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9735-1 CS Manual (Mar. 19, 98) P/N 82338620 Rev.A Date: Mar.

19, 98

9735-1 CS Manual (Mar. 19, 98) P/N 82338620 Rev.A Date: Mar. 19, 98

MODEL 9735
For 1 Player / Age 8 and Up


The lure you select can be determined by the sky and water conditions, as well as the depth of the fish you see on the sonar screen. For example, if the sky is sunny ( ) and the water is clear, a dark-colored lure might work best. However, if the sky is cloudy ( ) and the water is murky, a light-colored lure might work best. The sky and water conditions can change each time you change lake locations, but with the correct lure, fish can be caught under any set of conditions. The following list should help you with your selection:
# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 LURE DEPTH SKY WATER Black Glow .........................1-15..........Sunny . . . .Murky Chartreuse..........................1-15..........Sunny . . . .Clear Red Shad ............................1-15..........Sunny . . . .Clear Purple Firetail.....................1-15..........Sunny . . . .Murky Rattling Jig -White .............5-15..........Sunny . . . .Murky Tube Jig -Clear ..................5-15..........Sunny . . . .Clear Slider Jig -Smoke ..............5-15..........Sunny . . . .Clear Jig and Pork -Red ..............5-15..........Sunny . . . .Murky Tandem Nickle -Black .......1-15 .........Cloudy . . . .Clear Tandem Nickle -Chartreuse ..1-15 .........Cloudy . . . .Clear Single Gold -White ............1-15 .........Cloudy . . .Murky Single Copper -Red ...........1-15 .........Cloudy . . .Murky Shallow -Red Crawfish.......0-5 ..........Cloudy . . .Murky Medium -Silver Shad .........5-10 .........Cloudy . . .Murky Medium -Rainbow ..............5-10..........Sunny . . . .Clear Deep -Luminous Green ....10-15.........Sunny . . . .Clear Buzzbait -Black ..................0-15 .........Cloudy . . . .Clear Popper -Hot Frog .................0............Cloudy . . . .Clear


Turn the reel in a clockwise direction to reel the line (and lure) toward you. Be aware that your lure can still become snagged by stumps, grass, or underwater rocks. If you snag your lure while you are reeling, you will hear a three-tone chime and see the word SNAG, signalling you to stop reeling before you break your line. Stop reeling and try jerking the unit back quickly to get the lure free. If this does not work, you will need to continue reeling which will LURE WATER: eventually break the line. CLEAR DEPTH For best results, try to reel at pace which keeps the lure near the level of the fish you see on the sonar screen.
0 5 10 15

1. To open the battery cover, loosen the screw until the battery door can be removed.

2. Insert two (2) fresh AA (LR06) alkaline batteries with the negative () ends against the springs. 3. Replace the battery compartment cover.

Jigging Jigging is another method

of reeling which can be used. This method works best with lures 1-12 and 18. To jig, cast your lure into the water, reel-in 3 to 6 revolutions, and then quickly jerk the unit back toward you. Repeat until the lure is back in the boat (hopefully with a fish!)

As with all small batteries, the batteries included with this game should be kept away from small children who still put things in their mouths. If the battery is swallowed, promptly see a doctor. Be sure you insert the battery correctly and always follow the game and battery manufacturers instructions. Battery may leak if improperly installed, or explode if recharged, disassembled or heated.


When a fish bites your lure, the game vibrates and the LINE TENSION display shows a sudden increase in tension. When this happens, quickly jerk the unit back toward you to try to set the hook (just like you would if you were actually fishing). If you are able to set the hook, the continued vibrations and increased tension tell you that you still have a fish on the line. You can tell what size the fish is by the way the game shakes. If it shakes for a short amount of time, it is a small fish. If it shakes for extended amounts of time, it is a larger fish.

Press the middle ONCAST button to wake the unit. Press and hold GAMENEW GAME to start a new
game. This will fill the tackle box and empty the live well. Press again to change fishing modes. (See FISHING MODES)


There are five CAST buttons, each of which relates to a different direction within your view of the lake. Use the center button to cast straight ahead and a side button to cast toward its respective side, as follows:

Press the MOVE button to move your boat around

the lake. You will notice that the view on the main screen changes each time you press this button.

