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I have a dream

by David Nnanna C. Ikpo

Faculty of Law, Madonna University, Okija, Anambra State, Nigeria. +2348137928009 Nigeria Male 21.

Dreams are the wild, unapologetic obsessions of today. They are fine seeds, sown by memories of mistakes, miseries, expectations, moments of excruciating pain or overwhelming pleasure that we may unconsciously attempt immortalizing or loosing, on brave and bold minds. Dreams are the mental tastes and textures of our deepest, wildest most sincere imaginations, blind to the interference from human humility, pretentiousness and modesty. Dreams are natures gifts to the human body which is constrained by the inconvenient orthodox. Fortunately, I have a dream and this one consumes me so. In this dream, information, propriety and freedom holds primacy. Information has moved beyond being a mere luxury to the worlds bearing. Thus, it would be apt to admit that information rules the world. The wealth and awareness of this has evidently ruled ever so impressively. Inevitably, one who possesses this has not only potential but an opportunity in himself. Unfortunately, the informed individual is not self-sufficient. He is constrained by personality, exposure, neccesity, orientation and the opportunity for implementation. Also it is pertinent to note that todays world has witnessed gross abuse of information that finds its sources from Religion, Philosophy, Art, Science, Fashion, Culture, Metaphysics, and Top-secret government activities, Information Technology and a host of others. This menace may, to some extent, be blamed on the weakness that flows from ignorance and lack of choice where one neither has alternatives as regards what to be taught nor be blind to the society whose impunity he witnesses everyday. The vulnerable human mind is therefore subject to the eventual ugly imago stage of corruption and self-destruction. As evident as it is today, so will it further deteriorate unless it is stopped. It can and would be. In light of this, two options are weighed: destroying the society that creates this menace and wait for nature to replace it, or capture posterity early enough to forge it into a competently potent weapon against corruption alongside making conscious volcanic efforts to re-direct the straying society. Though one may sound more feasible and rational than the other, they both can be achieved concurrently, converging towards the same target, yet towing treading the path of propriety. In the middle of this possibility, I have woken, severally, dreaming, considering the possibility of this beauty. In the distant spheres of this dream, I considered the relative how and why. Considering the feasibility of this, the most appropriate artillery presents itself in fierce glare to be a collective effort and implementation of the vast fields of Ethics, Education, Law and Information Technology. Ethics is the melting point of race, religion, academics and rationality which forges the latter four elements into a most appropriate form, degree and interpretation of boundless information. Education is the art of immortalizing the awareness and implementation of Ethics through competent communciation. Law is the system that protects humanity from the dangers that would result from the disregard of Ethics and Education. Information Technology is the frame that holds all these in place and thus the system that organizes, protects, promotes and immortalizes the collective beam of these fields. The fusion of these fields would be the sole mandate of my dream child, The Charm Institute.

The youths are the future of tomorrow and thus should be the target of any revolutionary exercise that is targeted towards directing posterity. The youths are the target of Charm Institute. The Charm Institute kicks-off with a five day demonstration and orientation session at schools for secondary education of the youths of a certain locality. During this session, the student body would be made aware of how much has been invested into their lives; how much they have done already; what is expected and what is within their capacity. They would also be made aware of the social and economic benefits of the world and their relative imperatives. In conclusion, they shall be made aware of the Charm Institute, its purpose, objectives and mode of operation .Each of the students would be given a copy of the Charm Institute Brochure as aid for the rest of the session, accompanied with selfimprovement DVDs and books. The target audience are (but not restricted to) the students who are in their last year of that stage of education. This is because, at the stage of a youths life, his/her mind is a battlefield for several ideas, opportunites, choices and possibilities. However, it is pertinent to note that while some of these students are faced with alternative options, the others are faced with a long stretch of darkness and confusion as regards having nothing to do but submitting to the ugly fate of poverty and abuse by the society who may not regard them. The Charm Institute would offer the youths a two year training course which would comprise of one year classroom tutelage and another of closely supervised field work, after which the students would each be given a chance at a successful life. The first year of the program would begin with the student registration and a one week orientation course anchored by a celebrity entrepreneur who has made his/her mark, and believes in the possibility of improvement through further implementation of Ethics, Education, Law and Information Technology. Before any other thing is done, the students would undergo intense computer tutilage anchored by world-class IT professionals and tutors. This would take the duration of about four months. During this time, the students would have round-the-clock access to Computer and Internet facilities. They would be tutored step-by-step through the fundamentals of computer literacy to Relational Database Management System, web designing, photo editing, basic programming and the use of the Internet. They would also be taught how to use simple technology such as digital cameras, camcoders, projectors and lot more. At the end of this, each student would be assessed through a quiz comprised of objective, subjective, theory and practical sessons. As part of the quiz each student would develope a slide show presentation on any subject matter of his or her choice and present it before a panel that would award grades respectively. This would be the first of each students continuous assessment. After this, the students would all be given access to the Charm Institutes online e-library and student portal. The online e-library would be affiliated to world class university online libraries. The students would be divided into several categories based on the information they provided during registration. They would be grouped according to their intended future careers and goals. These groups would anchored by world class seasoned professionals and tutors of diverse origins.The groups academic work would be research oriented, with series of lab sessions and group projects. The groups would be visited by established professionals

