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About %S\n\nPublisher: %S\nRelease Date: %S\nVersion: %S\nDescription: %S\nUpdate URL: %S\n %S\n\n : %S\n : %S\n : %S\n : %S\n : %S\n

: %S\n 2011 BitTorrent, Inc.\r\nAll Rights Reserved.\r\n\r\nThanks for using this FREE p rogram. We hope you like it. If you paid for it, get a refund!\r\n\r\nThanks to ludde, Serge Paquet, zygron, and Firon for all the help. 2011 BitTorrent, Inc. .\r\n All files (*.*)||*.*|| (*.*)||*.*|| Invalid path specified. Please modify and try again. . . &Deselect & &Deselect All & (disk space: % Z) ( : % Z) (of % Z) ( % Z) There is not enough free disk space to save the files in the folder you selected .\r\nDo you want to continue anyway? .\r\n &Select & &Select All & One or more files exceed the filesystem size limit, these files can not be saved properly.\r\nDo you want to continue anyway? , Add RSS Feed RSS- Would you like to add %s to your search list? '%s' ? files scanned ( ) file scanned Loading Anti-virus engine Problems Found Problem Found Scan Result OK OK (100%) Update Complete (100%) (%d%%) Updating definitions (%d%%) %S application %S failed to copy to %s %S %S: %s \nThis app was downloaded from %S \n %S Installing %S %S Configuring %S %S This %s app was downloaded from a website.\nOnly install it if it came from a tr

usted source.\nWould you like to install?\n\nTitle: %S\nPublisher: %S\nUpdate UR L: %S %s .\n , Unable to find '%s'. '%s'. Error '%s' while downloading URL. '%s' URL. Unable to generate temp filename. . Neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled. Please check your preferences. NAT-PMP UPnP. , . Antivirus installed Antivirus app not installed The app '%S' is requesting access to:\n%S%S\n\nWould you like to grant this app access? '%S' :\n%S%S\n\n ? Missing app name Missing update url url App is not compatible with client Missing index.html index.html App load failed (%s) (%s) We couldn't connect to the App Studio. App Studio. Please check your Internet connection and then try visiting the app studio again . , App Studio. Can't open .torrent file: %s .torrent : '%s' Failure: %s ! %s Files missing from job. Please recheck. . . Peers6 field is of invalid length ' ' Peers field is of invalid length ' ' Tracker sending invalid data: %.*S. : %.*S. Tracker reply in bad format Tracker reply has no peers field ' ' Executing: %s : %s working Unknown torrent Drive %c is missing. Please reconnect it. %c . , . Warning: %s : %s by *

* Cancel Checking auto portmap configuration ... ... Checking queue ... we are %d. ... %d. Play Connecting ... ... (auto detect)||16 kB||32 kB||64 kB||128 kB||256 kB||512 kB||1024 kB||2048 kB||40 96 kB|| ( )||16 ||32 ||64 ||128 ||256 ||512 ||1024 | &Cancel & Unable to save to '%s'. '%s'. &Close & The size of the selected data is 0 bytes. Please specify another file or directo ry. 0 . . The directory you have selected contains more than 1000 files. The resulting .to rrent will get very large. A better idea is to put the files into a compressed f ile and then share that file.\r\n\r\nDo you want to continue anyway? 1000 . - .torrent Drag either a single file or a folder to the window. . Please enter the name of a file or directory. . Please enter a valid tracker URL. Do you want to continue without having any tra ckers? URL . ? There was an error computing the hash: (%d) %s : (%d) %s All files (*.*)||*.*|| (*.*)||*.*|| Torrent files||*.torrent||All files (*.*)||*.*|| - ||*.torrent|| (*.*)||*.*|| You have selected to share your entire My Documents folder and all its files. It is not advisable to do so unless you are certain you want to share all the cont ents, including possibly private documents.\n\nAre you sure you want to proceed? . The file or directory '%s' cannot be found. Please enter a different filename. N ote that you can't share the root of a drive. '%s' . .\r\n Too many pieces in the torrent. Select a larger piece size. . . &Reset & Select where to save the .torrent , .torrent Select a file Select a folder Always perform this check &Close

& D: %z/s : %z/ ETA: * : * U: %z/s : %z/ About Torrent Torrent Close Webpage Web- Add New Torrent Save As * * ... ... S&kip hash check & &Start torrent & Label: : Add to top of queue Torrent Contents * * Name: : Comment: : Size: : Date: : S&elect All & Select &None & &Advanced... & OK OK Cancel Don't show this dialog Feed Feed URL: URL : &Custom Alias: & : Subscription Do &not automatically download all items & &Automatically download all items published in feed

Use &smart episode filter & OK Cancel Yes No Always check for updates to this version Enter Password Enter Password OK OK Cancel Retry Install Cancel X X Create New Torrent Select Source * * Add file Add directory Skip Files: : Torrent Properties * * Trackers: : Web Seeds: Web: Comment: : Piece size: : Other * * S&tart seeding & &Private torrent & Preserve file &order & Create and &save as... & ... Show: : Resolution:


