Also knovn as Eochaid Ollathale, the Daghdha leads the Cle pantheon improving its standing with every ance he ets, Despite hs alignment, he in large par responsible for the fumed neutrality ofthe pantheon, doing hs best 10 keep the peace between his charges and the rest ofthe multiverse ‘As one ofthe chien of Dan, the Daghdba has exited for longer than most ods, and secms to hive a beter Kea of where the pathean should be headed than anyone would ‘sve him credit for. Even his name distances him fom the pack ~ most folks call him “the Daghaa” as sign of re- spect for his station Sods who just say “Dagidha” are usually those who can't imagine him 2s 9 responsible fellow. Se, the od Hkes to play the crickster and the buffoon, and some figure that ny berk who likes jokes that much can't be wom stinker’ ‘uss. But most cutters ove him; its hard not fo enjoy some fone who's so ireverent Thus itis that dhe Daghdha's most fervent friends are the tiekser gods from other pantbeans, lke Erevan sere af the elves or Gaal Gite ofthe somes. Likewise, his enemies are thase wha dan't have the imagination of the humor to understand his jokes, ike Ramman of the Babylo~ rians or Zeus ofthe Grecks. The Daghh's realm, Mag Mel (th Fields of Happ tess is. place where bodies work when they feel ike i and play when they don't. The work sill gets done in the end, and there's scarcely ever a sharp word, Wood and farmland cover the rolling train ina seamless transition from one to the other. AC the center of Mag Mell Is the Grove of the Daghdha, where dhe power occasionally manifests and hos court The Grove also boasts a mystical cauldron from which ‘he dely can pull for any objet he desires. Naturally, the «auldgon works only fat hin (or Tor berks lucky enough tobe on his business The main prony ofthe Dah is a blood whe goes by the name of Bran [Px/ShalF-ef’R18/CG), another happy-fo- Icky Fellow who likes to come off asa complete leather Inca. He's friendly to the point of being obsequions, and he plays the part ofthe eager puppy wel, Truth i, Bran's alot more intelligent chan he semis ~ and woe 10 the sd wh de ‘ies 10 bob the old halle ‘Bran's main gift trom the Dag hat: can use he ‘cauldron any ime he desires, without having ask permission ‘oh patton fist Hes ao alec leat any outsiders in Mag ‘Mall and divine thei intentions, no matter how well mask, soon a he approaches within 100 yards ofthe inter ARAWN Intermediate Power, “The Dark One cL, death AUNE WAL: Any evi Sse: Wain’ skull foo 9/0 Gray WasteNfhein/ Ann, ‘Arawn conto all the power of Iie and death in be Cet pantheon, and while he himsel sone of the few evil powers Df the group, he feels his job is to preserve and maintain oud. Without evil he says, goodness couldn't shine as Dray. “Truth o tll, Arawn’s nota bd sort ~ a eat not for ood of death, He's gota job to do, and he's imply quite ood AIL He rewards loyalty and steadfast character, and pun [shes lars and berks who are clumsy in their cunning. His Justice is harsh but fair His rocky eealm, called Anmwn or the Ten Iles of the (Curse, sis inthe midst ofa vast ocean in the second layer fof the Gray Waste. The sods who come here ae those who could't make i nto the isles of the Blessed Tir na Og ‘Some of them come by choice tobe with their loved os, but mos are neer-o-wells the scoundrels and cross-traders of sae ‘Aras favorite proxy i PwyllPx/¢ human/FtS/NG, 4 moral king fom the Prime who soitehes places withthe od every tmth year. When Pwyll rues Annwn, he handles ‘the problems that Arawn is forbidden ta toue Hafan, the dety’sarch-enemy, who for some reason is out ‘ofthe Heath god's reach, While he's the high-up athe real, Puyll has all the might of Arawn at his disposal. He's 2 friendly fellow, which means the petitioners of Annwn are ranted a brie respite every ten years. "But Ara has ther proxles, a Well. Chef among them. is Pryde (Px/¢ human/F7iN), son of Py He Karns the Ins ard outs of rulership atthe feet of Arai and toams the realm, dispensing the powers justice, His maln talent bs ‘being slippery ~ Pryde ean summon darkness and wrap it sound himself ike a cloak, an wo one an sce ot touch hie when he's 0 gabe. BELENUS Inermediate Power, “The Sun 0 Sun, gh, heat ALING WA Ay ood ‘Sy Solar dise and standing stones “one 9): Elysium/Thalasalsles ofthe Blessed BRIGAN4IA Intermediate Power, “The Rivermaid’ 0 Rlvers,Hestock AU NG) WAL: Any neutral i Footbrge © Eysium/Thalaia/Mes of the Blessed ‘Belenus and Brigantia are radically different i their interests (he’s the Lond of Light, she watehes over animals and water- ‘waysl, bur they've found common round outside the stan- dards of the Cele pantheon, They share the realm known as the Isles of the Blessed, the resting place of mortal heroes ‘mbo've aeuively sought ts do good in thelr ies. The real’s almost constantly sunny, and when night ‘comes, i's and cool. Legend says dht night arrives ony ‘nhen Belerus as stepped aay fom the realm to do the bid= ding of te Days hough i might ative ey if petition {7 oF visitors offen him in some way). Rives crssrass the land, sparkling blue reflecting into the sky and echoing ‘though the air. And despite the fact that sheep, cattle, ant ‘thir keepers are common throughout the realm, very much seems though a hody’s alone in the land — that it exis for him and him alone, The center of the realm (andthe home of the powers) ia lear hillock called the Sunswate Beltain Frebrow (Px) human/012/NG) serves the in- terest of Belenus inthe Isles of the Blessed, maintaining the woods and groves against those who might try to despoi ‘hem, Betain's rough and coarse, and be ain't afta 10 use plysical force when necessiay, but underneath Ill beats heart of pure gold, He ean speak to any beast he sees, Ishether i's natura! or magieal, and no animal can attack him white he's in the ses. Brigaia's proxy i Alaina nie Gwydion (Px/2 human) P1O/NG) a charming and scel-willed woman unafraid of any ‘hing. While the Bes, she cant be touchy any Forget ‘meapon, and ner eyes have the power to car sy mae who Joos into them. Sl, she's rienaly enough until pushed. She ‘wally watches over de herds, but she ean also he found at ‘he Sunswatch afer Hashing her dates forthe day DIANCECH+ Intermediate Power, “Physician of the Gods” AC Meine healing ALG WAL: Any god, he Sranor: Lea How 7 Outlands/Te na Og wanders) Diancecht the healer i, some might say. a BIC barmy Hes devoted his ie co meine, and be travels throughout Tena (4 (and the rest of the Outer Planes) to practic his rat He can't even ight without healing his enemies afterward. “Course, bess who try tpt him in he dead-book fa tha Just because he believes i healing doesn't mean he ca song a staff wit thebestof Yen. Diancceht won't hesitate to defend him Good thing, tou ~ he's obsessed with being the est healer in dhe multiverse ad ft get hi ino bitter disputes with other powers, most notably Apollo, Mishakal of Kym, an Pela of enh, Facts, Diancech even slew is own so Miach ina Tit of jealousy fai the bay sow to bea bet- terhealer than his fae Stil, lancecht seks only the bes forthe greatest number, and He'l put hinsel n severe da er to bing ie wo others, Say, Dianeceit and raw: dont always se eye t0 eve ‘on what makes a ody dead, and they've nurtured a rivalry ‘over the mln, Dianeechr ean bring Celie flower back from ie dead without Arawn's peerissian, but he con saat lau a sod wo hasnt yet completed the journey to Ann. Because he constantly travels Tir na Og aid ober lan Diancecht has no realm of his own. He draws strength by winging life oother. He also doesn’ nse his pons with ny special energy abiliies, which means tht few bloods want 10 serve him. However, Diancech's som Cian (Pah Fnuman{P15/LG) works fr his father's interests anyway. DUNA+IS Lesser Power, "The Far Seeing” Au: Mountains, peaks ALN WALN Sri: Red sun-capped mountain 0 6 DutlandsTir na Og ne Pinnacle) Dunats, one of the minor powers of the pantheon ives on 3 vast mountain on the fringe of Fina Og Chant i he's prod- ‘ly the most appraachabie ofthe Callie deities, Aral, here's ot much ell for a god of mountains fesept tsps among ‘limbers| and Dunas likes co spread his word himsel. He ‘ever cams to have erated the init Spite at the center of ‘te Outland, and eb revere by some ofthe mani hat ive ‘here. Dunatis appears as 2 normal cute, but an aura of divine over clings him no water how much be ues o ask he Hs reali, known asthe Pinnacle, i a single mountain, though the tersin varies considerably all over the surface, fom nearly la ta shee, step rock. Tees caver is slope, and wild animals gambo, nt ating a whit about humans. sy y March (Pa? hall-elf9N) isthe proxy who's ‘most likey to et involve! with visitors ta the Pinnacle. She can fall rom any surface in the ral ness she wats 0, ‘nd even then she doesn't take damage from the tumble. Es sylt 6 taven-hoited and green-eyed, but a sharpness about her face makes her seem feral and unfriendly. Ske strives 19 displ that image. GersHNIU Intermediate Power, “The Blacksmith of the Gods 06. Smithing, heating AL: Ni WAL: Any newtea Sree: Anvil Nor fe Outlands ir na Og he Great Smithy) Goibhniu is one of the finest smiths in creation, fonging weapons and armor that're rivaled by few and hested by none. He's one of the hih-ups of his erft and i's seid that nothin he forges wil ever break OF miss mah “Though Goibinu does not forge weapons for any sod less than an intermediate power, he's been known 10 create mules fr his favored among he morals ~ amulets that re- "ect spels back on ther easter, Fach amulets good against ‘nly one specific spel hut can he used over and aver und it Finally skaters frm the strain of ouncing mig "Cours, i greedy berk tees o don more than oe amulet a a ime, be Finds that both shatter état ‘he entrance to Gobn’s realm dhe Great Sm, sis a thetase of an exposed hil ts ray light cesting ou over Tie na Og. The thunder of hammers from his ease never eases, whether the noise sues from the power hime? ot From the army of smiths under his cuelage The realm ex- tends desper into the hill hae is ready apparent Fonn the tutsde and olds vat veins of taw ore used by the sm Goibhinia and Hephaestus fof the Greeks} compare notes and skills each seeking to farther the excellence of their ‘ra? Though they cold be rivals thet devotion to sithing 's unflagging. However, the Japanese power Ama-Tsu-Mars Is said wobe jealous of Goibianu's skills, and the ro of them constantly srive To oat the othe, Goibhniu's two proxies are Luchia(Pxfc el/E20ING) nl Credle (Px/ awar 2)NG 0 bloods Whe were re ally near-powers in ther own right. But they gave their en- ‘gy to Goibhni, and now they serve him as proxies. They used fo be pat ofa rad (aod othe Rule of Thre), but sac rice thelr strenath to their companion in arc to elevate him. Tey hope tat in raising Goibhni, they se with him, LuGH Intermediate Power, “The Long Hand” 00 Arts, crafts travel, commerce, horses, war Lew Wile Any earal Soe ight-pointed star “ou 6 Oudands/Tir na Og (wanders) Like his brother Diancecht, Lugh travels constantly, seeking new knowledge and new experiences. Her’ the dark of i Laugh Hooks for excellence an finds iin everything he does, Sone of is fchal claim that when be aly finds mac tom te can't perform, hel sete down, Sul, no all of is skills rival those of other high-ups He engages in arts, commerce, and travel fanly regularly ‘and while not above litle hobbing and peeling, he's al- Feady proven that the crae-trade holds no seerets fom hi, Ly wants more, so he keeps moving. He's known to be 3 feat wooer of the ladies, finding love even in serapes [enough he's sometimes mathe as companion to Rosmert, fm others unknavwn gerdess oF wealth Fact ugh spends hardly anytime at ll in Tir na Og having explored i ois heat’ content long ago. He returns only wen he wants the company of hs fellow Celts; when the vss his ease is the home of whatever godess wil ake bm i for dhe wight. Lag’ constant traveling companion is cuter he calls Samboldanach (Px/s uman/Wil]D{CNI, a wild mage who, chant is, teaches Lugh something of the rder behind the chaos af magie. Cours, this is probably only so much army tlk; why woulda godt nee to learn anything from 2 ‘mortal? In any ese, Samboldanach has been granted the power ofthe radian face, When be wishes hs face emits ‘uch temble beauty that no- moras can Took upen Ht unless they successfully save versus spell (witha penalty of -4) ‘Any sod who falls the save is effectively blinded rll mov {ng ou of Samholdanach’s presen Lg used to have another well-known proxy: an an rogynous cutter named lee (PZ vefing/T10(N). But the Uieling ws dismissed For falling down on the fob. Lug vson't provide any details on the cteumstances af les fl ure and his press always change the subjece whenever the tiellings name comes up. [For more information on le, se “Notable Praxis om the Pls er on proxies) inthe MANANNAN MAC LIR Imermediate Power, “Lord of the Capes A seams, sa creatures Avi WALS Any neutral Sr A sty fit Howe Outiands/Ti fo Thuinn ‘As the sole power in Tir fo Thuinn, Manannan mae Lir fs 2 odo be reckoned with, His undersea veal is fll of pet Uioners who yo abou ther dally ves much like alt-beathers ~ with bot obvious and subi diferences. For example ‘hey herd fish instead of eattle oF sheep. bt a beady also ree to know that they're eallous when it comes a raters inh fall on hard times. Tit fo Thuinn’s not far fom Tir na (Og, bur i's not aly part ofthe rolling realm, Petitioners from the Land of Youth can't breathe the water fn mie L's realm, and they de ther Just as permanently as they'd lef ‘the Celie dominion entirely Fact i, without mac Lirs say-so, nabody breathes the ‘waters of Tir fo Thulnn. Sure, he might grant the ability © Travel in his elm (oa sod ho asks ney, ut hel ake i. ‘back Phe thinks i's being abused. He also has absolute on tol over spells and magica tems that allow water-breath- ing, and he doesn’ ind shuting them down, either Trath i is worth staying on mae Lis good side Te fo ‘Thin is truly a beautiful eal, Strewn with shells and leaning with aquamarine ard turqoise, there's no part of ‘the place that Hoesn't open up to a stunning undersea vista, (Chant is Manannan mac Lir keeps strange monsters in eerie otTos 10 use mounts: some say the erearures ae his ei fen, Whatevers down there, the caves are dar and loony, ‘and the curren slam a body into de rough wall he an ‘careful. But no one’s seen any mounts fora good Tong tine, ‘ands thought they're just rumor and myth ~ but wise Dloods know that within every yuh is am element of ruth Despite the fact that they're tuo sea gods from eval rantheons, mac Lir and Possidan are maving toward tela- ‘ions that ess steamed. Theyte not clase euters yet, but they've agteed to st aside their tiferences. Is one of them lotting treachery? Who knows? ut berks who worship Po- Seidon' eter suis with ene ini Thin, Justi case Mae Lir's two main proxies are Barin (Px!4 titling) FofLN) and Bar-Find(Px/¢ half ore/BLU/LNL Barin’s ade Ting whose skin dappled ike a zebras a is job is wo svn about the real and instuet visitors who've Lost their vray. He has the limited power to revoke mac Li's water- Deathing gif, but only from those who've ofTended him or TIR MA « Msralnetes ea hstaet “1A ae) Sie 2 (Meregan) ae cd Reece em e ieerayeaers? he Oommetee Goldings Exlaneoaih Reurgentocs ae Geet Mag Tulreah he\Rlain ef tillere) (Nuada)) Wsibos|Sowr) Y = fine] ginnacle (utnacie)) Cimal town) Magen lsc) c Vochinten s Macarena (enn) Doral own) Summeroak (Gilvanue) his sense of duty. Barr-Find is an incredibly ugly half-ore ‘with a singing voice that’s made Oghma hinself feel a Awsnge of jealousy ~ chant isthe patton of bards wants 10 lure the proxy away from mac Lir With a single twitch of a ‘harp string, Barr-Find can shatter weapons ralsed against mm snd summon undersa creatures odo his bidding MA+H MA+HONWY. Intermediate Power, “The Miser of Sorcery ‘ne: Mage AL: NE. Siow: The staff How fis: Gehemna WAL Any neutral sfConiegrave Some gods of magic ae generous with ther wondrous gif, spreading it to loods all over the planes, hoping they'N teach the atin turn and make every berks pelslinger. Not Math Mahon. He is, like Diancecht,fercely possessive of his skills. ‘Unlike the god of medicine, though, Mathomvy uses hs bil Ite freely only for himself and his Camly, witolding bis touch From others. Sut he's fascinated by any new type of ‘magic nd might be persuade vo pari with some of his se ret in exchange fora tly new spell is realm i called Corigrave. W's om the fist Mount of Gebenna, nestled under an overbang of pure obsidian, Lava fieshets pour over the ledge oeasionally; a traveler to Cor riegrave must kecp careful watch when entering and leaving the realm to avoid & shower of lava ‘Acutier who ducks the magia must then travel along a Jong tunnel. Eventually, hel reach Correton, an ancient city ‘that scems open 10 the alr above. Ah caste sits atop a ‘sisted hillock overlooking che burg, and Mathonwy sits within, hs fet shvays inthe Lop of a beautiful maiden, But Corrigrave is free of Gebers usual volcanoes, Lava, and seat, Fat fy visitor might think he'd stepped through wo another plane ‘The real’ aic is gray and charged, a though awaiting a impending explosion. Anyone versed in magic can reg hive the Feclng 3 the exsenee of magical eneygy. "Course, the essence is clearly marked a the property oF Math Mahony: ‘any Derk who resto use magic im the realm draws the im ‘mediate wrath of the go! Rims In keeping with his stingy nature, Mathonwy doesn't dole out any af his power to proxies. Anyone who wants (0 ‘bea proxy cam petition the god, but chances are the poor sal he tre into bea for his rouble. M@RRIGAN Intermediate Power, “Queen of Ghosts WAL: Any evil Sov A sor hi Joo 1 DattandH¢ na Og the Bloody Feld) ‘This power’ full name is Mlorrig Morgan, but many’ folks call her “the Morrigan” [much like they do the Daghaha, toh im her case's not so much respect a5 fear. She takes the form of a shapely young woman, though she has a hideous come’ ace and is uiven to fis of maniacal auger. She's deeply and keenly interested in batle, and she has ‘ven been heard 0 call dhe Dasha eowatd fr daring to make peace with other pantheous. The Mortgan is vicious ‘nd cruel, atid chant says any of her worshipers who Mee a bate al dead on the spo Her eealn is called the Bloody Field, and i's far too such like Yogand forthe comfort of many ofthe petitioners fF Tir aa Og Sads who aren't wadike steer clea. ut for hashers with atte in their spins, the Bloody Fils 3 reat place. The Morrgan’spotiioness ean fight and fight every Single wound regenerating come noontime. I they de they come back to life, The same doesn't apply to istos: they go straight to the dead-ook and stay there. What's more, any berk Who doesnt have 2 warriors heat (in other words, anyone who floes’ Fgh forthe sheer pleasure of bate) suflers damage ‘that takes note a long heal i cey take part in the Blooiy Fields eamaye The teslm has 90 towns or buildings, just bundle of caves (the Caverns of Woe thar re more often use a8. an ex= teson of the battleground. A canny traveler knows to find 4 few tustworthy bashes and have em guard his back while Ihe sleeps. "Course, taint considered sporting to ill a beck ‘while he dozes, but that doesn't stop the Fields more blood- thirsty petitioners. ‘The four proxies ofthe Morigan are the wartior-queens ‘Macha, Fen, Neman, and Badb (all Px/? humanjF16(CE), ‘Some Cele scholars dink the four are minor powers them salves, amd cei Feroity i arte doest't give the Hie to the ‘Chai Macha can incite violence in men simply Ly looking av chem (no saving throw). Fen has the ability te soften the ‘round bencath 4 berks fet through sheer foree of wi even sold ck tiers to mud within few minutes: Neman ean cause fear at wil (as pot the spel), with a 2 penalty t0 ‘the saving throw. And finally, Bod ca assume the form of ‘aren and coriman al carrion beds nea a haclefeld. NUADA Greater Power, “Warrior's Friend, Silver Hand” 200. Wa, warns AUN WAL: Wartiors| San: Silver hand on back Bld ‘ou 6 Outlands ir na Og Ma Ture Lng ang ago, when the Tuatha De Danann vere stil tng ling to establish a foothold in the hears and minds of dele followers, Nunda led the charge agains those who'd eed devhrone the new gods ~ most notably the powers of the fant-in. Inthe battle, one of his fomorian foes stuck off ‘Nuada’s right hand, and Uke budding deity was oredr one Lweat from the fick of combat, The heer Dianeveht fash ioned Nuala 4 hand of silver, stronger amd better than his ‘ld one. With the ad of this head, Nada drove the Fito. ‘and fomorians From the lands coveted hi the Cel Now Nuada rules over Mag Tuircadh, aso called the Pain of Pillars ~ a vast, at realm derted with standing ‘tones and ments of incredible height. Chant ts dhe plas ‘ave actually the guardians of the realm, each containing the Split of ene of Nuada’s Warriors. IP tue, the guardians ake their duties seriously, The menhies toll to menacing life ‘ohenever marauding creatures enter Mag Tread, They can move twice a fast asa uman can walk (2 movement rate of 24), plowing urrors dough ce ground and falling om the offending herks. The stones might just he activated by Nunda’s wil: no one realy knows the dak a i The Plain of Pillars is usually cavered by thin mist that clings without being uncomforsble, obscuring vision beyond few hundred fet The grass underfoot is lean and free, growing upto about shin-heigh Inthe center of the realm les alow, rambling al, ana In the central oom ofthe hal rests a stone upon whieh only Nuala or hls righful heir may sit, But though he's searched Jon and bard, Nuada just can't find a worthy suceessor. And he relly does want 10 — he fels hell move on tothe next Sage of existence as soon asa helt assumes the dies of his portfolio, He might be ight. to. Nuada certainly deaws plenty of strength tron his petitioners. Truth his essence so perme ats the realm that every wor petitioner merges with the Dower immediatly. These who aren't worthy wander ou of ‘Mag Tulteadh, never to return Nanda has no pros, and is dak a to what allies or en tems he's mad among the other powers ~ except fr his wel ‘now aversion othe glan-kin IF berk with gash blood eters che and de menbirs converge for Nuada’s vengcance @GHmA Intermediate Power, “The Binde Aut, Speech, writing Aung WAL: Any goed Suni A elie chalice os Outlands Tie a Og ase of Knowledge) ‘Oghma, patron ofthe ars and the best yresler ofthe Celie overs, usually appears as an old bearded man. His primary Ines are in musie and the bacde ars, andthe gathering nnd beeping of knowledge Love f secrets hexps hin wave ing, and a body fds him in his Tr na Ox realm, the House ‘of Knowles, only about six months eut of every eat. Despite is name, the House of Knowle an outdoor land of ancient oaks and elear blue pools, of nights where dancing constellations of buraing stars fll the sky and the music of harps echoes through the lonely wood. e's sad chat ‘Ogima keeps riree magica springs scattered throwghont the woods refering he Rule of Trees) The springs ebange lc ‘ion tthe gous whiz, but de cant is hat al have the power to heal any physical damage aad leech any poison aut of a hy That's wot al. The Spring of Knomledge (he Gs of the ted also lets @ mage memorize two additional spells Fam his splbook; ether bashers gin an answer to thet most essing question, The Foo! of Musk (te sear ofthe thee) Tes areas a suggestion spol the next time he plays for tm audience (no saving throw). An the Spin of Pacty the ‘rd of the thee gives anyone the gift of fongues for wo ‘aj afer drinking from te pool. ‘Oma’ called “the Binder” because he has the ability to see a creature's true name. What's more, he can force Fiends into a prison of his own choosing uncle decides to releae them, He's incurred the wrath of Drusg fr this, and the Lords of the Nine are std to be particularly displeased ith br, but Oghma has ile fae of such vile Fes. The power also waintains a portfolio an the prime-ma- ‘eral work of Tor, where he's taken on an entirely die. cent status Fal Caitbre (Px/human/B17/NG), sid 10 be ‘Ogta’s Son, visits that world oceasionally, though he sticks mainly to the plane, He's a ard of exceptional prowess is silver tongue has charmed many, and his songs can quiet anyone who hears them, Fact Fal's harping cause the dead 10 se ie and he Hing fll dead, Aran appatenitly, dos min, fr Fal keeps the balance equal. SILVANUS Greater Power, “The Long-Leggel” Nature, forests, druids AUN vs Fest dels Svan Suramer oak Pc) In the deepest reaches of Ti na Oa, the vegesation xeows thick and feral, the canopy of leaves vveriead so dese that it seems al light must surely be boted out. Here grow the ‘speatest ofall ces, and heve ~ in the realm called Sum= meroak — the power Silvanus makes his ho Silvanus docsnt seem to have any allies or enemies. He cates only fo the balance of mature, and the maneuvers of ‘gods and mors alle hod no fascination For ir. This Wins Jot of druid, especially, his side they simiarty place na ture above everything else (oven thelr awe tives Speaking of druids, the Hierophant (Pxihalf-e/020/ 1) roams the woods of Tina Og, seeking those ho might appreciate the wild beauty of Sumumeroak. She's fanatical In hher devotion to nature and he forest god, and her eyes lea when she speaks of her pasion — which seems to be Tost of the time. In addition to her druidic powers the lie rophan's been granted the ability to tansiem hesell to any kind of tree or beast she's Sen in her deity’ re sae The siple of stone in the woreligh, dhe lier of old in the sun, de strength of a well-worn axe, and the foam of ya ale = these are the jewels shiprs yet only the best. Lary Belare humans dared the moun, chant i the dwarves aley lived there, mining their tunnels and seeking thelr gold. Fargo from the strength of a dwarvish arm and the spark of metal an stone, the race's gods hold a pice ofthis antiquity within themscHvs, The dark of i's that the ds ‘on sprang from the soll Itself, though THe DWARVISH “*\tocshewre PAN HEN os cis nour ven esto th ig oe nd they'fe as tough a buneh asa ody can ind jst about anvoehere "Moradin was the fist o ate. At his Soul Forge he hammered ‘tthe spirits of the Firs of he dart fl and set them Lose of an tinuspecting Prime, As the race grew ated Blosamed, che ‘other powers ofthe pamieon either sprang into exis tence ot simply made themselves Knovtnldepending on a body's take om i, and began guiding the divarves through their ives Sill, the early days Weren't with out thelr share of conflict. Some ofthe — dwarves suecurbed to the taint of ev, and thelr GREG? AXES? good brethren drave them avy, sending them howling and barmy KILLING ®RCS? ‘mo the Lower Planes. Dikarazan, in partic, has ad bad fey @PEN vee EYES, sean — ons oF; a8 prisoner af the Hild os isensine Heres MORE +@ LIFE swan +HA+ he's trapped in a rocky throne in the Abyss Even toy, the dwarves face trouble. Some — A viscusts> DWARF PEFIFIONER scholars even claim that the whole race om is IN ERACKIN@R nay a, just because the dwarves ane dying off In afew places. Bu apiece ate whole. In most comers ofthe planes, the dwarves ate just as srong as ever lan, some sa, just as addl-caVed, (0). + THE PANTHEON + Mortal dwarves have alvays stood for steadastnes, for sient in times of cuuble, for unaverng de votlon even in the face of overelning odd sc any wonder, then, that heir wos stand Tor these? Dwarvish powers ate a ough lt, pushing thee charges vo forge a personal pat in Hf. Though the pan thon leans dowd lw an oder (due more othe ston hand of Moradin then anything els] the gods Tat ther worshipers latm how those ideals apply personally cach member of the ice The dwarvish powers ate hloods of fie and metal, spt and stone Fim and unyielding, they ex- ect ther flowers tobe the same. Sue, mere and Kindness are important, but not as important a the imnwavering commitment ro ght serongs and eradeate evil, ThoXgh grounded in Mot Celestia, th pantheon is searered across the planes fram Ysgard to Areada, fom the utlinds to the Gray Waste Despite this, thor eles aren ll that diferent. Sages pu fort thar ther spread Isa representation of the dwarves sprit of expansion, an indicator of where they'd lke to go: everywhere + THE WORSHIPERS + Most followers of dhe pantheon are, naturally, dwarves, though is wel known that some humans and cant genasi Find common cause withthe davarvish yds ~ atleast enc to offer thee devotion tothe powers. A few such hashers've even become rests of the dvarvish powers, wth pals aa abilities that ‘only atric priest could have. Some dwarves Find this mighty offensive, ft most just figure that the ods allow Ht cat he against the dwarish spe, can Dwarves believe in iving iets lls. "Cours, that ful life entails making discoveries, seeking the company of ter dwarves, forging fail weapons that stand the test of time, an launching campaigns against evi They aren't really siyenurers so much as slow exranders ineressing the range fof the ree (an, neidentally the eauss flaw and ood) at a slow cra, Fact he dvarves said to be one of the comer- stones of goodness on the Prime Neral Plane, Be that as may, they've developed a reputation for surly gruffness. Aer all the ea unyiedig wel strong, and dwarves can Te ereely Bolton and neatly unapproachable + THE DWARVISH POWERS + All the powers ofthe panthcan, whether ond or evi oak 10 ‘Moradin as thei leader. ‘Though they may not agree ith his policies, they recognize his abilities, Doth physical and spi tal, Any betk who disagrees does so in private ~ de wicked dderzo and duergar gods revile Moradin, but only from the safety of ter underground eas, Even Albathor trust the All-Father with the guidance ofthe pantheon; the god of ‘steis not Tooish enough to cur stay an his i. This aia to say thatthe ther powers don't have ayen- as oftheir own. H's just that when Moradin cates them in something he doce ie they've ot some fst talking to do though they usually end up punished, anyway. Thus ii that they'te offen « ite mote circumspect when pursing their own goals. For the most part, the éwarvish powers're much Ike their hoes. They don’ have much to do with other pan theons even though they're cori o some like the gnomes andthe Norse) and hostile to others (like the ores and the ‘oblins. Mos folks in dhe multiverse just eave the dwarves lone, and those that don’t find they've picked up eres far eternity M@RADIN Greater Power, “The All-Father, Soul Forger’ Ao: Creston, snithing AckG WAL: LG Sov Hammer and anit "ou 1 Moun Celestia Solnia/Eracinor As the only areaer power of the pantheon, Moradin’s the ‘most respected and worshiped dwarvish deity across the Prime and he Outer Plates. 1's to his ret that the dwarves tea populous as Uy se and to hs lame that they as stu ad stubore as they ate. Morais known as 2 very physical and forefal power ~ strength incamate, even ~ and chant she doesn't have much in his brain-box. That's barmy talk, Moradin i supremely raflys he just dors let thar side be See fo often. Ft He ‘often ies to fool others into thinking e's sft in the Nea, and then tp the berks up once they drop thelr guar, Moradin shares his realm, Erackinor, with Berronar Truesilver~ his wife and his love. Taey dwell in the deep tunnels oF @ huge mountain in Solana, the four layer of ‘Mount Celestia, site of darkness and serets, de ream 5 uly place of joy for any dwarf or miner. The worthy and diligent ery to dig up dhe dark of Erackinoy, «ruts known, conly tw Moran and Berona. Al of the reulm’s burs le within the mountain, a all tive dwarven villages should There, dwarves can live withe ‘ut fear of goblin raids or monsters From the eaten depths, And they thnil othe eiscovery of ew veins oF of¢ and gems ing in the Corehlight. Most importantly, though, Erackinor's home to the ‘gearing Soul Forge, where Moradin tempers the spirit of the dwarf race, Watehfal petitioners keep the frge fee of ‘dist and Soo, and hart I's gate that opens into every single dvarven realm ~ though only Moradia knows how to send a Sod through. Any dwarf who doesn't make himself ‘seul might end up in one ofthese other veal. “Course ny other berk who's not careful nigh ind himself poured Into the sbape of dae instead, twisting ad squirming neath Moran's guest hammer, ‘The All-Father has a wanveting proxy, a scated blood called Tekan Srongthew (Px/ human/PLVLGL Many of the faithful are curious about the choice, mainly because Strongthow's nota dart. But the cuter made his mak fight Jig in the endless wos of Acheron, snd now he wonders the ‘Great Ring sreading Moran's wll and enforcing he divine filets on Sry dvart he oes. He's quick to anger and mighty ‘roiclent with his axe. However, his mast fearsome powers his ability to send any dwar? who's (oo stubbomn to listen sagt ino the presence of Moradin’s avatar, who's a quick (and harsh judge of dwacvish character ABBATHOR Intermediate Power, “Trove-Lori An: Ged AU NE WAL Any evil Sy Jeweled dagger ‘o/s Gray WastefOinostthe Giese As the god of greed, Abbathor's thought to represent the ‘worst in the dwarvish character. tnstead of workInu for the ‘common good, he sactfiees all for his own last for Measure, not caring whom he bobs or betrays song the way. What's uuly odd fs thac the other powers af the ‘dwarvish pantheon don't have Abbathot as they do dei en- fenies. He may be everything that the dwarvish gods teach thei followers to avoid, but he's il var, and he Tights with the pantheon when its pressed by foes From outside. Mayhe Abbathor cant be trsted with jitk or power, but he's sill valued member of the group Some dwarves claim that’s why their kind soften eon- sidered tobe inherently grabby ~ the ods themselves accept ‘the epitome of greed as one of thelr own! But there’ avast sult between acceptance and devotion, Most dwarves shun Abathor’ caching hoping. to gal thee easuretheoush Tr work and good faith -Abbathor' eam 2 deep eavern known asthe Gliter- hell, and is one ofthe few colorful spos the Gray We, shines ikea gleam of bunnished gold in is ashen sur roundings, drawing travelers an treasure seckers alle. But ‘woe tothe sat who doesn't know the way in the eal has {enough false entrances to write hie int the Weadcbook be= fore he knows it Inside, the reat’ divided int several pons, Firs, a course Is Abbathors Hal, where the god jealously guars his treasure and everything he's accumulated ver the m= lennia. And be's got a buna. Chant Is saya who brings jink int the Giver draws the immediate atenton of A- Dathor. Truth is the power sees every bit of money fn his realm as idly his, and any Tool who holds out deserves to he serge and punished. ‘The second part of the realm is che Mines, from which Abachor’spsicioners (some cll ‘em “slaves draw forth te And gems for their deity. The third seetion ithe Villa, ‘where the bers all stay when they’ not serving the whim of thie god. ‘The tunnels ofthe Gliterhell extend far back into the rocky hills of Dinos, and it's whispered that ezeaies from ‘he wasting plain outside occasionally sneak ino the eaves, {o sea whiteverAbbatho hides there. Unite same powers, wh board their abilities and ee po proxies, Abbathor malta Tar mare han the avert He figures that iF he's ot plenty of euiers ding his jo For him. he eas concentrate om extn the really big teases, Cuter his favorite ages outside the Clitethell are the surly tins Din Pj) dwanfC0/NE) and Main (dat MUIINE] Rockchila. Dimas the power to fade int shadow a wil, aking his treasure with him. Moin received the gift of spelcestng making ber doubly unique among. the dwarves of the cos ‘mos. Boh bloods are sly and angry, and they wont hesitate to stab a berk in the back. Fact is Uy ve developed system of obbing folks. See they ae like ordinary dwarves, win the ‘ust of an adventuring party and then tur sta a8 soon as the pary ess ands on apie ffi. BERR@NAR TRUESILVER Intermediate Power ‘Matron of Home and Hearth Je Satey. ruth, home, healing ALG WAL: UG Sion: Two sliver sings How 9/0 Mount Celestia SolaniaErackinor As dhe wife of Moradin, Berrona Trucsilverd seem ta be re: ‘gated toa secondary positon in the paieon Not trae, She ‘may be called the Matron bt she’s not one to ake any als 8 the goddens of safety and healing (notte mention mar riage and partnerships, her dominion excends throughout déwarvish ie She guards it well ton ~ Berna stile any disigee ‘ments among the pantheon without involving. her hushand ‘er sis a persuasion are such that she ean make te foes ‘understand each other and set aside thei diferences. At feast that’s usally the case. Her major “fang” was In not teaching a compromise with heir dark eousins, the derta and the duergar. She coulda’ have Won then back, really Tht she gieves for team nonetheless. Nerroar isthe gentle sie of dvarish nature meri and generous, But any berk who thinks she ean Ue pushed sound Tad beter think again, Like any dar, shes hard-headed aad practical and she gues to almost any extreme to protect her ‘hangs Chan is she got that way becuse, hn the exile Laviagur rete into ang hr by playing om ber sympa thy, Nowadsys, Berna gives no quarter a anyone ‘As mentioned previously, she shares the ream of Erick {nor with Moradin. Mer influence there is more subtle than bor husbands, but just as pervasive. Berronar stops the more stubborn dwarves from rush Dut to smite imagined evils, ‘and keeps Erackiaor a place that any dwar?'@ want to eetuen tovafcr 3 art time of Fact her fluence fs what makes the real a place of beauty as well as sting She's the one who proves for the comfons of the dwarvish spit he one who gives her People the shining edge they need to keep themselves jayt In thelr work Berronar’s proxy in Brackinor i Hlannamar Firehome (Px/ darffF15)Harmonium/LG), a cuter who makes sure ‘he rulers ofthe buns and ne keepers ofthe mines gua the Folks there carefully, Firehome’s a thorn in their side, but even thouah they diead her “safely inspections” (during ‘mich she abays demands at least one change, no matter aoe small they recoize that she plays valuable role. The proxy can ferret out any eskrness na building ora person, And she docs so exhaustively Dutside of Erackinor, Berronar’s proxy Millands Deep= Adetver (Px dwarjF10/LG) wanders the Great Ring. Deepe delver has the ability to travel fom any mine shat to a ‘other as long as there's a east ome wat willingly working ‘the new tunnel. She's a beautiful dwart woman, though she Jost her rg arm to a cave-in long ago. Pvhaps it's he re fusal to have a new one made that gains her the respect of ‘the miners she encounters CLANGEDDIN SILVERBEARD Intermediate Power, "Father of Battle’ Aol Bate AL 1G WAL LG Svs Two crossed axes Hour is: Aradia/Abelto/Mount Clanget ‘Clangeciin, one of the senior deities ofthe pantheon isthe warlike embodiment afte dwarish spin. He hives, beats, and (a manner of peaking) dies for bate. He dest hold ‘with cowardice, poisoning, bick-stabbing, or hr treachery ~ cutters who follow Clangedin Siverbeard pledge to fight {he good fight with honor and valor On theater had, the powers greatest focs are those who pride thetslves on in ‘ing bates through dit ticks or shes hick ‘langeddin is one ofthe Few powers who simply wont ‘negotiate. body’ eter eth hm oF agains him. SU i's possible to alk him out of pursuing a fet ond even to win fim over ~ a berks just got vo learn to speak more quickly ‘han he deity eam sing is axes And tha’ very fst inde The powers realm i called Mount Cane, conical ‘ountain sng ou of the plans oF Abeli he Tus layer oF ‘Acadia. Bu the place is so riled with passages and aps that it's more like a termite hill, Dwarvish einheriar cone Santly dill in the tunnels, awaiting the call to bale Clangeddin usually sends them to the cubes of Acheron, where they once again do battle with tir ancient enemies. ‘he goblins and the oF. Other tines, the petitioners hed the Lower Planes to takepart in the clashes ofthe endless ‘Blood War, their stirring songs and gleaming axes bringing fear and death 1 the hated fends, Most powers woulda send their peiioners sway vo die ‘ouside the real. Trah cel, neither does Clare. He somehow bins the cikerar tothe realm before they ave ‘that, when they fall, hi prt ern to merge with him, No one’s tumbled to how it happens, but Clangedin's the caly Known deity who can make it work. His petitioners don't even know the truth: they wade courageously into combat, fully realy to di fr from their beloved calm Interestingly. Mount Clangedin is open to outsiders, and the dwarves there scem 1a have & relentless deste to show just how formidable they are. The ral’ ul of forges. rmores, and other such places of business, and al of em produce top-notch work. ‘langeddin’s main proxies are a pair of grim-ooking and scared fighters: Thats Bluespea (Px/ dwarf/F4/L¢) and Terri Axe (Px/'? dvanfF15/L.). Tei looks belie heir ther matures; both are great lovers of song and le, and they consume as much of cither as they can, But they're Fghening opponents on the bated chant i Tern took down a bar ty herself, and shel tll any berk in the Abyss that she fears ma fend, Thatos i litle more soft-spoken, oa that just makes im all the more eerie. The two pens travel the planes, Hooking for skied folks 10 help tain the frmics of Mount Clangedin and brave bashers to Lead he "troops onto the Lower Planes. DUGMAREN BRIGH+MAN+LE Lesser Power, “The Gleam in the Eye" A. Scholarship, invention, discovery Ace WAL: NG, Co Sy: Dpem book "louse Outlands/Dwarvish Mountain (Soot Hal) CF all the gos inthe dwarvish parthcon, Dugmaren Bright ‘mantle has to be the most choot and the most open 10 ew ‘concepts He's scholar and inventor and powers only know hhow much he's desiroyed by fiddling with something he ‘nught motto have touches However, Dugmaren i 4 eng dely: He seeks know cele forts own sake rather than Toray practical use, Chant is he promised his Father, Moradin, that he'l settle doen someday and find use forall the information be's ae fer the cows ~ but It dant look like that day's coming any time ton soon Followers of Dugmaren tend to be the scholars and i ventors of the dwarves. Moradin may’ draw smiths andthe Tike to his forge, but Dugimaren attraes cutters who want 19 ‘make something new, not just a variation on a theme. Any ‘wart ean produce a hammer. Only afew have the inspiea- ‘lon to tur an idea upside down and end up with something like dhe Wondrous Spinning Axehead. Don't misunderstand, berk, Just because Dugmaren is an inventor, he's nothing ike the tinker gnomes of that pme-materlal world called Kayan. Te dwatvsh od’ cheerful, but he's not frighteningly chirp ‘He demands mich from hs fail, but he r= ‘wards ther withthe satisfaction of a job well lane and the certainty that they have, indeed, done i wel The power's home, Soo Hal, spar of the ‘ripe realm ofthe Dwarvish Mountain (shared ‘vith Dumathoin and Vergadain).