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1878 1879 1887 1900 1907 1910 1951 The City & Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education established City & Guilds of London Art School established First overseas examinations held Royal Charter granted to provide the means and motivation for individuals, corporations and communities to achieve their goals Founding of Imperial College (comprising City & Guilds College, Royal College of Science and Royal School of Mines) 24,000 candidates sit City & Guilds examinations HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is appointed President of The City & Guilds of London Institute is appointed President of The City & Guilds of London Institute Associated Examinations Board (AEB) established and administered by City & Guilds Creation of NEBS Management City & Guilds offers examinations in computing the first in the UK Technician Education Council (TEC) and Business Education Council (BEC) established and administered by City & Guilds. TEC and BEC later merged to form BTEC Review of vocational qualifications and establishment of National Council for Vocational Qualifications Acquisition of Pitman Examinations Institute Launch of Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) Launch of City & Guilds Affinity 2001 HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh KG KT Hon FCGI celebrates 50 years as President of City & Guilds Formation of ILM (The Institute of Leadership & Management) City & Guilds launches interactive online services and support for learners and tutors ( City & Guilds commemorates its 125th anniversary Pitman Qualifications migration to City & Guilds brand City & Guilds acquired HAB, the UKs specialist awarding body for hospitality and catering qualifications City & Guilds created Centre for Skills Development, and independent research and development organisation, with the aim of improving policy, practice and understanding of vocational education and training on a global level

City & Guilds is an Awarding Body a UK social organisation responsible for the development of standardised qualifications, providing the quality assurance background for the delivery of the qualifications and distributing our standards within the home-country and across the world. We also offer complex teaching and learning solutions through developing support materials (online interfaces, books, teacher training programs) that facilitate the successful delivery of our qualifications at the appropriate, recognised standard represented and guaranteed by City & Guilds. Subject to compliance with its quality assurance guidelines, City & Guilds authorizes educational institutions to offer its International English Qualifications, among others, which form part of the testing system that City & Guilds has been perfecting for years based on European standards and in line with the expectations of professional developments in ELT. City & Guilds cooperates with governments, professional bodies and key industry stakeholders to ensure the qualifications meet the needs of training providers, employers and learners. The standardised qualifications developed by City & Guilds based are recognised as global benchmarks for professional development. As a result, we have become the awarding body of choice for colleges, universities and training providers in close to 90 countries across the globe. Established in 1878, our organisation is considered as one with a most profound experience and expertise in developing educational standards. In 1900 Queen Victoria awarded a Royal Charter to City & Guilds and consequently we are a registered charity with a dedicated responsibility to reinvest our income into the continuous development of qualifications. Our vision: we believe in a world in which all people and organisations can access the skills and learning needed for economic and personal well-being.

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Organisational structure of City & Guilds, presided by the Duke of Edinburgh


City & Guilds is present in almost every corner of the world, from Europe to the Caribbean, from Asia to the Americas, operated through Branch Offices. We pride ourselves on being recognised as a global benchmark through our standards that are delivered at around 3.500 approved centres internationally - through colleges, universities or prestigious businesses that envision prosperity in the upgraded skills of their human resources.

The City & Guilds Group

ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management)

Management and leadership Development qualifications

City & Guilds NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council)

Land-based qualifications

City & Guilds in Europe

General In Europe we are considered a benchmark of measuring English language competences and communication skills in English: City & Guilds International English Qualifications (IEQs) have the function of a standardised testing system, widely recognised by English Language Teaching (ELT) academic circles as a tool of measuring relevant communicative skills in English language use at all 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). City & Guilds IEQs are offered by more than 300 approved centres in most European countries, from Russia to Malta, from the Czech Republic to Italy. Thousands of learners are awarded City & Guilds English qualifications every year to increase their chances of personal growth through mobility, employability and academic progression to institutions of higher education. Our examination centres offering English language are universities or high-profile language schools capable of complying with the City & Guilds requirements to deliver quality education without compromising on professionalism and/or integrity. The approved examination centres all across Europe boast a high rate of successful candidates at City & Guilds English language examinations and proudly use their success as a tool to attract a greater number of learners. We cater for the English learning needs of all age groups and social segments, as our IEQ suite embraces Young Learners examinations, General English examinations, Business English, English for Office Skills, as well as a qualification for teachers of English called ACE (Access Certificate to English Language Teaching).

