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aenal, Allow me to explain WinningProfile below and I have attached some materials for your perusal 1.

WinningFeat -- An article Northwest Mutual did on my work with Mel Reid. We used Mel as our selected subject to develop the Elite Coaching model for the British Olympics. She's now the highest money earner in Europe in Professional Golf 2. WinningTeam Profile - This is a Senior Executive Team with a 500 million pound company 3. WinningIndividual - This is WinningProfile of a Senior Executive with Lloyds of London. 4. WinningSnapshot - This is Sean Casey- MLB All-Star, This report takes all the other information from all the reports and condenses it to 1 page on how to 'Coach' him to higher levels of performance WinningProfile is about performance and productivity. It believes our energy for performance comes from the inside. It's more about 'the will' than just the skill. It believes that 'will' that 'energy' comes from the inside from 10 Behavioral Receptors that make up what we ultimately see in our behavior. Our behavior is made up into three parts: 1. Cognitive, How we think,how we perceive the world and how we process what comes into our brain and body. 2. Emotions , How we emote, how we feel and what makes up our emotional intelligence. 3. What are we like in a work or coaching setting. How will we handle pressure.We have chosen three assessments to measure these three linear aspects of our behavior. We then, after measuring these three areas, have created a process called 'triangulation'which takes this 'linear' information and creates a three dimensional psychological outline of that individual or a team of individuals. This outline or now a WinningProfile, defines our natural behavioral talents. Everyone, based on their talent themes has the ability to be 'elite' at something. We use the concept of elite as building strength. Strength is the ability to do something for a long time consistently well. S (strength) = Talent (themes that are measured by WinningProfile) + Knowledge (if we have the talent we need to be taught the appropriate content) + Skills (those specific things that bring Talent,Knowledge into an actionable process. Our value proposition is we bring research to life. We personalize our findings with a 90 minute consultation and we,after finding the computerized results, write up about 300 profiles per year. We help identify,select and develop Talent for businesses and sporting organizations around the world. We break talent themes down into specific data points of behavior which can identify a culture you might work in or the specific task or function you need to perform your work. We help develop talent templates of successful people and positions you might have in your organization and then measure people to be hired or fit into a plan of succession. We believe in development so individuals,teams and entire organizations become committed to talent and ingrain these principles into their culture. Only 27% of American workers are engaged in their work; we are only selecting 1 in 5 correctly through lag information of a resume and an interview; we are losing our workers every 3.9 years; hiring someone new costs us at least 1.5 times this person's salary; 20 of our workers are doing 80% of our work. And yet, 69% of American companies are using some sort of psychometric to achieve the above results.Something needs changed. WinningProfile is a solution to the above Enjoy, and you want to chat do you have skype? Gary

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Thank you for your quick reply. I am a teacher at the private University in Malang, Indonesia. I really hope to get a sample profile of the winning team or the other profiles as examples can I give to my students. If possible I also want to be a representative of your service in Indonesia who can administer and interpret your profile and of course the Indonesian language. Can you explain more details about the terms and conditions. Always Successful for you Regard Zaenal Muttaqin