& body won't ‘ind any fancy trippery or decorations, only brates for quiet reflection and rudy works shops for furious clattering. And no matter what the activity, the ball never sles; the p= ttioners have been granted unending en ‘durance to complete their asks. Some of em fase in between jobs; most leap tight to a other asthe ideas fy into thei heads. The pace Im Soot Halls quick enough to make a ber dop + 00+ from exhaustion just watching everyone tun around There's tne room forthe lazy or jae ‘Dugan's proxies tend tobe scholarly types, fighten- inay canny dears stha just happen to be god at vera tasks. First among these isthe smith Wellana Tung [Px/? ‘Avon 14/CG), a pert dar thrd to imagine, es?) with in credibly powerfl shoulders and quick hands. She can trade hhammerblows aa forge withthe best of em, and she's atthe top of the cass when ic comes to crafting Tne detail work. ‘Thouah fer hands are clloused and ad, ber ingers re so steady that she eam hold lee completely stl for over an hour. What's more, though she's sti Living, Dugmaren’s sgramced her the same ably he gives toll of his ptitoners Unlimited endurance, Weilana never needs to sleep, even when euside her powers sphere af influence, and she eats ‘nly early ut se chatters a a fst clip and fr eyes burn with the tight ofthe truly erative DUMA+HOIN Intermediate Power, ‘Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain” AC: Mining, exploration ALN WAL: Amy Syn Gem in mountain Ho) Outlandsthe Dwarvsh Mountain (Deepshaft Ha) As the power of mining and exploration, Dumathoin repre= sens the urge of discovery as oppose to cretion) inthe Alwarvish characte. He's said to have placed the veins of {Gold and silver that ride the mountains of Prime, lea ng warthy dwarves to them. I's not entirely clear What sakes a basher “worthy.” but those who show diligenee and resourcefulness tend to find more steaks of ore ~ ana find ‘them more easily than do others ‘Obviously, Durathoin doesn st around and keep tabs fon every dwarf miner on dhe Prime, but he does ry his best to reward those who exemplify the true spit of raged ex- portion. ‘Couse i might just be that such dwarves have tore native talent or bck, and thats what lets hers tothe right veins. But who can say for sure what comes Irom the pov hand? Dumathoin’s wali sealed Decpsaft Halland it's the ‘hired part of the shared Dwarvish Mountain, Decpshaft Hall is cold and dark, made almost ently of hewn tunnels snd rou timbers, with afew aeas se aside fr eating seeping and carousing. (Course, the best carousing’s found up in Strongale Hall, Vergadain’s domain.) The stale air makes a ‘nk antsy, bu cat ain the worst oft See, the realm’ sit- uated right near Hsensine's Caverns of Thought, so a body traveling through the area‘d best watch he doesnt wander down the weung tannic! and end up as one of lsensine's army zombies 'No one really knows the nature of the relationship be= tween Dumathoin and the iit deity I's Fact thatthe ‘te realms intertwine, so it sem likely that Isensine ha an imerest in the dvarvsh god's business. But what Dumathoin Wants From Isensine ff anything is anybody's guess. Cutside ois gents in Deepshaft Hall, Dumathotn’s favorite proxy is the sly Chiselhands Renox [Px/? dart] FAN), one of the best miners on any plane, She has the power to detect any precious metals that Hie buried within a hundred yards orso, and chants she Lnows where ll of Du- rathoin’s secret caches are kept Whether that’ true or not, Insure makes Chiselhands a chokes target for Abbatho's wily schemes MUAMMAN DUA+HAL Lesser Power, “The Wanderer JG: Wanderers, expatriates AL NG WAL: Any NorG Ssh Mace in gant our o> YsgardNidavete/Midavellr (wanders) ‘Muamman Duathal is aloost gnomelike in his approach to Ife: he's open and fiend, and he's dently curious about what les beyond the next horizon. As the power and protec- tor of wanderers (specially those fa rom home), of dwarves ‘who've left the safety of thee cities to explore, Muamaman has keen interest in the doings of the multiverse and what's to be found thet He's aso one ofthe youngest of the dwarvish pantheon, and as such the other members tolerate what they call his “aniies” Moran hops that Muamiman wil ete down in a fey millennia and gives thanks, atleast. that he's not as chaotic as Dugmaren Urightmartle. Fittingly, the god of wanderers doesn't really have a realm 0 call his own He sips by Nidavelit occasionally to check on the dwarves there, but he doesn't euntrol the realm in any way. Whoever is in charge there rome say i's Hod the Blind, the exiled Norse god of smthcra) simply toe ses Muamn’s infrequent comings and his more frequent oings. Here's the irk ofits Muamuman just docsnt give a toss about having a seal, He's more than welcome to stay in Dugeaten Brightmante’s Soot Hall, and when he's not thee, well, he just goes anywhere he pleases is proxies are hike minded. EINK Els (Px/ dwse fF) NO) cam he found anywhere on the Outlands oF the Lower Planes, spreading the word of his god to those who've slipped from the path and offering solace to those who've called the power for ad. Elk can Bome in on any dvart ‘who calls out Muamman's name, and he aucomatieally knows the quickest path to reac the sod in rouble. ‘Muammar’ second proxy (s— of all hings ~ a bearded tieing called Travelin’ Jick (Px/lefling/T8/NG), who's ‘been given de abil to shoot lightning from his bands and. {eyes at will. Se, the deiy's known a the god of wanderers, bb he has another agpect asthe dwarvish god of lighting Jick eam use the bolts to heal (uring 148 points of damage) or aro emus 395 points of damn save verms spel for hal He's gown basher to knows, bt his erally stony face and silent nate rake it han to gett close VERGADAIN Intermediate Power, “The Merchant King” 0: Wealth, fue, nonevi thieves N WAL: Any oo A gold piece w/e Outland] the Dwaavish Mountain [Songale Hall) Vergadaln fs the good side ofthe dwarvish ust for acquis vn, He doesn’ want valuable ast to have Ghee spreads ‘he jink around and keeps it from the hans of the dwarves semies Venn acne the lewuty of eratsnahip ae Aloesn't grab greedily for anything that crosses his path [a short, he's a eolleeor, not an avaricious thie ‘Course, his sphere of influence Ac lides those who make thelr living on the darker side of the aw, but that doesn’ mean these cod or cruel. Theyre peers with ood hearts, usually, or tricksters who delight fn practicing the cross-irade on berks who look down on dwarves, Whatever ‘ey are hey ually aren't malicious Vergadaln's a good soul, as ft as powers, a jack-of- all-tades and a wity scoundrel. His realm ~ the boisterous Stronsale Hall in Dwarvish Mountain ~ relets this, [es place of gambling and freelowing bub, where fink always Fides cna throw of the dice anda herk can stake anything he’s got to bet with The games never end though i's & mark of respect i dart petitioner gambles with the sane ‘outsider more than ote. Cheater, naturally ain Jooked on too kindly ~ they sit in Vergadain’ ye and right im his owe realm! They’ get ‘themselves lost they don't lay fai Following the Rule of Thces, Ver sgadain has thre proxies of note. The sti Lau Clerfact (Px/ 4 einhecian/HD 15), who looks like 3 Scarred dwarf bruiser but speaks with slight, wheezy volce He watches over the tables and the drinks Ifa berk tres 10 ‘Guat, Lull crags him ~ the proxy cam per into minds and Snell erossAraders from across the hal, The second proxy fs Alla Hofinel (Pa? dwartfTN) a domineering wench who controls the treasury of Ver tain, The blood’ no fan to be around, but she's song ood at her job, She knows, the copper, he amount thas supposed to be in the teasury, and she cia track 2 rising, ‘coin actos the Outlands. The thd proxy is Elten Strongfinges (Px wart Ni the guardian af merchants. He's sent om missions ta pro rect dart traders en route to the Dwarvish Mountain, and sometimes to escort them to their next destinations Elten can see equally Wellin blinding light or total darcness, and he can hear the difference between a sliding stone and a stealthy footfall. As a guide, he's one ofthe best + THE DUERGAR POWER + The duergar are the floomiest of the dwarves, driven deep tumerground (al eatin theie mythology] by the dictates of theit power, Lihue. It seems he sa th lazy good-For-nothings and sought to remove his penple fmm their nfence.Toxay the duergar are drab and ema ated rice almost without Joy, reserving their elebrations for vctries over enemics and forthe grim pleasure of an other berk’s pain. they have any other recreations, no one knows what they are The dueraue aren't trusted by other dvarves and for ood reason ~ the pasty say sods are malevolent and ev ‘img poison and po work thei wl, lucky sod who tases to excape thei clutches, ‘Cure they fo asta much use Fr jak a the next basher, and they'd be fools to turn i avray. They'e Filled vith hate, but theyre not Leathereeds; they make weapons And aemion, an hey sll tt anyone whol pay their price Foe is, the ducrga ae some of the Finest smiths around, Theyre a east a good 35 the ordinary dwarves. Some customers say they're even better, main because theyte not afraid tory new techniques, new ways osmithing. Sure, the berks are rigid, but they’ ve ot pre in heir cra and are always Scekng to improve i somehow The duetgar god is no beter than his people, and in some ways, he's alot worse, Ladaguer embodies the sptt of Aner ana deel and wile forces his charges to cat and ‘ral well, he dos i nly to show the atherdwarvish gods ‘exactly what theyre missing in is absence other dwarves as LADUGUER Intermediate Power, “The Exile” AC Cras, mage potetion le LE ‘wo LE LN Svs Shield with broken erossbow bolt Pow 01/0 Aeron ThuldaninMammeraean Laduguer claims that he Tet the dwarvish pantheon of his ‘own will taking 2 voluntary exile to put himself at a tance from his "lay" brethren He hates other dare and ‘heir deities with 8 pasion, and drives the duergar into cary raves with rhe punishing demands of work. Laduguer says he's trying to train them to be tougher than the average var and it sems to be working ~ the dueryar are tous fos an don't take suf? From outsides [ reuen fr bis brutal londship, che power extends some benefits his people Me shows dem how to reate magical ‘weapons, even though dwarves don usualy se sch ites, inde protects them: and thee communities when i seems Tike they'e being kept down by other forces. His ealm’s called Hammergrim. a harsh place on the second layer of Acheron I's 3 gray land of eherlss til and Constant work, andl the duergar fight harder and harder to ‘make thei eal proit ana grove. ‘Course in the confines of Acheron, that’s sodding hard work, and i's unlikely they're ging to succeed. Chant is that Laduguer wants to toughen the duergar as much and a5 fst as posible it seems mosty like he's ying to exterminate them. (Some whisper dha the od bey reels sbaadoning the rest ofthe pantheon and takes i¢ out on his worshipers} ‘Most of Laduyue's proxies roam the Prime, where they ty wo lead duergar clans to glory. But Hammergrian knows ‘only one proxy: High Chieftain Rathgar (Px duce?) LE) Hes suid bein charge of making sure the real runs smoothly when Laduguer's sway, and i's 9 sure bet that Rathgar knows the dark ofthe place ike no one else, e's rim and gloomy, but with an unexpected charity. IF sod ‘ed lp and does 35k To chances are Rathgael give him & hand, But the proxy hates berks who whine or plead or complain ~ such weakling get nothing + THE DERR® POWERS + Laduguer may have been expelled from The dwarvish pan ‘heon, bu atleast he ean pretend otherwise iinkarazan and Dirinka, the derro powers, don’t even have that — hey were booted out, no two ways about it. Mardin says is because they were ivcemably evil, which i ve. But some think its also because the pair dabbled in magic. Supposedly, the ood powers were outrage atthe “vime™ (or perhaps erful for even jealous of thelr skill and cast the evi brothers out In any case, as thelr gods were driven from rhe pam ‘theon, tbe deo people were driven aay by ood dwarves, ‘They went far underground, and centuries of exile in the darkness bave whitened thet skin ‘As 4 ae the demo are cruel and hateful, They love 19 make slaves out of weaker sods, so i's guessed that tbe cea tres were themseves once enslaved —pechaps by lithe of Arow The derzo certainly despise both of those ‘dark aces, though they currently maintain an uneasy peace mith each culture. Really, the deera wall tin line. Trt they'd kill everyone if they coud The leaders of the dento race ae called savants. These blonds worship Dinca and hast ater magic and power, and they've cen Ic upon themselves to guide their people DIINKARAZAN Demipower, “The Mad God" Ji Vengeance Ace Wa So None oo 1 Abyss 586s of the Mal God ‘One of only so derro powers, Diinkarazan’s been imps: fone in the Aliys bythe ilithid power Isensine fr the a leged erie of attempting to steal the mind layers magic Diinkarazan’s brother, Dilinka, escaped! — but only by be tnaying his comrade. Now Diinkarazan alone serves lise sin’s sentence: e's rappin the Abyss, tocly insane, un able to escape unless areater power ses him fee, To make matters worse, Diinkarazan has a single day of lucidity once ‘every 50 years, and on this day’ he ereates sn avatar and Toosesiton the Prize, where It destroys entice dero villages. (Diinkarazan fees he was beaayed by his own people) is reat consist of singe rocky toe in which the power is trapped, surounded by rings of Flying rocks and tormented hy ilusions of his geetest ears. As fa 28 anyone ows, linkarazan hes proxies and no worshipers DITRINKA nermediare Power, “The Betrayer, The Father’ ic. Cty, magi, knowledge AL CE WAI: CE Svs Spi Jo" Pandemonumy/Pilegethor the Hidden Betrayal Dirinka, he brother betrayer, is oflen seen a the father of the derro ruee, twisting his former dart Fallowers into the hhteful things they are today. Along, with his brother i Inkarazan, he practiced the eross-trade on liseasine, bu ‘mben the itd god tumbled co the theft, he abandoned his brother and escaped with some of lscnsine's magic ‘The stolen magic is what empowers Dirink, and it's the same magic he grants to his savants— his priests and prox: {es the leaders of the dero race. Dinka does ive 8 toss out what the savant teach 38 longa they revere him anc help the der grow ever stonge Diinka's reali is hidden away in the thind layer of Pandemonium, said to be chillingly dark place that drips ees with foul water. But no one who's ever seen it has ecumed o tll the tale Pa N T H E ® N to be fought over, the Egyptians hold sway. Ther eiviliza. + THE PAN+HEON + The tue origins ofthe Egyptian panthean are dar, its hisory hidden, Some claim that Ra gave life 0 the other powers. Others matk Ptah as the high-ap, and ill more pu orth hat the mysterious Fight Fa ‘thers and Mothers of Light and Life were the true creators, A bly can believe what he likes, but the Eight if they existed) have vanished into the mists of time, an Pts ben relegated tothe positon of @ minor deity, his heart ancl Longe Tene ora least mut). WHY +H ANIMAL MASK YOUR FACES so UGLY Perhaps the fatks who be in Ptah Jost their faith, or maybe y@U IDE +HEM? pe neverealy ba any powerin the fst place. Whatever the tat the A GHUALESE SERE 0) caer ioe mah mecam Gradient; aula hota tea SERVANHS oF SEF Oe ‘pantheons or formed whole from the fabric of the multiverse. And only hit powers came rom Ba Hs int ac aft, ma obra for is of thee bias If dey hope Co achieve union wth their power, Set Imermediate Power, ‘Lord of Evil, Defiler of the Dead’ © Evil drought, desert storms ALLE Wal: Any evil Soop Cole cobra “ow 6: Baatort Stysia/Ankhwugat ‘Soon Pout: Nekeotheptis Skorpios (Px/é minion of Set) FIB.T15/LE): Omikross (Px/é greater mummy/4D 10) LB} Ise (Px/ 9 human/MAn37NE} ‘The main power of evil inthe Egyptian pantheon, Sets stl ‘wall acauined with the other Gods After al, he’s one ofthe fine of the Enpead ~ a senior member ofthe pantbeon. The others must reepect him, even i they don't mac [ike hi ‘Ad despite his evil ways, Set has been known to side with the res af the pantheon against the lane ravages of the serpent Apophis, ln the end, e's sill a power of law. Set used to be married to Nephythys. and naw and ‘again he sends proxies to her realm cory to win her back. ‘Course, he aso lst after Ii, and i's no dark that, if given the chance, he'd put Osis and Horus in the dead- book. The cil power just plain hates Osiris — after all, Set killed him ‘once before ~ but his anger toward Horus stems fom the fact that Horus was granted a throne Set desired When it comes to planar affalis, Ses tne most active of ‘the Eayptian powers. He makes and breaks alliances al the ‘ime wich other detes (and neat-detes, and recemt chant has him: hanging out with Sermuanys, the Wizard man god, Some even say that Se’ dealing with Tiamat But most pow= es know to examine anything he's involved in very carci Set’ realm on Baator i called Ankhwugaht, a burning ser in the mist of the snow oF Stygia. The cemer of the realm boasts & huge black pyramid that seems to cast a ‘shadow across he entire land. The pevitoners ae completely ‘untastworthy, but they have a strange sense of honor, and they won't go back on their sworn word. ‘Course, getting ‘them ro swear inthe frst place is another matter entirely snu Intermediate Power, “The Uphotder” 606 Winds, atmosphere ALG ‘WAL: Amy good Sine: Ostrich feather os Elemental AiDeser Wind ‘ors Pos Kherchuty (Pf humanM Oftamoniwm/LG Shu, brother and husband to Tefnut, father of Geb and Nut, hs bcen charged by Ra to keep Nut ard Geb apart fom each ther, and this Shu does admirably, As the atmosphere, he ‘oops the ground (Geb) From ever touching the sky (Nut) and thus the two loves are separate Shu's realm, Desert Wind, ls pure breeze and sky; stil, {es notkeably diferent from the est of the Elemental Plane ‘of Ai The aris warmer and ters with gol, and it’ fled ‘wth the scent of ciemon and sand I's said a visto othe realm car move ith the simple pvr of his mind, ‘Sue, storms can rise up unexpectedly, but Desert Wind. is usually a place of peace and gentle breezes, Thats what the petitioners ae, mostly — warm, caressing winds, hough some tke the Form oF golden shafts of sunlight, TEFNU+ Intermediate Power, “Storm's Fury 16 Storms, an, ramming water ALING WAL Any Syn Pyramid and Hw i Bytopla/Shurrock/Windwrath ‘uy Pow yalotep the Lame (Px) human/P9.M7)NO) “eft, wife of Shu, appeats 38am artaetve woman with the head aa lor. She's 8 power of mercurial moods and chang ing disposition, Those who can wead che weather can sense the changes in ee mood ~ beneath the seeming chaos, there lies desper ont, that of stor and lightning. Tefout can be gentle and kind ome minute, and thundering aa harsh the next. She's not cruel and won't destroy without cause, bout sods who incur er fry know it right away. Tefnut's realm, Windweath, sits on one of the man ‘mountains of Bytopi, pumvneled by winds and rain. Te pe= tihioners hide from the storms inside village-caverns: the largest setlement,Ston-khat sided by the pry Dyalo- ep the Lae The natives spend ther time ning passersby and serving their goddess. Though the wind rarely ceases ‘and the rain lets up only occasionally, the natives love Windwrat, and most folks who come here do wel, THO+H Lesser Power, “The Keeper of Knowledge” |G: Knowledge ALN Sr: tis vo Oana fThoth's Estate vou Paontes Bamebdjedet (Bef bariaurN): Djehuty [Daf gishacri/T6)N}; Norms (tals (Px/2 fling! NI WAL: Amy Thoth i sald to have accumulated as much knowledge athe ods lsensine and Gzeminid combined, and to use tin a uch more selfless fashion, Isis may know everything that's Ihappeting tn the multiverse now, but Thoth knows every= ‘thing that's happened in the past. As the custodian othe Great Library, Thoth allows scholars i its hallowed halls 10 research whatever may be on thet min His petitioners Live in small villages Mavat and in the city of Thebestys nearby. (bs Great Library’s found All manner of tevtan canbe Found in his alms desert and swamp vie for space all along the river. ong the River where the Tre ELVISH serge PAN+HEON - S030 em existed before the elves ever dew bath When the powers vere dividing the plancs, Corellon Larethian, the creator and overpower of he elvish race, chase the Ftess a the place where his pepe would ive, How ‘ever, fore Colon could lay tac clam to the woods, «rival ~ Grumsh of the ores — mse to protest his lot. The two gods strugaed for cons hog eivish mythology calls ‘only & day anda nigh cach contesting the oer ina fury of blows ana hated. Corellon’ biood mingled ‘withthe tears ofthe moon and Fell upon the so and from this sprang the elves. Bom ofthe fury and despalr of he east powers, the elves have known passion throughout their long existences. They dank their patrons with wnlaying worship and bi, making the eRe eae vish pant +HE SERINGS 9F4 HARP Ano tHE SHRINGS 9F 4 BOW + THE PAN+ z WHICH WBULD » 4 HPA ee Chant i hat of al the panthcons in the cosmos, the elves the » DANCE M@ ‘most focused on the tray ofa basher: body, spe, and ml. tn — ELISHARANOR tie SWIF, ait cnings, even an and warfare, they seek asthete perfection and cuandian oF ARVANDOR harmony. Cray is for leser beings, and elves have no wish 10 be ried wth those erates. The elvish powers arc alld, eletvey, the Seliarine This translates roughly a8 “the brothers am sinters ofthe wood" thou its eear that not all ofthe gods ae, in fie, sings. Some legen ho Corellon and Sehanine Moonbow tobe the two creators of the elvih race, while other tales elim that Corelion hinted the all. Whatever the trth, the Sedat area fey close-knit group, al hyve got fevt ofthe rvaltics common to other panthcors ‘Come, this exces the lowers ofthe drow. Lolth and her compatiots were once pare athe same pantheon as the resto the evish eit, but Corcllon al the others explid them when thy learnt ‘hat che Spider Qucen taught heresy (0 the mortals, leading them into darkness. The Seldarne couldn tolerate the los of thelr worshipers to el. and so the bale kno asthe Ear spi the panthcon in ‘oo forevermore ‘one ofthe most pervasive ofthe multiverse + THE WORSHIPERS + Nawal, the min fo sometimes gamutous high elves, fm the hkklen sylvan elves to the relentless dow, the elves kinds of thought and ll kinds of life. No biood has found a way to categorie all elves except asl elves” the cutters defy easy groupings. I'd be foolish ta expect them alto act the same way. After ll, none expects humans to act alike, an though brand ‘ach human is essentially an individual, So iti wth eves Because they live for hundred, even thousands of years, elves leatn to develop an aesthetic that ‘many other races seem to lack, subtlety that many spurm, ana mindset that comes only through Ion, long experience: Ask most any el, and he'll ay that his kind ae the inet mortals eration hast offer. Most other mortals dispute that. But te elves do havea point ~ their long lives grant them a pot spective not many gain, and they've achieved a level of beauty, harmony, and eivization most don't ever teach They've brought mage to & high ae, andl elves innately tumble to the dar of etter than tas can, owers of the elvish pantheon are elves Prom the reclusive ray elves to the mall sno portions of the surprise that G50 ables, the Searine G andenforce di exemplify the vine justice and alte mature ‘hls, The lt thatthe elves tera simply sive to cul those charge ‘ate. The pow a by the powers fs maintain tw enforce Ielievers on certain ls. many, many Enissares have primc-materil ro sities be- worlds, yond those they Thigh the vere bom with thves on any Bashers bone world wo arent aren't 1o0 nu clves have to merous, they Z make a Wisiom add up io @ - ‘hick when Tair number aross the Pee, an thats the gous really they enter Arvandot. Those yo fll ate Lost tothe spell of reed. Sue, the worship and belie may vary ftom world tothe land, They seek out the elves and dance sing, and in- word but all the uals ate designed to appease and draw dulge themselves in the joys of life, They can be guide ont, the afentions of the elvish pantheon, and thus the Seldarine but» body who doesn havea fiend to lead hil be lost row ever stronger For sate, eventually. |Arandor, the realm of most of the elvish powers, and Ar- Though only Corellon Larethian isa greater power among vanaith, the realm of the eivish dead or departed, are often the pantheon, the major of Ue others have achieved ite: held be de same place. The primes know only that the (wo mediate status. Tat means thatthe elves ae a mighty inflae ae remarkably sila, bi planars and elf petitioners can tell ential bunehs they're one of the strongest nonhuman pai ‘bods wid assurance thatthe realms are ane aul dhe sate. tbeons, and certainly a match forthe weaker human gods. ‘Awiandor’s a pee of deep woods znd unearthly beauty, Generally, the elvish powers are androgynous, appearing 28 caught up in de passions of Atbores, Some say exemplifies male ot Temale without compuncton, Sil, most of "em have lhe whole ofthe plane, but the elves've colored the ream wit a favoced gener and that's how thet believers know them, ‘el presence more than the plane's colored them. Be that as inmay, Arandors a place of mystery, ever othe eves them- selves I's said that only the powers know is secrets. One thing thats ot dark: The Seldarine won the realm fom the ios ofthe gians; even today, glantsh uns iter the ads Magic, music, a and eras, war nl meadows ofthe Fest. (Sce the map on page 97.) G “Any Nor G ‘Most folks also know that hungry things often make Crescent moon their kips in the words attacking any sds foolish enough ro ‘Arborea/Olympus/Arvandor ander too near. Oreasionally, he High Kings who rule aver ‘he ef petitioners send nights out to ride through Arvandor, The leader ofthe evish pantheon, Corellon Laretlan, fsa hunting the fell beasts that wander in frm nearby realms 10 have ven bith to the ene elvsh race He's sso the pa- fam from portals to othe pans). Though the elves have ew vom of ost aesthetic endeavors (lncluding mage and w Such portals to protest against they've constantly on heir fae fora highly arts people. Add co that the fact that he's suard for incursions ofevl and danger (including the depr- the highest high-up for one ofthe ajo derihman races, tations of the hatefl slaves of the Unsecie Co anda body'd think that Corellon might be more than ithe The powers don't scem to take much interes inthe day- full f hime ~ a hough given further proof by the arto londay governance uf Arvandr, instead delegating this ea- — gance many elves show to those not af thei kind thority to their proxies and their emissries, who tae the du Te ain't trae. For all his tight, Corelon is stil humble, ties more o less seriously. A proxy and an emissary aren't always open to lamin something new and thst makes hie the same thing either. The former are elves Who've received even stronger. See, most other posers have thelr heads in the 4 sured of a warm reception. He might ind himsl che butt of 2 few jokes, but if he can't handle that, he's ot mo business Dein hee inthe first place. + THE GNOMISH POWERS + Though Garl Glittergold’s the nominal leader of the pan- thcon, he's pretty much free spirit He allows the other powers todo what they like, but they all more or less match his vision anyway. The gnomish pantheon is one ofthe most involved with [ts worshipers, and that harkens back to the earliest days of creation, Is Sald that while the gods of other pantheons chose to grant their followers special skills, habitat cer peeks, Garland his companions ehose oly the i erat nearly dretly with thee believers GARL GLI++€RG@LD Greater Power, “The Joker” {406 Protection, humor. rickery,smithing AL: UG Wile Any N oF G = Gold nugget Hows 94 Bytopla/Dothionjthe Golden His (hiverome) oo yours Gemma Feldspar (Px! gnome/tii,T11/NG) ‘The leader ofthe pantheon, Gans a yenle sou one who val- tues quick thinking anda elear head more than almost any thing ese. Though physical prowess ard spiritual might are lipporant, nothing? more crucial than keeping it all in per= spective. He insists on eaoperation among the resto the pan theo (ard among, he gnoaish people), and bel do what he rust t9 make happen. Carl spends ite tme in his hl, Glit- terhome, preferring fo roam the realm aa wate protector. The power’ also a mischievous trickster, sak to have the largest collection of Jokes inthe multiverse, ‘and he's always got ‘ne azpropriate tothe situation He ususlly ‘aries plenty of props Tor his ilusions nd practical jokes; he never knows when hey night come in handy ‘Course, also ‘aris Anumdina, his Imteligencbatle-axe, and the sight ofthe leaming weapon's probably encouraged more than one victim af a Joke to laugh It off with good Ihumor rather dhan get too mad. BAERVAN WILDWANDERER Intermediate Power, “The Masked Leaf iC: Foret, travel, nature AL NG Wal Any N or 6 Sinn Raccoons face 6 BytopialDothionthe Golden Hil (Whispelea) Foon Sour Chitika Fastpaws (Px!® gant raceoon! MD + 10/NG); Brightlash Deeppockes (Px gnome(T12 2/8) ‘Baervan, power of gnomish wanderers and thieves, isthe closest thing the race has to acral He loves oak tees and ll forest animals, and is always on the lookout forthe con eens ofthe wild (though he sill keeps a close eye on his does joke Bacrvan's real ig called Whisperleat, after the great ‘ak planted om his hill A cary cottage nestled on top a the mound looks small from the outside, but its large enough Within to hold allo the powee's petitioners. Any nongnome ‘who visits Whisperlef finds that his loos been lightened iy an item or te: if he wants his goods returned, he H have 10 find a way 10 play a joke on one of the residents, No other way do it Ilusions, deception, pro- Cloak and dagger Bytopia/Dothion/e Golden Hills (he Hidden noi ‘THaran Gitgaw (x12 gnome/T137N6) Buravar i, perhaps, one of the snore brutish ofthe good aligned gnome dei. He's ot 1 genuine dilke forthe qobl- ‘id powers and races — he just doesn't think they ean be = formed ~ and he proves i ¢ very opportunity. Sil, he fa lows Gat’ lead in supporting tnchery over strength In a tom to encouraging the ars of Aiguise, stealth, and spying, Baravar creates taps and il sions of ineredible depth and cunning, Fact the entrance tothe Hidden Kroll, his real inthe ils i filled with ricks and nonlethal trap who can get past tern not only Avoids embarrassment bata et apc of one ofthe sures stashed away within. A Derk who gets cough by a trap be feed eventual ‘Course, a body shouldnt count fon the same traps being in yi place every time he vst the Hidden Knol. Baravarcon= o MUN stanly changes the ad making sme tricks suspeiously like old ones ~ but just different ‘enough to give an overconfident bet 8 ea shock Mining, Fitness, smithing NG Any NorG ‘Symbol: Haring hammer ‘Bytopia/Dothion/the Golden Hil the Mitral Forge) i lana Heatforge (Pal? gnome/F4/L6) Flandal's one of the finest and strongest smiths inc Some say that he and the dwarvish powers helped erate the caf and that human smiths just tau! along for the ride Regen, any gnomes involved in metal work venerae land and hope to approach even the tiniest portion af his sil, Cause, the ety’ ge nose gives him am edge at smelling out veins of precious ore. Flanda’s realm In Dathion is called Une Miuhral Forge (see the map on pase 109) I's place of fie and heat cor wed beneath ill that seems to breathe with every swing ‘of Flanda's hammer, so powerl ate his ars. He shares he reall with the Japanese delty Ame-Tsu-Mlara, and often tunes secrets with the other smith gods. The turiels of the Mitral Fonge ste also sid to wird bencath the sil of many father planes, dough only a worthy gnome can walk the pas ‘ages without getting hopeleway les GAERDAL IR@NHAND. Lesser Power, *The Siem” ‘60C: Vglance, combat, protection AL LG WAL! 16, LN Sts rom bend Hows w/t BytopiaDothion/the Golden His (Stonghaven) ‘ov Prous: Szemeade Fereyes Pf smome/F15/.6) Gzerdal trontand isthe most dwaclike deity of the pan thcon, rarely smiling snd ecey intense. He's yot no use for leeks, jokes, or deeeits ~ he takes his dries asthe protector ‘oF gomish hurtows very seriously atthe cast of sacrificing playful spn. Stil, tis gamers him Sober respect, instead ‘ofthe gente affection that's lavished on the ater detis. His hl 's called Stonghaven, an it's re of the deco: ration that characterizes most griomish homes. Is tunnels ‘wind through the bills, and is sid to contain @ maze that ‘est the mete ofthe eannestplanewalkee, NEBELUN Lesser Power, “The Meddler* ‘0 Inventions, good lack AL: CG ‘WAL: CO, NG Soot: Bellows and lira tai Howe fe: Bytopia/Dothion/the Golden Wils (the Work shop: Arborea/Olympus/ Olympus vow Posies: Plain Hothands(/egomeyt4/CG Nebelun’s the sehemer and planner ofthe powers, the patron fof tinker gnomes ~ which is shorthand for saying bis stemes are overblown and rarely work. Nonetheless, be de lights in invention and experimentation, and body looking for success in building something new could do worse than to invoke Netlun’s name “Truth is the blond stared oat 38:2 mortal, ane wom his Aivine satus through his many legendary exploits, such 3s the time he made blimp out of the tail he stole fom Se~ rmuanya, the Izard man deity. Thus, Nebelu’s also beloved ‘f planewalkers brash enough ta date the imposible He splits his time between the Workshop {his home in ‘the Golden Hills) and the Olympian forge af Hephaestus ‘Greek od of erafis. Really, though, Neblun wanders as his nature detates, and as the powers of either pantheon ask. He's imepresible, and few’ have him any other way. SEG@JAN EAR+HCALLER Intermediate Power, “Earthfriend” AiG: Bani nature AL NG WAL Any Nor 6 Sion: Glowing gemstone Howe il: Bylepia~Dothion/te Golden Hills (he Gemstone ‘Buro) ‘sow Prost: Barak Stonethraw (Pxfe!gome/P1/LG) Though he's sald tobe the power of earth and mature, Seo Jan is weally more concerned with what's wnder the sol han love i Hes gota strong affinity for animals, and any cri ter that igs in the earth or burows through can call ego jam a fiend The power’ so close vo earth's ereatute, in act, ‘a emissares from the nina lords of the Beastlards often pay visits ois realm: the Gemstone Burrow: The bill's ramored to contain an endless bundle of crudely da tril and peaps even lst weasuze hoards ft the guomes. Whatever the tt, the Burtow’s definitely home to many digging animals. Any visitor who wants to talk to Segajan should pve his message to one of the beasts {stead — IN carry word tothe dey URDLEN Intermediate Power, "The Crawler Below” ‘AoC: Gred, bloodlust AL: CE ‘WAL: Any evil Srinol: White mole Hows fs: Abyss/396)the Wor Reale own Poses None Undlen's the personification of the evil in the hearts of sfvomes, the impulse that dives them toward greed and ha fre Ie takes the frm af ain, hares, deathly ehite mole that crushes life without regard. There's nothing it doesnt want to spoil and estoy. Naturally, Uden dosnt live withthe other gnomish sods i the Golden Hil. instead, i dels inthe 399Hh layer fof the Abyss, in a place known a the Worm Resim ~ a tnd ‘of twisting, collapsing tunnels filed with evil gnomes, pur ple worms, and other wicked underground creatures, Ur land the Abyssal power Zuggmoy sre supposed to have an ‘understanding of some sors, though i actually may be a feud, To most bashers, the doings of Abyssal powers remains dark, so its impossible to tll what the rth + ios CALLARDURAN SM@O+HHANDS. Intermediate Power, “Deep Brother” A Protection, earth, mining ALN WAL NLNG (sine Sri: Gol ring with star pattem ow 11 BytopiayDashion Deephome Joon Pans Mrausmsh (Px/2 stone golem/ID 14)NGI Callarduran isthe power ofthe svirnebl the rock-colned deep gnomes who dig mines and burrows far trom their ‘reunen. But Callaaran’s no oueas he le his followers deep underground co encourage diversity among the stnomes Hes on excelent terms withthe rest ofthe gnomish pantheon ~ though he i, by nature, solitary ~ and be en courayes that his fahful establish trade and communication ‘ith the rest of the race (On the ater had, fe despises row, and charges his people to drive away the dark elves whenever passibie} Callauran’ eal is called Deephiome, constructed not too far from the Golden ills I's & place of oppressive weight shove, where the rock gaan with the tons of earth piled atop it Tunnels snake chraughout the hil, breaking Imo cavers of astonishing bert. Inthe center of the reat les the hidden cavern of Calladuran himself, where he keeps a massive stone that’s salt beable w contol any ea elemental, even he 0st powerful The stone's perfectly smooth, sanded over the aes Dy the gods hand, + THE HALFLINGS # The comforts of hearth and home, sot bed, an the com ‘pany of good frends; feedom fom fear and ned the knd= nes of # word and the generosity of strangers ~ these are all ‘ld dear by the hal Tings. calle “hele fo" by some. Is ieany wonder, then, that theit powers exempliy these qui ties, promoting stability, safer, and concern forall allings above al he? Most of the creation myths of de halings are unique among the races othe multiverse. That's because they tel of how they were a people without god unt! Yendala ound ‘hem and taught them beter methods of survivik Myths of other races usually tell of how the gods ead the mortals fr the people created the gods very, wery few legends sug gst that each grew without the influence of the her OF all the known races. ofthe panes, ony the hallings claim that they and thie doites are together by mutual agreement, that ‘he powers have as much obligation to the mortals asthe mortals do 0 the powers THE PAN+HEON ‘The halfling pantheon is one of the smallest across the planes, yet also one ofthe largest. See, only a few divine ames ane known 10 all aliogs, but the residems of euch ‘bug place great importanee on the local powers, the ones rarest hearth and home, The halings just don't fel nee! o surround themselves with 10 many shared ods. Truth o tel the ile folk have bucketloods of powers — Inova 3s the "thousand stall gods" ~ who aten' really ‘more than spits if they’te even that. These so-called payers are usualy in charge othe minor aspects of lie, scl as the seeessfal repair af a door ar ehait or the perfection of « ‘wall-cooked! roast. These ait matters that a regular deity like to be bothered with, and thats why the allings vence ate the local spins, ear than the vast pacts ofthe race. Don’ think the haltings shy fom religion. just that ‘hey don’t want to bother dei powers with petty deals and ses, ne lea ods seem much more conned With the ‘ates a concerns of each individual village ‘Some eabereads sneer hat che halings are sm be cause they dream stall. Thar’ Toad of bunk ust cause ‘most halling cutters don't appreciate the “joys” of adventur~ Ing, preferig ta slay a home and nartre thie race, docs't mean they've got no ambition, The halllings have as much spirit and spunk as ny ofthe other races, andi rise 1a the stnface when they're provoked GREEN FIELDS ‘As the ead of the partion, Yondalla chose Mount Celestia 4 the place 10 center the hallling powers, tn the pleasant ‘realm of Green Fels on Veny, the thitd ayer. the halfling ptloners while away their existence in peace mediation id ard work, enjoying the Fruits of thee abors and the company of thie Fellows, ‘Green Fields is hore 10 Yondalla, Arvorcen, snd Cyr fale, who watch over ther shared domi with a careful eye and an ear to what folks are saying. They want to make sure n Fields sil place of salty and repose, They"¥e done a fine job ton. Any berk who harms 2 halling here sal fers identical wounds an that Keeps away the wort sas The real’ sical a collet of halfing sethments fn the slope oF Mount Celestia (see the map on page 119). “The best-known bugs include Amberwell, Bunerty Hills Candlewood, Marston-on- Water, Thistedavns, and Ture Creek. The hommes tht dev the mountainside are built both shove and belo ground, in typical Wain fasion, And the powers themselves wander freely, seeing that all runs Ssuoothly and making themselves available to ther people In shor (60 to speak), Green Filia realm of exlity snd fcedom. A body do well to remember that’s what the halflings value most highly of anything in ther Hive. + THE HALFLING POWERS + The halfling pantheon’s got none ofthe rivalries a body right expect. holds no great powers of evil the halfings Took to other races fo dat. Indeed the gods tend to work to ether, sharing portfolios and interests inorder to present 3 ‘unified front That i, afterall, the only way’ ta get "ig ols” to take them seriously Every power in the pantheon takes threats to alfing well-being seriously, to9, and they have no compaction shout sending groups of avatars to defend their people's Wil lnges. They've learned that a show of farce is offen the bes way to frighten ofT enemies YONDALLA Greater Power, “The Protector and Provider” 96 Protection, fetlity quis Wits Any Nor 6 Shs Shick with comucopia 00 9c Mount Celestia VenyalGre Fields Soc Peo lina Hairtoes (Px) halling/ 107.6) Yondala's given plenty of gifs to her worshipers, not the Tesst af which her temperament, From he. the halfings have learned to stand up for themselves to defend their homes and amills, and 1 seek peaceable solutions — or bse ‘urn dei foes against each other and slip away unnoticed, Yona is a charming and persuasive power of peace. ‘ud Uno she cu take fe and eal as easly a she gives li, she never seeks out opportunities Yo Harm thse wo don't Hebly deserve it. ARVOREEN Intermediate Power, “The Defender” 0: Protection, war, vigance ALG We Any N ar G Sys Two short swords Ho fe Mount Celestia/Venya/Grcen Felts ‘ovo hos The Keepers (Pxivarhalling/F6-F9/LG) Aevoreen, a flery guardian of the hore, firmly believes in active defense. He urges hs chars to keep thet burrows se cure, tobe ready in case of attack, and to put down danger before it even rears is head. Though Arvoreen stops short of alocating war e's not shy about point out folks who're acting suspiciously — afer all, they ust might be evil indi tise, To this end Arvoreen spend most of his time in Green Fields diling elite groups of hall Keepers The god isn’ exacily a popular power, spctel