Handle the game carefully. Store the game away from dusty or dirty areas. Keep the game away from moisture or temperature extremes. Do not disassemble the game. If a problem occurs, press the reset button. If problems continue, remove and replace the batteries or try new batteries. If problems still continue, consult your warranty card for replacement instructions. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended are to be used. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Remove any exhausted batteries from the game. The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.

Press the LUREDRAG button (either up or down)

to change the lure you currently have selected. (See SELECTING A LURE)

2 1

4 5

Cast out the line and start reeling! (See CASTING


The smaller fish can usually be reeled in easily, but the larger ones will take more effort to land, especially the 18- to 25-pound lunkers! You will need to pay much more attention to both the line tension and the line-out meters.

Recreational Fishing In this mode,


you fish at your leisure with no time limit. Each catch is stored in the live well for your viewing pleasure (press LIVE WELLBEST CATCH to see the weight of each fish). While in this mode, you can also hold LIVE WELLBEST CATCH down for two seconds to see the weight of the largest fish caught on this unit. If you lose all of your lures, you must press NEW GAME to restore your lures and empty the live well.

Tournament Fishing Similar to an


actual bass fishing tournament, the object TOURNAMENT of this game is to catch as many bass as TIME you can in the given time frame. Since this is a tournament, you must catch at least five fish to qualify for a ranking. If you catch more than five, only your five largest fish are used in the weight-in where the total weight is calculated. When your time is up, your ranking, based on total weight and compared with other computerized fishermen, is shown in the upper-left screen. The weight of each of your fish can be viewed when you press the LIVE WELLBEST CATCH button. Hold this button down to view the total weight. The highest rank and total weight on this unit is also store in the computer (until the RESET button is pressed) and can be viewed by pressing LIVE WELLBEST CATCH.

To make a CAST, hold one of the cast buttons down and make a quick, forward motion (just like you would with an actual rod and reel). Release the CAST button at the end of the casting motion. The distance of your cast is determined by the physical force of your cast so you can use a soft motion for a short cast, and a hard motion for a long cast! If you perform the casting motion correctly, you will see the distance of your cast (shown digitally in feet) in the lower-right corner of the screen next to the words LINE OUT. You will also see a small, flashing ripple on the screen, showing where your line enters the water. If you are unhappy with your cast result, simply press the center cast button and your line will quickly be reeled in automatically.

Decreasing Tension
When you have a big fish on the line, your line tension may increase into the RED zone. Lower the line tension by decreasing () the drag. You can do this by pressing the down arrow on the LUREDRAG button. Decreasing the drag allows the fish to take more line out, giving it less chance to break the line. If your drag setting is too high and your line is in danger of breaking, you will hear 3 warning sounds (the sound of your line being stripped). If you do not decrease your drag before the 3rd sound, your line will break.

Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity. ADULT SUPERVISION IS RECOMMENDED WHEN CHANGING BATTERIES. Keep this manual because it contains important information.

Keeping Your Line

If your drag is set too low, the fish may continue taking line out until it takes it all from your reel and you lose your lure. When this happens, you can hear the sound of the line being taken out. To keep the fish from taking your line, increase (+) the drag by pressing the up arrow on the LURE DRAG button. Of course, this will cause your line tension to increase again, forcing you to decrease the drag so the monster cannot run off with your line. A big lunker usually takes many adjustments of the drag settings in this back-and-forth battle. Always try to continue reeling while making your drag setting adjustments.

Snagging Your Lure

When casting, be careful that you dont snag your line on the land, the pier, or a stump. If your lure hits the land, you will hear a thump sound and see the word SNAG. Try jerking the unit back quickly to see if you can pop the lure free. If you cannot free the lure, your line will break and that lure is lost. If you can get it free, you will probably need to reel in a few yards of line before you see the flashing water ripple indicating your lure position. Occasionally, when you have a fish on the line, it may become wrapped up in some cover and break your line. If you lose your lure, you will be able to use that lure again only after pressing GAMENEW GAME.

The number of the lure that you currently have on your line is shown in the lower right corner of the main LCD under LURE. You can change your lure only when the line has been reeled all the way in so that a zero (0) is shown in the line-out display. The lure number shown on the LCD corresponds to the lures listed on the games handle. Press one of the two sides of the LUREDRAG button to move up or down through the tackle box.

TM, & 1997 Radica China Ltd. U.S. Patent Pending All Rights Reserved

You can start a new game at any time by pressing and holding NEW GAME. This refills your tackle box and empties your live well.
P/N 82338620 Rev.A