: Read Statistics * * Cache: : From Cache From File

Amount Avg Size . Rate . Write Statistics * * Cache: : To Cache Amount To File Avg Size . Rate . Hashing &Reset & Queue Static Static Static Static Static Static Static Static Static Torrent Setup < &Back


< & &Cancel & Program Location B&rowse... & ... Install Torrent in: Torrent : Create Start menu entry Create Quick Launch icon Create Desktop icon Additional Settings Add an exception for Torrent in Windows Firewall Torrent Windows Start Torrent when Windows starts up Torrent Windows The following options automate the configuration of some additional settings in Windows. Windows. File Types .torrent (BitTorrent files) .torrent (BitTorrent ) Magnet URIs Magnet URI .btsearch (BitTorrent Search Engine files) .btsearch ( BitTorrent) Select which file types you would like Torrent to handle by default. , Torrent . Yes, I'd love to check out this free film and support artists who support BitTor rent , . Zenith\r\n\r\nA Film by Anonymous.\r\nGet part one of the film they don't want y ou to see.\r\n\r\nCheck 'yes' to download. Zenith\r\n\r\n (Anonymous).\r\n , Add Torrent from URL URL OK OK Cancel Please enter the location of the .torrent you want to open: .torrent : &OK O&K &Cancel & RSS Downloader RSS- &Help & &Close & &Add &


&Delete & ? ? Filter Settings * * Filter: : Not: : Save in: . : ... ... Feed: : Quality: : &Episode Number: [ex. 1x12-14] & : [ . 1 12-14] &Filter matches original name instead of decoded name & , Don't start downloads automatically &Give download highest priority & Smart ep. filter &Minimum interval: & . : &Reset & Label for new torrents: : &Delete & Preferences OK OK Cancel &Apply & Language * * &Language: & : &More... & ... Windows Integration * Windows * Associate with .torrent files .torrent C&heck association on startup & Associate with .btsearch files .btsearch Sta&rt Torrent on system startup & Torrent

Associate with magnet URIs magnet URI Install IPv6/Teredo IPv6/Teredo Privacy &Check for updates automatically & Update to beta versions Send detailed info when checking for updates (always anonymous) ( ) &Boss-Key: &Boss-Key: &Clear Private Data & Use Boss-Key password Boss-Key When Downloading * * &Append .!ut to incomplete files .!ut & P&re-allocate all files & Pr&event standby if there are active torrents & Display Options * * C&onfirm when deleting torrents & Confirm when d&eleting trackers & S&how confirmation dialog on exit & A&lternate list background color & Show current speed in the &title bar & Sh&ow speed limits in the status bar & System Tray * * C&lose to tray & &Minimize to tray & &Always show tray icon & &Single click on tray icon to open & Show &balloon notifications in tray & Al&ways activate when clicked & When Adding Torrents * * &Don't start the download automatically & A&ctivate the program window &

S&how a window that displays the files inside the torrent & Actions for Double Click * * For seeding torrents: : For downloading torrents: : Use fine grained file priorities Location of Downloaded Files * * &Put new downloads in: & : ... ... &Move completed downloads to: & : &Append the torrent's label & ... ... &Only move from the default download directory & Location of .torrents * .torrent * Store .torrents in: .torrent : ... ... Move .torrents for finished jobs to: .torrent : ... ... &Automatically load .torrents from: & .torrent : &Delete loaded .torrents & ... ... Listening Port * * Port used for incoming connections: : Random port &Randomize port each start & Enable &UPnP port mapping & UPnP Enable &NAT-PMP port mapping & NAT-PMP Add Windows &Firewall exception & Proxy Server * * T&ype: & : &Proxy: :

P&ort: : Authentication Username: : Password: : Use proxy for hostname lookups Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections P2PProxy Privacy Disable all local DNS lookups DNS Disable features that leak identifying information Disable connections unsupported by the proxy Global Upload Rate Limiting * * Maximum upload rate (kB/s): [0: unlimited] ( / ): [0: ] Alternate upload rate when not downloading (kB/s): , ( / ): Global Download Rate Limiting * * Maximum download rate (kB/s): [0: unlimited] ( / ): [0: ] Apply rate limit to transport overhead Apply rate limit to uTP connections uTPNumber of Connections Global maximum number of connections: : Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: : Number of upload slots per torrent: : Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% < 90% Global Rate Limit Options Stop transfers on user interaction Basic BitTorrent Features * BitTorrent * &Enable DHT Network & DHT&Ask tracker for scrape information & scrape- &Enable DHT for new torrents DHT & Enable &Peer Exchange & Enable &Local Peer Discovery &

&Limit local peer bandwidth & Protocol Encryption * * Outgoing: : Allow incoming legacy connections IP/Hostname to report to tracker: IP/ : Enable bandwidth management [uTP] . [uTP] Enable UDP tracker support UDPEnable Transfer Cap Cap Settings * * Bandwidth Cap: : Time Period (days): ( ): Limit Type: : Uploads Downloads Uploads + Downloads Usage history for selected period: : Uploaded: : Static Downloaded: : Static Uploaded + Downloaded: : Static Time period: : Static Reset History Queue Settings * * Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download): ( ): Maximum number of active downloads: : Seeding Goal (Default Values) ( ) Minimum ratio (%): (%):