an revered for his teachings. Is from hie that the hangs learn to construct elaborate systems of defense and tricks ad traps to defuse enemy charges. And its from him ‘hat they lean that a body who gives aid agains¢ a mural Ta is Trier to be rewards and trusted, 1 wactor spitts: the the fe BRANDOBARIS Lesser Power, “Misadventure” 0; Stead hlevery, adventuring ALN WAL: Any Syn Malting’s forprin os ele Wanders ‘Sui Pris Blenai the Dies [Pf @ halling/T12)NI; A= nis Feltoot(Pxf balling TOE League|N} ‘The poster of thievery and trckery. Brandobars gues that Ife’s thereto be explored, and so is a favorite among the (smal) adventuring cess of kalfings. W's litle wonder thet he's usually portrayed asa young exter, one who hase’ yet, Jeamed the cue ways of living. St, es Loved for his mis ‘hhievous ways, his reveling and joking, and his ability toe ‘ape fiom: any scrape, no mater how dangerous. Although he's good friends with both Gal Glitergo and Baervan Wildwanderer, Brandoburis doesn’t have a realm in the Gon Hills, or anywhere else for that matt Ne usually spends time wandering through other powers realms, halfling or not, seving what he ca ee W's sal that he occasionally seeks out mortals Fr adventure CYRROLLALEE Imermediate Power, “The Hand of Fellowship” uF Ack Syn: Open door Fa 1 Jor Mount Ceesta/VenyaGaeen les wo Ponies Mosella Andul Px? balfing/F1O/Hammo- niumfL6) ship rust, home WAL: Any good oF LN The power of the home and hearth, Cyrtolalce is aso a gentle protector of the haflings. However, whereas Yor dala’ concern lies with the overall race, Cyl cares more for the sanctity of the home itsel, Her real imerestis in the hospitality, generosity. and kindness halfling can show to others. Naturally, she hates irs, peters, and especially ‘ros- traders who'd break ito a bods hore Crrollaiee doesn't get too involved im the day-to-tay lives of he followers except oma small level, watching over the everyday events of the home. However, she's keenly aare ‘of what her fail do. roused she can bea most earsomme fee indeed; any halfling whose burrow has licen violated knows the feling of Cyeollale’s fury sweling within him. sine Nature, ariculture, weather N ‘ny Nor G Daisy Outland/Fowering Hl Sheron Adoron ( halning/D12¢N) Sheela Peryroyl's quiet one, though she's rarely seen with ta smile on hee face and a dance in er eyes. She's com ‘cemed with nature and agriculture and how to maintain the balance between the two, A druld's need to preserve wild growth is just as important as a farmer's nced to till the fields, and Shoel’s the onc eho tries to sce that they oth st whar they want, She's also concerned with the pleasures oF life — feasts, revelry, romance, ond the general deste to ive with passion, Her petitioners fel the same ways dey all want (learn to live Tike their deity and they welcome any blood who can teach them the path Sheela's realm, Flowering Hil, consists ofa single or- chard and wide Fart. Her petitioners work in both sites, learning how to appease nature snd their bellies the same time. They'te an open and friendly sort, but they get an awful Lot of invaders through thir territory. Thus, they're ‘etl Sometimes even pery abot Who they welcome, GREEN FIELDS Fant, death NaN) Any Black dos’s head silhouette Eysium/EroniaSoulearth Toroglan (Px/& ellingyF12IN) The Halling view of lifes so gentle al optimistic that even their power of death isa being to be respected and revere, but never feared. Urogalan i seen asa protector of the dead not a jade, al he's pleased to play this role Folks who die are uswlly lurid i tbe si, aad Urogalan embodies reverence forthe earth isl (as ‘nosed to hat grows in the earth) iting hs realm is a caveen beneath the fields of Fromia But snot le with petitioners looking merge with thelr power (Urogalan’s nos worshiped mulch by the halings). Rather, the sods that init Sovlearh ae simply dcaders ‘waiting for Urogan co aig them to thle proper places in the planes W's nt horn itjvstis P. N Ca H £ @ N olive-cavered hillsides, a body can see evidence of their passing. Every foothold and Wok to iow ever greater. This pameon, called the Dlymplans after their mountain fs home, has grog so much thar a substantial number of primes zetually call tbe gods’ home plane Olympus (as opposed a ts oper name, Adbotea IF dat alt influence, slinost nothing + THE PAN+HEON + The Gaeck pantheon is aly human, or else the hurtans under the Olympians are edly Ko like. The stl deb mune ALK ar FREEDOM, Medea Aad on watt THEY sunt MARE 4 L@+ ef RULES! group en be fered. — AN OLYMPIAN PE+I+IONER ‘Aside from the Titans, the Celts are the main rivals ABOUTS 40 DESCEND fof the Greeks. The twa panthcons work at crss-pur poses slmost every step ofthe way. Where the Cel are ‘open and accepting of new powers, the Greeks are insular, preferring 10 rush new gods under ther hel before they bring them into the fold They figure the best way to show newcomers thatthe Olympians have the answer sto demon strate the absolute might ofthe pantheon, Suffice it to say that they've made some enemies in their time, and if all those enemies were to considera simultaneous atack on the Olympians, there's good cance the mulivers°a be one pantheon poorer, For example, the Greek powers upropristed some ofthe aspecis oF the Egyptian dees, blatanly drawing from thelr vals wo make ever more worshipers Tor thembelves, Apollo, Kod of light siphoned! away many believers from the sun god Ra. The Egyptians, though power, ouldn'c sand up to the sanault, and withdrew rather than challenge the Olympians. So i's largely beeause af the Greeks tha the Fxyptias no longer occupy such a prominent ploce in 404s GRAY WAS+E ‘he multiverse, and any blood worth the name knows just hhow well dhis sits with Ra, Bis, ond che rest. Unite some deltes, dhe powers of the Greek pantheon aca’ chat interested in innovation. They appreciate the ex ploration of boundaries, but just because a lines been ‘crossed doesn't mean @ body can't o buck across I Some alecoves sy the Olympians ae cow ar, iving in thelr Ieads, aad 0 smave forward in time and technol ‘ogy Itai te 1's Jus that they've found what works for them and their followers, and they dontc wart wo inker With system that’s Bro them this fa The fore ofthe smith Hephaestus is ‘evidence enough tht they've go members who ere ate and innovate The Greks just prefer to dealin {he realms ofthe sical and emo- ‘ona. Sil, for each tive the powers've come togeber on an fas blood can point nine dines they didn. The Olympians arent very cohesive; they're argumentative and proud, and neither trait x particulary conducive to making Peeee: When they get themselves worked up, they can shake thelr eam unt no morta wants to stand anywhere near the epicenter, The official histories ofthe pantheon are gathered inthe Great Theogony, 2 volume bound in che bones af mythical ‘ature an deal heroes. I's kept inva vault inthe halls of the Vast Temple, the cen meting point forthe entre pa theon den away from al bat thse who've go the spt 0 luncover suc cutis (Chant i the Great Theogony access ble to canny mora bat that just might he a lure the powers tse to scrag and punish sods gly of ubris) The tome re- othe maltiverse, told lates the emergence of the words "rough the ees of the Ofympians According 4 the Thengony, before time began the cos mos knew only the indescribable rings of Chaos ~ that was the undedying principle of eration. From Chaos came Eros {the fore of deste), Gaca the Fart), and Night. Gace’ first- bora was Uranus Ie Sky, but she spewed forth many more ‘creatures, eluding che Mountains, the Sea, and the nymphs Then Goes and Uranus produced eildren together, mix Ing thelr power and thei atbuts. Their ist offspring were the 12 Greater Titans, vw became, in essence, the law ofthe new world, For ex ample, Mnemosyne was the Tat of, memory, and it was beestse af her meme ory that time could ogress. But aca ‘tae bith to more ‘hl, some of ‘he as far asthe Tian, others much Iie the iy-heade, Tundeed-armed Hecatonchires. Uranus locked the hori things Im the prison of Career keeping ‘them from mortal knornedge, Gre sick at sceing her children confined, approached the Titan Cronus and convinced him to dispatch hls fae. He did o, assumed his Father's mantle, and mat ried the Than Rhea. But then Cronus went back on his word to Gaca and rele to fee his monstrous brothers from thelr imprisonment Thus, Gaca ll curse on Cronus that his ehiren woul rise up as he had risen, Conus figure he'd put that euse off hy devouring his offspring as they were horn, so that none could stand against him. He swallowed his ist five ehilren (Hestia, Hera, Demercr, Hades, and Posed}, but Rhea smug sled off the seth, Zeus, to grow amongst the nymphs. When Zeus grew to manhood (or rather, gdhood), he returned, disgulsed as his fathers eupbearer, and gave Cronus a potion that made nim vomit up the other five el: ‘ren, The Olympians then batted the Greater Titans and east ‘hem into Catch, where they remain imprisoned co this day Naturally thats an abbreviated version of evens, bu the Olympians went on to establish domlnance fst on me-material worlds, and Later on the Outer Planes ~ specifically, Arboren, + THE WORSHIPERS + ‘The fllowers ofthe Olympian panteom are, well, barmy. At least, chats the way it might seem 0 outside observes. See, hile the Taithfal revere thee sods, they tear those same boos down in satires and tages. While they value log and reason, they struggle savagely among themselves and tur their loge to frightening ends. They're a strange and complex people but they'e also compelingly diferent. Tei Society's spread across many a mainland and island, each with A own culture, history, and outook. Aad while te efferent sroups fight wih each other, dey also tur on outsiders who are increup ther reverie of phason a myth (Olympian worshipers are eveything tee powers ae. but tw aleser extreme. They have a unique concep of honor and fate, and a berk who brea her one is uty of capil affense: The people are a son, flere and wali, for they know ro other way. The devoted are explores always secking the far hot= on, whether menial or physi. They aor eveything they ‘come across, making it pa oftheir own view by subjagating it Everything they touch comes away indelibly stomped by their hands, + olympus + ‘The Acboreanreslm ofthe Olympian powers is named, aptly ‘enough, Olympus. Is, in the words ofthe poet place of towering passions and blinding rages Hand that exemplifies “Abotea a the savagery of goodness. On Ue sloping ists snd inthe long grass, satyes gambol and pursue the nymphs while che Baceanala roils past. White marble temples rise up gaint the greenery reflecting in he water that lps ily the shore below. Philosophies argc onthe so af thee lib, their debates growing mone heated with every passing minute Of the ecge of Otympus lies a peat occa dotted with is Jands and ees Strang winds blow of the wate, amying he ‘ang of salty ai to and though the shoce town of Trasi's ‘offen troubled by hags gant actoph, and oe creatures fom the seal. Shepherds tend de locks on te sland, and some ‘ull monasteries and shrines to thee gods ~ bol sites o fos the might oF de powers Chan a group of Amgzonsve taken up residence in de own of Atkewos, ining forthe day whe they lake ther vengeance on the men who've shamed tem, Sound kylie? 1s, far the most part. The Olymplans have a song pestoral sens, taking pleasure in the beauty of nature and people. But soretimes, the gos are furious Then, ill winds blow and storms stalk the land. See, hearts burn Irigy in yp, bt ome so righty a those ofthe pow c.f they ake a shin a ody, he hrs it I hey dee he's berk, he'd best get moving — and not bother to pack ‘while e's leaving. The Olympians area proud ot and they ont sta for aft of guapins. Sil, he rats not all sweetness and ght. Mother Earth and er fovers created gute 2 few monsers — muntcores by ras musa, and the ike — ard many of thers ote of sping now call Olympus home. Sure, ihe powers could wipe the creatures ou, but then how oul de mortals prove thelr heron? The gods know full well the daugers, bx they kecp the monsters sound to heey their peters honest asses. ‘Olympus fs home to nearly all of the Greek gods. Only Five members the pantbem ive elsewhere (counting the Fu> Fie as one deity, and mo including he Titans ar Hades’ wife Persephone). Thal means Olympus is ane of the most power Filled realms in the multiverse, and that's the way the gods there lice i. They dot spread themseves over he planes ike some pantheors; chant they want to keep their strength ready hn case they must face sntherruly monumental chal lenge ~ something on the order of overthraing the Trans. Like the Gets and the Norse (ovo ofthe other amos powerful ppantheons). the Greeks keep themselves together, and i's proven thei last ase. + HER@ES AND PROXIES + The Olympian powers havea common group of pics, bash ‘rs who dedicate thir ives to the service ofthe gos, whether ‘the mortals like i not. Thee eters are heroes of legend {olks who, pera becauce of hee dvine blood or jst thei sistence ofthe fates, found themselves repped up in the eae stories of mortals and so gained a kind of immortality Of their own. The list neluds, among others, Hercules, The ses, Perseus, Oysseus, Ailes and Jason Maturaly, folks al over the planes recognize hese heres, ‘They've bull reputation Tor themselves Fr greater han mos. bloods can dream of Chant some of them might even make the step to deripower before long ~ if they haven’ already, ‘Most of the Greek gds'd let their chosen proxies ascend, bit some remeber to well how they themselves gained power by overthrowing their Fathers. Zeus, especialy, jealously ‘lvards his position, and i take some doing for a body — even a able hero ~ to et ery far in the panton. ‘Course no all proxies ate moral bashers, The Furies ako serve the Olympian gots. even though they're consider powers themselves. As avengers ofthe pantheon, the Furies sep in only when a goa’ been persoelly slighted, or when toes breach of society deamands divine reibuton, The Fu- ries never seat on ordinary proxy missions ~ ever ‘Te Olympians also make extensive use of lesser proxies, ‘ough they only eras ich ninions with igor sks. These proxies don't have narnes a body'd recognize of the eu; theyre typically ashia, dyads, satys, and srines. Apollo, ‘Aes, and Abena favor pe ard solar for thee missions. nally, some proxies are murals aa petioners, cuter ‘who've managed to gra the eye of the gous at least for a time. The Olympians use them for a fee Tasks and then set them aside. W's not so much 2 eastng-o asi lack of in terests the Greck powers ae feke, anda body has to work har to Keep the attention of his chosen dey. Then ein that kindof sterion aint always good thing. sure + THE POWERS + More than anything ese, the Olympians ae a temperamental Tot. They've got more aide than any mortal’ ever cul vated, and they don’t lke anyone weaker thon they are ‘putting on airs tha're better sulted for gods. Is called Inui, and a body’ beter remember to pay proper respect to the powers: Ifa Lerk gets 00 uppity, dey put him down for sur Zeus is the head of the panibeon, but for the mst par, ‘he does setvely rule the ods He seps into take wand fonly when they eros him or threaten damage to each otc, The ponerse chaotic, afer all, and Zeus encourages their lechavior toa certain extent That doesn't inelude mediing on the Prime Material Plane. Sure, the gods are temptcd, occasionally, 10 poke sound on the Prime, hat punshrsent these ays is swift and sever. Thus. they content themselves with sending proxies snd the infrequent avatar. Oh they putin personal eppear- ances when they think they can get away with it, but the truth tha’ almost never Zeus Greater Power, “The Thunderer” ‘Nn Heavens fae, lealership ALN WAL: Any Sot: Fist illed with Hghtning bots How w/e Atbonea/OlympusfOlympas ‘Toough he’s the youngest of the stx arginal children of (roms and Rhea, us took the high-up spot among them ‘because of his might and his shrewd handling of thet tyra nical fat. Today, armed with 2 thunderbolt forged by the Cyclops, Zeus holds his position through awe and fear. ‘When te other powers have a dagreement they eaa'c re solve, or when they threaten (0 tear Olympus apa in heir squabbles, Zeus steps i, and witha heavy hand disciplines ‘hem antl hey sete down, Graybeatds say Zeus fs the embodiment of reason and emotion welded together. Tote the wath, lien passionate than loca and thas esused him no end fat trouble, Sec, while he's He's husband, e's lusty and lustful, and ehant is he's fathered more children among the ‘mortals than even Hera could tack dawn. Zcus means wel, {0 be sure, but sometimes a body eat hep but wonder ie {ook Hera for his wife as a symbolic gesture to placate her jealousy and afin his standing a5 head ofthe pantheon, His palace ts atthe hiahest point of Olympus, Hs hall lola with gold and precious gems. Statues of Zeus and Kiera line the halls; ean ls the Thunderer animates them to di pose of unwanted visitors ~ and also to move about the realm without atractng too much atention (us ow dian dry allen strikes deal ay mortal who catches sight oft, Sure, a walking state's lll noticeable but it doesn't have the same effect asthe powers actual presence. Zeus’ wife alo rules in these halls and is became of har tha he kes om secre ors 10 era keeps a remarkably close eye on her husband, hut it doesn't stop him from trying t escape the white marble of i palace Sometimes the place seems moe like a eege for the wayward deity. han ts Zeus leaves two jas ouside the entrance tothe place, one filed with the qualities of evil and the other with aod. Only the powers know which i whieh, Zeus uses the Stu 1 bless or curse moral, mixing the two qualities to ‘reate human spiris. Ia body could make of? with one of the jars, he could become a great fore For ood or vik ~ but hed better be sure of which one he takes, not t@ mention fina hideout beyond the purview ofthe Olympians they'd crush hi for sure Ws mo secret that Zeus doesn't care much for the Daghdha, the ruler ofthe Ceti pantheon. The feelings em rely mutual the Daghaa does think that dhe Olympians Aare any match for Ms own ere, and besides, he thinks the Greeks ate far too full of hemselves. Gassip smang, the priests ss the Daghaa’s recently pulled some subi ticks fn Zeus, which certainly doesn't help matters any. Regard ess, the Celtic leader isn't going out of his way to win Zeus ‘over, and the Thunderer won't ake any overtures of peace cher, Ther simmering feud may erupt int all-out war at some poi. ‘AS for pronles, Zeus mainly uses his own children, The mightiest of these is of couse, Heveues (Px) & humany/F20) CG), said o be te stongest man 4 ever walk the face of Prime. However, because Hercules isthe child of another woman, Hen's none 19 keen on the hero, aul usualy sets All sorts of obstacles in his way othe point where i's beter for Zeus nat to bother with Heecles tall for his daliances APHRODI+E Intermediate Power, “Lady of Dawn" iC: Love, beauty AL CG Srito: Seashell How dr: Arborea/Olympus!Olympus Wat: Any Aphvodite could mote sghtly be sid to bea Tita, for she's the direct offspring of Uranus blood {see the entry for Uranus at the end ofthis chapter. The other powers oveook ‘that fe, fr she journeyed to fat-o isles upon he ecaton, ‘king Eos with her, ard retumed whe the Titans had ben Aphrouite’s husband is Hephaestus to whom she was ‘marsed by order of he sods, forthe two of them needed vine consons, However, she chates in the maeiag, for while tie smith dotes on ber e's unsightly, not to meriion lame Handsorve, valn Ares cates her eve far more frequently, thouglh when Hephaestus fst discovered her treachery, he fashioned a nec ane entrapped the lovers. Then he lve Ube other ods to come and mock the hapless pair. Aphrodite le suns fora year and a day, unt her shame Fesened enough thar she cal bear to be acen. ‘Course, Aphroit’s more than just the godess of love and beauty; she also rales over the aet of love, an thus she's if favorite among the Society of Sensation, I's pay be ‘Cause of her fnfluence that many Sensates have chosen ‘Olympus asthe hone the faction’s glorious Gilded Hal les ‘sewhere inthe layer. ‘Apirodie's palace on Mount Olympus is bull fr quartz and gems al polished so keenly IN au that anyody walking past can sce his ‘am reflection in the glas. The pool anata also known as Evergol shane by ather goddesses of Pheauy Hes in a ceremonial basi in the exaer center of her ase led wth he Water of Beauty and Life Only proxies of Aphrodite can bathe inthe water eve: anyone else who tries brings det the wrath ofthe power phe’ tae frends are the oxher oddesses of beauty, though only Hamat Celanil of the Seldarine hs remained a fst companion throughout ‘the ages. The other dels go through periods of eke van ity (and truth be tol, 50 does Aphrodite, wherein they lash ‘ut atone another, each claiming to be the most atactive Indeed, i's because of this Fickle vanity that Aplirodite has few (rem arong the Olyapians — dey desire het, sure, but they don’ uly care for ee Her Favorite proxy was 4 demipower named Adonis, who served er well til the jealous Ates put him inthe Alead-book, Now Aphrodite’ hest-knovn proxies are An ‘hises (Px) bumon/PL3/CG), one of her former Ivers, ad their son Aencas Px/s human/F16/Sociery of Sensiton! 6G), Anchiss is blind, bu he can see the Beauty in te heart ‘of any ercature that loves, and act accordingly. Aeneas i Imandsome anil song. and has be skill wo carry any burden, ‘io marter how heavy, something beauil wil rise fom ic when he sts it down. APOLLO Intermediate Power, "The Light-Bringer™ AC Light, prphey, music; healing Alea WAL: Any good Syn: Lyre oo Hf Arborea Dy pusOymp us Apollo, son of Zeus and the Titan Let, after Hera and his father, the greatest power of tbe pantieon. Though bath Po sidan ard Hales are stronger, Apollo commands more re Sect than either of then, amd thus is next in Hine should Zeus exer perish oF ass on. ‘As dod of prophecy, Apollo founded an oracle on every IS +heRe ANY+HING ss WONDERFUL AS 4 PHILOS@PHER? — FED@RIC NIESHA, a+ APOLLO'S SYMPOSIUM prim-mstrial world where the Olympians have inflcnce They all sit on stols in smoke-Filled caverns, listening to the words ofthe Future breathed by the fumes. Like most traces, they speak in words that re usually understood by ‘morals only alter apeoptecy ful self. Apollo's als es- {ablished a site on Mount Olympus; those ia need of the powers advice can seek out the mysterious oracle Pythla (x) "Divtaicw). Apollo's temple (ce HE MULEIVERSE, the map on page 121 is al his home, and the whale place ie Fashioned of beaten gol that shines eer nally with the mellow glow of ‘he sn In the back ofthe tempi he's bt an arp tater wher he Fist playariahts ofthe cl Ture enact tele works [Mortal poets also pad the sta, detain verse fo honor Ue Light-inge All oF the Olynplans respeet Apel, Tut nome are uly his fies, except per haps for Hermes aid palo’ sister Artemis, Though ies been forbidden, Apollo and Goibhnin of the Celts have ership, al he's also Found frends in Mita ofthe Hndians id Seer of the Egyptians. His enemies, satura, are any panes of davkness at harm, ‘sstepls the Healer IPs! fuman/P 18/0) 1 Apollo's som, and also ne of is proxies Ws sal the blood can bring the dens back to life without the benefit of spells. Hades, of course, wants ths stopped, and unless Apollo steps i, he's hey to lose his child to the jealous death god. Another well-known proxy is Cyparissus (Px/ hall-elfI®14/C6), ‘whose companion Is a stag the two oF them can commune ‘wth any natural nmal inthe multiverse Cstablished a were ARES Intermediate Power, “The Jealous, the Unfortunate” ‘AoC: War, iling, tie AL: CE WALs Any evil (arson) Sito: Spenr Hor 1/8 Aborea/OlympusfOlympus {Aves the power of war Is one of the sons of Zeus and Hera ¢ carts for nothing but his own desires and the carnage of bts, and i insanely jealous of sy who stand in his ‘th He kills any sod weaker thane s wh ges the way, An gives in only grudgingly to thse who're ough. “Ares plc up he nickname "he Unfortunale” beause wile e's mighty in bath, he has foresight and is easy Ape by his wn passions. His ages lel him into many tight spots, ialuding the omamcntal vase he was confined suo In when the young Olympians fought off thei frst major thallenge He's no luckier in love, asthe story of Hephaestus tnd the net demonstrates (see the entry for Aphrodite ‘Course, that doesn't stop many mortals from pledging their loyalty tothe deity. One of the ries young warriors through before they enter their first bate is a ceremonial shaving. They sacrifice their Halt to Ates asa slg of their ‘devotion to war and warlike crises. ‘Ares’ palace on Mount Olympus fs a great gloomy af fair of dimly gleaming bone, more of s batlement than a ‘asl. I es near tbe Portal Defle ~ dats the ehasin tha hos the gates tothe prme-material worlds where the pa- ‘heon’s worshiped, Inside the fortes, Are's evil band of pe- ttiner warrior quate the blood ofthe fos they've slain, ‘making themselves stronger by absorbing the life force of their enemies. [And Ares has quite few encmies, even among the other powers of war. Sec, he's jealous af his sphere, and doesn’ tolerate the intusion of any ater dees inte “hi domain, Fr this reason, t's incurred the wrath ofthe gob- linoid power Maghubiyet, and the orish gods Batra and Graumsh. Only Lok, the tekst od ofthe Norse, coud call, ‘Ares fiend — ant even then, sly Loki enjoys embarassing ‘he dosh Olypian every chance he gets. Like most other powers, Ares’ proxies ae his sons, tao o hin foe hs afl wid Aphioite, They are Deimos and Phobos, two ehaotke evil empowers sa 2 be the embaliments of terror and fear Indeed, hey have the abil vo cause fer with a radian 50 yard, and all wha enter the feted aren must save versus spa at 4 oF flee in terror for 1a turns. AR+EMIS Intermediate Power, “The Huntress” 06 Hunting, wild beasts, edith AL NG WAL Any Nor Svan Bow and arow on moon los es Arborea/OlyrmpusfOympus Artemis, the sister of Apollo, i the parrom (oF rather, matron) ‘ot hunters and hurtesses. She's far more happy in the com pany of dogs and wild animals than in that of her fellow overs. She's he closest thing the pantheon has toa savage she dsdains civilization and its trappings in favor of nature and the wie, But she hunts only to Fill her belly or feed someone else, never for sport ‘Artemis is a maiden goddess, neither keeping not en ‘couragng lover, Taough other powers oecesinally pursue hr andy to win her over, she does’ favor any of them, Even those wbo can hunt as well a8 she can for biter) dott stand 2 chance; lke the other Olymplaes, se refuses (0 a outed «eter her chosen Fld ‘The goridss considers all af Olympus tobe her realm and honts without care, etucning only accasfonaly to a small boseer where she makes her home Truth to tel, her ceases ile maze than small complex of caves the side fof the mountain, for Artemis has no real need ofa place to rece ta, She frequently travels to Arkenas, the city of the Amazons where she's revered a a protect Her friends among the powcrs inchude Solanor The- Janaita ofthe elves and Uler f the Norse. Thongh Solonor's ‘more gregarious than Artemis, the (wo have shared many 2 hhunt together. However, Ulier's a better mated for the Clympkan when they stalk together, I's wich few words spo en, just he apprecaton of dhe hunt beeen them, Her proxy is petitioner named Actacon (Px! human ISIN), berk who was unlucky enough co come across the osess while she was bathing, She vansforred hi nto a Slag and se his own dogs on him. Then she Fe some smal remorse, and made him master of her hounds instead, Ac- tacon now has the ability to change himself into a magic cent stag at will, and each of his horns cartes piece of moonlight, which he can cast upon his enemies like a pris- mace spray A+HENA Intermediate Power, “The Protect AC: Wisdom, erat, war ALL ‘WA: Any good Svan Owl Ho 1 ArboreajOlympusfOlympus Atnena sprang full-grown and ully sre from the head of her father Zeus He'd swallowed her mother Metis because 8 prophecy warned that Metis would bear 4 son who'd kill him. Apparently, Zeus learned something from the Titan {Cronus afer all~ if body wants to prevent his otspring ftom slaying him, he's beter off devouring the mother be fore she has any children. But it di't prevent the ercation of Athena, Like her half-sister Artemis, Athena's scorn here to ‘teral cast, amd has stuck dead those who've trea 10 ‘avis her. And thouuh she's a5 demanding ad exacting as the rest ofthe panthcon, Athena's wilfalnes s tempered by the light of wisdom, which she teaches to mortals In ex change for thei service Many mortals think she's the goddess af wa, hu at's tno entirely true. Athena leaves the business of carnage 10 ther brother Ares: her domain i that courage and staat bravery. Those wha want to venerate bloodshed turn to Ares; those who desire state and tactics ell upon Athena Fact i, ee realm isthe exact antithesis of Ares's Whereas his fortes fs dark and bloodstained. her palace is bright shining, and made of enduring iron, Phitosophers and generals fll he halls, the later Secking wisdom for their Hautes, de former needing the sharp minds of the warrs [es sald the fines thinkers and generals of the culture are brought here o study under dhe master +104 APOLLO'S TEMPLE 1. Entry. From this point. a sitor to Apollo's temple can see very ite the bright glow off the beaten gold walls Bind ary sods who don't avert: thelr eyes. 2, Audltionary. Those whold make a case here haie to prove thelr worth. Two of Apolo’ representatives ‘anuge the worth of performers and phlaeophers. Those who pass are slowed to stay. Those whe don re ected 1B. Apollo's Chamber. The virone room of the poner is try magnificent. Surilght loads in rom all corners ‘oeweng on the throne, e's ald that those whoke truly @fted are alowed to perform before the ao. 4, Symposia. The eymposia are alnaye led with philosophers and artists, each etrugaling to understand the multiwerse and ther place Init — or the place of whatever small details they can dream up 5. Reheareal and Preparation Room. As the name suggests, this room le for performers to prepare themseives for thelr demonstrations. 6. Fenethall. After a performance In the theatres or Amphitheatre, the audience and performers adjourn here for relreshiment and further entertament. 7, Little themtre. This io a ram for those who've stl gat some polishing to do with thelr olla. Those on tage are sil magnificent: there Just nat nearly perfect 2B. Debate Hall As the Litle Theatre Is the musiclans and actors 6 the Debate Hal to the pilaso- phere, Many a rowdy discussion takes place hee, 8, The Amphitheatre. the any of the planes, the Amphitheatre attracts the best and the brightest In ruisic and minds to perform for auderces of the most dbserennating taste, Gomes the shows are ‘open to the publ \ PO Paes beak LEE iE iG] Athena's father Zeus dotes om her, but she's also won fer many ofthe other powers in the pantheon by virwe of her intelligenec. She despises Aphrodite, who ges by purely fon looks. nd she has a long-standing feud with her uncle Po seidon ~ the two of them squabble over everything. it seems She aso finds common cause with Brthaspatl of the Vedie {lndia) pantcon and Odin of the Norse ~ enough, a east, for her to adit that they have knowlege be lacks, and shat she cas lear fom them even as they lea from he. Hee curtent favorite proxy is Odysseus (Px human F13,1H/CG), a blo Athena's granted him no special boons, because she wants 0 teach hint that he ean survive om his cunming alone. And Oniysseus is one oF the smartes bashers a body can mect — mar in the pracial sens that i, Plenty of scholars have more beok learning, but there's hardly a blood this sie of ‘the fends as ray a Odysseus ‘who's seen mich and done more Deme+eR Intermediate Power, “Fertile Mother 400: Agriculture AL: NG Stn: Mares ead 8 ArboreaDlympusOlympus WAL: Any W or Demeter, one ofthe fst sx Olympians, now remains mostly lind the seenes, fending 0 the children of the gods and ‘keeping the harvests ofthe Prime plentiful inthe areas of the Faithful, She was marie to Poseidon but broke feof tha in tim; Poseidon took up an abode in these, wile Demeter re ‘mained on land, Afterward she became Zeus's wite (before Hera) and bore hin a daughter, Persephone, Persephone was later cared of by Hades orale with hrm i dhe Under ori Demetcr’s home isa common-looking cottage Inthe ‘mids oF an immense fie of yon grin, Her petkoners tol in the field all day’ before retiring at night co the own cottages settee shout the land. They work hard, but they seem ta lve the labor [Demeter and Chauntes of Tail have always gotten on veel, and it's no dark that Demeter haroars no grudges against athcr powers ~ except for er brother Hades, wo she all hasn't forgiven Tor the auction af her daughter ade seems remarkably unconcerned by this “Triptoenus (Px/ umaa/R13ING) isthe Favored proxy fof Demeter these days. He drives a charlor drawn by (wo ‘bronze dragons, seatering grain seeds wherever be aves He's a tenacious fellow: his eyes constantly search the horizon, and he always scems to be tch- ing to et hack i his shariot and ride on, DI@NYsUS Intermediate Power, “Twice-Born”™ AC: Mim madness ALN ‘WAL: Any Sy: Staff with pinecone and vine voce ArboreafOlympuslympus Dionysus, som of Zeus an! dhe moral Semele, was sll in his ‘mother’s womb when she witnessed the Thunderer in his awesome radiance and was destroyed. Zevs took the baby from her body and stitched i int his own thigh, arid when it was ready to be born i stepped forth Fully and perfectly Formed Hera, jealous f her hushand's dalliance, made Dionysus haemy erly in ise, and he wander the land easing the ways ofthe vine — and the ways oF madness In his oumeys, he acquire a retinue of cents, Satyr, and baechae Today, Dionysus isthe power of bubbers, tobe sure. His catie portfolio’: dedicated to the divine madness of the rape, tothe revelry inthe enjoyment of drink, His followers en senile ister, ether. Some bashers get contemplative Dionysus’ fall get downright nasty When they go too far Inthe celebrations, they lose al tational thought and follow ‘hei instincts blindly. Folks often de fom these frenzies Dionysus's domain in Olympus fone of constant, come Forte arma le hs a palace in the mide of» vineyard, an! he's decreed that the grapes onthe vines (which alsa run ‘though the building) will alvays be ready forthe plucking ‘or the juicing. When the bacchac arent fllowing ther par ‘ron i bls waves, they make the vineyard ther bore base. And no wonder ~ it's a place of constant partes, making ‘even the Sensates’ Gilded Hall seem tame by comparison. era, naturally, does" like Dionysus at als he's just another reminder of Zeus's affairs, Nor does Athen think ‘much of he half-brother, forthe (wo ate practically polar ‘opposites. Suill,Zeus loves hs son as much as he does ‘Athena, an so the exer powers don't dae cross him Dionysus has a satyr named Silenus (Px/2 satyrD 0/CN) 8 his proxy Chants Sens taint the young poner While Dionysus was stil barmy, and the god hase forgotten that. Though ugly and deformed, even for 3 sat, the proxy has a keen mind and 2 wise heart, nd hl se them for oF against a berk, depending on how he's treated He's good to those who show kindness, and W's sai thar Silemus isn't above ranting the occasional hoon, THE FURIES Lesser Powers, "The Kindly Ones” A Iustice ALN WAL: No worshipers Sunt Thee scourges How We Gray WastePPhton{the Underworld Following the mutversal Rule of Thess, the Furies are three aspects ofthe free of divine vengeance, at dhe same time separate but hole, Thr individual names are Alec, Tih phone, and Meyarea, but the Furies ate the original Eaves (and they're usually called dhe Kindly Ones, anyivay, co keep fiom offending them). ls said dhe boatezu stole dei orig nal name because the Fens x0 admired the function of the Fates “They appear as crones with wings and seourges, whieh ‘they use merilessly on those who've earn! their rath. As the proves of the povwers wil the Furies have ma allies among the gous ~ they're simply sent to avenge horrible ‘crimes committed against land by) the pantheon. Truth i, the Olympian powers are seared ofthe Furies, forthe Kindly ‘Ones have the mig to take down deities even greater than ‘herseves. See, when on a mission thas justified by dheir ‘ame, they're supported by the collective belief and respect ofthe entire pantheon. Zeus himself have reason to fear It dhe ever sinned so badly a to draw thelr ze ‘The Furies have no tealm co call their own. They just flap about the glooms of che Underworld, dispensing harsh Justice on the poor deaders of Hades’ and, until theyre alle fo right # wrong on another plane. HADES Greater Power, *Lord of the Dead” A: Death, wealth ALIN ‘Sy Bek ram Nov wt/e Gray Weste/Pluton/ te Underworld WAL: Any As the power of death, Hades stands apart rum the standard rum of the Olympians ~ he's dhe dark half they don't usally acknowledge, because, for all of their Fa they embrace Iie with a pasion. Though he's the eldest of them (or per haps Beeause he's the oles), Hades has been entrusted With ‘the responsiblity of watehing over the dead t's not a jb he partclaly likes, but his personality seems remarkably well suited fri. ‘Long ago, the god of death abducted Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demet, and before she was rescued hom is elutes she ate of the fod ofthe weal Thus is ‘that Persephone must spend hall her te in the dreary Un Alerord, ruling at Hades’ side, and hal inthe exuberant ‘nor of Olyropus above Hades himself doesn't take much of an interes in any ‘thing except for Persephone. He's content to sit and brood and watch the gray of the Waste, gaze on the shuMing, ‘masscs of the countless dead and set fort the punishments Alcreed by the other Greck powers on those who dated. to steal ory fom the gos The Underworld is typical of the Gray Waste: ieless ‘an dull. The Rivers Lethe and ty ow through it, promis {ng forgetfulness and oblivion 10 those who sample tei wa ters, though few de. In the center oF dhe real palace oF sray marble, and in dhe audience chamber sit Hades and Waiting to deny supplicant their hearts’ desis, this or that quest sometimes ask co use Haass hel af inst, forged for him by the Cyelopes Inthe wat axainst the Ttars. He keeps it constantly at his side, but rarely uss ith’ aid he lends tout wo heroes sent by other powers, but living Berk has ever reported being able vo gain ‘Thite proxies dec the fate of spits that end up in the Underworld: Rhadamsanthys, Minos, and Aeacus fall Px/3 hhuenan/M 16/LN). But they don't go on missions to other planes. If Hades sends other proxies out an tasks, the un- -nown agents obviously pursue their hidden agendas with extreme subtlety, Some whisper that Hades may even eon tract the serves of Anthraxus (PY uliroloth/HD 20 (233 Fpl PNE), the former master ofthe yugolois" Wasting Tower, but others say that's just so much barminess. HECA+E Intermediate Power, “The Lady of the Night” Av: Mai, amon, abundance AL: cE WAL: Any (mages) Sur Setting moon ‘How r/t/e: HaatoriMinauros(Aeaca: Gray WastelPluton) ‘cae Hecate’ the daughter of the Tans Crius and Eurybia, an her power's almost as sreat as thers ever Was. She's famed farand wide for her eating wit and grea eloquence (chants she aught Apollo sure of his cra, bu she's even more fa mous for her sil in magi. Fact i, she's worshiped by all nonpriestspelsingers who Follow the pantheon, for she's the source of all wizardly magic ‘She's also one ofthe few powers who maintains a ri ‘mary reali one plane (the Gay Waste) and another some Where else (aator, bur it's completely dank as to why. Per haps she draws her owe from both planes and scsi 10 fecd her worshipers. Whatever the ruth, Hecate's a power 10 be reckoned with, as ly as serpent and as dangerous as 2 ‘starving wolE She sets plans in moon that fev can dec and she plays heroes like Ire. ‘She has history wis Lok, but Hecate hs 0 eal allies among ihe powers, with the exception of Persephone [Blades's wifel, Apollo sil respeets er, but he wo longer secks her company. The other Olympian powers comme ta her for advice fom te to tie, but don't associate with her more than they ean help. sine LL ZT IS) ear) Perhaps to encourage more visitors Hecate almost al= ‘ways has agit for another power ~ for example, she ha the ye of Gruumsh, the one put out hy the el high-up Coreion Larethian. Ifthe ore god could ever figure out the trail of ues she's al for him, he might even beable ro gett Baek. Hecate has recently promoted Cire (Px) human? ‘Tra2S/CE) to full proxy status. The wizardess has served. her deity for many years now, and both of them decided it was about ime for a boost in power, n recur Fr Cire’ serve, ecate’s granted her unfailing spells. Thus, any spell Cree casts works automatically ~ even those dhl normally allow a saving throw. basher qui up ayginst Cire best have his wits about him, because he's not going to beat her with physical eng HEPHAES+US Intermediate Power, “The Lamed” SoC: Smithing, rats ALNG Wale Any Syst Hammer and anvil jy ih Arorea/Olympus/Olympus Hephaestus, power of smiths and makers the son of Hera ad only ers. She erated him whole from her own body ‘when she found haw Zeus was deceiving her with other worsen. In anger, Zeus hurled Hephaestus down to the Prime Material Plane, where the young od landed hdl, and was thereafter lame. The to later reconciled, and Hephacsts is now a welcome member athe pantheon. He crafts the toes thy use, and makes Zeus’ thunderboits even better than the (Clopes ald wien they were at their peak Hephaestus’ realm i n an ares of Olympus where vol canie activity i common. In fact, he works in the very heart ofa volcano, aded by his uncles, she yelopes. Occasionally, the qnomish power Rebelun comes by o offer advice and help, and the two oF the fashion Incredible Kem tether sald that Hephaestus has an ongoing rivalry with other sds oF te forge but dhe dank ofthat ain’ quite known Hephaestus's proxies are ~ following the standard Greek pattem ~ his vn flesh and blood His son Palaemon, (Px/ 5 huean/F10,112/NG) can bring forth iron from the round just by concentrating. His other son, the hero Ardalus (Px) human/F14/NG) can fashion nearly anything With common instruments HERA Greater Power, “Matron of Heaven" 200: Marriage, iuique ALON WAL Any Sri: an of peacock feathers