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MPA Oral Questions for Class 1 & 2 ORAL QUESTIONS 1. Damage 1.

Action following a collision or sustaining damage of any kind 2. Actions on grounding, methods of refloating, surveys subsequent re-floating. Questions: 1. 1. Vessel aground. What will be your actions?View ans 1. 2. You have a hole in FO tank. What would you do?View ans 1. 3. What parties to be informed in case of aground?View ans 1. 4. At 0200 Hrs, your OOW informed that v/l is aground. What are your immediate and follow-up actions?View ans 1. 5. What actions you will take to refloat the ship?View ans 1. 6. All your measures to refloat the vessel is failed. What will you do? 1. 7. You are able to refloat the vessel. But your rudder/ propeller isdamaged. What will you do? 1. 8. While aground, you are approached by two tugs, one LOF and other towage contract. Which one you will choose? Why? 1. 9. Both offering LOF. Which one will you choose? Will you chooseboth? 1. 10. Rudder/ propeller is lost. What is your action? 1. 11. Collisions with another vessel: action.View ans 1. 12. Hull damage: action,damage control plan. 1. 13. No damage: action.1. 14. As a result of collision, you have a hole under the water line of No-1cargo hold. How would you repair it?

2. Vessel in Distress 1. Steps to be taken when disabled and in distress. 2. Preservation of passengers and crews in the event of wreck. 3. Abandoning ship: survival procedures. 4. Communication with the shore. Questions: 2. 1. Sequence for sending distress alert. Which one last? Why? 2. 2. Wind force 6/7. Every one inside the lifeboat except winchman. Howwould you take him? 2. 3. How would you launch/ recover lifeboat in 6/7 wind force? 2. 4. How will you lower lifeboat in heavy weather condition?View ans 2. 5. What are the Masters obligation in meeting distress situation? 3. Assistance in distress 1. Assisting a ship or aircraft in distress 2. Rescuing passengers and crews of a disabled ship or ditchedaircraft.View ans 3. Launching of rescue boat. 4. Circular-9 of 2002.View ans Questions: 3. 1. What actions will you take after received a distress message?viewans 3. 2. How to proceed to rescue?view ans 3. 3. At sea you receive a distress signal 30 miles off. What is your action?