Vocational Qualifications

English language Qualifications and Business related Qualifications

City & Guilds offers qualifications in more than 500 industrial sectors, ranging from vocational qualifications to management awards, from business related qualifications to English language from beginner to the highest professional levels. We issue certificates to around 2 million learners every year, in more than 8,000 approved City & Guilds centres in the UK and worldwide, which makes City & Guilds an inseparable part of both UK and global education.

The standard represented by City & Guilds IEQs

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) describes what a learner is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing at as many as six different levels of language proficiency. City & Guilds IEQs embody the European standard in testing demonstrated language ability as the language examinations are mapped to the 6 levels of the CEFR. The table below indicates the level-mapping of City & Guilds English language examinations (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to the 6 levels of the Framework. CEFR Level A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 CEFR titles Breakthrough Waystage Threshold Vantage Effective operational proficiency Mastery City & Guilds titles Preliminary Access Achiever Communicator Expert Mastery


City & Guilds International English Qualifications are a comprehensive range of quality English language awards designed for those who need a passport to work, study and travel around the globe. They are recognised by employers, educational institutions and professional bodies worldwide. Our IEQs offer maximum exibility and give training providers the opportunity to design their learners progression towards language and communication proficiency in the skills and areas that they need. Centres and candidates can choose exams from our three suites of IEQs:

International English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

This exciting suite is the perfect choice for candidates looking to demonstrate their ability in English irrespective of their first language. Two qualifications set at the six levels of the Common European Framework, give training providers maximum exibility and they allow learners to enter at the correct level and then progress at a realistic pace.

The defining role of City & Guilds in benchmarking English language knowledge is guaranteed through a robust quality assurance system of its approved centres and a resulting objective assessment conducted by professional markers rigorously trained along the CEFR guidelines. Authorised by the Europass Office of the Council of Europe, City & Guilds issues Europass Certificate Supplements to all the 6 levels of its International English language examinations.

International ESOL
A communicative test of language proficiency in reading, writing and listening, focusing on a learners ability to complete realistic language tasks across the three language skills.

International Spoken ESOL

A communicative test of spoken language skills allowing candidates to concentrate their attention on this essential aspect of communicative competence, which assesses a learners ability to communicate in everyday situations. The qualifications can be taken separately enabling the candidate to focus on specific areas of competence or as a combined qualification that shows proficiency across all of the four language skills. These qualifications are recognised internationally as being a reliable and valid measure of language competence.

Europass Certificate Supplement for International English Qualifications

The Europass Certificate Supplement is a valuable document that adds information to the original certificate about a learners language competencies at one of the six levels of the CEFR. It makes learners certificates transparent and understandable for employers and educational institutions outside the issuing country, through providing a clear description of the certificate-holders knowledge and communicative skills.

Their communicative nature means that centres can be sure that they are offering their candidates a qualification, which is both relevant and useful for work and study internationally.

International Business English

Our suite of Business English qualifications offer learners the opportunity to develop skills that are both relevant and sought after in the workplace. They act as proof to existing and potential employers that learners have the right skills to take a business forward in an international environment.

International ESOL Diploma

All learners who have passed both City & Guilds ESOL and Spoken ESOL examinations are automatically entitled to an International ESOL Diploma free of charge. The Diploma is valid indefinitely.

International English for Young Learners

Our ESOL and Spoken ESOL for Young Learners is a qualification designed for children of 8-14 years of age, with the primary goal of motivating them with reward and sense of achievement attainable through sitting for an international examination in English. The layout and content of the qualification is adjusted to childrens needs, learning styles and fields of interest. English for Young Learners measures childrens ability to use English for fundamental communicative purposes and is available at Basic and Elementary levels (broadly comparable to A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework respectively).