Minimum seeding time (minutes): ( ): &Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks & When Torrent Reaches the Seeding Goal * * Limit the upload rate to (kB/s): [0 = stop] ( / ): [0 = ] &Enable Scheduler & Scheduler Table * * Scheduler Settings * * Limited upload rate (kB/s): ( / ): Limited download rate (kB/s): ( / ): &Disable DHT when turning off & . DHT ' ' Select your preferred player for playback %1 stands for the command which is the chosen playable file. You could add extra parameters for the player you selected. %1 , , Use default player Enable playback Enable &Web UI & WebAuthentication * * &Username: & : &Password: & : Enable &Guest account with username: & : Connectivity * * Alternative &listening port (default is the connection port): & ( ): &Restrict access to the following IPs (separate multiple entries with a comma): & IP [ ]: Advanced Options [WARNING: Do not modify!] * [ : !] * &Value: & : &True & . &False & . &Set O&K &Reset & Speed Popup List [Separate multiple values with a comma] [ ] &Override automatic speed popup list

& : Upload speed list: : Download speed list: : Persistent Labels [Separate multiple labels with a | character] [ , | ] Search Engines [Format: name|URL] * [ : |URL] * Basic Cache Settings * * The disk cache is used to keep frequently accessed data in memory to reduce the number of reads and writes to the hard drive. Torrent normally manages the cache automatically, but you may change its behavior by modifying these settings. &Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB): - & , (): &Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed & , Advanced Cache Settings * * Enable caching of disk &writes & Wr&ite out untouched blocks every 2 minutes & 2 Wri&te out finished pieces immediately & Enable caching of disk &reads & Turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow Remove old blocks from the cache Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing Disable Win&dows caching of disk writes & Windows Disable Wind&ows caching of disk reads & Windows Placeholder for DNA settings DNA &Enable DNA-powered downloads & DNA Alert me when DNA-powered downloads are added to uTorrent DNA Run Program Run this program when a torrent finishes: , : You can use these commands:\r\n%F - Name of downloaded file (for single file tor rents)\r\n%D - Directory where files are saved\r\n%N - Title of torrent\r\n%S State of torrent\r\n%L - Label\r\n%T - Tracker :\r\n%F [ Run this program when a torrent changes state: , : %M - Status message string (same as status column)\r\n%I - hex encoded info-hash \r\n\r\nState is a combination of:\r\nstarted = 1, checking = 2, start-after-che ck = 4,\r\nchecked = 8, error = 16, paused = 32, auto = 64, loaded = 128 %M ( )\r\n%I - hex Setup Guide

]\r\n%D -


Bandwidth Your Upload Speed: : Settings Upload Limit: : Connections (per-torrent): ( ): Max active torrents: : Static Static Static Upload Slots: : Connections (global): ( ): Max active downloads: : Static Static Static Network Current Port: (0:random) : (0: ) Automatic Port Mapping (Recommended) ( .) &Cancel & &Run tests & &Save && Close & Torrent Automatic Shutdown Torrent &Cancel & Speed Guide &Run speed test at: & Connection Type: : Affected Settings * [ Upload Limit: : Upload Slots: : Connections (per-torrent):


: Connections (global): : Max active torrents: : Max active downloads: : Current Port: [0: auto] : [0: ] &Test if port is forwarded properly & &Cancel & &Use Selected Settings & Torrent Properties OK Cancel Trackers (separate tiers with an empty line) * [ ] * Bandwidth Settings * * Maximum upload rate (kB/s): [0: default] . ( / ): [0: ] Maximum download rate (kB/s): [0: default] . ( / ): [0: ] Number of upload slots: [0: default] : [0: ] Seeding Goal &Override default settings & : Minimum ratio (%): (%): Minimum seeding time (minutes): ( ): Other Settings * * &Initial Seeding & &Enable DHT & DHT &Peer Exchange & &Local Peer Discovery & Web Seeds WebRun Program * * Run this program when the download finishes: : ... ... You can use these commands:\r\n%F - Name of downloaded file (for single file tor rents)\r\n%D - Directory where files are saved\r\n%N - Title of torrent\r\n%S State of torrent\r\n%L - Label\r\n%T - Tracker

