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[adorable, cute, funny etc.] is her/his middle name [blue, brown, green etc.

] eyed girl [mister, miss] Perfect [red, bloody, golden etc.] moonlight [red, blue, golden] ribbon 100% pure 13 years 2 cute 2 handle 4 am, thinking of you *a certain romance* a chill in the air a day to be remembered *a fresh start* a kiss to build a dream on a little bit of heaven *a mirror's story* *a moment suspended in time* a new beginning a peaceful world a smile like yours *a thousand shades of passion* a thousand years from now *a whole other story* *after my dreams come true* after the rain ah, those lazy days of summer ain't this a fairytale? all for love all I want is "MORE" all time adored always in my heart am I supposed to be happy? an apple for the teacher and I think you should know this and so a star was born and so the story began angel's eye angry youth *any sign of trouble?* anywhere you go as if as we dance with the devil asleep or dead? *at the end of the day* autumn glory autumn's aura *autumn's scent* awake and unafraid back to class back to the future be prepared be strong, be strong now beautiful mess beauty in bloom *because i can* before I leave before you lie best buds bestfriend, priceless treasure bitter days of autumn

*bittersweet* blinded no more born inside of a raindrop* born to be wild breaking silence* *breathe in* breathless broken inside burn my lonely nights but I remember butterflies in the night *carefully wrapped* castles in the air celestial tide chasing sorrow* clarity *clear my mind* *clementine* cloer all over *close to my heart* *come and play* *come find me* comfortable silence crimson in the skies crossfire crushed dreams dance with me *dances at sunset* dancing in the [rain, moonlight, sunlight etc. ] dare to dream darkness approaches darkness within my soul *daylight* define beauty delightful memories diamonds as tears don't worry, be happy *dreaming days away* *dreams always come true* dressing up is so much fun drowning in the ashes eights nights of light end of silence euphory every sisterhood has rules everything turns gray eve's sweet garden of roses *falling apart* fantastic voyage find me, if you can finding bliss fireworks, family & fun fly away follow me now for you only forever and always friends ar first sight friends for life friendship warmed his heart *frozen in time*

fun in the sun *getting away from the city* girls like cars and money *giving the best* godess of magic god's eye going green going home graduation day growing up was never easy hatred among us he has been rejected he stole my heart heartbreaker heaven's gates opened her sweet perfume here I am again here with me he's hiding in the dark he's losing his faith hesitate holding you closely hopelessly devoted how could this happen to you *how could you possibly know?* *how smart are you?* I can't break these chains that I hold I don't know where she's leaving I have nowhere to run I just want to scream I like you the way you are I made my mistakes I need you now I need your love I think about you all the time *i want to be here* I wanted to see if you felt the same for me I wouldn't dare If you don't wanna cry like I do I'll wait for you I'm addicted to [you, him, love, cookies etc.] I'm fading away *i'm here for you* I'm here without you I'm not frozen yet imaginary bullet imagine all the people *in silence* infinity's edge insomniac inspire *it comes from the heart* *it shouldn't be a secret* *it takes effort* it was a cold, winter night* it's a girl/boy thing it's easier to take the path most have traveled on *it's okay to be scared* it's sad but true just another other day

just us *kissing the cold* ladies night out landing in [London, NY, etc.] lazy daze leaf me alone (autumn) let it be let's not think about tomorrow lies of the beautiful people life is a concert and I am the lead singer *life's neverending story* life's only road, such a lonely road lifetime moments like cat and mouse, we are the same lips of an/a [angel, devil] little patriot live the moment lonely days of winter look outside, find the reason why *looking around* *lost in moments* love bugs love is evol love me when I'm gone loveable lovely ladies lovin' fun lucky to be alive make believe march madness maybe he's a part of me maybe it was just a dream *meant to be broken* my family of friends *my imagination only* my life, my story *never coming back* *no candy for you!* no idea where she belongs no one can hear him scream no one listens *no wisdom here* *nobody knows* *not all wounds are superficial* nymph dust on my way to wonderland on the other side *on top of the world* once in a lifetime one story's not enough open your eyes opened door to your dreams our hearts are locked forever outside my window over and over again passion colors everything *peace and quiet!* people never change people under the great sky phantom dancer

*picking up the pieces* please don't go away pretty in [white, red, blue, yellow etc.] promises in the moonlight pulling the trigger punk rock life put your future in good hands. Your own hands *quelqu'un m'a dit (somebody told me [french])* *quiet afternoons* remember our heroes reversed ballet revive right me when I'm wrong road to success rock n roll for the deaf people *running from it all* safe in your arms sea of hearts sea, sand and hot stuff seeing green *shadows play* she tasted those salty tears she wants to go home, nobody's home she/he took my love then ran away shed some light *should i follow you?* *sing me a summer song* singing star small town changer snow angel so far from home so many teardrops in the rain soft and simple some bunny loves you someone I [trust, love, miss etc.] somewhere in the sky somewhere in time sooner or later sophiestiCATed *souvenirs* *spider's web* *spin me around* spirited away *spiritually high* spooky night *spring breeze* *step by step* stop this monster! stranger in the sunlight stuck on you summer afternoon *summer wind* sunshine in the rain *surprising myself* swallowed by pain sweet days of summer *sweet passion* sweet surrender take my hand tonight tear of a godess

tell me I'm not forbidden for your heart tell me when we draw the line that's the way it is the afterlife the artist and his magic wand the city sleeps *the commitment* the creation of [peace, love, freedom, etc.] the gates are now open the hole in my heart the light that I can't find the most wonderful time of the year the new life I have found the night goes on the night has just begun the one that got away the one with the art the path I've chosen the perfect day for a kiss the perfect place for nightmares the roots of our love *the rules of a perfect friendship* *the song of freedom* the storm bringer the tale of a shadow *the warzone* the young man's heart there was no harmony there there's no place to go *there's nothing to be found* there's one memory of us they're pointing their fingers of blame this better have a happy-end this can't be the end this can't be true this is freedom this is me this isn't right *those simple things in life* those traffic lights through the eyes of a [child, mother, friend etc.] through the years ticket to heaven time equals money time goes by slowly timeless bomb together. At last! together. Unapart traped in wonderland trash to treasure trasures memories two of a kind *undo my thoughts* *undo your mind* unnatural beauty unsolved mysteries vanilla flavoured sorrow vanilla skies voices in the forrest waiting for some love

walkin' on sunshine was it a dream? *was it just a storm?* wasting our time we are one we belong among flowers *we can tell what's wrong* we should stay here we've got rhythm what have I become? *what i don't know is "why"* what means the most what they want you to see *what's inside* when heaven meets hell when I fall, I fly when the world burns down *whenever you're ready* where is the love? whispers in the dark whoever bring the light why did you have to go? why would you run? will work for cookies with a touch of style world on my back yes, you can you act like a fool to me you deserve much better than me you don't need to bother you heard too many words you know you can't run away *you know, it's healthy to laugh* you never feel forgiving you take my breath away you will find me you're my favorite you're only as old as you feel you've become somebody else *zephyr*