in their intended career for discussion sessions in other to give the students more insight as regards their intended field of study. The purpose of this would be to create an awareness amongst the students of the demands and setbacks of these fields, and moreso how these fields could be made better to the benefit of the society and themselves. In as much as the group activities are important, the students would also come under the umbrella of Ethics to study the society as it is, as it should be, and as they would want to make it, begining with themselves. There would be tutorial sessions where all the students, regardless of their fields come together for basic communication skills in English Language, one native language and international language. The purpose of this would be to boost the students communication skills within their locality and internationally. Besides the professional curriculum, the students would be exposed to entrepreneurial grounds which would delve into a cross-section of the awareness of the needs of the larger society, the available resources and most importantly, the possible innovation that they could imagine possible to be implemented in these diverse fields. In this regard, I consider fields which are dominated by the unskilled labourers and their efforts at a miniature level. These fields would be broken down to classroom academic sessions in the simplest of language and vocabulary. Ocassionally, there would be field trips and excursions to the rural areas and factories. There would also be discussion sessions during which the students, tutors, established, upcoming and celebrated entrepreneurs within their locality and internationally would sit at a round table to discuss the development of these fields. The purpose of this would be to create an awareness of the diverse opportunites the economy has to offer, and moreso, what the students could offer, in return, to both the society and themselves. Every month, a seminar would be organised during which the students from each group would be given the opportunity to submit reports and book reviews native to their various intended professional and entrepreneural fields. The purpose of this seminar would be to make the students aware of each other, to create more awareness of what the different fields entail and give each student an opportunity to appreciate every field there is to academics and to life after having indepth exposure to information native to the fields so covered. Asides these, the students would have weekly Physical Education sessions to build their minds and bodies for perseverance, strength and fitness, even as they study. This session would include road-walks, on-the-spot-gymnastics, team track and field events. As a part of this Physical Education would be intellectually tasking in-door games such as the Game of Chess. All these streneous exposure of the students to so much would not be in the denial of the fact that they are youths who are strong, energetic and peripatetic. As regards this, a random selection of a certain number of individuals would be made every month to plan and organize a social gathering, on a fixed budget. This would also be an informal training for the students as they would learn to develop certain managerial skills, social bonds and team spirit amongst each other regardless of which categories they are. During this event, there would be a regular performance by a guest artist alongside some of the students who have developed an

interest in Performing Art. In attendance would be other decent and morally upright celebrities and journalists from local and international media-houses. At the end of the first year of study at Charm Institute, each student would pick a project native to his or her chosen professional field to develop. The students would be made to understand the value of the knowledge and experience they have acquired in the course of the previous year. The student categories would be dissolved and the students would be made to chose amongst diversely provided entrepreneurial fields. The students would be given the opportunity of working at an affiliate entreprise under close supervision. The second year would be basically an exposure to the principles and benefits of interdependence and networking; the implementation of ethics, and the quest for excellence. They would be offered six-hours of work and six hours of classroom and group tutilage on the prinicples so outlined above and the shield of Intellectual Property Law. They would be enlightened on how they could protect their creativity and innovations when they become a contributing part of the larger societys labour market. Towards the completion of the institutes curriculum, the students would sit for an examination which would comprise of both theory and practical sessions on all they have been taught and participated in. This exam would only be 50% of the continuous assessment. The other 50% would be a cummulative of every grade on punctuality, commitment, creativity, dilligence, speed, accountability and degree of being result oriented, as regards all the actvities they have participated in as a group or as individuals since their admission into the institute. After the students examination has been well marked and graded, all the students would graduate and be certified by the Charm Institute. These certificates would be equally endorsed by the government and highly reputed establishments and individuals. Furthermore, a certain number of students, based on their cummulative percentage score, would be offered scholarships to further study their chosen fields in other highly reputed tertiary institutions across the globe. The other certified students would be fully equiped to step into the shoes of adulthood, responsibility and the legitimacy of right living. They would also be quite capable of making ends meet either as well paid employees or succeeding entrepreneurs. The certifications issued them may not equate a bachelors degree, but in the course of time that would be a feasible expectation. All alumni of the institute would be qualified to return as tutors, and would be appropriately retrained for tutelage and remunerated commensurately. In this light, the system would not only be capable of production, but also of growth and expansion. The mind and life of a youth are like wild waters, rustling with indistinct energy. Only appropriate and potent education can harness these. Besides being capable of thought, breath, reproduction, mobility and organisation, a human would need luck to survive. I have come to realize that luck is merely preparation accosted by opportunity. Nature offers us life on a platter of strength and ability. Charm Institute would step in to offer that needed unique preparation, complete the picture and hush the flame.

Information Technology, Law, Ethics and Education would not only be made to join forces but grow in the course of implementation. The picture in the frame is that every year Charm Institute launches an exquisite class of super-seasoned, extra-spicey, scourgingly daunting and thunder-ripping inventors, employees, entrepreneurs, ambassadors and tutors who are not only uniquely skilled at the much they have chosen to do, but are prepared to be positively distinct in their course of action and operation.The alumni of Charm Institute would serve as the present picture of the future in the most brilliant quality, taste and texture to the glare of the unbecoming world. As tall as this may seem, it is my humble dream. I may neither be super strong nor possess a towering Intelligence Quotient, but I try, as much as possible, to be honest: I regard Charm Institute a feasible feat. Most of my past echoes that it is impossible to dream if I do not fall asleep. For me, this dream has become part of my reality - sleeping would only be a distraction. It has become part of my life. I would work the nights and days . I would take my chances. The Charm Institute would cost me only what it is worth. Unapologetically, I have been charmed. I have been stolen by the woven streaks of this dream that has become the reality I wake up to everyday of my life. Everyday of this God given opportunity.