:\r\n%F [ %M - Status message string (same as status column)\r\n%I - hex encoded info-hash \r\n\r\nState is a combination of:\r\nstarted = 1, checking = 2, start-after-che ck = 4,\r\nchecked = 8, error = 16, paused = 32, auto = 64, loaded = 128 %M ( )\r\n%I - hex Dialog OK OK Cancel Torrent Visualization Torrent Close %s\r\n%z/s down, %z/s up %s\r\n%z/ , %z/ Downloading %S ... %S ... Edit RSS Feed RSS- &Clear Feed History & &Delete Feed & Dis&able Feed & &Edit Feed... & ... En&able Feed & &Update Feed & File move target %s already exists. Overwrite? , . ? 1 1 2 2 3 3 Search the web for content A web page showing results will launch ... There is no step three! , ! Manage Search Providers... ... Think content titles, how-to descriptions, etc. ... You will see links to Torrent files,\nclick on what you want. ,\n , . But you can alternately copy and paste Torrent URLs into Torrent. - Torrent. Problem Not Scanned Queued

]\r\n%D -


Scanning Updating definitions Scanned Path Done First Piece Mode Name Pieces || || % % Pieces Play Priority Size * * read write skip low normal high Opening unknown files from strangers can be dangerous. The file can contain viru ses and other things that can harm your computer.\r\n\r\nDo you really want to o pen %s? . There was an error opening %s.\r\n\r\nMaybe the file hasn't been fully downloade d yet? '%s'.\r\n\r\n , . There was an error opening %s.\r\n\r\nThis file may not be streamable. '%s'.\r\n\r\n . Could not find application to open %s. '%s'. Do you want to launch %s? %s? There was an error finding the associated media player. . &Copy &

Availability: : [DHT] [DHT] announcing... ... disabled inactive not allowed waiting for announce... ... working %z/s %z/ Downloaded: : [Limited] [ ] %z/s (avg. %Z/s) %z/ ( %Z/ ) %z/s %z/ General % Z (%d hashfails) % Z ( %d) [Local Peer Discovery] [ ] disabled inactive not allowed working * * [Peer Exchange] [ ] disabled inactive not allowed working %d x % z (have %u) %d % z ( %u scrape not supported scrape- scrape ok scrape- scraping scrape-

% Z (% Z done) (% Z total) % Z (% Z ) (% Z % Z (% Z done) % Z (% Z ) Time Elapsed: : Downloaded: : Uploaded: : Seeds: : Remaining: : Download Speed: . : Upload Speed: . : Peers: : Share Ratio: : Down Limit: . : Up Limit: . : Wasted: : Save As: : Pieces: : Comment: : Total Size: : Hash: : Created On: : Status: : Transfer disabled updating... ... %z/s %z/ %z/s (avg. %Z/s) %z/ ( %Z/ ) %z/s %z/ %d of %d connected (%d in swarm) %d %d ( : %d) Bytes Read - Time - Bytes Written - Time -

Number of Reads - Time - Number of Writes - Time - Transfer Cap is not Set Grid: %d days : %d . %d days %d . % z of % z % z % z 1 day 1 Upload & Download||Download||Upload||Disk Statistics||Transfer Cap||Transfer His tory||Network Overhead||uTP delay|| || || || || || Grid: 10 seconds : 10 Grid: 1 minute : 1 Grid: 5 minutes : 5 Grid: 1 hour : 1 Time (%s step) ( %s) 1 second 5 seconds 5 30 seconds 30 5 minutes 5 k\nB\n/\ns \n\n/\n m\ns \n Could not download help file. Error: %s . : %s Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download , Cannot launch help file, as it is still downloading , Bad proxy reply Bad proxy reply 2 2 Invalid redirect (%S) (%S) invalid http reply httpinvalid transfer encoding invalid URL URL can't open file can't unzip


unable to write to file unable to write to file Proxy connect error %d %d Too many redirects (%S) (%S) %s (%d installed) %s (%d ) Installing %S ... %S ... I &Agree & Choose Install Location Choose a directory to put the application file in: : Select Torrent configurations (recommended settings are pre-selected) Torrent Configuration Exclusively for you - free - Check out our next Spotlight Film . &Install & If you accept the terms of the agreement, click I Agree to continue. , , . Scroll down to see the rest of the agreement. . &Next > & > Please review the license terms before installing Torrent , Torrent License Agreement Beware of online scams! A number of websites have taken our free Torrent client a nd attempt to charge money for it through some sort of fee or subscription o r else they install it for free but infect your computer with malicious code in the process. To protect yourself, be sure to only download our software from htt p:// You should NEVER under any circumstances pay for free Torre nt software. !\r\n\r\n , Torrent, From BitTorrent, Inc. - the publishers of Torrent BitTorrent, Inc Torrent. Warning This wizard will guide you through the installation of %s.\r\n\r\nVersion: %s (B uild %s)\r\n\r\nClick Next to continue. \r\n Welcome to the Torrent Setup Wizard Torrent Invalid folder specified. Please choose another folder. . . Invalid queue indicator Loaded ipfilter.dat (%d entries)

ipfilter.dat ( : %d) There were errors loading the language file. Please see the file uTorrent.exe.lo g in the application directory. . , The install of %s failed.\nThe archive may be incorrectly signed or corrupted. %s.\n . &Add Tracker... & ... Clear &all logging flags & Enter logfile Enter the name of the file to log to: : Log aggregated messages Log blocked connections Clear &Log & &Copy & Dump DHT &Buckets & DHT- Dump DHT &Tracked & DHTLog disconnects &Error Logging & Log bad cancels Log bad haves Log bad piece requests Log bad rejections Log incoming have messages Log holepunch TCP/UDP Log incoming connections &Dump Memory Info & Log finished metadata Log misc errors Log NATPMP messages NATPMP- Log NATPMP errors NATPMP- Log outgoing connections &Peer Traffic Logging & Log PEX

