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You first must lodge an FIR regarding missing/theft/lost I Card and bring the original copy of FIR and an application. The application will include formal application to DEPUTY REGISTRAR ADMINISTRATION, NSIT requesting for issuing Duplicate I Card.

Then you have to get the application signed at room no. 014 Administration block, after that you have to pay a fine of Rs. 100. in Room no. 112 Administration block (Accounts). With the fee receipt, you again have to get your application signed at 014 Administration block, and thereafter you will be given a blank I Card which you have to fill and get verified from the authority sitting in the same room, and finally you have to get your I Card signed by D.R. THE FULL PROCEDURE OF ADMIT CARD Notice regarding the issuing of admit cards will be put in the notice boards. You have to go to the academic section in the Admin block and collect the blank admit card from there. Submit the filled admit card in the Academic Section. Now, collect the admit Card from the Academic Section two to three days before the exams start. LOST & FOUND DEPARTMENT If a student has lost any of his/her belongings, he/she can contact the Lost & Found Department. The Lost & Found Department is located in the Administrative Block (Room no. B13). The peons and cleaners in the college clean up the classrooms after the college is over. If they find anything in the classrooms they keep them in the Lost & Found Department. The official sitting there makes an entry in the register. When a student comes to claim his/her belonging, he/she is asked about the particulars of the same and also the place where it was lost.

FAQs - Hostel
PROCEDURE TO GET A HOSTEL ROOM Contact the Hostel Caretaker and ask for hostel room. If there are vacant rooms then fill in the hostel allotment form and submit it to the Hostel Warden. The form is available in the hostels. After a certain period of time allotment list is released in which rooms are allotted to the students on the basis of distance from the college. i.e. the student with maximum distance gets the hostel first. Then deposit the hostel fees and other charges in Andhra Bank in the respective hostel account through challan and produce the office copy of the challan in the hostel office and keep the student copy with yourself for future references. Then you will be allotted your hostel room. PROCEDURE FOR CHANGING A HOSTEL ROOM If you have any problem with your hostel room then write an application to the Warden for changing your room stating clearly about the reason behind changing the rooms. The Warden will consider it depending upon the availability of rooms and the reason for changing the room. Room allotted will be final and no further queries will be entertained .

FAQs - Event Management

HOW TO GET A PROJECTOR ISSUED? You can get projector issued by submitting your ID card to Tarun Kumar Rawat Sir giving him a valid reason for what event you need the projector. HOW TO BOOK THE COMMITTEE ROOM? You need to submit a written application giving the details as to why you need the Committee Room. Submit your application to the respective department teacher. You will have to keep visiting them and have to ask them whether the application has been signed or not. When your event is about to start, collect the keys of the Committee Room from the teacher to whom you have submitted the application form.

FAQs - Library
How to get a book issued from the library? Search for the desired book in the library. Once you find it out, go to the issuing counter located in front of the library gate. Show your I Card to the official sitting there. Sign the card given by him/her in front of the book ID number. The book would be stamped by him/her and you can keep that book for 2 weeks and can re-issue after 2 weeks. Before leaving the library, show the book to an official sitting next to the library gate. Books issued from book bank can be kept for entire semester. WHAT ARE THE LATE SUBMISSION CHARGES? In case of late submission, a fine is imposed. A fine of Rs 1/day is charged from the next day of actual submission till the day you submit the book. Can we issue books on weekends? No, you cannot issue books on weekends, though you can read books in the library itself on Saturdays. What are the timings of the library and book bank? Issuing of books are done till 5 P.M. in the evening. Though you can read books in the library till 8:30 P.M. What are the various other things available in the Library? Magazines , newspapers , previous years question papers etc. are available in the library for reference purposes.