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GOD and EGO When there was nothing there was a void and HIS voice.

The Universe started with HIS thought , it is His Creation and everything created by the Divine has to be Divine. We all are his creation and come from Him and thus we are Godly. God is All, He is capable of All and does All , both good and evil. We do not judge His doing, we leave it to some Divine order , Greater good, outside our perception . But then how come we judge the actions of his Creations-Us. We may not be completely HIM but he is All of Us. He Loves Unconditionally, never judging and His Love is beyond punishment and forgiveness. But then why do we hold a grudge against each other or even self, why do we seek forgiveness outside and find it difficult to forgive, these emotions do not exist between Us and GOD. Well, for all those emotions to not control our lives, it is important to understand better The Ego. I call the Ego opposite of God , the non-god. Ever thought why we can never hold a grudge against a baby why do we never take offense from them. I remember the saying bachche bhagwan ka roop hote hain, unke man mein chal nahi hota. Jhooth to wo bhi bolte hain par us jhooth mein kapat nahi hota

They are innocent; they know no EGO. There is no room in their hearts for this. There smile is peaceful and eyes ever twinkling. As we grow in age somewhere silently grows within us the Non God - the ego. The ever understanding God allows it to take the front seat if and so-long we allow our ego to navigate our life *. (*He has all the time in the world to teach you, allowing you to keep falling unless you learn, it may take you this lifetime or eternity, he will never give-up on you and his patience will never run out.) Imagine a place - A room, in your home It is occupied by a friend who keeps it clean and the room has a serene quality to it. He blends in so well without acknowledgment and expectation that you forget that the happiness in your home is on his account, you take him from granted. A time comes when an opportunist knocks your doors and fills you with greed, losing perspective you be-friend him. He works as a parasite, without knowledge you start believing in your dependence on him. You ask your friend to

share the room with this new-comer. The understanding friend agrees. He does not like it but since the new-comer seems important to you does not complain. This new-comer is rowdy, is demanding and restless. He slowly starts dominating the room. So long the old friend can accept it he does, but once you start forgetting his existence, he leaves without a whimper.

No marks for guessing that the new-comer is a metaphor for Ego residing in all of us. And most of us reading this are fortunate that the old friend GOD is still accommodating and hasnt left the room yet. When we perceive people in our day to day interaction they may seem different but are yet the same, Creation of the same God . The only difference is how prominent a space is occupied by EGO or GOD. The good news is that the first step to overcome that big or small ego is acknowledgment of its existence at the cost of the old friend. The rest will be managed by the latter. Make room for GOD.