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Personal Information:
Name Sex Date of Birth Place of birth Nationality Occupation Marital status Military status Address Telephone E-mail address Homepage Missions : Kamal Mustafa Mohamed : Male : 02/03/1968 : Qena - Abutisht : Egyptian : English Supervisor (ministry of Education) : Married : Exempt : Egypt - Qena - Abutisht : 01226682778 : : : Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Graduated: 1994 Certificate: Faculty of Arts (English Division) 1992 University: South valley university - Egypt

Arabic English : Mother tongue : very good

Computer Skills:
International computer driving license (ICDL) Microsoft Front page ( Web design ) Visual Basic ( programming Language) Networking Web Application for ELT ( Glasgow, Scotland, UK) Computer maintenance

Educational Experience:
English teacher for primary stage from 1994 to 2000 English supervisor from 2000 to the present Master trainer for CDIST( ministry of Education Egypt ) English Teaching Methodology & Micro-Teaching (The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, UK) Placement in Scottish Schools & Universities Teaching Equipment (including ICT), UK Material Evaluation, Assessment & design, UK Advanced Language Study Computer assisted learning Language ( CALL)

Work Experience:
As Trainee: Primary English 1 training of trainers (TOT1) Do and Learn (English course) Basic course for supervisors (BCS) Primary English 2 training of trainers (TOT2) Hand in Hand two 1/5/2004 ( school syllabus for primary stage) Basic call course for English Language 9/8/2004 to 12/8/2004 New Hello 3 (school syllabus) in Mubark City. TOEFL and PTE Exams. Modern evaluation methods for teachers. Lead Course Designers and Trainers (LCDT) ERP "Smile for me" syllabus for primary stage. Intel Teach to the future course Technology of Sharing course Preparing cadres in induction and mentoring Overall assessment program Active Learning strategies program Over All evaluation program

As Trainer: Action Pack course for no specialized in English language Primary English 1 training of trainers Do and Learn (English course) Primary English 2 training of trainers Computer assisted Learning Language ( CALL) Hand in Hand 3 (school syllabus) Modern methods of Evaluation course course designers School planning based on self assessment Hand in hand primary one ( school syllabus)

Communicative reflective of methodology (CRM) Training teachers for traveling abroad in missions. Training teachers how to attend conferences and take part. Raising the standard of English teachers. Quality and accreditation for Egyptian schools. Shaping the way we teach English Preparation for conferences. Improving writing skills for high schools teachers.

High lights of some qualifications

o Self-confidence and self-motivated o Extensive background in communication o Ambitious, intelligent and conscientious o Having ability to make a direct control of events o Working hard according to the requirements of the job o Able to set and achieve goals and work well