Hout f(r Arboeea/Olympus/Olympas Hera is Zeus’ wife, and the second most powerfl Olympian in the pantheon. She also happens tobe insanely Jealous of ‘Zeus ae his infcelites, an she goes out other way to make ieult for any of Zeus’ paramour or their offspring. Still, she's cordial and even friendly to the other Olympians, as hefits nile. She's often temperate when Zeus fs rectless, and can fly into a rage when he's rational ~ the ‘i of them are a perfect balancing ac The other Greek powers respect Hera’s judgment, and they know hen to back down from a disagreement with her (One of her quarrels, feral el to the sacking ofan impor tant prine-materal city that stood on the pains oF Mey all because the son of the burg’ ruler dated to praise Aphrodite's beauty — not Hera’. The godess ain't what a body call a good loser Hera’s empowered two main proxies throughout the years. One af them is Argos (Px/3 tielling/F20/ENI, the Hundred-Fyed Watcher is body's eaveted with eyes, oy fit of which slep atany given time. He's been defeated only fee, ty Hermes, who lulled al ofthe teling’s eyes to sleep ‘with 3 stupetyingly ong. and dul tle. Hers ether proxy i Menelaus(Px/ human/F14/CN) a utter who gained immeor- taley by remaining ef co his cheating wife, He can be slain only by soraeone bearing a od-forged weapon. HERMES Intermediate Power, "Messenger of the Gods” AAnGs Travel, rade, thievery, gambling, AL CG WAL Any N or G Sra: Cadueews Hot jt: ArboeayOtympus/0lympus ‘Hermes has always teen the power of thieves. Om the very day he was bom, he stole the hers his brother Apollo was supposed to be watching, and bid them ina eave in the ‘mountains, While Apolo searched forthe lst cate, Hermes fashioned the fist lyre, and appeased his older brother with trade, Late, he invented he sytinx (also called the pan= pipes), which Apollo raed for the golden eaduces, Facts it tems as if Hermes can da no wrong. Though he's a fierce warrior and a daring thie, he's also the happy sorluckiest of the Olympians, eschewing the arrogant pride 0 many of the others scem to embrace. Though he has bis ‘moments of vanity, Hermes is generally far more gente than the general run of the Glympian powers, Indeed, is this eharm that’s brought nearty al of the Grek pambion firmly to Hermes’ sie, and he ean mend the sits between two bickering powers more fully than Zeus. His. sense of fir play Is legendary among the Olympians; they appeal to him for impartial judgment, and depend on his speed for delivering messages I's hard to find a power who oesn' like Hermes — even the Dagha (who doesnt get on ‘wel with Zeus) Finds no Fault withthe mischieF-aker Some of the Olympian faithful even say that Hermes is romancing Tymora of Tor, though the dark of i's that e's merely trying to learn the fate of Tyche, the Former goddess ‘of good fortune (ee her entry later in this chapter. The realm of Hermes is hidden away inside Mount Clyamps isl and i's an inviting pace For both gamblers and travelers. Though body's like as not tt his pocket Plked, he's also guaranteed a safe night's sleep — a valuable {hing in Olympus, Nobody dare harm a traveler under te sess rn Like his father Zeus, Hermes favors using hs en chil Aron as his proxies. One of these, Autolycs (Pxi human? TaA/CN), is suld to be the greatest mortal thief that ever live a erserader unlike any other. Chant is there's not fg he can't steal and getaway with: Auclyeus does noting to confirm or deny ths tumor, and thus the legend of his ably grows. He's the grandfather of Athena's proxy hheto Odysseus, and its from Autolycus that Odysseus waned ‘many of as ae Gunning bch NIKE Lesser Power, *Vietory WC: Victory AL LN WALLN Symi: Winged woman HHowr vide: Aborea/OIympusfOlympus Though she’s a lesser power, Nike has her place inthe pan thon, She's often alld upon by Athen or Ares to ride with ther hen they ga to bate, than assuring one side or the other of vitor. Nike's a Fickle goddess. though, and ocs nly when she desires, Ares and Athena both realize tht they cant force the power: she must be wooed like ny othe bod Nike isa sister to Eris the goddess of Discord, and between thet of them they own thee goer apples (a nod tothe Rue of Tees). Chan i any mortal who spies ane of the apes dies it toss ‘one ithe path of a enemy, and the Toe wan't he able to think about anything bu procuring he pple for himsel, What's mor, a body can actually se condtions on ow to gain the apple so the “vie ti cam ean the prize ony by fuliing the reulrements “Course, the apples are worthy prizes. Tae fst bite of ‘one cures any disease in a person's body. second bit fom the same apple makes hiea young. And a tied bite makes him immortal out wot invulnerable). Occasionally, t's sd, Nike fends the appes to mortals who realy deserve thems, but i's so har fora ber to prove his worth that Nike might 38 well not even afer the chance The lesser power has no case of her own in Olympus ‘though she maintains quarters in the palaces af both Ares VD RATHER +ky 49 SEAL exe oF NIKE'S APPLES. — AULAFHAS +** GRIM, MERCY KILLER, REFUSING an ASSIGNMEN+ sand ena. Nike may be Hck, but she fds common cause with both Olympians more than she ever adit Her eurrent Favorite proxy is Achilles (Px) human/ FLAYLNY, basher who's petically invulnerable an this ‘most always victorious. He's proud! ard vain, one ofthe best warriors the Olympian culture's ever produced. Though he ippeaes to Be shallot herk, Achilles has depth that few folks could guess at PAN Lesser Power, “The Satyr’ AvC: Nature, pasion ALN WAL: CN Syrins Howe yt Ahoea/Oly pus Olympus At least three varying histories of Pan exist The first has it that he's the sn af Laas, created when the old Sky's Blood spattered the earth, and having grown up inthe mourralns ‘and woods near the octan. The second claims that he's 2eus's son fom an unnamed i, while the hin attributes his parentage co Hermes, Truth though Pan is just a force ‘oF nature ~ both generous anil destuctive~ and doesn ‘much matter where he came from, Pan ves on the outer edges of the realm, and he docs't spend ‘uch ime om Mount Olynpus. Course, the infrequency of his ists makes them that nach more special, At such times, he's Spied wandering the mountain (Pan bins ot an avatar pay’ Ing om pipes traded ‘him by Apoti for services unkown, He's 2 reat favorite rong the satyss and centaurs because e's passion unbridled, Pan pursues his desires avy ad those who Foon him sek to emulate hi 38 best a they ea Stil Lurking bencath the leering face Pan chooses to wear is a deep font of wisdom and peace. He's given him? ‘ver to his passons, but he did with the full Knowledge of what he was doing, and he's accepted ates and what ie ‘oes. Pan's favorite power in the pantheon i Hermes, fo the ‘oo find cominon yeound in cele mischief-makin, Dion sus fa clse second; head Pan ave top-shelf earousery an {hey’ve found Iremiship at che bottom of many jugs of wine. The rest ofthe pantheon les the god of passion prow 2s he ‘ail, melcoring bit presence — although they're iad his vite its are rate, Pan's revels are exhausting even forthe powers. Hs proxy isa satyr called Marsyas (Px/¢ satyr/ HD 8 tn (), 4 brash ereature who's come within a inch of being sinick dead by various powers throughout his carter That's Daeause Marsyas's mam ability i the gil of sate,» cuting it tha can oth enrage and embarrass its tne. Thats ot mich of i,t he sur, bt some the proxy uses to great feet When he knows that he's heyondreebtion POSEIDON Greater Power, “The Tempest” Jc. Water, earthquakes, creation AL CN ‘WAL: Any (alls, horsemen] Sse: Trident How je: Aehonea/OssaCaleto (OF all the Olympians. it can be ssid that Poseidon's the redest, snd aso the most thwarted, The son of Cronus and Rhea, and one of Zeus elder brothers, he vied for rlership (ofthe pantheon bur fll. Poseidon ltr tried 0 win the ‘Monage of several moral ities, and usally fled i that as wel, a dhe immortals judged other powers more sulted to the task. (He formed a horse our of water in a contest for Athens, but Athena defeated him with a superior creation: an olive tec) Fora pawer who se desires the praise of mortals, each ofthese rejections eame asa serious blow to his pride. Per- haps that's why Postion has beeome so vndetve, and why he fis into rages so easily Fact i, his tempers notorious among the Olympians Like the sea, he ean change fom placid to furious in mat ter of seconds, and woe 10 the berk who ics 10 hold him back, Poseidon passions are the ocean is strange currents, and all Oe creatures within It, Some say he willingly took the rulesship of the sea beeause i, atleast, accepted at the creatures of the ocean saw in him one oftheir own. Poseidon constantly earies the uident rade for him by the Cyclopes. I's sald «@ cause earthouaes inthe land nd the sea, and any sailor who wants to svoid etn caught in the waves from a quate'd best make a sultale sierifice to the jealous sea ge The Olympian has sired numerous childeen, though most of them were disappointments, tuning to the ways of cv and crosstraing, Stil, Poseidon is ther father, a he oes what he canto avenge wrongs done to them. Sadly for thesea king, Zeus (or one of he other Greek panes) proves those who slay Poseidon’ biden, as ong as the killers & hero or upholds the general la ofthe land. I's just anorher Instance of Poseldan being thiarted by bis fellow powers ‘Te blood has precios fey fiends among the gods at all Hes gota tenuous cuce with Deep Sashels ofthe elves, bouts wearing bit thin as Pseidam res to pose dhe wor ship ofthe sea elves, He’ friendlier eth Maracas me Lir fof the Celis than he's Beem in cons, But chant is fe si mers jus below the surface oftheir relationship. Both gos ate possessive oftheir domain, nd neither one's willing to sve an inch Poseidon’s realm on Adborea is almost enttely under: sea, Except for Gny islands tha're mastly uninhabitable, part of Caleta sts above dhe wate’ surface. A beck who's somehow stranded there’ bes finda way out The petiion- crs ae fen fo those who can venture underwaley, but not to sods who wind wp where they can't function. IF body oes learn underwater breathing fas, hel have to pay a Ife sun fr aid in escaping ‘Under she surface ofthe waves, Calet’s astoundingly bbeaifl. Deep trenches hide ities of breathtaking splendor ep forests wave and bob i the currents. Every poner shoul rake a polnt of visting a least once insite ‘ne of Poseidon’ emo maim pronies is Glauews, basher who managed vo give hse a taste of immorality and was promoted to the rank of demipower. Glaucus i friendly ough e's one ofthe Few vb help a traveler out af he realm if neceseary. The other prony is Protews (Px/2 haan) RIO/CN), a ood who wetches over Caletto's seal herds He's amed the sll to change himself into any shape he pleases He's very pecry of ierloers: Proteus has seen more than ‘one ber Ly 0 steal seals From the sacred herd. and I's hs Job 0 make sure any knights of the post wind up inthe ead-book TYCHE Lesser Power, "Fortune's Smile’ iC: Good fortune ALN WAL N Sot Re pentagram Nour fr Aor 9/O1ympusOlympus The Greek pantheon hs slowiy driven Tyehe from is ranks Some say she was the iter of Nike and Er bu that she had falling owt with them, and ever since they've worked 101i themselves of er. Whatever the ruth of the marter, Tyce ha played les and less of a roe over the millennia 10 the int wire some claim that she's dissppeared entirely (On the other hand, Adar corpse-counter haven't found he bondy Noating onthe Astra, so she must be someplace ight? Well here's che dark of i: Tyehe has simply teceatet to the Prine Material Plane, limiting herself to the wor shiers of single erytal sphere. Though she hates the re= sression to singe-spheve deity twas al that'd keep her alive. ‘ee, she fed to the world of Tor, where she learned to ‘manifest here as two powers: Tyeora (the goddess of good luck) and Beshaba (the goddess of bad). I's not krow if ‘he'll he dominant personality in each ofthe two dei, or ise’ now faied enough tha she empowers dem wit out aay consclous effor. But the Clueless of Tol firmly be lieve that Tyehe no longer exists ~ that she physically split into two new beings. Both Hermes sd Pan have sent wi avatars sceking the truth of Tyche's decline, but they te barred trom the Tolan sphere and can't dig up the dark. Soon enough, though, 2 sae body can bet they send thee pests ture cout to thei satisfaction, ‘One thing issue: Tyche’s realm in Olympus i stvey ‘sappearing. Former a grand vill and gambling all's ‘one remarkably downhill, now dusty and unfrequented, with corners Tull of cobwebs. But who knows? Maybe ‘Tyche' just down on her Tuck and will make a comebick He former proxy, Pens [Px/ elffEISIND, now wan- ers the planes, looking fr the answers to her patron’ is Appearance. Penshis 2 cod basher, tobe sue, but ‘cause she got used to being the luckiest blood around. Now she has to rely om her own cunning and generally peery na ture to get by. ugh portals to fg * THE TIFANS + The Titans were among the fis-horn of Oaea the Earth and were at least according tthe Great Theogony) the fst gods {to walk her surface. They each maintained dominion over their own spheres and garnered respect From the mortals. Bu the Titans geew too stong, and Earth ejected ther it was Gea’ curse that caused the Titans to he cast out by their stildee, the Olympians Toda, the Titans don’t have worshipers as such. That's because the Greek powers grealy disenurage mortals from {uring to the eastvays, to the point thatthe Titans have come to fear retribution every time a mortal speaks their ‘names. Still, i's no dark that a few prime and plana sods have journeyed to Carcer to petition the Titans for power ‘and te sectes ofthe multiverse, A herk wo catches them in the right mood might even et some ansiver. uite a fea oF the Tians ae tapped on Mount Odrys, in the first layer of Carceri. Chief among them, of cours, Cronus, who rules ver the burch, His 1 siblings are npr ned with him: Coeus, Crus, Hyperion, apetus, Mnemosyne, Oceans, Phebe, Tethys, Thea, and Themis, Each sil maine tains dominion over his or her own sphere of influen, the base building blocks ofthe Prime. Facts is said the Titans were the primeval forces of the Prime Material, that their continued existence is what keeps the laws of the plane Funevoning In that sense, a body could say the Olympans ‘mastered the forces of life and tamed them. The bloods named above ae theme ss known to mortals, and theyre rep sented below in the entry on Cronus, their Teer (spite the Fact that not all ofthe Titans are evil, Bat tee other beings figure inte the sony wel — ADAGE sf CARCERI'S Goea, Rhea, and Urenus. Gace, fst ofall the spit ofthe Prime, and though she impelled giants and some of her other ctuldren to rise against the Olyropians, she remains an ally the panthcon, Rhea, the mother of the fest generation of Greck gol. Is venerated for her role in freeing them from Cromuss despotic rule. And Uranus, of course, i he father of all the Tian, and the wrandfaber of the frst Olympians cRONUS Greater Power, “The Patricide” AoC: Sinister ambition ALE WAL: Any evi Siekle fi Care nysMount Dthrys Cronus, the father of the Greek gods, Is no doting parent Prophisied to be overthrown by his own children, Cronus devoured the offspring he sired with Rhea soon ater they were born. Remember, he was the Titan who vanquished bis father, ‘he ceucl Uranus ~ he knew the damage ones own children could, and he was determined not to fall prey tothe same toap. Course, he couldn't have defeated Uranus without the a of his mother Gacs, and she helped hen only beeause he promised to fee the progeny his father'd hidden away on Careeri, But Cronus turned stag on his promise and was cursed to suffer his father's fate. (FoF more deta, sce “The Birth ofthe Gods, earlier mths chapter) ‘Now exiled on Carcet with the oer Titans, Cronus sits and broods on his throne in the crumbling marble palace lop Mount Ochs. He plo ways to escape from his prison, and sends out messenzers to lear the dark of leaving Carer behind, He's not found a way out ye His ales in sheng elude the wekstr Loi, dhouh the Norse pawer of strife ain't exactly what a body’ call trustworthy. Also the baatezu and tanar' of the Lower Planes constantly seek out the Titans, beserching them for Aid in the Blood War, Chances are they wont get it~ not un Tess they can offer Cronus the fcedom he desires Even the other Titans dont com Petey suppoc bei lender. Cronus rls his siblings beeause he was the only one to take action agains her fates, and he constantly reminds der of elt Inaction, He fears their plots almost as much ashe docs those of ‘the Olympians, ‘and he NEVER +RUS+ A TIAN PEFIFI@NERS +ue+ \watehes the other ions ike hawk. See, Cronus commands With an iron hand, and his brothers and sisters tea chat "nde his ditarrial rue. Someday, they whisper, they'l ise and lay Cronus low. Meanwhile, they bow and scrape to their Younger broth, ad bie thei ine GaEA Greater Power, “Mother Earth 1 Fenty, health, propery, ea ALN WAL: Any Sos Maser of frit How o/s Prime Matera Plane 1's sald hat Goea isthe entirety ofthe worlds ofthe F Maverial Plane, that she's the one force that binds them all together Well, that may or may not be tue; powers know the Olympians ate egocentate enough about everything else they say. But is true dha Gaea spawned the Titans and the clemenisseross her surface. She's on of the oldest deities any blood on the planes ai name, and she has ight be- yond even Zeus'sdieams. Some paint her as a schemer and plotter, jealously holding on to her strength and position. Truth is, she's simply 9 concerned mather, ana she wonts nothing but fair treatment forall her cilaren. When the Greek sods impr fone the Tans on Career, Gace sought i have them fered by their breinen, the Gigantes. The strug that ensued carly toppled the young panthcon, but the Olympians held fast. Gaca tied several more times to free her imprisoned children, but Zeus and his crew wouldn't hnear oF IF she’s brewing any other plans to liberate the Than, she hasn't sprung them ye Some say Gaca ain't relly a power because she doesnt ‘ced worshipers. AI she requires is constant lie and move ment on her surface, and she gets that in spades ftom the ‘mortals of the prime-matril worlds, I the Olympians ever dreamed of overthrowing Gas, they'd frst have to destroy the mortals that live on her ~ which do them in, a8 wel Thus, the gods live in a cautious truce with thei grand= smother ‘Gea hs no realm, no palace ~ she simpy is, spread ‘ot serosal the words where the Olympian pantheon olds sway The best way Tor «ody 19 worship he sto treat the world he's on with respect and love: Gaea receives mare power ftom kind handling than from cries and series in aay temple RHEA Greater Power, “Mother af the Gods Jc: Remy, fe AL NG WAL: Any Soi: Female face Now oft Adborea/OlympusfOlympus Rhea isthe mother of te Olympian pantheon fat east the se- ior members, and i¢ was because of er that they even vived, much less reached the stats they hold today. She'd ‘remind them ofthis act it were necessary, but isnot The ods have sven her a palace that exceeds even the one she shared with Cronus during his reign, and they sek her out for advice when they can tur to each athe, Rhea doesn't really havea realm of her own, nor re sion, nor any proxcs. She simply advises and watches til, she draws sirength from the entirety ofthe Olympian pan ‘con. And asthe power of feility, seasons, and mother hood, she carts the veneration of mortals scros che Prime URANUS Greater Ait: Sky AL: CE WAL: Any Nor E Hout fe: Unknown (possibly decease) Uranus, one ofthe chil dren of Gaea, i als the father of some of her mightiest of sping? the Tans. But Uranus was a cruel lover, an ony the Titans, the most favored of his children, received any Areatment. The athers ~ the monsters called sort of spc the Cyelopes andthe Hecatoneheites~ were locked away on (Carer because Uranus hated 0 ook upon thei visages. Ll di he know that his sik fr these ctl dren would lead erect to his oveetirve at the hands of Cronus and the other Tans During de bate; the blood of Uranus Fell on Gaea and Feed her yet gain, giving birth to the Fas, the Gigante, ad, chan Is, Apnoie hers Grtically wounded, Urans Med co the farthest reaches ‘of the smultiverse, Some say he did there, unable to eal Uh injuries deat by his oldest son, and ds beeame one othe first dead gods Nosting om the Astral. However, search as they might, noone has yet found his body inthe str oid Thats le to some fearful speculation amon the Titans am Olympians both that one day Uranus return, bringing with him an army that one wil be able to withstand MONS FROUS wrrcrrc cameo POWERS = hiroercwecrmemn ss planes, and some Bloods theorize that this bodes well for thelr followers eater visibility mcans more worshipers, ad thus strange gods. Le all powers, monstrous gods se and fll wit the fortunes oftheir believer, but lately the ones listed hee have grown ever mightier, That's & good indication that the monstrous aces are making «comeback For a mich more thorough listing of monstrous powers, refer to Appendix I starting o page 172. + THE G@BLIN POWERS + BARGRIVYERK — ‘the tWo races — or at least none that works against mutual growth and one MOS+ EN|@YABLE — survival. He lets the other deities of the pantheon wield considerable —HELGREM HEADSPLLE ER, ee ee ee BARGRIVYEK'S PROXY, thoughts of revolt. ° te YOUNG GOBLINS BARGRIVYEK Lesser Power, “The Peacekeeper’ {06 Cooperation, retary ALLE Wal ke Sys Whie-tipped ai Hi Baator/Avernus(the Peaeable Lands suo Pyouis: Gruchulak Spinesnapper (Px! goblin/P13/LE};Hekgrom Headspliter (Px/s sblinJF12/LE) Bargvyek did't earn dhe epithe “The Peacekeeper” because he yrovels an serapes and bess for peace with the enemies of goblindom. No he won his nickname because he tolerates no In verclan warfare (atleast no more than fs good forthe sake ofthe ttbes involved) He wants obi to focus onthe dangers fom without, to work together to crush the enemies ofthe race (especialy ores). Bargrivyek wants peace not sa much because he enjoys ack of Fighting, bt hecause he wants to See goblins expand ever outward He's om excellent terms with Khurgorhacyog — both stress the unity of goblins at the expense father aces, and they Fin believers inthe event scendance of goblins to the ralership of ‘the multiverse. When it somes 1 the other powers ofthe pantheon, though, Bargriyek is some: ‘hing oF a coma, He does nothing that might infutate Mog Iubiye, and he absolutely fears he wrath Nomog-Geaya can bring upon his head. He lesps to ther commands as quick as he ean Bargvyek's eal, de Peaceable Lands nothing but a misnomer. Here the deliy tals his goblin ares and ores ‘hem through brutal clisthenes. Occasionally he leads them fn raids against Draukari fan uderarourid realm of kobolds Sercly guarded hy Kurtalmak, the kabold yd), hosting that nothing an stand against the might of goblindom KHURG@RBAEYAG Lesser Power, “The Overseer” AG: Slavery, oppression. morale ers WAL: LE Syvrt: Red-and-yelow striped whip ow ote: Acheron/Avales/Clangor Fos Pow: Lagdor Blooddrinker (Px/goblin/E13/LE: ‘Analk Hellspawa [PxfS teng/T127CE) aylubiyet ules over both goblins and hobgoblins, allowing ‘other goa of the pantheon to focus on one ace or the other. ‘And Khurgorbacyag is the specific power of goblins as @ race, the leader who baws only to Maglubiet. W's Khurgor- baeyag who rigidly dives the goblins tothe atrocities they commit in wer, amt Khungorboeyag ao urges them to take Tad of slaves to do the work the lost goblin would scorn, is press are his highest servants, and he uses them 10 push the race in the direction be wns it to go. Khurgorbaeyax obeys Maglubiyet mainly because he's seen what happens to powers inthe pantheon who get too ‘ult. Stl, In his secret ear, he plans ways to depose the tyrant rule However, alll he has a fooproo® plot, he re mains as loyal a posible The Overseer aso has a rivalry with Nomog-Geaya (he sfod of hobgoblin), for he knows thatthe race that succeeds the mos is likely to cury favor with the head ofthe pan- ‘theon ~ and he's determine to have his goblins climb 0 the top of the heap. Finally, Khurgorbaeyag has established an alliance with the bughear power Hnuggek; the two of them sometimes work together against the lesser orcsh powers He shares the realm of Clangor withthe other gobtin deities: see Maghubiyet’senty (below) for a description of the realm, MAGLuBIYe+ Greater Power, “Lord of Depths and Darkness” 2: War, alership ALLE Sse: Bloody axe Hows fie: Acheron{Avalas/Clengor ov Peosis: Rostorhan the Foul (Px/ahaateru [eormu= gonHID 10/LF; Skaran lendbone (Px/ hobgoblin’ Fia{le) WAL LE Maglubiyet controls the goblins and hobgoblins with 3 strong, unyielding fst, dominating the two eaces through Vi- sons sett his shamans (or, n some cases, through the cn ‘lets themselves). He tolerates no Infringements on his power: he crushes all intelopers, and is just paranoid ‘enough io find Intertopers everywhere, If dere’s one thing ‘Maplubiyet teaches his people, 1 that a body's got to look fut for number one ‘The deity has a true passion for war ant destruction. He sens his chosen on missions of devastation simply for the sory of batle~ i's upto the lesser powers push far such things as survival and expansion of the races. Maglubiget used to have a par of sons as his lieutenants; havever, cause of te very nature of goblin Me, he decided he cout trast them. Sa he disposed of the sods by sending them on Aisostous charges agains! the ores and the dwarves. ‘Course ‘ow he wishes he hat euters he could trust ta go on ipa ‘ant missions, Maglubiye’s realm ~ also the home of the rest of the pantheon ~ i ealedClargor, a society of tre hierarchy and rugged order. A besk who does keep bls place s cut down faster than an ore erat The realm’s on one face of an ion ‘abe of Avalis the fst ayer of Acberon), and it's a land of ‘cold metal and hot blood. Towers and burg ise up from the surface ofthe ion, but eause buildings ave wrecked when ‘ever the mammoth cube crashes into another, the goblins alsa funnel deep below the ground to keep from being crushed Maglubiye retains a handful of basterw advisers (in ‘cluding his proxy Rostorkan), though he's always peery of ‘weachery. Aside fom the ather members of his pantion he has few friends among the powers. He just chalks his iso ‘Hon up tothe demands of godhood, though it likely says ‘more about his eharacter than anything else ~ not all pan- tneon leaders ae a shunned, Nemoc-ceava Lesser Power, “The General” v0. War, authority hobyublins) Abs LE WAL LE (hobgoblins) Sat: Crossed award and axe How fe AeheronfAvalas|Clangor ‘oun Proves Alantorgrim (Px/3 hobgobtinjF 1/12) Nomog-Geaya, the grim patron of hobgoblins, is sald ro be fone of the finest military commanders on any plane. He's ‘tol, graf, and brut exemplifying al the traits hobgoblins sech to emulate, The deity barely contol his ated for Ba irivyel, who he sees as a weakling, but Nomog-Geaya ‘knows that to smite the Peacekeeper would be 1o invite the wrath of Majgubiyet, and e's not ready for chat Ft is, though Maglubiyet wouldn' believe i, Nomox- Geaya has no wish to supplant the pantheon leader, He ‘knows his ov place too well and knows that he's nat qual= ified forthe greater power's work, Instead, the General is ‘ule. speaking only when he must ~ one of the qualities sine that makes him so valuable a commander Chant is Nomog-Geaya’s the one who changed the bob- oblins with setling the giant mesa Redspike, and he berks ‘lid jus that, turing dhe whole thing into a cross betrcen town and a giant tower [sce the map oa page 198). main borg of the hobgoblins of Clangor, and any plane~ walker bo fins himscl i rouble withthe eealm's goblins mht ty his luck in Repke. Playing the two races agains ‘each other is a dangerous game, but i just might save @ body's ska now and again, # THE @RCISH POWERS + The orcish pantheon is one that’s been kicked around far ‘more than i far share, As the head ofthe group, the eater power Gruunsh must make sue the orcs and their powers are well taken care of that shy survive no matter what. And ‘that's geting harder. See, als say the ors have been driven ‘0 far that theyll have to make thie final stand an Acheron ~ and Gruumsh is partly co blame. By allowing bis lew tenants to squabble amang, themselves, the pantheon was taken by surprise and forced 0 leave its rerttory on Boator (and chant isthe ores already fled Gehenna before that ‘Now; they'll do or die from Nishrek ¢ ream on the opposite face ofthe same cube inhabited by the goblin pantheon. Nibhre’s not as ondely as Clangor. stead, individual lores jockey for positon inthe ever-changing leadership of {he realm, Fighting their way out ofthe tench-slums dug ‘deep ito the iron surface oF he eube, Those who make ut fof the trenches can then vie fr places fn the mighty oresh army, which marches out regularly to war with the goblins ‘The ores have atleast one thing going for ther: the Rule of Threcs. Fltst ofall, Gruumsh has a cleat chain of command. Secon, e's not afraid of his leatenants rising ‘against him. And third, the pantheon knows that Nish is 1 ast stan All thre of these factors make the ors a more effective force than ever. BANG+RU Intermettiate Power, “The Leg-Breaker {06 Senge, combat AL LE WAL LE Sous Bren thigh bone | Jo: Aeberony/Avalas shack ‘wins ots: Marek (one /F9Fated LE) Bahgtn Gruumsh’s son, & dumber than any power has the right tobe. Chant is most morals could easily put one over fn the basher — but fhe ever found out about it, he'd use his Awesome strength to crush them into pulp and beyond Bahru cares for sheer physical prowess and Lite else Sill hes unfailingly loyal 1 Gruumsh, Fact the only powers Bahgtr tuts are Gruumsh and Lathe, an he tus both of them completly ‘The Leg-Breake f too leatherheaded (0 have complex sivalries with other powers, thous he’s looking fr a e= ‘match with *peace-loving” Bargrivyek. He's also always. wanted to pit his strength against that of Magn, one of Ther’ children GRUUMSH Greater Power, “He-Wha-Never-Steeps" 100 Wag terry AL LE Wks Le ‘yun Sige unwinking eye oe heron) AvalasPNishrek ‘yy Proiris: Makrete Ironskull (Px/< orog/12/LNI: Anderott ofthe Rotting Throne (Px/ ore[FB/LE) CGruumsh, leader of dhe pantheon, isa god of war who loves fighting fore own sake, He eves in stife and pal, push= ings his people 40 expand thei territories by driving ther races from priie-material lands, The arcs have developed the ability to survive arywhere, even in the most hostile en- Vironments simply because they nee fo. OF cours, if they ‘an strike at beautiful, serene land, they'l da so ~ bat be= ‘use of Gruumt they ike rae the place sind rerun to ‘the austere Beauty oftheir homes. (Graumsh is a harsh ruler; he constantly demands the ‘most from his people, weeding out the weak and sending horrifying omens to those who don‘ ive up to his expecta- tons Ia bate of berks just can't push themselves to excel Gruumsh vsually destzoys them by fre or the aguresion of rival ore clans. He hasan eternal enmity for both dwarves and elves, specially Moradin and Corelon Larethian, Legends say the Tedder ofthe elvish pantheon put out Graumsh's eye in hatte, and now the acish deity searches the cosmas over for it Me plans to Find whocversfolish enough to Keep the eye hidden fom him, and tea the sd apa. ILNEVAL Intermediate Power, “Son of Strife” ue: Warfare Avie WAL LE Sven Blodied braadeword Howe Aeherony/AvalasMishrek ‘vos Phot General Gulden Blt (Pa hallore/F12/LE) LUneval isa direct, take-charge kind of power, one who ocsn't hesitate fo lead troops into battle. as opposed to just ‘watching them Tight from behind the front lines. He's ‘Gmumshs tactician and general, but e's aso heen waiting For ages for the rignt moment to seize power fom He-who- ‘neversleeps Naturally. Graumsh knows what linevals plan ning, and hus doesnt aet~ yet ‘nthe other hand, neva is absolutely eightened oF Bahgu's brutality, and he avoids Gruum' son as much as sie possible What's mor, Iinevl’s Suid ois alter Lathe, Gra lumsh's wife but e's fend to act on that as well. Fora od of bold warfare, i's amazing that he's so hemmed in by onces he can influence Lu+nic Lesser Power, “The Healer, Great Mother” oC: Fetlity, medicine, servitude ALLE WAL LE Syn: Cave entrance rune Ho ft: AcheronfAvalag)Nishreck ow Poa: Tamureda PY 2 ote PPLE) Autic, the wife (and sometime servant) of Graurnsh only a small following but her worshipers arc faith ‘enough to feed her pleniy of power. She's the one the ores turn to when they're in need of morale, healing, and chi dren, Fora female (a curse indeed in oresh society), she proves hese? Far more useful than must males'd ever think possible, “Truth is Lathic is ome of the few who can realy bend the eats of both Graumsh and Balt, and she does’ shy foes using this to her advan. Cant is she's also secretly ‘communicating with Hecate fr elp against the goblins, but so far the witch-qucen hasn't responded to Luthic’s ov tures, The Great Mother never gives up, though, and she's Aetermined to get Hecate nthe or’ side soo, SHARGAAS Intermediate Power, *The Night Lord” Ave: Darkness thieves AL: NE. ‘WAL: Any evil Srowot: Red crescent moon with skal Hows Wie Gehemnafkranah/the Nigh Below soa Pours: Tamgren the Hal-Blind (x/¢ oreF127LE) While the orish god Yoru (sce slow) i tli, Shana simply hates life. He even tails against his own existence, and strikes out at those who make it any more unbearable (often after earful, considered scheming). ‘Cours, almost ‘everyone fits that desertion, ‘Shargaas tries to remain aloof from the etemal battle ‘tween the ores andthe goblins, but t's nigh impossible to Iynore the demands of Gruumsh, At the greater powers com mand, the Night Lord sends forh squadrons of sssasins (0 remove dhe generals oF the goblin army, andl then withdraws ‘0 Ta nto his eal that not even Gruumsh can cont hi Tora yearand a day, W's hard to fn anysing ke the rele, really The Night {alow isa place of mear-absote blackness. hagas’ pel tioners ean see just fine, but any tetk who doce’ belong Tins irs stumbling through te dark, aration ke tes dae spiders YUR+RUS Intermediate Power, "White-Hands” A: Death, disease AL: NE WAL: Any evil Sivoo White hand on black fl Hon fs Gray Wast/Oinos! Heshsleugh oo Poss: None ‘Yurvus tightens even Graumsh, for the iermediate power Js nothing mote than the denial of Hie and existence. Sue, Grounsh could probably kil White-Hands if he so desired, but chant is he’s afeaid to get chat close. Yurtus has no ‘mouth and never speaks, and sens plagues and disease as he will capricious. Orce worship him only because they fear to ange him Almost nathing i known of Yureus or his tela, which 'S commonly called Fleshsiough. Tha’ cause anyone who erters the realm never leaves, nt even avatars sent by other powers. The entrance tothe place Is tvo reat black-ion doors set into a forbidding hiside in Oinos: the steneh of death wafls out every time the doors swing pen. @+HER + M@NS+ROUS POWERS + “The res of the powers in this chapter are a diverse sampling fF the monstrous deities from around che planes. Some them are helpful, others harfal, but all have a mindset ‘that's lmost impossible fr a human to wera — aes, ft course, the ber's spent time as one of the creates they watch over BAHAMU+ Lesser Power, "Draco Paladin” 00; Good dragons, wisdom ALLS WAL, Good dragons Srito. Pole Star abave milky nebula Hor uh: Mount Celsta/Mercuia/Bahamut’s Palace vos Prous: Seven gold dragons Bahamut isthe protector ofall ood deagons and Ferse p= ponent of evi. He believes inthe sanctity of life, and won't willingly bil another erearure unless he his other choice. By dragon standards he is sharing and selfless, and all good yrms look to im for guidance and sesdor. Balam is also a friend to good-aigned mortal deities, especially the Seldarine andthe Celts His realm isa palace led withthe ink he's accums lated over the years, and it somehow occupis the fst four layers of Mount Celestia all at once, Whats more, the case Supposedly holds ponas wo de Astral and Elemental Panes. 1's real popula place, bur it dest always attract the right kindof attention sims BLIBD@@LPe@OLP Intermediate Power, “Sea Mother’ 0: Dark, insanity, revenge AINE. WAL: NE, CE fkuo-toa Sui’ Lobster bead and black pearl Hw 0 Elemental Waterjthe Murky Depths oo Pooats:Pet-Prince Va-Guulgh (Px/ kuo-to)P 1, TiojNE) “Though once the bright patron of a evolved race fo sy the legends, anyway), Blibdeoipoolp has become a warped and twisted eng a the kuo-ta have waned in power ad int gence. She ies in cormpettion wit the dow power, ard the his said co sek her constansy in order to devour et Realy though, Blibdoolpoolp avoids just about al exer poners as best as she can, for She's fantastically afi that they'll discover the ancient secre af her rac fwhatever they are) She refuses to believe that the kuo-toa are any less mighty than they once wete whieh no dou contributes to Ihr alrealy-questionabe sate of mind. Blibdoolpoolp’s ream lies in what she considers the Inert ofthe Flemental Pane of Water, darkened by her jal: fnsy and hated. I's one ofthe few spots om the plane where the water has a sandy floor ~ her crustacean conipanions ned to make homes, afterall. Any visitor tha’ pot kao» to had best look out; the petitioners are under orders to end trespassers limb from limb. Still, chant is Blibdoo!