Log piece picker Log RSS messages RSS- Log RSS errors RSS- Log outgoing have messages Log to &file... & ... Log unchoke errors ' ' Log UPnP messages UPnP- Log UPnP errors UPnP- &Verbose Logging & Log WebUI requests Web &Remove Tracker & &Update Tracker & Use &DHT &DHT Use &Local Peer Discovery & Use &Peer Exchange & Unable to contact Torrent update server. Torrent. There was a problem downloading the language file for Torrent. Please try later. Torrent. . There was a problem downloading the update for Torrent. Please try later or visit Sorry about the inconvenience. Torrent. There was a problem installing the language file for Torrent. Torrent. Unable to load %s : %s! : '%s' - %s! Unable to load %s : %s! : '%s' - %s! Unable to save the resume file. Some data may be lost.\r\nAnother program might have the file open, or the disk is full. Please correct this and click Retry. If you press Cancel, the resume file will not be saved. . .\r\n , Unable to save the resume file. Another program might have the file open, or the disk is full. . , Unable to save .torrent to '%s'. .torrent '%s'. Unable to copy .torrent from '%s' to '%s': (%d) %s .torrent '%s' '%s': (%d) %s Unable to start updater process! Please download the newest version manually on . http://www.utorrent. Unable to verify the integrity of Torrent's update server. Torrent. Unable to rename/delete '%s'.

/ '%s'. The selected location is not valid. Please try again. . . Choose where to download '%s' to: , '%s': Choose where to save %s , '%s': Some software installed on your computer prevents %s\nfrom working properly. Thi s is possibly caused by the following DLLs '%S %S' %s .\n Last %d days %d . DHT: Disabled DHT: (Login) ( ) DHT: %d nodes%s DHT: %d %s (Updating) ( ) DHT: Waiting to log in DHT: Torrents (*.torrent)||*.torrent||All files (*.*)||*.*|| (*.torrent)||*.torrent|| (*.*)||*.*|| %s-files:*.%s:All files (*.*):*.*: %s- :*.%s: (*.*):*.*: All files||*.*|| ||*.*|| It looks like the file you are about to download already exists in the folder fo r completed downloads.\r\nDo you want to use the data in that directory instead? , , .\r\n Abort - Don't load this torrent; just skip it. - , . No - Download the torrent from scratch. - . Yes - Use the data in the complete folder. . Torrent detected '%S' (%S) appears to be installed on your computer. That is know n malware, and might cause Torrent to crash or behave strangely, including but no t limited to using up all your RAM and freezing. Please run a virus/malware chec ker. Torrent , '%S' (%S).\r\n Would you like to make Torrent the default torrent application? Torrent ? You appear to be running version %02d.%02d of the NVIDIA Network Access Manageme nt tool.\n\nThis version has known issues which may create problems with Torrent. \n\nPlease upgrade your NVIDIA software to at least version %02d.%02d. , NVIDIA Network Access Management %02d.%02d\n\n Do you really want to exit Torrent? Torrent? Resume file successfully saved. . D: %s%z/s : %s%z/ L: %z/s : %z/ O: %z/s : %z/ T: %Z : %Z

U: %s%z/s : %s%z/ Select a .torrent to open .torrent connection closed %s: ERROR MSG: %s\n %s: : %s\n %s: ERROR: received message type %d (expected %d)\n %s: : %d ( %d)\n Connection Data read Data send Uploaded this run: % Z\r\nDownloaded this run: % Z\r\nUploaded Today: % Z\r\nDow nloaded Today: % Z\r\nTransferred last %d days: % Z\r\nTotal Uploaded: % Z\r\nTo tal Downloaded: % Z\r\nTotal Ratio: %:.3d\r\nTotal Running Time: %d:%.2d:%.2d\r\ nNumber of torrents added: %d\r\nProgram launched: %d times\r\n\r\nLast launched : %s\r\n incoming conns since start: %d\r\n outgoing conns since start: %d\r\n handshake: %d\r\n connections: %d\r\n uTP connecting: %d\r\n TCP connecting : %d\r\n half-open: %d (%d queued)\r\n : % Z\r\n : % Z\r\n : % Z\r\n Allocating files Disk overloaded %d %% HDD %d %% * * Listen error\r\nYou should change the listen port. \r\n . Network OK\r\nYour network connection is working as it should. \r\n . Not connectable\r\nA firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you. \r\n / . No incoming connections\r\nUnless the icon turns green, it could indicate a prob lem with your network configuration. \r\n . Limited by scheduler . Stopped by transfer cap Click to access the transfer cap settings , Click to access the scheduler settings , Seeding only Stopped by speed test Stopped by scheduler Stopped by user activity Click to access the bandwidth settings , %s\r\n%d(%d) downloading, %d(%d) seeding\r\n%z/s down, %z/s up %s\r\n%d (%d) , %d (%d) \r\n%z/ , %z/

