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This is to certify that, the project TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL entitled a bonified record of project work submitted by PARTH.S.CHOLERA, in partial fulfillment for degree in EXTC of , Mumbai University during the year 2011-2012 under my guidance and supervision. DATE: PLACE: Thane

GUIDE (Prof.Pawar)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT (Prof. A.M.Deshpande)

External Examiner
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It is my great pleasure to acknowledge the assistance and contribution of the individuals who co-operated us to complete the project work successfully. First and foremost, I wish to express my deep gratitude and thanks to Prof.A.M.Deshpande Head of department of EXTC and our project guide Prof.Pawar, for their enthusiastic guidance and helping in successful completion of project work. They provided us their precious time for valuable suggestions and encouragement throughout the work. It is foe their patience, guidance and encouragement at all time that this work has shaped up the way it is. A project is teamwork and reflects the contribution of many people. A number people contributed their time and efforts in making their project work a success. We would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and efforts to help in completing the project work.


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Traffic signals are used to control the flow of vehicles.In the recent years, the need of transportation has gain immense importance for logistics as well as for common human. This has given rise to the number of vehicles on the road. Due to this reason, traffic jams and road accidents are a common sight in any busy city. Traffic Signals provide an easy, cheap, automatic and justified solution to the road points where the vehicles may turn to other directions e.g. roundabouts, culverts, busy walk throughs etc. BASIC IDEA The project we have chosen is an 8-lane traffic controller. The basic idea behind the design is to avoid the collision of vehicles by providing appropriate signals to different directions for a limited time slot, after which the next waiting drivers will be given same treatment. In This way a cycle will be established which will control the traffic. CONTROL SIGNALS The control signals are 3-lights. Top light is Red(Stop), Middle light is Yellow(Wait) Bottom light is Green(Go). STATES OF TRAFFIC FLOW There are 8-lanes and at most two ways can be safely open. In this way a minimum of 4-states are possible for which different vehicles will pass through
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-------------------------------------------------------------IC 555 TIMER

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This circuit is self explanatory by its name, and can be used to control traffic in public places, or to demonstrate traffic rules in traffic-parks. IC2, which is heart of the circuit, is a decade counter. In this counter for every pulse fed to pin-14, potential keeps shifting from D1 to D9 in cyclic order. IC1 is used as a pulse generator and generates pulses in regular configurable intervals. These intervals can be changed by varying VR1. The circuit is designed in such a way that out of nine pulses, relay RL1 remains triggered for 4 pulses, relay RL2 for 1 pulse and relay RL3 for remaining 4 pulses. Since D1-D4 provide current to T1, T1 is on whenever there is potential on any diode D1 to D4, which keeps relay RL1 triggered. Similarly other diodes are responsible for RL2 and RL3 triggering. Red, Yellow and Green lamps can be connected to the relays RL1, RL2 and RL3 respectively to complete your mini traffic light controller.

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555 timer IC 4017 IC Capacitors (c1) 100mFD/16V Resistors R1- 10K LEDS (green,yellow,red) POT (P1) 100K DIODES IN4007

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Reduction in normal recurring. Significantly enhanced operational tools congestion to effectively manage traffic incidents. It improved public transport service. Reduction in emergency response times and safer travel. Improve traffic guidance and traffic flow Reduce fuel consumption Increase safetyThey increase the traffic-handling capacity of the intersection Less cost

Excessive delay may be caused. These unnecessary delay results in significant fuel waste and higher motorist costs. Disobedience of signals

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Ramp metering. Timers. fire station or medical emergency entrance. at the entrance and exit of some car washes at the landing-stage of a ferry and aboard the ferry.

We can increase the efficency by using microprecessors (8086). We can use this as Remote traffic Controller.

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BIBLOGRAPHY http://www/starmicromics .com/components/mics.html

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