- poolp’s got hoary secrets of magic ~ a lre that draws many ‘Kowege- seekers and rosstracers tothe realm. GZEMNID Lesser Power, “The Gas Giant” 06: Gases, ebscurement, deveption ae WAL CE Svs: Brome rod held in tentacles Hoy Outlands Gzemmi’s Real sors Phos: Nome (though rumors of 2 beholder squadson ‘bound Most ontinary beholders aren't willing to bangin with cea- tues they detm as “inferio” but Gaemid — ne oF the two Dbehalder powers ~ is bit mare flexible, When confronted with strong morta beings who make no immediate move {oward violence, i's said that Gzemnid might offer to trade for magie and secrets, though a berk who counts on this best have a grave already dug. The deity most definitely sples on moral wizards and siges who study the natute of ‘he muliverse; he hopes to steal thelr discoveries through lusion and deeption, Lots of folks wonder why a power of chaos andl evil makes his home ~ a tangled mess of tunnels ~ Uelow the ‘neutral Outlands, and more to the point why the realm lesm' sip aver tothe Abyss. Some say is based on an al lance withthe uch stronger sense (se below) ough few scholars claim that Gzeronia's hiding from the retaibu= tion of powerful foes — perhaps even the Great Beholder Mosher, although most reports mark the two as Fen In any ease, some thinkers atsbute the presence of (Gzemmid (and tsensine 0 simple moral tlaivsm. See, the ‘monstrous gods are considered evil hy most moral, but pe. haps thelr owa standards are different enough to anchor ‘them the Outlands ILSENSINE Greater Power, “The Great Brain ANG: Mental dominion, mage ML LE WAL LE ‘Soto Glowing brain with two tentacles ow h-Dallandthe Cerne of Thought ‘ov Powis: AN Uh (ypposei) ‘A being of pure energy, lsensine isthe patton and creator of the lind ace (and, some sty, the steFet master oF the era= nium rts as wel, Depicted asa huge, green-slowing bai the powers tentacles extend across the mulvers, teeing Information deel to the bloated mass of the god-brain ike Gzemni, sense dell in a knotwork of tunnels Uelow the Outlands; their realms ofem Intertwine, making hard for a berk to figure out where he i. Bloods ues that because Hsersine 4 delty of thought and knowledge, it e- sides on the Outlands, despite leaning toward law and evi The same folks say that Gzemnid chooses to weave his realm the god-brain’s, hoping that lsensin'sqreater might vill Keep them both firmly rooted tothe plane Whatever the truth, the Caverns of Thought area da ‘matic departure trom the standard Outlander realm, As 8 body anproaches the center ofthe maze of passages, waves fof thought and psychic free ftom lsensine grow steonger ‘and stronger twisting those with weak minds into homing zombies. The dwarves ofthe nearby Dwarvish Mountain ‘know to keep t their end of the tunnels though lately some ort having been sped upon by zombies that shufled off and disappeared in he darkness. SHEKINES+ER Greater Power, “The Three-Faced Queen” A: Destruction, knowledge, creation maintenance ALN WAL:N, CE, LG Sy Mas miro, oF grain jar Howe: Outandsithe Court of Light ‘ow Peon: Agara (2 eater nagalHD 10; Wiss limes (Px/4 spirit naga/HD 12/CE): Atora (Pxi2 siuarlan naga 13.6) Following the Rule of Thecs, the goddess ofthe mags takes {hee dierent forms, yet each is par of the overarching in teligence that ls Sbekineser here The fist aspect is that of the Weaver, a crone-faved nga who destroys so that creation might come of it, She also weaves understanding among the unenlightened, The second aspect is that ofthe Empowerer a bestower of wise ‘dom anil asker of riddles. She pushes bashers int the trath, wahether they like it oF na, and helps them to accept the ‘changes. The thi aspect i that of the Preserver, the keeper ‘flight an! knowledge, a well asthe recone of the dead spirits thar pass het way. Shekinestr’s real, ton, is divided into thee concentie citles unifying the Rule of Tees and the Unity of Rings The outermost rng called the Loom ofthe Weaver, a maze ff thors that al vistors must find their way through. eu ter who makes it stumbles into the Hall of Tests, where Shekineser i aid to keep her place Finally the place it SelT bods he inermost ere, where a body Ts the Are Ing Flame ~ a Dre tha supposedly fuels the workings of the etre mukiverse. Whether i's ire or not anyone's ues but no on, not even Shekinester herself, ean quench the ‘Arehing Flame, “The gales has many allies emong the powers: most dwell on the Outlands, but others are scattered act085 the planes, However, Shekinester vslues the friendship of the xyprian parthcon most high. TIAmA+ Lesser Power, “The Avaricious” AoC: Ev dragons ALLE ‘WAL: BMI dragons Sromot:Fivesheaded ragon Howe w/e BaatorAvernus/TamatsL Hoops Pyocts: One chromate fei dragon of each colar Just as Bahamut the protector and benefactor of the good falgned dragons, so is Tiamat the destroyer of life and the ‘matron of evil dragons. She never ceases in her efforts ta cause mischief and destruction, and is aba all Draco Pl fan can do to keep he in chee. Tarai vile through and ‘through, and she ay waste ro the plans i she could er ream, hidden in the Bil of Avernus, ea sprawling cave complex guarded by ber offspring and her lovers. Trea ste lies catered sou the Moo, but Kant for the aking. ‘Wor to the sod who thinks he can get outwith even a copper piece. Chan is Tiamat guards the onky known gate to Dis the ‘second layer of Bastor, bat wot lel anyone though without 4 belly sacle ‘Tlamat was once rumored to be ane of the Lords ofthe Nine, the high-ups who watch over the nine layers of the planc. Truth is she's good fends with some ofthe lords at Feast insofar as evil ofthat magnitude ean be friendly), but she’s not one of them. Sil, she has powerful farces at her ‘command: the baste constantly offer her gifs, bribes, and servants forthe loan of some of her dragons. Tamar's not sealed any bargains yet, but she's weakening tothe fends? persuasion. TIFANIA Greater Power, “The Faerie Queen” (Faeries, fiendship, mage ALG WAL" Any N oF G ‘Sy: White diamond with ue star ova Setie Court (wanders) sors ovis: True Tom (Px/é humaa/817/NG) The qucen ofthe rosming Sede Cour, Titania is imperious ‘and Beautfl,powerfl nd incisive, yet stangey Mighty and ‘vacuous There's elly no lasing het. She watches overall of faeriekind ~ wich inches teams ya says, pies, Unicorns, and the lke ~ and desires nothing more for her ‘anges than that they should ve forever in lf happiness. Her husband sid consort is Oberon, but they bo take ‘other lovers a8 sus them. Facts that's how Titania got her bbatdic peoxy, True Tom (sometimes called Thomas the Rhymes) ~ she made him her consort and enchant him soe could only speak the truth. The queen's dalliances send ‘Oberon into fits of blackest jealousy, and I's sald he takes lovers only ta spite his wife, The Sele Court andes about the good algned planes of hos (Yuu, Arora, ara he Beasts), and tm ows di erent within its oli borders. Some say the syivan realm is. ‘more beauiil than any other. "Course, the Seldarine dispate that, but gently ~ the evsh powers are god frends withthe Faerie Queen, and ald her in nary any venture se asi, YEEN@GHU Lesser Power, "The Destrayer” 00: Ghouls, galls, paralysis AL CE WAL CE Sri Tiple-beaded lat Hows ih: Abyssl4aaitheSeeping Woods ooo) Peo! Spifng (Px/3) cambion/MD 10/¢E) Yeenoghu isthe very picture of an Abyssal lord made sood, ‘Trou slow poachicy of the flowers of Gorell (the for. mer anol god), Yen has manased to subvert almost the ‘entre race of hyena-eaded humanoids to his worship. By of Feving abies his priests that Gorell could not, the De~ stroyer appealed to the need for fore and strength in the ‘Brollish hear, and wtested them away. Yeenogh's alm onthe 422n8 layer ofthe Abyss centers round his great bone throne, mourn of ibs tom from those who've displeased him. The land consss of savannas tnd ens, sicely yellow forests, where the very water is pot Son and parastes Goze trough every surface. Yeenogiu and his gnolls hunt any bers adle-coved enous to wander nea The gnoll god keeps away from contact with other des. The glantsh gods may appeal to the gnolls but Yeenoahu wants nothing wo do with der, He simply esl oer pow and plots costal their strength the same way he took Gores. sure Where the land plummets from the snowy hils into the icy fords ele, where the lonboats draw up om tothe beach, where the glaciers flow forward and retreat with every fall and sping ‘hiss the Land of the Vikings, the home ofthe Norse pantheon The NORSE enc “Thee powers refiest the nee these warrons had for sro leader ship and decisive action, Thus, dey see dir dies in every bend of a river, hear dhem in the crash of the thunder and che booming of the glaciers, snd smell them in the smoke ofa burning lo + THE PAN+HEON + In the oldest days, all existence was merely an abyss between the fo oes of freeing Nilhcim and burning Muspelhci, Above the to worlds grew the World Ash, Yeeros, oo Tels them yawned a chasm be tween fre and ce. Legend has There were no living beings In all the multiverse. At Teast, not wn the two cements me in the Ginnungagap (he abyss), where they combined and created earth and sa, filed with sty ie. The rick of water grew and formed the lant Yinir and e+ eniy MUS+ YOU SEIZE LIFE with BO+H HANDS, —hiscow Audhumla, Yr grew srang on the milk of etimes YOU'VE GO+ +O the cow, ani the heat made by Mlspelheim in SHRANGLE [+ Uni i SPIES UP the south caused him ta sweat. Those droplets WHA+ you WAN+ spawned the giant, the beings who would e the etemalfocs ofthe coming gods. — ULRIC WULFSON or sue FAFED, ‘Nidhi, me rn, Erew strong hy @UFSIDE tHe licking the st ofthe ee oes. And ane day GA+ES 8 VALHALLA tertonguetrought forth another being fom the ce the giant Bur. Buri then brought forts his son Bo, ‘who marred he giantess Bestla fone of Ymirs nts) and produced three children: Odin, Ve, and Vi The tree new gods Rew that ‘only evil coll come of ting the giants live, and so they lew Yin His blood filed the Gin rungagp, drowning all but to ofthe giants, who escaped to foster the resto thei race. The slants swore etemal vengeance om the yes for this thus did the Norse powers rca their own Then Odin and his brothers cated the wood from Yoni’ emis. They took maggots md worms from the sant’senrpse, and turned ther into elves nd Faeries, dwarves and rll. The {gods consigned the latter group to Svaraltheim, while the Former made thei home in Ahem, hallway between heaven and earth, Afterward, the powers ercated the realm of Asgard foe themselves, and Midgard — the Middle Word ~ forthe mortals, All ofthe worl (including Ni heim and Muspelhelm) were connected by the mighty Yegdrasl, which arched aver and Uhrough everthing ‘And then came te other gods, the Aes; created by Odin to populate the paradise the thre bothers had create in dhe heavens, From elsewhere came the Vani, fllow dees who scem ingly rose tom nowhere, and the two groups struggled for dominance. Eventually, they de cared a stalemate and exchanged hostages fo ensure peace between the two paatheons. The Vanir gave up Njord and his children Frey and Freya, The Aesr eat away Hucnie (Odins brother) and Mimi (a dispenser of wisdom whose sity was wo amined that wis named the magical tem after him). Even afer he died, Mimi gave ‘excellent advice, and some say that din has only one eye Tecause he traded his other to Mimir in exchange for words of wisdom. The Norse gods have an awful lot of history, and i's ‘even: more involved than this. But at Teast a body can see ‘thatthe Aesirose from 2 chaotic past, one that didn’t much resolve self through the course of time. The deities them salves are lite beter; theyre a rowdy bunch, easy to insult ‘and bard co soothe. Theyre nt as insufferably proud as the Olymplans, but they are exceedingly touchy about their spheres of interes. ‘Simply put, the gods ofthe pantheon believe in power, both their own and that oftheir people. I's only through poner, afer al, that a blood knows where he stznds. That ind oF identity is important, whether its of the individ, amily, clan, nation, or race all te paramount Se, power Jets a ody truly enjay life IF he's always busy serving some other berk, he won't expesience the richness that existence ‘has offer. Everyone shoul sve robe the best to make a ‘nome even ameng the heroes around him. Thats the only way olive Given that aude, is eurous that the Aes are such & fatalistc bunch. They know they face their dooms at Rag narok, when the Fores of evil wil rise against them, and each dey ever knows how hel die, But they stil persis in taining themselves forthe final battle, I ain't tha hey think they can aie the outcome, They ust want to take as ‘many of the enemy with them as they can + THE WORSHIPERS + The northmen tend to dell near the shores of the great ‘rds, force to ive shere ty the constrains of the land The craggy mountains prevent any seriows overland Journey, 50 the morals rly on their trusty longboats for travel tae, tnd terror. Each sping, they plant thelr crops and then raid fd pill Tor the supplies they desperately need. Sure, Some of the bashers are hunters, fshers, and whalers, but those aren't reliable sources of sustenane, “The followers of the Aesir are not as bloothirty athe legends of their enemies make them out to be, They're straightforward and bnutal when necessary, but the nature of the land makes them so. They're also self-reliant and some of the bravest bashers body’ ever likely to meet. Facts, they place such a high value on heroism and mectng death un Minehingly that one ofthe highest honors a cutter can pay tis fe st et hia die as bravely as possible, See, the northmen live (and die) by a code of honor, & ‘ode that’s acknowledged by even the most brash and aw less berks among them. It unites the people in common ‘causes, teaching them to offer hospitality against the cold and de dark; tha the enemy ofa friend isan enemy, while the enemy of an enemy is friend; that fay Is the most important part ofa body’s life, and an insult co one member fc a slap inthe face ofall: and tha he rate courage sin riding toward death without fear oF second thoughts, + ASGARD ano VANAHEIM + Just hove iluentia ae the Aesir? Well their realm is prob- ably the best-known patch of land on Ysgard, and when ‘ost folks alk about the thre layers of the pane, they use ‘the names put forth by the Norse tongue: Yogard, Muspel- heim, and Nidavelli, But the two realms of Asgard and anaheim ~ home tothe Aesi andthe Vans, respectively — oth iin the st layer Asa’ the shared realm oF jus bout al he powers of the Aesir (se dhe map on pages 142-198). 1's a cold, moun- tainous land, criserossed with river, filled with lakes, and strewn with plains and forests, Titanic estates dot the land= scape ~ the magnificent homes of the gods ~ and the pti fioners are welcomed inside forthe feats and reverie that never seem 0 end The whole real fsutrxinded by 8 thick wall suppose built by a giant who was Inter bobbed out ‘of his jk and then killed when he complained [no wonder the Fated fel such a strong connection 1 Asgard). daly enough, the realm iself encourages ighting. Any berk slain here ~ as long as he dies well ~ canbe rebor ‘Course, dying well doesn't mean falling in a hall of arrows (unless they're all fred athe sod in question while he's Single-handedly charging the enemy) means 2 body tak- Ing out foes right upto his ast reat, moving past the poine where most others eolapse, Fighting til Ke just ai pos sible to yo on. Thats why Asgants petitioners are feared the planes over~ they've learned they don't have to be afraid of anything except for ea self, and that savagery and ween less wills he est way Fora basher to get what he nec “The Acs maintnin thelr eonncetion tothe Prime Mate ‘ial Plane with Bifrost, the Rainbow Bdge. Believers can travel onthe bridge, bur thse with no faith in the Aesir oF ‘Vanir find that it constamly maves away’ ftom sem. Bifost {s proof against both fre and fost glants: chant isthe red of he bridge bums the frost amt, while dhe magenta freezes ‘hee flexy cousins. The sod Helidall watches over Bios never seeming to sleep, and he lets the bridge extend 10 4 single prime-matecial word a aime ‘anaheim isthe other realm of the Nore gods, home to the Vanir: Fey, Freya, Uller, Njord, and others who keep themselves hidden from mortal knowledge. I's a realm oF beauty laid out along a seacoast, and the land is often smothered in fog. Vanabein’s not near a8 mountainous as “Asgard truth i,t seems a bit like Tit na Og, what with ts rolling hills, winding coasts, and mystically contemplative landscapes. Just like the petitioners in Asa, those in Vanaheim ‘are reborn each day, but they're less warllke and more ratio= preferring intellectual pursuits to those of che body. “Tha's not to say they e wot dangerous in a fgh; is jus. that hey doo' ive themselves aver co bate entirely. +0 + AAs one of the most uneuly pancheons around, the Aesie are famed for and wide fo their excessive habits (which they also encourage in ther followers). Most ofthe powers oe Odin’ line, bu i's well Knowa that some che under his Impose law. Sul, the Al-Father has led them 0 a postion of prominence inthe planes, and they find ao reason to rebel Ayainst him ~ at least, not ye iar, wisdom, poetry, knowledge a Any Single blue eye YsgardYogard/Asgard (din, leader of the Acst, also the futher to most of them But he cars dark secret with his breast — hi’ dead See, Odin hung himself From the branches of Yugi in fonder to gain knowledge of Iie and death and the world, find he gor it Bur the other powers believed in their leader’ infaliiiy, and that faith brought Odin back from the dea:ook, more oF les, 'Now he dispenses wisdom from his throne Hldskialf (which is guarded by a proxy and a mass of petitioners snd rides his cight-leged horse Slejpner to sites that re ‘quite his persoralatention. Some say the horse has eight Teas because chats the numberof legs a coin has (hen 1’ carved by four pallbearers); thus, Odin’ really riding a ‘ashe into bat Tn any case, the AllFather epitomizes the Norse race He's svage and wise atthe same ime, straighiorward and subtle a8 the mood strikes him. He rewars power with oer, ad ly fee things ner hi: abding o lant, koi- ing a battle, or eabing the laws of hospitality. ‘din contzols thee halls in Asin The Testis Valask- lal from which he rules. The seconds Glad, the com ‘mon hall of the Aesi, where they meet to swear loyally 10 And share mead with thei leader, The thd is Valk, where the mightiest warrior of the norhmen are cansformed into the eipherar. During the day, che place Is mostly empy, as the einherlar are out honing thee combat skis on each ots But at night, Valhala’s fled withthe riotous noise of the feasting petitoners, all celebrating thei uiumphs ofthe day (Odin doesn't asociate much with other panthcons, ex: cept for two: He serves as both peacemaker and rabble rouse for the Celts and the Greeks. On one hand he offers ‘words of conciliation tetween the two, and on the ater he sends Loto caise mischit. In tis way, Odin's slowly n= creasing the power of his own pantheon, but he's paying a dangerous gate The All-Father's most famous proxies are tv called Hugin (Thouslu) and Munin (Memory) (Px THD AIM), The ravens can teleport anywhere in Ysgard 10 act 48 Odin’ es, and ate completely immune to magial eon ‘ol, Any berk who harms them is subject to Odin's direct wath, The hero Sigmund (Px! human/F18/CG) also serves the will ofthe pantieon’s leader Me's the one who guards Hilskilf and In veture, Odin ets he sc om the al-seing tone, Only Frgua, Oul’s wife, an do the same. Any Rough ocean waves ‘Yard Ysgard/Asgand ‘Acai the god ofthe sea, is alternately frenly and ferocious to the Aeste He provides the dees with meod and banquets, ‘bu oceasiomally crns stay on them when it suits his need For this aso, he's not entirely loved by the rest ofthe pan= theon, but the old power doesnt eare ~ as long a8 he's ine lade in the fetvities, e's happy shal, Hlesvang. hidden beneath the waters of Ac- srsholm, one of Asgaed’s lakes. The hall's covered with shells and ehalebones, snd ts residents include all Norse pe titoners who dd hy deve, ‘Aegit Is the father of the Wave Maidens, the nine ‘mothers of Heidall. His main proxy is Erk che Red (Px/2 Ihuman/F12/CN), a sallor of such skill that he can take his ‘oat beyond the edge of the world and back, Erik’ a fiteniy ‘enough basher but iF body’ crosses him, he Ieralty be ecping ith the Pies — in the hall of Mesvang, BALDUR Intermediate Power, "Bright Son’ A Beauty, charisma AL NG WAL: Any Nor @ Samo: Gewm-enensted chalice Hows ite sgn sara Asgard Waldue i the mst heal and charismatic power the Asie have ever seen ~ and they continue 10 say this even after spying Aphrodite, Sune, and all the other goddesses of beauty. Whether they telly mean i o ust Want stlek t- scther f anyone's gues, ‘Baldr fs he child of Frigg aad Odin and they dote on thelr charming son. His dreams are propheti, at least (0 some deyre, and the Aesr pay close attention to what he tells them, Facts, Blur is loved by just about everyone he smoets except For powers af hatred and plague. Even gods ‘wo ain't normally friendly to humankind find a good word forthe deity Sil, her's ome power much clser to home who envies Baldur, and therefore despises him ~ Loki, who hopes to kill the attactive god someday. Because Badu is invulnerable to everything in ercation except mistletoe, Loki plans to fashion a spear made ofthe stuf Baldur's hall in Asgard is called Breldablik, meaning ‘road splendor." and he lives there with his wife, Nanna. ‘One of the radiant jewel of the teal, Bredabli's a pave of ‘warm, sot Tight and the scintillating company of beautiful people. Any sod who can count beauty as one a his asses Fest not ever try fo get in: only those who Took good are al lowed inside. Sally, mhats ina body's heat dost matt, ‘nly the shallow exteto Baldr has no proxies. That's because e has no ulterior motives fat least none that anyone Knows oD, and he's seem ingly content to bask in the appreciation of his worshipers, his petitioners, and his fellow powers. BRAGI Intermediate Power, “Skald’s Friend” An: Poetry, music AL: NG WAL: Any Soc: Harp Hous fe Elysium eoiaarpeaty Yogand/Ysgad/Asgoed As the deity of poetry and muss, gl gains power every thme ane of his worshipers sings or recites verse, and thus he grows stronger with every passing year He's a fun-loving wo. though one given to fits of manic activity, and be constanily wanders, seeking to improve his lft and bestow ton others, Brags good fiend to poets and songsers everythere, even among the other pantheons. Oghma, especially, has cared his respect, and the two've made music that sets the soo aligned planes singing, The Norse god has no particu Tar enemies, but his hated For the glants has grove steaiy ‘ver the centuries. This rage was fueled by This, the (now= dead) yiant who bidsped Bea's wife Mun to yet at the Ape ples of Youth sce k's ent, later inthis chapter In alison to ving im Asgard, Brag keeps realm on Elysium, where he says he can hear the beautifl music of the multiverse more cleat. The realm, Harpleath i actu- ally litle more thaa 8 mountain peak where the bracing ‘winds ofthe upper alr flow. The proxy Tharisa Harpchord (Px human/B137NG) strolls vhrowgh the land with her smal, golden harp, ard Bragi himself mamas a small cot {age on the slope wells for god, anyway. He eles there when he’s done listening tothe songs of the wind for the day. Mun often visits him tthe eotage, and they usually en to Asgard teeter showy thera FORSE+I Intermettiate Power, "Peacemaker ‘Ao: dustice Ab LG WAL: Any good Srimol: Seales Hows i: Yogardrysgard/Asgand Forse a wise and eloguent son of Bald, has spent his en lire existence trying to bring law tothe chaotic Aesir. He stent that mortals call on im to ratify ‘thet Las, andthe powers come to him to appeal 10 hs l= cedar discretion (specially when Odin cant be impart) Not only does Foret weigh each ease on the basis of right anil wong, he also considers how a particular decision ‘would further the community of gods. He's not made a blu er yet shall scaled Gite a shining Asgadian palace of sold and beaten silver I’ said to be what every northman ‘rcams of, but only a selet few can enter ts hall ~ speci cally the rch and che generous (which rules out most ofthe ce), Stl, Glin a place of wlory and equity ‘among those who can make itn, so is some- thing co whit mortals can api Forseti docs favor any of his proxies above the ethers, hough the more capable bloods recive the harder missions — he may be a power of equality, but he's not stupid. The proxy who's proven herself ‘st these days lena Madeyrd (Px)? human! Palta/LG) She's calm and self-assured, and chant 5 she can make a basher speak the trth, whether he ‘wants to 6F nol That repuciton alone is enough vo dissuade ‘eth fron Ivins Bens rarely has 10 use her power. succeeded to the sane FREY Intermediate Power, "Sunbeam" Ao: Sunshine, rain, Fetity, hoses AL NG WAL: Any N or G Sten: Ship-shaped cloud Hoon 9/0" Ysqand?Ysqard/Vanaheim; Ysqardi¥sqard Ahem Frey, a member of the Vane, was Sent to Asgard as part of the plan 10 guarantee peace between the Aesir and their cousins. Regarilss Fey’s one of the most popular powers of the Norse pantheon, Hes a lusty god, one wha enjoys We and his worship natraly requires participation In ealiy rites, But he's abo a ene deity, And he inspires loyalty inhi ellowers — ters to keep herself arractive and appealing, She toa is hugely pope among he mors. ‘A body might think that Freya's vanity and dallances would bring her nothing but condemnation, But the dark of IVs tha, like any northern womar, she's Fee co choose ber ‘own way. That path may not match the standards set for ‘women by the males, but surely matches the standards the mals st for themscls, Resides, Frey sions are ter eve y her peat intelligence Sil, the goddess sought alter by deity, slam, vac, an mortal ait. seems her bealy and fre spin captivate the ‘male mind, and tase who sce he can’ put thelr rain-boxes on any thing ese. Thus, Freya hs the sitendship of most any male power she encounters (Nowe or otherwise MAYBE eum sate oy ‘rar ‘bladni which cam carry the entire CAP+URE the MIDGARD SERPEN+. near the Patented as fe ap iso PREVENT RAGNARGK. elit Tinmakurpeareamars | FHEN cL NONICE Me aaa ‘se. Furthermore, his sword ca Fight (fs own vl feed trom its con ‘ning sheath ‘The power maimsins two realms. One's in ‘anaheim, where he sails Skiba dai along he oasiline endesly, losing himself inthe sea breeze and sunshine. The other's in Aller, where he rules with a kind ouch, Both realms welcome Frey's patton foc he speeds cheer wherever he travels, What's more, he tries not to engage in the political ames and feuds common to most gos He maintains coda relations with the Daghdh and ison exscem terms with the Seldarine. Fey pariulary enjoys the company of Corellon Larethian, and has made Corllon's enemies his ov ‘Skimir(Px/¢ human 10.M0/NG) is Frey's right-hand ‘man. Technically, the blood is an indentured servant, but he'd serve Frey even if he didn’t owe the god his life Skimir’ calm and easy in just about everything he does and this serenity radiates from hien lke an aura, Any bashers vwho come within 5 feet of the proxy are automatically calmed, unless thelr fear or rage was brought on by divine providome FREYA Iniermediate Power, “Lady of Fire 0C Love, passion, human Feriity Alsen Wale Any Sy Woman-shaped ame is Ysgard agar Vanoheims YsgardYsgard Asgard Frey's fry cin sister, Preya, Is likewise a member of the Vani. She shares the waters of the Everyold with the other ddesses of beauty, and she doesn't hesitate to use its wa — A LEA+HERHEADED M@R+AL LOOKING +e EARN FREYA'S AF4ENFION Folk?in Vanaeim, The place was a if fromthe Aesir on the foceasion of er trae: is ‘sit he entirely Impenetrable unless Heya herself opens the doors. Inside Sussrumnies luxury itself strewn With firs and silks giver vo herby powers of fr-ot pantheons, Freya's ponies are almost all emale. Lana Tomsdallihe (P27 human(Mio/CN) is the cucren favorite. She's beau fu ofcourse, with raven hale and shimmering black eyes big enough for a bud 10 drown in. She ea eh any basher ‘bo mects her gaze though the her's go a chance to resis. [success save versus spel with a-©1 hams) keeps hime fee hough he won't knay that Lhana ted 0 sfay him FRIGGA Intermediate Power, "Mother Sky" Ave: Sky, domestic life, marrage ALIN Was Any fatal Syn pling wheet ove es Yoga Ygard Asgard Frigg, wife of Odi, is also the mother of four of is chil- dren: Baldur, oder, Herm a Ty. All four have done her proud. Stl, sie's more concerned withthe lot of er mortal "Worshipers and she dos vat she can to Keep women lespe~ cially wives) ftom suffering under the tyranny of small- minded men. She's even gone to war agains her husband, Jeading an army of women disguised 1 Took le men. That's Jhow much Frigga cares for her charges. ‘Taough she shares Odin's hal, she also has one of her ‘own. IC's called Fens, snd I's hidden high in the moun eine ASGARD ‘tains of Asyard, as sults a power ofa The hall is lean and ‘well onfanized, wth apace for everything, no matter how incongruous i may seem Feasalir is less violent and less populated than the other halls of Asgaed, but that's how Frigga wants it Her petitioners ate fever, and like these of Yonah, care more for contemplation than violent ation Her main proxy Greta Flan Px) hal-elB12)N), a ‘woman with & voice that’ biter and sweet a he same tine Greta's been married thrice, and each time her husband died rataly atthe hands ofa jealous tol. But the monster stays ‘ut oF sight and few believe tat i exis, Gres, for her part, ‘eaves about counseling women whose mariage are founder Ing and i’ sid that she cam bring peace 1 any relationship HEIMDALL Intermediate Power, “Eagle-Eye" {06 Light suanianship ALIN Wal LN Sis A komm Hn fe Ys gan YsganijAsgard (Himinborgd Heimdal is the watcher over Biftost, and he caries a mighty hor thot he sounds when anyane approaches Asgard from the brdge- Friendly bashes hear only a sweet ow sound, duc Heimdall greets enemies with x louder blast W's sad that he'l break his horn with the blowing come Ragnarok. eimials one of the few powers of de Aesr with realm outside the wall oF Asgard: Ue shining ety of Hirinbong The bung sits near the fas of Bion and every sod who Takes the Raiiow Beige to Asgard nus ist pass throug Himinbore Dutsde the ety the Doksmid clan of ‘wares try 1 el their smith forged wanes {to passers. Within the town, waters ise high ove the land. manned by einhcesr who seek to em late ther patron's ales attention to duty. ‘Course, the ein- hela are the fit defense for any invasion, and that ends to make the residents of the city more than a lite nervous They're peery of strangers, and watch a newcomer carefully unt e's proven his ‘eimll an! Lok have a burning Mare for each other: Here's the dark off: Heimall holds the trickster incomplete contempt, and Loki can't stand the wale’ self-righteous nature. But most oF the other powers fin Heiradall witty and charming When called away From Himinborg, ot when he needs !rustwonhy bloods for urgent business, Heimdall summons his wo proxies Olaf and Sven Trollslayer (both Ff) human/13) 1, Olaf has the ability to se 10 miles in all directions at ‘nce, snd no monal constracion can biock his vison Sven's Dneatng sso incredible that he's avare when @ sper ster: across the cling of a eotage ear aeros Asya Tie SMELL eF +HE bu ar +HE IMPRIS@NED — ls GOD +@ BE HOME! — EIRIKKA +e BLO@DY, PROXY OF HEL HEL Intermediate Power, “The Merciless” AiG: Death, disease ALNE WAL: Any Sie Her hal-black, halite face oo fe Gray Waste Mili Het, daughter of Lak and a giantess, isthe power ofthe i noble dad. She watches over the grim realm of flac on the Gray Waste. She's a joyless basher, hough she's seen from time co time with a mocking smile on the black half of her face (the wiite al has no features at all Hel Is in sor, just what 2 body expect from & deity of death — and eany emotionless ‘She bears no Tove For the rest of the Norse panthco facts, be’ destined to lead her army of petioners against come Ragaarok, and she's ooking forward to dat day wih anticipation, She cates even less forthe agents of the powers and any berk they send to Nifheim is Uikely to Find himsefseae! a He's anque able before lan. The ream isnt ch to Took at slike the res of the Gray Waste ~ dull and cheerless. A central banquet hal hoi all the petiioners of iftheim at once obviously ts & huge affai, ur it ems smaller ‘on the inside. That's mostly ‘because no mater where & ‘ody sis he can see He! seated at the head of the all. The food on the table fs ocings and snakes dip poison fom the celing ~ isnot exacdy home. Hels wandering prony Is Erika the Bloody (@x/2 uman/T134NE),a basher who squeezes the blood of her post victims trom her hands when she's angry Unlike the power she serves, Eviha’s quite mo- ‘ons (5 jat that her emotion’ usualy ange. DECAY, CRIES IDUN Intermediate Power, "Youthbringer” 200: Youth, spin Alo ‘Suit: Apples ‘ow 1/2) Ysqand/Ysqandf Asgard; Elysium/Exonia/Harp Hearth WAL Any good lun, wife of Brags the power in ehangeof making sure the Aesit remain young. She does this by keeping charge over the Apples of Youth, which she feeds 0 the Olympians once very year come spring, Davis, the apples me Id prized commodity among the near Ammorals of the planes, and they've attempted to kidnap her several times. Each time, che other Norse gods have rescued her before the vl +6 Tains could eat ofthe apples, but surely one of these times ‘they'l slip ~ and the giants will be waiting dum shares a Rome with Bragh in Asgard, andl rhoughh she visits her husband in Harpiteacth from time 0 time, she ‘prefers to remain among hee fellow powers. The Asi natu rally, value he because se's the only ane who con pluck the apples from the Tree of Youth, but Idun's earned the frend ship of deities ouside the panthcon as wel, including Lath anier of Tori, dun’ proxy f @ young, maiden named Gudrun (Px) Imuman)FA/CG), who € he Norse powers di- tecily a she brings then thes apples. Truth fy she ean even ask favor ofthe Aesir once a year and be seasonably sure ‘of having it granted. Sill, Gudrun’ sid to have her eye on jing the Valkyries one day andl working to fetch the best ‘of the Fallen mortal heroes Lexi Intermediate Power, “The Provoker™ iC: Mise steife AL CE WAL: Any nonlawFul Seo: Red and black boots Hows lide: Pandemonium) Pandesmos/Winvr’s Hall; Yogard/ YosarilfAsgard Loki serves many purposes within the pantheon, First off, i's the blood brother of Odin, a status he gained by proving ingtrumental in holding the Aesi together in the erly days ff the gods. I's. Tact he likes 1o bring up whenever he's pushed the Asi to thei limits ~ se, Loki a god of touble, and he'l spout enough half-truths a lies to make a berk army with anger. (That's why ne keeps realm on Pande ‘onium, a place to wait out the pantheon’s fury wen te ‘ues sep too far) Hes a seducer of goviesss, to, bu not Iecause he enjoys their company ~ i's because he's proud of the Fact that he ca slide between a usb and wife Basically Lok’s a proud and vainglorious god. He's ‘convinced that there's nothing another power can do that he ‘cannot, and be does his utmost to prove that he's smarter than the rest of his pantheon, This may well be why he turned from a benevolent trickser ino the sworn ener of the Acst. The blood he hates most, however, is Heimdall, whe often exposes Laks plans and catches the troublemaker in various schemes. Loki usually turns elsewhere for help. He's made al lances with various powers of other pantheans, hut he uses ‘them only as leverage and tools, not as deities im thei ov right. And because e's always got to show that he's better than the rest, his alliances are usually shor lved Lok proxies are thieves and giants. He has none ofthe ‘wadional Asgardian hated forthe huge bashers; ebant is Los even gor slantish blood himself. The peoxy he leaves in change of Winters Hall is Stark the Gnawer (Px/@ cloud flant/HD 1647/0), «singing cutter who's so concerned ‘with the hedonistic pleasures of life that he rarely gives toss about running the veal tn etre, Loki makes sre that Starkad has no special powers MAGNI AND mepI Lesser Powers, “The Steadjast” ‘uC: Suength (Magni, courage and berserk rage (Modi) AL CG WAL: ¢G Sy) Mountain, sword and hammer crossed Hows ie: Yond Ysa Asgard Magni and Mo are he twin sons of Thor, and they've i hetted thee Father's might and bravery. Magn’ stews fs so great that i's said he's the only basher in existence be ‘ides Thor who cin it Mjoln, Modis courage is exeeeded by mone, and he throws himself int challenges with hardly second thought. Obviously, with tats like these, i small ‘Wonvler that the twins quickly gained ther portfolio, Magni des the horse Gulfaxi golden mane"), which ‘he received sa gift after piling his rapped father out fom ‘uur a fallen giant. The brothers travel together regulary, and nave no hall in Asgard to cll ei own Neier do they have proxies; they've got plenty of hme and fodiude to deal with problems themselves. THE NORNS Unknown Status, “Destiny's Daughters” oC: Fave ALN WAL: Any Syisios Staff with three branches Hows or: Outlands Well of Urd ‘The dee Noms ~ Urd, Vea, a Skuld ~ watch over one of the magical pools that nourlsbes Yatra and they read the existence of mortals and pomers ake iis waters. Und «an read the past, Verdun the presen, and Skuld the utire ff any being they choose to cuncentrate on. Some say the Norns actually shape the destinies of al the senvientercatures Jin the mulher, bu there's really na way to prove that Theie realm satiny grove onthe Outlands, avergrown With thick tees and hors that blot out ight so effectively that no outside illumination con penetrate: a hody needs 10 bring his own. a bashers persistent enough, he ean make his way tothe well a the center of te grove and look ino it to read his Furure. Those who do usually regret it; morals sent meant to row thei fates, The Noms have no proxies. Some folks say the Norns fare proxies, tha they serve the embodiment of Fae isl Whatever the tru, its no dark cha the the have no ser= siF Intermediate Power, "Golden-Hair A: Excellence kil AL: 6G WAL: Any good Srv! Uprased sword Howe We Ysgand Yard Asgard Sif, wife of Thor and mother of Uller, i the patton of skill and exeelence in all hing though she's especially fond of ratios and swordsmanship. Most who know ber claim that she's unfailingly loyal 10 ‘Thor, bu Lokl would have it otherwise iil, f Si has been Indiscreet, she hes it well, an i's not Something that's bandied about Asgard Besides, she hates the trickster god = Lok cat ofall of Sis golden ave Dur one night as she Thor forced itn to replace i with atual roming gold. Sit has developed excelent rea tons with Lug ofthe Celis — asboth of them are powers ofexcellence, i's only natural that rey should ‘come into contact. Tele Alendship hast yet grow imo evaly, tour ehanc is i's only x matter of time Both deities ae proud of ther suhere The goes lives with Thr ia dhe estate ‘oF Theuthein, « mountainous arcs of Asgant known for violent storms and landslides. Their hall here is called. Bskinir, and its petitioners seem mare prome to mayhem ‘than others in the realm. If nothing else, Sif influence means they're erally more dangerous than mast Sits proxies are Her priests, most of whom are Female ‘The one who's current doing dhe most honor to her patron Js Anja Raaven [Px/@ tefling/FU0,P12/CGl, a cuter who's not only stunningly Beeuiful but also deadly quick withthe won Her sil so great chat she can daw he blade, slice hair in half, and sheath the weapon within & single second, (game ters, that means she gets dee ataeks per round THER Intermediate Power, “The Thunder God! ‘x: Thunder, weather, sky, erops AL: CG WAL: Any good Sisto Hammer oe of Ysant¥sgardAsgard ‘Thor is one of the most highly regarded powers of Asgard, for while e's not too bright, he's very keen on revenge sind very fst wth repayment foram ins (ra perceived in sul Insome berks that’s fall, but i's won Thor the ed riration of countless mor your B@SS IS +H¢ +HUNDER GOD, #4? +HAT'S WHY ote YOU'RE BLOWHARD. — KAL@ SE+H, inver, 404 PRIES+ OF THOR Fiuingly, ocheaded Thor is the power of thunder and lighening, and when storms coll across the prime-moteria words, his worshipers sigh in relief ~ i means their gou's ing his job staying de enemies of Asgard, Fates venet ale Thor, ton; asthe power of crops, he can ensue a frill harvest. "Cours, if displeased, he can aso wipe out woke elds with foods or harsh tains ~ and shad spel disaster forthe winter Thor i truly reckless and he gets drawn into dangerous situations easly. But he's or three things that help him ot fof most any jam: his quick-thinking companions, his sheer strength of vil, and his mighty hammer Mijolni. one ofthe ‘mast destructive forces in the multiverse He's poplar mong the rest ofthe pantheon, too; the Notse gods usally come to him ihten there's a problem re ‘ulsing brute muscle and bul-headednes A. Thor is de husbund of Si, the son of Odi and Erda who's sometimes called Jorayn at lon}, an the father of Maga sid Mod. Like the rest ofthe Aesi, e's not too een om Loki, but they've teaveed ether inthe past and have a tenuous lance ‘As noted under Si’ entry above, Thor lives ‘with his wite in Bishi, am oak and ion ‘shod affair that's home o soe of the roast warriors in all of As ‘gard. They seck tobe just ike their Dalton, and this are stormy and ‘quick-lempered I's no won er planewalkes and sight- seers don't visit the place too often, Thor's proxies are Thal (Px/2 human/FA/CG) and Roskva (Pal? human/T9/CG). They serve the thunder god hheeause thee pareets injured the two maa goats that pall Thor’ chariot through the sky ~ only the git of the chikdcen ‘could save the patents from Thor's weath, Thal ean ran faster than any living being, and Roskva can suminon light= hing to wherever she's standing TYR er, “The One-Handed” $0: Courage, law, swords AL LG WAL LG Sri: Sword Ho ole: YogardYoqgard/Asgard; Mount CelesifLunta! the Cour Intermediate Pow ship Tye is considered tn be the most honarable af the Aes 8 vel asthe bravest of the brave, Legend has i tha the Fenris Wolf was prophesied 0 be one of the greatest threats the ‘Air would fae, so the gods tie o tick the beast nd bind In with an unbreakable teash, They bet the wolf that it ‘couldn't snap the ehal, but the creatuee smeled 2 rap ‘would submit to the leash nil one of the gs pt his +18 than inthe wats mouth as a sign of good fh fis fears. oust, 38 soon asthe wal rela id been pele it bit off Tyr's hand, The power could've tun away, but Tyr ‘consented o keep his word ~ ad lose his hard. He chose to ‘iy the price for his comades' broken promise ‘See Tyr hates liars and oath-breakers, and those who make living fom deception dust him, He's fair and Ia fai all things, rd eostals lok to his example whe ins fating laws for thie societies. He guarantees every promise hhe makes, and watches aver every batle fought lawfully. (Chant is Tyr even invented the notion of the tra! by dul es also Known for making sure the Vays bring only the most deserving moma warriors to Valkala, Unfortunately, Ty's faded from prominence inthe pan theon, and he's femal trying to ang om to ie. He's even resorted to placing par of his strength in de Toran sphere, where he has to bow to the overpower Ao, Stl, he Mgutes is Deter than letting is ieals vanish Fom the cosmos ‘Tye's proxy fs a cuter by the name of Sigurd (Px! hhumanfF 18/16). The son of Odin’ proxy Sigemund, Sigurd ‘uly fearsome fighter He caries & sword thats rumored to tlesty dragons with + mere touch, but that’ justa sony. Trath i, hea have to touch the dragon with the sword sev tal tims, and tater forcefully at that. which Tr ULLER Lesser Power, "The Hunter” oC: Hunting tery, winter LN WAL: ON Sir: Longbow How 0 YegardYSgardVamaheln Ullers ome ofthe Vani, though some have marked him as the son of Thor and Si Reyarilessof the truth he's @ hand some basher who beeps to himself, preferring the company fof hunters to that of his own pantheon. Fact i, he's good friends with the Olympian Artemis, who feels similarly ~ they hunt together in silence. Their stalking rounds Vary between the e-stree hillsides of Olympus. where they can pursue creatures of legend through the brush and the ‘wintry plans of Yai, ler’ ears in Vanabelm. Yaalir's setback from the sea, and the and is covered with yew tres, frm which the pelitloers he bows and ar- rows. The silence of the wintry waste soften broken by the orang and hiss of arrows in Might. Hs sid that ler sends his pettoners on a quest to Loviatar’s Orland to earn the Fight wo enchant a bow ‘When he's aot hunting with Artes, Uler likes Wile ‘more than racing through the snow on snowshoes or sks Ydalir, his companion Is, more often than not, the giantess Skadi (Px)? frost iany/HD 16(N). whose love of the hunt and the winter vals his own. ther powers simply bore Ukr and he has no awn proxies THE VALKYRIES Demipowers, “Choosers of the Slain AC Fallen heroes AL:eN WAL: Any Sve Woman in norned hele Flo) os Wogan Yard sarc The Valkyries aren't exactly powers. They'e more like prox- tes for the entire Norse pantheon, maidens who fetch the spirits of the brave 1o Valhalla on the backs of winged! horses, They let plenty of berks all into He's domain upon death, choosing nly the most valiant from the Feld of bate to seve in the Aescs force of einherse There ae twenty-seven Valkyries, and while they're not identical, they do look somewhat alike: females with he nets, chain mail, braided blond hai, and swans’ plumage They've led by Regine (Px/ valkyrie/F20/Fered/CN), a cutter whose word i absolute law among her pack. The Valkyries ate scen only by bashers about to de, but when they amie om the Prime they give off glow that some Say Is the aurore borealis. ‘Course, their dutes emake them somewhat unapproachable. They love the sel of blood and always have an ear peeled forthe next bat, Fact i, they tan hear major clases that take place on any prene-material wor where the Aesir have infuence. VIDAR Lesser Power, “The Silent One” At Strength, silence AL CG WAL 6 Svan Han shoe Slow rhs YsgandY sand Asgard Vida's notable matnly in that he's ome of the Few Norse powers destined to survive Ragnarok. ‘Course, some folks Say he's best own fr his unusual (but potent) weapon his ‘mighty iron shoe, {c sounds barmy, but is true, Ary being, ‘no matter how forceful or godt, is at Vidas mercy when pinned under his shoc, completely helpless until Vidar ‘hoses 0 fie him. ‘Good thing, then, that Vidar uses his increible strength to smite evi But he does't revel in the companionship of ‘cmbat ax much a8 some ofthe other Norse gods do. He stays in his hal, Vidi, and keeps to himself as much a5 possible. Vidar speaks only when necessary. and even then ust 3 few words ashe con. He does ride on many erusades, but he Fights forthe Aesir when asked. Generally the rest ofthe anton allows Vidat his freedom. which gives him time co ursue his favorite hobby ~ gant slaying +19 + THe RECLUSIVE 22s PaN - H | ® N Ss and they've begun to retreat from the minds of IN THERE SI TIME: have withdrawn to contemplate their eventual fate — or +1504 + THE CHINESE POWERS + ‘On hundreds of prime-material works, emperors establish "ie yas, claiming te have received thelr rlership by ‘mandate Fom the Cleat Emperor a lear sign of divine favor. Their duties are t at as mediators between the powers and moral sos not fortunate enough to have more