D:%s U:%s - %s %s/%s - %s The torrent you are trying to add t to load the trackers from it? , The torrent you are trying to add ase wait to add it again. , Unlimited &About Torrent & Torrent Add RSS Feed... RSS- ... &Add Torrent... & ... A&dd Torrent (no default save)... & ( Add Torrent from &URL... & URL... &Create New Torrent... & ... E&xit & &File & Torrent &Forums & Torrent &Help & Torrent FA&Q -FA&Q Torrent Torrent &Help & - Torrent &Options & &Preferences & &RSS Downloader RSS-& Send &Beta Feedback & Show &Apps Pane & Show &Category List & Compact Category &List & Show &Detailed Info & Show &Find Pane & &Download Bar & &Narrow Toolbar & Show &Status Bar & &Icons on Tabs &

is already in the list of torrents. Do you wan , . matches a torrent currently being deleted. Ple , .\r\n ,


Show &Toolbar & &Auto Shutdown & Disabled Quit when Downloads Complete Shutdown when Everything Completes Quit when Everything Completes Hibernate when Downloads Complete Hibernate when Everything Completes Standby when Downloads Complete Standby when Everything Completes Reboot when Downloads Complete Reboot when Everything Completes Shutdown when Downloads Complete Setup &Guide & &Show Statistics & &Download Translation & &Check for Updates & Torrent &Webpage & Torrent Scan for &viruses & &Don't Download & &Priority & &High & &Low & &Normal & &Open & Open &Containing Folder & Prioritize by File &Order & &Relocate... & ... &About App & A&dd RSS Feed... & RSS- ...

&Add Torrent... & ... &Advanced & Scan for &viruses & &Bandwidth Allocation & &Clear Peer List & Copy &Magnet URI &Magnet URI De&lete Data & &Delete .torrent & .torrent D&elete .torrent + Data & .torrent + &Show Download Bar & Force Re-C&heck & &Force Start & &High & &Label & &Low & Move &Down Queue & Move &Up Queue & &Normal & &Open & Open &Containing Folder & &RSS Downloader RSS-& Open URL in Bro&wser URL & &Pause & Prop&erties & &Remove & &Remove & Remove and delete .&torrent .&torrent Remove and delete &Data & Remove and d&elete .torrent + Data .torrent + & Move to &trash if possible & ,

Remove A&nd & &Reset Bans & &RSS Options &RSS Set &Download Limit & S&et Download Location... & ... Set &Upload Limit & &Start & S&top & &Torrent Options & &Uninstall App & Update Trac&ker & Alt+ Alt+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Shift+ Shift+ &Add Peer... & ... C&opy Selected Hosts & &Copy Peer List & &Log piece info... & ... Reload &IPFilter &IPFilter &Resolve IPs &IP &Log Traffic to Logger Tab & Read bad message Bad port number Bad Port number received Failed bind Checking for forwarded port Checking intermediate networks ... ... Server does not support this client Failure closing socket A local networking problem closed the connection. .

The server is down. . Server closed the connection. . System Call failed: CreateEvent : CreateEvent System Call failed: CreateThread : CreateThread Data socket dropped connection Download Protocol error in download test Problem reading download speed from server. . Download test: wrong message type : . Unexpected empty message body %s error: %s (%d) ! %s: %s (%d) Connection failed Failure reading message body Internal Error Invalid message argument Invalid test ID ID Error logging in: Couldn't receive test order : Error logging in: version check : Lookup Message too large Middlebox Middlebox Wrong message at end of test Timed out waiting for message from server. . Please check your networking configuration. , . Problem logging into server Protocol error - message type out of range Problem reading midbox download speed. midbox . Problem reading upload speed. . Error sending message body Error sending message header

Server Busy: Too many clients waiting in queue, please try again later : , , Server Busy: Please wait 60 seconds for the current test to finish : , 60 , Server Connection: : Server version is too old. . Simple firewall Results: Upload: * : : * ) Download: * ) : * Results: Speed test aborted by user. : . Results: Speed test failed. : . Running Download test ... ... Download: TEST_START : TEST_START Running Upload test ... ... Failure while decoding test order Connect failure Read failure Error reading TEST_PREPARE message TEST_PREPARE Timed out. . Upload Upload: TEST_START : TEST_START Problem reading web100 variables. web100 . %s (%d new) %s (%d ) New %s! %s! Access violation Array bounds exceeded Breakpoint connection closed by peer Datatype misalignment File exceeds filesystem size limit Float denormal operand Float divide by zero

Float inexact result Float invalid operation Float overflow Float stack check Float underflow Guard page hostname not found Illegal instruction Integer divide by zero Integer overflow Invalid disposition Invalid handle ( ) In page error Noncontinuable exception offline (timed out) ( ) Integer private instruction Single step Stack overflow Volume unmounted Add Feed Add Url High Low Normal Active Torrents Apps Completed Downloading DNA DNA

