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1. Call to Order Chair Judy Francis convened the regular meeting at 2:55 pm (Eastern Time). 2. Roll Call Members present were Judy Francis, Charlie Compton, James Davenport, Tim Brown, Keith Cubic, Megan Helms, Mike Kayes, Dennis Sandquist and Joe Scorcio. Mike Harper, Royce Maniko, Robert Hill were excused. A quorum was confirmed. 3. Minutes Kayes moved to approve the minutes of the August 14, 2012 conference call meeting. Cubic seconded and the motion was unanimously approved. 4. Finance Report Treasurer Harper separately submitted the latest financial reports. Francis travel expenses to NACo conference was the only change from the previous report. Scorcio moved and Sandquist seconded to accept the financial report. Motion was approved unanimously. 5. NACo Board meeting in Memphis Francis cannot attend and trying to determine if someone needs to attend from NACP. Sandquist is planning to attend, but wants to be sure the time and budget are well spent. Davenport indicated that the new Executive Directors presentation, the upcoming 2013 budget and refocusing NACo will be the biggest topics of the meeting. New management is addressing the financial realities of the organization. Membership is at about 2400 Counties. Attendance at the Annual Conference is down, but membership is fairly stable. Compton indicated that the fall meeting is all about the Board, so it does tend to be productive time. 6. Other Business Harper separately presented a memo, dated September 21st regarding the process for bestowing emeritus status on former board members meeting specific criteria. Compton indicated that the existing by-laws allow this to occur as a separate membership classification. After discussion, Scorcio moved to approve the procedures as presented. Brown seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Cubic nominated Angela Harper as the first NACP Emeritus Member. Seconded by Compton and unanimously approved. Francis will notify Angela of this honor. Francis presented information regarding the Website. She reminded all that she needs resources and content. There were 246 page views in August. The Home Page has overtaken Jobs as the most visited page. Year-to-date information: 2400 visits, 1682 different page views, with the most visits from California. Davenport provided a brief update on NACo projects. He has successfully received funding to continue the pipeline safety program. Davenport has some ideas for another NACo staff member

to present some information on other programs, like the fracking tool kit development at our next meeting. He will coordinate with Francis. The next newsletter deadline is December 15th. Get information to Robert Hill before that date. The Nominating Committee report should be a timely topic. Davenport indicated that a NADO (Development Organizations) case study might be an interesting topic. NACP brochure is mostly complete, and ready to be finalized. Sandquist and Davenport could distribute in Memphis. 8. Next Executive Committee Meeting Date and Time It was determined that the next teleconference meeting would be after the CPD meeting on be Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm (Eastern Time). 9. Adjournment The NACP meeting was adjourned at 3:31pm (Eastern Time).