diet ac er 10 te gods. Emperors must 2so kep unruly spiis of the Jand in ine nd when natural diststrs befall hel words, means the people have displeased the powers in some way. Fact i the moral bloods do indeed receive a mandate fiom the Celestia Bureaucracy, anor tanization of pow cers ho work for Shang the Ce- lestial Emperor Each of the deities performs ceain assigned tasks They all repo thelr superiors, ‘who report to thelr superiors and so on up achain of ‘command that stops with Shang 1, ho reeves the veneration of mo tals and immoral Alike The Emperor then returns the Favor, using hie gathered strength to nourish his servants a berk falls in his tasks. he can be replaced Thus all involved have a vested interest in making site their Jobs are dome wel, Described below ae five important powers ofthe Cele tial Bureauerac,gh-ups who stay active in planar affairs (For a more thorough listing of the deities of the Chinese pantheon, refer tothe ehart above snd to Appendix 1.) The ‘ve ods gain strength from thelr woskipers omy so long 2s Shanti deems that they're successful in thelr duties. See. the Celestial Bureaucracy has a place for everything; both food and evil are necessary, and though certain powers may Aske eachother, they bow tothe will of the Enero. SHANG-41 Greater Power, “The Celestial Emperor” 0: Craton, soeal onder ALLG WAL: Any lawful Syn Jade dragon How ft: Mechanusfthe Jade Palace ‘os Pao: The ene Celestia! Burcaueracy Shangeti (ful mame: Yu-Huang-Shang-i) fs the highest high-up in the pantheon. He controls the mandate of the heavens, watches over the prime-material worlds where his antheon has influence, determines promotions and demo= ons ofthe Chinese powers, dudes the Celestia Bares ‘ricy om is path through history. W's an atl at of respon sibility, but Shang-t is more than up to the task. He never becomes angry oF utes a harsh word unless extremely po ‘voked, but his punishments Fr flue are legendary, Powers have aetally lost their immortality and been sentenced (0 the Alterworld for coretion, ‘Shang-t looks down on the *barbarous® powers of the planes and won't deal with any of them ~ nat even the lea ‘ersarather pa theans ~ excep fo Primus isthe only outsider, seems, who's awful and ondely enough co tumble co the work: ings ofthe Celestial Bureaucracy ‘Small wonder, then, that Shang makes his home the Jade Palace, on Mecharws. But it sits on a gear far From Regus tthe home of Pris) so hat minor modrons ‘an! incerfere with the pristine state ofthe realm, The sees are lined with carefully ordered parks, libraries of lost knowledge, and other atchiteccural wonders, each leading toward the Emperor's palace ~ the center ofthe entire But reaueracy. Once there, fe scems a body has t fll out a form for everthing KUAN-41 Invermediate Power, “The Arbiter ‘A0C: Diplomacy proteetion, forune-telling ALNG ‘WAL Any good Syn: Black-winged chariot ous of Elysium Amora[Valorhome ‘oer Proves Han Chungel (Px/6hunan/P12,F8/LG) ‘Though he’s often called the god of war, Kuan- is more truly a power for peace. His real lve is fr diplomacy, for the arefully worded deals tht bring the greatest happiness to ach side ofa disagreemient. I's only when to factions can't reach a compromise (asad day, in his eyes) tht he be= ‘comes a war god ~ and even then, he Judes which side is ‘ore worthy 10 Win. ‘Chant is Kuan set ls sights on resolving the Blood ‘War, that he's working to make the baatezu and tanar'. +i «ease their fighting and come to mutually profitable ‘agreement — and, naturally, he's trying co keep the fends from sucking the Upper Panes ance i's done. If he ould suanage this, his fame would spread far and wide; might even win him promotion. Kuan-t’s realm on Elysium is called Valorhome, A serene air pervades the tree-lined strets, the pattern of which isla out in a cunning mosaic inthe center ofthe realm. Any disegreements here must be tlle aati phys= cally Impossible form body to drave a weapon or strikeout ‘in anger here LEI KUNG Intermestiate Power, “Duke of Thunder’ AoC: Thunder, vengeance ALLE ‘WAL: Any Sits Hammer and chisel Hot w/t Acheron) AvaasfResounding Thunder on Prowts: Spletiler (Pa/@ baleen [gehagon/HD rr) Le Kung’s a vieous basher. He's in chargeof thunder during storms, and more imporzantly, of making sre that berks who wrong another and get away with it don't get away’ with i for long. Whenever he akes care of all hose on his list ei Kung goes after folks who're simply aceused of wrongdoing falsely or not,’ all Ue same to him, as long as he gets to mete out punish The power’ realm sa place of sound and fury centered around his dark fortress, the Firecracker Palace, which oats fn a great storm cloud through Acheron, Many sods go ‘there to escape the wars ening across their cubes of the plane, but Lei Kung’ petitioners are hard, suspicious folk They like nothing better than to spy on others and punish ‘them for acts of wrongdoing. Facts the petitioners some- ‘ims leave the realm on missons of vengednee, aught tht ‘they’ sil merge with Let Kung if they’ killed ile on such a quest. may oF may mot be rue, but the petioners certainly belive i SUNG CHIANG Intermediate Powe, “The Thousand-Armed Octopus 1 every NE WAL: Any Sot: Dagger through silver bracelet os #1 Gehenna/Khalasfthe Teardrop Palace ‘won Pass A smal amy of Hinguas (all PXAC lingual ID 2INE ‘Sung Chiang Is thought 10 be one ofthe most dangerous powers in the multiverse. Not so long ago, he was simply a Sclieming moral, but he was deified for revealing corruption ‘nis homeland W's taken him only afew millenia to teach the rank of intermediate power, and he's stepped on lot of necks to seth As the patron of thieves, dhe many-araed go has made 4 Living of stealing things, and one of hs favorite acquist- tions is space ftom the ams of other powers. Tha’ ight — Sung Chiang aetually steals small pieces from other gods realms, tiny pars they'd never ass, and converts them nto sce in his majestic Teardrop Palace Any ber who approaches the nautiloid palace gets a Aistinesy uncomfortable feeling. because, atthe same time, he seems to shrink snd the huge pga seems to gra. Pet tomers must enter the palace ro make tel sacefies, but the structure's only par of the realm, The rest of i includes #0 salle shrins to Sung Chiang’s proxies and a busy mare place whee i seems everything in dhe multiverse i forsale [though naturally all goods've been stolen fom their oni ral owners). Massive gates yuarded by golem delineate the ‘ter Hits ofthe geal, re hes coda YEN-WANG-YEH Intermediate Power, *Chief Juige of the Dead’ oC Death AULN AL: Any lawral Srv: Ribbon-wrapped Helm Hoss f+: Outlands Palace of Judgment Soon Pros: Pag (Px/s human/P 5/Believers of the Soutceft) Yen-Wange-Yeh is faithl bureaucrat, amd he does his job ith maximums efficiency ~ whichis probably wy he's sich ‘humorless blood. See, he categorizes the spirits of the primes who worship the pantheon, snd then sends them off ‘through portals to their jst rewards. fs up to him to make sure a fl good sir oes to Mount Celestia, wile a berk in follows evil ends upon the right Lower Plane. ‘Course, whenever Yer-Wang-Yeh aves 0 Mechanus ‘o present his records to the Celestial Bureaucracy, many spirits end up breaking free and roaming about in places they shoul’. The dety’s assistants just aren't up o doing the job on their own, andthe sods often get replaced (though Pao, who keeps excelent records of each spirit’ assignment, sers his master vel) The Palace of Judgment is a huge, sprawling Fai, filled with offices, cubicles, and paperwork: Ogte magi and ‘other fel beasts serve as enforcers and examines ofthe sp its, and no visitor’ allowed to walk around without an ol cial gulde (or guard). The realm is stultifyingly boring, ‘thous, and i gets so bad thatthe petitioners occasionally make a break fr [As the powers of one of the most enduring cultures ever to exist across any prime-matetal wold, the gods ofthe In lan pardon friote commonly called the Vedic panthcon} are quite Far along the path of sirengt and advancement. Tice thoughts are a mystery even to powers ited with en pathy and knowledge Truth i, the Vedic sods have taken so many spheres imo their angled yet awful eb that even the Prater nity of Orders beam-counters have all but given up an ying to derstand them. But eres the most curious facet, ofthe panto | (at ease to those ‘ho study sch ‘ings Bein ‘he multiplicity at powers lies a force that en compasses all that i, the Arcamer ofthe pantheon From shawn all dese Spring — Brahman. tn Dairsuit of knowledge ofthis spirit, the Vedic faithful turn ‘heir quests ined, andl ty to find the dark of themselves and heir place im the multiverse. ls no mistake that the highest heres of the land are meditative and contemplative, rather than bashers who tate action without thought Sass believe i's Brahman — the embodiment oF every ‘hing — that makes sure the pantheon's gods share their power. Thus, if one deity loses a petitioner co another through the Cycle of reincarnation, i's no real Toss. This sharing bas the other powers of the ples they can't an- derstand haw any pantheon would sacrifice self for a seater power (or whatever Brahman ial i Wisdom, worship Le le uit and set “Mount CelestiajLunia/Neetar of Life (Chandra Mahatman (Px/# human/Pall 9). Srihaspat's the power of wistom and worldly learning in the Vedie panthean, the one who constantly exhorts the father powers to their divine duitis, At the same time, he's also the blood who reminds mortals that the gods eequlee belie im onder to survive, thatthe fahfal must Keep their pantheon alive. By urging the people co concentrate on the rituals of worship Brhaspa not only plays an important parc in keeping the Vedic yous strong, bu as helps mortals vcend toa higher con= is weal, Nerar of tie isa place of earning and study 2 quiet, contemplative land of moun tains, valleys, and orchards ssa that Brihaspat's servants have wetter down all the know eg his Fol Towers have accumulated, and keep icin seat brary shel- tered in the mourns ‘Course, the information's not fee; a bedy eam expect to pay up to 10 gold pees a day far informed lectures on what- ever subject he seeks. Weather, bate cr ce ‘hie elephant Limbo/S wanna N Fir, messages cc Flames Limbo/Swanga None 7 154 vayu Lesser Power, “Fickle Breath” Ac: Wind, fe destruction AL ew WAL: CN Sys Sapling ending in the wind How fe Limbo Sara ot Prox: None Indra, Agni and Vayu arent the only chaotic powers of the ‘Velie pantheon, but they're known ss the Three Gods of (Chaos nonetheless. Tha's because theyre deities of elem tal strength and unpredictable temperament, and beciune they've chosen to mie thei shared home inthe srrs of Limbo. tnerestingly, their alignments span the spectrum of chaos good, neutral, and evil) ~ obviously, these powers re quite fale with the Rue oF Ths The tro rules aver a loose patteraess realm called Swaraa, a place tha’ He more ha rardom storms, aging fame, and howling winds AF anything springs up tat looks like i might be permanent, chances are fs been but only 50 ican be destroyed. The giherakanarchs and ther shpers fof Limbo stay away from Swangs; tying to impose mortal will in he realm invites the wrath of the destructive sos themselves, The palaees ofthe thre powers are about as permanent as anything gets in Swag, eventhough they, too, flow and shift from time to time. Indra’s ease is a huge marble blob covered with carvings ofthe god. and the surrounding land Is Vianketed by constant rain, Neary roars the etemal fe of ‘Agni’ case rampant Mame that consumes everything it touches. Chant is only eaters specially blessed hy Aga can enter the place and emerge unharmed; even acer pow es avoid the area Finally, there's che loud palace of Vayu, where winds ean be as gentle aya feather ors bling 2 gale. A body who wants to travel in Vayu's home mut fain the help ofthe atures servants the powers accumulated faver the years, KALI Intermetiate Power, “The Black Mother” AC: il, death Ae Sy: Stal ov 1: Abysf6aafthe Cavers ofthe Skull Kon Pos Vases rapidly WAL: CE ‘The goddess Kal is quite a contradiction. She's 4 creator and a destroyer, a bullder and a demal Ise. She ves birth to hides andl hen cats them, takes a Fsband apd them destroys him. She's a Yoving ad hating mother, a brutal an! gentle power wh reveals the beauty of ea death even a she takes them spat ~ literally. Sec, inher realm, the Caverns ofthe Shull, there is mo Aeath. Any petitioner who meets his end i teorn scm ae, 0 that he may live to kill again (tha's what they do bes) The ream selfs tangle of tans that open and close at Kall’s whim, place of black rook and gloomy caves lit by Alckeing torches tht glow ruddy inthe dark ait. Chants io om day and igh, praising Kalas dhe highest posible form of divinity, andthe murtours resound eerily daroughout the tunel It's said that any berk who dares 1 enter the Cavers of the Skull est wate his back. The petitioners kill ay cea tues they se, offering them t Kalt on blood-scaked altars The proses are the worst ofthe lo; they ard the portals ‘ut, and no ane can leave withont fist slaying a arian, Dark whispers say tha particularly brutal mutders dea the artention of Kali herself and that, i impress, se makes the lle into proxy, MIFRA Intermediate Power, “Light of Blessings’ AoC: Friendship, contract, wath, light, growth ALI WAL LG Sra: Plant inside Hour fie: Mowat Celestia/Mercura/Goldire uno Prous: Penemue (Px/2 theone archon/HD 12/L.0) 1Beihaspatl pushes al bashers o strive forthe rata good, Mitra’s the one who gives them the meivation to da i. He's the twin of Varuna (the deity of the cosmie order and he uses Varuna’s purty to cut to the heart of matters ad ereate understanding. I's no wonder, thea, that he's become an other of the panthcon's powers ofthe sun ~ specially, a help god who shines his swarm, nourishing Tight an fends and con Mia's rim i called Goldie, and Ws lo cated prominently inthe second layer of Mount Celestia, ‘The realm, which he shares with his compatriot Surya, de voted entirely tothe sun. Mira rules Irom a city called Pashrita, a place of learning and higher education, The Fourg’s full of astrologer and wise meal of whom spend nes hours debating the meaning of astrological phenom ‘ena and how ital es ito the rand may, the dear ofthe RARI Lesser Power, “Queen of the Night” 00: Night, darkness Als eN WAL: Any Siswor: Woman's sthouete Hs je Gray Waste)NiMelmyDark of Nght ovo Pos: Nome fey keep themselves shrouded) Rate ont typical power of the night ~ she's fickle and ‘hte (s0 what her ealm’s doing on the Gray Waste is a matter of debate). Just because she believes in darkness doesnt mean that she can't appreciate the Tight, nd just be ‘cause some thieves worship her doesn't mean that they all ‘do Rat cares nothing Tor body's profession, really — is ‘what he docs in the darkness that cancers her. IP a Berk of fends het, she often spodights him with bright dlumination unt hes Seragued (or unl he makes amends to hes Rat good fiends with Ushi the power of the daa) and Saviti (the power ofthe day}; it’s sald thatthe three rake up the houts nf life, Rat also maintains cordial eel tions with Shar and Mash, two Faertnan deities that dell fn the Gray Waste, but she's by no means allied with them (Chant fs Mask wants lear more of her power, 50 she kes him at arm's length Unfortunately, Rati doesn't get along so well with ‘Surya ~ he's the god of light, she the power of night. Never ‘the twain shall meet, a the poet seid, and nabody really ‘knows if that's the way they want it. Since their portfolios area opposite ends of the speetrum, a ody ean only deduce ‘that dey have some sor of rivalry Rates realm is sid t be safe from the draining inftu- nce of the Waste, ut i's nearly impossible for most bashers {0 find, She moves the land around, Keeping it hidden from coil powers who'd ike to us it for their own nefarious pur- poses. Even the petitioners have a hard tie Finding the reales, Good thing for them it act ike a magaet for their srs, pulling them right tothe godess (unless, of course, they're vaya frst by @ fend on is way to the Blood War RUDRA Intermediate Power, “Lord of Animals” AC: Storms, disease AL NE Sine Black bow Hot fe Mechanusfthe Focus of Enengy ors Prowrs: The mamas fll Px/2S marudHD 15)1N) WAL: NE Scholars say there use to be many Ras ~ forces designed for particular applications ~ that emanated from the power ofthe same name. and that they dispatched themscWves from “Mechunus, from the gleaming tower they called the Focus. However, one of these Rudras ~ the energy of storms and. isease — lovey drove the others from their ancestral home [or absorbed thelr energies ino ise Eventually, that Roda alone stood triumphant. fe went fn to dominate the gor himself, becoming the Ruta Folks now today: & power that tolerates no imperfection song the other gods: the avenger of grievous wenn the righte fof the balane: snd the one who mosters the anima] instinct and grams the stenath to change ‘he Focus of Enea sz erystal spre that rss rom the Inca of one of the smaller eats of Mechinus, (The isk i self is split by a chasm filled with maruts, Rudra’s onyx proxies) The sire is slowly darkening over the ayes a8 is poisoned hy the disease af Kuda. Ch tower used to be place of sparking, healing light, buts now gripped by decay and horrid illumination. The Focus Hoes’ sem long, for Mechanus i the interior ofthe SIVA Greater Power, “The Redeemer" ie: Destruction ALNE Sin: Cobra bead Hs re Negative Enengyfthe Vortex mn Poses: None WAL:NE Siva, the Vedie power of ultimate destruction, is actualy rather like! by the rest ofthe pantheon. Sec, his duty i 0 teardown the multiverse inorder to bring iin Hine with the Vedic unifying sprit, 10 make everything whale again by ‘eradicating the multiplicity that's arisen. Siva doesn’ con~ sider himself evil— he's merely destruction incarnate. To reach hs goal, he's taken to mediating for yeas ata time in his realm, dhe Vorcex, om the methods by which ruin cen best be accomplisied. On oceasion, he ats to preserve his own vision of annihilation, and actually protects the multiverse he's pledged ta destey. See, shen a powerfal force threatens to change the course of destin, Siva must prevent it from taking place, or ese his millenia of medite tiom would be in vai, "Naturally, Siva's ig favorite among the Doomguard They flock to his view that ultimate destruction paves the way for true change, and many factioneers are curently pushing Factol Pentar to make Siva the group's officially, sanctioned power. Other gods merely promote deeay: Siva ‘promise to bring the cosmos toa sorious end ‘Siva does have areal, es sch ~ east not one that morals can vis. Any Berk that journeys to dhe Negative En feagy Pane an eners the Vorex Is estantly destroyed even I protect by another power). Only Siva determines when hel emerge from the Vortex to receive fut. He won't et his divine medita= tions be iniermpted by leathereads ‘who think themselves worthy of an faudence ~ and that includes proxies hs, he Keeps none) St. ‘Sivas priests spread the word of luni through desiuction, 156+ SURYA Intermediate Power A Moning, evening ALG WAL LG Sono Hal sun Hout fr: Mount CelestayMescuria/Goldire soe Prov Penemue (Px/2 throne archon/HD 12/L6) {As the complete embodiment of the sn, Surya’ said to hold all the otter solar gods within his being. I's not known if that means he lverally contains those powers, iF cach god is ‘another manifestation of Surya o fhe sum (s made oY ev eral iflrentdetcs, Whatever the truth, Surya oversces the rising and eting sun, making sure the day begins and ends comecty. Ie’ lax im his duty, the primwe-mateial words salle Surya heals diseases, brings luck wo his flhful and is ‘very much the power ofthe suns light and heat as well The Fick, fertile realm he shares with Mitra reflects this; W's con= tantly warm, evem hot. and any berks who ty to hie under ‘over of darkness simply’ cease to exist until they're hit by Light again. The disipearance is called an ectips, and team be made as permanent as Surya likes. Cross-traders who hope to comimit foul deeds in the dark might vanish for ood. Surya, lke Mitra, values Ieaening bly. However, the ‘inde espouses is found mostly in the spit, where a body ‘an truly grow. Hs i the glow of enlightenment, that which brings body closer to union with Brahman, the unifying force of the multiverse, VISHNU. Greater Power, “The Preserver’ ft: Merey, ight ALLS AL: Any good Sys: Sum, sel, lous, mee How ve Mount Celestia Mercuri the Divine Lous ‘ons Pans: Anaghat Singh (Px/9 human/Pal16(LG): Krishan (Px) hurman/P 9.6) The most widely worshiped power in the pantheon, Vishnu i thought 10 be the one whe prevents evil frm tramphing, ver good, Od thing is, Vishnu fels no particular enmity Tovar those af his panthcon who cmiace evi serving his fury for humans and fiends who cross the plans and Teave desruction in their wake. Stranger tll, although he's called the Preseree, Vishnu i food Iriends with Siva ~ some ‘even say that they'e different aspects of the same greater power, It's sald tha Vishnu sends am avatar tothe Prime when ver morals, order, of Justice is in danger. That may have ben true in his younger days, but now the power allows ‘morals aLitle more laude in solving thelr ov probcws He sl exereses his ability o render any erature incapable ‘of commiting violence. His realm in Mount Celesta isthe Divine Las, place ‘where nothing crumbles before is time. The petitioners are all youn and strong their brain-boxes keen wth spiritual dnd mental enlightenment. Those who don’t have sharp ‘minds don't make it into the eealm as humans hey become Animals and are reborn ina the Karmic whee! ‘Some worshipers call Vishnu the hea ofthe Vedic pan- theont others give that honor to Indra. In any ease, is no dark chat Vishn’s begun to establish relations with the other powers ofthe multiverse. Perhaps he's simply preparing. them To the destruction ofall het as Siva nears the end of his tedtaion Yama Intermediate Power, “First of the Dead” A.C: Judgment ofthe dead ALIN ‘WAL’ LN Soi Red mace Mou o> MeehanustYamasadena ‘us Poon Talanda the Bright (Px/2 human 10/.N) S.ald to be the fest mortal who ever did, Yama's charged with judging the splits of the dead as they prepare to move to the next life in their cycle of existence. Yara can view each sod's entre fe span in a single lance, and he assigns de dead sto thelr next incarnations secon. Most sent fara short stint ina powe's real, and then reincarnated back om the Prime. Only cutters who've shragaed off the burden of the karmic wheel are exempt from Yama’s judgments ‘A highly inteligent blood, Yama has in- ‘vented weapons forall the Vedle powers. objects Particular to ther spheres. He doesn't dea with deities out side the pantheon, though Yen-Wang-Yeh of the Celestial Bureaueraey stops by Yamasadena on occasion to discuss ‘matters of mutual interest. As one ofthe Adityas (the chil- ‘ren of the now-vanished Ali, Yama deals mostly with his Fnohers and sisters: Surya, Savitri, Puchan, Rudra, Tashi, Vishnu, Mita, an! Varuna, His realm, not far from the gear that holds Rudra’s ous, i surrounded by a iver of bid called Vaitarani A Petitioner Jooking to reach Yama's palace must wade thug the river: during the crssing. be becomes spattered with an amount of blood equal tothe Karmic debe be accrued In his mortal life. The markings help Yam determine where the deader should go next ose + THE JAPANESE POWERS + ‘The worshipers ofthis pandhean are sid wo be sanders ev Iled folks who nonetheless occasionally indulge In bar. Dari. They've established dynasties snd traditions that put test cullres to shame, amd expect other meta to reo nize this Si, hey Eno how to adap and thats precisely ‘why ther powers ate stil on the planes ~ atleast, that's the ‘chant. I could be that even as they mold themselves tothe ‘common thought, they're also molding the common thought to their awn dream the Unity of Rings ~ something this pantheon seems (o understand well ‘Tae polities and suleies of the Japanese faithful are Incredible, The degee of incline as 2 boy Baws his head to nother can speak volumes oF his tue thought, aed the ‘ane of mation of a gesture can delineate even more. This is 2 people accustomed to economy. When dealing with out- ‘Siler, they've ad to ear to be more barbaric, andi sick na them even a Mt facinates them According to myth the word was once a viscous mass, great oily sea rich with potential. A reed emerged and brought fort two powers one male ans one female. The wo produced children, who i tura produced moe, until the sev fenth generation sw the birth of lena and fanami — the founcers of the Japanese pantheon, IZANAGI AND IZANAMI Greater Powers, “He Who Invites, Site Who Invites” A Creation ALIN Syn: Rainbow ova ft: Ateadil AbeliofC herr Blossom ‘on Posts: Yamamoto Date (Fx! human{Pal19/LG) WAL: Any The creators ofthe world, lanagi and lzanami weren't the Ars of the gods to be bom, nar were they the last. However, legend says they were the fst ro make land appear from the oily se, and the fist to stage moral. See, when l2anami ie giving bits (othe god of fire, anal pursued her to the lan of the dead, But she no longer look ike she had and she grew furious with her husband for gazing upon ber new, sickly form. In anger, she promised 10 desta the hie mans they created: Lana in tur, promised to create ore than she cou estoy. Thus twas that dey invented Iie and death Tixy eventually reconciled, and they now live together ln Chetry Blossom, an Arcadian realm of constant spring time, Ther children oceasionally stop by to pay thet re spect, but for the most part the two powers are Ff (0 their own devices. I's sad that, working together, the pair ean create anything the muldverse. On those rare occasions wien they take a Hand in mortal Tals, they send cher only proxy, Yamamoto Dat, «skilled and loyal warrior whos nln a mnaer of dinguioe AMA+ERASU Intermediate Power, “Light of Heaven” AoC: Light sun AL 1G WAL: Any good Sra: San Hour fk: Mount CetestiaiMercusiafRa oes Prone None rt Light ‘One ofthe children of tana and rama, Amaterss the twin sister 10 the moon god Tuki-Yomi, The to sit with ‘thei backs to each other delineating the difeence between, nighc and day. Chant is all he mortal emperors an the Prime Material Plane are somehow descerded frm fe blood, and all f thera ths cain the die “Son of Light" Amateras i a fagile gous, constandy curious, ad enuinely concerned about the state of he Prime Sill, hay= ing experienced the Outer Planes, she's completely fase~ nated by them a8 well. She's opened relations with Apollo and Ra, tying 1 understand them inthe context af het owe limited upbringing. Also, the nearby Vedic powers have ‘begun to pay attention to he. He realm on Mount Celestia is known as Radiant Ligh, 4 soothing (and oecasionally soporife and where every thing is suffused with the soft glow of the sun. Nothing in Radian Light cass a shadow, and secret dealings abways fall ~eross-traers be ware. HACHIMAN Intermediate Power, “The Commander” Aut: War AUIN WAL: Any Sys: Katana How uh: YsgarasgardKenyama Ko Pow Yoshie (Px) human/R13,B5/NG) Son of the Empress Jingo, Haehiman was bom with the name Olin Legendas that his mocher swallowed a rock 10 delay his bith so that she might comtinue to lead military fexpeiion against hated enemies, Hardened by this in the womb, Hachiman grew to be able wo tolerate any pai, and eventually hecame one of dhe greatest wards In the Kid, Before long, he drew the ze of the powers, who elevated him tothe status of goa of war Hachiman’s realm i ested only a short distance from Aga, at east afar as planar measurements go He dost have the right slignmert fr Ysgar, but his demeanor keeps him anchored to the plane ~ ike the Norse partheon’s realm, Kenyama Isa harsh ground of constant struggle and preps ration IPa warrior can‘ swing a sword, te’ not welcome, Sill, Hachiman cares less for mindless hacking and more for the massive sweep of ares, the surgical strikes against a he's weak spots. ‘Truth i, the deity can glean the dark of any army's steength, readiness, and location, And word has it that he's tise studying the Blood War, keeping careful note of is ebb and ‘ow, Some say he plans to offer his serves tothe buatez ‘other gossip says he wants to know both races of fiends 30 he ‘an destroy the eventual winner. Through i all, Hachiman remains a firm fend ofthe dwart power Clangeiia Sitver= ‘beard of Arcadia; the two have studied wars together for ©-KUNI-NUSHI Power, “The Great Land Master” uC, Medicine, sorcery, land ALLG WAL: Any wood Sune: None ow 0: Yaar yndKeny am Sno Paras Raiko (Pa/hurean/R 18/NG) ‘-Kuni-Nush is one of Ssanoo's children, and e's made ame for himself by championing the rights of animals and ‘pts dross the lan. n gratitude ll natural annals have ‘aught O-Kunl-Nus thet secre language, an! they el fo low the powers commands All beasts in his realm are protected, 100, The proxy Ralko keeps them safe from poachers and monsters. What’ more, any berk who eats mea in Kenyama vomits back up ‘within minutes of ingestion, and cartes thestench of carrion foc three days after leaving he realm. ike Hachiman, 0-Kun-Nushi’s a bit too lawful be tied down to Ysgar. But be iste patra af hetoes, ae all fd the wild plane's ful fem, Sore Folks aso say that he stays in Kenyama to keep Hachiman company, and tha their ‘combined might prevent the realm from difing avy. (0-Kun-Nush sa cunning deity. excellent in most any ‘hing ne ries, ut he prefers to best his opponents with inte ligerce and words rather than sterath and swords, Course, there's a certain part of him that relishes the wse of the Katana, and If he bas no other choice, he happily draws bis bate. RAIDEN Intermediate Power, “Lightning's Arrow” 00: Thunder etching AL CE WAL Any chaotic Sr: Black mace with lightning bois oo of Jp CarcerOthmyfte Palace of Thunder ‘os Pao: The tana [PxK2i monsterHD 8/CE) Ralden, power of fetchers and goof thunder, is one of Su sanoo’s constant companions. While the god of storms Shrcks and desiroys, Raden accompanies hi on is mighty ‘Hhunder-drums, and sends forth random bolts of Hing until Susaroo has exhsused hist Raiden's a petty power; fhe fees he's not getting the respect he deserves, be docs what he an to impel Sussnoo limo a murderous rage, He encourages stnfe nd war ~ esp ill war that says fk with reo, fr i's si that every time a basher’ led by an arow, Raden’ leer gras. His ealm on Carcei isa place of exploding ligt and ‘thunder, insulated fom the rst ofthe plane by a tick cov ‘ring of dar clouds, Any Basher who Visits the place soul also be wary of Raide’s roxy, the Taki — a Berce and intel fea cross between a canine fand a raccaon, The tanuhi’s & tough, cruel beast, and it likes fo use is shape-changing power to lead sols to their doom, SUSAN Intermediate Power, “The impetuous Mate" ‘Storms AL Ox WAL: Any eae Sr: Lightning bolt Hout je Limboftne Globe of Raginu Choos oy Pris: Noe ‘One of the frst children of Leanami and Izanagt, am brother tn Armterass and Tsuki-Yor, Susanoo (sometimes called Susanowo) is brash and forthright His exploits have ‘caused tele constemation among the other deities ~ they find it impossible to understand hin. When they expect sentle treatment, he's a raging winds when they expect de= struction, he's calming breeze In shor, Susanoo is completely unpredictable, and the ‘her powers ave banished im from the heavens until he learns his coutly manners, Now be its in the formless soup Gf Limbo, ia aspherical, storm-filled vault that sweeps ‘hough the plane and wrecks any attempt wo establish order ‘rsd grou sie This chapter takes a ook at panthcons of the ADAD prine-materil game worlds: the Cerin Powers of Aebrynis (he Burm setting); the powers of Krynn (the Deacon ANCE sting) the powers of Gerth the GEETHA sttng): nd the Faerinian powers of Tori (the Foec omen SINGLE~SPHERE secs rece PAN+HEONS cccrccncnnnt Rivesor® setting Most of the deities discussed in this chapter've heen around for only a short dime ~ al leat, hen compared to the gods of the Outer Planes See, they'tesingle-sphere powers, slowly growing, and expanding from their own litle words ‘on the Prime Material Pane. Few of thew exes bit about planar affairs; they're too busy consolidating the hold they have on their ‘homes. Sil that dacsnt mean they lack ambition chant is every pantheon thats sill round started ‘ut small. A lood's just got to work his way up the chain. The powers re Familiar withthe concept of effoet mammoth effort — and they ready to ell up tele sleeves and yo to work Fr the mast par he panheons in ths chapter aren't presented in ful, The gos described are just some ofthe better-known dite, the ones who've managed! t0 snatch enough power ‘and belie that they ean afford to look beyond the Prime that spawned them, THERE ARE ‘Course, even the greater gos ofthe prinne-material words aint muh om the ‘planes. Sue, they might have the faith of a whole world behind Ly, ‘them, but the ruly great powers of the Outer Planes have muds BEY®. F225. of crystal spheres singing their raises. Ff +HERE WERE The poor prime dods don’t always have the fal say on thelr be Yeu SUPP@SE ‘wm works, ether. Some ofthe toustest bow toa stl higher deity, 7 h LD SEER +HETI? am overpower who watches out forthe entire crystal sphere, E ‘overpower is concerned with ony 2 singe sphere, and has ao inlu- — HIER@MACH AN+O@NIUS, — ence outside hat realm, Chant is they've tld all their strength to HIGH PRIES+ oF 4 maintaining the one sphere; pethaps they're simply is split NOW-DEFUNC# PRIME DEI-+Y made real. Whatever, the more powers they have in their da ‘main, the more might they have, so the overpowers that want to grow ate almost always looking to invite new deities under thee umbrella, Ar it ait 30 ‘ad, realy The ads ofa work don’ have to bend like straw under the laws of ther overpower though all sorts of terrible things can happen if they don't pay attention ‘Course, not every world has an averpowe. Some crystal spheres spain ‘em: thers don't {Ws one ofthe mysteries of the Prime, Hut even in those spheres that dot a slew of gods usu ally springs up anyway, bor from legends and myths, and some of them get to be mightier ‘han a betk could ever imagine. Isa sure bet that a few of the powers i this chapter make ‘big on the planes, just as isa sue bet dat even more will lard cum ito the As ‘helt rotting eaeasses becoming homes fr seavenges and gly For full rosters ofthe pantheons describes in this chapter (ireluding portals, align anu veal, refer to Appendix, starting on page 172 + THE CERILIAN POWERS + ‘on the word of Aebrynis (the Rexel campaign setting), there exists @ pantheon of gods thar’ known power fr les than two millennia a mere breath in the history of the mules. See, about 1.500 years ago, the previous gods ofthe sphere met in battle to combat the grow + 160+ {ng power of thelr evil brother Aztl,They all sacrificed their lives so that their foe amd kinsman would perish with them, ad this the word would lve But as the gods died, they passed most of their powers and portfolios to their most devoted and mightiest chammp- fons, cuters whose lives best exemplifed the divine ideal. ‘These mortals then took the place of the deities, The: new ‘gods came to the Tull alization ofthe powers slowly at fist, but nov they have nearly a fll command ofthe abili- ties they've inherited. And though they were born from mor fal stock, they're now as much a group of gosly beings 2s any other pantheon in the cosmes What's more, when the ‘orignal powers fl they also infuse her moras pre sent at the great bare with ‘ouch of divine blood ~ not ‘ough ro tum them into eit, but just enough to place them above the ord- nary sods of Aebrynis, These blooded Fok became the rulers of the land, but same of then have sce tme= led tothe planes, where they've been objects of curiosity end wonder (before the dead- book) ‘The blood of one of the original powers ~ the evil od ‘Azra ~ also run through the veins of certain residents of ‘Acbrynis. Gut instead of giving a berk: che strength to rue, ‘the blood twists him inco a frightful abomination. These ‘monster called awnsheghien (blood of darkness" bythe ves ofthe world, and a reclusive awashegh known as the Blows is thought to make its home on Gehena. "The strongest powers ofthe Celian pantheom are de~ seribed blow: But che humans of te continent also worship five lesser gods (sce the chart above), who'l grow in power with the ow of time. What's more, te humans also know of the Cold Rider, a being who walks the sphere’s Shadow World ~ a place planewalkers call a strange confluence of the Astral, Ethereal, and Prime, sll mixed in a horntying mck ‘Course, many of the nonhumans of Cera have their ‘own powers, Morudin of the dwarves has made inroads imo the sphere, and Kartathok, the goblin deity, seems remark ably similar to Maglubiyet, A few Abyssal lords've even pushed through the barrier: Yeenoghu, Baphomei, and Kostchichie have all gained worshippers here. Chant is that “Torazan, the god ofthe world’s orogs is also an Alyssa lord (hough that's not been confirmed), ‘The Ceilian pantheon is manly concerned with just ‘one place: the continent of Cerila on Aebrynis. They don'c ‘meddle in planar afar, and dey don't ereate any proxies to cary out their ects ~ they jus no involved enough ye "No doubt that l come in time ng pt in AVANI Greater Power, “Goddess of the Sun, Lady of Reason" An: Sun, reson, mage AL LN WAL: Any Soa: Setting sun ow of: Mechamusfthe Gleaming Spire Avani, he lay of loge and clear thought, resides in a palace ‘oF clea crystal flame elle the Gleaming Spire. I occupies ‘an entire gear on Mechanus, with palaces and rannels decorating the cog on both sides. As bets ‘realm ofthe clockwork plone, ‘the light ofthe Gleaming Spire ‘yces on a precise schedule, bringing darkness and day light in a completly pre cable pattern, nal, Avani realm is ‘one of quiet sty and con ‘erplation, though heated ar- uments can erupt. till i's a place where logic rules, and tha’ the highest vite to which a petitioner ean strive No action taken without thought is successful inthe realm, Dnly those who actin the warm light of logic and ‘order ean enact ther wil in the Gleaming Spire and any Derk who thinks himself above such things can't even enter the realm in che st place BELINIK Intermediate Power “Prince of Terror, Lord of Strife” 06: Battle, feuds, fear AL: CE WAL: Any nonlawful Simo: Crosed axes Hour jh Pandemonium Cocymsthe Steving Belinik, one ofthe Cerilan gods of rertor. isa blood who be- eves that only the strong, should rule, that those who cau take shoud tae. His realm on the second layer of Pandemo- nium isa monstrous eaver of squaling winds and blustery snow. Wolves roam its wintry hls, and berserkers cut down those who stumble through the drifted paths. The Striving pint safe for anyone, and treachery is more than common here i's pracically'a byword, ‘A qreat wooden palisade inthe exact center ofthe ream surrounds the longhal of Blink. Here, the god and his bo- |yarsmect to feast and plan their next waves of tera. Die wolves sleep bythe fre, and a huge sow serpent slthers bout the ya devouring those who don’ bear the stench of the deity eine ERIK Greater Power, “Father of the Forests” 06: Forests, hunting, natuce ALN WA Amy neutral Sano: Dak re Howe: Outlands Natures Rest [Nature's Rests only one of many druiical groves scattered about the Outlands, but feo of them areas filed withthe everlasting peace a? Erik's realm, peace that stems 0 flow from the very rocks ata body's feet. I's a vihly forested realm, and animals roam freely, Nome may lift his hand against another In Nature's Rest, except by the intercession OF Esk’s proxies (or the deity hase ‘No settlements mar the face of the realm, an no mor= tab-buil structures break the te Line, Erik holds his couc in the open ai, and all are weleame to attend, regardless of alignment. Nature's Rests thus an often-sought haven, ‘hough i's rarely found. HAELYN Grewier Power, “The Lawmaker” Noble wat eadership ALL WAL: Any Syn: Sword and sunburst Yow Wl Mount Celestia/Mercuri/Honor's Glory Honors ony is teal of shining steel and bright eal 3 place of strategists and generals and those who see war as more than a eaice to brutalize one's neighbor. As the power ‘of noble war, Hacyn is revered by those who fight honorably fora greater good. Any’ berks who enter the realen with in- tentions of treachery and dishonor emit @ foul blaek aura, ‘which no amount of masking can hide. These sods get ‘bough before the tribunal fF Anduine inthe glaring een tral cy of Hite. ‘Sue, otber magnificent burs dos the rolling green hills of Honors Glory, but of them Unuire i dhe greatest. Farm. land and beautiful forests cover dhe est ofthe ream, ad the fayored of Haelyn maintain castles here, as well. Thee white marble walls are beacons of steadfast stent. NESIRIE Invermediate Power, “Lady of Mourning” 0: Seas gre ALING WAL: Any ‘Spot: Wave and tient ‘iow le Elystum(Thalasiathe Waves of Grief Nesire’s realm seems an endless sca, lleé with the salty tears ofa power who's not yet eased her weeping That's be- ‘ease most of hee fathTul on Ceelia've died out, leaving ‘worship of che godess mostly in the hands of sallrs and others who depend on the waters The outer rim of the Waves of Gries alld Denis and iis somberly reflective place. Seagulls whee and spin in the overcast ar, thee plaintive cies somehow echoing seep Ina hody’s spin, speaking to the bereft part of every soul The erash of lenden waves on the rocky pits of land andthe say that sem 1 hang forever the ae invites a visitor to Sita spell and think on all hs lost loves ant absent fiends Denials nota place a ody’d want to tary long. The realm’s not all gloom and doom. though. On the is Tana called Acceptance, far out im the misty se, geen tees ow straight and tal, and though the mist swins and twists about thelr trunk, the ise embodies restful contemplation, Frve ofthe anguished eries of the gulls. Many roads wind ‘rough these trees, all Jean inexorably toward the ety of Surceaee The bury sis on @ bluff that overlooks the entre realm, though ic can’ be scen fom the surrounding forest until hdy’snesly top of the plain. Surcease built entely of stay marble, and all the colors here seem strangely muted under the lowering skies. Sil, the sod mature of the realm ighens inthe ety and the hustle and bustle seems more en ‘rel. Act tal leads 10 the palace atthe very centr of the