Feeds Find Content Inactive Labels No Label Added On Scanned Source ||Avail.||Availability || || ||Bw.Alloc||Bandwidth Allocation || || Codec Completed Completed On Debug Done % Downloaded Down Limit Down Speed || . || Elapsed Episode ETA Format Label Last Active Name

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Selected Size || || Ratio || .|| Size || || Source URL URL Status Tracker Tracker Status Uploaded Up Limit Up Speed || . || Are you sure you want ? Are you sure you want Are you sure you want Are you sure you want Create Remove (%d of %d) %s (%d %d) %s Not scanned Problems Found Problem Found Queued Scanning Updating definitions Checked %:.1d%% %:.1d%% Downloading Error: %s ! %s Finished [F] Downloading [ ] [F] Seeding [ ] [F] Initial-Seeding

to remove the %d selected torrents and all associated data to remove to remove to remove %d the the %d the . selected torrent and all associated data? ? %d selected torrents? . ? selected torrent? ? ?

[ ] C Paused Queued Queued Seed RSS RSS Previously Downloaded Seeding Stopped Initial-Seeding C Load Down Up Enter label Enter the new label for the selected torrents: New Label... ... Pause Prefs Remove Label <Search Here> < > Download Stop General||Trackers||Peers||Pieces||Files||Speed||Logger|| || || || || || || || Add Torrent Add Torrent from URL URL Virus Scan Create New Torrent Move Down Queue Move Up Queue Pause Preferences Remove

Add RSS Feed RSS- Start Stop Virus Scan Client Debug ||Peer dl.||Peer Download Rate || . || Downloaded Down Speed || . || Flags Hasherr Inactive IP IP MaxDown || . || MaxUp || . || % % Port Queued Relevance Reqs Uploaded Up Speed || . Waited Availability Blocks Completed Mode of Blocks || || Priority


Size fast medium slow Port Forward test complete. %s . %s Results: Port not open. : . Results: Proxy detected. Results inconclusive. : . Retry Install

ALL RSS: Feed already exists %s RSS: '%s' Download Date Feed Full Name URL URL Really delete RSS Feed %s ? RSS- '%s'? (All) ( ) Open URL in &Browser URL & &Delete & (match always)||(match only once)||12 hours||1 day||2 days||3 days||4 days||1 we ek||2 weeks||3 weeks||1 month|| ( )||( )||12 ||1 ||2 ||3 ||4 ||1 ||2 ||3 Date of last match: %s\r\nLast episodes matched: %s\r\n\r\nMatching releases:\r\ n%s : %s\r\n : %s\r\n\r\n N/A / New Filter None &Download & &Add to Favorites & Open URL in &Browser URL & ALL Really delete RSS Filter %s ? RSS- '%s'? Really delete %d history entries?



%d . ? RSS: Smart filter has rejected %S RSS: - '%S' Favorites||History|| || || Too many RSS: Unable to load %S : %s RSS: '%S' - %s Unable to load %S : %s '%S' - %s RSS: Unable to download %s : %s RSS: '%s' - %s Mon||Tue||Wed||Thu||Fri||Sat||Sun|| || || || || || || || Friday Monday Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday The file '%s' is in use by another process and can't be opened. '%s' . The file '%s' was damaged/missing. It has been recovered. '%s' . You have to restart Torrent for the changes to take effect. Torrent, . Select your preferred player Executable (*.exe)||*.exe||All files (*.*)||*.*|| (*.exe)||*.exe||All files (*.*)||*.*|| Full speed Full speed -\nUses normal global\nbandwidth limits -\n \n Limited Limited -\nUses scheduler-specified\nbandwidth limits -\n \n Seeding only Seeding only -\nOnly uploads data\n(including incomplete) -\n \n( ) Turn off Turn off -\nStops all torrents\nthat are not forced -\n , \n To get the most accurate readings, please choose the Server nearest you. , . Please Select a server , More info is in the <a href= >FAQ</a> and at <a href

= ></a> <a href= >FAQ</a> <a href= http://portfo </a> * * PostMessage failed h:%d i:%d t:%d e:%d h:%d i:%d t:%d e:%d Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download). : ( ). Port mapping will speed downloads and enable seeding. More info in FAQ and at p . Results: Port is open. Your network is properly configured. : . . This test will verify your router settings and highlight any configuration issue s. . Run Tests This test will use <a href= mlabs >Measurement Lab</ a> tools to check and set your bandwidth limits. <a href= mlabs >Measurement Lab</a> If no location is near, you can test at <a href= / >dslreports</a> and input your upload speed. , <a href= >dslrep Stop Tests Torrent Setup Guide Torrent Torrent Bandwidth Configuration Torrent Torrent will test your network and configure itself for best performance. Torrent . Choose the closest test location ... ... Downloading Server List ... ... Please enter a valid port number from 0-65535. (1-65535). This is a likely service port. Please choose another.\n(You can change this sett ing in bt.no_connect_to_services_list) , . , .\n( Automatic Shutdown will initiate in %d seconds.\r\nPress Cancel to abort. %d \r\n .\r\n , ' FAILED ! Hibernating computer... %s ... %s OK OK Quitting program Restarting computer... %s ... %s Shutting down computer... %s ... %s Stand-by computer... %s ... %s B

