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REFLECTION OF PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS EDUCATION On 20th November 2012 meeting, we have question and answer sesion. Mr. Marsigit let us, as his students, to ask anything about philosophy. The first question is how to cleanse our hearts and our soul from anything that make it be filthy? For spiritual matters, we need to look for teachers who can give us an example, but it is not just an example but also to guide us. In elegy Memandang Wajah Rasululloh, narrated that the Sahabat and Rasululloh gathered, there is a Sahabat asked, O Rasululloh, actually what you look like? then Rasululloh said, if you want to see my face peek at my child's ear hole, all Sahabat look at Rasululloh sons ears hole. But Abu Bakar did not look at the Rasululloh son ears hole, then Rasululloh asked why he did not peek into His sons ears hole. Abu Bakar replied, O Rasululloh without peeking into your sons ears hole, I can imagine your face all the time. Then Rasululloh replied, look at Abu Bakar, surely he is my smartest student. As we know, there are so many way to walk on our life. We should always look for and choose which way is best. Therefore we must have someone who can lead us down that way. We have to find someone who can show and lead us to be a better person. Our teacher must be a person with a pure heart, so he/she can show us and also can become our leader. Both Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, and Spiritual Quotient are impirtant to improve our lives. These three factors are individually defined and collectively related to each other.
Once these factors are analyzed and related to each other, it becomes clear that mental, physical and social factors all contribute to the holistic health of a person in the form of IQ, EQ and SQ. It can also be concluded that the health of whole human society depends on an individuals health and the social factors. Health, education and moral institutions can combine to create a healthy atmosphere for the entire human society. Spirituality can cause intellectual intelligence. People who are well-

developed in spiritual quotient will evolve intelligent quotient as its implications and emotional quotient will be maintained. If we cannot keep the emotions, then we will be the most stupid person, because it is not polite to space and time. In philosophy, it will imply a not good intellectual quotient. Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is the intelligence of the soul that can help a person to establish itself as a whole. SQ does not depend on the culture or values. Not

following values exist, but creating a possibility to have its own values. So that makes humans can put themselves and live more positively with wisdom, peace, and happiness are essential. One's spiritual quotient is high if at any time his prayer was always flowing. In prayer should incorporate four elements within us, they are heart, mind, speech, and actions. We should not be prejudiced to God. If there is a failure to realize expectations, there must something wrong with ourselves. For example, we pray for our health. Our hearts intend for physical-spiritual is always healthy. Prayer also swore oral spoken through us. Our thoughts are also already thinking about how to live healthy. But our actions are not in sync, just eating unhealthy food excessively. This is an example of a prayer that is not consistent. Powerful and efficacious prayer should be consistent and compact involves four elements above. That is the heart, words, thoughts, and actions do not occur contradiction. For the ideal power of prayer is a prayer followed by concrete actions. The principle of goodness includes two properties or dimensions, universal and specific. Universal goodness, will apply to all people or creatures. Goodness as safety, health, happiness, and tranquility of life. Instead, goodness-specific meaning, both for others, is not necessarily good for ourselves. Alternatively, both for ourselves is not necessarily good for others. Goodness specifically involves the time dimension, for example, is not good for the moment, but good for the future. It is difficult to ascertain all that. But at least in prayer, possibilities that are positive is we need to realize and put into practice in mind. We need wisdom, attitude, mental rigor, patience, and perseverance in prayer.