elm: Peace Ia body can reach the palace and meditate there for & ime, al the hurtful memories of the past eventually become ‘muted, bierswet recollections that can be looked on with ‘ou pan. The mediations at Peace can aso remave poisons and the effects of any memory-draning magi o spells from the enchantment/charm school SERA Intermediate Power, “Lady of Fortune™ 2.0: Wealth, tuck ALN Sip Seales How fe: Outlandsthe Marketplace Eternal WAL: Any Sera the Cerillan goddess oF wealth, has Joined frees with ‘Similarly minded powers ftom other single-sphere pantbeons ‘and established common ream on the Outlands the Mar ‘eqplace Eterna. The shared realm Is also home co Waukee (of Tori (who's currently missing in action}, Shinare of Krynn and Zilch of Oerth, Together, the Four deities have a much lager and stonger teal than aay of them could have alone. The Outlands, after all, are thougbt by many t0 be the center af the Outer Planes (which, strily speaking, hare no center). That means most merchants and plainewalkers find ‘the Marketplace Eternal an casy place to stop by on th ‘weks around the Great King. The realm's even competing ith Tradegate ro eeome the premier spot for commerce an ‘the Outlands. See, the Markerplace is nothing but a huge, sprawling I steele for miles In every diction, ith tents baw snd stalls making impromptu roadways throug the real ‘There’ no chyme or reason to any of i, nor Is thete perma rengy, fo dhe mereants setup in differer spots every day, dividing themselves only by general specialty, and not al- ways even that. Gambling halls, drinking tems, and huck- ‘ers ofall vareves mix here indiscriminately some say the bazaar tops even that of Sig. sa place of splendor, but is also very, very confusing to 4 newcorne. Pr of the reason i thatthe Marketplace Eternal a¢= ‘ally divided into four separate quarcrs, one Fresh ofthe ruling powers, Waukeen’s quarter is called the House af Barter, Shinar’ quarter is called the Scales of Wealth, “ichus’s quarer is koown asthe Seat of Luxury and Sera’s ‘quarter i called the House of Resolve ‘The Howse of Resolve lies clases othe Spite of the Out lands. Inthe cemer of the region stone kecp, where See's proxies hear complaints about vendors. The bloods inves Hate any reports they dhink have mers, but the dank of the place is that it's mpossble co eheat a anything — from bus: rs to cars 0 love ~ anywhere inthe Makeiplae Ett + THE KRYNNISH POWERS + Of all the known gods of the cosmos, the pantheon af ryan is one ofthe few that's onganized along strict and obvious Tine. and tines of comparable tenga that. Flowing the raltiversal Rule of Trees, the posters of Krynn break into three camps: good, evil, ad neutrality. Each group's over- ‘seen by a single greater deity ~ Paladine,Tahisis, and Giean ‘and, in tur, the entire pan theon falls under the watchful {ye of the High God, the over- power of Kyun. ‘han isthe overpower’ the one who called the three seater deities fom beyornd fand set thems about the tosk of creating the word including al the intermediate snd lesser ‘0d out af the primal force of ehacs, AfRerward te teks Said to have tapped the remaining sil of chaos in an item known a the Graygem, That jst one version of Kryn'sexetion myths, but it serves. The thre Sts af powers have sige ver the face ofthe world forages since, each seeking vitor i the bathe forthe hears and minds ofthe people (not to mention ph: al conto] of Krynn ise). Each time, the forces of evil gr cys each me the powers of good und he powers of ‘eutality slog the wicked nes fam gaining dominance, “Artoganty assuming that their people need divine in tervention, the gods have taken part in several mortal wars, cach ime coming closer and closer to destroying the world, Truth i, is mainly the powers af evil Ut make such as- sumptions, often breaking whatever truce were established tr thee last disastrous incursion, Recently, hoveevr, te powers have abandoned tele re= sponsibilities on Krynn leaving the mortals to find heir ows fate (for details, see the novel Dragons af Sumcr Flame ‘The gods moved on to the plancs, taking the gamble that they'd be accepted fully bythe powers already there. Tha’ ‘not an uncommon move for detie who've suffered under despotic overpowers, but ics big risk ~ more pantheons ve died that way than most powers’ care wo admit Fortunately, the cute left behind on Kryan still have faith Though they cam no longer count on the diet interven- tion of thet powers, folks sl believe thatthe gods are out thre, somewhere, and they pray for hee return. What's more, ‘many of the dis lef ents Bei to hep glide the sus in times of great rouble. But the natives of Kryan area peopl of steady courage and steadfast lives, no matter what ther cul- ture, and theyre tough as nails i all the ways that count THE POWERS OF GOED ‘The powers of good ate under the command of Paladin, the ‘creator of the noble impalse inthe mortal sprit and a tender watcher of his cildren. Whereas the neutral gods tach re Sriton and the evil powers domination, Palane eas by ‘example and encouragement. He instructs hls followers (0 sanound evil's stares and flaws, rather than oppose Tabhisis an her minions directly, Course, a times i sects only confit cam resolve a dispute, and that's when the pow cr of good dervonstate the reason they called powers ‘Sal, the high-ups unde Patan yt stay out of human a fairs. Though they can't help the desire to reach in every now and then and give the morals 2 quick shove, they restrain ther salves as best a they cin. They've seen wit happens when gods don't keep their dsies in check, aid they won't sacrifice dhe te uous trast among the deities ta arter their own ends PALADINE Greater Power, “Pre Dragon's bond AC: Onler,hope, light, rlership, usrdinship AL AG Ws Any sood Sous Silver tangle How 9: Mount Celesta/Solanialthe Dome of Creston Paladin is the mightiest of the pamtheon’s powers of good, usualy taking the form ofa great dragon, He has genuine Fondness for lite, even the lives of evil creatures, and he won't il if he ean help it However, he docs recognize the +08 ced every once in awhile at which time he reveals select scares of life and death to his agents stil on Kyun, Paladine’s said tobe something of gambler e's been now 1 rest the entirety of his eeation on the ations of Single mortal. So far, he's een lucky. THE POWERS @F NEU+RALI+Y. Ws no dark thatthe powers of neutrality are just that: new tral. They choose no sides inthe eons-old strug af good ‘and evils they simply exist On the other hand, many seek ‘maintain a balance between the extremes, holding that the cnly crue worth comes from the even distrioution of both ‘After all, without ood there be no evil, and without chaos there’ be no Law. I takes abi of al ies fora body to ap precate existence, and the gods of neutrality see 10 it that fone force doesn't dominate, ‘Toe greater power Gilean watehes over the rest of the eis of neutrality. He allows them the frcedorn to do as they please as long as they don't meddle with the balance, GILEAN Greater Paver, “Dre Voi uC: Knowledge AGN Wale Any Syn: Open book owe ve Oudandsithe Hiden Vale Chan f that Gilean was @ mortal ence, 2 seibe so serupu- Tous that he never made a single error, an so the High God took him wo the beginning of tne and made bm the kesper ‘of an elriteh tome. This book, suid to eomtain che secret, hame of every creature, had the whole of history ~ from Sarto Finish — hidden its pages and thus Gleam became & so. thers say that storys barmy, that mortals arent capa- ble ofthat kind of Naess perfection. But whatever a bly takes For his myths. i's all the same in the end: Gilean is what he is foday. He's sa to love information for is own sake, and that’s why he's traly neutral ~ knowledge is Xnovledge, whether it sprang from evil or from good. He views tas an end in sel, nat a a tool fo hose who'd st 100 ther will, and he encourages the pursuit of knowledge avove al thins. THE POWERS OF EVIL Under dhe domination of Takis dhe Dark Queen, the gods of evil have changed the face uf Keyn more than once, Their endlessly greedy grasping forthe fui of eeation often Uupser the natural Ozer snd drive the work tothe brink of destruction. Fact i, just before the powers agreed retreat to the planes, Takhisis tumed stg on them in final (ad ul- imately unshoeessfal effort seize control of the planet — fan event most folks eal the chans wat. Thus isthe nature of evil on Krynn: It always Seems to ‘urn in on itself Tha’s par of the reason the powers of good have manage t0 ep evil at bay. But perhaps i For the best thas che gods have left Keynn. See, Takhisis and he ‘minions had at last learned to cooperate until their enemies were subdued Who knows if they might one day return t0 see the world once and for all? TARHISIS reaver Power, “Queen of Darkuess” AC: Night, ev, hatred ALLE WAL: Any evil Sa Black escent ow 8: BaatorfAvemus/Abrhaloms the Nether Reaches) ‘Once the mate of Paadine, Takhiss grew jealous o hit early ‘erations the dragons, nd decided fo take the beasts for her ‘own, That fst betrayal characterize her every move for the rest of her existence — when she sees something ste wants, she aes, without regard tothe rightful ewne. The Dark ‘Queen's ambitious schemes have been defeated in the past, but se learns with each fllure, and some Fear i only a mater of lime before her infernal willpower allows ber to ump. + THE POWERS @F @ER+H + ‘The powers of Deh make up one ofthe oiest and kanye of the singe-sphere pantheons. hs ranks ince so many gods ‘tha i'd be fruits 1 Hst them all bess, hey change so rapidly with the ean fall of continental empices that any Hird he out of date before Long. Though sabiity soon may come to these troubled lands, It ake some doing ~ and Stu heros ~ t0 pul of. The powers can't do item their ‘wm, ana so thelr very survival sn the hans ofthe mortals + 165+ Chant is Oerth is dying anyway, that the deities be just as happy leaving for greener pastures. Sadly for them, theyre stuck heve; apparently, they've got to ight it ut on the word before they can try to expand onto the planes. Only a few bloods ofthe pantheon ~ like Celestinn, god af travel — have made it beyond the erystl sphere, an that's Ibecause their portfolios appeal to bashers across the planes Facts, some ofthe deities are already worshiped (or atleast respected) by many planars; they've gota decent chance of surviving dhe death throes of Ocrh ‘The six powers described below have the strength and desire wo look beyond heir own word, Celestian probably thas the best shot a making ion the planes, but i any of the rest of the pantheon pulls Cough, iT be his bunch, The chess have realized ther precament 100 late, though i's remotely posible that few of ‘em cold sesh through as well feeer to Appendix {fora mote detailed Hsing of these ater gos CELES+IAN jermediate Power, “The Far Wanderer hn 00: Stas, space, wanderers AL: NG Wal: Any N or G Syn: Seven stars on a black circle Hour os Astalwanders CCelestian is the planewalke’s power of choice. Fora god of the Prime, he's remarkably well-venerated among planars (chant isthe influx of new worshipers mht soon win him the rank of greater power). His portfolio calls to any cuter ‘who likes to see what's over the ext horizon, ad his loca- tion on the Astral Plane rakes him an even swectr coe Traveling priests of Celestion lose no splleating levels as Jong. as they remain on the Outer Planes, ana magical weap ‘ns forged on the Astral are equally powerful sl the way ‘round the Grea Ring. Celestia gets on well with Hermes and other gods who ‘ake crvel less burdensome. I's a smal fraternity, tt one ‘hat’ igh knit Fact is, Phalanghn. Oerth’s intermediate power of horizons, i Celestan's brother, and the two of them cooperate famously. I's said that Celestia i looking to help his brother expand onto the planes. ‘Course see the ini rite Outer Planes have precious Few horizons, it seems as though the god of travels yoing to come access his brother fn the Asiral one af these days. Sil, there's hope for Pkar- Jang as long as Celestian’s willing to help, Celestia des hep reat i she silver vid, preferring ined to keep moving ~ wht esc'd be expected from the god of wanderers? His petitioners be come the stars in his robes and when thelr wandertust be ‘comes So great that they wish o travel om thee oa, hey merge with thelr dey thas wh INCABULOS Greater Power, "The Evilsent ‘AoC: Drought, plagues, nighumares ‘ALS NE WAL: Any evil Sieh Green eye in a re diamond How 8 Gray WastfOinas/Charnelbouse Incabulos is hated by just about every power inthe cosmos who knows of him, Even the other gods of disease despise him on principle, for they see him as a leatherhead and pre- ‘ender with no hope for survival when be finaly has to leave his enclosed liu sphere, Most ofthe other powers dsike him simply because he's a erk who turns stag every cance he wets AS te pantheon's power of disease and nightmares ‘abulos favors battlefields and other sites of carnage, He ‘draws much of his strength from such places; both sickness fand horrid dreams come from the massed bouties of the dead. Naturally, in he current climate of war thas sweep Ing across Oerth,Ineabulos grows ever greater. The morals don't worship him, but they appease him, an that’s often Just as good, (Chamelhous is just as disgusting (if not moreso) asthe realms ofthe other powers of disease in Oinos. The fst thing body noties isthe stench ~ not even the Gray Waste can ‘wash aveay the smell of the dea that permeates che place ‘The second thing 3 body notices sis deepest Fear coraing to tif in rom of him. Whedher tha’ a skeletal howe with rags fof owtchiag Resh iis teeth or the ered betrayal of close fiends, it all seems to come ue in Charnelhouse. Thats why folks ster clea, NERULL Greater Power, “The Reaper* A.C: Death, darkness, murder AU NE ‘WAL: Any evi Sw: Skull aside ove» Carver Otnys/the Crypt Like Ineabuos, Nerall usually n't worshiped so much as kept alive by he very avoidance of his name. Fat i, offer- Ing him a sacrifice is chought co atract his attention, and Fe ‘mortals are aile-coved enough to do that. Sul, sore berks secrely promote the worship of foul Nerul, and they're nearly as depraved 2s the one they fallow. Their rites are heinous affais conducted in total blackness. M's a sure et ‘hat tontare and pain play large pa in the ritual ce tainly no dank that stcifice of any sentient ereane is not nly accepted but encouraged Unite most powers on Carceri, Nerulls not rapped in the Red Prison ~ he dlls there beease he ike and e's ‘one of the few ercatures inthe ensmos who enn say such & ‘hing without sounding like a ar. Bs realm, the Crypt. ‘bun of the ded snd dead, many of chem sentient. Even worse, Nerul consorts with ends of ‘ates, and Hey often prowl the ean devouring his shrickingpeitioners {just desserts, really, for deaders who ‘brought pai to others whe they wer alive Though Nerull respects Incabulos's hatred of life and jy. the two powers have nothing to do with each other Talos the Destroyer fo Tosi) ames the Reapers work, but Nerul’s methods are so brutal that even Talos says well, way. Truth is, no other powers associate with Nerul, ‘though many of them (St, Cuthberc especially) hate him with passion S+. CUFHBER+ Intermediate Power, “Cuthbert of the Cudge! AC: Common sense, zal dedication AL LG ‘WAL"LG, LN Si: Stashust of rubies oa plat circle No fe Ateadial Abelliofthe Bastion of Law ‘St Cuthbe’simparzance groves every day on Oerth bt is ‘enough to save him? Nobody knows ~ but i seems that the deiy’sreeuiting outside his sphere, too, The members fof the Harmonium (especially the lawful good Hardhesds) are thought to espouse his belies, admiring St. Cuthbert fo his stralghtforwar mind and his refusal to back down from what he knows t0 be right. Any blood who won't ‘compromise his ideals must be allright with the Harmo ‘lum, and many facioneets have thus adopted his worship {In appreciation St Cuthbert is a stem enemy of chaos and evil, an be jets the ides that a boy has to end bit ta achieve his nls, The deity fets that any berk whe docs 40 is ether 0d who wavers in his faith or pitiful fol W's his way oF the wrong way, and plenty take what St Cutabert considers tobe the wrong way ‘Course, that kind of unylelding attitude earns him ‘many enemies, not the last of which are Incabulos, Nel, ‘and 2 handful of Abyssal lord. Truth to tell, St. Cuthbert would probably have even more foes if the greater planar owers of chaos and evil cook notice of him and his stance But they don't ~ most just don't care what a single-sphere ety has wo say about them, TRIFHEREON Intermediate Power, “The Liberator © Individuality iberty, seledetemination GG WAL CG, NG Son A pursuit une {0008 be Atborea/Dlympusfthe Forking Road For a blood who's supposed to be concerned with only 3 single sphere, Trihereom has some highly placed friends, Apollo ofthe Clyro are his zeal for creativity, and Lathander of Tort a big proponent of his calls for freedom. And Trithereon probably has a leas! much chance of surviving on the planes St. Cuthbert dors, fof he 00, has ‘the suppor ofa faction: the Free League (hough all Indep, ‘naturally, make their own choices). Stl, Trithereon as afew opponents, He despises all powers wha demand domination and absolute obedicnce, even if they're dite of good, because be Fels that any im tation on freedom necessarily destroys thse it limits is realm, the Forking Road, ft really a team ata andes allover te Fist layer of Arora, and when a body Steps omto the oad, he finds that a world of possibilities ‘pes up to him. Tritherean grants each visitor a glimpse of the major paths in his ile, and the posible consequences af bis actions WEE IAS Intermediate Power, “The Taker” AG: Magic death AL ANE] ‘WAL: LE LN, NEN Sy Flaming skull ‘s/s Aeheron/Tintbulus/Parerned Web The vain Wee Jas fn’ tally what a body’ call an ell power ~ is jus that she's preoceuped with the its stent can bring, and she takes it litle 10 fas, She doesn’ usually ‘mean bare, but more often than not it comes anyway. fn her rst of greater knowledge and mightier magic, Wee Bn c= ‘asionally stepson the backs of whoever can help her cli highs. Death isn't onc of her greater spheres; she's adopted it only in the past few centuries Hee press ate mostly wate er over the ded, rater than agents whi promote death and tnge it along. The pawer’s realm refces this: An impervious ‘octagon earved into one of Acheron’ cube, the ream’ a vt lke a spiderwels is roads leading invariably toward dhe cater, where Wee Jas waits for her is Every berk who sets foot inside her realm s expected to offer fine jewelry or inceresting magic to her altar. Those who dost bring sultable its ean’ flnd their way back out ofthe Patterned Weis fora fall year or uml Wee Jas decides that they've paid off dei debe to her The old Mystra of Toil was an ally of Wee Js, but the ew Mystea [sce her entry under “The Faerinian Powers,” below has manage! fly alienate et. That might be par athe reason Wee Jas has taken 8 turn forthe worse — her lone od frend inthe cosmos passed on, and was replace ‘bya berk who claimed the name but did't pursue the sme sire THE FAERUNIAN + POWERS + (n small world known as Tori 2 place often fargoten by deities ofthe planes, a Whole new atch of gods is rising 10 Prominence. Within the lst fe. centuries, they've wade toods to establishing themselves as planar powers, bursting ‘ut with a peed rivaled only by today’s strongest parteons. Does this spell a mew er forthe Outer Planes? That's doubtful. New gods are ew gods, and no matter how poveril or sub they might have been on ther prime raterial worlds, they've got to learn the ropes of the panes ithey hope to Survive. Tht proves to be tougher tht mes re prepared fr ‘Appenas {gives a lengthy (but by no means complet) list of the mast reeagnized powers of Facin, the westem half of one of the major continents of Tri. does take the assorted demipovers into account, nor the vatious her ‘cults worshipped ers the globe ~ and there are quite afew ‘of those. Bascelly. Append | shows the majo Hing pow ‘ers of one ofthe largest populatian groups on Tor. Ineresting'y, while most planar gods consider Torl backwater a few have sent pests to the word, looking to augment thelr strength by gathering more worshipers. The best example is Tye of the Norse panthean; siding slowly from reogniton among his own people, he's managed 1 es ‘ablish hime quice strongly on Tot, waning enough be- levers to keep him from dein away onto dhe Ast Others have joined Ty, including Micki! and Loviatar From the Finish pantheon (Lovitar probably chased after Mick, who she's always hated), and Silvas and Oghima ofthe Celts, What's more, the Faernian powers Beshaba and Tymora seem to have received some kind oF influence from ‘yee ofthe Grcek pantheon, And it Hey that this is wil row, 25 more and more planar gods decide to reestablish Uhemelves or reach for mare power Some of the defties described Below (ike Sune and Talos) have lesser gods attached co them. Thats the result of special allances, made either throuah sheer dormination or ‘mutual agreement. To get a full pleure of a god, x body needs to see which other powers are in the service of the leader” Ae Overpower, "The Wascher™ uC: Dats, balance ALNA WAL: Any Sais None s/s Unknoven ‘Ao is the overpower of Tar, and as such is above the pty concerns of weaker gous Se, he's the high-up who watches lover the aetons of the other deities and ensues that they abide by che rules of the cosmos. Hes made the laws know In the past; i's ikely hel do so aan i the Suture Just recently, in fact, Ao punished the powers of Toil for interfering to closely in mortal flair. To make the gods ‘more accountable for their actions, and t teach them bic of lesson, he decreed they could wander the world only ia ‘avatar form until some stolen tablets were returned to bien (che event as known 25 the Time of Troubles). The table's were recovered evenly. but not before several gods died seckng them. The powers have indeed, learned thei lesson, "oct is, Aos punishment may be par f the reason the Torllan deities ae starting to look outside their crystal sphere and leaning toward the Quer Planes, where beliet translates imo even greater stenath cyric Greater Power, “Prince of Lies” 06 Stile; murder, ilsion, inuigue, deception AL CE WAL’ Any Nor E Srveo White skal on a dark sunburst Howe viv: Pandemoniam)Cacytus/Shatered Caste Just over dozen or so yeuts ago, Cyrie was 8 mortal thea rogue an the path toward evil. Then Ao decreed that the powers must walk the earth in moral form, snd Cyric man ed to slay one of those gos and assume the vet's port folio. Later, Cyc also assumed the strength of two other slain powers. Thus did the mortal transform himself from lowly eross-irader into ane of the mightlest bloods in the ‘whole erysal spe, Later, be lost contol of much of hs portfllo co one of bis formerly monal compatriots, Kelemvor, when Kt became apparent that Cyric was breaking many of A's rules. Whats ‘tre, Cytie drove himself barmy withthe creation of a book. that Bound all who read it to his worship ~ i scems the sod ead it himself Now he's retreated to Patdemoniam to plot a ther takeover of the multiverse, He hates Kelemvor and [Mystra witha passion, bot because he read is own book. Cyr’ convinced thar he's superior to his Fellow powers amd los’ need to wast his anger on them, His mew home isthe Shattered Castle (which, In is Aeluson, he calls “The Caste of the Supreme Throne") and hae hopes wo draw allo the petoners of Tot his realm. ‘The berk hasnt found much succes, ut he's sure is sta mater of time before he conquers the entire costs with his divine insight IYACH+U XVIM Lesser Power, “Godson” ‘AoC: Tyranny, hatred. ALLE WAL: Any Wo E Syyshs Green eyes om the palm ofa black band ow Js: Gehenna/Chamada/the Heston of Hate ‘The son ofthe dead power Bane, Iyachtu Xvi is also a rel atively new god on Tor. Having been incarcerated under + 168+ Zoentl Keep for years, Xvi has an axe Co grind with Just ‘vou all the powers of the Faesinan pantheon. He dosn't ‘know who locke him away, but he's convinced It was one of the gods, aud since he e2nr pinpoint his antagonist, he just hates them all. Xvim’s afally good at carrying ou is pontolio. He nurses an especial hatred for Cyrie, who Xvim (wrongly) thinks killed his far Besides, Xvin fees that a power of evil a rong a8 Cyrie shouldn't be as incompetent fs Cyc. A least in Xvim's eyes the ros ineptitude of the Prince of Lies has been underscored by every successive fal lure Cries racked up in his tenure as a deity. ‘vim's realm in fiery Chamada isa basalt palace ising high above the lava lows that constantly easeade dovan the slope of the Second Mount, The castle isa blocky affair, a stolid plece of architecture that proudly repels the magma coursing through the layer Inside the bastion, however, vim has opened sition of wall a searing pool of lava, and he uses the bubbling sione to extract information of Sercams from his prisoners, KELEMVOR Greater Power, “Juige of the Damned” 06 Death the dead ALIN WAL: Any Sys: Skeletal are holding sees Hows 8: Gray WastelOinosite Crystal Spire ‘Like Cyc and Misire, Kelemvor was once mortal and that not too long go. Though he'd spent more tie us & mara than they did Kekeavor took to the responsibilities of go ‘hood moce quickly than either of them. ‘Asa greater poet, and a god of death at tha, he re- fuses to give into his former human emotions. Iikely he'll evert afer few hundred years 30, nox. he acts much ashe always Higured powers should at — ‘though perhaps he's a it more just and fae than most paw rs of the Gray Waste. Kelemvor’s not too clever, but he ears wel, and he'l get the hang of itn time ~ oF a least, hee beer When Cyric lost his portfolio as the power of death, Kelemvor was assigned 0 take over asthe judge of the dead ‘nd arbiter ofthe placement of the deceased, His ist act was to make the Bone Castle (Cyrics old kip) into the Crystal Spire, so that any basher who cared could plainly see chat Kelemvor executed his duis as fairly a8 possible. “Course, Cyc n't happy about losing sport, and Kelemvar kee a close eye om bis former rival. But the new per of death als desires the govidess Mystr2, and he sok analliance with the Morninglord Lathander ~ a traditional ‘enemy ofthe dea (or rather, the unde) ‘One thing Kelemvor doesn't seem to grasp isthe dain- Ing influence ofthe Gray Waste. Unless he erets some walls ‘round his own emotions Hs ikely bel suffer the same fae ssthe othe long-time powers ofthe plane: apathy. LA+HANDER Greater Power, "The Mornington 206. Spring daw, beh LNG WAL: Any Nor @ Sons sk oF xy pink he Hows 6 EysiumyEroniyMorninglory “Though he's been a power fr as long as most ofthe ees af the Faerinian pantheon, Lathander chooses to portray him self 35a slighty immature young man, one given to Mights ff fancy and exuberance, He's definitely one of the vital powers nf Tori: his major concerns are Ie and creativity, ‘nd he purses his asks witha tenaclously positive outlook Lathander is venerated armong the vain for hls good looks, ‘among the ants for his inspirations, among the peasants {or is support of life, and among the optimistic for his. Dessings of new adventures. Chant is one of Latbander’s greatest assets isis aie cece tthe principle of practice, rather than ritual. As lang 4s bis lelievers realize that isthe act of goodness that he supports, and as long as they pray to him on occasion, he continues growing ever stronger Lathander shares his realm withthe Vee power Ushas, the godess of dawn, Together, thie realm is ane of pink Inued sky rosy clouds, andthe dreams and hopes of new ay. Supposedly, the two gods have found a way to open ates tothe realms of powers of darkness and are shedding light ito dhe secret lands of tose deities. ‘The Momninglord ges long wel with most ofthe ot ponets ofthe Paerdnian pantheon, He's especially close (0 CChauntea, for they've learned thac working together ean Dene them greatly. He's uot yet come wo a decision reyard- ing Mystra or Kelemvo, but he scems, a8 always, optimistic MYS#RA Grenter Power, “The Lady of Mysteries" 206: Ma, pes ALNG WAL: Any Svan ee of mine stars with ed mist Ho 1 ElystumEronia/Dweomerheart ‘¢yric was the fst moral te assume the mantle of godood afer the Time of Troubles, but Myst, godess of magic, was the second, Asa newly divine beng she keeps the sentence of Ihr previous wot el Foremost in het mind, and the memo nies oF the original Mysta [the one who fll in the Time of “roubles) presen inthe portfolio as wl She's 2 good fer 0 Kelenvor, former ally of Ci’ the superior f Azuth, and arguably one ofthe most powresful gsi he entire pantheon, Her duty isto protcet the magical conduit called the Weave, a tapestry of force that allows mortals to shape magi. Though Mystra doesn't teach mortals how to handle ‘the Weave ~ that's the Job of Azuth ~ she docs make the process safer, +169 Some say that her duty should preelde her from lean= ing too much toward either goad orev. Af all, the ogi- nal Mystra concentrated oaly on the laws of magic and left the moralizing to those better qualified for it. Well dhe new Mystta doesn't se it that way. She thinks magic should be used for the greater good, to enhance the quality of life throughout lands thar make use of the Weave, and she's slowly changing the rales of magic to make ner will known, ‘er Elysian real, Dweomerhear, sits top ane of the righty plateaus of Eronia, The are used tobe Hat ground for ies across, but Mystra shaped herself a wondrous cty ‘with powefal spells: Non every day a dain he eatures of the Dung change as the mage dha hold the usionsjcon- rus In place fades away anid eplaced by new spel See, soup called the Counel of Wizards isin charse ‘of maintaining the appearance ofthe realm, and a different spellsinger takes over eaeh moenint thus, Dweomerheart ‘never looks the same fom day to day. Though the basic lay fut ofthe city remains the sare ~ the buildings, aes, un ‘els anid the tke keep the same positions ~ the appearance varies radically. Chant sane of the highest signs of respect dy eam be pais beng asked by the Coureil ro shape the city fora day. SELUNE Intermediate Power, “The Moonmaiden AC: Moon, stars, navigation, wanderers ALG WAL: Amy good Sra Female eyes in cre of seven stars oe i> Yaar YsqaraGates of the Moon Selane scems to have as many faces a8 dacs the magn for ‘hich she stands. To some folks, she's as vivacious as lancer beneath starr sty to others, she's as tranquil and ‘enveloping asa moonlight swim; and to some, she's a8 cold and merciless asa how that echoes through a dark, moon less night, The versitile goddess fs worshiped by many mor. ‘als, including splisinges especialy females) cutters ext barking on sea voyages, folks looking for a plimpse of the Future, and coupes eager to bear children Most important, though, isthe attention given Seldme by planewalkers, Not only is she a power of wanderers and navigator, but the deity also watchs over good people who search for ther place inthe cosmos ~ and that inclu just, out everyne, from tie tie. Seline occasionally chats with Hermes, Celestia, an her powers venerated by planar travelers. She feels some kinship with Eilistraee, the goddess of good-aliged draw, ‘who urges her faithful to cleanse thr spits hy dancing Under the Uight of the moor, And among er owa panthen, she counts onthe friendship of Latbande, Mystra, and Sune [who she onee served under hough she fercely opposes Shar (se Shars ent below, for more detail ‘Te goddess shares her misty realm, dhe Gates of the Moon, with another power: Som, the Vedie god of moon- light, plans, and prophecies. With Seldne's blessing, Soma's petitioners distill the jee of special Mowers that grow round the realm: chant is those who taste the droplets gain insight into the future “Course, the main reason that planewalkers come tothe Gates a the Moon i to take tip on the Infinite Staite ase, a ‘conduit that supposedly Ieads from Argent (Selline's hall of silve) to every Dung that ever was, is nov. ar ever shall be. ‘Some bubbers brag about using he Staircase ojurp through time or take a shorteut between infinitely distant ees, but 1's not that simple. First of al, the Staiease ean literally make a taveler sick ~i leads in all dretions at once, and laravtyoflen depends on where a body's fet are planted But even worse, a od who climbs alone ~ without the benefit of 4 group’ strength of will — might end up in dhe ety of his, treatest desire place hel never want to leave SHAR Greater Power, "Nightsinger” (06 an ght loss AL: NE WAL: Any (mainly evi) ‘Sis lak disk with purple border ‘eof Gray Waste)Niftheim/te Palace of Loss ‘Shar isa twisted power, one who deeply enjoys inti the pain of loss on her followers. She's petty and jealous, and she believes in nursing indignities uml they become ~ in her ‘own mind atleast ~ major slight. Shar claims co help er believers fone the grief of oss, but the dak of H's that she simply makes dhem accept pain as a standard state of exs- tence. Sure they hurt ks, but ony leatherhead would say they're better a ‘Shar teaches her followers that if spotless and focl= Ish, that they ean expect nothing good fom the world and therefore should expect nothing from themselves. In shor, she's a power of hopelessness and the damping of creative Fre, an so stands in direct opposition ro Lathander. The deity's realm is sad to be a single tower esing above the gloomy gray of NiMhelm, a tower without win dows or doors, Few visitors cam figure out how 10 ain entry or exit, but Shur's petitioners and proxies ean come and go as they please. The only sods confined othe palace are those tno'd miss ther fredom the mont; that way, Shar can ee their pain more keenly (Chants that some of Sha’ proxies have discover the warship ofthe Celian power Neste, Lady of Mourning, veho offers healing. A Fee af these proxies have hidden Themselves away’ in Nese’ realm to soothe the pain in ited on them by Shar. Buc most ofthe bloods, sil loyal to their goddess, ae outraged, and report the betks who tura Slag. Sha's annoyed that Nesirie dares to heal grief, and plans a way to destroy or subvert the Ceelian. es aso wellknown that Shar and Seline ae bitter ri- vals. Folks can't seem to say what sparked the feud, but is ome on for Tonger than mortals ean remember, andthe two sine work constantly to undercut each othe. Tru i, thelr hate ‘might stem from nothing more than the simple fact that Selne represents the mystical axpects ofthe night, while Shar embodies its bitemess. Mast, the panthcon's fod of thieves and shadows, would ike to establish an alliance with Shar, but he keeps his Aistance ~ he's already last some of his portfolio to Cyr and he fears that Shard compound that loss hy subsuring ‘him entirely. Finally, Shar is sald to he feeling out Kelemvor’s felis woward an alinee, but hasn't commited Inecself one way oF another toward the new power though their alignments would seem to preclude any chance of stron eendship SUNE Greater Power, *Firehair” {0€: Beauty, lve, passion ALC WAL: Any W or Spl: Face of iory-skinned maiden with re air oo #1 Arborea/OlympusfBrightwater ‘Sune Fiehair Is one of the vainest creatures in the mul ‘verse, though she vies for that honor with Aphrodite of the Slyepians. She shares the pool Evergold ~ dhe Fountain of ‘Youth and Beauty ~ with Aphrodite, Hanali Celi, Freya, and other goddesses of glamou. Sune, natural, considers Dersef more beaut han the rest, who in GarmSee her as 8 Inackwater power with delusions of grandeur For the most prt, however the deities yet alo aly wel Sune is also one of the most passionate powers in the «osmos, and she convinees herself that her interes rn deep tnd they do, for however long she can maintain them “Truth Is though, se ivoives here itensely with person ‘or power for a short tne ~ as long asthe basher continues to prove emiing — and then loses meres, seeking new and more exching pastures. She doesn't fnget er enemies, how ‘ever: Among them she counts Talona (goddess of disease), Talos (god of storms), and any who'd run beauty for the oy of destruction, Fact is, Sune's beauty inspices many, and artists and lovers alike seek he favor. She wives writes the ability 10 produce excelent works quickly, painters sudden Mashes of Driliant compasition, and sculptors the sense of erection in ‘the human form. To lovers she rants desire a passion, ad tw her other worshipers she simply makes the Blond race — ‘that’s enough for most folks Ske shares her realm on Arborea with wo other mnjor powers: Tymora (goddess of good famune} amd Lr god ess of joyful dance and festivals, who's also guarding the portfolios of wealth and trade Tor the missing deity Wau eon) One ofthe newest alison the planes, Brighatr is aso one ofthe most exciting, There body ean find ales ‘ny diversion imaginable, K's place of constant mavement fad action, and mary are the bashers who've ished they could remain in Brightwater fr the eet of thee ives TALOS Greater Power, “The Destroyer” A.C: Storms, destruction, earths ALE WAI: Any Nor E Sr Tne tighning bots oe (Pandemonium Pandesmosithe Towers of Ruin A power of domination and destruction, Tals brought thice father evil deities Inco Bs fold by sheer Tore: Umieece (the Bitch Queen of oceans), Malar (the Beastlord of savage hus), and Aur (he Frostmaiden of eold winter, Together. ‘he group's known as the Gods of Fury, and Talos keeps his changes under tight ela The powers only purpose in Hef 10 prove tha he cat tear down whatever some other blood puts up. Ody, this ‘eceasionally puts im into conflict with he Vedic deity Siva ‘Though the Indian god isa power of destruction, he doestt ‘couse run forthe pure joy a a Tale does See, Taos is lke « spoiled child, roused to devastating anger hy the smallest slight, and he ean earty 2 grudge for xntures. Ia good thing his ages ae limited by Faeeinin deities lke Chountes, Lathandee, Mystr, and Sune ‘The Destroyers ream is located an & hillock in the midst of Pandemonium. Winds how around lage, cragay twin towers, buffeting away hose who'd distur the poner Te pales grow ever stronger the clser a Body ets 1 the tet’ shared ance, unl they epractially huricane Fee Tempus Greater Power, “Fochammer* Ave: War, warns AL CN WAL: Any Syn Silver sword on a blood-red field How! is LimborKnight’s Rest Lite is known of Tempus’ abilities or personal lie ssid that he ives only for exces, whether in Vat, fod, or drink He's a fivortie power of wrins, no matte her alignnen And this bas mad him mighty nthe ld, Sill, Terps has fo rea allies among theres ofthe pantheon for they Far ‘hel rurm on them as rapidly the sing ies of bathe Ws more eorret to say that he favors all sides in war equally, because Tempus is an honorable paver. He bats to hetray 4 confidence, and he carves his avn path through the ‘word, letng no others staal in his way. is seam, Knight's Rest 6 anything ur restful 1's ke ‘Asgard, but more so — and that should tell a herk all he needs to know. Bates inthe realm rage endlessly, and a sod who wet ile in combat les on the ground for & shor tie while he heals, then rises fight on the side ofthe basher ‘who slew him Only cowards de forever. sme APPENDIX I: THE POWERS BY PAN+HEON Name Status Portfolio AL , WAL —— Plane/Layer/Realm Name Ancient Powers anuse ‘Arshar Lesser Darkness night CE CENE ——Pandeoniun/Pandesmos!y of Frnat Darkness An Greater Sky LN Any Mechapus/Anu's Way Druaga Laseer Mantezv summoning LE it ‘Baator/DS)Reteat of he Fallen ‘im Fie LG 1G, NG Moun Celestia Mereuriandyng Flame Itor love, war N Any Hysiumj/Amora/Ciy of the Stat Marat Greater Cie, weather LN i _eallayAballo/Mardue ‘Nera Lasser Underworidead NE Any evil Gray Wasteinos/Negalos Raman Lswer Storm thane N Any teaisl —Oatlansjthe Storm Ch nl Greater NG Any good nana Greer LE Warrior lovers Baator/Phlegetos/ aus Heart Ke renter N N ysium/Fzona/Grea Mou anna-Sin lusser co G YysiumjBona/vandrs in-Horsag Lesser N N iysiumEroniafGneat Mountain of he Fast Ua renter co co Aborex/Olyagus/he Asobing Wht Celtic ann Imermesiate Lie death NE Anyevil Gray WasteNiteim/Anne Belenus Termeiate Sun ligt, beat NG Any good Flyiumythalasises of the Blessed Brgaila Ttemmedate Rives Ivestuck NG Any neutral ElsiumyThalasases ofthe Blessed Daghha Greater Weather cops 6G Any good Ourlandyir na Og (Mog Net Diancectt Intermediate Metin beaing 1d Any good Outlander na Of landers) Duratis Leseer Mountains peaks N COuanieir nO the Pirnaceh Goibhia Intermeiate Smithing. healing NG Any neutral Outlander na Of the Great Sith) Tigh Termeslaie Ans cai ave, CM Any neural allan na Of [anders] comiere, homes, War Mananran mac Lit Intermediate Oceans sexcteaires IN Any ner Outland fo Thin Math Mathoney Intermediate Male NE Anyrmeucal — Gehenna/hals/Corearave Morrigat Ivermelate Bam, wae CE “Anvevil) ——ouland ir nD he Booty el) Nada Greater War wontons NM Warlay Of Mag Ture) Inermediare Speech, wing NG Any good 12 Of [Mouse of Knowedse) Greater” Nature ones druids Forestdmllers Outland na Og Surmeroakh "Also Foerilan (Fcc eA dey. Dwarvish Aioathor Intermediate Greed NE Any Gray Waste/inoshe iter! Beronae Inermediae Safe, ruth, home, LG tc ‘Mount Cees Slanarackinor “race heli cuangedin Inermedine Bale 6 1 Aveda Abella)Mounc Clangedd siveroeard Dugmaren Lesser Scholarship invention, CG ——NG,CG——_Oullands/Dwarvish Mountain (Soot Hal ‘Beighomane dlscovery Dunstan Intermediate Mining. exploration N ‘Any OullandyDwarvsh Mountain (Decaf Ha) Moradin Greater Craton smithing LG 1s ‘Mount Cekesa/Solalarackinor Mosman Duathal Lesser Wanderers expatriates NG Any NorG — YsgatMidavelie¥davelle (wansers) Yesdain Tmermesiate Wealth uch, cieves “Any Oullands/Dwarvibh Mounain(Stoasale al Desrasn Ladue Intermesate Crafts magic protection LE_——LE, LN _ Acheron Thuldanioameraten Dinkoraran Demipower Vengeance c NA Abjssastom ofthe Ma Got Dink Imermedate — Croly, magi, c ce PandemontaoyPhlegethon/Midder Bevay none sine Name Status Postfalio AL WAL ——Plane/Layer/Reatm Name Egyptian ‘antar Lesser Wor CG Any good Ysqard/YgadNetpt ‘anubis Unto Dea ods io ‘as Astalfvanders Apt Demipower Insets. N Farmers lands Hive bast Lasser (ats please CG Anycotle —Yeqard/Yard/Merrate Re Lasser Tack N ‘Any Gallandsjwaniess Geb Imermedite The earth NG Any emealFarthfCavers Under the Stars ors Leser Sun revenge wat sky CG Any ood ArealayBuxemis Heliopolis he Inrmeite —Mfarioge, magic,” LG Any good AredinfBxemiieliopais tmotherbood ‘id lysum/Amorl/Quletade Nepythys Intcmsiate Wealth the dead CG Any geod Arborea/Pton/Amnun ys Nut Iteeeiate Sky, coupes NG ‘Any Elsi BelicrinfReige a Nigh forbidden to mary Osis Inermediate Vegetation, the etd LG Any good AreadiaBixcmussipals Pa lisser Ants raiser, LN ‘Any Etbereal/wanders tevvelem Re Greater Sun, Lngs LN Anylawlal —Areadia/Buxcmsiicopais Scher Lasser Ligh NG Ligh-ioversFysiun/Amora and ThaliiaRo Stay se Icermediae Es dough, Le Anyevil”——BeatonStya/Ankhwusa ses torn sim Inteeiite Winds, smonphere —LG——Any good!