EB GB kB MB PB TB (Alternate speed test at <a href= >dslreports</ a>) ( <a href= >dslreports</a>) upload rate limit download rate limit TCP upload rate TCP TCP download rate TCP send rate to player cache reading file reading cache writing file writing Transfer cap upload + download + downloaded upload rate (payload) ( ) uploaded ack upload ack download header upload header download connect upload connect download close upload close download retransmission upload

download rate (payload) ( ) retransmission download peak send delay average send delay min send delay peak receive delay average receive delay min receive delay upload rate (local peers) ( ) download rate (local peers) ( ) upload rate (incl. overhead) ( . ) download rate (incl. overhead) ( . ) TCP upload rate limit TCP TCP download rate limit TCP Advanced UI Extras Bandwidth Connection Disk Cache DNA DNA Directories General UI Settings Transfer Cap Playback Run Program Scheduler Queueing BitTorrent BitTorrent Web UI

WebShow Properties||Start/Stop||Open Folder||Show Download Bar|| || / || || Disabled||Enabled||Forced|| || || || 1||2||5||7||10||14||15||20||21||28||30||31|| 1||2||5||7||10||14||15||20||21||28||30||31|| MB||GB|| |||| (none)||Socks4||Socks5||HTTPS||HTTP|| ( )||Socks4||Socks5||HTTPS||HTTP|| (Never)|| ( )|| Name


Value Please enter a valid disk cache size 0-1800. , 0 1800 . Please enter a valid IP on the form Specify an empty string to use the default IP. IP- IP The transfer cap must be greater than zero. . Please enter a valid port number from 0-65535. (1-65535). The specified number is not a valid integer. Please enter a valid integer. . . Do you really want to reset your bandwidth usage history?\n\nThis operation cann ot be undone. ?\n\n Select a folder Select a folder where you want to store the active downloads: : Welcome to the Torrent Speed Guide.\r\n\r\nThis guide will help you setup your ne twork settings for the most optimal speed. Torrent.\r\n Current Settings ( ( (Current Settings) ( ) Test Result ( ( Choose the upload speed appropriate for your connection from the list below. If you do not know it, click the button to run a speed test to find out, and choose the one nearest to your actual upload speed. A port must be forwarded from your router to Torrent to get good speeds. This por t is used to let other peers connect to you. , Torrent Unlimited Test queued... ... %dd %dh %d . %d %dh %dm %d %d %dm %ds

%d %d %ds %d %dw %dd %d . %d . %dy %dw %d ()/ %d . &Enable DHT & DHT&Enable Scheduler & &Download Limit & E&xit & &Hide/Show Torrent & / Torrent &Pause all torrents & &Resume all torrents & &Enable Scheduler & &Upload Limit & General||Advanced|| || || Add Peer Enter the IP:port / [IPv6]:port of the peer to add: (IP:port) / [IPv6]:port : Executable files (*.exe)||*.exe||All files (*.*)||*.*|| (*.exe)||*.exe|| (*.*)||*.*|| Select a file New DNA powered download|%s has started downloading. DNA |% . Download Complete|%s has finished downloading. | '%s' . New Download from RSS|%s has started downloading. RSS|'%s' . New version|A new version of Torrent is now available! | Torrent! !Error|There is not enough disk space to move %s to its final location ! | '%s' !Torrent Error|File: %s\n%s ! | '%s'\n%s Announces Downloaded Interval Min Interval || . || Name Peers Scrapes

Scrape Seeds

Status Update In Are you sure you want to remove the %d selected trackers? %d . ? Are you sure you want to remove the selected tracker? ? Uninstalling %S ... %S ... Are you sure you'd like to uninstall %S?\n\nThis will remove the %S app only. No ne of your in-\nprogress and completed downloads will be removed %S?\n\n '%S', Are you sure you want to uninstall Torrent? Torrent? Uninstallation failed. . Unable to terminate currently running copies of the application.\r\nTerminating the uninstallation procedure. .\r\n Remove settings Take uninstall survey kB/s / The Torrent updater failed. The error is: %s Torrent. : %s Torrent update failed. Unable to start the new process. Torrent. . The Torrent updater is trying to install the update, but the Torrent process is st ill running (It's probably trying to connect to the tracker). Please kill it and click Retry to try again. Torrent , . ( , Browse... ... Password did not match. . Could not download WebUI file. Error: %s Web. : %s Could not download WebUI information. Error: %s Web. : %s WebUI file not found in settings directory, attempting to download Web , %s has requested access to Torrent.\nDo you want to allow access?\nIf you did not initiate this request, press NO %s Torrent.\n ? Always deny pairing requests