Spoken English Test for Business (SETB)

When they are in meetings, talking to clients on the phone or working within a multinational team, many professionals would like to feel more confident in their spoken English. This award helps learners to improve their speaking skills and is also a useful tool for employers wishing to assess the language proficiency of existing or potential employees.

English for Business Communications (EBC)

Effective communication is key to a successful business. This qualification recognises a learners ability to read and write the complete range of business communications from email to letter. Whatever the field or profession, it will help learners boost their confidence and proficiency in English in a business-based environment.

English for Office Skills

This qualification is ideal for those dealing with or producing paperwork in English. Candidates undertake a range of realistic workplace based tasks, which test their listening, reading and writing skills. The award recognises the accuracy of their use of English in a range of business documents such as memos, minutes and reports and their ability to proof read the work of others, ensuring precise and effective business communications.

International English Qualifications for Teachers

Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding profession, which offers a world of opportunity to those with the right skills and qualifications. Whether candidates are just entering the profession or looking to branch out into English Language teaching, employers are looking for proof that they have the right skills and abilities.

In order to ensure that both teaching staff and learners feel confident, for the exam preparation City & Guilds offers a range of materials to support exam-preparation.

Qualification Handbook
A syllabus with a detailed description of examination content, which also provides information on the format and features of International ESOL, descriptions of competence at each level, the structure of the qualification and recommended Guided Learning Hours.

City & Guilds Preparatory Books Access Certificate in English (ACE)

ACE is ideal for those starting their career in English language teaching and also suitable for experienced English language teachers wishing to upgrade their skills. The award has been jointly developed with the world-renowned Department of Language and Literary Studies in Education at the University of Manchester in the UK. It is an all-round qualification, developing language awareness and communication skills, as well as the professional teaching skills needed in todays classroom. ACE offers the exibility of classroom or distance learning, and candidates can progress at the pace that suits them. It is fully supported by learning materials covering each module in detail, which can be used as a stand-alone course or alongside a structured programme of teaching. Structurally, ACE is made up of two parts: a theory part, based on Jeremy Harmers writings, as well as a practical part called Supervised Teaching Practice. A set of publications and audio materials by City & Guilds (consisting of Students books, Teachers Books and CDs), aiming to develop communicational skills to a particular level through a course of 120 learning hours for reading, listening and writing and 90 learning hours for speaking. The books are designed to offer valuable test practice and aid confident test performance.

Overview of Assessment
A document providing guidance to teachers/ learners on the range of competencies required for each level of the CEFR, which serve as the basis of assessment. The document may function as a support tool for teachers by helping them to make decisions on the appropriate teaching materials that can be confidently applied in the classroom to attain the desired level.

Sample Papers with answer keys

Designed so as to enable teachers to integrate them into everyday classroom practice.

Guide for Interlocutors

Written and audio-visual support materials to provide teachers with the skills manifest in a confident and efficient interlocutor (a conversation partner during the Spoken examination without right of assessment).

SmartScreen is an online support interface designed by City & Guilds to make exam preparation more efficient for teachers and more interesting for learners. The materials were designed by City & Guilds subject experts and complement the whole teaching and learning process with quality materials. Online resources include qualification information, placement test, practice papers, games, worksheets, role plays, spelling tests, activities, picture dictionary and many other valuable lesson resource materials that engage teachers and learners alike.
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City & Guilds examinations are on-demand and
exam-dates are decided by the centre

City & Guilds IEQs are recognised as a standardised benchmark of measuring English language knowledge. The recognitions are issued by a wide variety of entities, for example: 1. Professional Associations (UCAS a UK organisation coordinating the academic progression of foreign students at UK institutions of higher education) Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

City & Guilds IEQs ensure the integrity of external

assessment of a candidates language performance at a standard level accepted internationally and across Europe premises of the language teaching institution (e.g. university) after it becomes a quality assured City & Guilds approved centre with a right to offer the qualifications interlocutors by City & Guilds support materials (thereby facilitating maximum knowledge performance of learners) by professional markers who focus on meaning transfer rather than on specific knowledge of underlying grammar basis of genuine needs of employment contexts and real-life situations with true emphasis on learners communicative skills minutes, so it is very user friendly