‘ lemental Ai/Desect Wind Tetoae Immediate Stores rain NG Any ytpia/Smurock Winder ing ater hath Lesser Keowee Nn ‘Any Outlands Tot’ state Elvish ‘AcrdreFaenye ——Imermedite Air, weather avis CG —CG,CN.NGN-——_Athores/O}ympu/Arvandr an Ysa Alte Corellon Larethian Great Mai, music ans var CG ARyNorG—_Atborea/Oympusiarvandor Deep Sashelas Intermediate Creation knowledge, CG NG\CU,CN—Atborea/O}ympus an Osa van eau, magi sea eves Erevan tksere termediate Michie ange CN w ‘AborealympusfArvandor Fenmarel Mestre Leser Femlelves scapegoats CM Any NorG— Limboffennlour Hani Célani termediate Love, beauty CG Any NorG—_AtboreafOlympustarvandor Lalteas Enoreth termediate Time longevity CG Amy Nor AtboreafOympus/Arvardor Sehanine Moonbow Intemnedate Mistci, dreams, C0 Amy NorG——Abonealiygus/Arvandor seat, oureys Solonor Imermedite Archery, hunting Cry Nor Atborea/OlympusfArvandor Thelin Eirace ewer Song, dane, CG Any good Ysgard)NdaveliSeaathcim sworduvar, burg Aiaransce Demipower Undead vengeance’ CE CE drow} Abys/113/TRanatos tol Inverredite —Splders evi darkness CE CE (dow} Abyss Web the Demonweb Pits) Vacs leser Thievery tentory ME NE CarcecolothysfBanith Bineren Demipower Chaos asssing CE NYA Prime Matera Tor Finnish ante Greater Seas water NG NG Elemental Water/Curing Wave Hist Grea Evi ce Cd Prime Material (ie Neter Lands) mater eset Mathers LG Any awtul —Fsime Marra anders Loviatar Demipower Pain torture Le “Arye!” GehennaungothOndland tic Tener Nature, forests NG Any good —_Beaslandskrgsla/Grove of the Unleorms Suma Demipower Death ME “Anytew——_CarceriOthysjmanders Tuoncter Grater Theundernorld CF or Pandenconum/Pandesmos/Tuonela Ton Greatee Theunderaorld_——CNIE)_—Anychacte Pandemonium PondesmasTuonela Uso Grate Skyalz weather LG Any god ——_‘ytplShurocKurtnown Utemo Tener Sep dream N nu Dutandshe Sleeping Lands Also a aera (Foner REAM) deity Name Status Portfotio AL WAL ——Plane/Layer/Realm Name Gnomish Baenan Intermediate Forests, rave NG Any NorG ——BytopiayDothin/iolden Mis Whisper Wildeamders nature anwar Leser Mision, deception, —-NG_—Any Nor —_BytopayDcthion/Golden Hs Hiden Kal), Chakshadow protection anda) Scekin—tovemmeiate Mining fines, NG Any Nor BytopayDothon/Golden is (ia Tore) siting Cacia ronhend Lesser ialance, comet, UG_——«LGLN——_BylopiayDothion{Golden Hil (Stonshaven) protection eat Gliergald Geter Prateton, mor, LG ytopayDoihow/Goiew Hits (lire) ‘chery. siting ebelus Lesser Inventing, ood tack C6 ytopa/Dathion/Gide Hs Works) Sd Abore/O}ympis/Ohpis Segojen Intermediate Eat, nature NG Any Nor tytepa/Dothin/Gldem Tis Earthcaller (Germione Burow) ven Iovermodiae Greed bloodlust CE Anvil Abys390/Worm Realm Stas (eer oss) Calera Imermesiate Prctstion cath, NNG_——topiayDethionephome ‘Stmooth hands mining Greek Aphrodite Intermediate Love, beauty Ay Arora Olympus/ympus Apollo Innermsiate Light prophecy CG Anyfood——AroreaOfympusiolympus sky ean res Iotermetite Wor tiling siege CE Anyevll_—_Arboraotympus Olympus ‘emis wermesiate—Mrtng, wid Heats, NG Any Nor G——AroreaOlympusiO}ympus cabin ohena Intermediate Wisior cts war LG Any good ArbortaOlympusOlympus Demeter wermeaie —Agricitce NG Ay Nor ArboreOympusjolympus Dionysus Intermediate Mh, madness Gay Arr O1¥mpus/Ofjmpus Ferien the ser chsice x NA Gray WastefP atone Underwor aces Greer Death, wealth INE) Any Gray WastePlualhe Underwor esate Intermosiate Mage, moor, CE Any (age) BaatorMnaurosiAcace seekers Sh Gray WastePiuton/Aeaca ephoestas Intermetiae —Smining.crats NG Any Arborea/Olvmpus Olympus Hera Greater Martigeinigue CN Any Arbre Olympus Olympus eres termediate Teel tae, thievey, CG Any Nor Arbore/Olympus/Olympus ‘Gambling rani nite Lenser Vetory Ww iN Arte Olympustympus on Lesser Nature, passion w a ‘bore Os impus/Olympus Poseidon Grester Water earthquakes, CN Any Arar OssfCalens creation Tyehe Lesser Good rorune N N ror Olympus/tympus Tein Grester tase, la, N any ArtocejOlympusOlympus eas 1m Foerinian (tony Rus} myth, Tyee manifesto goddeses:Tymara eb Ress Gon! Gresuer ——Siner ambien LE nye! CacenOtrysfour Othe Gc Grester erty hath N ‘aay Prime Matera prophecy. cath hes Creer ‘Feely ie NG Any Arbora/Olympusolympus Ura Grenter Skye CE Any WorE Unknown iasibly deceased) ‘rons flow Tans ~ Coes, Cru Hyperion, lapets, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Phebe, ety, Thee and Themis — ae ao Imprisoned om Mant Cihys on Carer ach Ti ‘wohipers othe Tans re ae. ‘ita omisan over his hee ow sphere of ives ut Te sie Name Stams Portfolio AL WAL Planc/taver/Reaim Name Halfling srvoree Imiermedinte Protccton, war, LG Any Nor Mount CelestaVenya/Gren Feds vialleree Brandbars Lesser Stealth thkewery, oN Any Wines adventuring Cyralace Intermediste Fiemship tus, home LG Any you or LN Mount Celestia Venya/Gre Feds Sheela Peywoy| Intermediate Nature, agree NAY NorG—OullandsPiowering Hl rather Ungatan Demigower Fath death NUM Any Eyshum/Fronia/Soueanth Yontalia Greater” "Protection, tery LG Any NorG_Moust Celestia Vrya/Greon Feds Monstrous Powers Anuiens Great Mother Greater Ma; Feniy, yan CE ce ‘xbss}6 eam of 2 Mion Eyes Geemaia eset Gases deception Ct c DButianseermis Real inane (Gani Lever Hamting senses wr cr ‘Nys/24 apt Heaaget Imvermedte Violen, combat CE ce PondemoniunfCocytusitragtekolonk Signet Demipower Fear a nia ‘sap aia ‘Asternion Leser Invention, pleasure CN CN-CG——_ Yaar Neve Bras Tahar ewer ood dragons, wisdom LG Good dragons Mun Celeste Bahamut Paice Chronepts femediowe Fate, death judmert™ N/A Qutlands/Mauslcumn of Chronesis Faliaore ewer Undead decay NE Altea Cate MinetyyMausoean of ain te Greater Creation Neal WA Unknown Tiamat Leser Es dragons LE Evil dragons oston/Averm/ Tima’ ait Faun Srv Gos Caoimin Demipower Food ensip N N Secie Court fan) ‘itinous) owmh Leser Song, dance ov ow Sec Court (wanders (sary, kore achthigherm—— Leser Healing loyal, 6 Sele Court mane funicom, poxas) protection cmmancensien— Unermedinte Tees maple 6 cc Selle Court (nan (ean onmgbuala——Demigewer Communication, NG Any aad Sele Cort wanders (ewan sorority Nathae Seiathach termediate Mlschiet C6 NGERLCO—_Sextie Cour (wanders) Ipscudodraon, faerie dragon) oberon Lesser NNaure animals NO Any NorG Seale Coure (wanders CoueenoF Air mtermediate Magis darkness, CE Anyewil” Pandemonium Phngethonlmseelie Court ‘and Darkness fev Fes smutder Steric (eeu) Lescr Communi balance " ‘eastside Squelicne Demipowee Teche, lusion CN N Sei Court (wanders) epee Titania acres} Greater. riendship,magie CG Any Nor@_—_ Seale Court (wanders) Verena ewer (Charm heuty N N Sele Curt fades) {ejay yh) Annan Grater Magic knowledge, —-=N-NLNGEN Dulane Hiden Resi ferily Diancasta Demipower Trike. pleasure CG_—CG,NG,N,CN Wanders Grolanter Intermediate Hunting combat CE is Carertatheysfite Steading iter Greater Nate aguculiue, NN, NGCG——yslumonlaWordhaver hunting chien ato Leser Love, metey, beauty NG Any Nor Atarea(OlympusFlraliars Keronor eee Haire bea, NE NE Carcespinedyshe Rack of lajusee stormy Keostchichie Demipower Sirenth violence CF a Ayss/2/the ro Wises suse Name Suis Portfolio AL WAL Plane/Layer/Realm Name Memnor Iotermedite Pride, mental control NE NE Gehenna[ChamadaTractor Sirormaus Greater Sunjsky, wesher Joy NG NG, CG Bectlards/Rarsatha Stormo Shoracs Intermediate Stone giants N N Wanders ‘Stone nes angie Lesser Cooperation, exitory LE ie ‘Bator Avernus/he Pesceable Lands Knurgerbaevag Les SLaery. oppression LE ue ‘Achcron/AvalesClangor Mabie Grater Warmilerhip ita i ‘Ackeron/Avalas(Clangor Nomog-Geaya —Leser ‘sr, shorty ue ira ‘cheron/Avaas/CArgoE thobgontin! ‘Grn tas eo Karey (nds) Demipower Urs Ne NE nt Mer Intermediate Pence, an, IN Any NorG —Arcaz/Buxenusithe Hand of Peace Imongetmen, good goblioigs crafts, okerance sualler Demipower Tate death cold NE NIA Wandes aphowet Tew ait, minctaus CE e Alysf600he Endless Maze (mina) Gore groiN——Dewipower Hunting hyenas e Wanders Vapakiowe) Leer Comma, eed c Alysfs24/Shaertone Yeonogha eset ‘hols tls & [Abys/422fheSeeping Woods ool heal) porlvie smo Teensine rear Mena dominion, AE ra (utes Caverns of oust ‘magic Maanzscorian Intermediate Knoedge i ie {Gehensa/ChamaiayRicus owas Gaknulak Pooection aps, LE AENE——GehennaKaas/Aknutak steal, key urculmak Intermediate Wat ining ue ue Baator Aversa Baladoe(werebeat] Lesser Protection Fraternity — CO co Desstandytinontias Daragor eser Beas, pain bloodhust CE Wander {werewolves secwalve) Baie Teser Vanity, ear, cr o Abyss 93/Vularea oxsomen) ‘umning ced Fen ewer Puy, cust, N N Beasts noxfanders (wereaes) Insing quer errs) Lesser “Tewery. conceainent LE Le Getenna/KhaasCheisin Paraaite Demipower —Guadianshin ow win CarcerfdiveiysTichste's Delight Shekinster Greater” —Desinkton, knowledge, N NCE LG Ouandsthe Cour of Lhe Mscinaous Monswos Pawns Cegiune fags) Lesser Larva. the moon NE NE Gray WastePhatonagsend Fler Flmental God Greater ewenseagie™ NF Any) iden demiplane (any, the insane) sible lesser Unknows c a Abyn/222/Shalah (any, some able) Kancheli Imermodiae lod, magic « Nin Ayal Lair oF the Beast & Mansion (varpie ofthe Rake MME oh) Lesser Lctidom, magic NE Nia \GenennaMungoth Death's Eabrace Pilofy(ayeond) Intermediate Community. Bealing UN IN Mechanusfifyelia +16 Name Status Portfolio aL WAL —_—Plane/Layer/Reatm Name Bahra Tmermediate —Strenmh combat LE ue Acheron AvalasiNishrek Sram Greater Watering ur i Acheran/avale/Nihre Maeva Tmtermetite Warfare Le ira ‘Acheron Avaes NMEA Lune Lesser Fert metiine, rr AcheroayAvaleiNishec servi Shangans Incomeate Darknesythiews NE Any evl_—-Gehenns/raegaththe Nigh low Yrs Intermeciate Death, dase NE Anyevil Gray WasteOioa estou Laogzed Demipower — Fating cr oe bys 181/Rotng Pla (tregodytes) Merahaulh Imermedite Polson, somnolence CE cc Abyss74tSmaregd Ramen Lesser Somnolence decay CE e Abyss 74lSmarogd (bulyeued Semasnya ewer Survival propagation N N utands/Semuanyas Bog (lard me Sesvinnck Demipower Dominion cc NCE Abyssi7/Phaniom Plane lard Kings) Bibioclpoolp Intermediate Dank, insanity, NE NEE Elemental Waterftne Murky Depths avo ta) revenge Demogergon’ Leer Energy dra, a a _Abys/8ahe Gaping Maw Hsxscit) ‘domination Esto Intermediate Cocathah menmen N lementa WaterShellu loca, mermen) Panaure Intermediate Murder confusion, NE Any evil_—_—Gray WastNitonRezuel Tel ae erent) subversion. Pers Imermedite Tiilons,arctceare N Elemental Water Sklar eon Selah Invermeite Hunting, yramey LE ie Boator/cypaySheyeuushie isahiagin) surminare ever Beau, peace No No Eyshum/ThalasaSelkee Gro ‘selus) shea Lever Love ply, children, LG Any god Wanders fysiun and Mount Celestia) dolphins sea elves) Fis Water Lion Lesser Unknown Wanders Jaciran (oual) —Greater_——Commmuity race, LG WG “Mount Celestia Solana voboos, leaning, parenthood the Gates of Wisdom Kovi (ase) termedite Learning. protean, LG 6 Wanders, igilence aguas evi aortas hee) Leser Tachey hevery 8 BeaslandsKrgala/chrest Remnis eile) Leer Sky, sevice cages ON N Beaslandsigala/Goldeoos song Unknown Unknown NG NIA Wanders Syranita Intermediate Protection, NG NG ArboreOlympus/Whistledge faarakoca seatchfess ‘An Abyssal lord who's sued enough worshipers to become a power. ‘An Abyssal lord who's gsined sme worshipers but ot enous become rue power +u9e Name Status Portfolio AL — WAL Plane/Layer/Reaim Name Norse ese lovermediae Sea ce aay YssardrYgandAsand ‘aldur Tnnermediare Beauty. charisma NG Any NorG —YaganYagand! Award Bagh Termeiie Poetry, mise No any yam Eronarpearth fad Ysa xard/ASeant Foret Immediate tice LG Any good agar Asgard Fey Termite ‘Sse ean NG AnyNorG—Yagurd/YagurVanabein fery, horses ‘and Ysgaregar/Atheim Fey Intermediate Love, pissin Ch Any Yoga Vane oman fei ‘and YsgarYsgard/Asga ee Imtermetiate Sky domestic, LN Any lal Yoga ganar mariage Heimat Intermetiate Ligh gusaanship Ln tw Yseurarsgartasgant Mel Imermesiate Death disease NE Any Gray Waste Nien io Intermediate Youth sping CG Any wood ——_YogidYsgar Awan ‘and lyst risa taki Intermediate Mischief sie CE Any nant Pandemonium PandewosWiaters Hall, and Yseard/Ysgord/Asard Mogi Lesser Siena ca co Yoga ar Asgard Modi seer Courage berserk raze CG co ‘sg? sara Noms the Unkaown Fate N Any Oatlansjthe Wel of Ur in Greater War wisdom, co Any Yeas poet, nowiedae si Intermediate Excelence sel” CG Any good Ysgard¥gar/ Asgard Sunt seer regan LE “Any‘ell ——_YsgarduspelelmMuspatein Thor Inermediae Thundes, weather, CG_——Any good Yogar/Ysgar Asgard shy. crops Tory Lasser Cal ee CE Anyevll ——_YogardYagardJoruneim we Intermediate Courags, law, 6 1G Yoga sar Asgard sworismanship al Mount CetlajLuniafthe Cour ter seer Hunting archery, cw ov Yoga Vanaheim Valkyries the Demipowers Fallen heros cy Any Yoana Asgard var Lusser Swengthstence CG co Yogard¥sgar Asgard * Also aFaernian (ows Res) dy Reclusive Powers hihi Intermediate Weaving, lve co Ay -Arore(Olympus.oom ofthe Celestia River rant Ku Trath, testing 1G Any NorG Mount CelestaSolaiathe Ministy of ‘vinwe Fats. Happiness joy (Any Eterelthe Land ofthe Immortals Kang Ptas Veneration ofthe pst, 1G Any'goad ——Eterealfhe Land of the [mortals sical behavior Kuan Yin Imtermedite Chlabinh merey——LG———Any goad Mount Ceestia/Solanafthe Lotus Garden Kare Intermediate Diplomacy proecon, NG Any goal EXyla/Amorla/Valrhome Torure-tting Lao Tew Lesser Mysical insight, LN Any lawful berate Land ofthe rota ratte 1 Kung Incermedine Thunder vengeance LE ‘Any Acheron! AvalasResounding Thunder te Intermediate Cope, food ‘Any Eyslun/FsonafGreat Mother’ Garden La tsieg Iuemedite —Bureaurecy, ust LN ‘Any ———_Aeala/Abeliojhe Ministry of Rewards ‘wands Shang Greater Creat, sical oder LG Any lawful Mechamusthe Jade Place Shou ting Incermetite Lon ite ov ‘any YsgardYsgardithe Orchard of immortality Sung Chiang Intermediate Thievery NE Any GehennalKalasthe Teardrop Palace Yeu-WangeYeb Intermediate Death EN Any lawful Outland/the Palace of Judgment +18+ Name Status Portfolio AL WAL ——_Plane/Layer/Realm Name ni Intereviate Fire, messages a co Libor Sang Bakmnen Greater Everything N Any Union Intermediate Wisdom. Worship LG ue Mount ClestafLunia Nectar of Life Intermediate Weather, bale a a LinbosSoangs Incermesiate Life, desth a a _Nbyssf4/Cavers ofthe Skull Kanmkeya Demipower War. warriors ra co “sgar¥ sche Fortunes of War toe Fortune 6 C6,luck-eckers Mount CeeriafMercurifte Divine Lots Inermedie —Friendstip, contracts, LG lo ‘Mount CelesiaMereurafGolinre ath ight rom Puctan Imermedite Relation, taveles NG NG Beatlandsrux Rese re seer igh, darkness ow ‘Any Gray Wese/Niheim/Dark of Night ads Intermediate St, dinese Ne Me MechanFacus of Boer Savi Imermedite Lie ah NG NG ysiunAmoria/Dorin of the Day Long sin siva Greater ester NE Ne Negatne Eeruythe Vortex ‘soma Imermediate Noon, nant, aw wi Yosardsgar/Gates ofthe Moon ey Suva Imermediate —Moring. evening 16 1 Moun ClestaMercuriafGoldnne ‘ashes Demipower Invention. eration CG ci Durand Toasts Laboratory thas Intermediate Light dawn teks, 1G iG ystun(Econa/oeningny vesfulness eruna Intermediate Cosmic ont IN 1 Mechanusfe Vigan Bye Vayu Lsser Wind, bt destrcion CX OK ao/Svarga Vern Greater Nerey ight 1G Ary good Mount Celestia) Mercurie Divine Lats Yon Intermediate gent of the dead 1M 1 Mecham! Vamasidena ‘amaterasa Incermedite Lig sun 1G Any youd Moun Celestia Mercuri Rant Light ‘Ama-Tsu-More —Inermetite — Smiting, weapons ‘Any BytopiafDothon(ine Golden ts ‘AmatarMiabosti Intermediate Evi UE Anvil Acheran/Avalathe Brant Land Heian Imermedite War IN ‘Any Yogard¥sariienyama We Mesut Incemedite Fie CX Any PandemoniunandesmostUsh Inet Intermedite Rte NG Any staf Dostion Monperty Teanagh oman Greater Craton iw ‘any AreadiAbelofChery loss Kishoten lser Lick NG Ludkseters Prine Materia Kura Oka Tnceredite Ral, snow CG Any Beaslandsarasutral My Valley Naito Kami Intermedicte Earthquakes IN ‘Any Mechanusitie Staking Land O-Kun-Hushi Intermediate Meine, soncery land LG Any ood YagudYayariKenyara O-Wate- Tout) —Inrmedite Seu ceatues iis NG Any NorG—_‘Elylun/ThalaslaCladel ofthe Sea Raiden Imcermediate Thunder etching CE Any ehtotie—_CareeifOthrsPalae of Thurder Shichifaujie Lesser qos Varkus happiness Vasey Any Mant Celestia Li ue igh Happiness Shlna-TsiHiko — Imermediste Winds CX Any Linto/Windshome Sesanoo Intermediate Stns CX Any choot Limothe Gabe of Raging Chaos Tait Yort Intermediate Time, moon NG “Any good Elylum/onialMior ofthe Moon Single-sphere Powers ‘shits (Cola poe, BHR campaign) ‘avant Greater Sunareason, rule LN ‘Any Mechanusithe Gearing Spe Bann. Inurmedite atte ads fest CE Any aonlawfal_—Pandemionium/Coeytustne Serving Chiagcen seer ate storms 6 Any nonlawfal Yoga sgardiCuiratcen's Festal lode Leer Night darkness CN(E]_— Any nanlawfl_PandemonkunfPandesmos/Cy of Eternal thieves arenes rt Greater Forests mtg, mature Any ncutral—Outaetsture's Rest Hen Greater Noble war leadership LG ‘Any ‘Mount Cesta Mercurl/Honor’ Glory Keesha Laser Wintec monsters LE Any Nor Baator/Stygafthe Steatast Chil Cacrme seer Fie, lve a CG AnyNorG—_Athorea/Olympus/Songsheight esi Imermediste Seas ge NG" Any———_Blyslumyhalasiahe Waves of Grict ior Lesser Moon, magic night N ‘Any Oullandsthe silver Lands Sera Ierediote Wealth ick CX Any uta Narheplace Eterna e598 Name Status cu fDeacontaer saga) ‘termediate Imtermediate Branca ‘chem Chaley Gilean aoakuk Mater Wish Goa or Joie anita Majee Miaka Morsion ata Palaine rors Surgonnas Shinare Sion Solna Tauhiis Zeboim zai Incermedite Over awer Imcermetive Internediahe Icemetite Greater nermedite Intermedte Greer Greate, Greate Invermediane ns Inveredite Greater Inverrene Intermediate Portfolio Masi oes, beauty Undced Natur animals Keowldge Animas ses, creation Energy, Wut, justice, shane DBatle, courage, bers ‘Neutral rey ison Thou, fa, cor eating beauty, ie Fey, know Disease dea Black magi (rier. hape igh ‘clership gariianhip Barve, sing engeare. re, Inge ag Weal, eedon Flame, change Sood wage Night ei ated Seas, storms jealousy WAL any Nor ny ev Any W or ‘any Any Woe Any evi Any god 16 ‘Any new ‘ary good Any goad Any cil ‘ny evil Any aoa any Any ei Any Any Any go ‘any xi Any ei ‘any Planc/Layer/Realm Name YesardsaarSoul oF Maske Aps(t4zLiebane BeastlandsKarsutra/2han Dullandyhe tide Vale Beall ‘Abysi333jhe Broken Scale Unknown Bytopia/Shurrckeart of Justice "Etherelhe Lost iad! of Mae "ysiun/AmornyComtemplcin Tiysiua/Amoraeaen’ Home Gray Waste 0inaFortes of Diease Exerealthe Lox lal of Magic [Mount Celestia SolaniaDome of Craton ‘cali Abelio/Amvi of Creation GenennafCrereds/Paace of Deception ustandthe Markeplace Bernat Lmbotie Fame Void Eerealine Lot Citadel of Magic Beaton! AvermiAltalom (he Nether Keates} Pandemonium/Pbleethon Maelstrom Beads 2h (was 9 Gas eampnign This ist ncdes oly the greter and Beory Boceot Celestia Enlonra Enh hare Hires Heron Ineablos Kora tenor Nenill ‘ba tht Oldammare Pole Photius Procan Raises Rao St Cuore Thariadan’ Tierean Usa Interediate Inveredite Inemedate Invermedate Intermediate Grenier Denner Iovermedine Intermediate Grater Intermediate Intermediate Greater Timermediate intermediate letermediate restr Ienermciate Intermediate Intermediate levermediate intermediate powers and one dem power. The Fanwess Hass numerous kser gods a wel Ean, ate ain Magi, knowledge Stars spice wanderers ace, en Tear Nowieons ve ste, honor, wae Via, discord rough lags, nightmares Tate, destiny Deceit, pin, evil Combat stent Tine, tim Death dates Nati, eos Musi, wckery Sun Tht, healing monet Sea ocean, weather Chance il tack Reston inlet, peace Coma sense, 201 Asdieaton Dirk, ey smiy Inada ety Minlag, mountains x Ni NG c Ni rd Le NE N ce a w NE oy NG Ww aw 6 iG NE co Any Any Any Nor Any sod EC NE Any NorG Ts, LN LENE Any evil any (CE, NEON LE C6, CH, N. NG iN Any ei Any NEG, N ‘Any good TG.LN ‘Any noslawful Any nonlal TG.NG.IN tG,tN Any eit 4, NG LG EN, NG + 180+ Prime Material Outlands Morar of Lore ‘Astawandes BeaslandsErgala/Grove a the Unicorns Pandemonium CoeytsiFes of Malice Prime Material "Mount Cesta VensaFiels f Glory ‘Acheron AvalisiScourge Gray WasieOlnsfChaelhouse Dutta Web of Fate Prime Material (ee nthe Abyss) Yscar/sgaedPlains othe Fallen ecansjhe Wheel af Te {Carery/Othrsi Crypt Dulane Hidden Wood YsoardYsgardwincsong ysumy Awaits Bley Mecranusfhe Fath af Lax Limbo Stade Liat is of Lack Mount CelsiaMercuralSwoet Reason Arcada/Abalifthe Bastiow f Law Unknown demipane Arar) Olymptie Forking Road ‘Outlet Hs Name Wee Jas ics Starus Porfolio AL Mage, death IN Pre, commerce LN {uz the som ode Abalone Ora ‘Tharzdun i rota am aspect a the Dak God [se Dead Powers) or the Eker Elma God sce Monsious Powe WAL UN NEN AN, 16, NG Plane/Layer/Realm Name Actran/TintibalusParerned Web Dulas he Manhtpace Eres “Tan (Faernian power, Faacrrn Reauas campaign) ‘eet ‘auth ies Chante ene Deneir Gord Helm adn Xin Tathander Uli! Lovie Molar Mosk Mise Mi Myst opm Shaundakul Sivan! Sine Talona Talos ‘Tempus orm ‘Tyme wr Umberlee lace See Tyehe (Gre. ‘verower ewer Leseer Intermediate Greater Greater Lesser Treen Totermeiace Intermediate Lesser Greater Lesser Lesser Leser Leer Tetermetiate Lesser Greater Intermediate Greater Lesser Greater Greater Lever Greater Greater Leser lntermeiate Greater Intermediate Lesser Deitesalance NIA (Cad wter NE Mages tn Mischief bag ck CE Agieuture NG ‘Ste, mtr ston, CE Intrigue, deception terre, a No Frac, pools groves NG Autifie cra stig ‘Guarians. wroteon Endurance, sufeing “yrany, ated Death the dea Spring, daw, inh oy, dance, edom; ‘wae, wea’ Pale, wore ‘Hunters, bests blood Thieves shaw Forests, rangers Poery, song Hage, spas rowed bards lnventon ‘Moors, sas, wandeses CG Dark nigh joss NE Travel expiration CN atre,frest druids 8 Heauty. lve, pasion CO Disease, poison ce Storms: destuction CE BSERES =EEEZRR catiquakes Wor, airs aw Duty, loyalty Gi Sul, goad orume CG shstie iG (Ocean, seawinis CE Trade, money, wealth WN any Any Nor “any Ov KE CE Any Nor ‘ny Nor aay any any ‘Any Nor ‘any Any Mork ‘ans Any NorG Any ell rae Any vl Any ev CY “Any but 1G ‘Any Nor ‘any any any Ay wood ‘Any tran ei) “Any Nor ‘any Any Wor Any Nor ‘Any Nor Any Amy ood LN any 16, NG, LN any any "i verses the spheres of trade ard wealth foe Wankeen, who f missing. > Ala Fans dey * Alba a Cele di “Alen 3 None dy * On Tor, Waukee is curreny missing and presumed dead Unknown Pande iur)Pandesmos/Winters Hall ArcadiaBaxenus/Azuth ‘Abyss! 13/lood Tor FysiumFrona/Great Mochers Garden PandemonlunCocytu/Shatered Castle Beastlnds/Brax(Liray of All Knowle HsumEroniythe Troe Grove Dans) Wonderhome Mechanus/Evermatch ytopayShureek/Martyrdomain Getenaa/Chamaa/Baston oF Hate Gray WasteOinosfrytal pie Fysium/Eronin/Moranglory Arce Olvmpusgeer Gehenna/Mungoth Orland CarenColohysthe Land of the Hume Cray WasteNincin| Shadow Keep etna Grove ofthe Unicorns Beastlands/Brax(Liorary of All Knowle ysum/Erona/Dqeomereart (ands na Og House of Knowledge) ‘qari ats ofthe Moon Gray Waste Palace o Loss YsgardP¥gar/Shaundiur ‘Outlands/Tr na (Sumimeroak Artoce/ Dymus CarerCathryePalae of Pssom Tears PandemoniunjPandesros/Towers of Run Lionas ese Mount Celesin/Mercuria Trachea Arce Olympus “Yoqard/Yopa Asgard and Mount CelesinfLaniafthe Court Abyss blood Tor ChtlonstheMarkerpace Bread Teasmna Los Akad Grumbar sesh Kossith sete Grete Grester ie Fan Woter Fre Any sy any any HementalAlte Great Funnel Hemel Earhihe Great Morais ental Waterlthe Sea of Timlessess HementlFirelie Crmson Pl "Thou worshiped om many pine worlds the lds are more concermed With fas om ther own planes. see Name Stas Ponfatio AL WAL Plane/Layer/Realm Name Dead Powers “Acbryals powers ‘amainator Greater Sum. taw.rulenhip LN Any nonchaotic Astral (echansfkespof the EterilSun} ‘aos Great Pont " ‘any Astral Sia) Bine Greater Sif, ated. tyramy LE Any Nor Asta (Acherom/AvalanfBlack Bastion hl Tnveredite Murder vilen death LE Any Nor Asal (Gebennahalse/Trone f Blood) Dark Goa Vanes Darkness, cod decay NE Any-evl Asta (Unknswa} nk Greater River, oceans tN th ‘Astal Meche Watered) rand Lever Underda.cavens GY Any GNE.N Atal Pundemonium/Pilegethon! Tbrandylaran) ipuyte Demipower Disease ce ce Asta (Caeetathryseculence) letra ewer Deception, itusion ‘Any Asta Limvolthe Cours of tyson Moaner ser Conmption. decay CE Anyevil_ Asta Abyss/223yOfTtmourdh Mya Greer Thedead decay” NE Any Nor Astral (Gray Waste)Oimos/Bone Case The old gos of Aebryms (Andis, Basia, Brenna, Motel, Rey and Voryna) destroyed themlves in itl against Azra the od of evi of tat worl. Their vartous sprees were ined bythe curem pantheon oF Achy, © APaerinin power: ied duc to ack a lowers. A plana pomer; deste by the Lady of Pai. «A Fuerinhn per: killed during he Time of Troubles » Dying det lack of fllawers. * A°Sameran power murdered by te Babylonian powers Nagaland Ansa "Aish power rurdeed by Talons, «Faranian deity, na atl ver Wena] spheres © AFaeriniam power: sa hy Pier now a Meling Faesnan power THE POWERS BY SPHERE: A MISCELLANY Sphere Power AL Pantheon Plane ‘Abundance Hecate cE ies Baatr; the Gray Waste ‘bien roms i Greek Than Carer fueauercy latsing IN Chinese Aredia Chesferzaion Marduk IN Babylonian Arcadia Common sense st cuthbert LG ern Arcadia Dedication, a St Cale ti ert Arcadia Flemens FlderEtemencal God NE Monstrous (misceltancous) Hiden demiplane Endurncesufering limater Mt Frerinan Bytopla, Everything Braman N Indian Vike Gases Goemnid a Beholder ‘Outlands Hisoylanestors nF 1 Chine ahora! Palatine we kyan Me Cesta Gas itergold Grom Byiopl 1a Ta 1X Chinese Etre Usha 1 Indian ysiun Majere NG Keynn sian Mempor NE Giant ‘them Zachis 1 en uitans Memsoe NE Giant Gehenna Running Heme: Co Greek arborea Scapegoats Fenmarel Mexaine CN Ei Lino Sees Geanthat CE Buthear Abyss sevice ennis N Yaaie Beastiands Survival Semana x rar ren Outta Swordwork Ellsvaee 6G Evi drm) Ysgand Testing hung Ku 1G chine Me Celestia olerancelpatience Meta EN Monggeimen ‘ada Vier Nike IK Greek ‘bores Waketuness Usas 1G nian Bye Warship Buhaspal te inn Me Catesia Youth aun CG Norse ego sian +e APPENDIX Il: THE POWERS BY SPHERE ett many pavers hve damien nae hm espe T pend es seer Anu pone a she. Power AL Pantheon Plane Power AL Pantheon Plane Agriculture/crops Beauty/charisma hunter NO Facrnian yim plies CG Greek Atos Daghaha CG cee Outlands sur NG Nose Yoga, Demeter NG Greek Arbors, Branchata NG Kiyon Yoga tea Giant Elysium Deep Sashes CG leh Ahora on NG lapinexe yt anal Clan CG Elveh thor te N Chinese Elson Lalas NG Giant thor Sheda Peryoy! N iting Outlands Mistakal 1G Krynn Elysium Thor CG Nose Yan Sune CG Faerinian Arbors Surminare NG Sele Elysium Air/sky/winds Verenesta NDryad Wanders ‘erie Fay (Gv tones ‘aka Nfoerdnlan Elem. Aur Chaos/change anu EX bylonian — Mechanas Erevan lescre Nv ni NG Sumerian” Elysium Sivion N Ky eggs iN Ysgard Zinzremn Ce Flt re ors co ‘Awala at NG lytum charm/vanity Rea " Desslands Bibel CE Foxwonen Abyss ShinacToutito CW Limbo Verena No beyad Wanders sha G Hem Air Stronmaus NG Beastands Childbirth/fertility Thor ce Ysgard anna "Giant Outlands tke LG Finnish Bytopia aAremis NG Greck ——Atbores’ ‘Umbeie (ea winds) CE Foerilan ys. Frey NG Nose Yorare Uranus, Ce Greek Tian Unknown Frye CN Nome Yoga vaya Indian Limbo Gace Gres Than Pame teas N Greek Aorea Great Maer CE Beholder Abyss Yuan Yin LG Chinese MU Ceestts Animals tamer NG faeranlan Elysium ‘aps ines eyptian Prime take TE Ores Acheron “Artemis il beasts), Grek arborea Mishakal Le Kryon—Eysium ast eas) Txyptian —Ysgard hes NG Greek Team Athorea Biganta vestcs) Cac yim Senvanys NX Usard men Outlands chisiey Tryon Bestlands Yondalla, Le Haining” Mt Cees Darag (wolves) Wieresolt Wanders Frey rss) None Yard Children/parenthood ‘cori iyenss) ‘Gnoll Wanders Mates No Giant Essa abi NG Keyon —Besands ar UG Finnish Prime Karontor NE Gum carer ie LG Fyyptian* Lath spies CE Hivith drow) Any Susan LG Coun Mi Catenin Ligh hoses CN Caic Oud ‘sone LG Sear Wanders Maar wild beasts) CE Faeriian Carer Tse rmaintins realms on Elysium and Arad Oberon NG Faerie Wanders emi (aus) N Ege Beads Cold/winter au NE FaerGnian Pandemonium Arts/artisans Trisha Te Cerfian "Baar Corellon arehisn CG Elvsh —Arborea ara kart CG Japanese Beastands Deneir NG Foerdnian —Beasands Stlker NE Goolinod Wanders acme CG Cerllan Arbors nm CE Nore Gmts Ysgard tg CN Celie Cuan Ue CN Nose Yoga Mead TN Gobllnokd Arcadia Pah IN Hayptin Ethereal Commerce/trade Hermes CG Greek Arhorea Balance/judgme: Ui CG Faerinion—Atbovea ry WA Faerinian Unknown Lah NX Gee Outlands hronepsis Dragon” Outlands shinae NKeyin Outlands Stone N Centaur Beastiands Wiatheen NFaerinion Outlands ‘ici EK ert Outlands ine Power Pantheon NG Swany LG cova Palate LX Myon Stent N Centaur Conrage/heroism in lite LG Keyan Moi Ch None we 1G None ‘Valkyries the Ch Nene (fallen eros) crafts Athena LG Greet Chih Ni CG Chinese Corel Larethian CG Evie ond NFacrunian Hepizews NG Greek Ladusuer LE Duevsar Ligh cx catie Neriadar 1X Goblinoid Fema rehieetue)—-N—Tniton a LN Fayptian Creation Deep Siselas co vs abhakat NG ryan te Nall Dragon [eanagl and zanami LN Japanese Moratin to Darish Posehn CK Grek Shang 1G hiese Shekinster No Naga Darlness/night/shadow Arshar ‘Babylonian Bb dooipoolp Me stn Hlotle Me) Certs Len CE Elis se Mask NE Faerinan Nenu NE oertn DDucen of Airand CE Faerie Darkness ata ow Rat N Shar NE Shargaes NE Toth LE Tharizdan NE Dawn Lathander NG Faerinian Ushas UG Indien Plane Limbo Mechanne Besstnds Bycopin Yoaard Yeaard Ysgand ‘area etoren Outiants ‘rea ‘ealia er, Wate Ethereal ‘Atbores ‘enslands Unknown ‘Areadia Me Celestia ‘tore Mechanus Owtands Pandemonium | Elem, Water Pandemonium | ss Gray Waste arcs Pandemoniom | Gray Waste Outlands Gray Waste Bastor Demiplane tytum slum Power AL Pantheon Dead/the underworld mus 16. Egyptian Kelemvor 1X Feerinian Nepathys CG Fgypian Neng NE Bibyonian oan LG rgyptian Thonetar CE Frei Tver Nie) Finnish Yama IN lin Death Arann NE calue Chronepsis N Dragon Hodes LN Greek Ha NE Hore al CE dan Kelenvor LN Faerdnan Neral NE ert Setanine Moonbow CG Elvish Sue NE Goblinoit sana NE Finnish Uragatan NMaling Wee is ENE} oer Yen: Wang-ven IN Chinese Verte NE Onkh Deception/lies/betrayal BaravarClakshadow NG Gromsh ce CE Faerinin Geemet CE Beholder Hiddket Keyan ua ce om Panzurit Ne bvllsca Destruction Tae ce Faeriniin Shekinser N Naga Sh NE Indl vaya OF Indian Disease/decay Faluoue NE Dragon el NE Xone Incabulos NE oes Karontor Meormiiy) NE Giant Morsion NE Key ud NE Indian Ramenos CE Bali Talona Ce Faeronian Tharedon NE Orth YYeenogh (paralysis) CE Gol ghoul vor NE Ore Domination/tyranny Demoyongon Taceachid Great Meter cane Trensine Te tht Iyacheu Xvi LE Foerbnan Khurgomaeyee LE Goblin Sekolah LE Schuaain Sess nek CE Lard tings sae Plane otra Gray Waste ‘arborea Gray Waste ‘rca Pandemonium Pandemnism Nectar ray Waste Gray Waste Gray Waste Abyss, Gray Waste ‘Atborea Wanders Career Elysium Achero Pe Gray Waste yop Pandemonium ‘Outlands Abyss Prime Gray Waste Pandemonium Outlands Neg Energy cares ‘ray Waste Gray Was Carcet Gray Waste Mcchanus Abyss Carcen Demiplane Abst Gray Waste Abyss ‘ngs Ouitands SGcherna Acheron Banton Ainss Power AL Drought/Famine Ineabuloe NE rarth/and Beory x Caldara N ‘Smoothhands cuca N Geb NG Grambar nN Nita N sk ra SeyojanFarcaller NG Urogaian " Earthquakes Nai No Kant w Prseidon ow Energy Demogonan ce High God NA Evil/hatred Amarwtllabishs LE yim ce 1st c ae c yeh Xvi Le rome Ne Lath c Ser ira Staler NE Tahss i Tmt iF Fate/destiny ‘sus 8 Chrome N Norms, the q Fear Bela e Eythoul i Seige i Fire Aen «co Gira 6 Ho Masubt ww Kosuth s laerme co Sargonmas Le Sim N sane iF Food/eating Canim N topes c Pantheon erin xyplan Oech Sv Greek Tan Exyptan Faerun Sumerian Japanese Geet tig Japanese “eek Frernian Japanese ort Finnish Faerilon Ws (dow) ian abt Koy Dragon eth Dragon Nore Cian bent Ragen Idan Hobylonin Japanese Ferian Cena ryan Keyan Nore Giant kemoutis Trogytes Plat Gray Waste Bistor Pome Bytopia Prime lem. Earth ter, Earth Byun ‘sya yop Hise ‘atborea Pandemonian | Abyss Unknown Achewon Pandemonium | Prime Pame Gatco Abyss Beaton Wanders Biator ‘otiands uta Dutands Pandemonia| Pandemonia| Abyss. Unio MU Celestia Pandemonion | lem, Fe ‘area Geen Limo Yoga Wanders abyss Power AL Pantheon Plane Forests Barna NG Gromish —Bytopia Wiwanderer Brana NO Kynn Yoga Enlonns NG enn Betas nk N Ceelian Outlands Ty NG Finnish Bastin Faerunlan vans N Cate Owdands Fortune/Iuck/chance he. TN Egypian—Datlands Hevkaba (ad Wek) CE Faerun Abyss Homes Grek Arbors High Go Nia Keyan Unknown Kishen NG lapanese Prine Iakstmt €G—Inlan MU Celestia Neves (CG Gnomsh —Bytopa Ralshae ad ck) CM Orth Limbo Tyehe N Greek Atorea Tymoca CG Foeranian—Artorea stra Ceviian Oulart Vergadain NH Dwarssh Outlands Freedom/liberty Ure CG Faerinian—Atborea ada N Get Outlands shine NX kgm Outlands Tiheseon Gent Arborea Friendship/Iraternity/relationships Balador Co Wentbear Beaslans Baroy TE Gobi” Baator eoopeation) Coit N Fame Wanders Cyrelee {oe tting MC Cees Fonnvala NG fannie Wanders Mit 1G Indian MM Celestia Pha NG tian Beasts Tis fase Wanders Grief/o: esi NG Corian sum Shir NE Faeranian Gray Waste Guardianship/vigilance Avoteet LG alning Mt Celestia Geeetal ontand LG Gnamish——_Bytopia ein Li None Ysa Helm IN Faerinian—Mectanas Koret 1G Kin Wanders, Plaine LG Kye Mu Cee Parasite CX Naw Career Syrania NG Aarahocra—Atborea Happiness/joy Dionysus creck Atborea ising CG Chinese thereat lie © Faeronian —Atborea Shichifubaia Yar. Japanese Me abestia Ssronmaus NG Giant ‘Besslands oor Power AL Pantheon Plane Power AL Pantheon Plane Healing/medicine Jealousy/envy ‘palo CO Greek Artorea tho CE enh BemonarTrucsiver 1G Dwarvish MU Celestia ‘ein yam Dianesie 1G Cale Dulane. Exchiighern (Unicom Wand Justice Gains NG Cae” Oailans Foret 19 Nome Yogurt tithe LE Omikh Acheron Fas, the N Greek Gray Waste Mahal Li Krymn cm Hetoneaus 1G Genk Meets O-Kunichan 15 pine Yo High God NA Kym Unknown Fett NG Och sium ir 1G) Faeinian Mt Clea Palo IN Myconié Mechs Health ‘cane Outlands Flandal Siedskin NG Gomi —_Bytopia Greek Aorta Gea TN Grek Titan Prine Materia Cerlan Mees ‘shame Dragon MU Celestia Home/domestic life Boceob cath” Dattani AeronarTiveuver U0 ~ Duwavvish Mi Celestia Bras indian MU Cena Gralisiee Lj ating” Mt Celsi Deep Salas Evan Aare res IX None Year Divina Dena ugar Dwarvish Outlands Hunting/archery Uingrmance Artemis NG Greek Arborea cileam N Koya Outlands Etrace CG Eivsh Grow) Yoga sarin UG Couatl Me Cost tk NCerlian Oatlands ioe LG vin Wanders Ferris N Weraiger Beata Maanzccorin 1E Miki Getenna Gore CE Gnol Wanders Mista Li Keyan Btu rankhat CE Buydear Ass Sahin NFaelnian—Oxtands Gratator Gam oan Co None Yogand Hite N Gant an Uh enh Me Celestia Male ce Faeinan Stckinser N Naga wands Raiden etching) CE Japanese Cate Toth NFgypian Outlay Scien LE Sawagin Bator Fol No Rayon” Beasands SolmmorTeandin CESK AMotea her o% Nowe Yagud Law/order Palatine 19 Kymn Mt Cesta Allusion Pts 1% eth Mechanus Baar Clatskidow NO Gnomish —_Bytopla na LG Nome MU Celestia cic (1 Faeriion—Panderoniom | Varuna 1X nian Mecham ina No kaya Ethereal Zen N Grek Arbors Salche 8 epechaun Wanders Life Insanity/madness ‘wn NE celle Gray Waste Blibdolpaoy NE Kuo-ios Elem Water | all (endian Abyss Diogu Ck Grek ures Maat to kymn—Biythim Tharedin NE Oe Demiplane hea NG Grek than Apres Srv NG dian Plate Intrigue Vaya! Xindian Limbo Gy CE Faerdnian Panton hala SE Foxwomen Abyss Light ry OX Greek trea mtr LG Japanese. kes Serna TE Kiyon Geena ‘pola Grek Aurea Bees NG Celie stom Invent Heimat TN None Yaga Aseria ©% Dragon Ysa Mira UG indian Me Cokes Dagmsren © Davis Dla Paatine LG Kyat Celestia “race Pele NG oer Ekim ond NX Faerinian—Ousands Sov NG Inn Est Neekin CO Gromis—Bytpta Scher NG Fayptan — Ebstim omima NFeronian Outlands Uses 1G indi yim Tes Co Inia ys Vishow 1G Indian Rt Celestia + 186+ Power AL Pantheon Literature/writing/speech ence Faciinian ma Me cae Facninian Vidar sence) co Mane Longevity Labels Enoreh GBivish Shou thing (CN Chineve Love/lust Agioie CG Grek Freya CN None anal Cant GEivsh Tatas NG Giant Tanna LE Sumerian cme co Ceslian Tesh, 1G Seelt Loyalty/duty achthighern CG Unicorn Heironeous (honor) LG Orth To 1G Faernian Magic/sorcery/spelleasters Anna ‘avant Bocesb Cort Larethian Deep Sashes Drinks Enmantenser Great Mother Hecate Kanchetsis [ger Math Mathony alien Myst Nan O-Kun-tus (Queen of Aran Darkness Reon (enystic solnart Tani Weedas ie 1G e 6 is NE Gian Cerin enh Ebi Behl Greet Egyptian Vampire Dueriar Kym cae ich Faeranian ptese centan ryan oath Plane Reams Outlants Ys arborea end ‘trea Yoga ‘mores ttorea Ramat sia ‘tren Wanders Wanders Me Cele Me Celestia owtants Mecnis Owtands rea anderen Abyss Abyss Bheral ‘Gehenna slur Thera ‘oyun Pandersonium owtans Wanders ‘Acheron eat maintains res om Bator andthe Gray Waste ht minting red eal Power AL Marriage/fidelity Frigan Hers a iis UG Nu Trisha 6 Merey Visi 6 ‘Mining/mountains Canaeduran ‘Smt hands Dumais, N Flandsl Steskin NG Kurla tt Uae 6 Mischief/trickery Beshabs Diancsira a Erevan sere ow Gara Ger ierold Loki thai Sgiathach Olimar Quoin Squeaiche ow ‘Monsters Druaga baaterud LE Kesha te Moon/stars Ceatune Ne Caleta NG Hecate ce Nanta-Sin oo oon N Stanine Moonbow Sebne ca Sons oo Tsuki Yori NG sure Pantheon None Gree Exyptin Figptian sraell Dwar ate Keto ert Facrinian Eivish Kobola Gnomish None Faerie Dragon ‘orth en Liprechata Babylonian Cerin os ‘er Greek Sumerian Cerlian Est Frerinian tnatsn Japanese Plane Yuan Aon sian Wanders as mantins ens on Eysim and Acad "Nut oversees couples forbidden to mary Me Celestia outanas Duds tenia Bator Dudands Abyss Waser Geen Wanders Ysjant Beasts ot moines realms on Yar and Panderons ator Baator Gray Waste ‘arat sian Duan Artore Ysaard Yssard ys Hecate maintains esis on Gastor an the Gray Waste Power AL Pantheon Music/poetry/bards/dance ate Grek rat So fone Brame NG Keyan Cordon archon CG vk Dann GX Satyr tore Elsa CG Eh rom) tie Co faernan ut NG facranan On CG None Oxtma Neranian Ohmars Lea Nature/wild ery x oe Grey Xv Hath ipoves) NO Farian Hien N Giant i MN Somesan tet Lt Chine ie NG Fans, bac Noo over No Fee ran GH Grek Seon Grater NG Gomis Sheen Peyroyt Nalin Sivan, N Cate, Feria Oracles/prophecy ‘pale Grek ten Sh Grek ran Kise Nt Chine Soma © tndun Pain/torture Darr CE Wernott Dirinkafcnely) CE Dee te ce Osh sar UE Pans Frtran Pastion/pleasure sstenaian ch Drga ot © Epi Diana Gin Treva (None Pan Gl Geet Sine CG Faeriian Peace/diplomacy Ea Feetlan Satan 13 oat keane NG Chinese fin 1 enh Sinminste NG Sole Playfulness/curiosity fee Nn Wertiges ‘nba 1 apes, seacdves Plane ‘tows eystum Yoqan ‘trea wanders Ysqan Amores Besslands Yaga atlas Yasar Prime Pewslands lysia sium Paine tere Beasts Dusan Wanders Pre Bytopin Data Data Prime ys Yosard Wanders Pandemoniany Prime ‘ehenma sean sped anders Ysgond anrorea Hysian MC Cet ysl Me Celestia sium Beasts wanders Power AL Pantheon Poison Mensa cE Yuan Talons CE Feerimian Protection/safety Arvoreee ating Bilulor co Wownar BoravarCoakshadow NG Gnomish erronarTruesver UG Darish Callordran N Suita ‘Staoathhands Each Co Unicorn Grenulok Te Kobold Gterial entund = Groeish Gari Glicenola LG Gnomish el IX Faerlnin Korie ig Khe Taduguer TE Duergae Syranta NG Aaabocra Yona iG Matting Rage/anger Mod CG None Sargonnas Le Keyan Rulers/leaders/authority lyn LG Cen Maghabiyet LE Goblin Nomog-Geaya TE Hatta Palaine LG Kryam Ra LN egyptian ews N Greek Shill/excellence ag CY cate sit CG Nore Tymora CG None Sleep/dreams/nightmares Incibalos ‘erik Meer Se Ramer CE Bullying Setanine Moonbow CG Elvish Untare NFinnih Smithing ‘Ana-Tew- Man, 4 Fandal Steskin NG ‘Gal Gliergold rd Gain NG Cae ond IN Faerinin Hephaestus NG Greek Noradin 1G Dwarish Reorx Mya Social order/behavior ung Fut UG Chinese Shang 1G Chinese Plane Abyss Carces Mi Coen Wanders Bytopin, Mu Celesti Bytopia Wanders Bytoyia Bop Mechanes Wanders Elysium Aen ‘Atores Mt Celestia Yoqant there ‘Acheron ‘Acheron Arcadia ‘orc Cutands Yeqard ‘ore Gray Waste Ass Abyss Arora Catancs ropa Bytonin Byopla ‘unas Datla ‘bores ‘Arai tere Mechenus Power AL Pameon Plane Power AL Panihvon Plane Spring/arowth Truth/trust iis ci Nome Yop Lerma Trvesiver LG Dwarish Mt Celestia {ther NO Fareinian Eldar (Chany Kae LG Chinese AM Celenia ‘irs 16 indian Maes Cyrolaiee LG Moling MIL Celestia High Goa NIA Keyan Unknow Stealth/concealment ‘randobare No Hang Wanders undead Guta LE Kobold) Gehenna Chemosts LE Kya Abyss ‘quer Le Wert Genenna Faluere NE Dragon Career Kancheis CE Vane Alyse Strength Karansiee CE Eis (row) Abyss Bang LE Orch Acheron Melia NE Lh Geers ord co ers Yoga Yeenogia CE Ghoul Abyss Kosthtchie Gia Abyss Nw! co Nome = Yoga Vegetation Vidar Co Nome gar Emmonticnsien es) CG Treant—— Wanders sie LG Egyptian radia Strife/feuds/discord Some Co irian” Yoga Balink CE Ceriian Pandemonium | Vengeance/revenge Gre CE Farwinion —Pancemoniuon | Bibdoopoolp NE Kuo-oa Elem, Water, Hertor LE Gent Acheron Dlinarizan CE Deno Abyss ont Ce Nome Horus Gp Arcadia * Loki mata realms on Ysgaed and Pandemonium Kuaranslee CE EW row) Abyss te Kung LE Chinese Acheron Sun/heat Sangonnes Le KemmaGebenna Anitera LG Jepimse Me caestia ‘Avant EN Ceriian ——Mechanus Yiolence/murdex/bloodin: Balers NG Gee Elyshum Ans Greek Asborea Frey NG Nose gana cyte © Facnan—Panferana Horus CG Fgyptian — Aveaia Dategor CE Werwall” Wanders Pele NG den Elytum Hraek CE Buqiear —Pandemontum Ra LN Egyptian Ateaia Kanchelsis CE Vampire Abyss Sev NG indian lysine Kostetchie cE Giant Abyss Stormaus NG Giant ‘Beaands Malsr CE Facrinian Carve sua UG Indien Me Coen Nena NE tert Carcent te CG Sumerian Aone Panza NE Seacteatures Gray Waste Owen of Airand CE Fate. Pandemontum Territory Darkness Barativyek Le Gobind waator Usilen CE Gomi Abyss Gna TE Gren Acheron inerera CE AWsh row) Prime Vier NE Huish (row) Career ‘Wanderers/travelers/exploration Thiev. Baerean NG Grombh Bytopia Brandoberts Nialhing Wanders widwanderer Flotie CMe) Cera Pandemontum | Ceesian NG enh Asal Erevan teste CX Bvish—Aoren Damathoin N-Dwarvish Outlands Heres Ci Grek Atoren Falonatin NG tenth Prime Mast NE Faesdnian Gry Waste Hewes Co Ok Arbre (Guerine Nel estlande lagi © Clue Outlands Shanes NE Orkh Ghent Nuamman Dusthol NG Dwarvish —Yoqand Sauer LE Werert ——Gehenna Pah Faypian —Ederal Sang Chiong NE Chinese Genta Puchan Indian ensands Vergadain NDmarsh Outlands Serine Finan Yogard Viaeain NE Bish tow) Career Sharda Feecinin — Yorard Time tel Foeh CG Hivsh Ahonen Lendor IN Oerth ——Mechanos Tsk Yor NG ypimese Flys +109 4