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About the Book

Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise is an Expert guidance for planning and executing a complete mobile web strategy. Rethink your approach to the mobile web and Rethink your approach to the mobile web and native appsand build tailor-made solutions to reach customers and clients on a variety of devices. Led by web development luminary Dino Esposito, you'll learn how to create an effective mobile strategy that meets the unique B2C or B2B needs of your enterprise. You'll also gain architectural and implementation guidance for building mobile-specific websites, native and cross-platform applications, and more.
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u Reach

ISBN: 978-93-5004-589-3 Pages: 472 | Price: ` 599/-w/CD Author: Dino Esposito

more users with a combination of mobile websites and platform-specific apps Architect a mobile-optimized website accessible from many u different devices Use HTML5 and jQuery Mobile to build sites that look and behave like u native apps Get started with the basics for building native apps for Windows u Phone, iPhone, and Android Implement design patterns specific to mobile application u development Develop cross-platform app features, such as localization and offline u behavior Write one application codebase for many platforms using the u PhoneGap framework

Table of Contents
Pillars of a Mobile Strategy Mobile Sites vs. Native Applications
Architecture Mobile

Patterns of Mobile Application Development Developing for iOS

Developing for Android

Building Mobile Websites

and jQuery Mobile HTML5

Developing for Windows Phone

Developing with PhoneGap

Developing Responsive Mobile Sites

About the Author

Dino Esposito, CTO of a company that provides software and mobile services to professional sports, is an expert trainer and web architect. Hes the author of several popular books for Microsoft Press such as Programming ASP.NET 4 and Programming ASP.NET MVC 3.

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