The language examinations are taken on the

Learners can sit for the examination with their own teachers, trained to be

2. Governments Poland (as a required qualification for Civil Servants and teachers of English at primary and secondary school) Czech Republic (as a required qualification for Civil Servants and government officials) Italy (as a benchmark for academic graduation) Slovakia (as a substitute for school-leaving examinations in English) Greece 3. Home Regulators and UK Authorities City & Guilds IEQs are accredited by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and are therefore part of the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland Home Office Border and Immigration Agency (for purposes of obtaining work and settlement permits in the UK, by non-EU citizens) 4. Universities By most high-profile institutions of higher education in the UK, across Europe and other Continents Employers Many companies use City & Guilds IEQs as a required condition for funding corporate language training courses, across Europe, Asia and Africa Major ELT associations, where City & Guilds is

The language examinations, both written and spoken, are assessed in the UK,

City & Guilds International English Qualifications have been developed on the

The written exam lasts for about 2.5 hours, the spoken exam takes usually 15 Written and spoken examinations can be taken independently of each other

at the candidates and/or the centres convenience (once both certificates are obtained, the International ESOL Diploma can automatically be issued free of charge) individual basis


City & Guilds provides feedback about each candidates performance on an City & Guilds IEQs are an internationally recognised standard of

an associate member: EAQUALS a corporate member: ENGLISH UK an institutional member: EALTA an observer member: ALTE

measuring communicative competencies in the ability to use English language for communication dictionaries during the test

Please consult the full list of recognitions of City & Guilds IEQs at

Candidates sitting for the examination are allowed to use monolingual

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If you wish to offer any of these qualifications you will need to apply for centre approval: this will enable you to conduct examinations. Centre approval is valid for a period of two years, subject to your ongoing compliance with our regulations and quality assurance requirements. The approval procedures are quite straightforward: you will need to complete an Application for Centre Approval. This form includes a list of our approval criteria and you will be asked to provide information on how you satisfy/will be able to satisfy these criteria. (For example, we need to know that you have a safe or lockable steel cabinet and appropriate arrangements to ensure the security of all examination papers.) Subsequent to the submission of an Application for Centre Approval, we will appoint a Quality Inspector, who checks the physical conditions of the examination premises as well as the CVs of teaching staff who will be involved in the language teaching process. For further information on the qualifications and approval requirements, please contact the City & Guilds European Branch office in Hungary.

The rigorous redevelopment of the tests and the benchmarking against the CEFR descriptors and levels has resulted in tests offering greater reliability and validity while retaining the practicality appreciated by test takers and centres. (Susan Davies, ELT Professional) It is clear to us that the process [of CEFR linking] has resulted in a test that is more clearly at level, is sound from an internal psychometric perspective and is more replicable and of a high quality. (Professor Barry OSullivan, Centre for Language Assessment Research [CLARe], Roehampton University) The operational procedures of City & Guilds and cycle of continuous improvement of the IEQ suite result in a qualification which is demonstrably reliable and valid. The qualification assesses real, practical English and is convenient for centres to deliver. (Richard Simpson, ELT Specialist, London) Not only has the City & Guilds CEFR benchmarking project for the IESOL exams resulted in clear links between the various levels of the exams and the CEFR, it has also led to improvements in every aspect of the exams and their administration. (Diane Schmitt, Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University) City and Guilds can help learners in Turkey to offer CEFR-based tests accredited to all universities both in Turkey and in other European countries and also to offer Europass Language passport to Turkish citizens. (Prof. Dr. zcan Demirel, Hacattepe University, Ankara, Turkey)

City & Guilds Branch Office in Europe H-1071 Budapest, 54 Dembinszky St. T +361 413 1301 F +361 413 1302

The building of City & Guilds in Giltspur St., London