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Bhagvat purana is a beautiful collection of Indian heritage. It is a book where the life of Krishna is described.

Krishna is an Indian mythical character who supposedly ruled Dwaraka during the Dwapara Yuga. Why should we read Bhagvat purana? Because, it is the Granary of that knowledge which has no boundary. The verses in the Bhagvat purana can be interpreted in any manner. Read for instance the following example. The story starts like this. (In the Bhagvat purana) Once, in a holy place in the forest of naimisharanya, great sages headed by the sage saunaka assembled to perform a great thousand year sacrifice for the satisfaction of the lord and his devotees. The head priest however was by the name Suta Goswami. Being the eldest of the learned, he was often sought for help regarding the doubts which involved God in it. Once, he was asked about the creation of the Universe. This was his answer 1. Suta said: In the beginning of the creation, the lord first expanded himself in the universal form of Purusa (Brahman or man) incarnation and manifested all the ingredients for the material creation. And thus at first there was the creation of the sixteen principles of material action. This was for the purpose of creating the material universe. Wait a second isnt that very scientific? The lord first expanded himself in the universal form. Isnt that the very equivalent to the Big bang? Yes it is. The Bhagvat hails Lord Krishna as the Greatest of the Gods. Okay, now concentrate on the second sentence of the above paragraph. And thus at first there was the creation of the sixteen principle material action. Can you relate this? No? Let me help you. The universe is made up of elementary particles. The elementary particles are divided into two groups. 1. The Quarks. 2. The leptons. There are 6 types of quarks and there are also 6 types of leptons, the electron being one of the latter. Then later there are 4 types of Gauge bosons which are responsible for the fundamental forces. Add them all up and you get 16! The magic number written in the Bhagvat Purana all those years ago! Now all the physicists believe that these particles make up the matter which we know: Anything that has mass and occupies space. So therefore, come to the last line of the First paragraph. All these sixteen particles were created in order to create the material universe! Wow! Thats some interpretation! I strongly believe that none of you will hesitate to read The Bhagvat purana instead of Paulo Coelho in the future.